Alan Stang

By: Alan Stang The recent invasion of Iraq has dramatically changed the United States. Before the invasion, your Intrepid Correspondent was used to being a "right-wing extremist." That was what the totalitarian enemies of this country called me long before I knew what that meant. I "talked like one." That was what a feminoid screamed at me in a Greenwich Village literary party. Some years later, I was doing research in the files of the Anti-Defamation League in New York. The men who ran it found out I was there and said I could stay if I agreed to write the opposite of what I had been writing. I refused and was kicked out onto Lexington Avenue. My father was once dozing at a meeting when he vaguely heard the speaker denouncing a man named "Alan Stang." Needless to say, my father awoke. People who looked into the matter, even for a short time, understood that the totalitarian enemies of this country were Marxists of some stripe, either Communists plugged into the Soviet Union, or Reds who didn’t belong to the Party. Whatever version of Marxist they were, ignoramus or member, they shared the same ideology, had the same goal and derisively called your obedient servant a "super-patriot." They expected me to support the war in Vietnam blindly, without question. I could see their mouths literally fall open at my lectures when I said that the war was illegal and that we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. Of course, they were less pleased when I added that since the world government conspirators had put us there, the only sensible American policy was to turn Hanoi into a big hole in the ground, to win immediately and stop sacrificing our men, which we could have done at any time, and get out. Remember that Washington’s policy at the time was to lose. In this latest extrusion of the conspiracy for world government, the invasion of Iraq, your Intrepid Correspondent has said all along the same thing I always say. The most sensible American foreign policy is to mind our own business, to keep our nose out of everyone else’s, to avoid "entangling alliances," thereby to give offense to no one, to make nice with all, to encourage trade between individuals without government interference, to enjoy our own country, and to make sure every other country understands that if anyone comes here and messes with the United States, our overwhelming, irresistible military will turn their capital city into another big hole in the ground, from Hanoi to Baghdad or wherever they hang out. Of course, your Intrepid Correspondent did not invent this work of genius in the art of statecraft. All I am doing is adapting for our own time what the Founding Fathers taught us. Later, Teddy Roosevelt, who had the right instincts but was victimized by the world government conspirators, put it this way. "Walk softly, but carry a big stick." What we should be defending in our greatest of all countries is our unalienable right to mind our own business. Only one thing has changed. In the present phase of the war, the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us have decided to win. They are using the federal agency known as Fox Cable Channel for the purpose. Federal bureaucrats such as Sean Hannity and other belligerent ignoramuses, who have never seen a DOD press release they don’t like, spout the world government party line, however preposterous. Talk radio, which used to be the glory of the media, has become the "vast right wing conspiracy" Hillaroid called it, a mere mouthpiece of the warmongers. Yes, I know she is the nation’s leading cause of lower back

pain, but if you’re right, you’re right. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that you are reading the only remaining free press in the country right now. The preposterous but predictable result of all this is that hannitized readers who somehow have found their way here to EtherZone are vociferously calling your Intrepid Correspondent a "Marxist," even a "liberal," and questioning my loyalty. For thirty years, I have written, broadcast and lectured to expose Washington’s abandonment of our Prisoners Of War, but these belligerent zombies assert that I don’t support our military. Maybe they don’t know that two of my sons are in the military right now. "Aren’t you happy that Iraq is now free?" such readers ask. Michael Savage, the world government pussycat and Rush Limbaugh, talk radio’s Dr. Goebbels, have done their work well. I am now trying to get used to being a "liberal," which is somewhat difficult; as you will recall liberalism is a modern species of insanity. So, let’s look again at the basics. Some of this is so childishly simple, I fear it could be patronizing to explain. I apologize in advance; please bear in mind that I explain it only because the zombies - whom the brainwashers have suffocated with angst - pretend not to understand. On the rare occasions when I make some money, I come home and give it to my wife, not to yours. Does this mean I am against your wife? Not at all. I am for my wife. God has assigned me to take care of her. Your wife I am sure is as lovely a lady as you say she is, and I have no doubt that if you are as worried about her as you say you are, you will take as good care of her for the same reason. If I go crazy and give money to your wife, there will be trouble. Your wife maybe would be glad to get it, but my wife would complain; and wouldn’t you start wondering why I’m giving money to your wife? Could some alienation of affections be involved? The thing could degenerate into something serious. If I want to keep the peace, I need to mind my own business. Certainly one of the most dangerous things I could do would be to get in the middle of an argument between you and your wife. Yes, it is a blessing that the Iraqi people are now free. For the sake of this discussion, I’m going to assume that Dr. Goebbels is correct, that they are free. If this wonderful situation had been arranged in a vacuum without context and effects, maybe there would be nothing to fear. But the warmakers still have not answered a desperately serious question. I don’t know how bad Saddam Insane really was, once we peel off the wartime propaganda. Remember that "our side" lied in Gulf War I about what Iraqi soldiers were accused of doing in that Kuwaiti hospital. Whatever, there are dictators like him all over the world. If we went halfway around the world to unseat a dictator who hadn’t attacked us and hadn’t even threatened us, will we do the same in Africa and elsewhere? Will we invade every country with which we are displeased? Or are we talking about some species of cafeteria in which we pick and choose? How much liberation can we take? Indeed, notice that the Iraqi circus already seems to be coming apart. More than 60% of the Iraqi population subscribes to the Shi’ite version of Islam. Yes, more than 60%! The Shi’ites are the folks who seized control next door in Iran when Washington overthrew the Shah. Saddam Insane, who was another Washington creation for many years, was suppressing the Shi’ites in Iraq. That was one of the reasons he was a dictator. Now that Washington has kicked him out, they are trying to take over. If Iraq is as full of Shi’ites as it is, wouldn’t democracy require that they be allowed to do so? The result of course would be another country like our dear friend Iran, ruled by the mullahs who stormed our Teheran embassy and held the Americans there hostage for more than a year. This is just one of the problems American liberation has caused in Iraq, which means our military will need to stay there a long time. Again, how much more such liberation can we take? How much more can we afford?

After every one of these imperialist wars, Washington imports thousands of people from the countries we destroy. That is why so many Cubans are here. That is why so many Vietnamese are here. And so on. After Gulf War I, we imported thousands of Iraqi soldiers, some of whom may have participated in the Oklahoma City bombing. Soon, Washington will predictably import thousands more. The wars serve the world government conspiracy’s double purpose of moving populations around. Remember what a "liberal" is. I put quotes around the word because it used to mean something quite different. A "liberal," or a Marxist, if you prefer, is someone who wants the government to interfere in and control everything, everywhere, who wants confiscatory taxation and massive spending, along with military intervention around the world. The Democrat and Republican bosses are liberals. Clinton is a liberal. Bush is a liberal. So is the Prostitute National Press. The Founding Fathers gave us a limited republic. The liberals have given us an empire.

Article 1

By: Carol Devine-Molin I telephoned Ether Zone publisher Bob Momenteller out in corn country about a month ago, since I was very concerned regarding the radical direction that Ether Zone has recently taken -- a sharp turn into rather narrow camps of conservatism. In my estimation, there is growing besmirchment of any stripe of conservatism that is not paleoconservatism or ultra-libertarianism, the two in tandem now being dubbed "hard right". Specifically, there has been: 1) notable highlighting of the John Birch Society philosophy (well, at least the "old guard" vantage point) and other fringe, highly negative, conspiratorial forms of conservatism; and, 2) cogent Bush bashing, Republican bashing, and assiduously labeling, and then bashing, of so-called "neoconservatives". The GOP is far from perfect, and I have voiced criticisms myself, but the unrelenting and vicious invectives aimed at the Republican party, and President Bush, are unwarranted. It's really the level of unmitigated venom that I protest, which clearly goes beyond the pale. What ever happened to "fair and balanced", and objective assessment that takes into account all pertinent facts? There is little in the way of positive support for our President who is truly under siege. Remember, he has inherited both a "terror war", which really had its inception in the 1990's, and a difficult financial market, from the Democrats.

Bob, a paleoconservative himself, rightly advised that Ether Zone is all about free-speech and presenting all stripes of conservatism. And I certainly agree with his stance that exploration of the various camps within the conservative movement is a good thing. But, that really didn't address my true dismay regarding Ether Zone's elevation of fringe factions to new heights, and the consistent ridicule of what amounts to mainstream conservatism. And in a recent follow-up email, I relayed to Bob that it was not wise to "have a sort of a group think' (dynamic) take over this website. It is antithetical to what you want to achieve. It will purge out dissent and real debate. You will wind up with an in-house group that all reinforce each other, bad or good." As to "neoconservatism", this issue has been further complicated by varying definitions floating about, and much controversy regarding what really constitutes the new conservatism. One significant view on the subject is this: The new conservatism that has emerged over the past 30 years has now solidified into today's mainstream conservatism. Succinctly put, the new conservatism and mainstream conservatism are one in the same. You don't have to be an old hippie or an ex-Democrat to qualify as a new conservative. Aptly, there are calls for the "neo" prefix to be altogether eschewed. Similar points have been made by journalists

"Home Bound: Buchanan's Surefire Flop". You think I'm exaggerating? Note the blinking "NeoCon Watch" at the right hand bottom of the Ether Zone homepage. I ran on the ballot in early 1996 as a delegate for "flat tax" advocate Steve Forbes in the NY Republican primary. a publication associated with the John Birch Society). and others. McCain advisor. then nobody is! But this speaks to the finely tuned sensibilities of some fringe Paleoconservatives that are always on the attack. in large part at least. but will somebody kill the giant bug that's stuck up Mr. authored by Sartre. but because it has. Alan Stang. the Paleos. that it is important to give back to the community.. political and ideological opportunists and other brown-noses seeking careers will not agree. Mr. "The way the Buchananites see it. for which we duly applaud him". and sadly. I can't stand McCain. Do you really want to know who are genuine patriots? Look no further than members and ex-members of the military. I would describe myself as a Reaganite. was targeted for derision. In his 7/11/02 piece for the New Republic. Stang's butt! The vast majority of us that do volunteer work for the GOP have gotten diddlysquat in return. Buckley. the usual cosmetic changes the Republicans invoke after the Council on Foreign Relations rescues' us from another Democratic maladministration. In the same article. The time has come to drop the prefix and simply call ourselves conservatives'". Original Dissent. the purists and elitists that think they are better than anyone else. In terms of further bona where you can find various screeds. Bush is arguably the worst President in American history. "neoconservatives". and editor of the "Weekly Standard") actually represents only a small faction within the overall movement. the largely Jewish group of former Leftists who migrated Right after the Vietnam War. all the old neocon pet causes have become enshrined in conservative conventional wisdom. In his piece that ran this past weekend entitled "Bushwhacked". Pied Piper of the Establishment". they wildly spew forth. succeeded in what it set out to accomplish. But the neocons are no longer a wing of the conservative movement. "Neoconservatism departs the scene not because it has failed. And there was even an advertisement for a book that assails Bill Buckley ("William F. which are virulently anti-neoconservative in content. are the "true patriots". they're still battling the neocons. stated. Israel. the Paleos love to point fingers. vouchers. Max Shpak. labeling them such things as "liberals". exempting US . they ARE the conservative movement.1996). bootlicking coward". pursuant to the Bush administration's one-year interim agreement with the UN's International Criminal Court. and that Bill Kristol (political commentator. On the other hand. who is clearly a wonderful conservative. among others. As Norman Podhoretz triumphantly declared in The New York Times in 2000. Supplyside economics. my brother included. yellow dog conservatives. At Original Dissent. ("The End of Neoconservatism". We believe in the salient notion of civic duty. "bitch and moan" and generally rail against the ostensibly inferior "neoconservatives". and "scribbling shysters" who reflect a "fanatical Israel First attitude" . On the Internet. and which are somewhat represented by the Buchanan wing.Franklin Foer (New Republic). hasn't Dubya' done some good things? Yes. the Paleoconservatives are the old-fashioned conservatives with a significant libertarian/isolationist bent. he has..This pattern of convergence means that neoconservatism has lost its ideological distinctiveness". (Poor Paul Fallavollita! On the EZ Daily Blogger. or a Rush Limbaugh conservative. Excuse me. for want of a better expression. welfare reform. if Bill Buckley isn't a Paleoconservative. And many in that camp don't have a true grasp of mainstream conservatives whom they regularly denigrate with considerable vitriol. Lewis Goldberg. Moreover. a true testament to the fringe mentality that I am referencing in this article). touting that they. John Podhoretz (NY Post and Fox News Channel contributor). Alan Keyes. It's important to understand that mainstream conservatism is now comprised of a variety of camps. We are aware that zombie Republicans. "warmongers". and I probably better exemplify mainstream conservatives in background and ideology than Bill Kristol. It's linked to a website. Paul Fallavollita. Stang further espoused that "the Republican Party is a slimy. I think our military should withdraw from the Balkans forthwith (leave it to the Europeans). James Nuechterlein (FirstThings. And here's another concrete example of profound viciousness that emanates from the radical Right. a relatively small group indeed. For heaven's sake. "George W. Franklin Foer states. nor do we expect anything. I was compelled to cite my amazement that he believes September 11th was orchestrated by elements within the US and Israeli governments. journalist James Nuechterlein noted.

Instead. et al are roaring". .troops from their jurisdiction. It was further stated that "neoconservative outlets are flatlining. Anti-State. but clearly its "evil empire" has been largely obliterated. this is just the preliminary agreement pending the final outcome. True. if this analysis is correct and the public is now in the mood for "hard right" politics. NY. And it has made considerable forays into capitalism. and selling much needed oil to the US. Mr. They are ladies. well-spoken. Stang's scathing criticism of the Bush administration is unwarranted. Your Intrepid Correspondent's piece this week will discuss hers. I am reminded of an adage composed by a dear friend of long standing. Needless to say. Mr. Unfortunately. so you know that the most telling sentence therein is as follows: "Excuse me. do not. mean to imply that Miss Devine-Molin is a hog. authentic Constitutional venues (such) as Ether Zone. over the years. one of the quintessential fringe groups that believes an international cabal runs the world. Article 2 A TROJAN HORSE ATTACKS ETHER ZONE BUT IT WILL SURVIVE By: Alan Stang A remarkable column appeared a few days ago elsewhere on this site. Entitled. Indeed. you will probably find it on Page Two of Ether Zone. they see a conspiracy under every rock. but will somebody kill the giant bug that's stuck up Mr. I'm guessing that. so one of the purposes of my piece today is to reassure you that there never was an insect where the lady says it was. "Dubya". I shall make no comment about any part of the lady's anatomy. then Bob is a masterful businessman who has initiated changes at just the right time. since the Court's actions would likely be politically motivated. make no mistake. And. almost invariably beautiful. who claims that he got it from his grandmother: "When you throw a rock in among some hogs. at risk of prosecution by the UN entity. Lastly. so we suggest that right here you go to it. Strike-the-Root. Almost invariably. and other citizens. Russia continues to experience notable problems and cannot be altogether trusted by the United States. having adopted a 13% flat tax. On a positive note." And I think that wisdom is applicable here. Okay. LewRockwell. Stang's butt!" Some readers no doubt have been anxious about your obedient servant's health since her plea for help hit the street. that is one of the many wonderful qualities they have. so my health remains intact. who identifies herself as a Republican Party worker. did not capitulate. Have a nice trip. At a recent speech at Fort Drum. as noted by the "Friends Of Liberty" website. President Bush underscored his commitment to preventing the International Court from acquiring any prosecutorial power over our military personnel. I do not. Stang is a johnny-one-note who refuses to believe that the Soviet Union has collapsed. in order to understand what we are talking about. you have read Miss DevineMolin's piece. well-groomed. "A Radicalized Ether Zone: Are Hard-Right Politics Now In Vogue?" it was written by Carol Devine-Molin. the one that screams is the one you hit. as Stang refers to him. The Bush administration is in control of the situation and continues to negotiate and hammer out the details of a final agreement that will protect our members of the Armed Forces. Mr. By now. Stang's ongoing obsession with Russia as a "communist" menace appears somewhat bizarre to those familiarizing themselves with this work. except to say that we hope it is working well. the organization was comprised of anti-communist stalwarts during the cold war era. Needless to say. congratulations to Bob Momenteller on the considerable traffic that Ether Zone is generating. welcome back. Well. I have met many Republican ladies. as per his writings. if you are reading this paragraph. Stang was a longtime writer for the John Birch Society.

or use a real one." Like most other conspiracy debunkers. and you make another deal. your obedient servant began warning that the conspirators for world government would trick us into dictatorship. Notice the trial balloon the Bush Administration has extruded about changing posse comitatus to legalize martial law. and he tearfully tells you another excuse. She doesn't mention the evidence about National F. certainly one of the finest types this country has produced." which presumably is supposed to elicit universal guffaws. for those who have the realism to accept facts. Meanwhile. I doubt that Brother Bob is going to do that." Because he is so charming. except that I have never heard one use the language she does. Zombie Republicans who routinely twist themselves into pretzels to explain away the latest betrayal of their leaders are one of the main reasons the country is now rushing happily into totalitarianism. she makes the usual charge that your Intrepid Correspondent and others like him who write for Ether Zone see a "conspiracy under every rock. Imagine that you know someone who is immensely charming. Notice. Remember that Bill "sewer slime" Clinton is probably one of the most charming people on earth. When you ask him about it. to create an atmosphere of panic. your Intrepid Correspondent and his colleagues would gratefully quit. On the contrary. she went into shock when she read my description of George Bush. You ask him about it. energetic and patriotic. Review. Were she able to demolish it. because one of the qualities he lacks in the extreme is stupidity. You are dealing with the same kind of people. she wants Bob Momenteller to stop posting our pieces. efficient. and take the same action. Miss Devine-Molin says she wants debate. when he isn't dropping his pants and asking women for sex. she made some points that deserve comment. Such is the paucity of understanding of those who refuse to admit that things happen for a reason. I hope he keeps posting hers. Imagine that you make some agreement with him. Apparently. but it is enough for her to state that we see a "conspiracy under every rock. intelligent. Because I don't know otherwise. in which the people would literally plead for enslavement as the only way to protect themselves. he protests that he made a mistake. loyal." She wants the "debate" to be managed and ladylike. She doesn't discuss the evidence that the Soviet Union continues. I said they would either foment a phony emergency. By now. let us hope. she believes that the mere mention of such an idea is enough to discredit us. you begin to wonder whether maybe he is doing it deliberately. Remember that we have introduced a veritable Himalaya of evidence to support our conclusion that the conspiracy for world government is conspiring for exactly that. She just says somebody has accused him of something. a debate for capons. the reorganization and centralization of the police power in our country. In other words. because the one we are talking about is so revealing. You may well conclude that this man is a con man. in people who say they would be willing to give up some freedom in exchange for protection. The third time he stiffs you. however. the proposal that we spy on each other. I am going to assume that Miss Devine-Molin is one of them. she has recovered. many years ago. . in many lectures. but he does not perform. you are furious. He "forgot. That understanding is so easy to obtain. Jr. that the lady does not mention the evidence. And all my colleagues and I are asking is that you apply the same understanding to our leaders in Washington that you applied in the situation we described. He is so charming and so apologetic you excuse him again. Something like this may have happened to you or to someone you know. For the record. interviews and magazine pieces. whether maybe his apologies are merely hypocritical covers meant to deflect your irritation while he advances toward a goal. We see that process today. but that your obedient servant and his colleagues are "beyond the pale. Now you are upset. you believe him.immensely genteel. First. managed no doubt by the Republican socialist billionaire conspirators who rule us. He has stiffed you twice. He stiffs you again. You make another deal. The fourth time. She just says I say so.

Carol Devine-Molin was clearly driven to logorrhea by your Intrepid Correspondent's comments about her beloved Republican Party. he wrote a book about it. the hard-right extremist. If you haven't done so yet. who was a Republican. I asked the dignitaries within where the Goldwater posters were. to my everlasting shame. he diffidently looks at his shoes. he had won the nomination at Madison Square Garden a short distance from where we had been taken. maybe not wiser. is there. let's mention one of the greatest of all American Presidents. prolonged the Depression created by the Federal Reserve and should have been shot as many times as the number of men he treasonously entombed on the Arizona when he arranged the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Now. at Republican headquarters. not a hint. Your Intrepid Correspondent is much older. By tradition. When I naively mentioned his name. few listened and there was next to no coverage. Reagan has assured us that he will choose a man who shares his beliefs. but there was no mention of him. that I. the party's first presidential candidate in 1856. Again. the candidate is not supposed to appear until the next night. then still as naïve as a brick wall. the conspiracy Miss Devine-Molin says doesn't exist. it is 1964. I expected the roof to blow off. since this is let-your. The delegates are delighted. Naturally. Fremont. a "do something" Republican. Now. The first Republican President was of course Dishonest Abe Lincoln. to such an extent that when he began to show up at patriotic events. Senator Goldwater. Ronald Reagan is the Republican presidential candidate. a clue we later learned meant trouble was coming. Again and again during the campaign. Goldwater was supposed to be the Republican candidate. who now is known as George I. the dignitaries smirked and looked with surprise at the man who had brought me there. a "do nothing President. accusing Hoover of big government that was strangling the nation. is working for Goldwater in New York City as a Republican volunteer. So. who helped save the Soviet Union as the head of the American Relief Administration and buried us in federal agencies as President. but not stupid. day. also no longer naïve. by Otto Scott. and announced that he had chosen George Bush. because a President is supposed to do nothing until someone attacks us. . Bused to a Republican headquarters in the Village. it may be helpful to take a closer look. I was naïve. now. I must confess to you. worked for the Republican Party. who was so revered in Texas that the dead had resurrected there and cast enough votes to elect him to the Senate. the totalitarian monster and war criminal. Reagan has actively participated for many years in Communist activities in Southern California. But now we move along to Herbert Hoover. please read The Secret Six. Reagan has come to reassure them about his choice for running mate. and I could easily see the question on their faces: Where did you find a young man this dumb? The Republicans sabotaged their own candidate and arranged the election of Lyndon Johnson. So. and makes a speech from the rostrum about the conspiracy for world government. To your obedient servant's mind. hats off for Silent Cal." That is the contemptuous label liberal berserkers attach to Presidents who mind their own business. some observers wondered what "Red Ronnie" was doing there. So. Because Miss Devine-Molin asks Bob Momenteller for "fair and balanced" coverage. by Kent Steffgen. Later. too. See The Counterfeit Candidate and Here's the Rest of Him. who killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and destroyed our federal system in the service of high-tariff Yankees. I am an accredited correspondent at the Republican National Convention in Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. We have no complaint about John C. And now the candidate for President arrives at the rostrum. sounding like the kind of hard-right extremist who could give our poor lady nightmares. and then he is supposed to make a big hole in the ground. Your obedient servant. On the contrary. Franklin Roosevelt ran against him on that issue in 1932. He probably just didn't know what he was getting into. but no longer naïve. Of course Roosevelt. but confused. the term "do nothing President" is a high compliment. Carol. Yes. rather than intrude into every private thing and other country on earth. Now it is 1980. again. for a glimpse at some of the fanatics who supported the monster. I refer of course to Calvin Coolidge.

I heard gasps. Russia undoubtedly continues to be problematic. and involving subgroups within nations as seen in various locales such as the former Yugoslavia. History is replete with all types of political agendas. the Republican Party is exactly what I said it is. organization. It's more accurate to conceptualize the world in terms of competing agendas rather that all this conspiratorial nonsense. and was able to successfully suppress the inter-tribal warfare associated with identity politics. "cabals". I must also point out that the JBS perceives the world through a very peculiar. each of the aforesaid were notorious for their overarching agenda. Be with me here next week for more. Unfortunately. I almost wish it did exist! The Soviet Union. of Republican delegates and friends. your Intrepid Correspondent happened to be standing on the Convention floor right in front of the dais when Reagan made the announcement. Over the course of the past few days I was able to conduct some research on the John Birch Society. Kudos to Bob Momenteller for publishing her revealing column. definitely warrants a response. However. thousands. and clandestine schemers. All around me. that it still poses a threat as a communist totalitarian state. "conspiracy" is "planning and acting together secretly". using them interchangeably. or anyone else for that matter. and their writings. The Republican Party? No. the definition of "agenda" is "a program of things to be done or accomplished". "A Trojan Horse Attacks Ether Zone". the British Empire. And of course there are those nations that have sought regional hegemony in the geopolitical sphere such as China. and "cabal" is "a small group of persons joined in a secret. . I can't agree with you that the Soviet Union still exists. I was actually quite surprised that you would take the time and effort to author a provocative critique of my column. Certainly. Agencies. But. in fact manifest to any intelligent observer that follows world events. skewed prism. and individuals that you specifically link with so-called "conspiracies". "A Radicalized Ether Zone". But I feel confident in saying that conspiratorial activities are not typically the modus operandi of the global movers and shakers. expressions of shock from hundreds. There is no question that throughout the course of world history there have been those powers that have sought to establish empires and world-wide domination such as the former Soviet Union. often political intrigue. I don't mind acknowledging that I was somewhat fascinated by the teachings of the organization. had been deceived. In fact. and what I believe. many of them volunteers like Miss Devine-Molin. Article 3 A PROUD REPUBLICAN RESPONDS: AN OPEN LETTER TO ALAN STANG By: Carol Devine-Molin Mr. In contrast. but by virtue of its various alignments with Middle Eastern nations such as Iraq and Iran and other Islam regimes. mean to imply that she is a horse. Carol. Do I believe that conspiracies and cabals exist? Of course I do. because Bush of course represented the antithesis of what Reagan allegedly believed. ruled with an iron fist. According to Webster's New World Dictionary. although vast. bureaucracies. does not. the Axis nations of WWII. you and other fringe adherents often confuse the notion of "agenda" with "conspiracy". often demonstrate agendas that are quite evident. In some ways.By coincidence. which they are not. or plot". By the way. it occurs to me it is important to say that the title of this little piece certainly does not. to define who I am. I'm not going to permit you. But I'm sorry. and the old Roman Empire (that sought control over the "known" world). These fine people. Again! These are just a few examples of what is typical. Stang.

But so what? It's our job as American citizens and patriots to fight any policies that would diminish America in any manner. given the United Nation's history of anti-Americanism. Reagan. the fact that the JBS has consistently spewed forth tremendous negativity and venom over the years toward many good Republicans and Conservatives does not reflect favorably on you or your former organization. Stang. and other organizations that underscore nefarious globalists. noxious attitude. Mr. Currently. Please note that I'm not doubting that there are many "internationalists" in attendance at these meetings. In effect. and dare I say patriotic Americans even in the next century will categorically reject such nightmarish sentiments. a psychosis) is approximately one to two percent of the population. All is said to be shrouded in secrecy. And the Bilderberg Group may indeed have an agenda that is damaging to the interests of US sovereignty. the conference venues since 1954. and only tends to distort and hype the issues at hand. The funny thing is. the Internet provides myriad information regarding this purportedly "stealth" organization. Moreover. It still doesn't negate your incredibly inflexible. But. and the nature of the discussions. the Council on Foreign Relations and elements within our own State Department have an agenda for global governance? Sure they do. a world body that is initially intent on imposing jurisdiction over our troops. given the worldwide nature of financial and business markets today. President Bush has addressed these menacing circumstances in speeches.Here's an appalling statement for your consideration. plotters and schemers among the "internationalists". Strobe Talbot: "All countries are basically social arrangements. Clearly. It's even possible to find out "who" said "what". OK. It's sad. Rush Limbaugh. Let's view this is perspective. its very difficult to move and orchestrate with any type of certitude in an increasingly volatile world. don't sufficiently take into account the ineptness of bureaucracies (UN. the American people comprehend the message. but will most certainly extend its auspices. a bunch of international businessmen have a "global village" outlook. including the annual meeting attendees. pro-globalist crowd. please don't underestimate the American people. According to the ." Of course this is pure gobbledegook. But conspiracy? Hardly. CIA. Mr. its malevolent tentacles. Stang. Do these. and the relevance of serendipity and unforeseen circumstances. the Clinton administration was largely comprised of an anti-nationalist. and some other international forums seek to erode and assault US sovereignty and the US Constitution? Absolutely. have been the targets of your notable wrath and disdain. Buckley. you are playing to a select audience. and William F. Within the next hundred years nationhood as we know it will be obsolete. As usual the agenda was always there for the citizenry to see.). Federal Reserve System. Eisenhower. This notion of widespread conspiracy is over-the-top. The Bilderberg Group merits particular mention as a so-called secret society of the "powerful global elite" that ostensibly conspires to systematically orchestrate a "one world government". they are pretty savvy and are largely cognizant of the political terrain . but true. this supposed "conspiracy" is just a bunch of trumped-up hogwash. feeding their paranoia. the Bush administration is diligently fighting off the UN International Court. All states will recognize a single global authority. Naturally. and from all indications. I think its pretty clear-cut. Abraham Lincoln. such as Calvin Coolidge. Despite what the JBS is inclined to believe. Their yearly meetings are said to be primarily attended by leaders from the political and military arenas (with special focus on NATO). over all American citizens if it ever gets the opportunity. rather than clarifying. that the prevalence of Paranoid Personality Disorder (not to be confused with Paranoid Schizophrenia. look like a bunch of chronic malcontents. Does the United Nations. Nothing much seems to be clandestine in nature here. so you have complemented one or two politicos and ex-Presidents here and there. among many others. by focusing upon "conspiracy" and "cabal". the Bush presidents (both father and son). etc. and others of a similar mind-set. And it's a sure bet that any prosecutions would be politically motivated. in addition to bigwigs from transnational corporations and global media. exploiting some people's fears and prejudices. which only serves to make you. as enunciated by the Clinton administration's Deputy Secretary of State. The various beliefs of the JBS.

well reasoned and well written. and propensity to hurl wild allegations and conspiratorial rhetoric. and I doubt that the cited number has changed significantly in the past five years. it's part of the American culture to eschew "guilt by association". The JBS does not have a wide appeal among the populace. Buckley. National Review. You did just read what you thought I said. individuals with this personality disorder "may be perceived as fanatics and form tightly knit cults or groups with others who share their paranoid belief systems". so be it. We’re getting ready to talk about what we can do. so devastating and revealing.the agency that incinerated all those Christians inside the Branch Davidian compound at Waco a few years ago. it was going to have to disassociate itself assiduously from radical right-wing fringe. It was one mildly risque line in an article that was lengthy (over 1000 words). little can be said at this juncture that is going to sway people one way or the other. the JBS had less than 15. certainly this is something of significance that you ought to think about. Bush constantly says it is. This week.Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. had a PBS program for thirty years. indeed. you’re not going insane. According to Paul Sperry. stubborn. maybe he was attempting to influence them for the better? Besides. since Buckley was well aware of the JBS's extremist orientation. Buckley was cognizant that if conservatism was ever going to have a chance as a viable and widespread political movement. who has been particularly single out by the and sarcastic expressions predominating". retaliation since he systematically shut the JBS out-of-the-loop of the emerging conservative movement in the 1960's. stop obsessing about the one line that references the "bug up your butt". He has been on the public scene for approximately forty years. No. please allow me to interrupt that train of thought to consider a report from Washington so astounding. The imams preach that the excesses we presently see around the world are aberrations. As to Mr. we have been looking at the sodomite aspect of the conspiracy for world government. people are very familiar with Buckley and there is virtually nothing that you could say or do that would make a difference in the public's perception of him. Just because Buckley has had connections with the CFR doesn't make him satanic. In other words. and is associated with a ground breaking publication. like it or not. a fringe organization such as the John Birch Society tends to attract these type of people. the work of extremists who violate the true spirit of the Islamic religion and illegitimately use it as a cloak. ISLAMIC HERO GEORGE BUSH TERROR IN AFRICA By: Alan Stang For the last couple of weeks. which FBI agents are required to attend. Lastly. than it says about me.000 dues-paying members in 1997. And if you're intent on believing that I'm a "salty sailor". he continues to be very acceptable to mainstream conservatives. By your own admission. Washington correspondent of worldnetdaily. . And. They are often described as "rigid" and "critical of others". with "hostile. that I cannot let it sit another week. The worst that can be said is that he has Libertarian leanings on some social issues such as drug legalization. holds views that are pretty well known to the public. I reviewed the various JBS criticisms of Buckley. even in past times when you were more sanguine about the leadership at the JBS.that’s the FBI . that maintains its popularity. the Federal Bureau of Incineration . Muslim clerics tell them that Islam really is as kind and gentle a belief as George W. Your reaction says a lot more about you. And you're kidding yourself if you believe that only a superior mentality or enlightened psyche would ever aspire to membership. But. And smartly so. At those sessions. is now conducting mandatory Islamic brainwashing sessions for FBI agents. and quite frankly it all amounts to pure getevenism.

During my recent ministry trip to Nigeria. Mueller couldn’t be there. Many Christians bear the physical marks of bullet wounds. For instance.503 890 square kilometres) in Africa. . . in 1974. in Mecca: All Christian activities should be stopped. One popular book. . scars from machete wounds. I visited Lagos. Gboko and Abuja. Sokoto. so forget about the pork chops and beer. To put all this in context. and more Muslims. should of course be killed without any exception … they should not build a church. Gongs and bells should be hidden. an organization that has fulsomely praised Hamas and Hezbollah. vandalised or burned down by Muslim mobs. I received a report from Dr. Also well circulated in Nigeria is The Programme adopted by the World Islamic Organisation at a conference. Recently. because Mueller serves at the pleasure of the President. burns and deep slash marks on their necks and heads. Central states. we are entitled to conclude that Bush wants the imams to brainwash his FBI agents. on his latest trip to Nigeria. for that matter wearing the distinctive habits of their faith.The Muslims tell the FBI agents how to behave in the presence of Islam. but there is no need to pack. in Nigeria it is the Christians who are the majority. orphanages. cut off hands or feet. and none of this could happen. Is it necessary to remind you of what would happen were Christian clergymen ." Remember. which is widely circulated amongst the Muslims in Nigeria. Literally hundreds of churches have been destroyed and thousands of believers murdered in Kaduna. have also borne the brunt of waves of Islamic Jihad. so you should be careful not to cross your legs when talking to one. All Christian literature should be banned in Muslim countries. nor leave one standing in an area controlled by the Muslims . schools and universities should be taken over. for more than five minutes after Bush picks up the telephone and says he wants Mueller and the Muslims kicked out. Last year.. FBI Director Robert Mueller is a Clinton hangover. declares: "Priests in their churches . let’s now go to the front in the present war with Islam and observe Bush’s "religion of peace" in action. Nigeria has more Christians. a Muslim thinks you are insulting him if you even accidentally show him the sole of your shoe. the Communist-founded American Civil Liberties Union and communist world government traitor George W. no religious rights should be public.. In fact. Just as Sudan is the largest country (2. I was shown numerous churches that had been damaged. Gombe. Twelve northern states in Nigeria have proclaimed Shari’a Law. Bush have been strangely silent. The magic carpet of the Internet has already transported us painlessly there. Literally hundreds of churches have been destroyed and thousands of Christians murdered in recent years. Kano and Bauchi. Peter Hammond. so Nigeria is the largest nation (120 million people in 490 ethnic groups). Muslims don’t eat pork and don’t booze (in public). Sit up straight and pay attention! Like Jews. both of which are terrorist gangs that are supposed to be the enemy in our "War on Terror. Thousands of .or rabbis. However. Christians should not display their religious convictions openly …" The Sign of the Sword (1984) by Shaykh Abdalqadir AlMurabit. Christian hospitals. So. And I received many heartrending reports of Christians murdered by Muslims. Christians have been severely persecuted in Nigeria’s northern states. Jos. unlike Sudan. which are overwhelmingly Christian. Nigeria has a Muslim north and a Christian south. he was the keynote speaker at a meeting of the American Muslim Council. Here are excerpts from Dr. Hammond’s report: Nigeria is a country of contrasts and conflict. than any other country in Africa. the South African Christian missionary who runs Frontline Fellowship. inflicted by violent Muslim mobs. Like Sudan. Yet. We are going to the African Theater of Operations. invited to teach it to a government agency on government property and time.

. Vicious hand-to-hand fighting took place on the streets. . are they not. Throughout this conflict the police and army were unseen . However. with a vicious civil war. Many Muslims said that they had never expected the Christians to fight back. axes and machetes. The long-suffering Tiv people also rose up and resisted. resisting the Islamic attacks. the Muslims then went on the rampage down the main street in Jos. to the presidency. up to 100 churches were destroyed by Muslim mobs. and many firearms were captured from the Muslims. Some Christians counter-attacked and by the end of the week. When the Federal forces were sent in to restore order. In Vaase. Upon investigation. on 7th September 2001. In Taraba state. The sudden death of the brutal Muslim military dictator. Not satisfied with this innocent blood. Recognized Muslim groups sanction them. In rage. over 6000 people had been killed. stockpiling weapons and ammunition. the Christians rallied and stood firm together. In Gboko. They don’t do those things again. but there is great impatience and frustration at the pace and extent of the changes so far. a Muslim mob beat a pregnant Christian woman to death. Such things are true aberrations. A succession of military coups. burning churches.Christians have been killed in Jos and Gboko. during which millions of Christian Igbos were starved or slaughtered by Federal forces. But haven’t Christians too committed horrific outrages from the beginning? Yes. All this happened in August and September 2002. They are quite official. a committed Christian (converted while in prison in Jos). they burned even more farms and houses. The Muslims were completely defeated and many were fleeing north. More Christians poured in from the surrounding villages. the Tiv people related to me testimonies of how the Muslim Hausa and Fulani people attacked their homes and churches. What they had not expected was such fierce resistance from the Christians. but Christians recognize them as outrages.independence optimism. during Friday afternoon prayers. The next day. they overthrow the result by force. so rather than restoring order. brought General Olusegun Obasanjo. A concerted attempt by Muslim candidates to gain control in this first free election in the country’s history ended with an overwhelming electoral victory for Obasanjo. massacring whole villages. There was great optimism for the future when Nigeria received its independence from Britain in 1960. some wearing traditional warrior regalia and brandishing spears. destroyed what was left of the post. . shops and homes. Notice that the horrors the Muslims are committing right now while you read this . That is the end of Dr. departures from what Jesus teaches. generally by Muslims. They claimed that she had walked past them while they were bowed in prayer. . Notice that when the Muslims lose an election that expresses the popular will. killing both the woman and her pre-born child. outside the Mosque. fighting back. encourage and protect them. He has promised to eradicate corruption and bring about change. shot or hacked to death by these Muslim mobs. The units sent were predominantly Muslim and under Muslim control. although the Christians in these areas have stood firm and resisted the Muslim offensives.barricaded in their barracks. they joined in the assaults against the Christians. in 1998. They apologize. Hammond’s report. they got up from their prayer mats and savagely beat her. They repent. the post-independence history has been turbulent. the governments commit. Abacha. In Jos. burning down entire communities. and defeat for the Muslims. it was revealed that the Muslim community had been planning this attack for many months. Many hundreds of Christians were beaten.200 civilians were killed by these Muslim Federal forces. They were looking for a pretext to trigger their assault. Africa are not at all aberrations.

before other Americans innocently repeat it. illegal war is the first our political leaders have fought to win . That isn’t going to happen. but they all failed. We have deliberately left our men behind in all of our wars for almost a century . and the best military leadership the world has ever seen. which Washington predictably has used to foment still more conflict. they don’t applaud . Among the magnificent exploits of our military was the rescue of POW Jessica Lynch. then came the discovery of the "chemical weapons factory" (an empty warehouse). that is no doubt the reason our leaders are so sensitive on the subject. All the others have been fought to stalemate.since the American republic became an empire . they are not yet strong enough to applaud. Here in the United States. simply go to the movies. Among the political problems our leaders still face is their desperate need to discover Weapons of Mass Destruction. military since World War II. at worst a damn lie. thank Allah.since World War II. Please note that I do not include in these kudos the political leadership. "We leave no one behind. military has arrived at the outskirts of Baghdad and the final battle looms. All we have seen are the lies that have become the telltale signature of the Bush Administration. so. Be assured that we shall find WMD whether or not he has them. A couple of times. Saddam Insane has not used them. and the warning that Saddam would use such weapons when we penetrated a line he had drawn in the sand fifty miles from Baghdad. One crucial misstatement needs to be corrected.when they can get away with them .yet they smile. but they will be if communist world government traitor George W. In fact. For instance. To see how that works. Braving enemy fire in and out. spooks will plant something for our military to discover. the incomparable U. Certainly one difference is that the present.S. the best equipment and training. this damn lie. As I write. the same conspiratorial leadership that defeated our military in Vietnam. Jessica is apparently the first POW rescued by the U.and those men are still in captivity. Could it be the reason they thankfully went out of their way to rescue Jessica? It is essential that we squelch this horrendous mistake. still more kudos go to the men who brought Jessica out. Really? Then why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? PRISONERS OF WAR NOW GET THE OTHERS By: Alan Stang As I write. they applaud. and therefore that we didn’t really need to invade Iraq. I have heard a justifiably excited spokesman assert. when the rescuers arrived in Son Tay. Imagine Bush explaining that he made a mistake. We never have and we never will. that Saddam didn’t have WMD after all. Bush has his way. our forces acted on a tip and found her in a hospital. Remember that Bush used phony documents to trick us into the war.because that is precisely what Muhammad taught. not yet strong enough to commit. . But such horrors could never happen here in the United States. our military has performed even beyond expectations and by now the last sincere doubters should have changed their minds. So far. they keep committing such outrages .Muslims don’t repent. So. In the present war. they found that the prisoners had already been removed. There were similar attempts during the war in Vietnam.S. The truth is that we have always left our men behind." This is at best a horrendous mistake. if necessary. Bush would look like the total idiot total idiot Tom Daschle has accused him of being. we are about ten miles out and nothing has happened. We have the best least so far .

who had served them so well. we sent men to Asiatic Russia. trained in New Jersey.000 U. Communist Laos admitted that it had hundreds. or maybe Salina. Indeed. Democrat or Republican. probably certain. Eisenhower. Many of those men . 1968). The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles (Boston. Let us pray that our military can find him. You may want to look at your reporter’s latest novel. barely able to speak. And the history in Perestroika is authentic.are no doubt still alive. But now here we are in Korea in 1950. has done anything about this.were forcibly returned to totalitarian Communist monster Josef Stalin. you are 76. you are 18. Washington left Commander Scott Speicher behind. Our government knew they were there. the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us rewarded Eisenhower. after defeating our incomparable military in Vietnam.some just in their fifties and sixties . One reader called me in tears. call 1 (800) 470-8783. General Dwight Eisenhower oversaw Operation Keelhaul. Washington has lied to trick us into the war. In 1952. Other than a couple of trips to the teeming metropolis of Ellsworth. military personnel the Germans had taken prisoner. along with a mountain of evidence including satellite surveillance and eyewitness testimony. Because the Soviets by then had decisively infiltrated and compromised our government. To read all about it. Toward the end of World War II. succeeded in taking Russia out of the war. my book.In World War I. You were born in 1927. a dream. the advancing Soviets inherited about 25. some of those abandoned Americans are still alive. But Washington typically washed its hands of our men. in Gulf War I. still prisoners. Finally. The Soviets took some of those men prisoner and never returned them. Washington abandoned them to suck up to Stalin. the man who enthusiastically ran Operation Keelhaul for Stalin now is President. He called back to say he was too overcome to continue. it is early in 1945. it is of course dramatic. Perestroika Sunset (Los Angeles. Washington left maybe a couple of thousand behind in Southeast Asia. they are probably dead. including another woman. the Iraqis have captured in the present invasion. for instance. To see the cover and read the first three chapters. Now. see. and in machine-gun succession you are drafted in Kansas. but some who had served in our military. 2002). Remember that military personnel are the youngest of our people. who as President would have exposed the extent of their control of our government. about the men we left behind in the Nam. validated by the people who were there. Typically. Time and again after the war. Some of those men are no doubt still alive. men who were seen being sent into Manchuria. in our uniform . The payoff collapsed. Pressure happily has now forced DOD to reclassify him from KIA to POW. they used him to steal the Republican nomination from Senator Robert Taft. almost sixty years after that war. in which at least a million people who had escaped the Soviet Union . hoping to get in on the payoff Nixon and Kissinger were trying to arrange for Hanoi. Another hung up while he was talking. It is quite possible. They never returned. Many killed their children and committed suicide rather than make the trip. To order. Because it is a novel. Your native land and language are a memory. Western Islands. Patton House.000 Americans. these are men we know are there. go to Perestroika Sunset. along with the other POWS. but the Laotian admission was still on the books. Imagine that you are a Kansas farm boy. with American help. captured by the Germans and imprisoned by the Soviets. there isn’t any question about those men. By now. No administration. Today. after Lenin. Later. Washington also abandoned those 25. See your Intrepid Correspondent’s EtherZone pieces on the subject. Again.S. eyewitnesses reported seeing them. And Eisenhower leaves thousands of our POWS in Communist hands. but even I was not prepared for the reaction.most of them civilians. The Soviets took some of those POWS to Russia for the usual experiments. Were you ever really an American? Do you still speak English? What do you think of us? Remember. let’s hope the spectacular rescue of Jessica . you have never left the farm. Washington’s policy was to appease them. that today.

But there is good reason to suspect that the present. and screamed. Would you allow Washington to draft your 19-year-old daughter with the certainty that she could be sent into combat? Or to put the question in another way. After we take down the Saddamites we shall go after Syria. Here as always we see that. So far. until she feels better." That annual dispute may have had nothing to do with it. Indeed. No doubt she was touchy because I had routinely derided her annual use of such perverse redundancies as "Christmas Eve day" or "Christmas Eve night. but. in such a besotted and engorged condition. It is realistic to speculate that the President could reinstitute the draft. in which respect it differs not at all from the Clinton obfuscation. "Stop writing!" although I was at least twenty feet away from the nearest means of communication." rather than the sensible usages of "the day before Christmas" and the majestically simple "Christmas Eve. in the main. I was doing so the day in question. how utterly degenerate. no one I know of has pointed to the fact that this is the first war in which Washington has deliberately thrust American women into combat. Of course. took one look. the powers that be lavishly warned me in an utterly unchristian manner that no writing would be tolerated that day. Either my posture or expression must have been literary.all . and this time women could be included.our POWS and that Washington will now do everything it can to bring them all home. the first time around was so . however. And this brings us to the question of why Jessica was there. let me explain why I was missing last week. Jessica Lynch is 19. of course. when the Love Priestess entered wielding a spatula. So far. because everyone knows that from time to time a wife. will stand in the middle of the living room and scream for absolutely no reason. THE MOST HATED NAME THE JESUS CONSPIRACY By: Alan Stang First. except that Bush does not drop his pants and ask for sex. are you? You say it couldn’t happen? You say I’m insane? What would you have called me during the Vietnam era. illegal war will expand. Iran and so on. The need for military personnel will increase. any literary attempt I might make would have been complete drivel drenched in dark meat. she doesn’t comprehend that it is about as possible for your Obedient Servant to "stop writing" as it would be for Osama bin Laden to declare allegiance to the chief rabbi of Jerusalem. not being a literary person. She was there because of Clinton policy. The danger was exacerbated by the fact that I often relax in an easy chair while inoffensively musing about affairs of state. exactly how corrupt. Registration for 18-year-old males already is in place. especially one with children. Early that morning. we have a question. as usual. I had originally planned to do this piece the day before Christmas. Remember however that we are talking about an administration that has lied repeatedly about the war. the military is voluntary. stuffing and gravy. however. which means that from now on we shall see more and more women POWS. The reason I had planned to do this piece before the imminent celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ rather than immediately after was the certainty that it would shut down all brain function except what was needed for digestion.Lynch signifies a complete change of policy toward all . Clinton policy not only continued but also expanded by Bush. genuflecting to George W. and rushing to enlist. had I said that 25 or so years from then we would be sending women into combat? We’ll discuss the question in commentaries to come. and the prospect of assault by a covey of adult females armed with dangerous kitchen implements was admittedly daunting. No doubt the nation’s bull dykes are joyfully buckling on their dildos. in all the excitement. there is no difference between them. and that.

much fun that the Love Priestess and her underlings decided to do it all again. Which explains why another of these diatribes was impossible at the time. By now, the danger of disfigurement or explosion has passed, sensible digestion has been restored, your Intrepid Correspondent is once again as svelte as the target of continuous culinary assault can be, and the Love Priestess is happily planning the next family excitement. So, here is what I had been expecting to pass along before the question of explosion or survival intervened. This is a Christian nation. All the men who founded it believed staunchly in some version of Christianity. Yes, Thomas Jefferson was a Christian too. The only exceptions were the couple of Jews who helped finance the Revolution. It was and is Christianity that made this country unique, not our race, not our intelligence, not our natural resources. Little more than a hundred years later, in the Trinity case, the U.S. Supreme Court formally recognized that we are a Christian country. Today, every religion is welcomed in our country except Christianity. Even Islam, the "religion" of conquest, of mass, forced conversions, of slavery, of maiming and murder, of illiterate, subjugated women, the "religion" of the men who are trying to destroy us, and on and on; even Islam is welcome while Christianity is not. Islam is taught even in government school, while Christianity is forbidden. A federal court has ruled that display of the Ten Commandments on public property is illegal. Another judge stole the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. Believers have even been forbidden to worship together at home. Young people are told that attacking Christianity is a rebellious act against the powers that be, an expression of individuality and liberation, when in fact, in today’s world, it is the ultimate act of conformity and suppression. Attacking Christianity is exactly what the powers that be want you to do. Are you looking for rebellion and individuality? Instead, try defending Christianity and see what official encouragement you get. Of course, if you really want to bow down to the totalitarians, if you really want to do exactly as they say, if you really do want to give them control of all Creation, to march in lockstep toward universal enslavement, if you are a spineless wimp with less courage than your little sister, then simply keep attacking the author of liberty. Yes, there is a war on, a war on Christianity. Why? Because Jesus Christ is the one they are afraid of. We don’t know for sure when He was born, but everybody knows Jesus is the real thing, the One, the only One. Yes, Mohammed was a conqueror, but he was. Jesus still Is. Mohammed is still dead. Jesus lives. Buddha is dead. Confucius is dead. All the others are dead. Only Jesus lives. They are afraid because Mohammed conquered but he lost. Jesus lost but He conquers. They know that in order to impose their will on the world, they must succeed in their utterly preposterous campaign to eliminate Jesus, somewhat akin to the amusing spectacle of a gnat trying to eliminate an elephant. Who are they? They are the worms who have wormed their way into control of our government and institutions. They are the Islamic terrorists in search of those 49 virgins. (Hey, Mohammed, how old are those virgins? Is there a catch?) They are the Soviets behind the Islamic terrorists. They are the phony clergymen who don’t believe. They are the practitioners and victims of the modern species of insanity called "liberalism." And there are the groups fronting for the Soviets designed to rout out every vestige of Christianity. Preeminent among them is the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Wherever Christianity appears, ACLU goes to court to squelch it. The media consistently mention ACLU with approval, because ACLU postures as a "champion of the First Amendment." ACLU even gets good marks from Fox News Channel, where Mr. No-Spin can’t find out what ACLU is.

What is it? The preeminent founder of ACLU was Roger N. Baldwin. Roger Baldwin was a Communist. How do we know that? The best reason we know of is that he said so. Roger Baldwin said, "Communism is the goal." Yes, Communism, according to the founder, was the goal of ACLU. The Communists, remember, are atheists; they hate Jesus because He represents another loyalty. Another founder of ACLU was Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. Elizabeth just happened to be General Secretary of the Communist Party. Elizabeth was a member of the ACLU Board. Another ACLU founder was William Z. Foster, who also just happened to be General Secretary of the Communist Party, and was another member of the ACLU Board. How much more do we need to know? In an earlier commentary, we discussed the work of Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party. Gramsci completely rethought and recast Communist strategy. Originally, the Communists just barged in with the Red Army and took over a country. Then they perverted the target nation’s institutions and imposed their dictatorship. Gramsci realized that could never happen here. Western militaries are just too strong, and Red Army conscripts tend to desert wherever they are told to march. So, Gramsci reversed the hallowed Soviet strategy. In the new strategy, the Soviets would first pervert and subvert the target nation’s institutions; thoroughly corrupted, the target would fall of its own corrupt weight into Communist hands. And ACLU, founded by Communists for Communist purposes fits perfectly into this rewritten strategy. That is why, always and everywhere, ACLU will be found on the perverted side of the issues, from Christianity to sodomy to parental control. Notice that what I have told you here is no secret. Fox News Channel could tell you about it as easily as I have. But (correct me if I’m wrong), I have never heard mention of any of this by anyone on Fox, including Mr. No Spin, and Fox is supposed to be the best television journalism available today. The main Fox theme these days appears to be mindless support for the upcoming war against whomever. Now word arrives that departing Republican "conservatives," including Bob Barr, will take jobs at ACLU, still more proof that a Republican is about as reliable as a sidewinder. Remember that the Republican Party’s preeminent hero, Abraham Lincoln, was a man who would have been a dedicated KGB mass murderer had he been born in the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century. Need we add that ACLU will use Barr’s "conservative" credentials to advance its agenda with skeptical prospects and donors. Is Bob as stupid as this makes him look? Because of ACLU & friends, the celebration of Christmas in our country (meaning the birth of God) is rapidly becoming illegal in public places. It could soon be almost illegal in private. The prospects are grim, but I’m not worried. While relaxing in that easy chair one day, I sneaked a peek at the end of the Book, and found out who wins.

By: Alan Stang California is famous for breaking all the rules. The one thing you can be sure of when you settle down to a comfortable routine is that – if Hollywood is involved – it will be disrupted. We have come to expect certain things in an American election. Democrats are exciting. Democrats offer more and better parties, bigger scandals, more murders, more corpses who commit suicide elsewhere and then install themselves in city parks, more White House officials arrested in men’s rooms, more candidates for President who challenge the media to catch them at sex. Let’s face it; Democrats are more fun. Sure, under the Democrats we go down the tubes, but we laugh on the way.

Republicans are boring and interchangeable. The sexiest thing they do in the Oval Office is tape conversations in which they criticize the Jews. They have no idea what to do with a cigar. They raid Democrat headquarters because they are jealous. Yes, they have parties, but Republicans are too stiff to enjoy them. They don’t stage a political rally and call it a wake. They are constantly at war, but even then they are boring. Here is the late General Clyde Watts’s classic analysis of an election a while back in Arkansas: "Fulbright was knocked off by Bumpers. Wilbur Mills was bumped off by knockers." Now, California typically turns all this hallowed tradition on its ear. Gray Davis, the Democrat, is aptly named. He is Gray to the bone. Gray Davis makes Henry Kissinger look like Jim Carrey. Maybe his parents suspected what he would become. He came to national prominence as a factotum for Gerry Brown, a true Democrat (see my piece in the late American Opinion, entitled Queen of Hearts), but the experience did not rub off. On the other hand, there is the Arnold, a maverick Republican. Arnold ingested who knows what drugs in training. He can’t remember because he was high. Arnold participated in the gang-bang of a black lady in the gym. He can’t remember because he was high. Arnold’s writers have made him the author of some of the most electrifying lines in movie literature: "Hasta la vista, baby," and of course the classic, "I’ll be back." But just as we have finally adapted to this revolution in political styles, here comes the latest Hollywood twist. It turns out that Gray isn’t gray at all. He’s Red. By the time you read this, Davis may have already signed the legislation that rewards illegal aliens by allowing them to get drivers licenses. Because the drivers license is the most important means of identification in this country, DMV in California now has the power to make illegal aliens citizens – citizens who could vote for Red Davis in the recall, or at least for Democrats next year. On the other hand, the Arnold is the Terminator. He is Mr. Universe. He is the man who saved the Earth. He is what Henry Kissinger could have become if Henry had a personality and muscles. He has the support of the Bohemian Grove. He has the guidance of former Secretary of State George Shultz, of Bechtel, than whom you can’t get any higher. Senator Orrin Hatch has proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would allow foreign-born Arnold to become President. So, it doesn’t really matter who is elected in California. The fix is in. The recall represents a Republican power play by the Bushwhackers. Nothing will change because the Arnold and Gray the Red and Bustamante the Brown all believe the same thing. But, yes, we are having fun yet as the state goes down the tubes. From the beginning, the Conspiracy for world government has recognized that America is just too big to swallow in one bite. If the Conspiracy tried to do so, it could get indigestion. So, the conspirators have tried a couple of schemes to break the United States into manageable pieces. In the Nineteen Twenties, Soviet dictator Stalin sent a man named Joseph Pogany to this country. Pogany had been a general in the short-lived Communist regime in Hungary after World War I. In the United States, he was "John Pepper," and he instructed the Communist faithful to work for something he called the "Negro Soviet Republic." The idea was that the areas of the South where the Negro population was large and sometimes the majority, would secede from the United States and form a separate country. Yes, it’s preposterous, but that was the idea. See my book, It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights (Boston, Western Island, 1965). The scheme flopped, of course. The Communists worked at it for years, but could not persuade enough Southern Negroes to come aboard. They kept trying schemes on the Negroes, one proof of which is the odd fact that this is the only race whose name is officially changed every few years, from colored to Negro, to black, to "African-American," etc.

we would hear an unaccustomed tongue. "Hasta la vista. I still haven’t seen a psychiatrist. who inherited Communist Party official Hunter Pitts O’Dell from Martin Luther King. My wife and I escaped from Los Angeles a few years ago. The Arnold will long since have said. announced that henceforth New Mexico would be an independent nation. not one of the United States. California will be the new headquarters of the Democrat Party and will vote wall to wall for whatever it wants." of course. those of us who exposed the scheme were "crazy. One of the revolutionary leaders stepped into the "beef box" to challenge me and held up a copy of American Opinion. The gang was using the Communist Party’s mailing list. The Love Priestess would whisper in my ear. "right-wing extremists. With the help of Red Davis & Company. part of Mexico. his beautiful esposa turned out to be a member of the gang. There it is called Aztlán. . would the judge who struck down Proposition 187 strike it down? Impossible (unless orders came from the District of Conspiracy to do so). in Northern New Mexico. "English. maybe. the English settlers on the East Coast overwhelmed the Indians by sheer force of numbers. The revolutionary leader referred with scalding contempt to the picture of "Rosenthal. The same thing is happening in California now." and moved with Maria to the Kennedy compound in Taxachusetts. is in unofficial charge of such nomenclature." as if I had never heard the language. at least at first. At some point. In the streets there. A picture of patriotic Secretary of Defense James V. He saddled up and left the state. which is to be an independent Latino nation.. except that treasonous Indian leaders did not hasten the process as Red is doing. even Joe Shmo from Kokomo knows what is happening. The only reason the incident was not banner headlines around the world was that on the same day that year’s version of the continuing war between Islam and Israel erupted. The idiota actually believed this would be effective in Hollywood. baby. hoping to discredit the magazine by establishing some illusory connection between my revelations and the Jews." who suffered "hallucinations." We couldn’t get serious coverage. who tried to persuade me that nothing was wrong. on our nightly walks. the scheme that failed miserably in New Mexico in 1967 now is approaching climax in California. Now. Before the breakup.Jesse Jackson. and appealed to the Communist UN for support. and then. I went up into the mountains to cover the story – as far as I know I was the only reporter. a Latino gang seized the courthouse in a town named Tierra Amarrilla. critical mass will arrive. needless to say. I had a long session in private with New Mexico Governor David Cargo. I taped a couple of segments with the Cronkite kooks at the Communist Broadcasting System. Cargo’s membership card in my American Opinion piece. Once in a while. We would have to acquiesce because that is "democracy. certainly the only national reporter to do so – and quickly discovered that this was a Communist Party operation. I printed Mrs. you say? What happens when the illegal aliens legitimized by Red drive legally to the polls to vote? If they vote for Reconquista." Four centuries ago. but notice that now I’m painfully sane. No es posible. the passersby would be speaking a Babel of languages. Sadly. In 1967. The scheme failed. Jr. I have made one of the most remarkable spontaneous remissions in the history of psychiatry. of course." a Jewish name. At the time. Forrestal was on the cover." dangerous "paranoids. they were never aired. where Joe taped the show. An example of the utter incompetence of its leaders was my appearance to discuss my findings on the Joe Pyne show in Hollywood. So now here we are in 2003.

The conspirators typically are using what I call the tactic of False Alternatives for the purpose. In the archives for the years 19081910. compadre. even though your Intrepid Correspondent looks as Latin as a bowl of sauerkraut. so that whoever is nominated and therefore whoever wins will be one of their men. A young man pulled up in a pickup truck and asked me in Spanish how to get somewhere. and so it is in this one. Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow. so now is a good time to take another look at some of the history and tactics of the Conspiracy. I’ll be back. One of the Conspiracy’s tactics from the very beginning has been to seize control of both major political parties at the top. described the scheme in his anonymous political novel. But look out. In the kind of politics the Conspiracy imposes. In the streets there are the usual Communist demonstrations led by revolutionaries who descend from the Sixties." who lived with Wilson in the White House. and then the Republicans keep us in.I was standing on a corner there. there is no real contest between ideologies. of launching the illegal war (illegal because there is no Declaration) they have been planning against Iraq and its Soviet-sponsored dictator. It is no surprise that around the same time Miss Casey was making this discovery and having her nervous breakdown. Hiss of course was the first Secretary-General of the Communist United Nations. THE CONSPIRACY'S TACTICS DON'T GET BUSHWHACKED By: Alan Stang As this commentary goes to press. Those tactics still work because even at this late date they have not been sufficiently exposed. With regard to the last century of war. The only real politics it permits is a contest between conspiratorial flunkies about which of them can better implement the Conspiracy’s strategies on the way to world government. House. even between policies. to look through the archives of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. look at the anti-war side of the issue. maybe a few days. the man who ran the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was former top State Department official Alger Hiss. For instance. They decided that the best way to do that would be to embroil the United States in war. Woodrow Wilson’s "alter ego. the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us are within a few weeks. They have embroiled us in needless wars for a century. which you really should take a look at. In every war. in which neither of the two alternatives they offer is the right one. who later would go to prison for committing perjury when he testified that he had not been a Soviet spy. George "Bring ‘em on!" Bush as usual is as useless as a teat on a boar. After World War II. a congressional committee investigating foundations sent a lawyer named Kathryn Casey to New York. the Democrats . When I replied in Spanish he was not at all surprised. the people’s minds must be prepared. In Congress. and that is why we have been in almost perpetual war ever since. the only difference between the two parties seems to be that the Democrats trick us in. In all of this. Colonel Edward M. He expected me to reply in that language. What she found was so shocking that the lady suffered a nervous breakdown. she found at least one discussion among Endowment leaders who were looking for the best way to destroy American independence and submerge our country in a world government they would run. Hence. all in pursuit of their goal of a totalitarian Socialist world government. Philip Dru. the utterly superficial "difference" between Clinton and Bush.

Some observers ask. the War Party. But the last thing you can call them is stupid. yes. Saddam is accused of being a threat to the United States. The question is: If Clinton did this. and congressional supporters of baby dismemberment. I find it helpful to evaluate developments by asking a question you may find helpful too. The result is that many people back the war policy despite their discomfort with it.have made themselves look even more ludicrous. what would I think? If Clinton had used the Iraqi farce to increase the size. what would I think? It is fair to say that if Clinton had done the same things. Is this an accident? Remember that traitor Franklin Roosevelt said there are no accidents in politics. which Saddam Hussein has not even been accused of. a threat to the United States? Why do we always. in contrast. to nail Communism down on that country. If it happens. only 90 miles away. they are totalitarians. so the natural tendency of someone who is not on the left is to say it is not. their leader. Again. many of the Americans who are presently aboard the Bush juggernaut for war. it looks good because. Could it be that Bush’s fellow Socialists are trying to discredit the idea? Everything must be independently evaluated. So has Castro. what is the effect of it? Doesn’t it make the other side. Well. The people on the left say Bush’s real motive is oil. So has Castro. the easiest place for us to supply? Indeed. but who doesn’t have enough sense to marry the pinhead she cohabits with. rather than in Cuba. there is a natural tendency to want to say the opposite. "Don’t the Democrats want to get elected? What’s wrong with them? Are they stupid?" Yes. the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain. Because the people on the left say something. Communist President of Venezuela. Thank God that General Augusto Pinochet and the other generals intervened in time. is Castro. the natural response is to yearn for the other side. 90 miles away. cost and power of government as much as Bush has. always. by naming totalitarian Socialist Nancy Pelosi. . blind support for a man who has gotten away with things Clinton would have been dragged into the street for. weapons of mass destruction. Castro is also conspiring right now with Hugo Chavez. even much less of them. Castro is actively pursuing his goal to communize all of Latin America. would have fought him and stopped him. their hero exudes a stench that makes sewer slime smell like gardenias. Remember the two best proofs that this war is an utter fraud. He is collaborating for that purpose with the new president of Brazil. In the same category are Hillaroid. who smuggles enormous amounts of illegal drugs into the United States to destroy our people. the hardest place for us to supply. you can bet it was planned that way. who spouts off at length without provocation about how we should live. First. go to war half way around the world. it may not be an accident. Saddam is accused of brutalizing his own people. from Sodom by the sea. what would I think? If Clinton had done as much to cancel the Bill of Rights and totalitarianize our system as Bush has. the Republican Party. yes. where longtime Communist dictator Fidel Castro has done everything Saddam Hussein is accused of and then some. simply because the other side is so repulsive. There we find utterly blind support for the war. nobody with any sense wants to get involved with Susan "The Strumpet" Sarandon. because Castro is an international drug racketeer. There has to be another reason for their stupidity. Because all this is so putrid. what would I think? If Clinton had increased federal spending of your paycheck by the enormous amounts Bush has. there is Cuba. just as he conspired with Salvador Allende to do the same thing to Chile. what would I think? If Clinton did what Bush has done. even farther left. If that is true. look good? Doesn’t it make Bush look good? For instance. Castro is worse than Hussein. Saddam is accused of harboring WMD. the Democrats are political criminals. When they accidentally say something that is true. They have been booby-trapped aboard. said the man who engineered Pearl Harbor. the other side looks so bad.

A Trotskyite is a follower of Leon Trotsky. in the United States. the terms "liberal" and "conservative" have been deliberately fudged to such an extent that they mean little if anything at all. The real war is here. What would you have said had we admitted tens of thousands of Germans and Japanese during that war? Crazy. So who is more dangerous to the United States: Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro? The fact that Bush is making all this noise about the former. The last war we tried to win was World War II. Secretary of State Colin Powell said recently that we need to admit more Muslims to live in this country. acting on policy from Washington. A while back. More Muslims in the middle of a war with a Muslim country? It is only a small exaggeration to say that our borders no longer exist. disappear into the United States and we don’t even know their names. Indeed." They began to call themselves "neo-conservatives. contested with Josef Stalin for control of the Soviet Union. right? Maybe more treason? But that’s exactly what we are doing now. One is just as much a Communist as the other. In the 21st century." or "neo-cons" for short. There is no difference between a Trotskyite and a Stalinist. you have lost your identity. like the gangs in Capone’s Chicago. They . who founded the Soviet Army. a conservative was what a 19th century liberal had been: someone who wanted to restrain the government. Question: What will happen when shooting war breaks out here. you will lose. not Iraq. presumably Muslims. Those names merely represent competing Communist gangs. I have already made the points in these commentaries that if you don’t know you’re in a war. you will lose. with the result that those Middle Eastern males. liberal or conservative. you will lose. If you don’t know what to call yourself. You are wandering ineffectually in an ideological wasteland.Saddam Hussein is doing none of that. ideological contestants were either left or right. is all the proof one needs to conclude that the present war is a farce. A third grim reality is that if you don’t know where the war is. All you had to do was measure a man against a generally accepted standard. issue orders that those illegals be released. The agents say that their superiors in the Border Patrol. but hasn’t said a word about the latter. a liberal was someone who wanted to restrain the government. But there is also the question of immigration. In the 20th century. Again commentators who want to restrain the government are being cast adrift. and lost. with nothing to call themselves. In the 20th century. if you don’t know whom you are fighting. the totalitarians are trying to steal that attractive word. The real war we are fighting is not in Iraq. In the 19th century. Border Patrol agents tell us that they arrest illegals from Middle Eastern countries on our border and take them downtown. Our country is the real target. Today. Remember that the United States installed Castro in power in the first place and then kept him in power by protecting him from free Cubans at the Bay of Pigs and in the Cuban missile crisis. and our military is in Bosnia and the Middle East? CONSPIRACY GOODBYE TO SOLZHENITSYN By: Alan Stang The old labels no longer seem to work. In the past we all remember. It was easy to tell who was who. a gaggle of Trotskyite Communists and other totalitarians began the process of stealing the label "conservative. In 1940. and now it means just the opposite: someone who uses the government to restrain the people. Stalin had him killed. you don’t know what you are. in Mexico. the totalitarians stole that attractive word.

" Your wife ran off to "find herself" because "women are crazy. you are a "right-wing extremist. labeling is calling things what they are. the conspirators can use labels very aren’t a conservative at all." you are "insane. more aware of their tactics. not God. if you have to call someone an anti-Semite. All you could do is throw up your hands and mutter. Are the neo-cons in full retreat? Does anyone recall that the neo-cons are generally the same people who used to warn us about "labeling?" The problem is that labeling is thinking. Everything is too vague to do anything about. So. I’m reminded of the humorous phrase about trying to nail Jell-O to the wall.hate the very word with an overwhelming won’t want to be called the name for it." Your kid believes in government. This is a great place to live. to such an extent that the neo-cons may be backing off. If you dare call it a conspiracy. here in the United States. So. their purpose was to drive the true conservatives out of conservatism as they had driven them out of true liberalism. for instance . just what they were called. You are desperate. Suppose I tell you that you lost your job because of "economic trends. But now suppose instead I tell you that all the things I mentioned. now called "undocumented immigrants.the conspirators . You know where you are going. A "neo-conservative" is an advocate of totalitarian world government." are overwhelming the country because America is "such a great place to live. why is it so important to call it a conspiracy? What do the conspirators know that most Americans don’t? It is impossible to overdo the need to explain the difference. Suppose I name the men who have done this . now the neo-cons are complaining that if you call someone a "neo-con" you are a covert anti-Semite." Illegal aliens. when it suits their purposes." Notice that. and this is exciting because in this day and age. Now you go into action.the conspirators . grab the Tennessee long rifle and ride. You will want to confuse people by making terminology vague." even the most horrifying thing a human being can be. You don’t need a pointy-headed commentator like your obedient servant to tell you what to do. The members of this conspiracy . And the illegal aliens are right." Sodomy is epidemic because we must "be fair." a "sexist. What do you do now? Now you are motivated. . But something they haven’t thought of seems to be happening. because there’s "something in the air. and many more like them. their purpose was to make liberty lovers homeless and ineffectual again.if you aren’t a "neo-conservative" .if you are a traitor. an "anti-Semite. you are out of ideas. what could you do about economic trends? What could you do if women are crazy. in this case a conspiracy for world government. that their purpose is to destroy you. Is your Intrepid Correspondent wrong in thinking that the neo-cons are starting to reject the very label they invented and boasted about. A label is the name of a thing. Suppose I explain their various techniques and show you. for instance. that a few men concocted the plan. are the effects of a plan.and tell you where to find them. the sodomite plan. Typically. Suppose I prove that these men deliberately drove your wife from the house in order to destroy the family and bring you to your knees." you are a "racist.didn’t change what they were. You saddle up. they began to say that if you don’t believe what they believe . starting to deny that they are neo-cons? Indeed. if there is something in the air? What could you do about historic cycles? Not much. as in Mother Russia. You certainly wouldn’t want to be unfair. If what you are is no good . right? Not anything. you’re disloyal. Commentators on the Internet are nailing them for what they are." What would you do? Well." We are always at war because of "historic cycles. The cause of this deliberate confusion is a conspiracy. Today’s liberty lovers appear to be more sophisticated. They still wanted the government to run everything. They inflict their worst opprobrium on whoever dares use it.

One of the arguments the conspirators have used to deny their existence ." That is the explanation they offer for every one of the sample disasters I mentioned above. rather.. what they want and where they are going. one of the most important aspects of the conspiracy is its tactics.exposing the Soviet gulag . Then he made the famous speech at Harvard. A good example of the process is Alexander Solzhenitsyn.or they create and operate their own opposition.exactly as the neo-cons have done . there’s a cause. All of them.accidentally coincided with the Conspiracy’s purpose at the time. perverting it and subtly taking control . If he steps out of line he is canned. The conspirators are eminently practical. for no reason. how they work. "Duh. they know they can’t wish it away. considerable research is required to learn who they to say that conspiratologists hopelessly oversimplify. just the opposite is true. in which he exposed the spiritual paucity of the West and explained what is wrong here . The Prostitute National Press used to mention him every day. for instance. or. Limbaugh and O’Reilly. which they have done in the case of media celebrities like William F. there is. He wasn’t a conspirator. Certainly. Savage. Buckley. They say we completely ignore the infinite complexity of human motivation. Related Article: SOLZHENITSYN AND SOME THOUGHTS ON TRUTH By: Al Cronkrite . On the contrary." and scratch your head. and so many more like them. Alexander who? The most important thing we need to know about today’s events can be put into one short sentence: Our country and our civilization are being destroyed by a world government conspiracy. They accuse us of attributing everything to one cause: some nameless conspiracy. involving almost infinite permutations. once you understand that a conspiracy is at work. waiting to be discovered. there is nothing you can do. If you lose your money. As long as he stays with the program. So they always try to control both sides of an issue. "just happen. You may not immediately know the cause. he advances. Look at people like Hannity. In the impossible "just happens" world they try to impose. It "just happens. where they are. for instance. the complexity starts. Remember him? Few Americans probably do. They do that either by infiltrating the opposition. They know they will face opposition. Why do they do it? What is their reward? We are talking here about what can be a lifelong study. No. It’s as simple as knowing that for every effect.? Of course not! Such an analysis would be the typical caricature the conspirators claim we conspiratologists believe. but you know one is out there. The prima facie reason it doesn’t work that way is the fact that men as supremely brilliant as the conspirators for world government would never take into their confidence a boob as overwhelmingly stupid as Sean Hannity. Not at all! But what he was saying at the moment .and this world famous novelist disappeared from our media instantly and completely. Inc. Jr. Because the conspirators are master dissemblers. If you know who stole it.It’s as simple a matter as adding two and two. for instance. attend Conspiracy meetings and get paychecks from The Conspiracy. what they do instead is simply promote a man who says without prompting what they want him to say. everything decisive happens for just one reason. proving our point. Typically." The only things you can do about them are say. They don’t even need to tell such a flunky he is working for them. Am I saying that these people have Conspiracy membership cards in their wallets.just as the neo-cons are denying their existence now .

outcast by their own families. It is testament to the depravity of our fallen nature to witness our reaction to the confrontation of cherished iniquity. At Harvard in 1978 Solzhenitsyn gave a Lecture entitled "A World Split Apart". But may it be that repeated lessons will finally teach us not to stop the writer's pen during his lifetime? At no time has this ennobled our history. and uncover murderous rage. John the Baptist lost his head for confronting an evil king.In January of 2003 Alexander Solzhenitsyn was hospitalized in Moscow suffering from a stroke. It is a fashion. Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned for criticizing Stalin's malevolent reign over Russia and derided for telling truth to America.God of the Universe! I believe again! Though I renounced You. the sum effect being not competition but unification. "one gradually discovers a common trend of preferences within the western press as a whole. "No one can bar the road to truth. Truth is a weapon of righteousness and an adversary of evil. and often looked upon as pixilated or worse. Truth can disrupt the flow of revenue to the press and afflict it with dangerous enemies. Truth is both scarce and very powerful. perpetrate flight. he was not popular in this Country and neither his illness nor his endeavors in Russia have been widely publicized. (I use that term in a truth telling sense. ignored in the churches. gossiped about in back yards and pool halls. Millions have been murdered by despots who were eager to stamp out opposition. and often in the public square. "Bless you prison for having been in my life. The Truth. Truth agreed with is a blessed duet. He is a present-day prophet. Tyrants cannot allow truth to become rampant. The New York Times includes all the news that is fit to print. . Mature Christians are truth seekers and truth expounders.) Prophets can always be properly discerned in each and every generation by the general dislike they are able to garner. with no reference to prognostication. never invited to social gatherings. Though gifted with the ability to discern truth and the temerity to voice it. In modern Western society the press (including the media) is corporate controlled and like any other business concerned about the bottom line. Truth confronting beloved vice will sever relationships. He said.. but much of the most important truth is incendiary in nature and not fit to print." Crusading newspaper reporters and fearless editors are a thing of the past. In regard to his lengthy imprisonment he said. Truth is mutually exclusive. He was reported to be recovering. Though he lived in America as an ex-patriot for a number of years. Truth cannot be sustained when the acquisition of tithing parishioners is the prime objective nor can it survive when profit is a prime motive. they are considered too confrontational for polite society and too controversial to be called a friend. Truth-telling is within the purview of the Fourth Estate. The agendas that accompany maintaining the establishment mute the statement of truth. The heart of man is unbelievably evil. often eloquently. and The Life. They are shunned in conventional intellectual circles. Institutionalizing the press and the churches robs society of truth. Solzhenitsyn is a Christian. there are generally accepted patterns of judgment and there may be common corporate interests." Truth is always fraught with impediments. and to advance its cause I am prepared to accept even death.. You were with me!" Jesus asserted the He is the Way. Acknowledging rigorous control of the Russian press Solzhenitsyn says of the American Fourth Estate.

frankly I would have to answer negatively. In 1948 at Harvard Solzhenitsyn said. Their query to Solzhenitsyn might be. I could not recommend your society in its present state as an ideal for the transformation of ours." Now you have the ultimate insult." Telling a nation that it is dying and a people that they are ultimately responsible for their own demise is not a pleasant task. not dependent on revenue from advertising. though theologically poor. the source of all Truth. Ahab. "The letter of the law is too cold and formal to have a beneficial influence on society. There were serious flaws in the social structure of the nation that had given him refuge. alone. men who are grounded in . It is always fighting the battle for righteousness against a vastly superior army. Our Blackstone legal structure was rooted in Biblical Law and. sat under the Juniper tree and asked God to end his life. No. Elected officials that are willing to follow the lonely road of truth-telling in the midst of overwhelming mendacity and to forsake the pragmatism that infects every level of government. the Savior was not mentioned in our Constitution. but only if the American people regained a hunger for reality rather than the fantasy in which they now choose to live. It will only be broken by the pitiless crowbar of events. Human voices from 17 countries of Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia cannot pierce it. He stood alone at the dais at Harvard University and condemned the order the University fosters. It works as a sort of petrified armor around peoples minds. Although America was not specifically a Christian nation and. Prior to His death He prayed alone. Whenever the tissue of life is woven of legalistic relations." He is referring to the dalliance American Liberals have had with Communist nations and the lack of true concern for the people who live under these oppressive regimes. well-swung ax striking the pride of individuals and nations. Jesus was perfect Truth. Today. inquired of Elijah. The quote could have been a rebuke to our recent invasion of Iraq. Truth is a sharp. Remember. a self-deluding interpretation of the contemporary world situation. Adherence to the law came from the inside out and the tyranny of exterior law enforcement was scant. tightly restrained government evident. we have fallen considerably since then. the King. Who is. Pointing to the evil intent of cherished institutions does not make for peaceful coexistence. Solzhenitsyn went to prison alone. the population was predominantly Christian. for instance. "Art thou he that troubleth Israel?" Elijah. Art thou he that troubleth America? An independent press supported by the sale of the printed page. there is an atmosphere of moral mediocrity. and lead by common sense wisdom might become a source of truth. whose leaders are focused on preaching the righteousness of God's Kingdom without regard for the results of their admonitions might again become founts of Truth and righteousness. policemen that were formerly known as keepers of the peace have become ninja enforcers of the law. paralyzing man's noblest impulses. Solzhenitsyn said this in 1978. Solzhenitsyn said to his Harvard audience. the nation whose leaders held it up as an example to the world. Solzhenitsyn said of this phenomenon. Himself.Truth is nurtured in the independent loneliness of wisdom. The pride puffed leaders of Harvard and the press only resented the source. Dispensing truth is a lonely business. The rewards for so doing are confined to God. Churches that have broken from their institutional framework. to our detriment. Truth is always paddling upstream. "but should someone ask me whether I would indicate the West such as it is today as a model to my country. Was this pronouncement of truth heard and was the needed repentance forthcoming? -Of course not. "There is. It also describes the condition of the majority of the American people. the Christian tenet of individual responsibility was strong and the intent to maintain a small.

on paper . crime and horror. short of shaving Sandra's head like the French women who collaborated with the Nazis. Men of that caliber might begin to bring change to the depravity that infects our nation." We can only hope that the lies. have not so confused our leaders that this prophecy will become reality. misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people. motion pictures full of pornography. "First of all." --.the immutable Laws of the God of All Creation." Speaking of our alliance with China.S. "Impeach Earl Warren. people of normal sexuality along with classical liberals who advocate equal treatment for all are desperately seeking a way to punish them short of dragging them into the street and impaling them on a phallus. Many years ago. which was based not on law. with enough intent it could be accomplished in a single day. impeachment is possible . But of course she was a state judge. and was a leader in the continuing scheme to subvert and pervert the Constitution. such as. Board of Education. Life organized legalistically has thus shown its inability to defend itself against the corrosion of evil. Convicting an Injustice of the U. especially Sandra the Sodomizer and the other Unequalizers on the Court. By the time it was accomplished we would all be dead. which pervade our centers of power.Eric Hoffer JUSTIFYING BUGGERY THE SUPREME COURT By: Alan Stang Now that Sandra Day O'Connor and other sodomizers (people who may or may not bugger each other but applaud the perversion) on the Supreme Court have openly revealed their activist collusion with the present communofascist Revolution. Supreme Court would take an eon. also. popularized the slogan. America itself would fall prey to a genocide similar to the one perpetrated in Cambodia in our days. Indeed. but.and it has been tried. It is considered to be part of freedom and theoretically counter-balanced by the young people's right not to look or not to accept. alarmed by the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling in Brown v. Later. Solzhenitsyn says of America. Yes. which would make the issue moot. The campaign to impeach him continued for many years and did draw considerable media coverage. Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence. the people of California did succeed in removing Chief Justice Rose Bird. it eventually petered out. Warren never got the punishment he deserved in this life." Warren was of course Chief Justice at the time. Some patriots have suggested impeachment. it is again a doomed alliance with evil. but when at a later date China with its billion people would turn around armed with American weapons. even could it be done. Congress . "Destructive and irresponsible freedom has been granted boundless space. but on the pseudo-findings of a Swedish Red named Gunnar Myrdal. "Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true. of course. for example. a solution the Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution. but they can also lie and make their lies come true. he adds. There is a way to get immediate action. it would grant the United States a respite. who refused to sustain a death penalty however gruesome the crime.

in just one day." . among other things. and those in which a State shall be Party. Section 2. but they are already saying it: "Whatever your complaints about George W. "Supreme Court justices are getting ready to retire. with such Exceptions. so I shall. Exactly what part of a-l-l don't you understand? This means that a Congress so inclined can limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. which is an expression of our power to keep the President under control. the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction.has concluded other matters of similar moment. an expression of our power to keep the court under control. we'll get more bad judges like O’Connor and Kennedy. and other champions of buggery that henceforth they would sit around staring at each other. If he doesn't have jurisdiction he will say so and throw the case out. If you don't vote for Bush. If you contest a will by filing a complaint in Tax Court. Congress can make exceptions and impose regulations. forbidding it to consider cases that involve education and sex and abortion. as we have seen." (emphasis added) This clause is about jurisdiction. Like impeachment. a good comparison because we are at war today. Conviction of impeachment would of course remove an Injustice from the court. And Congress could send that message in just one day. as this commentary goes to press. and. The clause we are looking at now gives Congress power to override a Supreme Court ruling. In all other cases. If you have read any transcript of a court proceeding. this solution is part of the constitution. Here it is: Article III. In all the other Cases before mentioned. Some who incline to liberalism and the Democrats may be waiting to see who wins in November next year. you know that the first thing the judge says on page one is that he has jurisdiction to hear the case because a certain section of a certain statute gives it to him. No constitutional amendment would be required. It would tell Sandra the Sodomizer and Tony K. In other words. the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. other public Ministers and Consuls. and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make. 1941. Restriction of jurisdiction would be less drastic and therefore more practically doable . none has that I know of. he will nominate good people to replace them. both as to Law and Fact. that is what the court will tell you. you must vote for him because he will nominate good people to the courts. If you sue someone for a million dollars in Small Claims Court. Remember that if Congress is mad enough about something. above. They would certainly get the message. Congress can tell the court to mind its own business. It would be tantamount to a declaration of war on the perversion of the court. Often a court will tell a plaintiff that he may even have a good case but that he has come to the wrong court. Bush.. Jurisdiction is a crucial issue in law. right? Congress would do that on its own right after Franklin Graham converts to Islam-or when enough normal people convince enough members that they will be thrown into the toilet where they belong if they don’t do as we the (normal) people tell them. it can override a presidential veto. I have been waiting for one of my brilliant Americanist colleagues to suggest it. because that court lacks the jurisdiction to hear such a case. Clause 2 of the Constitution says this: "In all Cases affecting Ambassadors. The national election is still almost a year and a half away. you will be thrown out. like our declaration of war on December 7. the Constitution says that when a case involves a diplomat or one of the American States. This is also the right place to mention one of the favorite tactics Republican Party shills use to frighten already worried Americans into electing Republicans. Would Congress do that on its own? You’re kidding. In Clause 2. it goes automatically to the Supreme Court.but it would have the same effect. If it is Bush. the courts are where the action is. Since the court's ruling in favor of buggery despite the noble efforts of Justice Scalia. and if a Democrat is elected.

How much time should we waste dreaming about the judges he would appoint? . concocted an utterly contradictory legal principle to preserve national abortion just a few years ago. they call it something else. They did it that way to ensure that any change in the founding document would be the product of sober deliberation. not whim or anger or some base motive." Yes. So did Stevens. With a Republican President. Both Clinton judges voted of course for sodomy and against those wishes. Now it’s "intergenerational sex. and the "living constitutionists" who occupy the chairs there will concoct a reason to support it. and Souter. nominated to the court by George "New Vorld Order" Bush the First.Really? Who nominated Sandra and Tony? Who nominated most of today's Injustices? In fact. Traitor. When a "strict constructionist" writes a ruling." Soon. She also was active in the Arizona Council on Intergovernmental Relations. which in effect means no rulebook at all. and points out that the same judges who now concoct a spurious legal principle to give us national sodomy. another putative Republican put there by Gerald Ford. The process requires a long time and considerable effort. Justice Scalia dissects the Kennedy contradictions. By "living constitution. He let Senator Rick Santorum twist in the wind. Sandra is a politician. The system has worked tolerably well. Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy. This completely negates the argument that we must elect Republicans to get conservative judges. He hasn’t condemned Lawrence. Indeed. The ruling in Lawrence substitutes the federal government’s perverted opinion for the wishes of the people of Texas. the sodomizer who wrote in support of Tony the K. a Rockefeller extrusion designed to destroy local government. very soon. then they ignore it." is that they pay "lip service" to the Constitution. they are the exceptions that prove the rule. Bush. who made Earl Warren Chief Justice? Wasn't it Republicans? Don't putative Republicans dominate today's Supreme Court? Republican Presidents nominated seven of today’s nine judges. In his brilliant dissent in Lawrence. In Phoenix she was Senate Majority Leader. Of course. but. nominate? He has nominated Miguel Estrada. George W. one of these monsters will argue for such sex before the Supreme Court. we are just as likely to get an O’Connor or a Kennedy as we are to get a Scalia or a Thomas. a bachelor. He said nothing when the chairman of the Republican National Committee met in secret with the sodomites." the subverters mean a rulebook they can change easily whenever they like. he cites the Article and Clause of the Constitution that supports it. and that the change was something the country really wanted. as the old cliché puts it. he concocts contradictory political and sociological explanations to support it. whose appeal apparently is that he is a Latino." The Founding Fathers made the Constitution very difficult to amend. When a "living constitutionist" writes a ruling. The practical effect of the "living constitution. He certainly isn't what we could lamely call a "conservative. Bush. which in practical effect means that the Constitution itself has been repealed and replaced by the politics of the day. has done more to advance the cause of buggery than the rapist he succeeded. what kind of Republicans would George W. the sodomizer who wrote the ruling in Lawrence. He even contradicts himself. Finally. Reagan also nominated Sandra Day O’Connor. Among the things sodomite monsters are pushing for today is raping little boys. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are happy exceptions. let's say a word about the "living constitution. Traitor.

not happening by accident. They had to wait and count the votes. we were just too stupid to stay abreast. but is the logical implementation of a plan. and its goal is evil. the Bible. How can we be sure of that? We can be sure of it because no one who is not immersed in this satanic cult could seriously believe that a sodomite activist could be a priest much less a bishop. who is an Episcopalian priest. even regal ceremony. and the recently elected sodomite is certainly an activist. The vote that made the sodomite a "bishop" was the closest in the history of the church.SODOMITE STEAMROLLER BUGGERS AGAIN THE CONSPIRACY UNFOLDS By: Alan Stang As this commentary goes to press. Organized sodomy does not hate Islam. they ignored our procedural gaffes and pretended that we were as smart as they were. organized sodomy is in bed with the Communist-founded American Civil Liberties Union and its campaign to eliminate Christianity from public and then private life. some. standing or sitting. in which the normal believers will go their way and the Satanist sodomites will go theirs. in "liberated" Afghanistan. Episcopalians must be very nimble of mind and physically robust. we attended the Episcopal Church and were wonderfully impressed with the majestic.but we did tell the priest there was no chance we could convert. For the better part of a couple of years. devoted entirely to praise for Jesus Christ . and while we were physically able to stay the course. In the Primitive Baptist Church. says there will probably be a split. To avoid having to say all this every time we refer to the cause. kneeling. Once we sit down we stay there. of the ayes are secret sodomites themselves. it no doubt has been in the works for many years. Why . However. and we use just one Book. Notice the curious fact that organized sodomy certainly is one of the fountainheads of hatred for Christianity in this country. consider that while the present horror in the Episcopalian Church superficially resembles an eruption. a service is basically an intense Bible study. maybe because sodomy is endemic in the Muslim world. Without doubt. he now is talking about expanding the sodomite influence in the the present horror has caused personal distress . because during a service they constantly refer to a library of volumes and are up and down. Instead. maybe many. Regular readers will recall that we presently are considering what can realistically be done to save our country from the international totalitarian dictatorship the Bush Administration is working so frenetically to impose. so we were often sitting down when they were standing up and vice versa." because the dictionary says that one word includes the three elements of the scheme: it includes two or more people. He anticipates many battles over the ownership of church houses and other properties. its purposes are secret. A dear friend of ours. redolent with tradition. concocted by individuals who have names and addresses and are doing it deliberately because that is what they want. or we were opening the wrong book. so they waited until they knew they had infiltrated enough. No doubt that took some time. we lived in a town that lacked a Primitive (Old) Baptist Church. Always. A crucial element that will shape everything we do is the recognition that the approaching disaster is not happening by itself. and priests conflicted about their pensions and beliefs. Revolution is by no means too strong a word. the warlords have revived the rampant practice of kidnapping and keeping little boys. the Episcopalian Church in the United States is in turmoil. Along these lines. everywhere. we call it a "conspiracy. at random. a bewildering variety of postures to a novice. because Episcopalians are so humane and hospitable. The subverters who did it had to worm their way patiently into positions that gave them the power to impose their will.

why is it called sodomy? The only answer I can think of is that we know it’s so wrong because it says so in Scripture. whatever turns you on. and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee. their blood shall be upon them. and creeping things" (Romans 1:23). nor effeminate. what does Christianity say about organized sodomy? Of course. they got what they deserved. and sin no more. and because they "worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator. Lot closes the front door behind him to protect the angels and tries to appease the Sodomites by giving them his daughters. . A gang of Sodomites arrives.Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators." in which they worshipped "birds. says Paul. Why did the Nazis hate Christianity so much? Ask yourself another question: How do we know homosexuality is so wrong? Well. What does He do instead to Sodom. Lot. First let’s go to Genesis 19. Leviticus 20:13 . Lot tells his sons-in-law to pack up and they mock him. she has done wrong. Notice that his daughters are married . most of you know the answer.Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination. He destroyed them all so thoroughly that today’s archeologists. nor abusers of themselves with mankind . leaving the natural use of the woman. but the Lord didn’t bother just telling them stop it." (John 8:11) Jesus is not Austin Powers. than with them. He doesn’t say. He tells her to stop it . Well. They ridicule Lot: "This one fellow came in to sojourn. demanding to sodomize them. and fourfooted beasts. nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. Deuteronomy 23:17 . How bad would something have to be.If a man also lie with mankind. how important would something have to be. . but let’s take a tour of Scripture for the record.There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel. In other words. shall inherit the kingdom of God. What does the Lord do about this? He says He will destroy the city and warns Lot to flee. Leviticus 18:22 . "Neither do I condemn thee: go. I am going to use the King James Version for the purpose. Could that have been some unnamed disease? Why did God do that? Because instead of worshipping Him.does organized sodomy hate Christianity so much? Regular readers will remember that Hitlerism was a version of homosexuality. still have not found a trace of them." (1:25) I Corinthians 6:9-10 . burned in their lust one toward another. nor idolaters. they launched an "ecology movement. so much so that the angels need to pull him back inside and shut the door. even unto all the people and cities of the plain? Today’s sodomites say what they do is not a sin. We’ll use the KJV for our tour because that is the version we use in the Primitive (Old) Baptist Church and your obedient servant is conducting the tour. Romans 1:26-27 . "Hey. men with men working that which is unseemly. and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. I can’t think of another reason. both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death." He tells the woman she has sinned. who constantly unearth proof of Biblical history. before you would offer a man your virgin daughters? But the Sodomites turn him down." (19:9) They attack Lot physically. takes a couple of angels into his home. baby. Compare two things: what God did to Sodom and what He said to the woman caught in adultery. sojourning in Sodom.For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men. as he lieth with a woman.but they are virgins! They are virgins because their husbands are Sodomites too and haven’t touched them.but He spares her. I know many of you use other versions and that’s fine. . nor adulterers.

The book covers are there. but. as hopeless. They agree that the rest of us are as bad. So now go ahead and wipe that condescending smile off your face. which was totally over my head and had to be completed by one of those men smarter than I am . my new web site is ready and on line. Be with me here next week for more. Yee Haa! This is the young man we keep in the basement. if only they knew what to do. I saw the icon when I booted up. but they maintain that there is nothing wrong with what they do. The piece I did recently about the desperate need to speak out has elicited a couple of letters asking what the correspondents should say. What is happening in the Episcopal Church is part of the satanic conspiracy to enslave America by destroying Christianity. I forgot I already had it and made plans to buy it. all this is certainly one of the main reasons for the pathological hatred of Christianity in our country today. This tells me that many Americans out there are ready for action to save our civilization. God says that as bad as adultery is. But we now have an utterly perverted (not a pun) situation.In short. I propose that we explore the possibilities together. to whom and how. He certainly cannot be a bishop. a man whose "thing" is bestiality can be a bishop. Please pay us a visit and let us know what you think. and I haven’t even cited all the scriptural examples. Related Articles: DEGENERATE AMERICA THE SODOMITE PLAN (I) By: Alan Stang First. from beginning to end. except for the on-line shopping cart. baby!" Again. from first to last. with the understanding that I don’t know myself for sure where our exploration will take us. baby. I didn’t know what Front Page was. We’re sorry if our little tour didn’t turn you The URL is www. Not at all original but easy to remember. If a sodomite can be a bishop. when I started. a wife beater can be a bishop. I remembered I had it in time. a professional designer could have done the same thing in a couple of days. From now on. You are reading a commentary by a man who has actually designed a web site. but the sodomites spit in God’s face and say it isn’t sin. the reviews. After months of work. The new site includes two of my non-fiction books and five of my novels.the son who is a graduate computer engineer and presently is numero uno (number one) in his class at law school. much of which originates with organized sodomy. Go ahead and laugh. Let me know in a couple of years if there is someone whose throat you would like to tear out. sodomy is far worse. the good news. Happily. When someone smarter than I am told me about it. as we know we are. This is also why a confirmed sodomite cannot be any kind of Christian leader. in which the sodomites are trying to turn Scripture upside down. to whom we throw the raw meat. along with some exposition by your obedient servant that explains the site’s rationale. "Whatever turns you on. . we quit fooling around. Which is exactly the point. and wondered about it once in a while. For all I know. but I didn’t even know that Front Page is the program I needed to make the site. the Bible denounces sodomy in the strongest possible way. always trying to be utterly realistic. as sinful.stangbooks. a pederast can be a bishop. but I did it myself because I couldn’t beat my own price. some autobiographical excerpts of my improbable career. and the first chapter of each book.

A conspiracy doesn’t need to incorporate in your state. Turning America into a totalitarian dictatorship is an evil end. It is "politically correct" to talk about the effects of the conspiracy . why use it? Why not get the message across a different way? Why antagonize the people you want to convince? Good questions. as Larry King. by using that issue as a prism with which to focus light. you always have a cause. Again. In . you will succeed. Individuals with motives concoct rapid cultural changes. But it is no surprise. had on a 50. remember that things happen for a reason.doesn’t just happen by itself. homosexuality. One of my guests was Paul Cameron. What is homosexuality? When I ran my own radio talk show in Los Angeles. acting together in secret toward an evil end. But those numbers meant nothing because I refuse to be a Republican front man.even to argue about them .m. including myself.. but there is always a reason. According to Arbitron. Dr.D. and had conducted exhaustive studies of homosexuality. How long would Limbaugh or anyone else be there were he to talk about the conspiracy for world government? Whom have you heard lately on talk radio talking about world government traitor George W. According to the dictionary. derided and punished. and men are meeting in secret to do that. we read about such conspiracies all the time. of course. if it doesn’t you won’t. Proposed legislation hundreds of pages long . they laugh and say with all the credibility of Clinton that there is "no such thing. On the contrary. there would be a conspiracy. buggery. it doesn’t need to issue membership cards. Cameron that most normal people. Were a couple of people to meet secretly and concoct a plan to rob a bank. That issue is sodomy.As we embark. It is amusing today to hear Limbaugh perform prizewinning contortionist feats to avoid mentioning the fact that someone up there is deliberately enslaving us. Indeed. the industry should have been beating down my door. Things don’t "just happen. who ran the Family Research Council at the time. people in the industry told me." If Arbitron gives you the numbers. According to the experts. so sensitive. "Arbitron is the bible. Government policies don’t just fall from the sky. Years ago. by "conspiracy" all I mean is that the process isn’t happening by accident. We don’t always know what that reason is. with whom I went head to head at 10 p. I saw my engineer through the glass in the control room retching. probably didn’t know much about the subject and made the mistake of asking him what homosexuals did.too long for the legislators who vote on it to read . so you know that whenever the leaders of Cosa Nostra (Our Thing) are confronted. That turned out to be a lie. I told Dr. The supremely important point of all this is that a conspiracy is turning our sublime country into a totalitarian dictatorship.000watt station. Conspirators are doing this to us deliberately because dictatorship is what they want. trying to work the pots. a dear friend of mine in broadcasting spent many hours explaining the conspiracy in detail to Rush Limbaugh. call it what you will. I propose to answer them by looking at a timely issue. Bush? I have often heard people say: If the word "conspiracy" is so loaded. Ph. Paul answered the question." Conspiracy is the issue that separates the women from the girls. a conspiracy comprises three elements: two or more people. Somebody reads it and writes it for a purpose. who then was using a different on-the-air name. what is happening is the implementation of a masterful plan concocted by geniuses whose goal is world government. His answer was revolting. I had almost twice as many listeners on a 1." Where you have an effect.000-watt clear channel monster.. It is no great leap in logic to say that they don’t want to be exposed and will do anything to prevent exposure. You have been to the movies. Anyone who does will be kicked off the talk radio and out of the newspapers.but not about the conspiracy itself. trying to keep his seat while suffering a case of the dry heaves.

It is criminal insanity of course. we’ll see that the sodomite explosion is a weapon in the hands of a conspiracy. but they don’t understand it." Celebrity sodomites who for years enjoyed the privacy they say they want. a prescription for horrifically fatal disease. but that someone deliberately put it there for a malevolent purpose . and they did.someone whose name and address we know. against buggery.homosexuality means a man plunging his penis to the hilt into a container of human excrement. their purpose is to change what normal people think." They use the word "privacy" only to sow confusion. state laws." And that is exactly what today’s homosexuals do. besides the sewer? What is happening? Everywhere the subject comes up I run into normal people scratching their heads. today this criminal insanity rules the country. Don’t today’s homosexuals want the opposite of privacy? Privacy means to do what you do in private. criminal in the sense that buggery is a slap in the face of God Himself. they had the freedom to bugger each other to death. isn’t the result of systemic imbalance in the seething cauldron of raging teenage hormones. the rapist. Normal people left them strictly alone. Remember. which associates the words "privacy" and "sex. alone. That is why buggery has (almost) always been conducted in the "closet." and those who disagree. They don’t like what they see. The opposite of privacy is to force what you do on someone else. What they see makes them sick. would you now believe you could do something about it? In our next session. but believe they can do nothing about it. In fact. Texas. Didn’t they have privacy. a minor debate has arisen between those who claim the Constitution includes a "right to privacy. Their purpose is not to do something in private. The sodomites say they want privacy. Who benevolently designed the wholesome place man should put it and gave custody of that fruitful place to woman. In the underworld where they belonged. The point we started out to make. the point we’re still making. Suppose we were able to prove that the particularly revolting zit on your face didn’t get there by accident. Bush has done even more to advance the sodomite agenda than what’s his name." The administration of communist traitor George W. There are other examples. that debate is utterly effect . remember.until the sodomites themselves decided they wanted to overturn those laws in court. where the kiddos are taught that "homophobe heterosexuals" are "sick. routinely shed that privacy and "come out. as crazy as it is. Since the sodomizers on the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sodomy in Lawrence v. but to force normal people to participate. Many of them feel helpless. The sodomizers use the word "privacy" only because they know it appeals to the normal mind. designed to engineer total revolution in our country. They have the same attitude one has when a particularly revolting zit erupts on a pretty face. they had their own bedrooms. there were laws. to "get in someone else’s face. But. we’re just using sodomy as an example. How many normal people have you met who spend time in "gay bars?" Yes. . is that a conspiracy is deliberately causing the destruction of our civilization and the consequent descent of our nation into totalitarian dictatorship." in secret. A new television series announces that the mission of its sodomite "heroes" is to "remake the world one straight guy at a time.effect . We picked sodomy for this discussion because it’s timely. along with other hateful conspiracies and crimes. How did this happen? How could a thing this crazy get so much power and influence? Where did it come from." or are "outed" by their fellow sodomites. but the cops did not enforce them as they do the drug laws . when they were in the closet? They had their own bars. Now what would you think? Would there be any difference in your feeling? Would you still feel helpless in the grip of impersonal forces? Or. Sodomy is forced on children in government school.

by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. . Desensitization is one of the techniques." (P. . The difference was that as "ex"-Communists.DEGENERATE AMERICA THE SODOMITE PLAN (II) By: Alan Stang Last week. both these authors are homosexuals." (P. disgusting extrusion of buggery is the work of a minutely orchestrated plan. Ph. The group experience of the ex-C. Harry followed the Masonic model so carefully that he designed a series of lapel pins .D. Why are the American people presently being deluged with sodomite propaganda? The authors explain that "to desensitize straights to gays and gayness. to report this. the founders of the "modern gay movement" were Communists. Timmons speaks of "the Marxist background of the five Mattachine founders." Also. the Prostitute National Press." How differently would they feel were they to know that the present. After The Ball is sodomy’s version of the Communist Manifesto combined with the teachings of Lenin. they may at least eventually get used to being wet. Alyson Publications. . infiltrated the Grand Orient Masonic Lodges and inspired the Communist French Revolution of 1789. We saw that it is decisively important to recognize why the things that are destroying America happen. "Jamming" is another: "The trick is to get the bigot into the position of feeling a conflicting twinge of shame. . . the Freemasons of the eighteenth century . . Cit. we began to look at the supreme question of what we must do to save America. 152) He is talking of course about the Illuminati who had fled Bavaria ahead of the police. members provided a vital blueprint for the shape that Mattachine was to take. We chose an issue to demonstrate how differently victims respond when they learn someone has been victimizing them deliberately. to recognize that the reason they happen is not impersonal forces we can do nothing about. Harry himself was a longtime member of the Communist Party. How conspiratorial could this be if it was published in a book? Well. 150) Indeed: ". it was the job of the media. they would not embarrass the Party for what they had been assigned to do. they were just as Communist as they had been. 1989). It is no doubt fair to say that most normal victims today think it is "just happening. They weren’t "ex"-Communists because they had broken with the Party. . . Needless to say. As "ex"-Communists. Let’s look at a couple of books. . . but remember that the word "conspiracy" is simply a shorthand way of saying that such things don’t happen by accident but only because someone concocts and commits them deliberately. inundate them in a continuous flood of gay-related advertising presented in the least offensive fashion possible. . .) So. and the timely issue we chose for the purpose is the present. They don’t "just happen" for "no reason. . . but because men with names and addresses conspire to commit them." (P.P. Had you ever heard of it before you read it here? How many normal people of your acquaintance would browse through a book about the "modern gay movement?" The other book is After The Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ‘90s (New York. along with his reward." (Loc. "Harry had found his model. That is what our little experiment is designed to demonstrate. 1990) by Stuart Timmons. 149) So the present inundation is part of the Plan. nationwide explosion of sodomy. let’s look at The Trouble with Harry Hay: Founder of the Modern Gay Movement (Boston. Stuart Timmons also says this: ". . He was the preeminent founder of the Mattachine Society. went to Paris. ." We called these men who conspire to destroy America conspirators who are conducting a conspiracy. . If straights can’t shut off the shower. First. Doubleday.

Another name for doing those things is Fascism or Communism." that it’s a bizarre fad. desensitization and jamming are carefully designed to lead to phase three. They are viciously excoriated by the sissies who put their pants on backwards at the New York Times. whether you like it or not. when they become sufficiently perverted. shunned. Yet. which then will collapse "like overripe fruit into our hands. Remember John Rocker? He was not the first man to be rockered. no surprise in the context of Gramscian strategy. the Communists need to reverse the traditional strategy." (Pp. Gramsci taught that it would be impossible for the Communists to conquer America in a frontal attack. "Please don’t confuse Conversion with political Subversion. It can depict gays experiencing horrific suffering as the direct result of homohatred ." They tell us that the goal "has been to forge a little entente or conspiracy with the power elite. ." as Lenin is supposed to have said. and that is what the Marxists are doing to us now.’ ‘kike. It is psychological.’ and other shameful epithets . Notice that the purpose of the propaganda is to change your thinking. They speak of ignoring public sentiment altogether and of sidestepping the democratic process. We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions. . conversion. by seizing the government in a military strike." (P. keeping you in ignorance of the process. That name is brainwashing. The attack is planned. to jump ahead of public sentiment or ignore it altogether. that it would utterly destroy what we mean by the American Way of Life. and will.using the very processes that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard . the Communists would utterly pervert our institutions. so that his reward will be diluted or spoiled.whenever his homohatred surfaces.whether they like it or not. We mean ‘subverting’ the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends . they will be too rotten to support the government. In America. as you can see. Thus. mind. ironically. Indeed.people who say not only ‘faggot’ but ‘nigger. without which no truly sweeping social change can occur. Now remember Antonio Gramsci. 171) Notice that the word "conspiracy" is theirs. I know I keep repeating myself. that it mysteriously erupted all by itself in the zeitgeist. he taught. Notice what happens these days to people who speak up. hated. propagandistic advertisement can depict homophobic and homohating bigots as crude loudmouths and assholes . some form of dictatorship. in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. it is meticulously planned." (P. brilliantly planned. but because sodomites behind the scenes planned it that way. Certainly no one could object if we too call it that. . They call it that themselves. . emphasis added) Please reread that paragraph a couple of times. Isn’t that what is happening? Are we not collapsing into the hands of overripe fruit? Indeed." They speak of using "executive orders (which sidestep the democratic process) . Ed is the journalist who coined the word. learn to live with it because I will not let you up until you read Ed Hunter’s classic works on the subject: Brainwashing and Brainwashing in Red China. Yes. You will not understand the full horror of what is happening in America until you read them. . The last thing you could say about it is that it "just happened. 153-54. . through a planned psychological attack. . as they did in Russia. etc. the authors of After The Ball speak of "conspiring with liberal elites within the legal and legislative systems. . but I have named the technique after him. Notice that the change would make a revolution. 151) So you are not getting "wet" by accident. . You are under attack. . founder of the Italian Communist Party. There is a name for what we are talking about. . against your will. . First. by Conversion we actually mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life.who are ‘not Christian. .’ It can show them being criticized.

(We argue that . and posed nude for a sodomite magazine. the sodomites will be blamed. you would loudly and righteously deny it. gays should be considered to have been born gay . a typical turd extruded by one of the humanoid geeks the Democrats maintain for such purposes. their height. .a part of the sodomite cabal. I realized how wrong I had been. When I first heard that the Arnold had posed for the picture. seems to be the product of a complex interaction between innate predispositions and environmental factors during childhood and early adolescence. talents. Meanwhile. I naturally assumed it was a lie. you would remember it and you would be forgiven – if you came clean. they were born that way. . has your attitude toward it changed in any way now that you know it? DEGENERATE AMERICA THE SODOMITE PLAN (III) By: Alan Stang I was wrong. recalls the old cliché: Would that my enemy had written a book! It is difficult to write a book and not give oneself away. And since no choice is involved. . Cit. they must recruit. Of course. they insist. We’ll conclude our examination of this aspect of the conspiracy next week. like oozing succubus Larry Flynt. that I was recommending you vote for someone else. You would demand retribution. According to our authors. because if straights understand that.) In other words. and left you with the mistaken impression that I opposed him. but we have given you enough to think about for a week. But that was before I saw the picture. After The Ball is full of what the lawyers call admissions against interest. for whatever reason." (Loc. Okay. Straights must be taught that it is as natural for some persons to be homosexual as it is for others to be heterosexual: wickedness and seduction have nothing to do with it. . the truth that homosexuality is chosen during childhood and early adolescence because of seduction must be suppressed. 25 years ago. you made a mistake. He can’t remember. they "are victims of circumstance. they suggest. who is too personally revolting to pose even fully clothed. Last week I talked about the Arnold. Instead. for the obvious reason that since sodomites do not reproduce. . As I understand it. grass and who knows what else.This breathtaking confession that the conspiracy is both illegal and totalitarian. .must be . we have used up our allotted space. 184) Really? But now get this: " . take a week to consider the following question: If you didn’t know any of this before. . for most humans. . What would you do if falsely accused of posing for a sodomite magazine? In fear of being burned to bacon by a blazing finger from the sky. the Arnold says he doesn’t remember. . because if you choose it you can be blamed for it. .) To suggest in public that homosexuality might be chosen is to open the can of worms labeled ‘moral choice and sin’ and give the religious Intransigents a stick to beat us with. skin color. . the picture of the Arnold posing nude in the sodomite magazine. say.even though sexual orientation. . the sodomites mercilessly rocker anyone who dares to suggest publicly that buggery is behavior some individuals choose. the Arnold was using drugs in those days. For instance. or limitations. Consider that seduction of the vulnerable teenager must be ." (P. When I saw the picture. gayness can be no more blameworthy than straightness. . You would accuse the perpetrators and denounce the suffering and embarrassment they have caused your beautiful wife. would you remember it today? Yes. . If. they no more chose their sexual orientation than they did.

You will realize how right the Arnold is for California. which is just a shorthand way of saying that the approaching dictatorship isn’t "just happening. in the Etherzone archives. couldn’t do it." it is being caused. I found the photograph of full frontal wienerschnitzel on the Internet. is now typically trying to scare voters by spreading the canard that with the Arnold as governor there would be no more Arnold movies. he’s a common man like all the rest of us and can do stupid things. and who are online with the help of fully clothed taxpayers. It’s not his "thing.But he doesn’t have to remember. nude men in New Guinea who wear nothing but penis scabbards. Please see "Degenerate America II. We saw from their own mouths that the founders of the revolution were Communists. it is one of the main reasons he should be elected. they speak of a "conspiracy. "I’ll be back.D. My beautiful bride. Doubleday. the Arnold’s chief rival. Men who conceal their goal are doing it deliberately. whoever he is. Queer Nation will brandish large prints of the picture in Sodomy Pride parades around the world. but that only proves the man who saved the Earth isn’t perfect. a mother many times. he is so perfect for the job of governor. . no doubt are clucking in awe of Arnold’s daring. Why not. but who has photographic proof he would be at home in any synagogue in the world? Give it up. for all the world to see. Think about all that and you will realize how wrong I was last week. The comparison is helpful because. Let’s get realistic! All of this recalls the series we have been doing spasmodically about realistic opposition to the totalitarian socialist dictatorship that world government traitor George W. as if I had accidentally barged in somewhere I did not belong and had violated someone’s privacy. Think about it. And we started to look at a book entitled After The Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ‘90s. (New York. Tom? Do you have something to hide? How many governors are patron saints of the sodomy movement? You don’t need to be Nostradamus to know that. Bush is rapidly imposing. And the issue we picked is the present sodomite revolution. Remember that we have no hope of overthrowing it without an understanding of the conspiracy behind it." by your Intrepid Correspondent. no more classic lines like. certainly hasn’t. The biggest danger he faces in the campaign is that sorehead Tom McClintock. that I can’t understand what the Democrats have against him. When the photograph leaped from the monitor. which should put an end to feminoid propagandist Katie Couric’s lame attempt to link the Arnold to the Nazis. who has so much to hide." Come off it. But the Arnold? A Republican in bed with the Democrat Kennedys? A man whose father may have been a Nazi." but he sees nothing wrong with it. Ph. I realized how wrong I had been. with the Arnold as governor. Tom. I looked away. lingered long enough to report that the Arnold has been circumcised. Just as Marx explained what the Communists would do in his Manifesto. As you read this. Tom! Do you really expect people as smart as the Dixie Chicks to believe that the man who saved the whole Earth couldn’t make movies down south in Hollywood with one hand while he diddles Sacramento up north with the other? Sure. Not only should the picture not disqualify the Arnold from high office. remember. In the brief but mesmerizing moment when I beheld the Arnold in the raw. How many candidates for governor have posed in the nude? Tom McClintock. so the authors of After The Ball explain what they will do in theirs. which should certainly endear him to Buggerwood. we know that the governor of Florida. The Arnold says he has "no problem" with sodomy." The word is theirs. The only false note I find in the Arnold’s résumé is the unfortunate fact that the lady he doesn’t recall gangbanging in that Los Angeles gym was black. In fact. 1989) Remember that After The Ball is a kind of Manifesto. by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. Remember that we picked an issue to show the electrifying difference between thinking things "just happen" and knowing they are caused.

the predatory recruitment of naïve. . It is the masterful implementation of a plan. But it makes no difference that the ads are lies. the "glory holes" in the bath houses. or like any one of his other stereotypes of all-right guys – the kind of people he already likes and admires. 146): "When you’re very different. It did not spring full-blown from the temple of Zeus." Which recalls the fact that Earl Browder. the authors admit that "our ads are lies. proof of which is now visible all around us. It works like this: (Page 154) ". .. . and his whole body will soon follow. called Communism "Twentieth Century Americanism. . In Conversion. this is what you do: first you get your foot in the door. in magazines. his picture on the Internet and his campaign will become tools of the conspiracy. the authors of After The Ball quote as follows a "war conference" of 175 leading homosexuals who met in Virginia in February.For instance (p. 1988: "We must consider the media in every project we undertake. not to us. If you did not know this before – and if you are normal. because we’re using them to ethically good effect . You won’t see the butt jumping in men’s room stalls. you will see a highly stylized. of gays – explicitly labeled as such! – who not only don’t look like his picture of a homosexual. is repeatedly exposed to literal picture/label pairs. and television. manufactured version. then. It has been carefully prepared by strategists who admittedly are brilliant. as far from the real truth as the admitted certainty that Hitler gave the German people handouts." Suppose the "bigots" know they are lies? The authors explain that the lying ads "will have their effect on them whether they believe them or not. . Allow the camel’s nose beneath your tent. You hammer in the wedge narrow end first. . the bigot. and to cultivate reporters and editors of newspapers. again. and people hate you for it. and only then – when your one little difference is finally accepted – can you start dragging in your other peculiarities. ." Finally. but are carefully selected to look either like the bigot and his friends." (Page 163) In other words. GEORGE BUSH MUST BE REPLACED WHO SHOULD REPLACE HIM By: Alan Stang . General Secretary of the Communist Party. the manic promiscuity and consequent death from disease. the present sodomite steamroller did not create itself. take every advantage we can to include public service announcements and paid advertisements. the long-time purpose of which is to destroy America. who holds a very negative stereotypic picture. by being as similar as possible. in addition. . . radio. and on billboards and TV. Instead. maybe you did not – how do you feel now that you do? Does it make any difference knowing that many of your problems in our greatest of all countries today are not caused by the weather but by men with names and addresses? Whether or not the Arnold knows it. The image must be that of an icon of normality . .. . ." You won’t see the truth. On the same page. As the saying goes. one by one. We must. . USA." The principle is the same. . little boys. . which offer sex without ever seeing the other butt jumper involved. Our media efforts are fundamental to the full acceptance of us in American life. To help facilitate this we need national media workshops to train our leaders .

The Communists and their "peace movement" feign opposition to George Bush. The people they call "useful idiots" (Lenin's phrase) really do oppose him, but the Communist leaders support him because he is implementing their perennial goal of totalitarian world government. They pretend to oppose him in order to trick Americans into supporting him, because real Americans naturally shrink from echoing the Communists. Students of the Great Conspiracy call this Communist tactic the "principle of reversal." Students of Br'er Rabbit call it the "don't throw me into the briar patch principle." Why do real Americans oppose President Bush? The Communists pretend to oppose him for temporary, tactical reasons. We oppose him on the basis of enduring, unchangeable principles. The juxtaposition is merely an accident and should embarrass no one who is firmly grounded in the facts. What are those facts? President Bush has proven himself unable and/or unwilling to fight the present war for the survival of our nation. Today, the nation is fatally divided on the question of whether the United States should invade Iraq. It is divided because the Bush Administration has not presented sufficient proof that Saddam Hussein participated in the act of war against our people on 9-11. Were that proof presented, the nation would be united behind the war. The President says he wants the proof. Iraq sent 12,000 pages of documents about its Weapons of Mass Destruction to the UN. The Bush Administration seized those documents and released only 3,000 pages to the general public. Why? Because the thousands of pages the President sequestered prove that it was the United States government and American companies encouraged by the government that sold and even gave those Weapons of Mass Destruction to Iraq in the first place. Indeed, the reason the President suppressed that information is that it implicates the present Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, in the accumulation of WMD. Rumsfeld went to Baghdad in December, 1983 for the purpose. In fact, the information the President withheld would also implicate his father, who was Vice President at the time, and actively participated in the policy of arming Iraq. In 1984, Washington allowed Iraq to import supercomputers, machine tools and even the makings of anthrax. The Administration made sure Iraq had the weapons it needed, despite Saddam's use of chemical warfare. The elder Bush personally gave military advice to Saddam and in 1988 called for closer ties to Iraq. After he suppressed all this, the present President Bush blamed Iraq for withholding information. So, the reason President Bush cannot successfully fight the war is that he is tainted. Were he a judge, or even a juror, he would have to recuse himself. The President won't do that, so we the people must. Notice that we are not necessarily "anti-war." We are in favor of any necessary war to preserve our way of life, but it must be necessary. The first thing any President should have done after the attack on 9-11 was immediately close our borders, and, if necessary, put troops there for the purpose, while we found out who was whose. President Bush on the contrary has left our borders wide open and the situation is deteriorating. Thousands of young Arab males, from the very countries we suspect in the War on Terror, are being admitted. The Atlanta JournalConstitution reports that the Bush Administration is importing thousands of Somalis to this country. These are people who not only do not share our culture; they have never seen clocks, telephones or flush toilets. Most important, they come from the country where the bodies of American soldiers were dragged through the streets. If the rationale of the war is to protect the United States from the danger of Weapons of Mass Destruction, then the war should begin, not in Iraq, halfway around the world, but in Cuba, 90 miles away, where Fidel Castro not only has WMD, but also is one of the world's biggest narcotics dealers, which Saddam Hussein has not even been accused of.

Instead of these elementary policies, what has Bush done? His policies so far prove that, if allowed to serve another term, Bush would complete the destruction of the Bill of Rights and our privacy, producing a totalitarian dictatorship that would make our first King George seem utterly benevolent. For instance, he has condoned formation of the Total Information Awareness project, via the Pentagon's DARPA agency; TIA, which gives the Pentagon and various intelligence agencies the ability to penetrate the e-mail accounts of every American citizen, via "packet-sniffing" software, clearly violates the 4th Amendment guarantee against "unlawful searches and seizures." He has failed to rescind the FBI's "Carnivore"project and the National Security Agency's (NSA) "Magic Lantern" project, which come to us from the Clinton Administration. These things also contribute to this electronic "packet-sniffing" effort, and also violate the 4th Amendment. Along these lines, so bad was the "Patriot" Act that Party leaders never gave Members of Congress the final version before the bill was debated. Because the President's men literally kept the legislation secret, Members didn't know what they were voting on. Likewise, Members didn't know what they were voting on when they passed the "Homeland Security bill." It proposed historic changes in our hallowed system, but debate was severely limited and there was no chance to amend, with the result that people didn't know for instance about exempting corporations from liability for vaccine shots. Indeed, now comes "Patriot" Act II, which is so secret the Bush Administration is denying its existence. "Patriot" II would make it a crime to reveal where arrestees are held and who they are. It can label Americans "enemy combatants" and strip them of citizenship. It says that collecting information, even legal information, can be construed as spying for a foreign power, thereby making news gathering a crime. It says that government agents can conduct searches without warrants with impunity, thereby repealing the 4th Amendment. Secret judges on a secret court that convenes in a secret location govern all this. "Patriot" II also punishes individuals who refuse to testify against themselves, thereby revoking the 5th Amendment. It allows top federal officials to keep their financial activities secret; if you try to investigate them, you're a terrorist. All this and much more waits in secret for the next terrorist attack to justify. In short, the "War on Terror" is a fraud, a charade. The war, as presently fought, is a war on the American people, using 9-11 and Iraq as the spurious excuse. George Bush recently proposed $15 billion in aid to Africa, which is not part of the United States and for which there is no grant of power in the Constitution. He proposed a 50% across-the-board increase in foreign aid. Israel is also not part of the United States, but Bush is getting ready to give that country another $12-$14 billion on top of the usual $3 billion a year it receives. All of these redistributions of our wealth are illegal because the Constitution forbids the President to give your money to other countries. Indeed, George Bush is working overtime to destroy our national independence. By returning to the UN time after time for approval of his invasion of Iraq, he has restored much of the credibility that sorry outfit has deservedly been losing, with the result that many deluded Americans now believe we can't attack without the UN's imprimatur. The organization before which Bush routinely genuflects was founded by Communists for Communist purposes and never has been run by anyone else. The first Secretary-General of the UN, who ran the founding meeting, was Soviet spy Alger Hiss, who later went to prison for lying about his services to Stalin. The United States should quit and kick the UN out, but Bush is urging the Senate to pay our "past dues." George Bush has also endorsed a "Commonwealth of the Americas," a super-NAFTA effort, which would link the hemisphere nations via a common currency and further international entanglements from the northernmost regions of Canada to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, and would inevitably complete the total erasure of U.S. borders. Without borders, the United States would cease to exist.

Indeed, because President Bush is in bed with Mexican President Vicente Fox, he now endorses a policy known as "totalization," which would in practical effect merge the American and the Mexican social security systems, and would cost us scores of billions of dollars just to start. Bush has done nothing to reverse the continuing confiscation of the land area of the United States by the federal government, kowtowing like Clinton to the intimidation of the lunatic "environmental movement." Bush supports the illegal Federal Reserve and the totalitarian income tax that work in tandem to make enormous federal deficits possible. When this EtherZone announcement went to press, Bush had already supervised a deficit of at least $638.7 billion in the present fiscal year. The deficit is growing so fast that we can't tell you what it is, because, by the time you read what we said, we would be very wrong. In the next budget, Bush wants to remove any ceiling on the national debt, final recognition of the fact that the ceiling is a joke. Spending under Bush has increased enormously, and it is important to note that we are not talking about spending for the war in Iraq. Indeed, the only thing we need to know in this context is that federal spending and deficits are exploding higher and faster under Bush than they were under Clinton. These are just a few examples of what has become epidemic in the Bush Administration. Again, it is perfectly realistic to expect the complete subversion of our nation and our liberties if Bush is granted another term. On the contrary, what do Congressmen Paul and Tancredo propose? Dr. Paul of course has been a Member of Congress many years, so we don't need to guess what we are getting, and his principled stands are consistent. Here is what he is for and against: Because Ron Paul is a physician and a genuine Christian, he would do everything reasonable and then some to avoid war. Because he is a former Air Force officer, if there were no way to avoid war, if it truly were inevitable, he would fight to win, would not leave any loose strings lying around like Saddam Hussein, but, if necessary, would leave a big hole in the ground where the enemy was. Ron Paul has introduced a Congressional resolution to the effect that the Panama Canal is still U.S. territory, despite Jimmy Carter's illegal attempt to give it away. In any war, this would be more important than ever. Today, the Chinese Communists control both ends of the Canal. Ron Paul would restore our privacy. He opposes a national I.D. and all attempts to circumvent or even to cancel the protections of the Bill of Rights. Ron Paul would protect our independence. He routinely proposes that we withdraw from the Communist UN. He has proposed that we withdraw from the World Trade Organization. Ron Paul has proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would repeal the income, estate and gift taxes. Nothing would replace them. The money would stay in your pocket where it belongs. Ron Paul has proposed the abolition of the Federal Reserve and the restoration of honest money. Ron Paul would completely eliminate the destructive, illegal travesty of "foreign aid," which has made so many enemies for the United States. Ron Paul opposes the merger of the American and Mexican Social Security systems. Ron Paul would reverse the continuing confiscation of American territory by the federal government. Now, what would we get with Congressman Tancredo? Tom Tancredo opposes Vicente Fox's "Matricula consular," a Mexican document illegal aliens are using to get services in the United States. The "Matricula

consular" represents an attempt by Fox to take control of U.S. immigration. Tom Tancredo would put the U.S. military on our borders to resurrect them. Tancredo's adamant defense of our borders and his demand that everyone who doesn't legally belong here be thrown out, have made him the nation's foremost champion of a sensible solution to our massive immigration problems. Indeed, Tom Tancredo reports that the Bush Administration is furious about his defense of our borders, and, believe it or not, could actually recruit a candidate in the next primary to oppose him. In other words, suicidal, open borders are more important to Bush than the re-election of another Republican, a shocking revelation about where George Bush really stands. In short, what we would get with a President Paul and a Vice President Tancredo would be a traditional, modest, eminently non-controversial, American policy. A perennial question remains. Wouldn't support for such a ticket run the risk that enough votes could be lost by Bush to tip the election to the Democrats? EtherZone maintains that there is no such risk, that such danger is imaginary, because the Republicans under Bush are worse than the Democrats. This is easy to understand if you ask yourself a few simple questions about the Bush record we have cited here: What would I say if Clinton did this? If Clinton did it, would I have let him get away with it? Could Clinton and the Democrats have gotten away with what Bush has done? Are the man and the party more important than what the man does? Many patriots have called what Clinton did treason. If Bush were doing the same thing, if Bush for just one example were continuing, and even amplifying Clinton's treasonous policy toward China, what would you call it? In fact, notice that Bush has continued and even extended Clinton's main policies. There are some minor, positive differences, but they are cosmetic, like the bouquet of roses the philanderer brings home at 5 A.M. It's a nice gesture all by itself, but it doesn't amount to much in context. For instance, left-wing extremist Hitler, a Socialist, loved boat rides and wanted every German to have access to them. Fellow left-wing extremist Mussolini, also a Socialist, allegedly "made the trains run on time."Would you conclude therefore that they were good men? Bush and Clinton are as different as identical twins. And finally: If Bush has done more to advance the cause of totalitarian Socialism and world government than Clinton could have done - if Republican Bush has gotten away with more than Democrat Clinton ever could - doesn't this mean we have less to fear from a President Hillary or a President Kerry, etc., than we would from President Bush? Doesn't this make Hillary, etc., the "lesser of two evils?" As we have seen in the case of Congressman Tancredo, Bush himself is perfectly willing to cause the defeat of a Republican who wants to protect the United States. We support a Paul/Tancredo ticket without reservations. U.S. Congressman Ron Paul: 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone Number: (202) 225-2831 Additional offices and contact information

By: Alan Stang Whatever "anti-Semitism" used to be in the United States, today it is employed almost without exception as a tool of conquest. Consider that it doesn’t really mean anything. I looked up the word "Semite" in a couple of dictionaries. The consensus seems to be that a Semite can be both a Jew and an Arab. The term "antiSemitism" has become more of a label than a word that conveys meaning, a button akin to "Enter" designed by programmers to elicit a specific response rather than invoke thought. Some years ago, while on a speaking tour, I was brought to a high school in Ohio to address a senior class. Needless to say, I discussed Communism and Hitler, but because I did so in a way they had never heard, they had no idea what to make of it. Names like McCarthy and Roosevelt, or words like left and right wing were mere audio-labels they either jeered or applauded, but when I left I could see that they were wondering which side I was on, whether I was a good guy or not. Later, of course, the teacher would tell them. Consider the so-called "N" word. It started out as an appellation that offended people of color. So we were told, and because we were Christian gentlemen we didn’t use it to avoid giving those people offense. Case closed. Instead, the word has been used to foment a literal reign of terror, in which someone suspected of breathing it even in private can be ruined for life. Incredibly, this is not an exaggeration. In my novel, Perestroika Sunset, about a Soviet scheme to seize power in the united States, there is a scene in which the heroine, a professor of English in a university outside Washington, D.C., is accused of "racism" against blacks but can’t find out why. At last she learns accidentally that the accusation stems from her use of the word "niggardly" in a report. When I reread that scene, it seemed too preposterous to be real. I considered removing it. Happily, I did not. A couple of weeks later, a story out of Washington said that a top city official there had been fired for racism because he used the word "niggardly" in a report. Compounding the preposterous nature of all this is the fact that "niggardly" and "niggard" are not even English words; they derive from the Swedish language, which is spoken too far north to suffer this problem. But former funny man Dick Gregory can entitle his autobiography Nigger and survive. That’s okay. The music industry can extrude noise in which blacks routinely are called "niggers" and that’s apparently fine. It must be because that noise is allowed to make millions. So, everything depends on who is using the word. If the right people use it, it’s a term of endearment. The point of all this is that the anxiety you may feel when you see the word "nigger" in print has been instilled in your mind deliberately by the world’s foremost experts in the art. The process is called "brainwashing" and its purpose is to paralyze and emasculate you, to cripple you with guilt while totalitarian connivers dismantle your country and your culture. And so it is with "anti-Semitism," another brainwashing tool the totalitarians use with similar effect. "AntiSemitism" is pretty near the worst thing you can be accused of today, worse than sodomy or embezzlement, certainly far worse than dropping your pants and asking for sex in the Oval Office. In fact, the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us have found "anti-Semitism" so helpful in their scheme for world government that they will take pains to protect it. Today, "anti-Semitism" is an even more important tool in their arsenal, because of the recent war in Iraq and the terror in Israel. They have invested considerable time, trouble and money to maintain it. They certainly will not give it up without a fight.

Many years ago, a couple of men in New York formed something called the Jewish Society of Americanists. The purpose of the new group was to be just what the name implied and the organizers scheduled a press conference to announce it. At the last moment, however, one of them caved, leaving the other, Samuel L. Blumenfeld, alone. Sam and I were graduates of the same college. It was Sam who had introduced me to what we then called the Communist Conspiracy. I had heard of Communism and knew it was something they did in Russia, but that was all I knew. At the time, Sam was still Jewish; today, he is a Christian with a strong affinity for Calvin and has come to church with us. This of course is the same Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld who has written all those books about the horrors of government (mis)education, the totalitarian crimes of the National Education Association and the benefits of home schooling. Sam was understandably reluctant to face the New York press alone. And who could blame him. We are talking about a bunch of bottom-feeding, atheist bastards (pardon my language, ladies), world government traitors like Walter Cronkite, scum bags and accomplished liars who show up however much they detest you, if you give them drinks and a free meal. Sam asked me to fill in for the young man who had caved and I did so with the understanding that Sam would do the talking. I was new in the literary racket at the time, having written just one book. In the course of the press conference, one of the feasting reporters asked me between gorgings why we had formed this organization, and I made the mistake of saying that I had never seen anti-Semitism in New York. In my naïve ignorance, I assumed this was a remarkably unremarkable remark, meant to inspire good will. I was sure it would make them happy. I didn’t say there was no such thing as anti-Semitism. All I had said was I had never seen it there. New York was then, and maybe still is, the world’s biggest Jewish city. If memory serves, about half the population then was Jewish. There were more Jews in New York City than there were in the nation of Israel. In view of the fact that half the people you pass in the street there are Jews, would it really be so surprising and impossible for someone born and raised in New York never to see anti-Semitism? Wouldn’t this be something like the discovery that no one in Stockholm or Oslo is anti-Caucasian? You are already smiling, because you are as sophisticated as I was naïve. To my amazement and consternation, the assemblage of vicious predators erupted with savage disdain. They refused to believe I had never seen anti-Semitism. They hated the very idea. Presumably, they wanted me to talk about the deprivation I had suffered. They "knew" I was lying. It became quite obvious, at least to me, at that press conference, that anti-Semitism was a favorite tool they would not give up. Guess which hopelessly stupid author was skewered for the next couple of days by the press for daring to make such an idiotic remark. During those years, the Cronkite evening news people taped a couple or three segments with us. They were all a waste of time. Not one of those segments ever got on the air. What lesson should we derive from all this? The "N" word and anti-Semitism are not just a bad word we shouldn’t say and a bad thing we shouldn’t do; they are ideological weapons deliberately calculated to emasculate us, brainwashing tools designed for the purpose. Again, you need to read a couple of books by Ed Hunter, the man who coined the term "brainwashing." One of those books is entitled simply, Brainwashing. The other is Brainwashing in Red China. Reading those books, you will experience a shock of recognition, because the same thing is happening here. Indeed, some of the victims were our POWS in Korea. Of course, in Red China the words they used-the labels-were different because the cultures are. But the process was the same. In Red China, the victims were forced to inculpate themselves in "self-criticism" sessions.

At regular meetings of the Institute in the Roosevelt Hotel. and founded a school of thought called Objectivism. We need to go nose-to-nose with them and no longer back up. Alan Greenspan offered a series of lectures on the Great Depression of 1929. At the time. because he would see them and be afraid. Greenspan incisively skewered the Federal Reserve. A young man named Nathaniel Branden wrote a letter that impressed her. how far wrong could you go if you subscribed to Ayn’s ideas? At the time. or publicly expressing hostility to Jews. Who will mumble something in his sleep and be next? Once we are aware this is a process-once we realize it doesn’t happen by itself-once we understand that true haters are doing this to cripple us. showed how the Fed caused the Depression by expanding and then suddenly contracting the "money" supply. we heard that Gerry Ford. Greenspan’s new job obviously meant that infinitely superior Objectivist ideas had won a foothold in Washington and now would begin to permeate the government. After all. word now arrived that new Chairman Alan Greenspan had concocted a cure for inflation. and later a novelist. It was all happening as she had foretold. inflation was nowhere near as bad as it is today. at least once. defected to the West. but it was already a troubling problem. with regard to the Depression. migrated to Hollywood. He was also a disciple of Ayn Rand’s. What was Greenspan’s cure for inflation? It was called Whip Inflation Now (WIN). That doesn’t mean we need to be shouting the title of Dick Gregory’s book into the telephone when we call talk shows. the findings of Mises disciple Professor Murray Rothbard. proved that paper "money" always will collapse and underlined the fact that gold and silver alone can be money. reveling at the sight. Remember what happened to Braves pitcher John Rocker? By now. . Indeed. Inflation. SCUMBAGS I HAVE KNOWN THIS WEEK: ALAN GREENSCUM By: Alan Stang I first met Alan Greenspan in the Sixties." or simply WIN. born in Tsarist Russia to a Jewish family. the list of victims is endless." a laundered term for brainwashing. So was Ludwig von Mises himself. he ran a financial consulting company called Townsend Greenspan and was a Free Enterprise economist. Next. In those lectures Greenspan brilliantly conveyed the teachings of Ludwig von Mises. had appointed Greenspan as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. Ayn. Those buttons would help combat Old Mr. showed that the Fed prevented financial recovery by repeatedly bringing the economy to its knees. and eventually became her chief spokesman and interpreter as head of the Nathaniel Branden Institute in New York. the consummate genius of the Free Enterprise "Austrian school. Need I add that there was considerable chortling among the Objectivists. where she became a screen writer. As I recall. Ayn Herself was present in the unholy city when Greenspan was inducted. nodding with approval. Ayn Rand was often present. After these presentations. changed her name and became an atheist.Victims here are required to do the same thing. We would wear large buttons that said "Whip Inflation Now. It does mean that wherever the people who hate America try to use these techniques we need to tell them that their scam is over and that they won’t get away with it any more. Objectivists had expected no less and were generally enthralled. the anxiety will dissipate and desensitization can begin." and. The procedure includes a public mea culpa and "sensitivity training. many of us in attendance stood speechless. appointed to the Presidency by the departing Richard "We are all Keynesians now" Nixon. dazed by the power and clarity of his insight. survived the Bolshevik Revolution.

the very organization he condemned for causing the Great Depression. ignorant housewives cause inflation. Along these lines. Needless to say. and the movie of the same name. it will really get nasty. speculative. and the bigger they were. along with innumerable others. just as he warned it would. Could one reason be the fact that Mrs. Now. Branden’s revealing book. as she did chief Objectivist spokesman and interpreter Nathaniel Branden? To do so would have made her a two-time loser. In short. the basis of the Greenspan scheme was that they are. let alone impossible. because there was no way the man who gave those lectures at NBI could have been the same man behind Whip Inflation Now. Because he was not Ayn Rand’s lover. that American women are too stupid to buy groceries by themselves. no man will be more responsible than Alan Greenscum. younger woman. to create the biggest. which reminds me that I ran into Greenscum at a Republican National Convention and asked him about WIN. Ayn had popularized the affectation of smoking cigarettes in long. they routinely buy the worst deals. the more afraid he would be. and because she did not catch him in bed with still another. The buttons would create public awareness that would shut inflation down.The more buttons we wore. WIN kits turned up everywhere. the most expensive items on the shelves. he is persuading consumers to buy and borrow to save the system. for the fountainhead of Objectivism to be wrong. and it was philosophically inconceivable. but he should be. A putative Republican. Alan Greenscum is network news correspondent Andrea Mitchell? . smelly story see Mrs. How much lower can they go? 2) He is expanding the "money" supply a couple or three trillion dollars a year. he has collaborated with his Trilateral Commission pals in Wall Street and the Clinton and Bush administrations (there is no basic difference). Did she revoke Greenspan’s status as an apostle? I recall thinking at the time that the inmates of Plan Nine From Outer Space. Indeed. doing the same things he told us had caused it. According to Greenspanthink. Ayn simply disappeared from the scene. inflation was getting worse. and of course to make billions for his Trilateral pals. he has already done that eleven times and it isn’t working. The stock market is tottering like a drunk. must have been holding him hostage. Would she have read him out of the human race. When real estate goes south. which isn’t working either. Was she embarrassed? I don’t know. Please remember that when the inevitable results of these machinations finally hit the fan. and eventually turned up with lung cancer. the economy is starting to unravel. But now here comes Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Alan Greenscum is not in the movie. If memory serves. financial bubble in the history of the world. there was even talk of teaching American women how to buy groceries. And Greenscum and Company are doing three things in a desperate attempt to save them: 1) He is lowering interest rates. Barbara Branden apparently begged Ayn to urge her followers to stop smoking. As Fed Chairman. Ayn Rand was safely dead. another victim of the tobacco industry. It is pushing the dollar toward demise. Another aspect of the Greenspan plan called for Americans to finish everything on their dinner plates. black holders. and is exactly what he denounced the Fed for doing in those lectures so many years ago. according to Greenspanthink. One can only speculate about what she would have said of her disciple. to whom even Presidents kowtow. and that the man who thenceforth claimed to be Alan Greenspan was in fact a species of plant life. To do so would have made her a three-time loser. The Passion of Ayn Rand. he used it to re-elect Clinton in 1996. Ayn refused. but Chairman Greenscum no longer was talking. By now. For the whole. Because we were not doing that. just the opposite of what they should be doing to protect themselves. which many critics call the worst movie ever made. most of this information and understanding is unavailable from the Prostitute National Press. with the predictable result that inflation is encouraged. 3) Finally. Your Intrepid Correspondent clearly recalls being unaware at the time.

with results that no doubt made Reds like Fidel Castro green. "Is the character of Ellsworth Tooey in The Fountainhead based in some part on Colonel House?" Ayn Rand looked up at me and replied. Tooey reminded me strongly of Colonel Edward M. Greenscum turns out to be a total secondhander. She admitted its existence (she had to because she had testified against the Communists in Hollywood). I asked Ayn Rand. which . having lied and lied to trick us into the latest phase of the war for world government. the "embedded" media bosses will never tell us what happened. in Iraq. reminiscent of the foulest collectivists in her last novel. Of course. Know-it-all ignorance. In the present phase of the war. We add our kudos to all the others. Tooey did something very similar. even in appearance. helps runs it. House. After Bush illegally lied his way in. In short. in Vietnam. Bush happily chose not to kill Americans. Atlas Shrugged. the villain of The Fountainhead. So. in methods and goals. I told her that in thought. in which I asked her a question about Ellsworth Tooey. Bush had to choose whom to kill. one of her top disciples. "Who is Colonel House?" Thank God I was leaning against a wall when she said it. the man who gave us the Federal Reserve. which was just as illegal as this one. but there is more here than just a putrid stench. globalist policy was to win. Remember that. They have said next to nothing about Iraqi civilian dead.000 Americans. and was able to maintain some modicum of composure while I answered her question. there were only two bad choices: kill Iraqis or kill Americans. because our policy at the time called for American defeat. a victory that the world government media in the United States tried mightily to negate by telling the American people we had lost. they agreed to censor the stories filed by their own "embedded" reporters. but said it was not important. our incomparable military utterly destroyed the Communist Viet Cong in the Tet Offensive of 1968. I cannot help but recall a conversation with Ayn Rand. with the proviso that. she would have had to admit that men like Robert Welch had been there long before her. "EMBEDDED" JOURNALISM: IN BED WITH BUSH By: Alan Stang A couple of weeks ago. so I did not fall down. Belligerent ignorance. among other Marxist abominations. our country should not have been there in the first place. Ayn pooh-poohed the possibility of conspiracy because she had not discovered it herself. even before the invasion. as in Vietnam." There is something worse than ignorance. Are not these things closely related? In the language of Objectivism. House would suggest a course of action so subtly to the man he had chosen to take it that later the man would think it his own. Despite those restrictions. our leaders imposed crippling restrictions on our military and thereby chose to kill Americans. by refusing to let our magnificent military finish the job. She had never heard of one of the Twentieth Century’s most powerful members of the conspiracy for world government. Our leaders kept the war going for years and managed to kill almost 60. in ideas. Struggling to explain the Greenscum phenomenon. George W. and Alan Greenscum. They told us almost exclusively about our own genuinely laudable military achievements. who lived in the White House with Woodrow Wilson and was his "alter ego. Had she admitted its power and influence.It is easy to dismiss Alan Greenscum as just another disgusting opportunist. she disregarded the Conspiracy. so George Bush did kill the right people. In an earlier phase of the same continuing war. the foreign media. for which we should be grateful. there was no happy choice. I wrote that.

Fleischer said something like." another et cetera. Didn’t Bush finally settle on WMD as the reason? Again. Does anybody now seriously believe that Saddam’s Iraqi version of a Gilbert and Sullivan military could have threatened the United States? Even Sean Hannity couldn’t be that stupid. Stalin. Among the media celebrities involved is Ari Fleischer. bombing had succeeded in killing Saddam Hussein. if our magnificent. do you know? Hmm. Again.") The problem is. "We don’t know for sure it is him. This is also the right place to remind you that Sean Hannity is the stupidest talk show host we are aware of. "trained to fight like fanatics to the death for Saddam." The result could easily be that students learning English in other countries around the world will speak it better than we do. Be assured they will. And. at the World Trade Center or somewhere else .then why didn’t Bush just say so and save himself and our country so much destructive argument? Was he trying to cover for Clinton. There is apparently no White House press release so preposterous that Hannity will not regurgitate it intact. why didn’t he use them? If he wasn’t going to use them.S. incomparable military could make Saddam Hussein’s forces run "like crap through a goose" . Hannity’s hero Bush has lied so much he has the same problem as the boy who cried wolf. If caught. as rendered by the late George C. First. we could be wrong. he will be humiliated. . he is "a madman. It is amusing to note that he does so without question. Even the "Special" Republican Guard. the Bush Administration is desperately trying to find them. We have long since accepted the fact that Ari Fleischer’s deadpan personality makes world government conspirator Henry Kissinger look like Jim Carrey." It is a telltale symptom of our present condition that such a belligerent ignoramus could be so successful. I am happy that "only" about 100 Americans were killed." Before your Intrepid Correspondent could recover. they weren’t a threat. the people of Iraq are finally rid of this totalitarian monster." faded like the Republican Party. then what was it? The reason it won’t matter when Rummy finally finds those elusive WMD. Second. every grade school student in the country could have explained why we had to go to war. a question that cannot be repeated too much.then how much of a threat to the United States were they? Forget about the Republican Guard. Haven’t I forgotten about the WMD. "We don’t know for sure it is him. If he survives. the question again arises of why we were there. a man who is in fact a human fax machine. and then says we’ve been "hannitized. if indelicate phrase. boring man. ("It was him. . . Has anything good come out of the war? General Patton’s immortal. If there are no such weapons. the Weapons of Mass Destruction? As this issue of EtherZone goes to press. if it wasn’t crap through a goose and if it wasn’t WMD. another Hitler. tried for war crimes and then killed. Today. after innumerable false starts. It was him! A bald. Here’s a man who has nothing to lose and nowhere to escape. If he really did have some rusting. I am not happy about that. even if.if that is the reason we had to depose him . He has so little credibility we can never be sure he is telling the truth. press secretary at the court of George Bush. it doesn’t matter. for whom Ari Fleischer is a media celebrity. if Ari has to plant them himself. another. Of course. which raises a question I have asked before. for which they apparently were named. I tell you. say there were too many such civilians killed and injured to count.often report stories that end up on the spike here. If it is the mission ." My nightmare is that children across the country. I saw him myself. Discussing the question of whether U. if Saddam Hussein really did attack us. he will be killed. Let’s see . by accident. is that discovery will raise the new question of why Saddam didn’t use them. Is it picayune to expect the press secretary to the President of the United States to speak grammatically correct English? Among the Bush domestic policies is "No Child Left Behind. he does. Ari said the same thing again. his world government soul mate? After Pearl Harbor. will not only aspire to be as bald and boring as he is. deteriorating WMD. by rote. but will now be repeating. By now. Scott . But wait.

Indeed. you will pay the bill. driven to madness. a Communist. he would have been world famous had he not told the truth. Expect this to happen after Homeland Security comes for the guns. there is Iran. not a real human being. There is the terrorist government of Syria. So what! Long before we run out of money. George now turn its attention to Cuba? Cuba has been in the news again. As we speak. maybe even Cuba. The Federal Mafia. I predict that the borders will be reinvigorated and closed. to thwart escape to Mexico. For instance. Bush will tell Alan Greenspan to tell someone at the Bureau of printerfeiting and engraving to push a computer key and print more.population 22 million . and which does have WMD. It is reasonable to expect that. The judge has forbidden Irwin even to lecture about it. ANTONY SUTTON: A GIANT DEPARTS NOT A REAL HUMAN BEING By: Alan Stang Even many well-informed people today don’t know who Tony Sutton was. that the military will be put there for the purpose. Marines are already there. throwing people into prison for looking crossways at him. our nonexistent borders are still wide open. something Saddam has not been accused of. Iraq . the . which author Irwin Schiff has sold for thirteen years. when Washington installed serial killer Fidel Castro. Castro has been committing more atrocities. 1959. is a world government factotum.of the United States to liberate enslaved peoples. not out. Not only did Tony tell where the equipment came from. all this will be now on your payroll. Others. say they may already have done so. As I write. One of them hijacked an airplane to Florida. readers of Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development. which we have not been bombing for 11 years. the termites are taking over. Rummy & Co. have escaped. his massive three-volume study of Soviet military capability. "Your papers please!" Of course. not only has Castro done everything Saddam Insane has been accused of. Meanwhile. Finally. a federal judge has banned a book about the income tax. that the illegal alien problem will be stopped. Cuba has been a Communist dictatorship since January. Despite the fact that our incomparable military did the job (with British and Australian help). I once accused Tony of being a vacuum cleaner. it is reasonable to speculate that Bush will internationalize the matter and bring in the Communist UN. At his death a couple of days ago. but its purpose will be to keep people in. in power. What are we going to do about them? The U. Indeed. why does not the Court of St. Remember the "war on terror?" It would be less than child’s play for terrorists sponsored by some still hostile government to smuggle WMD into this country. he also included charts that listed the serial numbers on the engines. Why hasn’t Bush said a word about "regime change" in Cuba? Don’t the Cuban people deserve liberation as much as the Iraqis? Shouldn’t they be televised doing the mambo in downtown Havana? Remember that Washington not only installed Castro in power. We installed the Islamic fundamentalists there when we destroyed the Shah. Of course. That invisibility was a function of his integrity. it has done everything necessary to keep him there. but Castro is also a high-volume international narcotics racketeer. The court’s message is that you and I are too stupid and unreliable to read it and decide for ourselves. because Bush. that you will be allowed to cross only if you have the proper papers and that specially recruited Homeland Security officials will be trained to say. like Clinton and like his father. know it nailed down the fact that the Red Army was made here in the United States. which has more than three times the population of Iraq. not only has he done it much longer. What happens now in the Middle East? Now it gets tricky.S.

He demonstrated the bizarre connections between Communists in the streets and some of the richest. So. Tony showed me the boxes that contained his research for the study. He was a professor of economics at Cal State and a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford. at first could not understand why the West. Modest to a fault because he had so little to be modest about. the more it would have bitten them. the New York Times--"all the pravda that's print to fit"--and other slime wrappers of the conspiracy for world government. not being a math major. Cherie Blair. Tony showed how Morgan bankers inserted illegal Communist gold into the United States and how Wall Street freed Communist Leon Trotsky. including some of mine. Everest or an 8. Despite his monumental research. like many patriots. I couldn't count that high. but his achievement remains. Instead. which your Intrepid Correspondent. they ignored it. Tony Sutton. it couldn't be done and his revelations are the starting point of so much other work. why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis. is financing its own destruction. somewhat akin to ignoring Mt. The more they tried. Of course. which proved that the war in Vietnam was a fraud. electric. that the U.5 earthquake. why we go to war. witty. Eventually.vessels they were shipped in and a mountain of other information you didn’t really need to know. most powerful people in this country. for whom I suspended my intense distaste for the English. Antony Sutton was born in London in 1925. secure in tenure. why the kids can’t read.) Conversation with Tony gave me the impression that I was participating in a delightful art form that some future graduate student would catalogue. Tony Sutton will be missed. wife of Socialist PM Tony Blair. Once. that the military technology the Communists were using to kill our men originated in the United States and arrived in Hanoi via the Soviet arsenal in central Europe. and preeminently the United States. why politicians lie and a hundred other whys. didn't bother trying to discredit it. Tony named the phony businessmen who were Socialists but masqueraded as champions of Free Enterprise. to lose. He went to university there and in Germany and California. in recompense and honors." Among other things. (Yesterday. Tony chuckled and shrugged. because. Because his research was so overwhelming. But he was an immensely charming vacuum cleaner. could tell you all about. JIMMY CARTER: TRAITOR THE COMMUNISTS LOVE THEIR PAWN By: Alan Stang . I have no doubt that Tony is now having a tête-àtête with God about geo-political conditions in Creation. He continues to give that side credibility. "These volumes will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler. expressed her "sorrow" for the monsters who killed 19 children and others in Jerusalem. but could not deny being a vacuum cleaner. Tony Sutton was the antidote to the shoddy research that regrettably turns up sometimes on the patriot side of the battle for America. he told the truth and was cast adrift. he found out and published his findings in his study of Skull & Bones. our constant enemies from the beginning. a classic rendition of a Mayfair English gentleman. I don't know exactly how many there were. For many years he had to live by his wits. Tony could have spent his entire career at Hoover or some other university of higher leaning. so devastating. why the Churches have become propaganda founts. California. Another of his many books was National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union. in his apartment in Cupertino.S. who went on to help subjugate Russia. why historical facts are suppressed. also a Literary Man. government was financing both sides.

The United States built the Canal after France had failed. Senate. Carter took the Reservation to Omar Torrijos. So. and needs to be indicted. were the United States to surrender the Zone. now control both ends of our Panama Canal.S. he probably could find excuses for Hitler. which loyal Hungarians had protected from the Nazis. tried and convicted. So something called the DeConcini Reservation was born. Navy aircraft.S. the Reservation would have allowed the United States to intervene in an emergency to protect the Canal. a provision that satisfied other members of the Senate. No. These are the same Red Chinese who boast that they may nuke Los Angeles and committed an act of war against the United States last year when they shot down a U. Carter's treason consists of the fact that. and his betrayal of our loyal friends on Taiwan. of the then Chase Manhattan Bank. Jimmy became a factotum of Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations. were the Senators informed. Senate innocently ratified another. The United States paid fees for the Canal to Panama every year. But Jimmy Carter ignored all this. Named for Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini. which has made him even more of a joke-if that were possible--than he was when we first heard that a man named Jimmy was running for President of the United States. ownership were moving through the Senate. they actually sat down around a table at one of David's New York estates. the secret Marxist outfit to which Carter gave control of his administration. our enemies. insisting on absolutely no conditions for the gift of the priceless American property Carter was scheming to give him.There is only one thing we need to know about Jimmy Carter. Few Americans have negotiated treaties. Carter is a traitor. He allowed Torrijos to ratify one version of the key treaty. Torrijos rejected the DeConcini Reservation. if pressed. The treaty Carter forced on the Senate is a fraud and therefore is void. many commentators were warning that. Under Jimmy. The United States still owns the Canal Zone. Jimmy told Torrijos privately that he could delete the Reservation from the version of the treaty Panama would adopt. It should go without saying that everyone must sign the final version of a contract--the same version. Indeed. the Communist Chinese. Carter has never met a dictator he doesn't like. David Rockefeller. Before the Panama Canal treaties. as part of their strategy to surround and strangle the United States. I'm not talking about the crown of St. it would inevitably fall into the wrong hands. while the U. He has committed the treason the Constitution cites. The United States bought and paid for the Canal Zone as surely as you bought your house. the United States created the nation of Panama for the purpose. and it isn't the increasingly distasteful sex life he has been boasting about since the days he had lust in his heart. But the Senate balked. Yes. they would throw the treaty out. so I will. Stephen. Later. where Rockefeller interviewed Jimmy for the job. Yes. Most Americans have negotiated contracts. And a treaty is a contract between nations. But I'm not talking about his diplomatic recognition of Communist-occupied China.S. The United States had--and still has--title. and sent his diplomats to arrange the betrayal of our country. But Jimmy didn't tell the U. There is no treaty and never was. From the beginning. He grovelled in apology for our history in Panama. I'm not talking about his recent trip to Communist-occupied Cuba. the treaties that would terminate U. the Marxist crook then dictating in Panama.S. No other commentator we know of has said it. He knew that. but even Sleazy Bill--another traitor--doesn't call himself Billy. If one of the parties is deceived into signing an earlier version. the contract is void. except that the United States paid in gold. The senators feared that the treaties did not sufficiently protect American interests. That's right! Carter committed fraud on the Senate. I know he hails from the South. The late Soviet spy Alger Hiss played a part in that strategy as a top State Department official. the stated goal of the Communists was to seize the Panama Canal. only because of Jimmy. Conspiracy assets in the media typically . chose Carter as the Democrat President who would help us survive Watergate. but which Jimmy gave the Communists to legitimize them.

There is probably no area of terrorism in which Castro does not participate. the Communist Chinese." Typically. Carter has been advancing Communist purposes for years. faceless gnomes who developed them after years of research have sworn us to protect their location and identities. the usual suspects come together in the end. So.'s Condoleeza Rice. For this reason. military concepts here concerning the conduct of war. Remember that Bush. Rule One: If you are at war but don't know it--you will lose. lest these principles fall into the hands of Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration. no longer even discussed. too complicated and exquisite even for Sun Tzu. It's right--and necessary--when you do it for some other good reason. now control the Zone and both ends of the Canal. If the present "war on terror" were genuine--and not just the latest excuse the conspirators are using to advance their cause of world government--wouldn't it make sense to invoke the Monroe Doctrine and take out Castro and Communist Cuba. all--all--the terrorist acts committed or contemplated in this country . he has refused to arm pilots and to concentrate on young men who appear to be Arabs. via corporations that front for Beijing. At this country's airports. Now ask yourself a question. his National Security Adviser. Bush said that Castro would need to make some changes to lift the embargo. If not. Are we at war? Let's look at a few examples. was a leader in both the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations that gave us Bush Jr. Those of us decrepit enough to remember the last war this country fought to win--World War II--understand how preposterous all this is. but the mainstream media. He has allowed the continuation of unlimited entry to the United States by people from suspect nations and ethnic persuasions." When is it right and wrong? It's wrong if you do it for no reason other than your dislike of the people you are profiling. we must classify this document Eyes Only. In the interrogation rooms at the police station. Sr.derided them. Rule Two: If you are at war but don't know whom you are fighting--you will lose. The President has told us to fight "the war" at home by shopping at malls and enjoying ourselves. The same people are running the show. whose ultimate goal is the destruction of the United States. say not a word of complaint. Again. thanks to Jimmy Carter. and his speech to expatriate Cubans about the embargo. So far. The usual. You may not get it the first time. reread. it should surprise no one that sexy Jimmy went to Cuba and said such nice things about Castro. it's back. ARE WE AT WAR OR AREN'T WE? SOME THOUGHTS ON THE REAL ENEMY By: Alan Stang Your Intrepid Correspondent should warn you that we'll be dealing with some profound. A few years ago. Remember that Cuba is still deservedly on the federal government's list of terrorist nations. so quick to demonize a suspected dictator. Now. no doubt supervised by Jimmy. Look for Bush/Carter to whipsaw the nation between them. The Communist goal for the Canal has been achieved. the easiest place in the world for us to fight? Why confine a "war on terror" to Afghanistan. totalitarian Trilateral Commission that hired Jimmy Carter as President. Among them would be a typically phony Communist election. Yes. Jimmy's trip gave Bush the excuse to put the idea back on the table. But before the Carter trip and the Bush speech. in a scheme to lift the embargo on Cuba. the hardest place in the world for us to fight? Notice that Castro has subjugated Cuba for 43 years. Do you believe that Jimmy decided on his own to go to Cuba? Or did he consult in advance with President Bush? The trip paved the way for Bush's visit to South Florida to help his brother Jeb's bid for re-election. the idea of cancelling the embargo was dead. he was caught in flagrante delicto smuggling narcotics into this country. but now of course it has. the technique is known as "good cop/bad cop. A word should be said about the dreaded "ethnic profiling. and the secret.

and the Thugs high on Kali who destroyed India. is a Prohibition of alcohol that would incite the envy of Carrie Nation. thousands of miles away. is the continuing war against him a different war. we are told. for instance. Is this Islamic? Your Intrepid Correspondent is composing this before the presumably impending attack on Iraq. Are we at war with Iraq? We have been bombing Iraq for 12 years. who later disappeared in the entrails of the State Department. that should be easy to figure out. were criminal gangs committing ghoulish atrocities.. which they used to get bombed. but also used pages torn from Bibles as toilet paper and defecated on the spot where tradition says Jesus was born. and straighten out your fellow Muslims. still can't tell us exactly whom we are fighting. but it doesn't know for sure who the enemy is. Let's see. you Arabs need to live with it. The forthcoming attack bequeathed by George I to George II. Notice that for the first time in world history a nation is fighting a war. that's easy. Arafat is the man who routinely denounces terrorist acts. Notice that nine months after the attack. But to fight a war. from the war we are fighting against the people who hijacked those airliners and bombed New York. uh . told him he could do so. which is supposed to be our loyal ally. Well. someone who won't compromise on doctrine. If ever there was a terrorist nation. and not fighting terrorism in Cuba. which is up to its ojos in internal narcotics. and whose role in the atrocity is still unclear. we're fighting "Islamic fundamentalism. So. The problem is that for a couple of generations Americans have been reprogrammed by government religion in the public schools to feel guilty-and therefore impotent--for everything that goes wrong in the world. Until then. There are questions about Saudi Arabia. however bestial. When such grannies start committing such crimes. from whom derives the word hashish. ever since the illegal war launched by George I when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait (none of our business). . Ambassador April Glaspie. led by Osama bin Laden. since we stopped sending Saddam military supplies to fight Iran." Are we? Remember the invasion of the Church of the Nativity by Palestinian thugs? A "fundamentalist" is someone who believes and implements the basic tenets of a religion. The original Assassins in the Middle East. What kind of "Islamic Fundamentalists" are these? According to the experts. . hmm. part of Yasser Arafat's al Fatah gang. we've been at war with Iraq all the time. more vigorously than other believers. 90 miles away. who may be dead. is simply the next phase in that endless war. Regular readers of these fulminations will recall that Arafat's thugs routinely terrorize their fellow Muslims to keep them in line--to keep their mouths shut--to create the spurious impression of a people united in support of every outrage. And why are we "fighting terrorism" in Afghanistan. Now let's look at Rule Two. don't you need a country to fight? In a real war--not . his thugs commit. The war we typically didn't win (Saddam is still there). in command of the FBI. . Islam officially respects Jesus and Christianity. turned out to be George the First's excuse to mouth off almost daily about Der New Vorld Order. we need to get nervous when they wheel up to security and examine their canes. our leaders. according to the priests at the Church of the Nativity. it's Cuba. But the thugs who held the Church of the Nativity hostage not only trashed it.have been the work of young men with Islamic names or backgrounds. . we're fighting . But was Saddam Hussein involved in the destruction of WTC? If not. which is on the State Department's own list of terrorist nations. were Christians likewise to treat the Koran and the birthplace of the prophet? The thugs belong to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. but which gave the world almost all the perpetrators. No--no--terrorist acts have been committed by Anglo-Saxon 75-year old grandmothers in wheelchairs. the Palestinian thugs who invaded and occupied it for 39 days guzzled the whiskey. the CIA. etc. after U.S. vodka and cognac they found there. until wiser heads in the Trilateral Commission apparently told him to stop. Whom are we fighting? Unlike Rule One. What are the basic tenets of Islam? Among them. we're fighting . . Yet. champagne. What would we be hearing in the media now. . maybe related but different. etc.

and who wound up in Sing Sing for conducting an abortion. and. whose physician father was a founder of the Communist Party. the governing principle was called the New Economic Policy.S. Now. It's nothing new. After all. some inspired by the "noble experiment. see Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development. What happened in New York would have been impossible without some geographic base. they found themselves in trouble. Herbert Hoover." Of course. went to the Soviet Union. became a pet of Lenin's and made a fortune with a pencil monopoly the grateful Soviet monster granted." The Ford Motor Company built automobile and truck factories in the Soviet Union. the loyal Russians. came to the rescue." How do we know that the Soviets "collapsed?" We know they did because they said so. the economic policy was known as "War Communism. But soon after the Soviets seized Russia in 1917 with the help of the United States. For the whole story. Be with me next week in this space for more. over the years since the beginning. American automobile workers. was the Soviet Union's favorite "capitalist. the "Soviet collapse" has happened before. ran the American Relief Administration. every time. which country are we fighting? To answer this question we must go back to the beginning. until he went home to Satan. LET US PREY THE HORROR IN THE CHURCH (Part 1) By: Alan Stang I am not a Roman Catholic. the conspirators for world government. So-called "nepmen" were allowed to do business. Trade revived. or NEP. God alone knows how many millions poured in. an inmate who got out would return with preposterous tales of other people called "Protestants" and "Republicans. how dumb can you get? .the perpetual excuse our leaders are using to impose their version of Mussolini's fascism--we could trace the outrages we have suffered to a specific country. who later would be President. which had brought the Soviets to power. Once in a while. Lenin elected to plead poverty. Many died there. So. the A. "The noble experiment is about to collapse!" he screamed. The United States." and Soviet CEO Lenin realized that he could not sustain it. remember that we are still definitely talking about the origin of the present "war on terror" we are "fighting" right now. no one paid any attention. everyone was a Democrat and believed that Franklin Roosevelt had been sent there by God.. In fact. the Soviet Union has threatened to "collapse" many times. in the early Twenties in the U.A. and. in 1921. The Reds were fighting the Whites. Lenin completely reorganized the Soviet economy.S. It is not an exaggeration to say that Ford founded the Soviet motor vehicle industry. or maybe that he was God Himself. And. U. The Party line that accompanied NEP said the Soviets were just like Americans. the three-volume masterpiece by the late Antony Sutton. Hammer went on to run Occidental Petroleum and a lot more. So. for control. or go to your library and see many of your Intrepid Correspondent's magazine articles in the late American Opinion. yes." went there to show the Soviets how to do it. who run the United States have poured in the necessary funds to save it.A. So again we ask.R.R. abandoned by Washington. the Soviets would not let them leave. and the beginning is the "Soviet collapse. pretty much the only people we knew of were Catholics and Jews.S. Armand Hammer. When they had finished. but in the historic enclave were I was raised. Needless to say. and would be accused by contender Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 of strangling the nation with government agencies..

On that date. The Masons had been illegal and underground at that time . the preeminent founder.So. not to us. through a planned psychological attack. Eventually. because we’re using them to ethically good effect . The goal of the Illuminists was to impose a dictatorship that would enslave the entire world. in The Trouble With Harry Hay. who wrote Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798). Harry Hay himself. they began to implement their scheme to destroy all religion. ". they say. We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions. which many scholars say is May 1. . Catholic or otherwise. . in the belief that the horror in progress inside the Roman Catholic Church today is supremely important to all of us. were Marxists. in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. . has recently been reissued in a new translation. Indeed. . Now. and since the Roman Catholic Church at the time still had immense political. browse with me through another manifesto entitled After the Ball. let’s move along to the Twentieth Century. The authors teach that sodomites should "inundate" straights (normal men and women) "in a continuous flood of gay-related advertising . 1776. I set these observations forth as an outsider. rather. . Adam Weishaupt. . the end justifies the means.’ and other shameful epithets-who are ‘not Christian. 1989). best-born. as well as ecclesiastical power. in what is now Germany. . Alyson. The Illuminists worked in secret. where they infiltrated the Grand Orient Lodges of the Masonic Order. by the Abbé Barruel. . in structuring the new Communist homosexual group. most powerful families into their conspiracy. 152). a hallowed commandment to all Marxists. for instance. which will tell you from their own mouths how the Illuminists recruited. all of whose founders. . the more "tiresome" and normal it will seem. . . The Illuminati later metastasized into the Communist movement. in the course of which all religion would be destroyed. " . . who simply fled Bavaria and went to Paris. in his music research. 151) The goal is something they call "conversion. 1990). Let’s go back to the beginning. who seized some of their paperwork. "Harry had found his model. . they admit that those ads will be lies. But it makes no difference that the ads are lies. 149).’ . which found its way into the work of Scottish Professor John Robison. modern sodomy derives from an outfit called the Mattachine Society. . which they used to foment the French Revolution in 1789. . Yet. You could also consult the four-volume Memoirs of the History of Jacobinism." (italics added) Now. talking." In other words. Harry Hay "followed the Masonic model. says Timmons.’ ‘kike. The Elector’s fine work did not completely squelch the conspirators. as you will see. and will. 153) (italics added) On the next page. because the more they talk about sodomy. . the Freemasons of the eighteenth century. ironically." (p. using noms de guerre. if memory serves. they were raided by the forces of the Elector of Bavaria. . Indeed. had been a Party member. Where did the latest extrusion of the sodomite movement originate? According to expert Stuart Timmons. which in 1848 hired an unknown degenerate named Karl Marx to write a manifesto that would memorialize the revolution they were planning for that year. Founder of the Modern Gay Movement (Boston. and recruited the sons of the wealthiest. talking. In Paris. mind. . What is happening is not just the haphazard eruption of predatory sodomites with their collars on backwards. How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ‘90s (New York. by Conversion we actually mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life . because of what it means to other churches and to the country. just after World War II. . . by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. founded the Society of Illuminati. . is to keep talking. Thus propagandistic advertisement can depict homophobic and homohating bigots as crude loudmouths and a**holes-people who say not only ‘faggot’ but ‘nigger." (p. ." which they explain as follows: "." (p. The advertising will perpetrate something called "jamming. . Doubleday. which. ." which is worse than old-fashioned subversion. a professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University. the metastasizing horror appears to be well orchestrated." (p. The important thing. the conspirators did what they could to wreck it.

is all this a mere fantasy. But the horror in the Church proves the point that sodomites are made. for all practical purposes. . to jump ahead of public sentiment or ignore it altogether. that they must recruit because they can’t give birth-and that sodomy by its nature includes preying upon children. it no doubt took many years for the termites to work their way high enough in the hierarchy so that they could safely "come out. not mine. remember that according to the holiest writ of the sodomite movement. the first gambit in which was the founding of the Mattachine Society by Reds. according to the lie. we’ll see the real reason there is a "shortage" of priests." How else could rescue groups be salvaging so many from the sodomite lifestyle and restoring them to normal life? The sodomite onslaught in the media. seems to be the product of a complex interaction between innate predispositions and environmental factors during childhood and early adolescence. But Kirk and Madsen say as follows on page 184 in a parenthesis: ". not born. you are being subjected to a brilliantly orchestrated plan. meaning efforts to secure gay rights by conspiring with liberal elites within the legal and legislative systems. they said that at least the Catholics still upheld the basic principles of Christianity. ." They speak of the successful use of "many executive orders (which side-step the democratic process) . No choice is involved. Indeed: ". people are born homosexual. or has it been happening? The point is that the present sodomite explosion is by no means haphazard. The goal here has been to forge a little entente or conspiracy with the power elite.Finally. . 170-71) Remember. however. The idea that people are "born gay" is another conspiratorial lie. . anyone can open a storefront church." Finally. sodomites are made. the word "conspiring" is theirs. (We argue that. And remember that all of this comes from the connivers themselves." All right." (italics added) Now ask yourself. gays should be considered to have been born gay-even though sexual orientation. what our friends the lawyers call an "admission against interest." In other words. we now have the context we need to look at what is happening in the Roman Catholic Church.) To suggest in public that homosexuality might be chosen is to open the can of worms labeled ‘moral choice and sin’ and give the religious Intransigents a stick to beat us with. Some guys like brunettes. some guys like guys. Years ago. for most humans. Be with your Intrepid Correspondent then. Sodomites can no more blamed for sodomy than "straights" can be blamed for heterosexuality. or whether it is part of an attempt to destroy the Church. . Because Protestantism is what it is. in the schools and everywhere else has been designed to convince us that sodomy is as normal as apple pie and baseball. Kirk and Madsen say this: "[A]ctivists have concentrated their efforts on politics. Some guys like blondes." (Pp. . That should give you everything you need to answer the question of whether what is happening is just routine perversion. And. . we’ll see what the sodomite conspiracy is doing in the seminaries. observers who weren’t Catholic would nevertheless applaud the fact that there were no signs of it in the Catholic Church. Next week. What happened? My speculation is that subversion-and now perversion-just took longer to show up in the Catholic Church. Because the Catholic Church is hierarchical. when subversion was starting to show up in many Protestant denominations. . . . LET US PREY THE HORROR IN THE CHURCH . is nothing but another media gambit designed to keep the lid tightly on that sinful "can of worms.

even boy friends. ." in which the participants scream at him and he is expected to humiliate himself. it is the same. Brainwashing is a tool the Communists always use to dominate a target population. we began a discussion of the sodomite invasion of the Roman Catholic Church. everywhere." (P. What kind of infiltration are we talking about? Who is behind it? Browse with me through a new book entitled Goodbye. 162) So. . . of Harrisburg. Washington. were cloned in the seminaries across America. in the 1980s. 130) Hidden from the American people. sheer hose. To understand this essential Communist tool. the American journalist who coined the term "brainwashing. and even from the Catholic laity who pay the bills. instead of being a refuge from evil. when your Intrepid Correspondent was lecturing across the country about the Communist background of the riots in the cities in the name of "civil rights. cit. . In New Orleans. Father Amos Perry. the Notre Dame seminary is known as "Notre Flame. and that the Roman Catholic Church has been their perennial target. . by Michael S. if you opposed the 'party line. The rot regrettably also extends to the nuns. . Later. 80 cases involving priests who were sexual predators were settled. of Austin. we showed that we." This is what many Catholic laymen are financing. The mind games. personal authority. known as Humanism." (Loc. The question arises: What kind of "party line" is Father Trigilio talking about? In just one archdiocese. Remind me sometime to tell you a brief memoir of our boyish confrontation in the schoolyard and the decisive intervention of a real Roman Catholic nun. spying." and sent to the "shrink. and hidden agenda. D. or.. you really need to read Edward Hunter." The seminarians. as you may recall. Good Men. Rose (Regnery. and were generally austere women of immense. recalcitrant.C. Almost invariably." They are sent to psychiatrists." The St.. In the Catholic seminaries.S.B. says this: "It was sobering at the time to realize how closely the dynamic paralleled the brainwashing strategies of the communist reeducation camps.G. I knew there would be trouble. Rose quotes Father John Trigilio. there was (is) even violence in the seminaries (yes. In a previous commentary. and that the purpose of the infiltration could well be the destruction of the church. . violence).' . lipstick and makeup. really together. . the seminary was just the reverse." when I saw women dressed like that in the audience. who allegedly are studying to become priests. the American people..(PART II) By: Alan Stang Last week. I could almost feel the presence of evil in that place. some victims of the process commit suicide." Take a look at Brainwashing in Red China. Father Trigilio tells us this: "It became evident that there was a diabolical element at the seminary. 2002). Sometimes. There is no better way to destroy such an institution than from within. There were nights when I couldn't even sleep because I was so scared. girl friends. as well as the vast bureaucracy of the K. who explains what it was like to become a Roman Catholic priest: "As in the former U. threats and blackmail. There were (are) group sessions in which the target is subjected to the technique of "self-criticism. . the trouble would come from young ladies in miniskirts. .R. As in Communist-occupied China. but that it had a purpose. Young men who complain are labeled "conservatives. worse. Always. The nuns of my childhood wore black habits and impossibly white bibs. there was. would-be priests who have trouble with the "party line" are told to "go see the shrink. routinely go "cruising" at "gay" bars. They shower together. are presently being subjected to wall-to-wall brainwashing that routinely shows up in things like the media madness whenever pitcher John Rocker speaks his mind. Mary's seminary in Baltimore is known as the "Pink Palace. I would learn that those young ladies were also nuns. . We saw that the invasion was not just the haphazard concentration of perversion in one place.) Remember that one of the goals of the Communists from the beginning has been the destruction of any and all religion but their own. with some happy exceptions. then you were labeled as mentally unfit and kept under close scrutiny . ." (P. Boston.S. Many years later. Pennsylvania.

"didn't know" the priest was a criminal." et cetera and so on. The men at the top have the ecclesiastical power to tell the sodomites to be gone. but. Your obedient servant does not have an answer. rather. have joined together in other groups in the church to protest. but the hierarchy where he is sent is kept in the dark about his crimes. who maintain the standards of old. What are they doing in a Catholic seminary if they are not there to destroy it? This brings us unavoidably to an even more annoying question. and so on. Notice what has become almost a rule in the endless exposés of sodomite priests whose victims finally complain. by the nature of what they are doing. the sodomites wouldn't be running them. If they didn't want the sodomites to run the seminaries. If they didn't want people teaching against church doctrine. Would I be far afield in suggesting that without intending to. who refuse to accept the sodomite invasion. But the record shows that it's a reasonable question. In some places. The time has long since passed when normal Catholics need to take action. who insist on saying the rosary. recruitment is booming. who supervises the geographical area where the crimes were committed. the normal candidate undergoes a process somewhat akin to the experience of a Prisoner Of War in Vietnam. my question is: Could it be that some at least of the men at the top who pose as bumblers are part of the problem? Has the sodomite gangrene even climbed as high as the cardinals? Again. Be with me next week. turns out to be protecting the criminal. Catholics who refuse to accept the new mass. Again the question arises: If the cardinals. they wouldn't happen. that the miracles of Jesus were fake. And were they to do that. There is no "shortage" of priests. when we'll look at the indivisible connection between sodomy and the Nazis. The Roman Catholic Church is a hierarchical institution. who stand one heartbeat away from the pope. it would be done. The criminal is transferred. They teach that Mary wasn't a virgin. they wouldn't be teaching.Proof that the infiltration consists not just of using the seminaries as sites in which to teach sodomy. Candidates who turn out to be normal (not homosexual) are driven out. Proof that all this is not the result of loss of faith is the fact that in seminaries run by normal men. In other words. The man running the show doesn't have a clue to what is happening. Some have decided to withhold donations until the necessary changes are made. Do you believe this? I don't. but sodomy. the people who teach this are not Catholic. lo. The difference is that today's "protestants" are protesting not simony. . the faithful fully accepted the prerogatives and power of the hierarchy. All we have is a question. Remember that Roman Catholics are not Protestants. like your reporter. is the fact that the degenerates also preach against Catholic doctrine. The ones who survive are no doubt tough enough to look the devil in the face and survive. Indeed. about the fact that in some (many?) areas the number of candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood has largely evaporated? Goodbye. The sodomite infiltration also explains the so-called "shortage" of priests. In centuries past. "wasn't aware. but that its purpose is to destroy the church. or is it even the cardinal. Yet. really want to solve the "shortage" of priests. Have you ever wondered. your Intrepid Correspondent does not have the answer. Father Trigilio reports that his superiors humiliated him for saying the rosary. so he is free to sodomize more. that Jesus didn't know he was God." "can't remember. why haven't they cleaned out the buggers and welcomed normal men? It is intolerable that the horror in the church is happening at precisely the time Christianity (and the western civilization it inspires) is the target of other predatory beliefs. The archbishop. or is it even the cardinal. Today. the turmoil in the church has fathered a curious phenomenon. The archbishop. So. Good Men explains why. Consider that if the men who run the church didn't want these things to happen. they have in a sense become "protestants" within the Roman Catholic Church? Remember that that was where the original Protestants began.

you could say that Saddam was tricked into war. a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. But now that Saddam had been suckered aboard and committed himself. Many Americans still believe that invasion will begin the war. So. by looking at the century of almost endless. you will never understand what is happening. to "manage" war for purposes never explained to the people who pay for it in blood. Washington's policy in war has been to keep us in war. On the contrary. foreign policy. Again. The purpose of both these outfits is to impose world government. not to win. more intense phase of that continuing instrument of U.WORLD GOVERNMENT FRENZY A CENTURY OF WAR By: Alan Stang As this issue of etherzone. It was General Douglas Macarthur who said that in war there is no substitute for victory. From the goes to press." The result has been a century of almost endless conflict. it is no business of ours when one country half way around the world invades another. There is a single. would Saddam have thought better of invading Kuwait? The man who ran the show was Father Bush. The invasion merely represents the next. But. If you want to erect world government.S. since World War II. and Washington has no grant of power from the people to do anything about it. in which the U. government runs both sides. not to cure. so the purpose of Washington's wars is to fight. in fact. A Marxist founded . he did so. Despite its cosmetic deference to "peace. The question immediately arises: What does that have to do with us? The answer of course is nothing (unless us is a major. if you don't understand it. government. international oil company). How and when did the war with Iraq start? It started under the imprimatur of Father Bush. toil. Remember? Washington righteously started the war because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Taking her at her word. you will keep letting Washington steal your property and kill your sons. so it has endured for about eleven years. we're sorry about it. You can have one or the other. Washington was furious. Had April Glaspie told him in advance that her boss would be furious. we have been waging war. It is important to remember that if you are for world government. Just as the purpose of government medicine is to treat. not both. against that country for many years. Another thing most Americans still believe is that Washington's goal in war is victory. Why did Saddam invade Kuwait? Why did he think he could get away with it? Remember a lady named April Glaspie? April was our ambassador there. I don't want to believe it. the purpose is always proper "management. That is why Washington's wars last so long." Washington's policy is perpetual war. when necessary it creates an enemy to fight. however lukewarm. for the obvious reason that you can't have the two things at the same time. Many Americans still don't want to believe that. As Shakespeare had Henry IV tell his son.S. managed conflict before it.S. President Bush is getting ready to tell the Communist UN why the United States must invade Iraq. the maniacal purpose of the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who rule us has always been to use war as a means to submerge the United States in a world government. sweat and tears. overriding reason for all this. "Be it thy course to busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels." not victory. you also want to abolish the U. you are against our government. What we propose to do here is to put the present war in context. but it's none of our business. Washington not only helps our enemies. and she told Saddam that Washington would not be disturbed at all were he to invade Kuwait. Let's begin with Iraq and then go back to the beginning.

The coming invasion will make all of us aware. who is still there. the U. if someone in the media were stupid enough to ask him about those groups. we have been at war with Iraq for many years. reduced them to breeding animals who wore black. or is ambassador to Kookistan. look at Condoleeza Rice.S. A couple of weeks ago. They belong to both political parties. with Washington's help. the ayatollah Khomeini. government. They control the mainstream media." another "madman" threatening the world with NBC weapons. so it doesn't matter who wins the "elections. . That is why George Washington. but Khomeini. Wouldn't you think that if the Salvation Army. and had installed our enemy. Why were they able to do that? They were able to do it because Washington had overthrown our ally. Saddam went to war with Iran. Somewhere along in here. embassy in Teheran and kept the personnel hostage until Ronald Reagan became President.S. Iranian "fundamentalists" seized the U. Those that do risk being shot down. and she comes to us from the Council on Foreign Relations. No. We have bombed that country routinely. That way. which could mean that his fellow conspirators warned him of the danger of spilling the frijoles too soon. Since then. he was our loyal ally. For many years. The True Story of John Foster Dulles. we launched a raid involving about 100 aircraft. and U." Members of these groups always run the show. April Glaspie was whisked back to Washington. you should be hearing about it every evening on the network news? For just one example. disappeared. During the Gulf War. he could say "honestly" he wasn't a member. according to news dispatches. answered a couple of cosmetic questions. you could browse through The Actor. Iraqi aircraft are forbidden to fly over about half their own country. Navy pilot Mike Speicher. or the American Legion. Why would someone pretend to "quit" if there was nothing wrong? Soon after she started the war. so you don't hear about them there. our institutions. Every Iraqi knows that.S. so we can't ask her about the war. Their members are the wealthiest. we have imposed an embargo on Iraq. Or was he our enemy? Confused? You were meant to be. to implement its policies. Father Bush often spoke gleefully of what he called "the new world order. whose stories have never been told. Saddam wasn't "another Hitler. The Shah had encouraged the creation of a modern nation. they had seized the State Department. Father Bush pretended to quit the CFR and the Trilateral Commission a couple of weeks before he launched his campaign for the presidency in 1988. or some other group controlled the U. Maybe she's running a talk show somewhere. Few Americans know it: the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who rule us. but I for one have not heard a hint about her since her historic bout with fame. She appeared briefly before a committee of Congress to forestall charges of cover-up. as far as I know.S. At that time. and for many years have controlled. she's brilliant. he abruptly shut up. She's black. for whom the monster is named.S. April. female military personnel captured by Iraq and raped in the first phase. the Rockefeller family ran them both. Again. are they holding you hostage? Can you get word out? In 1979. by yours truly. If you want to read about these people in considerably more detail than we have room for here. Even before World War II. and then. who have infiltrated. government for half a century and more. How much clearer could he have made it? After a while. warned our fledgling nation to beware foreign entanglements. in which women enjoyed all the rights they do here." to which the war would lead. most powerful people in this country and the world. so of course we had to send him supplies. the Shah. she's beautiful. They certainly control the U.the CFR. which you should be able to find in your library.

. Suppose you are the Soviet Politburo in Moscow. Father Bush left the job "undone" to perpetuate the division the world government totalitarians always want. The men running the show now are motivated by the same thing that motivates Father Bush: the goal of world government. By now. The risk would be too great. in which criticism can be quelled by calling it disloyalty. Doesn't he go home every night to his wife? Doesn't he constantly parade his Christianity?" Yes. the Communist technique devised by Italian Red leader Antonio Gramsci (see my piece on the subject in the EtherZone archives) has so corrupted and debased American institutions that you are ready to launch a military assault on the United States. the present Soviet "collapse" is as phony as a one-dollar bill. Some good people protest. since Mohammed founded it in 632. the first thing you would do is arrange the latest of many Soviet "collapses. Turning the country into a police state to "protect" us from terrorism is part of the process. The Soviet "collapse" will deflect attention from what you are really doing. and your unwavering goal has always been the defeat and subjugation of the United States. they have made an alliance with belligerent Islam for the purpose. so you could not be blamed for it. we shall go back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. or. My answer is: "By their fruit ye shall know them. top State Department official Alger Hiss was secretly working for Soviet dictator Stalin when he founded the UN along with other Reds. we have been considering the question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror. and Mao Tse-tung recently. you should feign weakness. known in the West as Humanism. "George W. thousands of years ago. we'll follow that plan through all the major wars leading to the present one. The "collapse" will bring you sympathy. they are. Now. We have seen that the Soviets invented the Red Terror to enslave Russia. Islam would be the perfect tool for the Soviets because Islam has been a warrior system for almost 14 centuries. the United States. but does he walk the walk?" Next week. The UN they created has always been run by Communists for Communist purposes. Next. is so charming. taught that. You are perfectly aware that you can’t just attack the United States directly. they are devotees of the religion of man. so simpatico. enormous financial aid and investment. rather. that's all true. investigators have nailed many individuals and groups who were doing exactly that for the Soviets. you would use front men to implement your policy. Be with your Intrepid Correspondent then. what would you do? Both Sun Tsu. Why would militant Islam collaborate with them? It would collaborate because the unwavering goal of both is the defeat of the Great Satan. Some even pretended to be "fighting Communism. and see that the plan was to trick our country into war on the way to world government." Or as someone put it in a modern version: "He talks the talk. and inspire your American enemy to disarm. along with diplomatic advances." As we saw last week." For instance. when your enemy is strong. So. if you are the world's supreme chess masters. So. Over many years. THE SOVIET-ISLAM AXIS: NOTHING "JUST HAPPENS" By: Alan Stang For weeks. But aren't the Soviets atheists? Yes.A theory floating through the media these days has it that Son Bush is making war on Iraq to "finish the job" left undone by Father Bush. This is utterly preposterous." Now we are ready to put the pieces together.

The same speculations apply to don John Sobieski. it's gruesome. Islam was still trying. for that matter. For half a century or thereabouts. a telltale tactic of all Soviet terror is the maiming and murder of the very people the terror claims to be advancing. there would be no United States. As a deep cover member of the world government underground. the victims of Ben Bella’s mutilations were Muslims. Arafat's thugs are doing the same thing in the Middle East. All of civilization would have changed. Look at the m. It's Very Simple. Today. published by the French government. and his Polish hussars. but it certainly isn't new. The purpose of such Communist terror is to persuade the target population to shut up. For instance. Almost a millennium later. photographs are available in the Green Book. work for Moscow rather than for the cause they pretend to represent. Castro and his Communist thugs routinely bombed buses in Havana. In 1954. and sometimes not so discreetly. allegedly a Muslim. the Soviets gain sympathy. Ben Bella is long gone. or a Christian. after a campaign of terror that endured for years. as did drugged North Vietnamese in the Nam. By using a religion as a cover. As we have seen. Ben Bella succeeded in detaching Algeria from France. Always. China. in 1683.. militant Islam could have swept Western Europe. Arafat has always been a Soviet asset. the Soviets began the siege of Algeria. trained. militant Islam possibly could have conquered all of Europe to the English Channel and beyond. paid. Who has heard of Charles Martel. Look at Bush's fulsome campaign to absolve Islam of guilt. Had Charles Martel failed at the battle of Tours in 732. etc. many Americans don't know whom we fought in the War for Independence. The leader of the rebellion was Ahmed Ben Bella. have always been Communists. the Communists used "necklacing. jihad has ! ebbed and flowed over centuries. killing and dismembering women and children as in Israel today. no one in history has done anything more decisive. Unfortunately. All I ask you to do is what the detective does. Cuba." a burning tire around the neck. It kills not only the enemy but its own. supplied and directed. Brainwashed Chinese committed suicide with American firepower in Korea. to the point at which the present pinhead in charge of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incineration) actually met with and addressed the Islamic "charity" that has been nailed for financing the terrorists. the Soviets from the beginning have used front men who discreetly. to create the spurious impression that everyone supports the Communists. you are no longer a Muslim.Today. With the help of Moscow's man in Paris. of Austria. see your Intrepid Correspondent’s book. Indeed. The Islamic promise of a platoon of virgins to those who blow themselves up is the perfect tool for Soviet terror. the "Hammer. There. Read the Koran. Indeed. So was Mao Tse-tung. In Algeria. the modus operandi. he has taken orders from Moscow." as such operations used to be known. For an encyclopedic look at Red terror tactics in Algeria. hoping to cripple that country. or even whom we fought in World War II. Yassir Arafat is not. Notice that Islam was threatening to do all that a mere hundred years after Mohammed. it is the same.o. Most of the victims by far of the Communist terror in South Africa were the blacks the Communists claimed to be liberating. Nelson Mandela and most of the present black leaders of the Republic of South Africa. a province of France. and included some of the most horrific bestialities ever committed. you worship other gods. everywhere. Yes." who was the grandfather of Charlemagne? Yet. Bombing buses and dismembering children has emerged as a principal terror tactic in Israel. but it is always there. So were Castro and his gang during all the years he was pretending to oppose them. If you have the stomach for it. Had they not repelled the Turks at the gates of Vienna. a Communist who ran a terror gang called the FLN (Federation of National Liberation). Whose footprints do you see? .. For instance. What we face under his direction in the Middle East today is a typical Soviet war of "national liberation. Charles de Gaulle. Why should we believe that belligerent Islam has given up the goal of world conquest it has been fighting for since the day it was founded? Yes. Observe how the Soviet terror works.

But. we have been exploring the question of whom we are fighting in the present war. It is important to add that while expert Soviet propaganda has largely radicalized the Islamic population. we looked at the history of the so-called "Soviet collapse." The Soviet Union just "collapsed. Flight 800 "just blew up. And he "just happened" to shoot up El-Al. The terrorists will continue to propel them toward Armageddon. What would a genuine Soviet collapse include? Would you agree that it would have to include: The Destruction of the Gulag. Either partner alone would be a scourge. George Bush would join the jihad." The only time we see "President" Putin is when he is bear hugging George Bush.In a recent piece you will find in the EZ archives. especially the Palestinians. Oklahoma City was the work of Tim McVeigh and his pal alone. not a word of all this is mentioned by the government or its lapdog so-called “news” media. but they have co-opted it and the jihad has acquiesced. Last week. So. and one Islamic fundamental prohibits drinking alcohol. were thrown open. The Soviets and the imams are working together. All over Europe. The only thing they tell us pretty much is that Russia is "helping" us in the "war on terror. right now. Again the question arises: What kind of Islamic "fundamentalists” were these thugs? Let’s speculate on the basis of what we already know.) But Jesus is a revered prophet in Islam. who says Putin is a man we can trust. The inmates were liberated. most people in the Muslim world even now would mind their own business if they were left alone. Were the terrorists who invaded the Church of the Nativity not so much Muslims as they were something else? They also trashed the church. But these are supposed to be Islamic fundamentalists. they are as tight as ticks in an armpit. (Imagine the outcry were the Israelis to trash a mosque. presumably more Muslim than Mohammed. of course." The media don't talk much about Russia these days. which tradition says was the birthplace of Jesus. equipment. together they are a conflagration. At some point. let's look at the "Soviet collapse" today." And the man who killed those people at LAX "just happened" to be named Mohammed. which typically denies and ignores what is happening. The camps were either destroyed or maintained as museums. Needless to say. according to whom the Soviets are our staunch allies in the "war. This brings us to American policy. Related Articles: WHY WE WILL LOSE THE WAR UNLESS WE FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY By: Alan Stang In this new series of commentaries." Be with me next week in this space for some thoughts on what we must do. . money and training it receives. Even the "conservative" media believe it. because of the supplies. The Soviets are relatively new to the racket. the partners could fall out. from Bergen-Belsen to Auschwitz. You can visit them today. the rip-and-read experts at the networks. your obedient servant reminded you that the thugs who recently invaded the Church of the Nativity guzzled all the alcohol they found. because of the obvious military law that if you don't know whom you are fighting. that will not happen. the victims streamed forth. The "Soviet collapse" is the starting point of most media coverage of that country. you will lose. The gates of the concentration camps. The people he killed "just happened" to be Israelis. we are told. You have seen enough movies to remember what happened when the Hitler horror collapsed.

In fact. They were kidnapped from South America. the militaries they had run-the war machines we had fought-were totally dismantled. shouldn't the same thing have happened in the Soviet Union? What has happened instead? The Communists who still run the country are still frenetically building the Soviet military as if they were at war. the vast network of Soviet concentration camps Solzhenitsyn wrote about. Bush will be safely installed underground himself. Millions would have to be liberated. the camps would have to be closed. the money is pouring in. Today. Haven't the Soviets changed its name many times? Don't the same people still run the country? Disarmament. The Big Casino. Slobo the Serb. Washington has complained that Saddam Hussein has refused to allow inspection of his missiles and NBC (nuclear. As we have seen. Any genuine Soviet collapse would have to include such punishment. they have promised to destroy some missiles. especially the ones who ran the death camps. what are the effects? When the police investigate a crime. because the poor Soviets "can't afford" to do it themselves. Mike says he is still a Communist. After the original Axis horror collapsed. When the Hitler horror and Hirohito's Tokyo collapsed. It should go without saying that any such collapse in the Soviet Union should include the same dramatic change. Yes. biological. an incredible 57 years later. the usual combination of traitors. . were tried." Mike presently offices at the Presidio in San Francisco. which used to be a U. maybe including you. And they have actually destroyed some-rickety relics they would have destroyed anyway to make room for modernized versions. Research has established that this latest "collapse" was entirely staged. different people ran Germany. Soviet generals are allowed to visit Fort Benning to observe our infantry tactics. opportunists and fools is helping to finance the Soviet war machine. They were hunted down everywhere on earth. Believe it or not. Does this sound to you like the policies of a system that has collapsed? Remember that when and if the Soviets launch. As in the case of Nazi Germany. We saw last week that Moscow has engineered many "Soviet collapses" since Lenin and his thugs seized power there in 1917. on the contrary. the Soviet Gestapo. After the genuine collapse of the Hitler-Tojo Axis. As usual. For years. For instance. Neither country was allowed to have a military until a few years ago. Army base (a nice irony). executed and jailed. American taxpayers. who used to run Yugoslavia. and the management of dangerous. Italy and Japan. Has it happened? The Changing of the Guard. As you read this. are financing the "destruction" of those Soviet missile relics. but no observation of the metastasizing Soviet military-much of it concealed in vast cities underground-is allowed. investigators are still looking for them. has it? "President" Putin is a "former" KGB colonel. The Lesson of History. the "war criminals" at the top. With the "collapse" of Communism." Today. Why would the Soviets engineer the present "collapse?" Well. that happens whenever the Soviets engineer a "collapse. Question: Has that happened? Are you allowed to visit them? Answer: No. is on trial for "war crimes" in The Hague. But George Bush is betting your life on the promises of a "former" KGB colonel.S. chemical) capability." Funding is much harder to arrange when the Soviets declare a "cold war. The word "collapse" refers to something that is out of control and has bad effects. every "Soviet collapse" has been strategically designed to produce effects beneficial to the Soviets. radioactive materials. convicted. Mike Gorbachev (KGB) completed the paperwork that established his foundation even before he was "deposed. isn't the Soviet concentration camp system still completely intact? The Punishment of the Guilty. they always look for a motive. his foundation runs annual conferences at which speakers like Ted "the Traitor" Turner demand a drastic reduction of world population. which they are.Any genuine Soviet collapse would have to include the collapse of the gulag. Well. The KGB. has a new name. No American is allowed anywhere near it.

Jesus can regenerate even the worst of men. Space exploration these days often includes a Soviet-American crew. Recently. The "Soviet collapse" is the reason we have been disarming. His predecessor." if the Russians are our friends. excuse me. Disarmament of the West. NSA. and set it afire. Forget your hair. in history? Yes. did the same thing more blatantly for eight years. The Communists found that they only needed to do this a few times in each neighborhood to persuade people to see things their way. They have elevated terror to an exact science. and if you now know it. starting with the first. who invented modern Terror? Wasn't it the Soviets? Lenin called for more and more terror and assigned Felix Dzherzinsky. in every country they have seized. here comes the most important question of the day. the neutralization of NATO has always been a Soviet goal. If the Soviets no longer are a threat. do you think. The victim would die horribly. like General Douglas Macarthur? What proof do you have that the Soviets "collapsed?" Isn't the only "proof" the fact that they said so? Now. if you give him a $500 deposit today. This question is guaranteed to herniate your discs: If your Intrepid Correspondent. we don't need a massive military. the First Sleazebag. and lied whenever it suited them. an end that justifies any means. military intelligence. How helpful will NATO be when the Soviets declare cold war again? The FBI (Federal Bureau of Incineration) is working closely with the "successor" to the KGB. pecking alone at his keyboard. As we have seen. how likely is it that such men would totally abandon all this voluntarily. still alive when the boiling fat ran down his legs. in South Africa the Communists used the technique of "necklacing" to terrorize the black population.S. Russia was admitted to NATO. There are clandestine schools in the Soviet Union that teach how to kill a target by running him down with a truck. we can't blame this entirely on Bush.Diplomatic and Military Advances. Continuation of the War. on their own. how to blow cyanide crystals in his face from a rolled-up newspaper so that he has a "heart attack". to inflict it. These are men for whom "promises are like pie crusts. the Soviets used terror. without being defeated in war? Can you cite such a thing ever happening anywhere. men who have violated every treaty they have signed. made to be broken. We are talking about men whose sole reason for existence is the destruction of the United States. In your experience. THE "SOVIET COLLAPSE" WHAT REALLY HAPPENED . who ran the Cheka. For instance. Our systems are becoming more alike and more entangled. how to destabilize a target country by terrorizing the population. They would put an automobile tire around the neck of a black accused of "collaboration" with the government. if Communism has "collapsed. in any country. if we have nothing to fear. and etc. smile and smile? Why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Finally. For instance. Would the monsters who did this merely fade away. but so far neither Gorbachev nor Putin has hinted that Jesus is involved. see my latest novel. how likely is it that the President does not know it? If he knows it and furthers it.. that the President-that's the man who looked into Putin's soul and liked what he saw-in command of the FBI. Always. Please answer this question based on your mature understanding and experience of human nature and history. knows all this. For a dramatized version of all this. military bases. The Treasury Department is helping the KGB collect taxes. Perestroika Sunset.. oh. Soviet generals are welcome at U. etc. CIA. Doesn't the crook who will put new siding your house tomorrow. Of course. doesn't it mean that's what he wants? Be with your obedient servant next week for more. men who have been conspiring toward that end all their lives. the Soviet. relying on Putin's word that he means us no harm." as Lenin is alleged to have said. slowly burning alive. how likely is it. if our President is bear-hugging theirs.

In 1921. sent the aid that saved the new Soviet Union. and finally succeeds by treasonously arranging the executions of hundreds of Americans and the destruction of a large element of our Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. For more details. 1939. The invasion of Poland had been the cause of the war. these totalitarian socialist allies. see my piece on the late Antony Sutton in the Etherzone archives. which again became harsh. the Cheka implemented the Red Terror. President Franklin Roosevelt conspires with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to trick the United States into the war for the purpose." Communist fronts in this country driveled daily that the United States should stay out of the European war because it was none of our business. The exchange of ambassadors facilitated the transfer of even more financial aid to Moscow. at which point the Communists were good guys. so they were bad guys. The Soviets were bad guys again. See I Saw Poland Betrayed. Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane. Little more than a year later. known as the New Economic Policy.S. for instance. Then Stalin went home to Satan. Roosevelt's closest confidant.By: Alan Stang For the last few weeks. the Soviets are good guys again. On June 22." and we saw that the Soviets have "collapsed" time after time. Lenin had died and the time had come to digest all this help." Last week. supervises "Lend-Lease. and then bad guys again when NEP was thrown out. during NEP. but now the United States literally forced Poland into the Soviet maw. the United States had helped install the Communists in the first place. the propaganda point of which was to prove that the Soviets were just like us Americans. 1941. which was the only way the West could keep their part of Berlin alive. because "Uncle Joe" Stalin is such a good guy." in which Stalin subjected his fellow Communists to show trials including brainwashing and execution for "disloyalty." signed by von Ribbentrop and Molotov in 1938. The Soviets deceitfully . and the Soviets were good guys again-until the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Let's look at that tactic more closely. Soviet asset Harry Hopkins. Hitler stupidly attacks Russia. in Missouri. The West. As we have seen. we returned to the beginning of the Soviet seizure of Russia in 1917." Stalin again needed time to digest. They were good guys again. Needless to say. Other companies transferred entire factories. the Soviets not only survived but also were able to seize all of central Europe. But now we are entering the 1930s. the Ford Motor Company made it possible for the Soviets to manufacture motor vehicles." There also was the little matter of the Soviet-Nazi "NonAggression Pact. The American Peace Mobilization disappears. But now here comes crazy Adolf to the rescue. Lenin saw that his Communist dictatorship would collapse without help. Because of all that aid. so he announced a complete overhaul. On the next day. Churchill announced that an "Iron Curtain" had descended over central Europe. began World War Two by attacking and dismembering Poland between them. preeminently the United States. So." Remember that we're talking about the early 1940s. They were bad guys during the Berlin Airlift. that made the Soviets and Nazis treaty allies. Stalin launched a massive propaganda effort that culminated in the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States. Now we are told that we must intervene immediately to save the Soviets from collapse. to "save it from collapse. Why not? The Soviets were such "good guys. Sounding like rabid "isolationists. Thirteen billion 1942 dollars would translate into a much bigger number today. New Soviet dictator Stalin now reversed Soviet policy. and began to look at the "Soviet collapse. By 1924. by U. and it was time for the Soviets to be good guys again. As soon as they took over. In 1946. we have been exploring the supremely crucial question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror." in which about $13 billion is sent to the Soviet Union. married by treaty. all this made the Soviets bad guys again. on September 1. But now here comes the "Purge.

Ceausescu was deposed. just a few years later. until Washington finally defeated our victorious military. and-mirabile dictu-they did it. we began to hear rumors about the latest "Soviet collapse. despite which our military won in the Nam." There was a blip in 1962. Every few years since. your Intrepid Correspondent and others have been warning that long-standing U. Did you happen to remember that a Soviet goal from the beginning has been the destruction of NATO? Space exploration has become a joint RussianAmerican operation. Soviet. loonies who heard voices when no one was talking. Instead. your Intrepid Correspondent has made one of the most amazing recoveries in the history of psychiatry. notice that. In Rumania. They allowed the reunification of Germany." Now. excuse me. escaped into Austria. of course we were totally insane. Russia no longer was Communist. Let's recapitulate. the Soviets and their satellites in central Europe sent the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong the supplies and equipment they needed to fight us. The men who ran Russia were good guys-just like us. according to the best available speculation. in a betrayal directed by Yuri Andropov of the KGB.S. then a Congressional investigator. but recovered quickly. The United States (with European help) installed the Communists in power in Russia in the first place. Russia is now in the middle of NATO. Merge the United States and the Soviet Union? Preposterous! We knew that was American policy at the highest levels because Rowan Gaither. but you certainly listen seriously. So the Soviets now were bad guys again. These are just a few examples. but don't call on me when you are trying to make bail. we had the Confederation of Independent States (CIS). the traitors who defeated our military turned a blind eye and the Soviets remained good guys. Now. invaded and ruthlessly suppressed Hungary. a former black ops spook." At that time. it was a Free Enterprise powerhouse. Those were the days of Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire." and our dear friends the Soviets certainly were bad guys again. oh. for instance. Ronald Reagan demanded that the Soviets dismantle the Berlin Wall. kidnapped the survivors among the 269 passengers and crew. (Federal Bureau of Incineration) and the "successor" (ha! ha!) to the KGB are as tight as a thumb in the nose. but he's a man we can trust.killed its leaders. including Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald. For decades. But. The United States now was embroiled in the War in Vietnam. just like us. From beginning to end. potential serial killers. policy has been to merge the United States and the Soviet Union. Until 1983. you still may not agree. Until new Soviet thug Khrushchev launched the "thaw. Hungarians who could. sure enough. From beginning to end. Russian generals are allowed to see our infantry tactics and other military secrets. Miracle of miracles. the Soviet Union itself was no more. Early in the 1990s. when the Soviets shot down Korean Airlines Flight 007. Norman told us the whole story on our radio talk show in Los Angeles." Now we could really relate to the Reds. And. no lithium or other stabilizing drugs. Try this: go to Fort Benning and demand to see them yourself. The Soviets were bad guys again for a while. We repeated that warning during the heat of the "Cold War. to the point of sanity at which I am arguably a paragon of "mental health. Khrushchev became the "Man of the Year. a confrontation that Jack Kennedy lost for the United States. during the "Soviet missile crisis" in Cuba. That's why Bush is disarming without verification. Items: the F. Bush looked into Putin's very soul and likes what he saw.I. who ran the multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation at the time. the parasitical Soviet system has routinely approached the point of . He may not be a Christian. the process was completed. just like the United States. They were good home folks. said it was American policy in conversation with Norman Dodd." Most of the little Soviet dictators disappeared. even with no treatment.B. and. when we mention the possible merger of the two nations.

Believe it or not." So the point is that the "Soviet collapse" is nothing new. it proves that he wants to bury the facts. I couldn’t tell the CFR from the Salvation Army. could not happen by accident. Kissinger came to us from the Council on Foreign Relations. We like to call it. For instance. They can’t have worked together. from good guys to bad guys and back again. The difference in their ages is too great. . your Intrepid Correspondent loudly predicted that we would never hear of this pompous schweinhund again. I haven’t been that stupid or that ignorant since." Had the United States merely done nothing. Which recalls Wolcott Gibbs's classic parody of Time Magazine's style: "Backward ran sentences until reeled the mind. now that we have the necessary history. So. the Soviet Union would have disappeared long ago. But it does serve the valuable purpose of exposing what Bush really is. Your Intrepid Correspondent met Herr Kissinger when I was writing a network radio show at NBC in New York. I can’t think of any other explanation. KISSINGER IS A TRAITOR WHAT IS BUSH? By: Alan Stang Who told Bush to pick Kissinger to investigate Nine Eleven? Was it the original Bushwhacker. It could only be planned and deliberately cultivated. Looking through the book and then listening to the interview. It has happened time after time. I had never heard of it. a book so atrociously boring that the eye forced to undergo it rebounded in horror from the page." Be with your reporter next week for more. At the time. as in the case of arming airline pilots. here comes Henry the K. we are ready to examine the specific proof that this latest "Soviet collapse" is a fraud. the pre-interview and the questions. except maybe a zombie Democrat. germanified version of English we have all come to loathe. It is a routine subterfuge the Soviets use. somebody obviously told Bush that Kissinger was the man. Until the announcement. whatever his politics. "yo-yo diplomacy. So. want to know everything about it. At the time. still mumbling like a man who has overdosed on Wiener schnitzel. the pressure from the heartland was too great. and today would be a mere footnote. Nature would forbid it. Kissinger was an unknown Harvard professor and was hawking a book entitled Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. Can you? Why wouldn’t he want the facts revealed? But apparently. which tells me that he already knew the answers and didn’t want them revealed. Had they ever met? Whatever. leading to another look at the question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror. Back and forth the public relations have gone. how and why? Everyone wanted to know except Bush. Bush had been adamantly opposed to any investigation of the Muslim attack on the United States. want to know who did it. Why? Wouldn’t everyone. The appointment of Henry Kissinger to investigate Nine Eleven doesn’t mean that Bush has changed his mind. imbibing the impenetrable. maybe a chapter. Forty-One? It would be so helpful to know. it means that we shall never find out what happened. What didn’t occur to me at the time was that the boredom that emanated like a stale crotch from Herr Doktor. the obfuscation that surrounded him like a physical miasma. This recalls the fact that your obedient servant was stupidest and most ignorant when I worked at NBC. It is a standard strategy in the Soviet mindbending arsenal. still serving the world government conspirators who inflicted him on the nation that took him in. It was a talk show for which I did the research. taught by Machiavelli and Sun Tsu. much less knew what it was.collapse-and every time without exception the United States has come to the rescue with billions. On the contrary.

US Army Sergeant (later Captain) Henry Kissinger was stationed in Oberammergau. finally cured of stupidity and ignorance. Goleniewski told CIA about Kissinger in 1961-62. I often called him with questions about who was whose. A Soviet spy ring called ODRA was active there. The men he and Kissinger abandoned never did come home . Remember that our glorious military won the war in Vietnam. Smelling piasters. One of Frank’s books was about Henry Kissinger. tried. But Kissinger had the ear. "Goleniewski" decided to work secretly for the West and fingered many spies. Goleniewski escaped with his family to the West and told everything to CIA. Communists and other subversives sufficiently voluminous to give pause to CIA. The man who discovered all this used the name "Michael Goleniewski. is something you can’t quit. was murdered and considerable money disappeared along with some documents. Nixon lied. in Germany. even the whole." Elsewhere. an escort routinely composed of military intelligence officers. Kissinger was a top US government official. Is he still a Soviet agent? Soviet intelligence. including the Soviet Colonel who masqueraded as Gordon Lonsdale. when in fact our military had completely exterminated the Viet Cong.S. who signed off on our defeat. Years later. Henry Kissinger started his career as a member of a Soviet spy ring. New York. the people he had named were arrested. At the end of World War II. Frank was Chief Investigator for the Sheriff of Westchester County. Goleniewski’s information was impeccably accurate. and who ran a network that included Henry Houghton. Again. government by Goleniewski which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate?" Norpel replied: "I do not. Years later. Later. rotting carcass. of Richard Nixon." That’s right. a subcommittee of the US Senate conducted hearings on the subject at which John Norpel. more than any other man. Kissinger’s Soviet record was ignored. in England. Henry the K had become world infamous. and Frank always took the time to tell me. By 1973. Houghton led to John Vassal. New Jersey. when no one had ever heard of him. Nixon announced that no more Americans were being held against their will in Southeast Asia. Ethel Gee and the Krogers. Now look at Kissinger’s activities. when a courier. Frank had files on Nazis. With Kissinger at his elbow. but not in the United States. Soviet Agent. Indeed. Kissinger and Nixon arranged a secret payoff. convicted and imprisoned. When they got together in private. World government traitor Walter Cronkite told America on CBS that we had lost the Tet Offensive in 1968. they no doubt had much to discuss. He discovered Kissinger’s name on a list of ODRA agents in 1954. to whom the Communists provided an escort when he visited the Soviet Union. who used the code name "Bor. who was high up in MI-6 in London? Blake was also a Soviet spy and Goleniewski exposed him.." Norpel added that Goleniewski’s revelations had been checked out and proved true "in every case. which disappeared entirely. where he was an interrogator and instructor. His CFR connection protected him. The subcommittee’s chief counsel asked Norpel: "Do you know of any information ever furnished to the U. No. Kissinger was one of the principal perpetrators of our defeat in the illegal UN war in Vietnam. Norpel had been an official at State Department security and the FBI (when that agency was still run by Americans). it was Henry Kissinger. Remember George Blake. Communist Laos publicly announced that it was holding hundreds of our men. so Goleniewski warned CIA again. testified. At his home in Zarephath. your Intrepid Correspondent spent hours talking with Goleniewski." and was a top intelligence official in Communist Poland. of British Naval Intelligence and the KGB. who arranged to abandon our POWs in Southeast Asia.What do we know now about Henry Kissinger? One of the men who helped cure my ignorance was the late Frank Capell. like Cosa Nostra. In fact. Peter and Helen. sir. Jr. and recruited Kissinger. at the Military Intelligence School. whose rank corresponded to general. They lost in New York and Washington. a Greek-Russian woman. whose purpose was to infiltrate US military intelligence. Communist Vietnam was ready to deal. but when Congress wouldn’t pay.

he won the Medal of Honor for sacrifice and heroism. The Communists hit a U. Naval Institute Press. Bush knowingly appointed this discredited Soviet agent to "investigate" what happened on Nine Eleven. Question: If your obedient servant." Nothing more." Do you believe Washington or the man who was there? I believe Admiral Stockdale. Kissinger shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Le Duc Tho. What is Henry Kissinger’s secret? He explains that "institutions based on present concepts of national sovereignty are not enough. So. is up to its heinie in deals with the Arabs. The Gulf of Tonkin was Vietnam's Pearl Harbor. although your Intrepid Correspondent was totally discredited as a prophet at NBC. AGAIN By: Alan Stang We have been looking at a century of war. not one. knows this. Later. President of the United States. The treason at Pearl Harbor actually happened. but that our own leaders tricked us into every one of them by arranging for us to be attacked." The world government he wants "will not come quickly. which authorized President Lyndon Johnson to send troops. we can easily predict what Herr Kissinger will find: Nothing. his Communist counterpart. Navy pilot.S. Roosevelt deliberately arranged that disaster. How did it happen that we wound up in still another war halfway around the world? We were attacked. and the Gulf War. There was one discrepancy. Maryland. let's look at the war in Vietnam. in command of the FBI. the War in Korea. Bush. NSA. Now. As a POW in Vietnam. to prepare ourselves for this step beyond the nation-state. the War in Vietnam. Annapolis. which the first Bush Administration tricked us into. We've seen that there was no good reason for our country to be in any of them. In fact. are still alive and still there. and he sent upwards of half a million. and if you now know it.S. et cetera and so on. There will be the usual.S. whose stock-in-trade is influence.C. how reasonably possible is it that George W." Like the conspirators he serves. that Herr Heinz will expose his own clients? Along these lines. . Did George W. many intermediate stages must be traversed before it can be reached.and some of them.(In Love And War. Navy vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin. Teutonic mumbling about "intelligence failures" and the need for greater "homeland security. At least. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. he wants world government. The question is. Bush arrange this latest attack on the United States? THE WAR IN VIETNAM D. Kissinger’s company. in command of one computer keyboard. whom do you believe? Admiral Jim Stockdale was a U. none of which we needed to enter. DIA. It is not too early. it certainly proves that Bush wants to bury the truth about what happened. How likely is it. however. We began our discussion with the Gulf War. CIA. Admiral Stockdale happened to be flying in the Gulf of Tonkin the night of the "incident" and says it didn't happen. of course. Look at the autobiography he wrote with his wife Sybil. does not know it? Would you agree with me that Bush doubtless knows many times what you and I will ever know about it? So. 1990) There was no "incident. We have now looked at the circumstances of our entry into all five major wars we fought in the Twentieth Century: World Wars I and II. The so-called Gulf of Tonkin "incident" never did. maybe many. the Bush family is also deeply involved in business deals with the Arabs. which says volumes more about Bush than it does about Kissinger. and we have seen that Washington tricked the United States into both World Wars and then into the War in Korea. do you think. just as Franklin Roosevelt launched "investigations" to conceal the truth about Pearl Harbor. DEFEATS THE U.

if our country really were in danger. Washington had cleared the shipment of rifle cleaning materials to the European arsenal of Communist Vietnam. again there was no declaration of war. under the Communist UN. We wouldn't need a military draft. Remember that Washington. in Vietnam. Douglas . not a declaration of war. American military men in combat were desperately short of rifle cleaning rods.S. In Korea. forbade elections after President Fulgencio Batista had fled. even the grandmas in the sewing circles would take off the gloves. the most powerful nation known to history." But going it alone is the only way we could win. The billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us are hostile to a declaration of war because it is an expression of national independence. Last week. In the present war against Iraq." Washington helped other Communist nations around the world. only if it is none of our business. it was the treason at Pearl. without which the new M-16s easily jammed. just to keep it out of his hands. Our leaders tell us that the worst thing we could do is "go it alone. but every bit as much." U. But in Vietnam. only if its purpose is other than the preservation of the nation. in effect. There was an office in the Board whose job was to figure out what to do with it. forces wiped out the Viet Cong. installed Castro in power and protected him from overthrow. learned that Hitler was trying to buy something essential in a neutral nation. along with many other examples of equipment with military application. If B. Would you agree with me that if our country really were attacked. The old geezers with the bellies in the American Legion posts would voluntarily lead the Cub Scouts into battle. helped create the threat from Saddam Hussein. the Board would buy it first. we answered the question of why the United States. because the enemy we were supposed to be fighting was. rather than in Vietnam. We couldn't win in either place. Not enough Americans ever understood that our presence in Vietnam was authorized by our membership in the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). even if we already had a couple of mountains of it. There is no declaration now. in Vietnam. could not beat pip-squeak North Korea. In Vietnam. and then allowed the Soviets to trick us into giving the Communist UN control of our military. and in the Gulf War. even betraying free Cubans into his hands at the Bay of Pigs. In an infamous example you may remember. The same question arises here. Question: If our purpose was to fight Communism. Washington told Pyongyang that Korea was outside our defense perimeter. one of the regional UN subsidiaries mentioned in the Charter. we fought directly under the Communist UN.) North Vietnam got most of its military equipment from Communist Europe. Why did Washington trick us into the War in Vietnam? To fight Communism. Washington would need no trick to persuade us to fight.E. in World War II. of course. One Marine was killed while running to a comrade with the only cleaning rod his unit had been issued. which the media said we had "lost. World War II was the last war we really fought to win. our presence was "legalized" by a UN Resolution. the excuse was the sinking of the Lusitania.In World War I. the easiest place in the world for us to supply. In Korea. And Communist Europe got much of that equipment from the United States. on the far side of the world. there was the Gulf of Tonkin "incident". why didn't we fight it in Cuba. 90 miles away. all through the war "against Communism. running our side. the hardest place for us to supply? Answer: Washington chose Communist Fidel Castro as dictator. If necessary. Why couldn't the United States beat North Vietnam? (Remember that in the 1968 Tet offensive. we fought indirectly. The Board had one purpose: to keep supplies out of enemy hands. President Bush is again demanding UN participation. thus inviting North Korea to attack. in Korea. in Vietnam. our leaders again arranged for United Nations control. Washington did everything it could to support the enemy. Meanwhile. You need a trick only if the war is phony. One wartime agency was the Board of Economic Warfare. in considerable part. our ambassador to Baghdad told Saddam that Kuwait was outside our defense perimeter.W. as in Korea. Indeed. So.

The invasion merely represents the next. The route was known to U. why couldn't we win the war against Iraq the same way? Why is it essential to place hundreds of thousands of young Americans in harm's way? Notice that it's the politicians in Washington who are lusting for goes to press. it would have bombed the dikes and flooded the country. it treats them like garbage. Many Americans still believe that invasion will begin the war. do you expect something different now? Indeed. Be with me next week for a look. Instead. worse. pilots as "Suicide Alley." It was amazing that not more of them were shot down. Where Hanoi had been. but only within 204 feet of it. Washington offered the enemy infamous "privileged sanctuaries. there would have been a big hole in the ground filled with nuoc mam. Question: If we could "win" the war against Serbia. And." He also warned that it would be foolhardy for the United States to become involved in a land war in Asia. .S. our military men are not. On the contrary. like his father." down which the Communists infiltrated those American supplies transshipped from the Soviet Union. If Washington had given Hanoi the Dresden treatment it gave Nazi Germany. the reason we had to relive the previous century of treason was to prepare ourselves for what is coming. President Bush is getting ready to tell the Communist UN why the United States must invade Iraq. Our survey of a century of treason would be incomplete without a look at how Imperial Washington treats the men (and now the women) it sends to fight these phony wars. including "regime change. It was General Douglas Macarthur who said that in war there is no substitute for victory." with aerial bombing alone. They were ordered to fly a specific route." where they could rest and recover. Another thing most Americans still believe is that Washington's goal in war is victory. however lukewarm. Our pilots were allowed to carry only a small portion of the bomb load their aircraft were designed to carry. but not enough to be truly effective. in many cases. How is a UN war fought? In Vietnam. they would simply move 205 feet plus away. since World War II. As you will see. sweat and tears. he has given control of his Administration to the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations. in fact. In other words. So. The latest to do so is Colonel David Hackworth. More and more military men have been warning us to back off. we were allowed to bomb the "Ho Chi Minh Trail. to "manage" war for purposes never explained to the people who pay for it in blood. when the North Vietnamese convoys saw us coming. we have been waging war. Washington's policy in war has been to keep us in war.Macarthur warned that in war "there is no substitute for victory. because garbage is routinely treated. toil. the new war with Iraq is being conducted by the son of the Bush who gave us the first one. more intense phase of that continuing instrument of U. the goal of which has always been world government. Related Articles: WORLD GOVERNMENT FRENZY A CENTURY OF WAR (Part 1) By: Alan Stang As this issue of etherzone. foreign policy. Again. After five phony wars. That is why Washington's wars last so long. but. they were allowed to carry "token" loads.S. against that country for many years. where the Communists therefore had concentrated perhaps the most anti-aircraft ever assembled.

" The result has been a century of almost endless conflict. not to win. Again. government. "Be it thy course to busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels. If you want to erect world government. our institutions. Washington was furious. It is important to remember that if you are for world government. when necessary it creates an enemy to fight.S. The question immediately arises: What does that have to do with us? The answer of course is nothing (unless us is a major. overriding reason for all this. Despite its cosmetic deference to "peace. you are against our government. so it doesn't matter who wins the "elections. She's black. Wouldn't you think that if the Salvation Army. But now that Saddam had been suckered aboard and committed himself. you will never understand what is happening. But. she's beautiful. How and when did the war with Iraq start? It started under the imprimatur of Father Bush. As Shakespeare had Henry IV tell his son. managed conflict before it. but it's none of our business. You can have one or the other. the Rockefeller family ran them both. government runs both sides. They control the mainstream media. For many years. or some other group controlled the U. you could browse through The Actor.Just as the purpose of government medicine is to treat. They certainly control the U. What we propose to do here is to put the present war in context. so the purpose of Washington's wars is to fight. international oil company).S. by yours truly. the purpose is always proper "management.S. Had April Glaspie told him in advance that her boss would be furious. a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. so it has endured for about eleven years." Members of these groups always run the show. Taking her at her word. you could say that Saddam was tricked into war. government for half a century and more. you will keep letting Washington steal your property and kill your sons. If you want to read about these people in considerably more detail than we have room for here. look at Condoleeza Rice. she's brilliant. in which the U.S." Washington's policy is perpetual war. he did so. From the beginning. Remember? Washington righteously started the war because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Let's begin with Iraq and then go back to the beginning. it is no business of ours when one country half way around the world invades another. by looking at the century of almost endless. There is a single. they had seized the State Department. you should be hearing about it every evening on the network news? For just one example. not both. and for many years have controlled. so you don't hear about them there. we're sorry about it. would Saddam have thought better of invading Kuwait? The man who ran the show was Father Bush. Even before World War II." not victory. and she told Saddam that Washington would not be disturbed at all were he to invade Kuwait. Washington not only helps our enemies. The True Story of John Foster Dulles. if you don't understand it. and Washington has no grant of power from the people to do anything about it. Their members are the wealthiest. government. the maniacal purpose of the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who rule us has always been to use war as a means to submerge the United States in a world government. which you should be able to find in your library. or the American Legion. Why did Saddam invade Kuwait? Why did he think he could get away with it? Remember a lady named April Glaspie? April was our ambassador there. A Marxist founded the CFR. Many Americans still don't want to believe that. for the obvious reason that you can't have the two things at the same time. . So. you also want to abolish the U. The purpose of both these outfits is to impose world government. not to cure. They belong to both political parties. to implement its policies. most powerful people in this country and the world. I don't want to believe it. and she comes to us from the Council on Foreign Relations. who have infiltrated.

the ayatollah Khomeini. We have bombed that country routinely. we have been at war with Iraq for many years. How much clearer could he have made it? After a while. The coming invasion will make all of us aware. so simpatico. we'll follow that plan through all the major wars leading to the present one. that's all true. This is utterly preposterous. Why were they able to do that? They were able to do it because Washington had overthrown our ally. Or was he our enemy? Confused? You were meant to be. as far as I know. we have imposed an embargo on Iraq. The men running the show now are motivated by the same thing that motivates Father Bush: the goal of world government. but I for one have not heard a hint about her since her historic bout with fame. Saddam wasn't "another Hitler. Saddam went to war with Iran." another "madman" threatening the world with NBC weapons. whose stories have never been told. Maybe she's running a talk show somewhere. the U. and then. according to news dispatches. Iraqi aircraft are forbidden to fly over about half their own country. if someone in the media were stupid enough to ask him about those groups.Father Bush pretended to quit the CFR and the Trilateral Commission a couple of weeks before he launched his campaign for the presidency in 1988. Iranian "fundamentalists" seized the U. Why would someone pretend to "quit" if there was nothing wrong? Soon after she started the war. "George W. in which criticism can be quelled by calling it disloyalty. and see that the plan was to trick our country into war on the way to world government. . in which women enjoyed all the rights they do here. are they holding you hostage? Can you get word out? In 1979. Navy pilot Mike Speicher. The Shah had encouraged the creation of a modern nation. Doesn't he go home every night to his wife? Doesn't he constantly parade his Christianity?" Yes. warned our fledgling nation to beware foreign entanglements. but does he walk the walk?" Next week. She appeared briefly before a committee of Congress to forestall charges of cover-up. Father Bush often spoke gleefully of what he called "the new world order. That way. reduced them to breeding animals who wore black. Turning the country into a police state to "protect" us from terrorism is part of the process. Be with your Intrepid Correspondent then. embassy in Teheran and kept the personnel hostage until Ronald Reagan became President.S. is so charming. disappeared. My answer is: "By their fruit ye shall know them. During the Gulf War. he abruptly shut up.S. he was our loyal ally. No. who is still there. we shall go back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. he could say "honestly" he wasn't a member. we launched a raid involving about 100 aircraft. Somewhere along in here. so we can't ask her about the war. Some good people protest. for whom the monster is named. female military personnel captured by Iraq and raped in the first phase. April Glaspie was whisked back to Washington. Since then. Few Americans know it: the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who rule us. answered a couple of cosmetic questions. A theory floating through the media these days has it that Son Bush is making war on Iraq to "finish the job" left undone by Father Bush. the Shah. Father Bush left the job "undone" to perpetuate the division the world government totalitarians always want." to which the war would lead. but Khomeini. Every Iraqi knows that. A couple of weeks ago. and had installed our enemy.S. and U. or is ambassador to Kookistan. so of course we had to send him supplies. which could mean that his fellow conspirators warned him of the danger of spilling the frijoles too soon." Or as someone put it in a modern version: "He talks the talk. April. Those that do risk being shot down. At that time. That is why George Washington. with Washington's help. Again.

why did we eventually enter that war? In 1915. so the German government took out ads to expose them in major American newspapers. totalitarian powers. to New York to look through the Carnegie files. The Lusitania was supposed to be a civilian cruise ship of the Cunard Line. None of this had anything to do with the United States. . and we saw that Washington started the war by means of a diplomatic contrivance. so. because that ammunition would be used to kill Germans. and other military supplies. Our government and world government are mutually exclusive for the same reason two solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. At the time. pressured those newspapers to cancel those ads. It did no good. that's exactly what I mean. (Only one was published. for an evil purpose. which necessarily would mean the abolition of the United States government. and sent Kathryn Casey.WORLD GOVERNMENT FRENZY A CENTURY OF WAR (PART II) By: Alan Stang Last week. Anyone who complains can be called "unpatriotic. it had the perfect right to take out the Lusitania. in a relatively small newspaper in the upper Midwest. and the only way to understand what is happening now is to answer them. It would become better known after World War II. The English were trying to keep these facts secret. What? You mean these people actually sit down around tables and make plans? Yes." Remember that the purpose of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was supposed to be peace. a congressional committee was investigating all this. scores of Americans boarded the Lusitania and set sail on a joyous cruise. The German government politely pointed out that. under the rules of war. warning travelers to stay off the Lusitania. the Carnegie Endowment was not so well known. a Serbian nationalist assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in Sarajevo. War necessarily is an international relationship. when the man who ran it was Soviet spy Alger Hiss. Some forty years after the 1909 meeting. a lawyer. the conspirators agreed that the best way to approach Babel would be to embroil the United States in war. House. I call them "conspirators" because the dictionary says a conspiracy consists of two or more people. we saw that it has been in continuous progress since 1991.) In complete ignorance of the facts. That is why they have conference tables. In 1914. Virginia. run in large part by Woodrow Wilson's "alter ego" Edward M. This raises questions about the century of war just concluded. we looked at the conduct of the present war with Iraq. At the meeting in 1909. new powers. an evil purpose. after the usual maneuvering. war erupted in Europe. Miss Casey was so upset by the evidence of scheming she found that she almost suffered a nervous breakdown and had to enter therapy. and Americans were overwhelmingly in favor of minding our own business. In 1909. and these conspirators were meeting in secret to advance world government. In fact. the Lusitania set sail from New York for Southampton. it was a Royal Navy vessel. the Marxist theoretician. as you will recall. loaded "to the gunwales" with six million rounds of ammunition for the English. meeting in secret. and. War gives the government immense. The Wilson Administration. some world-government conspirators met at the headquarters of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in New York.

The English interfered in Lincoln's illegal War of Yankee Aggression. Hitler later adapted the idea for his own purposes. this was long before Hitler. just to make sure. (Things took a lot longer in those days." The conspirators knew that were the American people to discover what they were really doing. and the shocking fact was that there were still enough Americans in the Senate to vote the treaty . aside from which the United States never had had a beef with Germany. and . The conspirators chose England rather than Germany. his campaign slogan was. with considerable loss of life. In 1897. It was the English who invented the "concentration camp. The trouble arose in the U. Indeed. we would have to be in the war. The reason House was hostile to the Germans was that he visited Germany before the war. 1972). the English had broken the German code. because no American interest was even remotely involved. you should browse through The Lusitania (New York. In London. and knew where all the U-boats were. whose book is therefore and admission against interest. none of whom is addicted to seizing territory around the world. whose advice and consent were necessary for the ratification of the treaty that would permit our entry. He had no military experience and knew nothing about the military. the Welsh. and England backed down. we could just as well have entered the war in behalf of either side. Not the "British. that was designed to serve as the rudimentary framework of the world government that was their goal. they were frustrated after World War I. who is English. so many Germans lived here in colonial times and thereafter that the serious question arose of whether German should be our language. House was known as "Colonel" House. Because the war had nothing to do with us. you have to be on one side or the other.) They were hoping that in the aftermath of the war. Marxist theoretician Edward House and his fellow conspirators in the Wilson Administration took us into war in 1917. Senate. the Irish and others. But. On the contrary. Remember. First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill was waiting. As the doomed vessel approached Southampton." which was the only reason they won the Boer War. D. All of those peoples have been content to enjoy their own countries while we enjoy ours.sitting on those tons of ammunition. they were talking about "peace. he was a Texas "colonel. the Germans were still gentlemen. Washington invoked the Monroe Doctrine. Wilson ran for reelection." In 1916. The English invaded the young United States in 1812 and burned Washington. To read all about it.S. "He Kept Us Out of War. Because so many Americans were lost on the Lusitania in 1915. they could plunge our country into world government. they didn't get it all it metastasized again." because that term includes the Scots. when the world would be rearranged. It is important to note that all the while House and Wilson were conspiring to trick the United States into war. the English have always been our historic enemy. the same outfit Bush II recently mentioned. but the hospitable Germans concluded he must have been a real colonel. To have a say in the peace. with the sad result that House came away with the idea that Germany was mostly militaristic. Churchill withdrew its naval escort. Unfortunately. and his hosts in Berlin did everything they could to be cordial. The English used mercenary Hessians to fight us in our War for Independence. by Colin Simpson. there would have been another revolution. if you insist on getting into one. and offered a program of military displays for his enjoyment. hoping to use it to recolonize America. we almost went to war with our historic enemy again because of an English incursion in Venezuela.C. a German U-boat sank it. But one of the harsh realities of war is that." appointed by a grateful Texas governor for political work House had done. about which a few words should be said. sure enough. despite all this exquisite planning. That was why the conspirators needed a trick. Ballantine. They had concocted a scheme called the League of Nations.

he was running for re-election in 1940 and made the following pledge: "I say to you fathers and mothers. on September 28. Today. In London." Now. Be with me next week. We saw that in the aftermath of the war. he provided destroyer escorts to English convoys and threatened to sink any U-boats (German submarines) that showed themselves. the Marxist conspirator who lived in the White House with Woodrow Wilson. the American mind would kneel the next time the conspirators had the chance to enmesh our country in their Lilliputian coils. Virginia. He ordered his commanders not to respond to Roosevelt's provocations. but that the Wilson Administration colluded with the English to embroil us by means of a trick. your boys will not be sent into foreign wars. in 1940. Twenty years passed and they had another chance.S.down. The conspirators were right. failed to go along. was "He Kept Us Out of War. invaded and dismembered Poland. which obligated any of the three to treat an attack on the . later president of Columbia University." Remember that Woodrow Wilson's re-election slogan in 1916. Europe was now embroiled in World War II. On April 30. in the infamous "again and again" speech. The problem was that Hitler was too smart to take the bait. So. when he was conspiring to trick us into World War I. Remember that the war began on September 1st. world government conspirator Franklin Roosevelt was telling the same lie. We saw that there was no sensible reason for the United States to enter World War I. WORSE THAN JAPAN ROOSEVELT WAS A TRAITOR By: Alan Stang For a couple of weeks we have been looking at Washington's use of war to submerge our nation in world government. Italy and Japan. concluded between Germany. to discuss where they had gone wrong. 1939. called the "American mind" had not been properly prepared. when international socialist dictator Joe Stalin and National Socialist dictator Adolf Hitler. they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs. in the Pratt House. Back in New York.allies and treaty partners. Now he was President and he lusted to get the nation into war again. Meanwhile. and I will say it again and again and again. then still dominated by Americans. the conspirators sat down around another table (yes. It was generally understood at the time that membership in such an organization would have diluted our national independence. Edward House. 1919. 1940. Roosevelt was hoping to provoke an incident he could use as an excuse to declare war. Senate. They decided they needed an organization that would inundate the American mind with a flood of propaganda about the glories of world government. After a generation of propaganda. Thus properly prepared. They decided that what Nicholas Murray Butler. the United States did not enter the League and it eventually failed. Franklin Roosevelt had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy when the Wilson Administration and Winston Churchill tricked us into World War I. they were ready when the next opportunity came to drag the United States into the framework of world government: World War II and the present United Nations. Roosevelt provoked Hitler by waging war without declaring it. when we'll take a look. formed the Council on Foreign Relations. For instance. another table) at the Majestic Hotel in Paris. Regular readers will remember that that is where Bush Junior found Condeleeza Rice. the headquarters of CFR are located at 68th Street and Park Avenue. the conspirators failed to arrange world government because the U. Roosevelt found the solution in the Tripartite Treaty.

and the plan to exterminate the Jews wasn't hatched at Wannsee until . Simon & Schuster. "the Pearl Harbor attack was. He launched the infamous Lend-Lease program. kept our commanders on the scene in the dark about it. the communists here had been pushing the line that we should stay out of the war. A diplomatic "incident" would not be enough. that the treasonous monster's advocates have reversed course. By now. who prints new information that proves Roosevelt did it. The people had been tricked into World War I. You see. something that had to be endured in order to stop a greater evil--the Nazi invaders in Europe who had begun the Holocaust and were poised to invade England. so Roosevelt had to trick us into it. but argue that he had to do so for our own good. Now. remember. he would have been blamed. Japan is of course a small island country that has no oil. because had the Japanese attacked." The present status of Pearl Harbor research is revealing. According to the party line. which was just as well. who gave us the "day of infamy. 2001). 1941. A recent book along these lines you really should look at is Day of Deceit. he would indirectly get the war he wanted with Germany. This meant that if Roosevelt could provoke Japan to attack the United States. the aircraft destroyed. 1985) After many months of such provocation to which the Japanese did not respond." But the Allies knew nothing about the Holocaust until after Pearl Harbor. On June 22. all sacrificed in behalf of world government and the Soviet Union. 1941." Roosevelt imposed an oil embargo on the Japanese. the attack was a "complete surprise. commander of the Pacific fleet. they were screaming that the United States should help the Soviet Union. the battleships sunk. The embargo was designed to bring the Japanese to their knees. encouraged it.other two as an attack on itself. by Robert Stinnett (New York. So. did everything he could to make it as horrific as possible and then blamed our commanders for it. this would have been war. As he read the dispatches about the thousands of Americans killed at Pearl. they finally hit Pearl Harbor on December 7th. Many of those people were still alive and adamantly opposed our entry into another war that had nothing to do with us. wanted it to come. so many facts. Indeed. did nothing to prevent it. We are mere "innocent bystanders. He knew where and when it was coming. Richardson. so much slime has oozed out. It was Roosevelt. the two socialist monsters had been allies. that only a major catastrophe could have changed their minds. How big a surprise was Pearl Harbor? The answer is that Roosevelt knew the attack was coming." According to Stinnett. Socialist gang leader Hitler attacked Socialist gang leader Stalin and the usual gang war broke out. The party line immediately after the attack was to conceal all this. in which the United States sent enormous amounts of military equipment to "Uncle Joe. The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson (Publius Press. from the White House perspective. Such was the sentiment against war among the American people at the time. the men entombed on the Arizona. because he revered Stalin and all things Communist. Of course. Roosevelt ordered Admiral J. they admit that Roosevelt arranged Pearl Harbor. the treasonous monster must have felt the intense satisfaction one feels after months of hard work pay off in success. Roosevelt had to continue the pretense that he was a mere innocent bystander. but who also speaks of the treasonous monster's "magnificent contributions to the American people." Franklin Roosevelt finally had his war. Before that date." We had "done nothing" to provoke it. Tucson. we were too stupid to realize that we should have been in a war. fearing for his fleet. failed to warn them it was coming. so much testimony. The day after the attack. Roosevelt was now even more frantic to embroil us in the war. You will find a concise description of all this in a helpful book. much more than the Japanese. His legacy should not be tarnished by the truth. Admiral Richardson refused and was fired." December 7th was a "day of infamy.O. to impose a blockade that would have prevented Japan from using the western Pacific.

among others. Reading the Japanese messages required a "magic" machine. Instead. Roosevelt read a message from Tokyo to its Japanese embassy and said. One was installed in London for Churchill. the attack was already under way. he knew nothing specific about the coming attack. U. he would of course have scattered his aircraft and had them ready to take off. in order to provide a context of understanding for the present war on Iraq. On December 6th. Roosevelt ordered him to do just the opposite. The recent movie about the attack showed that we lost many planes. and to understand the war in Korea we need to look first at the United Nations. "This means war. but to protect the fleet he sent his battleships out of Pearl with forty other vessels and aerial reconnaissance. The approaching Japanese broke radio silence 28 times." On his desk. Question: Would a President of the United States deliberately arrange for thousands of Americans to be killed in order to advance some megalomaniacal scheme? Answer: Yes. but our commanders at Pearl were denied a machine. Needless to say. so the only thing they knew about Japanese movements was what Washington told them. Even the Oahu radar station was shut down. The Virginia countryside is so beautiful. so they knew what the Japanese were doing." While Short was being bombed. propellers facing inward. It is painfully obvious that President Bush wants the UN to . when somebody finally handed Short the telegram. under UN direction. We have already looked at two examples. Marshall was horseback riding that Sunday morning. Kimmel had replaced the fired Admiral Richardson. How did the traitor Roosevelt arrange it? Here are a few examples. Question: Would a President of the United States do that again? Be with your Intrepid Correspondent next week. you need to look at the books we have mentioned. 1941. Army Chief of Staff George C. Washington ordered those ships back to Pearl and told Kimmel to stop aerial reconnaissance. but our commanders were deliberately kept in the dark. We have seen that. for UN purposes. only a few of which were built. which blinded Pearl Harbor. Admiral Husband E. Again. in behalf of their perennial goal of world government. Washington told him the danger was sabotage and Short. Why? If General Short had known that the danger was an aerial attack. we have been looking at the major American wars of the Twentieth Century.after the attack. THE UN IS COMMUNIST WHAT IS BUSH? By: Alan Stang For weeks. our own leaders tricked us into both world wars by arranging for the murders of thousands of our own people. He could have picked it up and given General Short crucial hours of warning. but the White House instructed them not to tell Kimmel and General Walter Short. the ships wound up beside each other at anchor. had no way of knowing any better. Foreign vessels were also receiving those Japanese signals. to bunch the planes in circles.S. The war in Korea was the first war the United States fought in behalf of the UN. Instead. They wound up as juicy targets for the incoming Japanese. Navy intelligence had long since broken the Japanese "purple" code. remember. Marshall had a telephone that was a direct line to Pearl. Both Army and Navy intelligence knew exactly where they were. both Wilson and Roosevelt should have been hung. which meant it would take a long time to get them airborne because they had no reverse. Again. You will be attacked. "Dear General Short. The next war we need to look at is the war in Korea. The present war on Iraq is another. he sent a commercial telegram.

the Marxist revolutionary who was Eisenhower's Secretary of State. delegation to the UN. Truman and Hiss are shown together on the dais.S. John Foster Dulles. in which our own U. The only thing we can suggest is that you take no one's word for it. A legislature. Bush doesn't know all this? Remember that the purpose of all this was and remains the creation of a world government. . Western Islands. government would at first be subservient and later dissolved. it was impossible to get into the conference. In a historic news photo that probably appeared on the front page of every newspaper in the United States. that George W. Dulles complains. as the war was coming to an end. But then he adds. Hiss stood at the dying Roosevelt's elbow. including mine. As Director of the State Department's Office of Special Political Affairs." So far. . Alger Hiss was later exposed as a Soviet spy. movie starhandsome. A judiciary. Bush doesn't know all this? Perhaps the best proof of what is happening comes from our own government. which meant in effect that the Soviet Union won the right to run the UN and we won the right to pay for it. . A military. Wouldn't all that add up to a government? How likely is it. There was only one problem. is talking here about UN legislation: ". How likely is it.serve as protective cover for Washington's purposes. government policy: "The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever . the world government conspirators failed to arrange American entry into the League of Nations. . we haven't been able to arrange this. which was then the rudimentary framework of the world government they were trying to create. The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. what is the UN? The United Nations was conceived by Communists and has always been run by Communists for Communist purposes. a judicial system and police force. This was and remains official U. So. Without credentials signed by Alger Hiss. 1968). "We must not accept that condition as permanent. It is important to note that Alger Hiss was just one of many Soviet UN maggots. 1945. released in September 1961. Remember that after World War I. We are talking of course about the State Department Publication 7277. you will probably not believe it. with the result that they were successful in putting the United States into the United Nations after World War II. . where much of this was arranged and where central Europe was secretly deeded to Stalin. he was convicted of perjury and imprisoned for lying under oath about his Communist activities. One of your Intrepid Correspondent's books could be helpful in this discussion. . you will find for instance the following statement published by Foreign Affairs. No doubt that was why. do you think. The UN was founded at the San Francisco Conference in 1945. Let's see. endlessly efficient and consummately charming. Hiss arranged for the Soviets to run UN military activities and for the United States to run UN financial activities. President Harry S.S. The Secretary-General at the UN conference was a distinguished gentleman names Alger Hiss. . a couple of years before he was exposed. In The Actor (Boston. They inundated the American people with world government propaganda through conspiratorial outfits like the Council on Foreign Relations. It is very short. At the infamous Yalta Conference in the Soviet Union. Hiss appointed the members of the U. during the Kennedy Administration. . entitled Freedom From War. . that George W. at the first London Conference in 1946. in February. You can easily check it out for yourself. And to enforce them there is required. If you have never heard of this before. Hiss helped draft the UN Charter. you could read the whole thing in a few minutes. the monthly periodical of the Council on Foreign Relations. do you think.S." Hmm. The achievement of such a body of laws calls for a lawmaking process.

As we have seen. which will soon be disarmed. Now. which the United States quit many years ago. including photographs of UN goons literally burning a living child. a UN with "spine. The UN would have an invincible military. . Would the victims of such programs be black? And in the issue of June 24th. when the process is complete." a UN with "backbone. read and decide for yourself." Okay. Along these lines. get up off the floor. . the solidly leftist Village Voice. Bush doesn't know about this? Bush lately has been calling for an ever-stronger UN. not even a tittle. This story should have been on the front page of every newspaper in the United States. They would be handed over to something called the United Nations Peace Force. ". thanks to George Bush." a UN determined to avoid the fate of the League of Nations. that George W.S. government policy is to eliminate all militaries. Maybe Jack Kennedy was too busy chasing Fiddle and Faddle in the White House to know about it in the first place. Have you ever heard about it? Does George W. And the UN was conceived by Communists. . which calls itself America's largest weekly newspaper. none at all.N. was founded by Communists and always has been run by Communists for Communist purposes. Bush has put the United States back into UNESCO. . That was one of its main purposes. including our own. This would eventually mean the complete Communist subjugation of the United States. Bush know? . torture and murder of children. Always the first target of such a Communist tactic is somebody everyone dislikes. we would be completely defenseless.other than those required to preserve internal order. the United Nations Educational. invincible because no nation could challenge it. we warned you. Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? We're sorry. What would happen to those militaries? Would they just be disbanded? Would their arsenals just be destroyed? No. do you think. How likely is it .S. UNESCO was flooding the nation's schools with Communist world government propaganda. we know it because once in a while we check on its status and it is still in force. that lesson is being taught to Iraq. government policy today? Sorry. Scientific and Cultural Organization. It really does say what you thought it did. UNICEF. ladies." So. 1997. As always." Remember. But the date on the subversion is 1961. a UNICEF outfit called LoveLife promotes sodomy and abortion. To dramatize his commitment. doesn't it? Official U. has recently been pushing child sex with homosexuals and with animals. an eternity in this fast-moving world. . more than forty years ago. See the UN series entitled Toward World Understanding. Right now. Surely none of my very knowledgeable readers subscribes to the preposterous Communist canard that Communism is "dead. the UN Children's Fund. Pilgrim. . In Stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U. such a UN would mean world dictatorship. Pilgrim. by UN "Peacekeeping" soldiers. maybe some Communist lunatic left over by the departing Alger Hiss wrote 7277. And how do we know it is still U. find your bifocals and read it again. reported in excruciating detail on sexual exploitation. In South Africa. UNESCO hasn't changed a jot. but here we are in it again. Peace Force. Maybe you can work it into an exciting. We would have no military. new style.

" it would have looked too suspicious. Soviet occupation forces moved into North Korea. That is what your history book says. So. but this offer is going fast. Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev admitted that Joe Stalin ordered North Korea to attack the South. So. his UN delegate in New York. they said. THE WAR IN KOREA TRICKERY OF THE WARMONGERS By: Alan Stang For weeks. Kim Il Sung himself. Did our leaders trick us into that one? Well. he boycotted the session. Western Islands. Malik would have been there and voted "No. they conducted it and they told Soviet officer Kim Il Sung to launch the invasion that began it. Be with your obedient servant next week. they had been planning it for years. 1950. he would of course have cast a veto and kept us out. intelligence that broke the Japanese purple code. at the close of World War II. was an officer in the Soviet Army. didn't know it? So. Soviet delegate Jakob Malik wasn't there. please get in touch with me at once. and the United States won a "smashing diplomatic victory. We saw that our own leaders tricked us into both World Wars I and II. is there any chance that Jakob Malik. Do you believe it? If so." because when the Security Council voted on the question of whether to send the United States to Korea to fight in its behalf.So. the Soviets wanted us to be in the war. because. Question One: If Joe Stalin knew when the war would start (because he started it himself). Throughout the war. You must send earnest money now! In 1945. the North Korean dictator. Had he been there.S. Soviet citizens held most of the top positions in the North Korean government. The next major war we fought was the UN war in Korea. the third of the major wars our leaders tricked us into during the Twentieth Century. In 1953. now we're ready to look at the UN's war in Korea. didn't know it? Question Two: Is there any chance that U." the right to send our troops halfway around the world to fight in a place few Americans could then point to on a map. Our pilots heard them speaking Russian on the radio. These are just a few examples of what you will find in your Intrepid Correspondent's book The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles (Boston. the same U. air force Lieutenant General Sam Anderson said that entire Soviet air force units were fighting in the war. the Soviets not only knew when North Korea would start the war. thousands of Soviet troops were in North Korea. IN 1954. the United States was refusing to admit the Communists who had seized China the year before. In 1956. It is revealing to note that after the United States were tricked into the war. This turned out to be a huge Soviet "mistake. But the Soviets finally "outsmarted themselves. We still have available a few choice vacation lots in scenic southern Sudan and downtown Ramallah at bargain basement prices. in June. intelligence. how did we get into the war? Remember? When the war began. 1968). Only if we do that can we understand the present war with Iraq. using the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor disasters for the purpose. Had they wanted to keep us out. the Defense Department released documents that proved the Soviets gave North Korea "the signal" to attack." Had he been there and voted "Yes. Malik returned to .S. the Soviets were boycotting the UN Security Council." Malik was absent. there was no veto. we have been looking at the wars we fought in the Twentieth Century.

We were in the war to fight. and I want to keep the Amerikanskis out. exactly the opposite message our leaders wanted to convey. A declaration of war would be the ultimate expression of national independence. How did they solve the problem of going to war without declaring it? In the archives of the Council of Foreign Relations in the Pratt House at 68th St. and. The reason our own leaders conspired with the Communists to trick us into the Korean war was to begin the transfer of our military to the Communist UN. but there is no declaration . "Listen. and headed "Confidential. we couldn't beat a pipsqueak like North Korea? The answer. For limited circulation. that Undersecretary was a gentleman named Konstantin E. It was to him that the UN Commander General Douglas Macarthur had to send his reports. Jake. Defense and nothing but defense is defeat by installments. You will recall that our diplomats arranged for the Soviets to run the UN and for the United States to finance it. But. is that we were not in the war to win. the United States beat a couple of the most advanced nations on earth at the same time. despite the fact that Communist-occupied China still was not a member. in New York. in which the internationalist warmongers could experiment and tinker with an early version of the new United Nations army.S. why would he deliberately allow his biggest enemy to fight him? Wouldn't he have told Malik. The Korean War was a world government laboratory. How could it be that only five years later." Six years later. mirabile dictu." This was the first of our many wars the United States failed to win. As we have seen. The document explained that the only thing Congress has the power to declare is war. We emerged from that war with our homeland unscathed. by far the most powerful country on earth. while he was running the UN side of the . Remember that the Communists have always had the same goal. weren't we supposed to be fighting Communism? Would the Communists in New York try to beat the Communists in Korea? The man who runs the UN military activites. in 1950. Zinchenko. government)? If Stalin wanted to conquer South Korea. you will eventually lose. we were in the war to be in the war. is the undersecretary for Political and Security Council Affairs. and win decisively. I found a series entitled American Interests in the War and the Peace dated 1944. in 1945. Be there. There was another reason. their goal is to leave us defenseless and to create a UN military that could force all nations to obey. we never lost' and since we have had the Defense Department. we have never won. which was the alleged reason he had stayed away in the first place. It is perhaps revealing to note that when we had a War Department. The warmongers would trick us into a war by calling it something else. no doubt because if all you do is defend. I'm going to start a war in Korea. We had kept the Soviet Union alive. Where would you guess Comrade Zinchenko came from? Indeed. South Korea was merely a pretext. we are in a war. it is called the "Korean Police Action. Why would the Soviets trick us into the Korean War (with the tacit approval of the U. and vote "No. Notice that the United States did not declare war. such as the war in Korea. The document suggested a simple solution. and Park Ave. were it called something else. in the war in Korea. The CFR document suggested calling it a "police action. Remember that the goal of the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us has always been world government. the men who are being shot at have no doubt it's a war. still not sufficiently understood." which could mean that its presence on the shelves was a mistake. During the Korean War. Only five years before. Congress would have no power to declare it.the Security Council." The answer is that the territory of South Korea was the least important aspect of the war.

A prisoner later reported that he actually heard Vasilev give the order to attack on June 25th. More. but doing that would require more risk than you are willing to take. from morality to language to business-which the citizens agree on. from General Macarthur on down. the sum of the ideas-about life. Basilev was a UN general. IT'S THE IMMIGRATION. stealing secrets from the United States. More and more people were arriving who did and believed things quite differently. When "our" leaders founded the UN. they also agreed that a Communist would always run the UN's military adventures. If it doesn’t. when refugees from England arrived in North America early in the 17th Century. The Undersecretary for Political and Security Council Affairs is of course a diplomat. The Military Staff Committee implemented his orders. One after another. What makes a country? What makes this country? The first requirement of nationhood is borders. such dilution would apply throughout the United States. For instance. that culture was overwhelmed. you could use the ICBMs you lied about destroying. via Kim Il Sung. There was no plan to do that. that in fact the enemy knew American military plans in advance. Zinchenko was his boss. When enough of them arrived. By the middle of the present century. but it is the element that holds the nation together. a town of 35. those lines will be erased. Fox News reported that 2. the nation is lost. the Soviets ran their side of the war. still unindicted traitor Bill Clinton. about death and things in between. There is no doubt that Truman was told to fire Macarthur because the warmongers feared he might secretly engineer another triumph like the Inchon landing.000 souls and that conflict has erupted over lifestyles and the fact that the Somalis are using half the town’s welfare money. There is no more country. still President. The Chairman of the Committee was general named Basilev. That reservoir of belief is so basic it is often not discussed. the country inside those lines must enforce them." On the other hand. How would you do that? If you are the Soviet Union that never did collapse. The other essential element of nationhood is culture. another Soviet. If you can’t point to an area between lines on a map. spoke at Portland State University. he crowed. you have no country. Suppose the Amerikanskis are able to retaliate. Zinchenko was also running a Soviet spy ring. Maine. a feat of military genius that "couldn't be done. What are Somalis? How would 2. Maine? A few years back. Zinchenko. Suppose they have a secret weapon that can do to KGB "President" Putin what Spielberg’s ark did to the Nazis in "Raiders of the Lost Ark. When that cohesive element is lost.war. But suppose you do have a purpose. in Oregon and boasted that people of American culture were already in the minority in California. Is that what you want? Be with me next week for more. STUPID! TREASON IS THE REASON By: Alan Stang A couple of weeks ago.000 Somalis have turned up in Lewiston." but that completely wiped out the North Korean army. Suppose your purpose is to subjugate the United States. however much they may differ on other things.000 Somalis get to Lewiston. no purpose. if such an attack were . In short. not even mentioned. President Bush says he wants the war in Iraq to be another UN war. lines on a map. And they ran "our" side of the war via Konstantin E. the process was the obvious result of overwhelming numbers. our generals complained that they were forbidden to win. they found a totally different culture in the Indian nations.

they try to Islamicize it. The Assyrians used it to destroy the Northern Kingdom." You would also send people who do have a plan. Iraq and North Korea have collaborated. They wouldn’t have a plan.-who would love nothing better than to decimate your troops and feast on the bones.successful. So. The inevitable would happen. Somalia is as hot as you know where. You are a student of history and you know that such an invasion helped to destroy Rome. in the same way sodium goes boom when you throw a chunk of it in water. waiting eagerly for your paratroopers to land. suppose you were to invade instead. not just to admit them but also to pay for the trip." to balkanize the population. to melt the old "melting pot. How did so many Somalis get there? It is Imperial Washington’s policy to bring such people in considerable numbers to the United States. and the Soviets supply the training. misguided perversions of the faith. Very soon. When you get off in Honolulu. women will be doing the hula and will cover you with leis. the better. Sukarno of Indonesia was a Communist. what would you do? You would launch another kind of invasion. we have discussed Islamic attempts to conquer Europe through the centuries. but they are exceptions. the distinguished author. The tactic is mentioned in Scripture. wouldn’t need a plan. for just one example. Other invading empires have done it. but I’m betting it would be nigh on to impossible to find a place on the planet more different than Somalia and Maine. The more Muslims you send to the United States. they are Muslims. You drop gazillions of Soviet and Red Chinese paratroopers at Landing Zones prepared by the umpteen thousands of deep cover agents you have already positioned here. Islam is a warrior religion that teaches the power of conquest. along with many of the people you want to subjugate? Okay. the people would be fighting each other. not to mention lynching minorities-the kind of men the experts told us were sniping the victims in and near Washington. You will still be home. has been a KGB tool all his life. where 18 American military personnel were killed as depicted in "Blackhawk Down. then get back on a plane and fly much of another day. it is the rule. whose monumental book on the schools I shall soon review. What must be repeated again and again (what you will not read or hear almost anywhere else than . The more different they are. and you would do everything you could to prevent assimilation. Maine is mother lode Christian and as cold as either Pole. They come from Somalia. But the people will speak your language and share your culture. But this is a country in which you can get on a plane in Lewiston. Maine. Yes. It doesn’t have a plan. Now. remember those Somalis in Lewiston. the Soviets are atheists. the more you will dilute and demoralize America’s Christian culture. You did something like this in Ukraine. When Muslims come to a country.C. they are heretical. When Christians come to a country. there have been many exceptions. Christians believe in the power of conversion." Needless to say. a government policy that replaces target populations is "genocide. sexually frustrated and born to hate. the tactics and the weapons. they try to Christianize it. would be uncountable millions of lunatic. the Muslim terrorists supply the bodies and the fanaticism. D. In the collaboration between the Soviet Union that never did collapse and Islam. The only Mainiac I know right now is Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. Maine. crazed and heavily armed. We know that Yassir Arafat. lip-licking white men. They wouldn’t even have to be coming to destroy it. Yes. This was of course the policy of still unindicted traitor Clinton. wouldn’t it destroy a considerable chunk of the infrastructure you want. Conquest is not an exception in Islam. beating up women and sodomites. fly some 3. In previous EtherZone commentaries. You did something like it in the Baltic nations. According to the Communist UN. You would arrange to send as many other peoples as possible to live in the United States. there will be differences.000 miles to Los Angeles and recuperate overnight. but what unites the two factions is their wish to destroy the United States. Even more troubling is the fact that.

Arabs coming here to flight schools would be diverted to Moscow. Enemy aliens should be rounded up. as in the Union occupation of the South in post-bellum Reconstruction. because she hammered a spike through Sisera's temples while he slept and nailed him to the ground. and to protect. Border Patrol officers are thoroughly disgusted. should be stopped. if not the legal. Joe. for instance. Yes. still hasn’t heard about this. Profiling would be the order of the day. the Italians and the Japanese in 1942. a charade. the entire thrust. like the Germans. Notice that see and hear no evil worldnetdaily. and scripture is full of praise for people who do exactly that. But the policy remains the same. from assassination to TNT. if. he has a different way of doing it. They arrest illegal aliens and then are routinely ordered to release them. or Australians or members of Skull and Bones. to use any means to overthrow that dictatorship. what is Bush? WHEN DICTATORSHIP COMES HOW DO YOU KNOW? By: Alan Stang Most Americans would agree (I hope) that the victims of a totalitarian dictatorship have the moral. Imperial Washington has been making war on the United States. as well as under Clinton. in other words. Wake up! What is Bush doing? He says we are at war. as we all do. the emphasis. Again. Hello. yes. in order to find out who is who. Again we ask. How is he conducting the war? Here at home. even when those illegal aliens come from nations in the Middle East. The only people I can think of who don't. has been to surveil. isn’t Christian. all immigration. what should we be doing? All is the fact that Bush is continuing Clinton’s policy intact. to control and to hogtie the American people. you believe God is a Nazi. moral right to use any means. . are Christians who misunderstand scripture. Under Bush. The latest example of course is John Lee Malvo. we should profile those people. which thirsts for So far. indeed the obligation. then you are probably one of those people it would take a long time to find. The main reason such victims may do as they like is that God says believers must replace an evil ruler. especially Romans 13. Our borders should be sealed. We are told to remember Jael with approbation. our borders have been reduced to mere lines on a map that could soon be erased. until we catch up. isn’t dating girls. via "homeland security. of his Administration’s effort. the "child" who stands accused of being one of the Beltway Snipers. How inconvenient! He isn’t white. according to an eye-opener by Daniel Sargis right here. You would have to look a long time to find somebody who believes that victims of Nazi oppression didn't have the profound.etherzone. if you believe Romans 13 says you must obey a ruler however evil he is and defer to whatever crimes he commits. Did the refusal to profile delay the capture of the Beltway Snipers? If a pattern emerges in which the perpetrators of terrorist acts turn out to be Episcopalians. if this is really an emergency. If the war is real. Not at all the kind of thing a genteel Republican woman would do. to destroy it. One reason the victims are morally justified in doing whatever they can get away with to liberate themselves is that a dictatorship by definition cancels the rules of normal human association. right. excuse and admit the terrorists we are supposed to be fighting. The fact that Bush is doing exactly the opposite of all this proves that the "war" is an utter fraud." and the Patriot Act. he has a different style and personality. The latest such travesty is the Bush Administration’s attempt to squash posse comitatus and allow the military to police us. and. We know that Clinton is an unindicted traitor.

Today. fellow totalitarian socialist dictator Joe Stalin. not yet. we call such a system "authoritarian. because he was the government and made the laws. to where you work. On January 30." In ancient Rome. I am seizing total power in order to impose a dictatorship and kill Jews." If you just let the dictator run the government. the aspiring totalitarian dictator says he is doing what he is doing for the people's "own good. Hitler hadn't yet done anything dictatorial. 1933. Hitler would have said we were breaking the law. in the emergency. he did impose a dictatorship on Germany. 1933: "Guten morgen. So. The totalitarian dictator is not just more of the same thing. for instance." Hitler loved boat rides and wanted all German people to enjoy them. . we would be wrong. we are talking about Hitler.So. All still legal. September 1. and he would have been right. he wants total power. or none at all. some observer added the word "totalitarian" to dictatorship to describe a new development in government. . but it doesn't happen. power over every aspect of your life. with the result that I suffer from a work-related injury in which it is hard to sit down and must make hours-long speeches. professors with that advantage can point to a date and say when it happened. Let me know if I'm wrong. That is the day Hitler takes over. 1933. the people gave him the power he wanted. And this would apply to every totalitarian dictatorship. then known as "bread and circuses. Before that time. Shirer. You can see the germ of that classic technique even in the gangs of the 1920s that sold storekeepers . because the modern species of insanity known as "liberalism" has assiduously kept the "Nazi threat" alive for its own totalitarian purposes all these years. It would have been so helpful if Hitler had announced well before January 30. Inspired to liberal frenzy by the development of technology that makes it possible. Indeed. . your typical dictator was satisfied just to run the system with mock elections. Hence." New Chancellor Hitler went to work to grab total power. Hitler imposed a totalitarian dictatorship on Germany on . I labored long years as a homosexual prostitute in Vienna and Munich. if we start the revolution on that day. the dictator gave the people handouts. especially when you don't have the advantage of hindsight. Remember that Hitler took power legally. from what you eat. Are we living under a dictatorship? No. Hitler blamed the Communists for the crime. Since early childhood." It would have been helpful. So. even then they can't be sure. by William L. When? What did he do to make that fatal change? What we are talking about today applies to all totalitarian dictatorships. We do know that somewhere between that day and the day he started World War II in concert with his ally. live in the palace and make hefty deposits in Switzerland. Always. the question arises. President Paul von Hindenburg appointed him Chancellor. but the people wouldn't give it to him. Years later. . the building in which the German version of Congress met. he will leave you alone. Suppose we're living in Germany and it is January 30. but I can't think of one case in which one of these weasels came right out and told the people what he was doing. My name is Adolf Hitler. to what you read and think and then some. how do you know when a system has become a totalitarian dictatorship. and. One can make a case that everything Hitler did from beginning to end was at least legal. Now. a liberal. Look at your typical banana republic or Al Capone's Chicago. thereby liberating its victims to do whatever they can get away with? What are the signs? When did the Hitler system become totalitarian? That's easy. skim off the graft. it isn't easy to determine when you are looking at a totalitarian dictatorship. Hitler replaced the governments of the historic German states with his own men. See. the term "totalitarian dictatorship. he is something totally different. I have been a criminal psychopath. Hmm. so Nazi thugs burned the Reichstag. everywhere. when he . The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Early in the 20th century. Ask the professors when Nazi Germany became a totalitarian dictatorship and you will probably get a few answers. Damen und Herren. Notice that even in Hitler's case that isn't an easy question to answer. 1939.

That is why the Founding Fathers gave us "separation of powers. A long time ago. The Fathers were suspicious of the system they had created. sports fans? And how many times this week have you answered Nazi Germany's signature command: "Your papers. especially police power in all its forms. the nation's birth certificate. BUSHWHACKED WHAT WE MUST DO TO WIN By: Alan Stang . Look around. is just another way of saying it. you are looking into the eyes of dictatorship. the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants. Look around. Shakespeare had Henry IV advise his son: "Be it thy course to busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels. how do you recognize metastasizing totalitarianism? Certainly one symptom has to be the centralization of power. don't be too late. it would be fatally unwise to act too soon. and reserved the right of the people to replace it. Read the Federalist Papers. in the government. he has a blank check for abuse. Apparently." John isn't usually so genteel. however crucial that is. and the effervescent Rocker described them as "fruitcakes. was that we would need those arms if it became necessary to overthrow the government. The last time he spoke on the subject. perfectly expresses that spirit. because emergencies inhibit thought and deliberation. So. How often did they have to repeat it? Has the time come? Is today Der Tag? I don't know. he could have become President. the Prostitute National Press rockered him. Do you see any trace of government by emergency? If so. Dictators love emergencies such as war. Do you see the centralization of power. The system has worked tolerably well all these years. Emergencies foment hysteria. Now I understand that we fought because we love Fascism so much we want it all for ourselves."insurance. I do know that Der Tag is coming." Who knows. But. as in Nazi Germany? Are certain subjects verboten? One of my personal heroes. Look around. especially police power. you are looking at the main hallmark of dictatorship." They knew that when one man has all the power. Every once in a while. which dictators happily use as the excuse to seize additional power. in the Constitution. As we have seen." The Nazis burned the Reichstag. Will they do so again? What's your opinion. the reason the Founding Fathers said again and again and again that they wanted every American to be heavily armed. Another hallmark is government by emergency. is in trouble again. Please don't do that. for the obvious reason that centralization of power is totalitarianism. I was naïve. So. the maitre d'hotel made the mistake of seating him next to some sodomites in a restaurant. by Hamilton. Madison and Jay. It wasn't even self-defense. and believed the United States fought World War II because we hated Fascism. they put the powers of the federal government into competing hands and separated federal power from state power. God forbid. if Al Capone had hired a couple of Harvard professors instead of more headbusters. The Declaration of Independence. That could well be the main symptom. No. please!" Are you getting used to that? What did the Founding Fathers say? Well. pitcher John Rocker. why did they give us the Second Amendment? It certainly wasn't such preposterous reasons as sport or hunting. in progress in this country? Is one man merging the main competing agencies? Is he erasing the line between federal and state police power? If so. Are people here becoming more and more afraid to speak their minds. said Jefferson. Be with me here next week for more.

but at the sticking point it caves." not dealing with people in other countries. because I knew the Republicans would cave. We would withdraw from any and all international arrangements that dilute our independence.. I certainly don't expect Dubya's puppetmasters to implement these lifesaving changes. For just one of many examples. "isolationism. sure enough. he has. but I am not impressed. depart from all "entangling alliances. the next time you introduce someone to your friends at a party. that is a wholesome policy change. All of this is prologue to a brief discussion of what we must do in the present "war." and enjoy our own country." political and ideological opportunists and other brown-noses seeking "careers" will not agree. he can get away with more. It is the mere ticket of admission to enjoy my company. in the 1930s. and "conservatives" everywhere saluted Dubya's determination to prevent it." the implication being that someone who wants to mind his own business wants to live in a cocoon. Wouldn't you be? What would you think were someone to intrude in the next fight you have with your wife and tell you both what you have to do? One way to describe the present battle for America is to say that we are fighting for our unalienable right to mind our own business. The Democrat Party is the Republican Party in "drag. Preeminent among those cosmetic changes is the obvious fact that Bush scrupulously resists any temptation to drop his pants and ask women for sex. not even recognizing that those other countries exist. there is a definite value in setting them forth. farther and faster even than Franklin Roosevelt. and still call it. and. Bush is arguably the worst President in American history. A man's adherence to such basic. the usual cosmetic changes the Republicans invoke after the Council on Foreign Relations "rescues" us from another Democratic maladministration. The first thing we need to do is to get our ever-longer nose out of everyone else's business. Yes. yellow dog "conservatives. I expect a man not to drop his pants and ask women for sex. .George W. Nevertheless. he is pushing us farther and faster into the utter totalitarianism of world government. because. for which we duly applaud him. Of course. it struts. cosmetic changes as his profession of Christianity. the International Criminal Court. this would be nothing new. they could help to clarify public thinking on the matter and thereby foment changes we today can only imagine. For instance. including the United Nations. That could happen." The purpose of the prologue is to demonstrate that your obedient servant is being realistic. behind such wholesome." To get the point. because our military people now serve as "peacekeepers" around the world. as a Republican." The reason Bush is the worst President in American history is that. in the same way I expect a man not to pick his nose at dinner. We are aware that zombie Republicans. but constantly inserting our schnozz where it doesn't belong. I would feel intensely uncomfortable in the presence of the psychopath from Little Rock who used the Oval Office to "score. the centuries certainly prove it is true that Islam will try to make the entire world Muslim. It blusters. Dubya did exactly that. do it this way: "This is Joe Schmo from Kokomo. social obligations doesn't increase my admiration. Yes. I did not." except that the Democrats never cave. Long ago. Our President needs to announce that henceforth we intend to do exactly that. It would simply resurrect the policy bequeathed us by George Washington himself. the world government conspirators devised a brilliant label to neutralize such a sensible policy. bootlicking coward. "isolated. because the Republican Party is a slimy. Dubya recently told the new International Criminal Court that no way would he subject American military personnel to its jurisdiction. and you'll be happy to know that he doesn't drop his pants and ask women for sex. is tantamount to throwing gasoline on a fire. etc. That is precisely why the Powers that Would Like to Be told the Supreme Court to elect him. They began to call it. farther and faster than Clinton because he isn't an embarrassing textbook freak. People in other countries are naturally resentful about the way our country barges into their affairs. The Republican Party always caves. hasn't "Dubya" done some good things? Yes.

They are not even criticized for desecrating Christian sites. about people who blow themselves up on fully loaded school buses. if you attack the United States. could be offended while boarding a school bus in Tel Aviv. your Intrepid Correspondent made clear that Israel is presently being subjected to a classic Soviet "war of national liberation. Many years ago. old American policy would include no more foreign aid. I saw a movie I hadn't seen for many years: "Lives of the Bengal Lancers. Remember what they did to the Church of the Nativity. no more foreign aid to anyone. if they want a religious war. An imam somewhere could be insulted. we could hurt somebody's feelings. Recently. there will be a big hole in the ground. That is what our government is going to do. In Korea and Vietnam. or some deluded teenager with bombs around his waist. The reason we "don't know" whom we are fighting. still forcing the Israelis to stand down. our leaders told us it was stupid to refuse to "recognize. of these other nations. there is good reason to believe that were the United States to withdraw and simply mind its own business. Notice that whenever Israel is about to win. Israel could have wiped them out." starring Gary Cooper and Franchot Tone. I say. "don't know" which country the terror is coming from. We're talking only about a relative handful of terrorists. but we should stay out of the conflict because it is none of our business. This new. He comes apart only when they threaten to sew him in a pigskin. Israel is not part of the United States and the Constitution grants no power to the government to intervene in its behalf. On the contrary. That would include "recognizing" the real enemy as the continuing Soviets. We should be friendly to the Palestinians who have been victimized by Arafat and the Arab nations who have refused to take them in. We should be friendly to anyone who is not hostile to us. Israel could fight in earnest. if you harbor people who attack the United States. Question: How many virgins would that teenager attract were he to arrive in Paradise in a jar of pig guts with pork chops in his ears? Of course." to deny the existence. So. by now the stench of Arafat would be a mere. If we said so. They said that a refusal to recognize was the same thing as burying one's own head in the sand. Washington is "managing" the present "war on terror." Along these lines. If you don't mind your own business. The Lancers were fighting Muslim warriors. unpleasant memory. the scam included a play on the word "recognize. Israel trapped Arafat and his fellow Soviet gangsters in Beirut. Remember? Washington is still doing it. Certainly it would have done much better than it is doing. Washington "managed" it. reasonable American policy would combine minding our own business with wall-to-wall intelligence about other countries that could emerge as threats. This doesn't mean we should be unfriendly to Israel. Indeed. In a previous EtherZone commentary. the terrorists say they act in behalf of Islam. Where you used to be. because such aid constitutes interference. We are not allowed to say we fight to protect our Christian civilization. we must defer to theirs. we shouldn't be unfriendly to anyone. In one scene. and "don't know" whether we should attack Iraq. in the name of Allah. We would tell those countries: "You have demanded that our government mind its own business. we weren't allowed to fight the war. We are not allowed to mention ours. is that the master chess players of all time in the continuing KGB have . They are allowed to flaunt their religion. Washington does the same thing to us. we're not talking about the hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims who are willing to leave us alone. let's give them what they want. our government will recognize you and wipe you off the face of the earth. the United States intervenes to protect the enemy. But Washington actually evacuated Yassir and his thugs to safety." I strongly support Israel." Like the phony "war on drugs. Our people will voluntarily do business with yours and establish many profitable relationships." it isn't a real war at all.In fact." When the Soviets and later the Red Chinese were scheming for "diplomatic recognition" from the United States. Israel would have won the present war long ago. Without that American interference. In fact. including Israel. In fact. the Lancers are trying to make a captured warrior talk. and we expect yours to mind yours. another lifesaving change would require us to fight the war instead of "manage" it. On the contrary.

Hiss arranged for the Soviets to run UN military activities and for the United States to run UN financial activities. Hiss helped draft the UN Charter. at the first London Conference in 1946. Every war must originate in a geographical base. the Marxist revolutionary who was Eisenhower's . a couple of years before he was exposed. the monthly periodical of the Council on Foreign Relations. he was convicted of perjury and imprisoned for lying under oath about his Communist activities. movie starhandsome. Western Islands. which meant in effect that the Soviet Union won the right to run the UN and we won the right to pay for it. The next war we need to look at is the war in Korea. do you think. As Director of the State Department's Office of Special Political Affairs. what is the UN? The United Nations was conceived by Communists and has always been run by Communists for Communist purposes. and to understand the war in Korea we need to look first at the United Nations. government would at first be subservient and later dissolved. No doubt that was why. the world government conspirators failed to arrange American entry into the League of Nations. The present war on Iraq is another. our own leaders tricked us into both world wars by arranging for the murders of thousands of our own people. We have seen that. delegation to the UN. Bush doesn't know all this? Remember that the purpose of all this was and remains the creation of a world government. in order to provide a context of understanding for the present war on Iraq. that George W. One of your Intrepid Correspondent's books could be helpful in this discussion. The Secretary-General at the UN conference was a distinguished gentleman names Alger Hiss. At the infamous Yalta Conference in the Soviet Union. Be with your Intrepid Correspondent next week for more. 1968). They inundated the American people with world government propaganda through conspiratorial outfits like the Council on Foreign Relations. President Harry S. which was then the rudimentary framework of the world government they were trying to create. it was impossible to get into the conference. So. Without credentials signed by Alger Hiss. in February. Hiss appointed the members of the U. where much of this was arranged and where central Europe was secretly deeded to Stalin. Hiss stood at the dying Roosevelt's elbow. with the result that they were successful in putting the United States into the United Nations after World War II. It is painfully obvious that President Bush wants the UN to serve as protective cover for Washington's purposes. The war in Korea was the first war the United States fought in behalf of the UN. we have been looking at the major American wars of the Twentieth Century. for UN purposes. Alger Hiss was later exposed as a Soviet spy. 1945. John Foster Dulles.arranged it that way.S.S. How likely is it. The UN was founded at the San Francisco Conference in 1945. In a historic news photo that probably appeared on the front page of every newspaper in the United States. endlessly efficient and consummately charming. and "recognizing" the Soviets as the origin of this one would put it in focus and tell us what to do. you will find for instance the following statement published by Foreign Affairs. It is important to note that Alger Hiss was just one of many Soviet UN maggots. in behalf of their perennial goal of world government. Remember that after World War I. THE UN IS COMMUNIST WHAT IS BUSH? By: Alan Stang For weeks. There was only one problem. Truman and Hiss are shown together on the dais. In The Actor (Boston. in which our own U. under UN direction. as the war was coming to an end.

." Remember. Bush doesn't know about this? Bush lately has been calling for an ever-stronger UN. do you think. But then he adds. The UN would have an invincible military. This was and remains official U. that George W. . Now." So." So far. But the date on the subversion is 1961. As we have seen. Maybe Jack Kennedy was too busy chasing Fiddle and Faddle in the White House to know about it in the first place. you will probably not believe it.S. Scientific and Cultural Organization. Pilgrim. You can easily check it out for yourself. And how do we know it is still U. we haven't been able to arrange this. It is very short. And the UN was conceived by Communists. find your bifocals and read it again. that lesson is being taught to Iraq. get up off the floor. . such a UN would mean world dictatorship. which will soon be disarmed. . invincible because no nation could challenge it. They would be handed over to something called the United Nations Peace Force. "We must not accept that condition as permanent. It really does say what you thought it did. ". a judicial system and police force. The only thing we can suggest is that you take no one's word for it." Hmm. Wouldn't all that add up to a government? How likely is it. that George W. A legislature. Bush has put the United States back into UNESCO. including our own. Dulles complains. . We are talking of course about the State Department Publication 7277. .S." a UN determined to avoid the fate of the League of Nations. we know it because once in a while we check on its status and it is still in force. Right now. In Stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U. . including mine. . government policy today? Sorry. during the Kennedy Administration." a UN with "backbone. How likely is it . If you have never heard of this before. released in September 1961." Okay. The achievement of such a body of laws calls for a lawmaking process. . none at all. government policy is to eliminate all militaries.S.N. we warned you. A judiciary.Secretary of State. which the United States quit many years ago. when the process is complete. entitled Freedom From War. was founded by Communists and always has been run by Communists for Communist purposes. . the United Nations Educational. government policy: "The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order. doesn't it? Official U. . To dramatize his commitment. . What would happen to those militaries? Would they just be disbanded? Would their arsenals just be destroyed? No. . Let's see. more than forty years ago. is talking here about UN legislation: ". . we would be completely defenseless. a UN with "spine. Peace Force. Surely none of my very knowledgeable readers subscribes to the preposterous Communist canard that Communism is "dead. This would eventually mean the complete Communist subjugation of the United States. We would have no military. you could read the whole thing in a few minutes. do you think. Pilgrim. an eternity in this fast-moving world. Bush doesn't know all this? Perhaps the best proof of what is happening comes from our own government. maybe some Communist lunatic left over by the departing Alger Hiss wrote 7277. And to enforce them there is required. Always the first target of such a Communist tactic is somebody everyone dislikes. The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. A military. . .

not even a tittle.C. in Judah. ladies. but most did not. a UNICEF outfit called LoveLife promotes sodomy and abortion. and sent Soviet families to replace them. In South Africa. Would the victims of such programs be black? And in the issue of June 24th. The missing ten tribes didn't just disappear. The few who did eventually rebuilt the temple and preserved the Judaism we know today. where we Americans would be the victims. but here. Mass rape is another aspect of the process. in the United States. which calls itself America's largest weekly newspaper.C. Along these lines. the solidly leftist Village Voice. they bred themselves out of existence. both legal and illegal. In the Baltic nations. small farmers. including photographs of UN goons literally burning a living child. UNICEF. from Ukraine. . he ended the Northern Kingdom for all time. creating the people who became known as Samaritans. the remaining Jews had such contempt for the Samaritans. the Babylonian Captivity. they took the long way around through the Decapolis across the Jordan rather than pass through Samaria. has recently been pushing child sex with homosexuals and with animals. read and decide for yourself. graciously let them return." that in traveling between Judah and Galilee. Down south. torture and murder of children. But in 586 B. by UN "Peacekeeping" soldiers. Population replacement since has been a favored weapon of dictatorship. Have you ever heard about it? Does George W. Maybe we missed it. Hitler did it. the third of the major wars our leaders tricked us into during the Twentieth Century. Be with your obedient servant next week. the UN Children's Fund. Nebuchadnezzar took Jerusalem and carted thousands of Jews off to Babylon. The Jews again were the victims. but here we are in it again. Thus.UNESCO was flooding the nation's schools with Communist world government propaganda. This story should have been on the front page of every newspaper in the United States. In the 1930s. thanks to George Bush. Cyrus. up north. not in some country halfway around the world. At the beginning of the seventh century B. he deported the populations. See the UN series entitled Toward World Understanding. That was one of its main purposes. He deliberately starved millions to death. reported in excruciating detail on sexual exploitation. hence. Stalin did it. Many incisive commentators have covered the disaster on our borders and the tidal wave of immigration. Bush know? So. and what he did is known as the Holocaust. AMERICAN GENOCIDE IT'S HAPPENING NOW By: Alan Stang Is the Bush Administration contemplating genocide? Not in the Balkans. the Persian conqueror. he deported hundreds of thousands of kulaks. because the Israelites who remained intermarried with the interlopers. 1997. Maybe you can work it into an exciting. Sargon deported the children of Israel and sent hordes of other peoples to take their place. As always. new style. Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? We're sorry. but we are not aware that anyone has nailed the problem with the name it deserves.. the bell tolled for Judah as well.. UNESCO hasn't changed a jot. because they were "half-breeds. now we're ready to look at the UN's war in Korea. whose name we can't pronounce.

because every night he is where he's supposed to be. yes. without which that diversity would be impossible. Washington is talking about still another "one-time" amnesty. Any Communists who have blundered in here today and happen to be reading this should therefore agree with your Intrepid Correspondent's condemnation. little. founded and has always been run by Communists for Communist purposes. but that diversity works because all of us have shared a generally unspoken mother lode of belief. Yes. but you can be sure the world government conspirators typically will implement it piecemeal." but those original immigrants shared that bedrock of belief. immigration into this country continues unabated. exactly what the Founding Fathers labored so long to prevent. A country without borders is no longer a country. because the United Nations was conceived. not out. Not only that. Today. Bush is still admitting hordes of young men who claim to be "students" from hostile nations with whom we are supposed to be at war. I'm not just talking about illegal immigration. a relatively painless means of conquest. Bush can. but your theory comes apart. The present reorganization would just about complete the centralization of all police power in his hands. No doubt one of the worst things you can do here these days. and they did not come in sufficient waves to overwhelm us. For the purpose of this discussion. Notice that we are not talking about race or color here. a wide spot in the road. We're not sure who will attack. Maybe so. we are supposed to be at "war"). At the same time. many of the liberated victims believed "independence" was a physical object that came in a box. we have been warned repeatedly for months to expect another massive attack on American soil. Thousands of immigrants are coming from the most primitive nations on earth. the Communist UN has labeled such government policies "genocide. Please consider the following scenario. Because normal people consider Clinton a puke. known as TIPS. to turn us into spies on each other. and others are outright enemy agents. What happens when you import too many people at one time who have never seen a flush toilet? One of the effects would certainly be a dilution of your culture. especially at an airport. they became unhyphenated Americans. as in George Orwell's . they are here." Look it up. But surely you don't mean to say that the Bush Administration is doing anything like that! What is the Bush Administration doing? Notice first that. Our borders are totally out of control. Nobody has said anything about deporting Americans or even moving them around. In our country. is "profile. he could not have gotten away with it. encouraged to form their own separate enclaves on what used to be American soil. merely look at the Balkans." But notice that everything he does here is pointed in. I know our country is a "nation of immigrants. A nation's culture is the totality of what its people believe. However these people get here. The entire thrust of Administration policy is to control the people rather than the terrorists we are supposed to be fighting.Curiously. We see the beginning of that process in the many. Bush's answer to all this is to fight the "war on terror. despite 9/11. I am reminded that when independence came to the central African nations in the 1960s. there is no difference between legal and illegal. To see where that leads. Diluting and eventually replacing the population of a target nation would eventually eliminate those ideas. we enjoy enormous diversity of belief. Instead of closing the borders (remember. Again. they are encouraged not to do that. where many inmates don't have the foggiest notion of what the Founding Fathers did. he is working to suppress the American people. Yes." but the flying schools are still matriculating many soi-disant pilots with beards. When they came. Bush has backed up on his plan. the foundation for the total dictatorship is now being laid. but about ideas. as in Hitler's Berlin and Castro's Havana. ethnic fiefdoms springing up like toadstools around the country. There was time to assimilate them. nothing more than meaningless lines drawn on a map. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that the United States these days is a dumping ground.

food stamps. Would the people go for it? Well. would a population that is mostly on the dole. suppose the next attack hits. Suppose it’s nuclear. The federal government has FEMA and it has the funds. Now. for instance. The disaster we're talking about now will take much longer. Almost every day. Tony Sutton. divided. Desperate people in that region naturally turn for help to (whom else!) the federal government. He can implement the Executive Orders that would give him more power than Mao Tse-tung and Hitler at their craziest. suppose it hits the water supply. and they do so. etc. a flood. and they say it will be much worse than the mere destruction of a couple of skyscrapers in New York. either with "Socialism for the rich. It doesn't matter. biological. and the federal government will do much better. mean. the late Dr.. In many disasters (fire or flood. they would be wards of the government and would have to obey the government's rules. for instance). or "welfare" via WIC. they would be shot. Tony was the kind of vacuum cleaner who could spend days. at least for a long time. months and years plowing through the most indescribably boring . the augmented federal government will ask them to leave. needs a few days to clean up. Great outfits like the Red Cross send in help.classic 1984. PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILD MOLESTERS FROM THEIR OWN MOUTHS By: Alan Stang Regular readers of these soliloquies may perhaps recall that in a recent tribute to my friend. etc. in the name of safety. we're not even sure who the enemy is. Now. the federal government. In the disaster we are talking about now. even revere. totalitarian machine. he can even use the military as police. Needless to say. I can't wait to celebrate being totally wrong. a local disaster. they would live well and be treated well. the intelligence people warn us that Saddam has the hardware to do those things. here's my scenario. the government will request that. because they have been trained to do so for decades. it is a lean. The President can wield all the police power. because doing so might mess up the ecology or offend a paramecium in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. instead of the bickering. Suppose it's fire. the police and the firemen tell the people to leave. The victims will be sent to camps the government maintains for the purpose. would such a population eagerly accept another handout? The next few months contain the answer. at first. The intelligence agencies say it will come. weeks. Resettled by Washington. And he's just waiting for an excuse to use it." via tax breaks. but an entire region of this vast nation. As Communist George Bernard Shaw put it in An Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism. farm allotments. if they refuse to conform. Wouldn't the federal government have to resettle the victims? The victims couldn't do it themselves. or chemical. Those who acquiesce will be treated very well. for their own good and protection from whatever contamination the terrorists have caused. Will they do so? Yes. When the disaster is over they return. How realistic is this? Assume that the reorganization of our government is complete. Suppose the region we are talking about is contaminated permanently. because they have been trained for many decades in the public school dumps to trust. the people stay in the high school or the church. I described him as not a real human being but a vacuum cleaner. Often. as long as it affects not just a couple of buildings. but it doesn't matter. and so on.. Now. During that time. and because by now their grandparents have been programmed in the public schools to go to Washington with every problem from acne to zits. incompetent weakling the Founding Fathers intended. the people leave their firearms at home.

Iserbyt to be considerably more beautiful than Tony ever was. Long before I completed the inspection." Such horrors originate in the putrid septic system gone bad that the nation’s government schools have become. a President of the United States who explained that while the intern who committed the fellatio was having sex. it’s his own personal affair. funny Federal Reserve "money. while an "intern" conducted fellatio on his person. Of course. That’s right. with desperately needed exposés of various lifethreatening scandals. Conscience Press. to dramatize how dumb the government schools have made us. our deteriorating." not a mind. (maybe not. the state of the economy. but from the date of publication they were impossible to ignore. "Yes. had a "nose. because all those disasters are mere effects. The mystery will dissipate and sanity will return when you read Mrs. still at least superficially sane. Without Tony’s monumental exposé of the true source of the Soviet military. (I’m exaggerating. 2000). than the present war in Iraq. you will find the serial numbers on the engines of the Liberty ships that brought American hardware to the Soviets. the deliberate dumbing down of America (Ravenna. they share two important differences. while they both write about the conspiracy for world government conducted by the billionaire totalitarian Socialists who rule us. and with great delight showed me box after box of the original. even when he had hair. it would not have been possible for a President of the United States to make a national issue of the meaning of the word "is. the dust jacket of her book shows Mrs. First. The reader doesn’t need to remember the serial numbers. and yet emerge. where she blew the whistle. after all. it is impossible to understand the Vietnam War." Long before impeachment. The cause is the Frankenstein lab that the government schools have become and the (mis)educated zombies they turn out. a babbling lunatic. I for one couldn’t do what he did. Also. mind-numbing documents that proved everything he said. Ohio. but only a tad.) In his home. Although she and Tony are both vacuum cleaners. what he did may have been wrong. The mystery many Americans still cannot fathom is how it was excused. To do so would be like pretending that Texas isn’t there. would have been dragged from his (our) office and thrown into the street. two-volume study of western technology and the Soviet military. he would have been laughed into impotence and retirement. a cocaine user who. . as long as he does his job. no capital letters. more basic. All of this comes to mind because you desperately need to know about another vacuum cleaner. Look at just one example. You will find the name of the mother-in-law of the captain of the ship that brought it. She actually was an official in the Department of Education.material. Iserbyt’s book. but the subtitle is really the key to the book: A Chronological Paper Trail. which is none of our business. a President of the United States who conducted national affairs in the Oval Office." and on and on. who talked on the telephone about war and peace. he was not (he was just humoring a constituent because he is President of all the people). according to his own brother when the cops raided his hotel room. Tony opened a closet door. Within living memory. How and why could the Prostitute National Press and most (many?) Americans explain it away? How many times have you heard people say that. What the totalitarian monsters she exposes are doing in the nation’s government schools is more important. of course. because even the President is entitled to privacy. because there’s no right and wrong) but." All of this sounds like a shtick on Saturday Night Live. a lady named Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. "like a vacuum cleaner. she concentrates on conspiratorial extrusions in the government (public) schools. Within living memory. In his monster. would have been committed to the same funny farm as the victims who tried to become vacuum cleaners but didn’t have what it takes. I would be dragged off in chains. Within living memory. The adults who excuse the presidential rapist today are yesterday’s children who were made into moral zombies in the nation’s government schools. we are talking about a leftover 1960s hippie.

while the book certainly includes Mrs. marching in lockstep into totalitarian world government. It measures 8 ½ by a little more than 11. Iserbyt’s Behemoth. Why is her book the literary equivalent of a case of TNT? Does the following experience sound familiar? Someone comes home from (government) school and tells Mom about something that happened there.Dumbing Down goes back to the beginning." Mom is sure that little Hortensia misunderstood and goes to the school to inquire. and is about as big as Rosie O’Donnell. Bath. Because it is introduced chronologically. obedient zombie. Between" It will show you exactly. and that. 1062 Washington St.deliberatedumbingdown. little Hortensia did misunderstand. "No.95 plus $6. Mom. yes. there must be something wrong with me. designed to produce an ignorant. you are the first parent who has come to complain. which explains the present home school explosion. The most important thing your Intrepid Correspondent came away with after reading this book is that trying to correct the problems in your government school is a total waste of time. We shall discuss that reason in subsequent commentaries. what is happening in your no longer "local" school. Iserbyt nor I can be responsible if something breaks or herniates. you should exercise with a thing the size of Rosie O’Donnell only under professional supervision. To order Mrs. he or she is subjected to an additional increment of venom. There are programs in the schools with appealing names like Mastery Learning that don’t mean at all what you thought they do. in the (mis)educators’ own words. Every day your child is there. The mother who goes away with that thought doesn’t know that 100 parents have preceded her in the administrator’s office and that he or she has told them all the same thing. Your Intrepid Correspondent is a government school survivor who needed many years to recover. Or.) Meanwhile.. Once you know the facts. or send $39." Hmm. I should warn you that for this reason the book is physically intimidating. mother is distraught and doesn’t understand why little Hieronymos can’t read or do math. as soon as you finish reading this. Iserbyt for this because it isn’t her fault. Iserbyt’s helpful comments. needless to say. you could use Dumbing Down as a dumb bell in aerobics. "Frankly. it will tell you what the acronyms mean and what Outcomes Based Education really is. Take your children out today. You have zero control of what happens in the government school. but you still have total control of whether your children will be there. Iserbyt. You don’t have to be General Patton or a graduate of the Army War College to understand that in war (and this is war. it isn’t. and year-by-year presents the totalitarian schemes to cripple the children in the schools. Mrs. to show you what the totalitarian monsters are doing to your children. The reason you need to read Dumbing Down is that. Hey! Outcomes! That’s what I want! No. I referred a moment ago to what you must do. If I’m the first parent to complain. In the weeks to come. because there it is before you on the page. but not the war Bush says it is). we hope to quote generously from Dumbing Down. I don’t believe we can blame Mrs. as it says on the cover.00 shipping and handling to 3D Research Co. it will penetrate the literal secrecy there. go to www. most of it by far consists of voluminous quotations from the cripplers themselves. it "will change forever the way you look at your child’s education. a smiling administrator explains that. You attack where he is weakest. that is why my wife and I never did put our five kiddos in the ." says Mom. (Maine residents need to send an additional 5. It is important to understand that. and neither Mrs. ME 04530.. you do not attack the enemy’s strongest point. There. "that can’t be so.19. from PPBS to ECRI. There is a plethora of impenetrable acronyms. but. it is easy to look something up. for a reason that could surprise you.5% tax of $2. Read Dumbing Down. The Achilles heel of the government school system is the presence of the children. you will be able to do what you must. The reader doesn’t have to worry that she is misinterpreting something. Remember that she is a vacuum cleaner and the size of the book is proof of how long and how much the totalitarian conspirators have been doing.

Similarly. The title has no capital letters. Would you bother trying to "educate" protoplasm in a dish? No. Ph. You can see for yourself. even to educate them. feelings and actions children learn at home. without will. For instance. Obviously. so you don’t need to guess what they mean. without choice. what you may think of as learning is mere window-dressing. Again. Our ‘will power’ is dependent on our previously learned reflexes.” No. It is the mechanization of man . doing it efficiently. in The Effective School Report. without individuality. the people who do run the schools.: All pagination is taken from Mrs. I don’t believe I exaggerate when I say that the future existence of our nation literally depends on how many children are rescued from the government schools. Yes. Iserbyt’s book. All Our Children Learning. to dramatize the deliberate dumbing down of children in the nation’s government (public) schools. Kelly. 49) N. This is what the (mis)educators think of your children. Martin’s Rediscovering the Mind of the Child: "A science of behavior emphasizes the importance of environmental manipulation and scheduling and thus the mechanization and routinization of experience. the thing that makes Mrs." (P. Andrew Salte writes this: "We are meat in which habits have taken up residence. The Conscience Press. We are a result of the way other people have acted to us. 160) Notice. This week... We did it ourselves at home and we are overjoyed with the results. According to Thomas A. from their own mouths: Academic learning is not the purpose of education and the schools. 120) The “mechanization of man!” Mechanical children who respond when buttons are pushed! Most parents probably still believe that their children go to school to learn “subjects. we are talking about the administrators. when we’ll start through Mrs. the academics who come up with the educational theories.. there is no will. it stresses performance in the individual. "The purpose of education and the schools is to change the thoughts. Doing something. "The brain should be used for processing. in Conditioned Reflex Therapy. . DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN MAKING JOHNNY STUPID By: Alan Stang Last week. feelings and actions of students. doing it automatically ." (P. not . Please remember that when I use the word "they. 2000) by educator Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt." I am not necessarily talking about the teachers. without soul. Ohio. but many are not. Your children are "meat. is coincidental. No. many teachers in the government (public) schools are part of the problem. Be with me here next week. is a cover for the (mis)educationists’ real purpose. Professor Benjamin Bloom wrote. let’s look at some things they are doing.these are the goals. Where there is a conditioned reflex. Another book Mrs.. Iserbyt’s book so stupendous was her ability to plow through a couple of mountains of garbage extruded by the (mis)educators who are deliberately doing this.D. but those good teachers do not run the schools and must do as they are told. we began to look at a book entitled the deliberate dumbing down of america (Ravenna. Iserbyt suffered through is William E.” (P. Iserbyt’s Behemoth. in the government (public) schools today.government school. ." lumps of quivering protoplasm in a petri dish.B. you would condition it. The result is the triumph of technology: a push button world with well-trained button-pushers. you would create reflexes that bypass the brain. Bloom is unhappy with the thoughts. the people in the state and federal departments of education. The ones who are not do try to protect the children. In his 1981 book. .

it shows the cashier how much change to give. a math that the pupils cannot apply to life situations when they get out of school!" Nelson comments: "That math was not introduced until much later. so there was a moment of respite before the approaching doom. . to respond when those buttons were pushed. wake up! That is what we want. they applauded. one of the (dead) gods of the (mis)educationists. to respond to buttons. 14-15) The result is that The New York Times of August 31. I was explaining that Hitler was of course a far leftist. 1928. so the amount of change she was supposed to hand the man in front of us disappeared from the screen. Cit." (Pp. and. was invited to attend a meeting. They had been trained. O. not educated. as were the other leading "educators" present. You are an automaton. They responded not to the ideas I was voicing but to the names I spoke. I realized that the names were buttons. . In testing basic skills at various levels." (Loc. John Dewey. then a teacher of math. a National Socialist. Nelson tells us that he objected to the way they wanted to teach math.or fouryear school failed to answer this question correctly: If one purchased a sandwich for $1. in a state of helpless terror and frustration. So." (P. But it happened that the victimized government (public) high school teenager working the register accidentally hit the wrong button. we have to assume man is a machine. Would she be chastised? Would she be fired? She had no idea how to figure the change. A-143) Skinner thought your child was nothing more than a pigeon.90. . for instance? In December. 1986 reported as follows on a study conducted by the Educational Testing Service and the National Assessment of Educational Progress: ". . The poor child stared at the cash in her hand that the man had given her and stared at the numberless screen. but there was a problem. They never did figure out whether I was a good guy or not. not educated. if pupils come out of high school now. Much of this training derives from Harvard Professor B. When I mentioned FDR. The man who had invited him responded: "Nelson. he was looking around. Your Intrepid Correspondent was talking in a high school to a class of seniors about the career of Adolf Hitler. The man ahead of us didn’t notice this little." (Loc. Today. not even enough to disagree. you don’t and can’t know anything. waiting for the cashier to put something in his hand.) "We want him [the student-Iserbyt] to come under the control of his environment rather than on verbal directions given by members of his family. "For the purpose of analyzing behavior." (Loc. . Skinner. "I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule. it showed the purchase price and we had to figure out the change. Cit. founder of "progressive education" was there. don’t blame them. a bowl of soup for 60 cents. The immensely curious and fascinating thing about the confrontation was that these seniors could not understand what I was saying.) How would all this play out in math. trained. a Socialist. One of my sons and I were next in line at a checkout counter in a huge chain drugstore. . I wasn’t discussing Hitler the way I was supposed to. Dewey of course was a Stalinist. oblivious. The radical change was introduced in 1952. how much change should he receive? . as those present thought it was too radical a change. . and gave the cashier $3. But soon he would turn to find out what was happening and the sword would fall. You have no reservoir of learning. 238) Could you believe that a full one-third of college graduates can’t figure the answer? Here’s just one example of what we’re talking about. . they booed. .F. . (P.A. Cit. Whenever I mentioned Hitler. Skinner trained pigeons for the military during World War II. not knowing any math. . .) If your brain isn’t used for storage. When your obedient servant worked a cash register a century ago. heartrending crisis. The results are supposed to be worthless. . an affinity that found expression in the Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact. For instance. that he believed in total government and therefore that he and the Communists were natural allies. the study found that one in three young adults with a college degree from a two. .

It’s time to look at both parties. ELECTION OBITUARY BUSH WHACKS DEMOCRAT CARCASS By: Alan Stang The smoke clears. a reconstituted Democrat Party will emerge from the wreckage.The son who was with me is today a handsome. ME 04530. he was a pipsqueak. At this crucial point in the melodrama. professors who could have taught him that infiltration is infinitely superior to mere payoff. the benighted cashier gave the man ahead of us $. The experts said the Beltway Snipers would be Angry White Men and that the Democrats would sweep the field. The pipsqueak had been right! Thirty-eight cents was the right amount! The cashier totaled our purchase. How could this pipsqueak." At the time. but sic transit Gloria mundi. . Senator. The Democrat Party is a continuing. With a few. Bath. but will tell you anyway. says as follows (paraphrased from the Washington Post): "Ending discrimination and changing values are probably more important than reading in moving low income families into the middle class." Wondering.95 (Maine residents add 5. to order Mrs. Both have flacks who are experts in miasma. Iserbyt’s staggering book. mewling about the poor and how it was a "tactical. hulking brute under whom the ground shakes when he walks. Alas. Again.. and we paid and walked away. Both have squads of liars perpetrated by the nation’s leading law schools." not an "ideological" loss? The only true difference between the Democrat Party and Our Thing is a squad of Harvard and other professors trained in dialectical materialism and other Communist tools. They were paid anyway. It is left to us to cart off the corpses. He is talking about spending a lot more money to finance a lot more of it. barely tall enough to clear the counter.S. Had Al Capone hired his own professors instead of more head busters. criminal enterprise. the pipsqueak piped up: "Thirty eight cents.5% tax=$2. But let’s have done with good feeling." The country today is full of academically challenged victims such as that cashier. Bush talks about leaving no child behind. He used to bestride the world like a colossal bore. The wounded cry out.D. abandoned by the lesser god they worshipped. nodded and left. dear Yorick. Is there anything more rancid and revolting than the sight of Terry McAuliffe.19) plus $6. What about reading? Thomas Sticht. and remember that she has been crippled by design. Ph. who had never seen the inside of a "school. We are paid nothing. He looked at the coins. send $39." How would you get into the middle class if you can’t read? Always keep in mind that when George W. the Democrats are busy reburying the enlightened Indians who were so enamored of the Party candidate for solon from South Dakota . And be with your Intrepid Correspondent next week for more. chief Democrat bamboozler. highly paid experts who tell you what you saw. whose head barely cleared the top of the counter. . As we did so. he is not talking about changing all this. . Soon. Right now.00 shipping and handling to 3D Research Co.. maybe even President. she stared at my son in continuing wonderment.38 and held her breath. After every election come the commentators. who skimmed $18 million from Global Crossing. Al could have become a U. Some teenage females even think he’s a "hunk. 1062 Washington St.. know the right change? Was he a dwarf? An elf? A disciple of Yoda in possession of occult knowledge? No. he was simply a normal child educated at home. I knew him well. judicious slogans he could have made policy and even made us like it. Observe this skull. whose main racket is theft. The dead still litter the battlefield. There is little difference between the Democrat Party and Our Thing (Cosa Nostra).

Republicans who attended in the belief that the event would be a "memorial service" were booed. By now. in Minnesota. who now no doubt is demanding that St." watching Iowa illuminatus Tom Harkin rave about the many targets of Democrat largesse. so one can only assume that his security detail did not get in the way. lamented system. Regular readers of these diatribes will recall that Wilson lied and tricked us into World War I. the nation’s worst President. surrounded by thousands of like minds.that they allegedly came out of the graves to vote. Richard Nixon. ran Operation Keelhaul and would have taken the nomination from either party. the Democrats gave way to the lust for plunder that is the hallmark symptom of all true members of the Party." Andy Jackson would have returned with a battalion of Tennessee Volunteers and leveled it. from which few victims recover. then he would have sown salt in the furrows to prevent a recurrence. the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain. Lincoln was succeeded by a couple of fine Republican Presidents. fanning himself. except that the Republican Party is worse than the Democrats. The hero of the Republican Party is Abraham Lincoln. He is supposed to be a referee. who never saw a battle. He is supposed to sit on the porch. which would ensure that the Party would be even crazier than it was in Minneapolis. A President is not supposed to be the first thing in your face every morning when you turn on the television. Other Republican impostors come to mind: Dwight Eisenhower. But now here comes Herbert Hoover. As this diatribe goes to press. Feeding on each other. despite his valiant attempt to suppress it? At the "memorial service" the right arm got away. Yes. Remember how his right arm kept trying to erupt in the Nazi stiff-arm salute. Peter institute open admissions and that the Lord redistribute grace. watching. The antidote to all this is the Republican Party. not to mention other crimes. Silent Cal Coolidge among them. your Intrepid Correspondent could not help but recall the late Peter Sellers’s characterization of Doctor Strangelove in the movie of that name. Watching these dignitaries celebrate. just in case he needs to dump the U. You and I are supposed to do everything else. adding . deluded by the belief that the outside world was as crazy as they are. Franklin Roosevelt did what he could to communize our economy and then tricked us into World War II. Air Force on somebody who is trying to harm us.S. in our late. Hoover totalitarianized and bureaucratized the federal government. The Democrat Party used to be an honorable institution. That is supposed to be one of the few things a President should do. smiling. so they left. Dick Gephardt has departed and rumor has it that California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will replace him. "We will win. The "memorial service" that degenerated into the fulsome political rally that fully deserved the opprobrium it received. "Not in my name. along with Hillaroid. Lincoln was arguably the worst President by far because he destroyed the system the Founding Fathers bequeathed us. meanwhile. drinking iced tea. destroyed it so thoroughly the nation has never recovered. Independent Governor Jesse Ventura said his wife was in tears. the man who opened our doors to the Red Chinese and buried our POWs alive. Those of us who are not insane know that. they are reinterring Walter Mondale." Still unindicted traitor Clinton was there. the Republican Party has added world government to the totalitarianism left us by Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson would have run from the hall. was an (abnormal psychology) textbook proof of the fact that "liberalism" is a modern species of insanity. The disaster started with the departure of Paul Wellstone. shouting. silent like the sphinx and Silent Cal. Vice President Dick Cheney was disinvited and told not to come because his security detail would have "gotten in the way. Only a few years later. who in fact has been dead for many years. a President is supposed to do nothing. under whose imprimatur we were tricked into the income tax demanded in the Communist Manifesto and the Federal Reserve demanded in the Communist Manifesto. The lockstep media often refer disparagingly to Presidents like Cal as "do-nothing" Presidents. watching the young man scream over and over again from the rostrum that. watching. The trouble started with Woodrow Wilson.

Reagan had promised more than once to choose someone who shared his beliefs. I heard gasps of dismay from hundreds of horrified Republicans around me. House was a Marxist. white male. Why not read those speeches for a laugh. with the Republican Party in power there are beneficial changes. WTO. the kind of man the experts predicted would turn out to be the Beltway Sniper. For instance. many agencies and powers that Franklin Roosevelt’s 1932 campaign speeches against him sound like vintage drivel from the typewriter of your typical angry. Earlier that year. The Republicans do it differently. Anyone with half a wit should know what the Democrats are about. hating everyone who doesn’t belong to the militia. but they are relatively cosmetic. there are lofty ideals. payoffs to influential people and control of both major parties through the primary process. with the result that many of the rank-and-file Republicans are among the finest people in the country. There are truly magnificent speeches. Go down the list: NAFTA. A Tom Harkin will scream at a phony "memorial service" about little old ladies he needs to "help" by squandering your paycheck. Bush stood for everything Reagan had said he was against. in 1980. which brings us to a major difference between the parties. the Democrat Party makes few bones about its rapaciousness. not just cleaned-up. so. We saw that there was no good reason for the United States to fight in any of them. and his book tells how a "conspiracy" (the word is his) imposes the Communist Manifesto on America. What do you expect from the "Party of Lincoln?" PRISONERS OF WAR VICTIMS OF IMPERIAL WASHINGTON By: Alan Stang Over the past some weeks. we have looked at the five major wars Imperial Washington conducted in the Twentieth Century. despite which they never lose hope. so when he told us his pick was George Bush the Elder. Yes. B. etc. The Republican Party is worse than the Democrats because many of the most totalitarian proposals could only have been enacted with Republican help. 1960s hippies. As soon as he was elected. the people thought they were electing a member of Hillaroid’s "vast right-wing conspiracy. These fine people had worked so hard for Reagan because he promised to abolish the Departments of Energy and Education. Could the fact that Reagan launched a program to share education with the Soviet Union mean that he and Bush really did think as one? In 1912. because the Republican rank-and-file would have swarmed him as they did about his philandering.W. Edward Mandell House anonymously wrote a book entitled Philip Dru: Administrator. Among the techniques the conspiracy uses are manipulation of the press. Reagan had nailed Bush for his membership in the Trilateral Commission. In 1932. who had worked for months for Ronald Reagan. 1920-1935 (New York. A Story of Tomorrow. he flushed those promises down the toilet. left-over. covering the Republican National Convention. in . Huebsch." The Republican dishonor roll began with Hoover and continued with Eisenhower. gun control. sexually frustrated and misogynistic. That appears to be what is happening now. As we have seen. also known as "homeland security?" No. which raises the interesting possibility that he kept his word in choosing Bush as Vice President. Could Clinton have come as far as Bush with the nationalization of our police. These are the fine people the Republican bosses constantly betray. Reagan was launching Bush’s own presidential campaign eight years later. your Intrepid Correspondent just happened to be standing on the floor before the dais when presidential nominee Ronald Reagan unexpectedly arrived to tell us his choice for Vice President. 1920). there are platforms the authors don’t snicker about. And now the Republicans control the Senate as well. he lived in the White House with his "alter ego" Woodrow Wilson. which would give the conspiracy control of almost everyone who is nominated.

Imperial Washington arranged our entry with a trick. Indeed. they were slaves who had been forced into the Communist armies. and so that they couldn't spread word in the Soviet Union about what like was like in the West. the United States showered enemy soldiers. at the Yalta conference early in 1945. the Communists seized power in Russia with American help. North Korean and Red Chinese. and disappeared in the Communist maw. In the course of that advance. God help us. So now here they come into our lines. In obedience to that agreement. Many actually opposed Communism. Without that intervention. In Korea. 1968). the Soviets also seized about 25. but now you are drafted. mother and daughter) leave for basic training. The Soviets simply inherited them.every case. Imperial Washington sent some troops to the Soviet Far East. From the beginning. And Imperial Washington tried to force those men to return to Communist slavery and death. Imperial Washington protected the Soviets and saved them from collapse. Julius Epstein wrote a book exposing the horror. the Caxton Printers. "Uncle Joe. became POWs. Eisenhower. They complained. Call the American Opinion Library in North Hollywood at 1 (800) 470-8783 and tell Pat Dixon your Intrepid Correspondent sent you. the Soviets would have disappeared long ago. simply entitled Operation Keelhaul. Imperial Washington abandoned them. General Dwight D.000 Americans. father and son (and. your wife. Most of them were already Prisoners Of War in German camps. You will never again see your native land. There will be another generation of POWs. allegedly to "fight Communism. But this would have been a public relations disaster for the Reds." Imagine turning 18 on a farm outside Kankakee in early 1945. and took Russia out of the war. Huxley-Blythe's The East Came West (Caldwell. Tens of thousands of them did. still immured in the gulag that is still intact because the Soviet Union never collapsed. Before Imperial Washington . because Stalin was our dear friend. As your husband. Eisenhower sent them and Stalin killed them by the thousands for the crime of escape. Some of them were men who had served in our army in our uniform. At the same time. trained and sent to fight in Europe. And Imperial Washington typically abandoned them. where one of the dying President Franklin Roosevelt's top advisers was Soviet spy Alger Hiss. Imperial Washington ceded central Europe to the advancing Soviets coming west. The horror began with totalitarian monster Abraham Lincoln. Idaho. Imperial Washington is now conspiring to drag us into yet another war. where you are captured by the Germans and inherited by the Soviets. you need to know what to expect. which didn't matter. joyously waving those leaflets. You have never been anywhere and have never seen anything. now long out of print. who commanded our military in the European Theater of Operations (but who had never seen a battle outside the movies). advancing Americans headed east were ordered to stop so the Soviets could seize as much ground as possible. At the end of World War II. ran Operation Keelhaul." Some of those troops fell into enemy hands. promising freedom and good treatment to those who surrendered. No such survey would be complete without a look at how Imperial Washington treated our own men who became Prisoners Of War. Literally millions of victims who had escaped from Communist dictator Joe Stalin during the war were forcibly returned to him in boxcars like Jews on their way to Auschwitz. in 2002. How does Imperial Washington typically treat our own people? Toward the end of World War I. with millions of leaflets. Consider that today. you could still be alive. You could also read about it in Peter J. Many committed suicide rather than make the trip. who destroyed the Christian republic the Founding Fathers left us and created a ravening beast in his own likeness. America is a dream you are not sure ever happened. already almost tasting American-style freedom. If Stalin wanted them.

Of course. But Congress balked when the secret deal leaked. shot down over Iraq on the first night of the war. who commanded "our" side at the time. You are probably figuring that this was about as bad as it could get. kept protecting it. I saw at least fifteen men given injections of an unknown type of fluid and they would die within five minutes. Eisenhower was repeating Operation Keelhaul. those men were abandoned. Always. satellite photos. wanted in on the deal. kept advancing it.square on fact. Sergeant Glenn J. They rioted and tried to escape. the Communists in Laos. As far as we know. please see your obedient servant's book. perhaps living and slaving beside American POWs abandoned in World War II. said that after Operation Big Switch he had "solid evidence" that the Communists still held 944 Americans. that we allowed Imperial Washington to send women into combat. Imperial Washington used rifle fire and tear gas for the purpose. Typically.S. our own men. so Nixon simply announced that all Americans in Southeast Asia had come home. But Bobby Garwood did escape. What would you guess Imperial Washington did about that? The Eisenhower Administration ordered American troops to recapture them. Imperial Washington has done everything it could to discredit all this. everywhere. intelligence. Imperial Washington kept financing Communist-occupied Russia.S.000 Chinese prisoners who were equally hostile to Communism remained. Imperial Washington labors in behalf of Communism. because Imperial Washington abandoned them. and put to work as slaves. Imperial Washington knew that those men (many of them black. Nine of the escaping victims were killed. By now.000 Communist-hating North Koreans disappeared. Imperial Washington went to incredible extremes to discredit him. Families of the abandoned men long said that if only one man could escape or be rescued. etc. Nixon and Kissinger did a secret deal with Hanoi. by the way) were shipped to concentration camps in the Soviet Union. indeed. They refused. he lied. intelligence. Imperial Washington did everything it could to persuade them to return. Syngman Rhee. About 20. based four. It consists of eyewitness testimony by South Vietnamese who have escaped. More of them were killed. the mounting evidence that Hanoi still holds hundreds of our men is overwhelming. General Mark Clark. Meanwhile. Some are no doubt still alive. with news of other POWs. Those men are still there. There were actual gun battles with North Korean escapees who had believed the American leaflets. Navy Commander Scott Speicher. where our men were immured. we had already allowed ourselves to be so corrupted by the Communist dialectics of Antonio Gramsci (which we explained in an earlier Etherzone commentary). so zombified by government-is-god propaganda. They ripped off their identification cards and refused to give their names. see your Intrepid Correspondent's novel. Imperial Washington did nothing. Western Islands. That's right! This was not a discovery unearthed by U. In Vietnam. General Clark writes that they were the victims of Nazi-style medical experiments. They announced that they held hundreds of Americans. The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles (Boston. Imperial Washington wouldn't even debrief him for years. to protect their families in China. and 27. For a fictional version of what happened. Typically.could do that. But by the time we were Bushwhacked into that war. President of the Republic of Korea. the only POW still left over from Gulf War I is U. They are still waiting for us to bring them home. . 1968). the putrid can of worms would pop. The Pathet Lao admitted it themselves. but you are wrong.S. the abandoned men were sent to our friends in the Soviet Union. ordered the South Korean guards at the gates of the prisons to throw them open. who used them in the usual Nazi experiments. A couple were killed. the Pathet Lao. in which Imperial Washington would pay about $4 billion in exchange for the American POWs. To please the Communists. Among many other sources. 1999). Los Angeles. findings accumulated by U. Oliver told what happened at prison camp 5: "Men in poor condition were placed outdoors with little or no clothing and eaten by flies and worms. Perestroika Sunset (Patton House. we were by then so degraded and unmanly." Other Americans were burned alive and beaten to death.

There has been no best-selling book. we are routinely bombing Iraq. the liberal can recognize that things fall down. on the other hand is deliberately induced. not up. I was the keeper of the flame. inspiring movie starring Rosie O'Donnell or Ellen Degeneris. as it did in Vietnam. the "change agents" who run the nation’s government schools have deliberately used them not nearly so much to educate as to turn children into willing tools of der new vorld order. liberals persisted in disagreement and could not understand. after others had educated me. there is every reason to believe it will do so again. because there was a time. As one of my readers. American troops are being ferried to bases in the Middle East en masse. one paradoxical symptom that may indicate the presence of liberal insanity is an inability to recognize the presence of liberal insanity. Imperial Washington's ambassador to Baghdad. Indeed. swept into the dustbin of history when the plans change. feminoid canard that the anatomical differences between men and women don't really matter. Now. Other lunatics cannot and wind up walking upside down (they think). But it is a fact that those women have been hidden as deeply as April Glaspie. Like all kinds of madness. and the next phase of the continuing illegal (because it is undeclared) war is about to begin. so the victim must be confined. Because Imperial Washington has done the same thing in every Twentieth Century war it tricked us into. The reason for this difference is that the more generalized versions of insanity happen by themselves for medical reasons. the madness is more generalized. That means the already inflamed political dialogue will explode.A couple of those women were captured by Iraq. Despite my best efforts. Many times in these commentaries (see the etherzone. long ago in the previous century. For instance. I would come away from such a confrontation thinking that the fault was mine. I'm not going to repeat them because I don't have the facts. liberalism. so it could perhaps be helpful to take another look at what we are up against. who started the war. your obedient servant has shown that. Needless to say. For instance. In an empire. that the Japanese alone were to blame for Pearl Harbor. Keep this in mind when you say goodbye to your sons and your daughters. in other kinds of insanity. the individual becomes nothing but a disposable pin on a map. No doubt the biggest mistake I made for years when talking to such people was to assume that they didn’t understand what I was talking about because they didn’t have the archives on page two). you can profit from my mistakes and save precious time. The mistake I was making was my assumption that they were as interested in facts as I was. in which the United States and all other countries would be submerged in a totalitarian Socialist world government. and on the preposterous. I blush now to confess that I used to think Franklin Roosevelt was an American. Their story has not been told in the usual. it didn’t happen. WHY WE LOST THE MADNESS OF LIBERALISM By: Alan Stang As this commentary goes to press. The difference between liberalism and other kinds of insanity is that the liberal is able to function outside the walls of an institution because he refuses to recognize only certain kinds of facts. that Cuba fell to Castro by itself. "Liberalism" is a modern species of insanity. Later. This was easy to believe. Time after time. when I didn’t have the facts and other people educated me. it is characterized by a willful refusal to recognize facts. Rumors have circulated ever since about what happened to them. I realized it was my turn to educate. Imagine the effect of that story on female enlistment in the military. Maybe I had . for many decades.

Or. once I understood that whatever facts I set forth would make no difference. As soon as it becomes clear that the man I am talking with has no interest in facts. it also includes people who are allegedly on the right. for instance. the worst kind. For just one example. our borders are no more. I would do more research and go back again. or. at least I shut up or talk about J. It includes anyone trained from earliest childhood to endorse blind belief in government. Your experience may be different. Fisk wrote later. Again. and would be overjoyed were someone who knows to tell them. once I realized where the fault lay.. in a case such as this.not presented the facts properly. Not necessarily. if I’m momentarily trapped. there is Sean Hannity. but. I move on. and however well I set forth the facts. was that your Intrepid Correspondent must be a "racist. not even a nuisance. He is inordinately handsome. but another reader wrote that he was sure I was one of his fans. facts are an irrelevant nuisance. reinforced mostly by television and the movies. There are literally millions of other Americans out there who are wondering what is really going on. What I failed to understand at the time was that to the insane liberal mentality. Robert Fisk is an English journalist. The facts were irrelevant. In my experience. I remember feeling intense relief. there is little chance for recovery. Robert Fisk is not a normal human being. Our country is literally being dismantled with the acquiescence of our leaders. the same belligerent ignorance. nothing like this has happened in the history of the world. We are talking here about a species of insanity that has existed nowhere else in the recorded history I have searched. that the madness we are discussing includes not just the usual charlatans on the left. but hadn’t done enough. surely. If that is really what he thinks. Maybe the facts I had presented were off point. Lo." So total has been the victory of these conspirators (so far). who was beaten by a mob of refugees in Afghanistan in the early days of the war on the Taliban. I present the facts. reality will kick in. Again. one wonders why he does not put a bullet in his head to save someone else the trouble. by means of a comprehensive program including the latest scientific enhancements. In the world these lunatics inhabit. "Why We Lost. maybe I had presented them properly and on point. I have entitled these comments. in the face of overwhelming opposition from our people. Nowhere else have I found leaders who deliberately inculcated self-loathing in their subjects to the point of self-destruction. "If I were the Afghan refugees. Here are a couple of examples of what I am talking about. or whether it demands military intervention around the world. I hadn’t said a word about Senator Joe McCarthy. liberals will recover at least sufficiently to save themselves. I have seen a couple of remarkable remissions. there are no such things. because they don’t exist. however much I studied. Or any other Westerner I could find. Because of that self-loathing. But. he is full of characteristically delightful Irish charm. Jr. One response to my recent commentary about Martin Luther King." Clearly. Because the disorder is constantly reinforced after the victim is handed a "high school diploma" from the mental institution to which he has been bused. and every time I see him in action I ask myself. Now. whether that belief looks to government for the solution to every problem from asthma to zits. The result of course was that your obedient servant would come away from such conversations intensely frustrated. Once I realized that. nobody challenged my facts." No mention was made of the facts I had cited. the prognosis for victims of liberal insanity is not hopeful. "Can this man really be this stupid? Can he really be this ignorant?" Or is his belligerent stupidity nothing but a show-business shtick? Maybe it . sadly. Yes. Many countries have suffered treason by their leaders. because he was insane. Needless to say. So. the other man would feel no ill effects. I would have done the same to Robert Fisk. the result would always be the same mocking cackle. in a kill-or-be-killed situation like the war we are entering. Surely. where our very existence is threatened. not many.

George Bush. a massive inconvenience. it created a con man of genius. The grape boycott merely denied participants a delightful snack. the easier it will be to take the country back when the Lord of hosts decides He has had enough and intervenes. but that fact was undercover at the time (not a pun). In my opinion. Bush loves to say Islam is a religion of "peace. Now. Al turns up in Los Angeles and he’s a "conservative. the best thing we can do right now is salvage the remnant. Usually they are more trouble than they are worth and fail to persuade their targets to change their behavior. From time to time. The more people who do bow before facts. but also because it would involve no sacrifice at all. To boycott them was. Martin Luther King (see your reporter’s EtherZone commentary on the subject).is. to say the least. There apparently is no government press release. Needless to say. Nobody could honestly question the dedication the Montgomery blacks showed in that boycott. a total factotum of the conspiracy for world government." Presumably. Some years ago. who know "incoming" when they see it. Al was a liberal then. can apparently tell no lie. because I believe that it could not only have a profound effect. Indeed. The trouble with boycotts is that they require sacrifice. on the other hand. said he wanted to know the truth however bad it was." Certainly one of the most destructive elements of liberal insanity is its implacable insistence that there is no such thing as evil. might call it a religion of "piece. I do now propose a boycott. someone suggests that we stop buying gas to express our displeasure with Big Oil. especially about the war. . He was also a sodomite. Patrick Henry. And without gas you are back on the bus. he is just one of many like him on the "right. it would be a pleasure. He skillfully conceals his disdain for the facts with a superficial concern for the facts. great Gary Allen thoroughly exposed in the now deceased American Opinion. that your Intrepid Correspondent has been reluctant to propose one. Salvaging the remnant also means spreading the word. Certainly one of the most famous was the Montgomery Bus Boycott launched by Rosa Parks in consort with the schemers behind her. They needed the buses. In turn. the late. Another was the grape boycott launched by Cesar Chavez in California. your Intrepid Correspondent guested for a few hours on a radio show in Miami run by a man named Al Rantel. so preposterous that Hannity will not trumpet its veracity and belligerently take on all comers. which my dear friend. but still a sacrifice. They had to make other arrangements to get around. and now that sodomy is so popular. that Hannity will not applaud." as we shall see in coming weeks. the more people who do understand what is happening and who’s whose. a minor sacrifice. everyone is allowed to know what he is. however blatant. don’t you know. It cannot be said too often that that means taking the children out of government mental institutions and either schooling them at home (the best solution) or in a Christian environment. maybe my favorite Founding Father. recommended by so many advocates on all sides. "There’s some good in the worst of us. THE ACADEMY AWARDS A MODEST PROPOSAL By: Alan Stang Boycotts have become a popular means of expressing disapproval. they rode them every day. this means there’s some good in Osama bin Laden and Saddam." which is so au courant." Firearms enthusiasts. especially for those "useful idiots" (Lenin’s phrase) who marched in the sun. There have been so many boycotts. Despite all this.

that is a serious misunderstanding. or even as much? The problem is that people confuse the pretense with the reality. a mother of five ordained by God to pass along our culture. you must constantly be aware of the real world in which you live. it asks us to watch and enjoy an endless parade of cephalically challenged ignoramuses. you would simply watch something else. indeed. yes. He doesn’t have the remotest notion of what is going on out here. The real problem is: they don’t. taxes. but now she. No. his ability to emote. who come to the rostrum to tell each other how superior they are. the pretender comes to believe that he really is as brilliant as people tell him he is. too. et cetera and so on. The certainty that such a boycott could produce a wholesome effect was the craven fear the "movie colony" recently expressed when someone suggested in passing that viewers stop watching one of their weekly "sitcoms. What are his or her tools? The movie star is selling his appearance. for instance. they don’t know any more than we do. take her completely by surprise. the Love Priestess loyally kept watching. et cetera. even considerable credence. Entertaining pretense is all we want from him. When he isn’t actually reading scripts. For a while. That would be a genuine sacrifice. Panic would spread in Hollywood and Burbank. a foolproof recipe for psychotic narcissism. The purpose of the boycott would be to "send a message" to the traitors. Whatever work or business you do. fiscal policy. has reluctantly tired of the sickening chore. there is an endless host of things of which you must stay aware: the market for your product. if they knew as much as we do. they don’t know near as much as people in Moline or Minneapolis who go to work every day. Some observers complain that it makes no sense to give the Hollywood crowd more credence than we give anyone else. with the hair stylist. as the characters he plays. Often. you won’t be there. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that you forego the latest flick starring Susan "the strumpet" Sarandon. after a while. How long will it be this year? Three hours? Four? Whatever." On the evening of the Academy Award show. Ratings of the show would crater. At work. When he isn’t doing that. degenerates. The movie star must do the same thing. Whatever you do. memorizing lines or working. changing tastes. you would take your wife out for dinner and dancing. supply and demand. certainly. you must keep your skills up to date. you must take refresher courses for the purpose. but refusing to watch the Academy Awards would not because it is arguably the most boring program ever presented on television. all designed to improve his appearance. with the plastic surgeon or psychiatrist. you must keep the tools of your trade sharp. with the voice or acting coach. Give her no warning. I said that this would be no sacrifice. et cetera and so on. friends. paid not to live in the real world. except that you will call her from work and tell her to get dressed. better. . after all. he is generally socializing with other peacocks. When the Nielsen people call. he or she is spending hours in the gym. It wouldn’t. or Looney Clooney or any of the other brainless popinjays like Sean Penn who today dominate the industry. as smart and brave and resourceful and compassionate. In business. too ignorant to know what they don’t understand. which will confirm your status as a real-life hero. There would be no problem giving them credence. his voice. new technology. ignoramuses and other pukes who generally rule the present movie industry that we are "mad as h-e-c-k and we aren’t going to take it anymore.I propose that we as a nation boycott the upcoming Academy Awards." We’re disgusted with their pompous political pronouncements and their royal decrees about how we should live. Your Intrepid Correspondent has happily been boycotting this for years. or. every year it is more boring because of the ideological pronouncements with which it is festooned. Why would anyone with more than half a wit conclude that such a stilted creature has any more wisdom than your average skilled mechanic or receptionist or insurance broker. He is paid to pretend. because.

He routinely solves the problems of the world in the movies. even seven weeks to complete." which portrays Stonewall Jackson as the Christian hero he was. Yes. he denounces you for not giving enough. I’ll tell you all about it. trying to alert the citizenry to the totalitarian disaster that was approaching. There is good reason to believe that they already are terrified. please see "Havana. my hosts would cart me from Rotary to Lions to Kiwanis for a speaking breakfast. I would write the magazine articles and radio news commentary I had to do. and then from high school to college class for appearances. There is also the fact that. of course. Please pass the word. I don’t know yet what Susan the Strumpet. and then in the evening my hosts would haul me to the main lecture I was there to give.Some commentators tell us that because he is nothing more than a pretty face. He doesn’t deserve the umpteen millions his agent was able to get for his next picture. And he feels better. after the lecture. then from radio station to television studio to newspaper for interviews. in a different motel. He knows as much about foreign policy as a clam. again. There are happy exceptions to all this. we lived a few minutes away from the major studios for many years. sometimes. because the next morning my hosts in the next town had booked me on a talk show or . He takes out full-page ads to trumpet his avant-garde beliefs. since as far back as the 1930s. So. Every day found me in a different town. he knows he doesn’t deserve what he has. the movie industry has been riddled with Communists. That is why today I have only five kids. Often. After lunch. for being too insensitive to sense all the things he understands. but he lectures you about it. Instead. Some diehard movie fans may now be saying that your Intrepid Correspondent after all is an outsider. alongside Brad Pitt. a long time to be away from home." where I made my film debut opposite Robert Redford. they would hustle me to the airport and dump me. He could send his money to Africa. Probably they are not enthusiastic. The powers that would like to be routinely demean them. He doesn’t deserve the fawning adulation. after that talk show. As part of our celebration of the Academy Awards. Next week. Meanwhile. we would do an Optimist or maybe a women’s club for a speaking lunch. Often. I traveled the country on interminable speaking tours. or wherever the problem is that he elects to lament about. Apparently you are unaware that I am a movie star myself. there are exceptions but that is all they are. which still is bearing crimson fruit. The only reason you are unaware of that is that I do not have a publicist. Some of those tours took five. you would soon be seeing yours truly on the cover of Teen Throbs. Needless to say. we shall soon tell the story of the Communist infiltration of Hollywood. not entertainment. back in my motel room. It will be interesting to see whether Stephen Lang is even nominated for best actor at the Academy Awards next year. Why not in real life? He could give those millions to the poor. Were I to hire one. SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER SHUT UP By: Alan Stang For many years. whose purpose has always been propaganda. or Penn the Peckerhead thinks of "Gods and Generals. On a typical morning. he or she does not interrupt his or her endless schedule of visits to the practitioners they pay so handsomely to maintain their façade of youth. He feels guilty. there would be late night talk radio. six. but that doesn’t mean we know anything about Hollywood. He feels he must do something to redeem himself in his own eyes. and therefore unqualified to speak. A boycott of this year’s Academy Awards could help put the Hollywood ignoramuses in their place.

Often I would find myself at the local American Legion or VFW hall. I remember a couple of times when I woke up in a motel room and couldn’t remember where I was. and no longer even bother to hide. in every town. I been fightin’ Communism since before you was born!" He would assure me that when it got bad enough . was to arouse everyone who would listen to action. at every appearance. the outcome would have been different. After a while on this schedule. No problem. long after he had won. the matchbook was completely blank. He died in 1924 and Trotsky went nose to nose for mastery with Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili. Stalin was still afraid of him. As best I can tell.when the Communists came to take his gun. For want of a nail a kingdom was lost and maybe if Trotsky had convinced one more Communist to take his side. He could just as well have won and been dictator for many years." in which the Communists never stop trying to seize other countries by means of perpetual war. The new people would meet my plane. History shows that power is a supremely fickle mistress. He was still immensely influential in the international Communist conspiracy for world government. everyone who is even mildly interested knows that men who call themselves "neoconservatives. hypnotized by Fox News and other extrusions of the "vast right wing conspiracy. where the name of the motel will appear. before we learned that they were merely errand boys and head busters. . Still no problem. to motivate them to oppose the totalitarian juggernaut that was threatening to devour the nation. So. Stalin sent assassins to kill him. Indeed. today seems quaint. I met people who told me they were aware of the problem and that . Trotsky lost and went into exile. Bronstein was one of the top Communists who seized power in Russia in 1917." This is especially remarkable. It is mildly unsettling not to know which state you are in. But once. Everywhere I went. he was still a Communist. the totalitarian threat my colleagues and I were so worried about then. Stalin won and became Soviet dictator. for instance . He was the main advocate of "permanent revolution. And I am still waiting for Middle America to take the action they promised." control the U.S. government and implement policy. When he went into exile.a breakfast there. I had to wait until the next morning to find out where I was. He was the chief founder and leader of the Red Army and minister of war." or just "neo-cons. In the bar. you simply look at the matchbook. a former seminary student who called himself Comrade "Steel" (Stalin). so early that I had to fly in the night before. because the Communists now completely control our government. hustle me to the new motel and dump me. rather than take time to digest. The reason all this now comes again to mind is that in the present context. you simply call the desk. He wormed his way into Trotsky’s confidence and buried an axe in his head. was the supreme leader of the Communist revolution in Russia.when it got bad enough . He crushed the rebellion of the Russian sailors at Kronstadt. these good folks are today even less inclined to act than they were those many years ago. the victim gets punchy. one of them finally succeeded in 1940 in Mexico.they would take action. the switchboard was closed for the night. stark white. The "neo-cons" are Trotskyites. But this was not the Four Seasons. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. He still believed everything he had believed. This was happening when we still thought the Communists were the whole problem. there would always be a man with a beer who would tell me: "Son. like Stalin.he would rise. What? The Communists control our government? You’re out of your mind! Am I? By now. who took the name Lenin. looks in comparison like a dignified dispute in a seminary class. As Leon Trotsky. disciples of Lev Davidovich Bronstein. My mission.

but remember that some of the most influential communists don’t belong and never belong to the Communist Party. The only question seems to be. The Party itself tells them they can do more for Communism on the outside. but you can still speak. Americans have already lost their jobs and reputations . The situation is bad.maybe even their minds and lives . in which freedom of speech will be against the law. There is freedom to speak of one’s admiration for George W. So now I return to perhaps my favorite question. Indeed. about Israel. If you keep saying work. Wolfowitz.Trotsky was gone but his ideas and his followers remained. And the communists who control our government are implementing the Communist program. The latest victim of the process is a gentleman named Dusty Baker. we are at war now. The communists in power are creating an atmosphere in which Americans are too terrified to speak about things that really matter. Today the thing you were afraid of is much worse. Try speaking about women . His followers were and are "Trotskyites" and. By "Communist. they too are Communists.or often even to women . The intervals between wars that used to be called "peace" are unnatural." We don’t need to prove it again. if you like. on such issues. The first thing you need to speak about is the fact that communists could be running our government only if the President who employs them . If you are going to do it. who stands accused of saying that his black players play better in hot weather than his white players. Let’s put a small "c" on the word. it is getting worse every day. What? That’s preposterous! We have more freedom of speech than ever! Do we? Yes. try talking about Christianity and Jesus Christ in school. Most important.for making comments. like the Communist whose ardent disciples they are. to distinguish these communists from Communists who belong to the Communist Party. When will you folks in Middle America take the action you promised? When will you speak up? You didn’t speak up years ago because you were afraid. whom shall we attack? George Washington’s wise policy has been thrown into the toilet. But freedom of speech is not measured by what the media make popular. We are always at war. now is the time. and the communists in control are arranging the next war even before we finish this Stalin’s . Lo and Hillaroid and other inanities. freedom of speech in our country now hangs by a thread. about buggery. I don’t need to name them. even accidental comments. his real name is Bill Smith or Ted Jones. I am told he is a black baseball manager. LOTT IS ROCKERED NO MORE APOLOGIES By: Alan Stang ." subjected to the same (mis)treatment suffered by Atlanta pitcher John Rocker? John was almost destroyed after making some judicious comments about people he saw in New York. It already is against the law in some respects.I assume it is a revolutionary moniker he chose. the communists control our government and no longer need to hide. Bush. For all I know. Goodness! Will he be "rockered. there is freedom to speak about J.and at whose exclusive pleasure they serve ." or "communist. I had never heard of him until a few days a communist himself." if you prefer. we simply mean someone who believes in Communism and works to impose it. It won’t get better by itself. Regular readers know that the name of this process is "brainwashing. for just one example. Try speaking about race. a time could soon arrive in which you will be unable to speak. Okay so far? Again. about illegal aliens. Because his name is so eerily appropriate for what he does . You even know who they are. And only you can stop it.

Long ago. his staff had departed. I told you how wrong I was about my meeting with Henry Kissinger when I said he wouldn’t last. by reminding the nation that Strom ran for President on the platform of "states’ rights. I defined the term. explained their goals and amplified their methods. because the federal government has now become the totalitarian monstrosity Lincoln wanted. of course. there in his office. Lott is still in office. and still don’t. The congressman reassured me. what he hoped to accomplish. And so. unfurled the Stars and Bars and attacked. my editor had sent me to the Imperial City to do a piece on new. I was sure he understood. do you now finally understand what I told you in your office lo these many years ago? By now. how he hoped to do it. I was wrong. named the names and organizations. I have long wondered whether he could be putting on an act. By now. Lott did not. This week constitutes my confession about Trent Lott. so. of Atlanta. . American Opinion. Could stupidity and ignorance so monumental be an accident? Last week. blah. ask me what I thought he had asked. he typically groveled on command. most ignorant people ever elected to the Congress. didn’t." It was late in the afternoon. When I left. Trent. so I went through the usual claptrap about the ideals that had motivated the young Lott to run. especially Members of Congress." which was (state) government policy forcing people to be apart. Needless to say. Good Old Boy from Mississippi. but I suspect that the Senator is solely at fault for the fact that he has turned out to be one of the stupidest. conservative faces in the House and Lott was one of the people we had chosen to interview. He was a young congressman. The focus of this week’s piece is not race. I met Trent Lott in his office. because the next thing he said would have knocked me down. blah. Thank God I did so. I have elected to name this Conspiracy technique for him. Trent Lott has been rockered. that I had no wish to impose on his precious time for an ulterior purpose and that what he asked would take some time. about the Conspiracy for world government perpetrated by the billionaire totalitarian Socialists who rule us. "Tell me about this thing you call the Conspiracy. At the time. As your obedient servant sets this diatribe forth. everyone in the galaxy knows what Lott said. I didn’t print this most important aspect of our meeting. Lott could have pointed out that states’ rights are needed today more than ever. thanked him and rose to go. The congressman knew of the magazine for which I wrote. which was fine. For almost two hours. For many years since. In fact. Their real purpose was to establish relationships. For the record. I am as hostile to "segregation. who also has a propensity for saying the "wrong thing. I told freshman congressman Trent Lott. Instead. But. et cetera and so on." which were destroyed by totalitarian monster Abraham Lincoln. I replied that I had come to interview him for a magazine piece. I asked him to repeat and he said the same thing." which is (federal) government policy forcing people to be together. I had to give the congressman a short course. This happened so long ago that your Intrepid Correspondent wasn’t yet world infamous. told him what the Conspiracy was. People. the congressman listened with interest. The only truly progressive policy in the matter is to leave people alone. I never did think much of such articles. our worst President. I folded my notebook. blah. your Intrepid Correspondent is implacably opposed to government in the matter. The sun was low." Remember? With your permission. He dared to praise fellow Southerner Strom Thurmond. I have lectured and conducted seminars on various aspects of the subject around the world. Take all the time you need. We were alone. as I am to "integration. Lott could have turned the controversy on its ear. My short course in his office could well have been defective. "Sit down. Last week. still the brunt of the treatment administered to fireball pitcher John Rocker. the Conspiracy for world government bit Lott in the behind. but I thought at first he hadn’t really said it." said the congressman. It was quiet. There were already shadows in the room. "No problem. When I had written enough drivel to fill a couple of magazine pages. because he is stupid and ignorant." said Trent Lott.

he has been neutered. The pathetic hulk of Trent Lott is the result. Indeed. Apparently he was used to asking white men this question. to shut up. shut up. What is happening to Trent Lott now is a warning: Shut up or this could happen to you. Notice that charlatans like Jesse Jackson routinely are allowed to get away with far worse." No one at the top says he should retire. O Lord. He asked me how guilty I felt about slavery. The process begins in the nation’s government schools.Today. not his color. my people were hiding in the Eastern hemisphere in caves and forests. Yes. and that life even for free Negroes in the North was at times just as bad. Ed Hunter would call him brainwashed. they rioted in 1863 in the Draft Riots." a reference to Mike’s profession. Today. as a weapon (along with gender and the environment and the economy and on and on) in the present war on the white Christian man. From the beginning. I didn’t even know why the Negroes in the black dining room at a bus stop down south stared at me when I accidentally wandered in and asked for coffee." It consists of instilling guilt. morally emasculated. no one in my family had arrived in this country until long after Lincoln’s totalitarian war destroyed the Union. what we are talking about here is the Conspiracy’s use of any chance remark. "There goes old Jesse again. Why? Because the Conspiracy must emasculate and neutralize the white Christian man to complete its totalitarian takeover. however innocent. no one up there even suggests he should apologize and he is allowed to go on to even greater excess. Some Yankee soldiers went to Canada. I was on a speaking tour in the Northwest some years ago to discuss my book. on his face I saw disbelief. the white Christian man is the only individual who can be insulted and degraded and offended with impunity. 1965) and found myself facing a black talk show host in studio. Again. made useless. our focus instead is the Conspiracy’s immensely clever and effective technique of using race as a subterfuge. The media don’t require him to grovel. Today. how bad his father was and how he must atone. For instance. In fact. . Negroes lived in Harlem. which had the same significance to us as the fact that the Chinese lived in Chinatown and the Italians lived in Little Italy. before Jackson routinely began renaming them every few years. Could yours truly have been the only one who answered this way? How long. no one in my family had ever oppressed or even done something mean to a Negro. While Negroes were enslaved here. as people of color then were known. Western Islands. Jesse calls New York "Hymietown. how long? I have no doubt that slavery was as bad as we are told it was. So naturally I told the black talk show host I felt no guilt at all. however confused. By the time little Beau staggers out of college. A man who feels guilty has been neutralized. The only distant ancestor I ever heard about at family gatherings was a man known only as "Black Mike the horse thief. Journalist Ed Hunter saw the process in action in Red China and Korea and called it "brainwashing. A man who feels guilty is unmanned. as justification for a blitzkrieg of media excoriation to force the white Christian man (especially a Member of Congress) to keep his head down. can’t act. I went to school with Negroes. He was surprised. while the totalitarian steamroller rolls over everyone. however right or wrong. it doesn’t matter what he said." The media chuckle at this anti-Semitic reference. Not only had no one in my family ever owned slaves. He hadn’t done his homework and didn’t know I had been born and raised in New York. where little Beauregard is told how bad his grandfather was. he actually asked me that. we are supposed to believe the white Christian man is behind it. the enemy the media revel in covering with garbage. Remember that when New York whites found out for the first time via the phony Emancipation Proclamation that they had been fighting and dying all along to free the slaves. They say in effect. shut up. It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights (Boston. Whole units deserted from the Yankee army. if you have a problem from asthma to dandruff to incontinence to yaws. No.

so in effect she faced a life sentence. when you shake off your (mis)education and take little Beauregard out of (government) school. Without it. So. the Communist Broadcasting System. the jury acquitted Miss Kuglin of all charges. it should have been. When will it end? The answer is: It will never end. you probably already know what I am talking about. the more she became convinced that the reason they failed to respond was that the law did not require her to pay. FEDERAL INCOME TAX PROOF OF CONSPIRACY By: Alan Stang For many weeks.but it wasn’t. She is 58 now. Look at the charlatans who have been assigned to impose it. We have seen that to have any hope of doing so we must recognize the cause: the conspiracy for world government. Congresswoman Maxine "the Mouth" Waters has the best job she ever had. we have been looking at what we realistically might do to save our country from the totalitarian dictatorship that is rapidly suppressing it. Because you are reading these profundities at Etherzone.Having said all that. Raise him to hate no one. she put 99 allowances on her W-4. Some years ago. Without his media buildup. in Memphis. collective guilt. especially including himself. in 1995. despite all this. The judge replied." By then Murphy may have been too mentally taxed to remember that. It is important to note that our friends at IRS prepare these cases very carefully. when you stand on your hind legs and say enough is too much. in Memphis. Al Sharpton would be selling greasy kid stuff for teenage hair. and charged her with six felony counts of tax evasion on $920. I refer of course to the fact that. so. A few days ago. we are demonstrating why that recognition is so important. In a case like this. They don’t take one into court unless they know they will win. Our friends at IRS said she had lied. They did not respond. involving serious money.filing false W-4 forms . 2003. and we chose an issue for the purpose: the sodomite explosion.5 million in but my guess is that few other Americans do. The Internal Revenue Service refused. because it goes without saying that the Communist News Network. and could have had to pay $1. the federal government tried a lady named Vernice Kuglin on charges of tax evasion . there was no legal basis for the judge to issue such an order. We chose that issue because it is so much in the news. rather. she wrote IRS and asked them to tell her. They constantly refer to the defendant’s "fair share. Presently. They said IRS had not proved the lady was required to pay the tax. Jesse Jackson would be a pimp with a sideline in dirty pictures. many still guilty white Christians ask how many more generations must pass before they have sufficiently atoned. Miss Kuglin is a pilot for Federal Express. The more she studied. they do everything they can to incite the jurors’ envy. She couldn’t find it in the Internal Revenue Code. all the news that’s print to fit and so on. After the verdict." On August 8. before the powers-that-would like-to-be will stop inflicting the painful. the income tax was in the news again. and took home (almost) all her wages. "Sir. after the verdict. or. she would be the madam in a low-class South Central whorehouse. even if he does work for IRS. . We could just as well have chosen the federal income tax. frustrated prosecutor Joe Murphy asked the judge to order Miss Kuglin to pay it. have not given it the coverage it deserves. I don’t work for IRS. enough to put Miss Kuglin away for as long as 30 years. It should have been banner headlines across the country .000 of income. she began wondering what law required her to pay income tax.and lost. It will end only when you end it.

Name a couple of determine whether you are one of those people. Can you name a year between 1784 and 1942 when the government collapsed? I’m willing to compromise. which your Intrepid Correspondent wrote as a guest of the federal government. That is the secret they don’t want you to know. the big problem in Congress was the "Surplus Monster. like most of the taxes in the Internal Revenue Code. Did you make and sell liquor last year? Then you must pay the liquor tax. the same judges said the same thing and added that their previous ruling. they don’t ‘cause there ain’t. Except the income and click on non-fiction. To conceal that fact. When did the income tax begin? Nineteen thirteen. You alone know that. Why? Wouldn’t they quash the controversy and kamikaze pilots like Miss Kuglin. Without the income tax. to make it incomprehensible to the normal mind. when income tax withholding took effect "temporarily" in 1942. Our friends at IRS have no trouble citing the Code section . just before the illegal income tax of 1894. Let’s say 1784. only two: direct and indirect. What the law requires you to do every year . in Pollock v. Because I am trying to inform.the Constitution . the comic weekly. because you alone know what you did last year. Go to www. There is. without the help of Matthew Lesko. one of many things you could look at is my book. the federal government was still collecting more in alcohol and tobacco taxes than it was in individual income taxes. simply by stating the Code section that applies? Yes. The trouble with the tax today is that our friends at IRS are administering it illegally as a direct tax. The law . maybe even oversimplified. Indeed.Notice that there are many taxes in the Internal Revenue Code. What does the law say? There are two kinds of federal taxes. just a year later. It doesn’t mean there is no such tax. limited it by forcefully explaining where that power could not reach. but that it is an indirect tax.that requires a "taxpayer" to pay each one. they would. Patriotic Americans hearing about all this for the first time. Farmers’ Loan & Trust (158 US 601). created "no new power of taxation.stangbooks.says that all federal taxes must be one or the other. No income tax was needed. Between 1784 and 1913. they are tongue-tied. I am happy to add that this explanation is necessarily quite simplified." In other words. Brushaber limited the federal government’s power to tax rather than expand it. would the government collapse? The answer is to ask yourself when the government began. For many of those years." Tax money was pouring in and Congress didn’t know what to do with it. In Brushaber v. See the cartoon from Puck. and the people it applies to need to pay it. in Brushaber. because during most of those years the government was restricted to the few activities the Constitution allows. There is no such section. Indeed. the US Supreme Court ruled that the income tax is legal (constitutional). often worry. there were no internal taxes at all! Yet. because of space . Union Pacific (240 US 1). For more information. TaxScam: How IRS Swindles You and What You Can Do About It. which the Supreme Court forbade. but it applies to very few people. litigious prevaricators (lawyers) with advanced degrees in obfuscation have deliberately written the income tax into the Code in as confusing a manner as possible. forget it.the law . not obfuscate. You don’t owe the tax.but it is true. in 1915. Nothing had changed since the Court ruled the income tax unconstitutional in 1894. all expenses paid. Baltic Mining (240 US 103).and our friends at IRS say so themselves . in Stanton v. there were 129 years. If you made and sold no liquor. in TaxScam. . With regard to the income tax alone. and our dear friends at IRS use the uncertainty that confusion engenders to intimidate and literally to threaten Americans into voluntarily paying a tax the law does not require them to pay. There is no third kind of federal tax. That doesn’t mean the income tax is illegal or unconstitutional.

Because of verdicts like Kuglin. Banzai! MARTIN LUTHER KING. It’s a tool of the conspiracy for world government. failing to file a particular form. you now also see why it is supremely important to call it what it is: a conspiracy. inflationary effects of the funny money printed by the Federal Reserve. I have not yet had the honor and pleasure of meeting the lady. So now we know that the income tax didn’t "just happen. The Martin Luther King holiday smelled as bad as the Bush Administration from the beginning because of the unseemly haste with which it was rammed through the Congress. She faced 30 (thirty) years in prison. the nation is preparing to honor by means of a national paid holiday the only other man who enjoys the same status as Washington. which to its everlasting shame is promoting women in combat. Miss Kuglin laid her life on the line. the main purpose of the income tax is to reduce the destructive." Sure enough. and I don’t know many men that brave. Should that be the case. and if you now have a totally different take on the income tax. Among its purposes is the destruction of the middle class that pays it. We are talking about what we can realistically do to save America. plus a huge fine. It doesn’t matter who is being nominated for a national holiday. Apparently she refused to take a lesser plea. little lady was used and abused by Iraq and the United States. So I am not talking about her when I say that to do what she did would take cojones as big as bowling balls. They did so by means of the usual brainwashing campaign. and would spring from every quarter of society. no big deal. the argument to ennoble him would become as spontaneous as anything can be in politics. . the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who rule us waited only a few years after King was assassinated in Memphis to impose the preposterous holiday in his name. But kamikaze pilot Vernice Kuglin is in fact the heroine the media have been trying to make poor Jessica. I am sure she is as feminine as a lady can be. TRAITOR By: Alan Stang It’s that time of the year again. where did the income tax come from? Isn’t it the second step to Communism listed by Marx in the Communist Manifesto? Marx thought that the only step to Communism more important than the income tax was government control of "all property in land. Legislators and others will devise schemes like sales taxes. The income tax does that by removing purchasing power from the economy. That innocent. When your obedient servant went nose to nose with IRS. I certainly have nothing against Jessica Lynch. we now can see why he thought the income tax was so crucial to Communism. Instead. JR. As this issue of these weekly diatribes goes to press. I was charged only with a few misdemeanors. Did you know all this before? If not. Enough time should pass for the nation to know everything it can about the candidate." It isn’t just a scheme to raise funds. Ask yourself why the federal government should continue to receive the enormous swag it gouges from us now. Along these lines. enough time for a new generation that didn’t know him personally to decide whether he embodies the qualities that make our nation great. pressure to abolish the income tax will grow. As you will see in TaxScam from the mouth of the Conspiracy itself. via "temporary" withholding. guaranteed to produce the same revenue the income tax yields now. in which the preeminent weapon was the putrid guilt that has brought the white man and the nation to their knees.

" King. King went into the streets to provoke violence. What do we know about the "Rev. At first. who replaced Bayard Rustin as the man who ran King’s organization. The answer is that in deference to his Communist bosses. When Jack Kennedy entertained Fiddle and Faddle in your White House. it is not an exaggeration to say that King’s closest associates in his quest for "nonviolence" were people high up in the violent Communist apparatus. so. things they should have told us about when the nation was considering the farcical holiday in his name." Martin Luther King. In recent years. . After a while. a Communist terrorist. Carl’s wife.? What did the Prostitute National Press conceal? Remember that the media hookers made him the nation’s leading "apostle of nonviolence. Hunter Pitts O’Dell was a member of the National Committee of the Communist Party. Anne. they argue that he did it in order to save the country. sitting beside Communist Aubrey Williams. the truth comes out. these people of course believed in the violent overthrow of the United States government. the parasite who launched his endless shakedowns with the lie that the bloody shirt he waved in Chicago was the one he had worn when he cradled the dying King in his arms. whose field director. 1959. Today. the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. There was Hunter Pitts O’Dell. the Prostitute National Press knew it. As Communists. There wasn’t any mystery about this. was also a member of the Communist Party." But there is a photograph of King listening intently in attendance at a Communist training school in Tennessee. Many observers wondered at the time why King’s "nonviolent" demonstrations always turned violent. In a letter to Anne dated October 7. the concatenation of obfuscation that shields the "Reverend" Jackson from inculpation has been dissipating.So intense was that campaign. Dr. a Communist front that financed him. King pretended to fire him. can write with impunity that Washington and Alexander Hamilton were an item. now stands exposed as a pillar of slime. Those same "conservative" commentators go all dreamy at the mere mention of his name. another Communist outfit. Now that the proof he did stands as tall as Annapurna. In front of "Dr. is a gentleman named Abner W. and hit on any goodlooking woman who came within range. Meanwhile. a lifelong butt hopper himself. Jr. James Dombrowski was another Communist who helped finance King. Local newspapers exposed him. Martin Luther King urged her and her husband Carl to become permanently affiliated with King’s SCLC. Fred Shuttlesworth was vice president. chairman of the Southern Conference Educational Fund. the defenders of Roosevelt vehemently denied that he planned Pearl Harbor. Indeed. By then. Gore Vidal. they chuckle about it. again. who just happened to be a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. King was president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. a man whose very name is sacrosanct. But the reputation of "Dr." King remains intact. newly befouled by the still extruding sewage of the man who made Oval Office oral sex a national policy. Fred was also president of the Southern Conference Educational Fund. Berry. Even those of King’s supporters who feign objectivity now shake their heads in wonderment that their hero could have done what he did. except that after King "fired" him O’Dell wound up running another part of King’s apparatus. Notice that some "conservative" commentators have ventured to expose other "civil rights" charlatans. had been convicted of bombing a house in Louisville. but said nothing. Carl Braden. who spent a lifetime up to his eyeballs in Communist activities. close enough to touch. that Martin Luther King has been turned into something of an archangel. which proved that he knew who and what O’Dell was. And the same media prostitutes in the pay of the totalitarians now admit and gloss over the incredible sins and crimes King committed. so intense does it remain. The photograph is genuine and used to appear on billboards throughout the South. His "secretary" was Bayard Rustin. they had become notorious as violent Communists.

with the result that when King’s troops arrived to agitate the races. It would have been dangerous to seat them in the same hall. It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights (Boston. The cells that I was associated with in Cleveland were continually being asked to raise money for Martin Luther King’s activities. She would get King’s itinerary and speak in towns he had scheduled for racial turmoil. "nonviolent" demonstrators enter the streets. she "knew Martin Luther King to be closely connected with the Communist Party. One such town was Sandersville. a campaign designed to drive normal human beings berserk. where the Communists attacked the police. Remember that the treasonous war in Vietnam was then in progress. You say this would be hard to prove? Yes. "racist" reactionaries attack them. especially in time of war? Julia Brown was an undercover agent for the FBI. Julia used to have great fun telling people she was my grandmother. it would. Much of it came out after the book was published.Violence was the very thing he wanted." She testified before a congressional subcommittee that while she was a Party member. the people were so inflamed we had to speak to the whites one night and the blacks another. I saw a version of this myself at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago in 1968. Georgia. the Soviet Union was our formal enemy. . including attacks on police horses and urination on the lawn. What did the war in Vietnam have to do with "civil rights" here at home? The answer is that Martin Luther King was a truly great speaker. which presumably means King was part of that secret Soviet apparatus. The Soviets were making war on us in Vietnam. Notice again that violence was precisely what King went into the streets to get. In the first week of April. In step two. Again and again on the lecture platform. Julia told audiences that Martin Luther King "was the hero of America’s Communists. had not King said it himself. because when the King’s men arrived to foment racial discord. Step three has a wave of sympathy for the "innocent" demonstrators sweep the country. Western Islands. This is only part of the record of a man a brainwashed nation is now forced to honor as it honors George Washington. but Stanley Levison was the man who wrote his speeches. which sold half a million copies. King had to cancel appearances. Many observers wondered why King’s speeches at the time increasingly advocated the Communist Party line. What do you call a man who gives aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States. By then. now informed. passing the particular legislation King was pushing at the time. Stanley was so trusted a Communist that the KGB itself. ignored them. At the time. in which he explained his four-step program of "nonviolence. 1965. Julia became a one-woman truth squad. which caused some confusion because Julia was black and I couldn’t jump (but I did have a natural sense of rhythm)." In step one. black and white. Why did "racists" attack King’s troops? Because the King’s men had attacked them. highly trained campaign of atrocities the prostitute media did not report. Some of it appears in my first book. Apparently it worked. Without violence. Finally. there was Stanley Levison. the people. now aware of who and what King really was. sent umpteen thousands of rubles to him for distribution to the underground Communist apparatus in this country. My "grandmother" and I spoke there together. in a professional. King’s name is still used to perpetuate and perpetrate the scam." Eventually. Toward the end. That’s right. under intense pressure. his "nonviolent" demonstrations would have been pointless. 1965). She and your Intrepid Correspondent were great friends and she stayed in our home. turned them away. Who was Stanley Levison? He was the paymaster in the United States for the Soviet KGB. And Stanley in turn financed and wrote speeches for Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King wrote an article for Saturday Review. And step four has Congress. the Soviet secret police. the people. to protect ourselves from which we spent hundreds of billions of dollars a year on our military.

MAKING RAPISTS WOMEN IN THE MILITARY By: Alan Stang A century or two ago. I was still too young to understand the story.I don’t have room to do more than mention that the "Rev. so that I could be there for the blessed event. I recall that in the first of our many pregnancies. It got worse. where Jimmy Carter. would be nominated. set "up in Michigan. Also recently. So. time was running out. transparent trick. of course. Why on earth would a man do that? The story was incomprehensible. she hasn’t used the Ultimate Weapon . A normal man will do everything to avoid the sight and sound of a woman suffering. ladies. disturbed worshippers beat to death a pregnant Christian woman who dared walk past a mosque. There. Try it. Even after many years and many children. The man in the story committed suicide because he couldn’t stand his wife’s screaming. at a distance of many decades. here’s part of a recent Reuters dispatch from Bunia. but I did keep turning it down when the doctor left the room. the rapists or the husbands? Now. Because the Democrats refused to postpone the convention. they mutilated her. which I found intolerable. but because they had been raped. that in a local war in the Far East. The women were innocent. in the African nation of Congo: "High on drugs and war. whose utterly unbiblical sexual exploits rival Clinton’s and Kennedy’s. You will be happy to hear that I did not commit suicide." The story involves a man whose wife is giving birth. the doctor administered a pitocin drip via I. I didn’t understand until I had grown up myself and had my own children. and who commits suicide while she does so." King was a world-class philanderer. the militiamen took the Rwandan woman to a public place. with the result that the delivery was prolonged and took 36 hours. you are wrong. I am talking about a man raised in the Christian tradition and belief that alone have made our civilization the greatest known to history." in italics. the Trilateral traitor. Of course. the men on one side raped the women on the other side. I read a story by Ernest Hemingway.V. and there was nowhere else he could go while she delivered. cooked parts of her body and ate them. They were so offended they went on to riot. I had to fly to New York to cover the Democrat National Convention. I looked like a woolly mammoth. I remember wondering about it. The only problem was that the rate at which he set it was causing discomfort for my bride. of course. which is the reason that throughout this diatribe I have put the word "Dr. but I didn’t need to clean up very much to attend the convention. True. the Love Priestess used to unleash the Ultimate Weapon on those rare occasions when she couldn’t inveigle me into doing things her way: "I will cry!" You are thinking there’s no way she could get by with such a childish. If I remember now. before a large crowd. the doctor had to evict him with forceps. as a young man. when the old buzzard says you can’t have those dishes. But.) When I emerged from the confrontation. to encourage delivery. Who was worse. (He turned out all right and is presently a Marine Corps platoon sergeant serving with the Imperial forces in Kuwait. it was a Nick Adams story." Reuters says that according to eyewitnesses including Catholic priests this is what happened. he was also a shameless plagiarist in divinity school. I remember reading some years ago. The sounds of her suffering drove him insane. the miscreant who was the center of the drama refused to vacate the premises. Even after so much pitocin. their husbands kicked them out. At the time. I’m talking here only about those of us who enjoy the blessings bequeathed to us by the Master spirit of all time. he was all the rage and I didn’t know he was a Red. They were in a cabin in the wilds of upper Michigan.

1992. "I was worn out. as far as he is concerned. taking off one’s .we recognize that . all the kidnapped. Yes. in the need to defer to a woman. After you get done oohing and aahing about how beautiful she is. They were quite liberal. Evasion. we merely suggest that the raping be kept within reasonable limits. Had the vote gone the other way. You really should take a look at her web site. and very much in favor of women in combat. but who in fact is something else. Jonathan Swift. How will the bull dykes do that? Elaine Donnelly runs an outfit called the Center for Military Readiness. www. The problem is the inbred squeamishness the normal man feels about female suffering. The trainers told us that they must ‘desensitize’ (their word) the men so that the enemy cannot exploit their human/male reaction to the sight or sound of female colleagues in peril. not a step forward. but she has thoroughly trained the Princess Royal in the use of the technique. Donnelly adds that "the SERE trainers' testimony was a bit scary to contemplate. killed and dismembered women we can handle. A feminoid is to a female as a humanoid is to a human. In the heat of combat. in the recent Imperial invasion of Iraq." So by one vote. There is a point to this idiotic drivel.for a while. they did too. In the spirit of Rev. Mrs. Donnelly served on the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces. So. in order for women in combat to work. they did. the nation was saved from the ignominy of sending women by the droves into combat. the dykes can strap on the dildos and go into action. Donnelly went through some of the training herself and tells your reporter that when she left. but even the Soviets couldn’t stand it. A feminoid is a creature who looks like a real female and may even be equipped with the real female’s physical accoutrements. until the men went insane at the sight of dismembered female body parts. probably because your Intrepid Correspondent is so modest and well behaved. the feminoids must rework the normal man. The bull dykes who have the ear of the Bush Administration are pushing the monstrous idea of women in combat. Some of us believe we have all the rape we need right now. Donnelly told me: "The men are taught how to deal with their impulse to protect the women under so. but the implications of their testimony persuaded the swing voter on the commission that endorsement of their view would be a step backward for civilization. but there is a problem. On June 8. women presumably would have been in combat.cmrlink. which translates into such almost outmoded practices as holding doors. Mrs. Then the SERE trainers told us that the entire nation would have to be similarly desensitized to the reality of violence against women. trainers from the Survival. Yes. Bush has continued and expanded Clinton’s policy of perversion. They say the Soviets used women in combat in World War II. Part of the education of a gentleman in our Christian civilization. by design rather than by such accidents as Jessica Lynch. They say the Israelis used women in combat. The training the witnesses described is designed to simulate what could happen in a POW camp. testified before the Commission and said that men react differently when they know women are being attacked.but we are willing to compromise. Resistance and Escape (SERE) POW training camp at Fairchild AFB in Washington State. must excise his natural tendency to go insane when he sees dismembered female parts. is training in noblesse oblige. Of course we are pre-revolutionary relics . It was the one argument that the feminists could not finesse or refute. just one. the normal man may not have time to distinguish between the normal woman who has been tricked into being there and the feminoid who wants to be." Mrs. in order to arrange female combat. you will find a wealth of helpful information about what is happening in our military." Here is the most terrifying thing Mrs.

" So the time is right for another look at women in combat. Romero." WOMEN IN COMBAT THE ULTIMATE SUBVERSION By: Alan Stang I would not be at all surprised were the totalitarian monsters who presently run our government to give Jessica Lynch the Medal of Honor. so many broken bones including spinal injury. you would need a bodyguard when you are allowed to leave the house. the SPARS. Memphis Belle. rather than Uncle Sap. the WAVES and so on. if Bush didn’t want them to? Could Bush stop it? How long would it take to stop after he issued the order? The worst part of all this is that George W. The buildup already has begun. let’s mention and be done with the issue’s less important aspects. or like the women who now serve as Military Police in Iraq. We’re talking about women in combat. Bush is behind it. if you are allowed to leave. Instead of "Night of the Living Dead. Full Metal Jacket. it isn’t an issue. for just a few examples." So you feminists think you have it bad now? In the movie we are talking about. Of course. Simply ask yourself: Could these women do that? Yes." stalking our streets. "Day of the Desensitized Veteran.hat in an elevator. His name should never be uttered without adding the word "traitor. Each branch had its own separate women’s units: the WAC. Becoming a gentleman means suppressing not one’s natural aversion to female suffering. and so on. we have had women in the military since World War II. "desensitized to the reality of violence against women. we are perfectly aware that some of the nation’s leading bull dykes could do it. genderless. we could see Jessica. Are women in combat as effective as men? You can easily find the answer for yourself. A gentleman is a gentle man. If the totalitarians decide to do as we expect. they would use Jessica as the symbol of the new. They haven’t told us whether the Saddamites gave her the treatment they routinely gave females they didn’t like. They tell us that the feisty teenager fired everything she had and killed as many as she could before she was captured. Remember that rape was one of the lesser reasons. That isn’t what we are talking about. after Weapons of Mass Destruction. saying. Women’s Army Corps. All you need do is go to the movies. like Jessica Lynch. So far. First. See. she would be perfect for the job because she is so petite and appears to be so feminine." he would call it. Pork Chop Hill. Please think about what that would mean. why we needed to effect "regime change" in Iraq. Substantial female enlistment would thereby be encouraged. but the equally strong masculine proclivity to drag all the attractive babes into the bushes. Then go out and look again at the women in your neighborhood. Midway. Bush? Could women be serving on the edge of combat. He is not only continuing. Now imagine hundreds of thousands of military veterans. Soon. And maybe. pointing at us from the nation’s billboards. if they took off the dildos and put on the uniforms. The work these women did was crucially important. Could any of this be happening without the approval of George W. interchangeable military. "I want you. But you still haven’t heard the worst. we . You no doubt have your own favorites. etc. they haven’t told us how she acquired her curious wounds. Ask yourself some questions. so that the nation can be submerged in a totalitarian world government. because it was work that fighting men would otherwise have had to do. It sounds like a horror movie by George A. which would make it easy to include women when the military draft is resumed. The purpose of the policy is to destroy our culture and collapse our civilization. if our enemies would agree to settle matters in this fashion. he is expanding the Clinton policy of pandering to the perverts.

It is illegal to send them Christian paraphernalia. shooting. .could send those feminoids out to fight in single combat as in medieval jousts. Certainly if enemy troops were coming down your street. to destroy private property. and then as Wilson’s "alter ego" imposed some of the most important planks of the Communist Manifesto. They have turned the hallowed process into a joke. They mean to assign women as regular combat troops. The result is "equal opportunity" officers and 110-pound female combat troops who are a danger to the men who must serve in real combat beside them. Women must be nationalized. with the invasion of Iraq Bush has expanded that policy. the Muslims no doubt consider this an insult. In World War II. he calls it a "religion of peace. they are talking about the girl next door. Again. They do what the WACS used to do here. the women would do everything they could. Indeed. The experiment failed.S. Israel is a tiny country with a small population. Remember that Marxist Edward M. where women are drafted. by which he meant the government. But haven’t women attended the military academies? Haven’t they passed the tests? Yes. Civilization grows from the needs of the normal. it would be necessary to destroy the family. In the Manifesto of the Communist Party. Bush could have rescinded the scumbag’s policy. completely integrated into combat units. said Marx. Believe me. Instead. Yes. but he did not. Such mail if discovered will not be delivered. They are talking about your daughter. beside the men. like the female officer who was gang-raped in Gulf War I.500 years of history. Yet. They aren’t just talking about Janet Reno. Yet. If one of the measures of a man is the enemies he earns. soldier who fragged and killed two of his officers in a war zone should have been shot where he stood. said Marx. but even in Israel women are not assigned to combat. House arranged the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1914. remember that Marxists and Marxism have wormed their way into control of our government for almost a hundred years. The way to do that. all of this is important. the Soviets used female combat units. Do the Soviets know something we don’t? Notice that no other nation is stupid enough and suicidal enough to put its women into combat. but it is a fact that certainly deserves serious exploration. because of the very treatment of women in Islamic culture about which Bush complains. The fact that what is happening is exactly what Marx wanted doesn’t prove by itself that he is the cause. Bush has done everything he can to avoid offending Islam. They point to Israel. if you let it. No nation we must fight will decide to be "fair" and assign its own women to fight ours. was to get women out of the home and make them the property of the state. The Islamic U. Bush slaps Islam in the face by sending women to fight Muslim warriors. Our own post office warned us about this. degenerate hack Karl Marx explained at length that to destroy Free Enterprise. that is coming. but that is not what the neuterizers mean. unknown. Clinton did everything he could get away with to put women into combat. it looks as if we shall get to hear about his unhappy childhood in a trial. but it is much less important than the supreme reason it means suicide to put women into combat. the media routinely air interviews these days with vacuous female officers whose commissars have instructed them to say there is no difference. they passed because the neuterizers lowered the passing marks. No doubt that is why the female military who fall into enemy hands are so savagely treated. not the perverse. But that isn’t what the neuterizers mean when they advocate putting women into combat. In the face of 1. Indeed. in defense of their homes. Notice here again that in the main policies of the conspiracy for world government there is zero difference between Clinton and Bush. And you are the property of the state in the military more than you are anywhere else." American military personnel in the Muslim countries are strictly enjoined to avoid any Christian display.

WOMEN ANOTHER EXPERT PERSPECTIVE By: Alan Stang Your Intrepid Correspondent had thought that Joe Blow was etherzone’s only resident expert on the opposite sex. but now that the redoubtable Sartre has weighed in with his usual perceptive analysis of the subject. the heroic U. The result would be that the military. The basis of the Western culture the Bush occultists hate is scripture. All you need do. Blow and Monsieur Sartre offer their observations from the safety of anonymity. That is why the name they hate most is Jesus Christ. This is easy to understand. If men and women are made the same.. a science fiction nightmare worse than Orwell will have arrived. What would happen were Roxanne to descend from the balcony and fight the enemy side by side with Cyrano? Indeed. And scripture would call putting women in combat anathema. the status and condition of women would deteriorate. except that the latter tend to stick out a tad more fore and aft . Then see the movie version starring Gerard Depardieu. would own the children. which is what the feminoids want. What would be the long-term effect of such a policy? What would it do that our enemies the Marxists want? The answer is that it would complete the destruction of our culture. If men and women are made interchangeable. what would happen were we sufficiently degenerate to acquiesce in making men and women interchangeable in combat? Aside from periodic episodes of vaginal infection. family and children. it seems to us judicious to take our own look. anyone who says what they say makes Richard Coeur de Lion look like an alley cat. either accidental or intended by combat soldiers who decide to go home. so I don’t know for sure whom we are at war with today) but rest easy that these comments are perfectly relevant in many respects to the present situation. paradoxically. Needless to say. women would lose. I know you have drawn one there already for the guns they will need to pry your cold. exposed some of the Communist infiltration of our government. Scripture is what they are really trying to destroy. would be to read Cyrano de Bergerac. the result would be considerable pregnancy. dead fingers from.Joe McCarthy. and this is one of my favorites. but Joe sadly didn’t get it all. Senator from Wisconsin. What is the right relationship between the sexes? Thank God we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Rivalry between the sexes would be inevitable. So it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that scholars investigate the background of the present Bush push to put women into combat. When the neuterizers send for them you will know the time has come. The result would be the collapse of the family. worse than Winston Smith’s betrayal of Julia. I certainly have no wish to accuse either of these dignitaries of cowardice. Marxism has been metastasizing there ever since.S. The result would be epidemic divorce. white males. D. the government. May I also point out that both Mr. Some astute readers may object that this could take precious time from our continuing analysis of the illegal war with Iraq or whomever (I haven’t yet hit the net. In such a stupid contest. physical strength will become the measure of many things. the Western culture created by hated. long dead.C. Scripture is the origin of what we hold dear. especially our wives. there are many ways to prove it. if these combat soldiers took the trouble to marry in the first place. You need to draw another for your daughters. You need to draw another line in the sand. a statue of whom will be erected on the Capitol Mall when Americans retake Washington. the culture that alone gives us political freedom.then. Yes.that is what the feminoids teach . But it certainly deserves mention that while .

She replied: "I have never answered that question.these gentlemen operate behind literary pseudonyms. On behalf of etherzone. this tended to mean that there was indeed a conspiracy. Please open your New York Times Index to the year 1975. wife of movie director Roman Polanski.) The federal government graciously supplied everything I needed to do so. starring some younger versions of Squeaky and Sara Jane. sure enough. Sara Jane was there when I arrived and probably is there still. One was Lynette "Squeaky" for details. Why anyone would want to kill a man as inoffensive as Gerry Ford is one of those mysteries history probably will never resolve. two people tried to kill the President. They should be saluting him. sadly. an impression to which he unfortunately contributed by tripping once or twice in public and bumping his head. It was there that I wrote Taxscam: How the IRS Swindles You And What You Can Do About It. in 1975. whether there was a conspiracy. a rare year of peace. The Democrats merely were saying that Gerry had played too much college football without a helmet. I’m as familiar as you are with the old cliché that figures lie and liars figure. that was all she ever said on the subject. 100% of the people who tried to kill the President were women. The short title of the proposed legislation would be An Act to Create Well Regulated Women. some of whom stupidly bear our President ill will and would do him harm if they could. Charles Manson was the monster who led the murders in Los Angeles that included the bestial killing of pregnant actress Sharon Tate. I often had lunch with Sara Jane Moore in the delightful writers’ retreat known as an FCI (a Federal Correctional Institution) to which I had been sent by the IRS because (they said) I had failed to file a form. and I never will. supplies and law library. Poor Gerry Ford couldn’t get elected in his own right. a pacific year. (See amazon. but. Thank God alert bystanders stopped her and that both these criminals are still locked up. your obedient servant sets forth these comments under his own name. but he was the President and we must do whatever we can. why would anyone want to kill Gerry Ford? Along these lines. I once asked her whether anyone else was involved in her attempt to kill the President. including typewriter. some of them were admitted to this country because Bush has continued the Clinton policy of eliminating our borders because "we are the world. the traitor who gave our Panama Canal to Communist-occupied China. The other individual who tried to kill the President was Sara Jane Moore. this is even more important now than it was in 1975. we don’t know what kind of conspiracy it was and probably never will. . because now things are normal again (we’re in another war). the nation is riddled with Islamic terrorists. Gerry Ford was President. Whatever one thinks of him. we’re talking about a man who played too much college football without a helmet. Indeed. Again. a devotee of the Manson gang." It doesn’t matter. just barely enough time to finish it. and they let me stay a few months. despite my continued wheedling. who has a taste for underage girls and still can’t understand why he can’t return to this country. In your Intrepid Correspondent’s opinion. Any repetition of the potential disaster of 1975. and Washington politics were relatively benign. In that pacific year. would be intolerable." and. office. Yes. Bush is the President and must be protected. there is no getting around the fact that all (just which part of that word don’t you understand?) all the people who tried to kill the President in that year were inhabitants of the opposite sex. to protect the President. as I see it. we hereby propose federal legislation that would require the immediate registration of all women. Ford only became President by accident. So. however preposterous. he was defeated by Jimmy Carter. Yes. when Richard Nixon resigned rather than be impeached because of Watergate. in 1976. except for the Communist takeover of Southeast Asia arranged by the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us. Nixon was the Keynesian Socialist traitor who originated the present treason with China and left our POWs behind in Vietnam.

made clear his belief in the Whip Inflation Now campaign that American women are too stupid to buy groceries on their own. she could be doing the wash and I hear her dancing in the laundry room before the dryer." she would yell. the Love Priestess would take one look. the inspiration came. Often. presenting me with the alternative of either changing or fighting my way out. for instance. like the distinguished Mr. Alan Greenscum. scream. mails. or run the risk that I would choose my own clothes. in these pedestrian times.m. At the other end of the day. Despite that fact. Blow and Monsieur Sartre. Go to the etherzone archives on page two. Often. she would have to. cultural function has gone the way of the dodo. who would be required to present such identification to peace officers during traffic stops. by the way (Come and get me. we would of course go all the way to confiscation. a woman we have no intention of registering. when I would try to leave the bedroom thus begarbed on my way to an appointment. In these emancipated times. As you know. remember that no less august a personage than Alan Greenspan. which explains the mystery of why your Intrepid Correspondent is not only well dressed. certainly known to experts like Mr. We believe that the Act would go a long way toward the happy goal of ensuring the safety of the President. without protest.) Along these lines. or males. but. Needless to say. all we need to find out is what time of day Squeaky and Sara Jane tried to kill the President. Speaking of well regulated women. other women will ask each other. according to whom women aren’t fully awake until 11 a. your typical woman of course will erupt in conniptions. (See your Intrepid Correspondent’s commentary on the subject. we have found by empirical observation that there could be considerable validity to the psychiatrist’s contention. entitled Scumbags I Have Known: This Week. the legislation would forbid the acquisition of women through the U. "Not while I’m alive. Blow. One possible explanation of the danger we have been discussing was the assertion your Intrepid Correspondent found a while back in a magazine piece by a psychiatrist. I merely told her that since I was obviously too stupid to choose my own clothes. which could result in unsightly scratches. For those who have their doubts. Now. your typical man will have no complaint. but also . I have certain garments and ensembles I treasure. Need we add that. This recalls the fact. white socks with a tuxedo in public.The legislation would mandate that every owner of a woman be required to register her within 30 days at the nearest post office or federal building. "What kind of woman is stupid enough to let a man out of the bedroom wearing such a preposterous outfit?" Soon. chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers for Gerry Ford. but. we hear the Love Priestess happily doing some chore.S. as we drift off to a guiltless sleep in the shank of the evening. Would you like to know how to acquire a valet at no personal expense? Obviously. Because women do not believe in live-and-let-live. But. every well-dressed man needs a valet. the psychiatrist wrote under a pseudonym for his own protection. If you must do so. she lays out my clothes. We keep a woman at home as a pet. that crucial. Scumbags I Have Not Known. be careful. for instance. Now. For all we know. as the case may be. which creates the problem that we don’t know who he is. they can stay up late. we shall soon start a new series of commentaries entitled. coppers!). she will guffaw in your face. if it is insufficient. Picture identification would be issued to owners. stand in the door and refuse to let me out. If you want to wear white socks with a tuxedo. singing paeans to her detergent. in the morning. men are live-and-let-live people. Similar model legislation should also be approved by the states and localities. he says. Blow and Monsieur Sartre. A woman will do that because if you are allowed to wear. This is how I did it. you can’t just ask your wife to lay out your clothes. that it is extremely dangerous to awaken a sleeping woman. speak very softly and make sure you have access to a convenient means of egress. he is Mr.

about all the other crucial aspects of the war. Kate Adie. In preparation for this latest phase of the continuing war on Iraq. In the movies. there is Mel Gibson." where she revealed the next phase of the Bush Administration’s scheme to control media reporting on the war. as part of our salute to the upcoming Academy Awards. The world government conspirators apparently did not expect that the Internet would allow us to circumvent the stranglehold they have on the news. Needless to say. like the movies. The media bosses. you join us from the BBC in London." . Just don’t watch. the bombs are falling and the invasion of Iraq is underway. There are happy exceptions. another exception. voluntarily agreed to censor their own reporters. Here is the transcript of what she said: Tom McGurk: "Now. My real name is . Irish broadcaster Tom McGurk recently interviewed Kate Adie on the RTE1 Radio "Sunday Show. But now here comes Kate Adie. Walter Cronkite was CBS news anchor for many years. however. who belong to the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Kate is a war correspondent with BBC for 35 years. are largely controlled by the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us. . Nothing could terrify Martin "the Mouth" Sheen. no war could officially start until she arrives. . BUSH THREATENS THE MEDIA: I WILL BOMB YOU By: Alan Stang Regular readers of these commentaries will recall that last week I promised to relate my experience as a movie star opposite Robert the Redford. Very soon. As these remarks go to press. she covered the first Gulf War twelve years ago. the secret is just to let them keep talking. Your Intrepid Correspondent of course has been a reporter since the death of Methuselah. I have stood sideby-side with the network gang covering stories and know that they lie. Thank you very much for going to all this trouble on a Sunday morning to come and join us. there is EtherZone. yes. and who routinely suppress the news generated at the secret meetings they attend. Of course we are not talking about information that could hurt our troops and their military operations. they will talk themselves into a corner. . I owe it all to my personal valet. By the way. I am not going to paraphrase her remarks. For instance. the internet site you are visiting now. media officials met with the Bush Administration and agreed to censor their own reports from the Middle East. remember that the news media. and who express that control through organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. except to say again that the best way to handle the Academy Awards is simply to boycott them. because you are not going to be covering it. Meanwhile. She has covered so many wars that. that never are mentioned in our own. I suppose you are watching with a mixture of emotions this war beginning to happen. Susan "the Strumpet" Sarandon and the others more than the possibility that you won’t watch their moronic antics. A remarkable thing about the news these days is that often we find things in the foreign press. He still does whatever he can to destroy our nation’s independence.perfectly color-coordinated. We’re talking instead about policy. especially in the British press. So. He deceived the American people from the beginning to the end of the war in Vietnam. in order to please their fellow world government conspirators. so with your permission I shall defer that scenario. Alan Stang is not my real name. about goals. In the media." Walter is of course a world government traitor. according to a joke in the British Army. His colleagues used to call him "the most trusted man in America. Everyone agrees that to protect our people such information must be withheld.

" Another guest on the show was author Phillip Knightley.. after about 48 hours. . who reported that the Pentagon has also threatened they "may find it necessary to bomb areas in which war correspondents are attempting to report from the Iraqi side.. they are intending to take control of the Americans’ technical equipment ." "He said ." "And then on top of everything else." Kate Adie: "The telephones and the television signals. What is Bush trying to hide? As these comments go to press. They would be 'targeted down... that if uplinks--that is the television signals out of . who is in charge of this.." That’s right! Only approved journalists may report! Cheney & Company will take charge of your equipment. Saddam is as bad as Bush says he is. And what actually appalls me is the difference between twelve years ago and now. very light touch when it came to any kind of censorship. If you disagree with policy .. You read it here now. What is "Shock and Awe?" In the first phase of the war in Iraq. Any unauthorized reporting will be bombed.. even the foreign media.... Sieg Heil! What else would you expect from George Bush. have feelings against the war.. Our incomparable military quickly mopped them up. we effectively had very.. . 'Who cares! ' said . ordered by one Mr. But other than that. for example--were detected by any planes . they've been warned. 'Well . And control access to the airwaves..." "We were told that anything which was going to endanger troops lives which we understood we shouldn't broadcast. they know this ." "I was told by a senior officer in the will not get credentials. I've seen a complete erosion of any kind of acknowledgment that reporters should be able to report as they witness. not a word of it has appeared in the American media. Uplinks is where you have your own satellite telephone method of distributing information. take the attitude which is entirely hostile to the free spread of information. have been "warned. and I've been talking to the Pentagon . we were relatively free." "And this time the Americans are: a) Asking journalists who go with them. Kate .. but he is not stupid and apparently has decided not to make the same mistake twice. for the first time. where I was one of the pool correspondents with the British Army. mediums of the military above Baghdad . electronic media ." In other words.. And therefore if you have views that are skeptical." Tom McGurk: "Extraordinary!" Kate Adie: "Shameless..' " "This is threatening freedom of information.. before you even get to a war. Notice that the media. as the war occurs... at the beginning of the war). And the alleged "news" media have agreed to all this. Cheney & Company threatened them in advance. whether they are .. who from earliest infancy has sucked on the teat of the world government harlot. a history of war correspondents and propaganda.even question it . on the EtherZone front page. sorry Kate … just to underline that.." "Secondly. then you are not to be acceptable. during the last war.' said the officer.Kate Adie: "Oh I will be. they'd be fired down on. Sorry to interrupt you. Even if they were journalists. Dick Cheney. having just had enough of it. [inaudible] …" Tom McGurk: ". the operation known as "Shock and Awe" has not quite begun.." " I am enormously pessimistic of the chance of decent on-the-spot reporting." "In the last Gulf war." "The second thing is there was a massive news blackout imposed. there is now a blackout (which was imposed. who immediately left their pool. Baghdad." "The Americans ......" "Unlike our American colleagues. those uplinks and satellite phones I was talking about." Tom McGurk: "And they would be fired on?" Kate Adie: "Yes. Just to explain for our listeners. You will get it later. yes.. totalitarian Communist dictator Saddam Insane placed troops in the desert to defend his borders. author of The First Casualty.. Typically.

to protect our own people. Actually. and suffer many casualties . How do you subjugate a city of five million people? You can surround it and wait until the inmates starve to death. They were incinerated in the firestorm the bombing created. that was not the case. It would be bad public relations. He should have thought of that before launching this illegal war to seize the oil. especially Baghdad. let’s nail that fact down with a question: If the true purpose of the income tax really is to pay for government services." then you must deposit that much gold before you print that "dollar. devastating question no doubt causes considerable wonderment. . why doesn’t the government just print what it needs? My readers include some of the most knowledgeable people in this country. he has withdrawn his forces to the cities. Today’s ordinance is infinitely more devastating. where the war will be fought. Last week. or the income tax will be replaced by some other extortion. God did that on one of those memorable six days. In a war. For those of you who don’t. you can fight house to house. I offered some proof that the income tax never has been needed to run the government. whatever it is. Now that ruling will percolate through the national consciousness. Shock and Awe apparently could dwarf the Dresden firestorm. If such a firebombing is necessary to do that. as our dear friends there contemplate well-deserved unemployment. many of you already know the answer. killing umpteen millions of Iraqi civilians.This time. despite the fact that we did it allegedly to defeat the hated Nazis. Please do not mistake me. Bush will as always come to their rescue. WE DON'T NEED INCOME TAX THE FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD By: Alan Stang Last week. don’t you know. Bush apparently doesn’t want to do that. Today. totalitarian monster the income tax has predictably become. Loyal Americans hate the income tax. they would force an end to the putrid. we looked at the shattering ruling by a Memphis court of appeals that the Internal Revenue Code does not require an American in one of these United States to pay income tax. more and more people will ask IRS the same thing Vernice Kuglin did – Where is the proof that I’m required to pay? – and our friends at IRS still won’t be able to prove it. Like a dying monster that in the throes of death is more dangerous than it ever was alive. you must have more gold to print more paper. advance world government and vindicate his father. Either everyone will be locked up.both of which would be politically unacceptable or you can bomb it back to Mohammed in a repetition of the bombing of Dresden at the close of World War II. why doesn’t it? When your paper currency is backed by gold. such as a national sales tax. Communist world government traitor George W. then do it and live with it. IRS will become even more vindictive. we must do whatever it takes. this simple. If the law requires an ounce of gold behind each paper "dollar. Now you need to find it. Instead. because there were no military targets in the city. Yes." And you can’t speak that gold into existence. So horrific was that operation that the American media and government have never told us what happened. but they continue to love America – despite what Bush and Clinton and other traitors have done to it – and they worry: Without the income tax. Dresden at the time was overflowing with refugees trying to escape the advancing Russians. would the government they love collapse? I believe that if enough Americans knew it would not collapse.

"Taxes for Revenue Are Obsolete. therefore. "What Taxes Are Really For. you need to deposit "money" to back it." the Ruml article lists four purposes: 1. To express public policy in subsidizing or in penalizing various industries and economic groups. All taxation. again. and about the theft of the people’s gold by mass murderer Franklin Roosevelt (Pearl Harbor)." The "dollars" it printed thenceforth were tantamount to your rubber checks. He was in and out of their foundations. You are a financial genius! You are the savior of Germany! It lasted two years. Ruml read a paper before the American Bar Association. To express public policy in the distribution of wealth and of income. In 1923. Beardsley Ruml certainly was one." In the introduction to the paper." He had three shifts working around the clock. 2. of the convertibility of the currency into gold. it collapsed and paved the way for Adolf Hitler. What would happen if the bank said you could keep writing checks. So. 3. He was the author of """"""temporary"""""" World War II withholding. a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. . His thesis is that given (1) control of a central banking system and (2) an inconvertible currency. why not just print it? Why subject the people to the horror of the income tax. which has turned them into spies on each other. And today there is nothing behind our currency." Ruml says two historic changes have made that possible. . . The members would applaud. . So. the editor said this: ". if we don’t need taxes to run the government. What is it for? Beardsley Ruml spent his entire life as a Rockefeller factotum. A magazine called American Affairs published it in January. but it is not true for a national government. he would report to the legislature how much he had printed in the preceding twenty-four hours. Beardsley Ruml himself put it this way: "The necessity for a government to tax in order to maintain both its independence and its solvency is true for state and local governments. such as highways and social security. Which brings us back to the income tax. far and away the most powerful bank in the system." If there has ever been a horse’s mouth. when there is nothing behind your currency but the promises of the politicians. they will give you another. should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences." Ruml was talking about the creation of the Federal Reserve. Because printing it would cause inflation and the inflation would destroy it.On the contrary. why do we have them? What are they for? Under the heading. There were terrible financial problems in Germany after World War I." (emphasis added) Before you write a check. for domestic purposes. . Every day. To isolate and assess directly the costs of certain national benefits. If you don’t deposit "money" your check will bounce. the nation’s central bank.As an instrument of fiscal policy to help stabilize the purchasing power of the dollar. but no longer need to make deposits? Yee Haa!!! That is what the government arranged for itself when it stopped depositing gold (and silver) to back the "dollar. under the title. as in the case of the progressive income and estate taxes. . If you take it to the government and ask them to redeem it. "The first of these changes is the gaining of vast new experience in the management of central banks. he was a director and then chairman of the New York Fed. 1946. newer piece of paper. . . The head of the central bank "solved" them by printing paper "money. not gold. The second change is the elimination. . 4. you can print as much as you like. the question asks itself: To raise the money to pay for government. known originally as the "Ruml pay-as-you-go plan. For ten years. During the last year of World War II.

therefore. . called a printing press (or. in the District of Conspiracy. his explanation of which deserves quotation at length: "By all odds. The income tax does that by transferring purchasing power from the people to the government. nothing has changed. . Bernanke wound up his accolade as follows: "Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. Notice that the true purpose of the income tax. Americans don’t. top-secret Open Market Committee. that allows it to produce as many U. But the U. And the scheme has worked. The income tax has delayed the inevitable collapse of the dollar by offering a safety valve through which the inflationary pressure generated by that spending can more safely be released. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. is to protect the totally unbacked Federal Reserve funny "money" from collapsing like the 1923 German mark. This will mean that the dollar is worth less than it was before – that is inflation. Beardsley Ruml said all this fifty-eight years ago. Indeed at a celebration of economist Milton Friedman’s 90th birthday. Bernanke is one of seven governors of the Federal Reserve." Please go to the library and read this for yourself. which you can read about on my website. thereby inhibiting the inflationary effect of ravenous government spending. the income tax has nothing to do with supporting the government. Its true purpose is to pay the people with one hand. government can also reduce the value of a dollar in terms of goods and services. the result will be a rise in prices and there will be no proportionate increase in the quantity of things for sale. I would like to say to Milton .S. "The dollars the government spends become purchasing power in the hands of the people who have received them. . according to Ruml. government has a technology. How IRS Swindles You and What You Can Do About It. the most important single purpose to be served by the imposition of federal taxes is the maintenance of a dollar which has stable purchasing power over the years. . ".S. . .stangbooks." Last November 21st. By increasing the number of U. Bernanke addressed the National Economists Club in the District of Conspiracy. SCUMBAGS I HAVE KNOWN THIS WEEK: MIKE WALLACE .S. Is it still true today? On November 21. so he is another horse’s mouth." In other words. regarding the Great Depression: You’re right. . dollars in circulation. these dollars can no longer be used to acquire the things which are available for sale. which is equivalent to raising the prices in dollars of those goods and services. The Federal Reserve – the billionaire totalitarian socialist conspirators who illegally force us to pay interest to use our own money – needs the income tax. today. Ben S. 2002. a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation. the U. . We conclude that. http://www. Bernanke told the economists: "Like gold.S. Or. . . . you will find it all in my book.According to Ruml. we did it. . If federal taxes are insufficient or of the wrong kind. the first of these purposes is by far the most important. Sometimes this purpose is stated as ‘the avoidance of inflation’ . or even by credibly threatening to do so. the purchasing power in the hands of the public is likely to be greater than the output of goods and services with which this purchasing demand can be and. TaxScam. U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. its electronic equivalent). and belongs to its crucial. If the demand becomes too great. . The dollars the government takes by taxes cannot be spent by the people. and to confiscate with the other. Again. under a paper-money system.

perhaps because he had had words with Colleen Dewhurst. A "program" apparently was more elegant than a "show. At a cocktail party. So. Whatever the reason. and to destroy our national independence. As I recall. That was why you never saw any "dead air" on the show. So it went with the high and the mighty. but without the script he didn’t know diddledy squat. What does Mike Wallace believe? Like many other actors at the top of the Prostitute National Press. the Ambassador had called Mike to complain about me. George wasn’t talking. everything is superficial. What was Mike Wallace really like? They would be incredulous when they learned that for a year or two your Intrepid Correspondent was one of his writers. naturally expecting a great talk." for show. Like any good actor. who was elsewhere in the house. "smoke and mirrors. I once went to see George C. blah. Yugoslavia was still ruled by Communist dictator Tito. even though he was a Communist he would be treated like a king. blah. you will be glad to hear that at the Yugoslav mission on Fifth Avenue. For Mike." he said. to loquacious scientists. the superstar had recently been divorced. For instance. because those were the answers she had given me and I had written them in lower case below the questions. and her answer was "Yes. ." the chances were great that she would say the same thing a couple of days later when we filmed the show. Scott at his house in Greenwich Village. your Intrepid Correspondent asked the Ambassador some pointed questions about Communism and about liberty in his country. who would be recognized and hailed wherever in the civilized world she stepped out of a car. Walter did what he could to defeat the United States in Vietnam. could find real happiness with a man. from which I would extract the most entertaining nuggets. When a guest was chosen. Soviet moles and other world government conspirators up there like Walter Cronkite do believe in something. Sadly. he met the Yugoslav Ambassador to the United Nations and invited him to be a guest on the show. I was rude. Mike dressed up the script and inserted telling adlibs." The purpose of the pre-interview was to find out what the guest would say. from starlets I had to coax to say a couple of intelligible sentences. If I asked the guest what I thought would be a provocative question. he was in a somber mood." or "No. et cetera and so on.By: Alan Stang For many years. she opened up and gave us a fascinating answer. he even knew the answers she would give. but there are not as many of them as there are of the old-fashioned media hooker like Mike. when I returned to the office. At the time. so you never saw Mike ask that question. and so on. I had to bounce that great actor from the show. After I had digested it. We were doing a "program. Why would Mike need writers? Wasn’t he just asking questions? Here’s how it worked. whom the United States had installed after typically betraying our loyal ally Draja Mihailovich. I would interview the guest myself. When Mike faced the guest in studio. the important thing to remember about Mike Wallace is that he is an actor. I would order up everything about him or her that our clipping service had. Attack dog Mike uncharacteristically became a pussycat. he believes in making seven figures a year. The questions he would ask were all in caps. I asked Bette Davis backstage in her dressing room whether a woman who made as much money as she did. By the time I returned to the office. authors and politicians. so. Maybe that was why whenever I used the word "show" to name what we were doing." Here is an example of Mike Wallace in action. in what we called the "preinterview. he would correct me. and he is a good actor." or "Duh. I had questioned his country’s integrity. On the other hand. people would ask me about the man who made a reputation as television’s attack dog. I had impugned his president. So. Mike reassured the Ambassador and told him to ignore me. my script was in his hands. George wasn’t talking that day. blah.

by this time. Today. the secret police droid squealed to the Ambassador. whatever it was. to inspire him to even greater expressions of disgust. a term coined by fellow Ether Zone pundit Kevin Tuma. Mike is more the rule than the exception at the top of the national media. Mike’s sleazy reputation had preceded him. but my warning only served to inflame the producer even more. I warned the producer that however stupid the Yugoslav security man was. I was covering for a national magazine. he was probably right. Pathetic simpleton Trent Lott. who paradoxically poses as a fearless iconoclast. to please these Communist goons. Mike was of course covering for the Communist Broadcasting System. The second version of the interview was of course even sappier. he would certainly report the producer’s constant hootings to the Ambassador. however.And that’s the way it was. along with liberal quotations from the First Amendment. Mike the pussycat threw the interview into the toilet with my script. rescheduled and did it all over again. a judge in Houston is undergoing the process for using the so-called "N" word. walking among the state delegations and happened to run into each other. we are certainly on terra firma when we call him a racist. I last saw Mike Wallace at a Republican National Convention. Again. Mike may be a media hooker. Maybe Mike forgot that the savings and loan camera was rolling beside the one from the Communist Broadcasting System. Before him there was pitcher John Rocker. The savings and loan took the precaution of having its own camera crew present to record the proceedings. They were getting on like two lovebirds. If so. and the more embarrassing it became the more the producer vented his displeasure. newborn pussycat Mike Wallace lobbed one softball after another to the Ambassador. less noble and productive. Sure enough. about as wide as he was tall. the Ambassador complained again. believe it or not. If memory serves. superior. as George Orwell put it. we have become used to the reign of terror in which a man with a decades-long career of noble and productive service can lose everything because of a chance remark. Mike is apparently more equal than Jimmy the Greek. to avoid still another contretemps. is the latest example. Mike threw my script into the toilet. and although it was even reported on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. The producer and I watched the travesty from the control room. "People ask me about you. It got worse. He is one of the faces of politically correct journalism. when they did it both the producer and your obedient servant were forbidden to enter the premises. and that man was with us in the control room during the interview. but Mike thought he recognized me. Mike was talking about blacks and Mexicans and said something consummately demeaning about the consumption of "watermelons and tacos." But under the politically correct guidelines now in force." It was a statement that would have put anyone else into deep kimchi. who was rockered for spouting off. because although the statement had been caught on film. was not forced to humiliate himself publicly and was not forced to undergo the usual Communist re-education (brainwashing) sometimes known as "sensitivity training. Instead of my Nolan Ryan fireballs. and. We were both on the floor. but he apparently was high up in the whorehouse. The trouble was that the Ambassador had brought along a KGB type. network correspondent Jimmy the Greek was abruptly canned for saying that in sports blacks are superior. Yes. Mike Wallace was in San Diego to do an interview at a savings and loan. His critics say he’s forever tainted and it will. Mike Wallace was not fired. So it is in these days of Black Supremacy. Mike asked whether I was Alan Stang and I admitted it. As I write. a living caricature with a small head. But it happened that. I can’t remember the context. He and his supporters say it was an accident and won’t happen again. . so it just happened to immortalize a racial and ethnic slur Mike committed. We hadn’t seen each other for many years." Mike said. even using some profanity I shall not quote for the purpose. Maybe Mike figured he was too big to fall.

it's oozing out again. so. about the lady he shared with a Cosa Nostra gangster. Mike doesn’t know any real people. the Prostitute National Press has brought us the story. Instead. whom he kept in the White House. escaped and testified in Washington that Castro was the top communist in the Western Hemisphere. when some of us began saying so. Matthews was filing from Havana. "People" weren’t asking him about me. New York Times reporter Herbert L. Get it?) to keep it out of the news and bitterly denounced us for mentioning it. as long as he did his job. killed and deported all those Ukrainians. They were curious. because they were in bed together. program) and was world infamous. so I have been expecting a cascade of the usual Democrat hosannas about him. One automatically thinks in French when writing about Camelot. and . I quoted a long." "What do you tell them?" "I tell them you will say and do anything to make seven figures a year. What the h-e-c-k. Castro's personal pilot." When Major Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz. By then your Intrepid Correspondent had his own show (excuse me. don't you know. This was before Castro came out of the closet." I said. Mike was as usual fibbing a tad. the . Now. CON JOB ALL THE BUSHTILT PRINT TO FIT By: Alan Stang What is happening over the Continuing Criminal Enterprise called the Democratic Party? Is it just coming apart. the truth some of us have been denounced for telling at last starts to emerge.Of course. "People ask me about you. In one of my magazine pieces. according to which Castro was an "anti-Communist. Times reporter Walter Duranty told us how swell it was in Moscow and denied that Stalin had starved. John's mistresses. For almost forty years. Ménage. et cetera and so on. Other network media pig bladders were asking. I am not aware of any Communist dictator the New York Times has ever opposed. The "mainstream" media knew much more about all this than we did. about Marilyn Monroe. "That’s not true. a French pun. Castro is a Communist." It was quite obvious he knew it was. Over at Democrat Party headquarters." Mike Wallace looked at his shoes and petulantly replied. as if his philandering were a revelation. some of us have been writing about Kennedy's serial adultery. it was a "wild charge. The Times always advocates world government and always takes the anti-American side in a dispute. curiously. How could a man who said what I say have written for Mike? "That’s a coincidence. the day after Pedro testified. but they ménaged (a pun. as in ménage a trois. dead in the water after a self-inflicted explosion in the engine room? We are approaching the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Jack Kennedy. about Fiddle and Faddle. except that for Jack a ménage a trois (three) probably meant quatre (four) or even cinq (five). It was the Times that sold the Soviet Union to the United States in the Thirties. also known as the New York Times." and Pedro was wanted for embezzlement in Cuba. the Times printed a Matthews story on the front page. inflammatory screed from the Times and said it came from Peoples World. the so-called "mainstream" media have been talking about one of St. because the Kennedy jackanapes were oh so sophisticated.

But Old' Nat is known to be suspicious of strangers and he is reputed to be something of a "right-wing extremist. how bad could it be in view of what we now know about St. the New York Times. Maureen isn't dowdy. There is also Maureen Dowd. Her latest trick was to misquote George Bush by leaving out part of what he said. whatever the reason for the mishmash. Even before the con man arrived. right? There is an immensely important lesson in all this. and the now canned Times reporter is predictably yelling "racism". He is immensely charming. he may have promised a dozen homeowners he will do their homes tomorrow. At the end of the piece. but her face does come to a point and she resembles nothing so much as a foraging shrew. his personality emits warmth like the sun." between Democrats and Republicans. here's the lesson. of course. You don't want to talk about it. it certainly makes George Bush look good. But. your neighbor Nathan. amount to nothing more than fights between rival factions of the same gang. Maybe Times boss Howell Raines. The New York Times has been much more successful at disseminating Communist propaganda than the open Party papers. he must be okay. As this commentary goes to press. Is this a classic example of being hoisted by one's own petard. Jackanapes. The squabbles that constantly erupt below between "liberals" and "conservatives. he continues in another. who is trying to live down the fact that he hails from Alabama. apparently he couldn't take the trouble to go and look because he was sniffing more coke than he was supposed to. is afraid she would eat him ." So. As far as I know. I told the truth. by Castro and by other Communist dictators . Who wants to be exposed as a fool? You . You would rather forget the whole thing. The con man who just got off the train downtown. the would-be con man would be in a different line of work. who wasn't where he said he was and therefore didn't see what he said he saw. The world government conspirators who run the show encourage such gang fights because they serve the double purpose of bringing the most ruthless practitioners to the top and fomenting the confusion that keeps us boobs confused. doesn't it? It inoculates us against any revelation in the works about him. has warned you about such deals. shaved at the YMCA and is now in the siding business is one of the most engaging people you have ever met. feminoid reportrix for the New York times. there is nothing to reveal. When he finishes in one neighborhood. Before you know a con man is a con man. and so on and on. and that when it does the fan stinks. but if there were. And now comes an "affirmative action" Times reporter. Will you be one of them? Now. Maybe it's just the biochemical fact that even a long impacted colon must eventually give way. not one reader caught my little experiment. you don't want to admit you've been scammed.communist Party newspaper. All he asks is $500 to buy materials to start your siding job tomorrow. But remember that at the top of Our Thing that runs this country every member wants the same thing.would have learned something from the experience. The Times never does. Mo Dowd. maybe for the IRS. because the style of the two fish wrappers was interchangeable. you are hornswoggled. Dowd has still not been canned. creating the spurious impression that he had said the opposite. If these people say what they say about Bush. Some people will give him the money. or what? We're still not finished.and she might. When the con man doesn't show up tomorrow. That must be true because he keeps the scam going. as they used to say in Texas. but. This is true of every con man. A newspaper that had been genuinely fooled time after time by Mao Tse-tung. Is all this an accident? Maybe. who is named for Nathan Bedford Forrest and makes no apology for the fact that he hails from Alabama. The Times has always advocated "affirmative action. By sundown. would have denounced the perpetrators and changed course.a newspaper that was not a secret Soviet tool ." a scheme in which unqualified people are hired to do work they can't do. If it weren't. You enjoy his company. you disregard his warnings.

Zionism says he is a member of a race. for the Jews. a Hindu . A religion consists of certain things its adherents believe about the supernatural. who started out as a Christian in California. If Jack took a run at her.could happen five minutes longer than George W. but also emotion and reputation in the swindle and it is hard to call them back." They will use every circumlocution available to avoid mentioning the fact that none of these things .or you are a Jew. if your beliefs change.and many more . How could he be anything else when that's what his father and grandfather were and are? How could he be anything else when that is what he was raised from the beginning to be? When what he is doing finally becomes too clear to deny . Zionism is a modern political movement. He is also a world government totalitarian. Even his opponents admit that. But they dance around the reason. we've been hornswoggled. They admit that our borders are still wide open. But they aren't his. he could not have been elected. a believer. he didn't even have to tell a woman he would respect her in the morning. "Tribe" is probably a better word for the purpose than "race. especially. the rules don't apply. a practitioner. "In the beginning. and is indistinguishable from his fellow orthodox believers. . In this country. a separate country. Apparently. Even Zionists agree. If you believe those things. Judaism says he is a believer. You can start out as something else and you can convert. the purpose of which was and is to create and maintain a national home. They would start to wind down a few minutes after George W. Bush picks up the telephone and says he wants them to stop. that we are being invaded and that our independence is being destroyed. she wouldn't care. a Methodist. Notice first that these two isms have dramatically different ideas about the target of their attention: the Jew." simply because all the people in that area of the world were and still are members of the same race.when there is no way to avoid the fact that he is doing everything he can to submerge our country in a world government dictatorship . Muslims become Christians. you are a Roman Catholic." God chose a tribe to be His people. JUDAISM AND ZIONISM THEY AREN'T THE SAME By: Alan Stang Judaism is the body of belief set forth in the Old Testament written by Moses and the prophets. Christians become hard will it be for hornswoggled Americans to admit? Listen to the talk show hosts. Bush wanted. about God and how to worship Him. if you have been faddled by the President. in which things "just happen.have invested not just money. that happens all the time. If he were not an immensely charming man. Protestants become Catholics and vice versa. It's called human nature. You are a member. Jack Kennedy was an immensely charming man. Everyone agrees that Judaism is a religion. I certainly do. but she is gorgeous. I know a man. a Muslim. They admit that government schools are brainwashing facilities. wears the long beard and curls. you believe in that religion. He made Richard Nixon look like the siding salesman we have been talking about. Christians become Muslims. Were he not an immensely charming man. a scientist. The Emperor has clothes. George Bush is an immensely charming man. If you believe in certain things about God and how to worship Him. but an orthodox Jew in Brooklyn. My fellow Americans. After all. Jews become one or the other. They subscribe to the accidental theory of history. His wife does not speak French. he could not have been elected. His wife was gorgeous and she spoke French. He has since become not just a Jew. They admit that the government is getting much bigger every day.

What? Did you say that most Zionists are not Jews? Yes. The term "Jewish Communist" makes as little sense as "Christian Communist. For just one example.are found in every race and nation. I don’t know why but we do. so other Jews. Most Jews in this country are not Zionists. a different group remained who still believed you were one of his people only if you were born into a family that was among the chosen. Christians believe that God’s people . Every religion has its backsliders. Ma’am. but who don’t believe what Judaism believes. But because of the way God did it in the beginning. We are told that the Jewish population in the United States is shrinking not growing. in my opinion. Because God did it that way. within Israel. spiritual condition.and even share the same very general ethnicity. The Zionists get most of their support from the Christian churches. Communists and Nazis hate Christians and Jews. because they were raised in Jewish neighborhoods and naturally imbibed the cultural paraphernalia therein. decided to change things and walked among us for a time. you are not a Muslim. The only thing we know about God is the little bit He tells us in His book. In fact. They still are Catholics or Methodists or Baptists or whatever. We don’t know why God does things. you are not a Christian. indeed. For instance. because. Many of them are atheists. some Jews used to jump into their cars and go for a drive. Even more important. which helps explain why a "Jewish Communist" could work for the Nazis and Communists and try to destroy Jews. was at least part Jewish. despite their horrific. on the Sabbath." for the obvious reason that a Communist is an atheist who paradoxically worships total government and an atheist cannot be a Jew for the same reason an atheist cannot be a Christian. But on the Sabbath a Jew is supposed to walk. many such people don’t even call themselves Jews. If you do not believe Jesus is God. God became dissatisfied. you were one of his people if you believed certain things. God could have picked a people anywhere else in the world.the saved. with regard to things like dietary laws and circumcision. One of the most blatant reasons for this is Christian girls. The loyalty of a "Jewish Communist" is to Communism not to Judaism. but He did. Saturday. in hiding. In fact. We don’t know why He went to Mesopotamia. you are not a Jew. and never go to church. the people God gave the faith to believe . Are they terrorists? . He could have gone to New Guinea or Peru. They sin all week and especially on Sunday. there are still some people. Reinhard Heydrich. mostly in the United States. that was one of the main issues the Apostles had to resolve. Many of those churches teach millions of their members that the State of Israel is part of Bible prophecy involving something called the "end times. Most Zionists are not Jews. After a while. Should we therefore call Heydrich a Jew? I am not aware that today’s neo-cons have claimed him. If someone has even a smidgeon of black blood. who consider themselves Jews. who don’t believe what any other religion believes." Israel’s strongest support comes from those churches and there are many more Christians who believe it and support it than there are Jews. The Name of the King. And if you don’t believe in the God of the Old Testament. there is conflict between different kinds of Jews. In my book. I explain why Christian girls are the biggest threat to Judaism since the Inquisition and Hitler. not in particular families. Other people who are not Jews call them Jews. they still believe what their particular denomination believes. that’s what I said. In the new arrangement. If you don’t believe in whatever Muslims believe. You believed those things if God gave you the necessary faith. used to stone the passing automobiles. we call him black. the sodomite Gestapo monster Satan sent in the shape of a man. Meanwhile. Why then do they consider themselves Jews? Because they were born into Jewish families. except that He does them because they pleasure Him to do.

Why does Israel obey? One reason is the foreign aid. surrounded in Beirut. be there five minutes after George Bush. It is as foreign to Washington’s jurisdiction as Papua New Guinea. What? Aren’t the "neo-cons" Jews? How could they be opposed to Israel? Look at the record. after a unit of Navy SEALS commanded by Demi Moore or maybe by Janet Reno pay him a visit. it makes the recent fraud in Iraq look like an example of judicious American policy. The trouble in the area. and on and on. that policy has opposed Israel and supported the Arabs. you must dance the king’s tune. government intervened. It is not part of this country. equipped. Israel is now controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. ever since. Over the years. protected him. But the U. Washington is doing so right now. BEHIND ISLAMIC TERRORISM THE SOVIET ENEMY By: Alan Stang . Another is certainly that. troops would be put between the Israelis and the Palestinians. they have always been against it. Because the conspirators are spiritual communists. to evacuate. Typically. If you take the king’s shilling. Our intervention there is suicidal madness and probably illegal. in all the wars and incidents. via the Communist United Nations. For many years. if he were alive at all. In comparison.All of this could help explain neo-con policy in Washington. Notice that Washington invokes one policy when terrorism hits its own people. Again. It is certainly the work of Zionists. Israel had Arafat & Co. however horrendous. And the incident in Beirut was by no means an aberration. the Marxist headquarters of the Conspiracy for World Government. but it imposes a quite different policy when the same terrorists hit Israel. Question: Could Arafat & Co. Washington has always ordered Israel to pull back.S. Remember that the Conspiracy for World Government created Israel in the first place. haven’t they restrained Israel when it was about to wipe out the Communist terrorists in the area? Some years back. They routinely "solve" a problem by partitioning a country.S. They love division. just as certainly. as in the United States. which allows them to advance by playing one side of a dispute against the other. For years. Israel is not an American state or territory. There is literally nothing else to Yassir but the fact that the Soviets created him and have financed. to stand down. Israel could easily have finished him off. Such a policy would also be immensely beneficial to the United States. Israel would no doubt be better off if it stopped taking the king’s shilling and started acting only in its own national interest. including all that military equipment. their favorite technique is dialectical materialism. billions a year. Now comes the latest proposal. Since they created the State of Israel. he would be working as a men’s room attendant in a Cairo flophouse. in which U. right? Five minutes later. I cannot believe anyone could propose such a treasonous prescription for disaster who is not either insane or a traitor himself. Without Washington’s "help. Traitor." and without its CFR regime. they have used it for conspiratorial purposes. picks up the telephone and says he wants him removed? You’re kidding. and extermination is the only humane solution. it isn’t the work of Jews. saved the little Communist puke and even evacuated him and his men to protect him from the Israelis. Israel could exterminate the Communist terrorists who threaten it. etc. is not our fault and none of our business. Arafat of course is a Soviet clone.

Here again we see a bizarre contradiction. The word "fundamentalism" signifies that its adherents are more ardent practitioners of the faith than other Muslims. The Islamic terrorists presumably are terrorizing in the name of Islam. standup warfare as at Tours in 732 and Vienna in 1683. utterly unislamic. in this respect at least. So. Indeed. Consult the EtherZone archives for a look. anyone else who gets in their way. Remember the Islamic terrorists who seized that historic church in Jerusalem and vandalized it many days. where religion is the supreme issue. But the women of Islamic fundamentalists are supposed to wear chadors if they are Iranian. Where else have we seen this? These clues tell me that what is happening may not be the thing we have been told it is. questions I ask because I am not aware that another commentator has asked them. priests reported that they guzzled all the alcohol they found. because we have already done so at length. the very people they claim to be liberating from the machinations of the Great Satan. what would the world’s greatest chess players do? First. yet they not only terrorize Christians and Jews. after the "collapse. We have seen exactly this among the Palestinians. We are told that they routinely consorted with scandalous females. which certainly qualifies as another bizarre contradiction. these two groups of Islamic "fundamentalists" were certainly much less fundamental than the typical believer who inhabits the Arab "street. to encourage victims to keep their mouths shut. on the contrary. in Muslimon-Muslim terrorism religion seems curiously irrelevant. so degenerate that they could even turn the Great Satan red. scantily clad and sexually promiscuous." It is speculation. where most of the WTC hijackers came from. often in an especially horrific way. Islam has made war against Christendom from the beginning. We know that. Our enemy these days is supposed to be "Islamic Fundamentalism. where leaders who cooperate with Israel have been killed. . they also kill and maim Muslims. Yet notice some curious facts. Speculate with me about the following scenario. The terrorist structure appears to consist of . We don’t need to explain why here. in the same way that fundamentalist Christians are alleged to be more ardent . typical Christian backsliders. But does not Islam forbid alcohol to the faithful? Islamic policy on whisky would make Carrie Nation proud.than other. We know that the Soviet "collapse" is a fraud.what would you call them? . So. in which these "fundamentalists" are less fundamental than your typical Muslim. the question arises: Who are these "Islamic terrorists?" Notice how they operate." which expresses itself by means of terror.and less sinful . Yes. so that if one is compromised the others remain about cells? They are loosely organized and self-contained. They could do so only by means of some subterfuge. Try importing a bottle or two into Saudi Arabia. we are told that the Islamic terrorists who hijacked those aircraft and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York were prodigious boozers in Florida nightclubs and elsewhere. What is happening now is something new." Soviet power and hierarchy remained.This is what used to be called a "think-piece. Catholics and Protestants have been killing each other for many decades in Northern Ireland. The result is a "mass movement" of "oppressed people marching as one" toward whatever goal the terrorists have selected. That much is not speculation. Later. but traditional Islam puts warriors in the field against Western armies. apparently an immensely sophisticated structure that employs the most modern technology." Doesn’t this discrepancy need to be explained? Look again at the WTC hijackers. So. but it is speculation that springs from obvious facts. The Soviets know perfectly well that they cannot defeat the United States head on. they pretend to go out of existence. Yes. Among the tactics of modern terrorism is total brutalization of a target population to create the illusion of popular support. Where did these "Islamic terrorists" learn how to do all this? Who taught them? There is certainly nothing Islamic about it. Any such attempt could result in their complete extermination. Anyone who speaks out against the terror is killed. or those pale blue tents in Afghanistan.

The Soviets trained American blacks in Moscow for the purpose. Saddam turned Iraq into a Soviet asset. His idol has always been Soviet monster Josef Stalin. from assassination by truck to defenestration. was Socialist. It’s Very Simple. None of this should be surprising. that terror is essential to Communism. The Ba’ath Party.It is also not speculation that the Soviets invented modern terrorism. For details please see your Intrepid Correspondent’s book. to conduct their "wet" affairs. Lumumba alumni were sent home to apply to their own people what they had learned. He modeled himself and his own dictatorship on Uncle Joe. who were supposed to turn Old Dixie into a "Negro Soviet Republic" and secede from the United States. whom Free Enterprise made rich. Lenin said quite openly that Soviet power was founded on terror. He hired Felix Dzherzinsky to run the Cheka. remember the Soviet convoy leaving Iraq that our people "accidentally" shot up? The word is that the Saddamite-in-chief could well have been aboard. Remember the 241 Marines who were killed in their Lebanese barracks when terrorists rammed into it with a truck that had been turned into an enormous bomb? Where were those terrorists trained? Were they alumni of a Soviet assassination school? Some observers have complained that Muslim enclaves in the United States have not sufficiently denounced what happened on Nine Eleven. in the classic tradition of Sun Tzu or Uncle Remus. George W." And the Soviets keep sending out terrorists to do their dirty work. which facilitates the long-planned merger of the Soviet Union and the United States. the Soviets have brought promising terrorists from around the world to Moscow for training. So. Bush looks deep into the soul of KGB Colonel Putin and says he likes what he sees. play possum. whatever turns you on! It is also not speculation that. the Soviets have tried to establish communities in the United States that their terrorists could live in with relative impunity "like fish in the sea. There are Soviet fingerprints all over the recent charade in Iraq. because Saddam has been a tool of the Soviets for years. They failed with American blacks. They pretend to be our ally. Saddam is a Communist. From the very beginning. Hey. this is a man we can "trust." Promising females are trained to be "swallows. There is a tragic "accident. From the beginning. without exception. from marksmanship to poison. his political organization." Males become "ravens. even adapting Stalin’s bestial methods of torture. We are told that the Soviets secretly supplied the Saddamites with equipment. They established Patrice Lumumba "University" there for the purpose and named it for a notorious African Communist terrorist." experts at the sexual satisfaction of both males and females. They failed with American workers. 1965). There are terror schools that teach every aspect of terror. The only difference is that now the terrorists are "Islamic fundamentalists. Western Islands. almost from the beginning." to use the late Mao Tse-Dung’s immortal phrase." Questions. Could one of the reasons be that the Muslims there are afraid? The Communists have terrorized the people in every country they liberated. from demolition to sex. pal. For years. Assassins at the wheel are taught how to run targets down in the streets. Castro’s terrorists have turned up all over the world. to China. Some of them tortured our POWS in the Nam. the Soviets back off. Could it be that the Soviets are succeeding with American Muslims where they failed with American blacks? . from Russia itself. which imposed the terror he wanted. in the scenario we are exploring. Leonard Patterson was Gus Hall’s roommate in Moscow at the Lenin School for Political Warfare. The Soviets may have helped Saddam try to neutralize our GPS technology. Indeed. to Cuba. Hall went on to become Communist Party boss in the United States. South Africa and so on. terrorism has been an industry in the Soviet Union. The True Story of Civil Rights (Boston. an early version of the KGB. I used to lecture with one of them who later saw the light. to Algeria.

this is speculation. government. He loves war. The billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us may already know those answers. they use dialectical materialism to confront it. He wants to replace it with American Empire. That side includes longtime Communist organizers and the "useful idiots" (Lenin’s phrase) they manipulate. they have infiltrated and perverted the entire U. this is why they have kept alive the "Nazi threat" all these years with movies about it and reminders of the Holocaust. they will face opposition they can’t ignore." The juxtaposition of the two words is mere public relations poppycock. He hates American independence. if you oppose them. protective cover such a scenario provides. perpetual war to impose . But the world government conspirators are coldly realistic.where the process stops. And they are using dialectical materialism in the present fraud in Iraq. Applying techniques devised by Antonio Gramsci. war in which other’s sons will fight. The opposition becomes part of the dialectical process. WHO'S WHOSE WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? By: Alan Stang Karl Marx drew considerable inspiration from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. He wants to replace it with total government." and the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us have used "dialectical materialism" as a tool of "scientific Socialism" ever since. added "materialism. Bush tells us that Islam is "a religion of peace. founder of the Italian Communist party. It isn’t proof. they give us the war party. "Islamic spokesmen" conduct press conferences to complain and wind up being interviewed on Fox.S. They deserve answers. By this means. long-term Soviet strategy? Again. They do two things: (1) They create their own opposition and (2) they infiltrate the genuine opposition and pervert it. there is nothing scientific about Socialism. On one side they give us the people who "hate America" and oppose the war. The ideology of the war party is concocted by a new kind of "conservative" called a "neoconservative. These are reasonable questions. It comes complete with Muslim groups that scream "religious discrimination" whenever someone outside the community says something could be wrong. small government. No other opposition is permitted. devised for people who see the Communist hands in the demonstrations and want no part of them. All opposition that begins as genuine is diverted into one of those two avenues. For instance." School children in California and college students on the East Coast are forced to study Islam. But it is speculation based on the facts. but the conspirators have used it with great success. the conspirators control the opposition. They know they can’t wish it away. Notice that the Prostitute National Press has not said a word. the German philosopher who devised the so-called "dialectic. They know that as they approach their goal.Notice the brilliant. On the other. The term "scientific Socialism" is more of an oxymoron than "conservative Republican. producing a synthesis that becomes a new thesis. totalitarian government. Theses keep confronting antitheses yielding syntheses that become new theses until the arrival of totalitarian world government . they will call you a Nazi and accuse you of "anti-Semitism. Are we looking at another." in which a thesis confronts an antithesis." The fact that Arabs are also Semites makes the term meaningless today. the first Soviet dictator. If you stand in their way. Barbara Streisand and well-meaning mothers who want peace. Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Needless to say. more and more the closer they come.Communism . So. The "neocon" wants to abolish limited." known as a "neocon" for short. idiots like Michael Moore.

once we were there . would welcome Cheney. we would have saved the lives of tens of thousands of our men. Hillaroid. Today. had we turned the enemy capital into a hole in the ground. but they are on the air. But it hasn’t turned out that way. isn’t mentioned. to kill Iraqis. is supervising the invasion of our country designed to submerge it in world government isn’t mentioned. says they are the headquarters of the "vast right wing conspiracy. Halliburton and the Bush Carlyle Group. One military expert I saw on the tube said if we have to fight house-to-house. Had we bombed Hanoi.supports our illegal intervention in Iraq. if your only loyalty is to our own country. despite which our incomparable military won. we should expect 30% casualties. which is likely. but in fact they are pussy cats who obediently disseminate the war party line as if it were Gospel. Now that he has gotten us into this.that Empire. And more and more and more. If there is an exception. a talk show host before anyone ever heard of them.destroy it . Bush must decide whom to kill." In short. The fact that Bush sabotaged a real investigation into Nine Eleven isn’t mentioned. There is no room for traditional American independence in which we mind our own international business and the only thing the government does is protect the nation from invasion and the people from crime. American policy was to do whatever was required to win and get out. The fact that Bush. public debate in the so-called "mainstream. to do whatever was required to protect our men. then the people who serve him must be Nazis. Who will it be? The only way to protect our own people is to kill the enemy. Cheering Baghdadians. if you question our participation in the war. Saddam Hussein would be so impressed he would surrender and present himself for trial. I am not. Iraq immediately went belly up. eager to partake of American largesse and become another American colony. Washington was talking about "shock and awe. Many more Iraqis unaccountably are loyal to Saddam than Washington expected. Of course." We would launch an aerial blitzkrieg unlike anything seen outside Star Wars. No other side is allowed. Your Intrepid Correspondent. Washington defeated it. the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain. The fact that Daddy Bush." But notice that every one of them . In 1991. If Saddam is the Hitler the neocons constantly say he is. but in the present. If it is easier on the conscience to believe that. The only way to protect our own people is to do to Baghdad what we should have done to Hanoi . "Shock and awe" was a mere public relations gimmick designed to intimidate Saddam Insane. just as we killed Germans and Japanese. the chances are good that you will be called an "anti-Semite. Washington didn’t do that because its main purpose in the war was to humiliate the United States. Before the present invasion. we shall have to fight for Baghdad. If you believe in those things. The fact that both Bush Administrations were and are completely controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission isn’t mentioned. How does all this apply to the conduct of the war? Years ago. In other words. but . he must kill someone to get out. Limbaugh is supposed to be tough.the only sane. what this boils down to is that George W. like Clinton. this is dialectical materialism in action.not with a public relations gimmick. then believe it and do it. and of even more Vietnamese killed by other Vietnamese forced into Communist ranks. we are perfectly aware that individual differences in people can make this division wavy. along with Dick Cheney and others created the Saddam monster while Baby George was still a drunk. Yes. . I said that we shouldn’t have gone to Vietnam in the first place.every one ." those are the only two sides we hear about. but with B-52s. the "neocon" is nothing but an old-fashioned Socialist wearing new clothes. Look at the national radio talk shows. Savage is supposed to be a jungle creature. perpetual war for the perpetual peace of totalitarian world government. could chew them up and clean his teeth with their bones. Thirty per cent! In other words. we haven’t heard about it.

but. another symptom of the corruption and impending collapse of our culture. I know only one thing about the Kurds. an adherent of Bush’s "religion of peace. They hate Saddam and his henchmen with a towering passion. It’s still true. It’s so true it has become a cliché. because his true purpose is to impose world government under a cloak of smarmy "humanitarianism. In 1968." Yes. one always knows where it stands.S. No doubt he was in hiding again. will we go after him? Maybe if we stopped installing these people. needless to say. a carcass at roadside too wormy to bury.S. more American women are in enemy hands. the Hitler of Baghdad. it struts and blusters. he did not reinstate Michael New. another "staunch Christian. the Iraqis captured a female U. He said nothing. Communist world government traitor George W. Alabama Attorney General. Americans are expendable because they are guilty (of everything). Mr. another Republican. Bush has continued the most important Clinton policies. in the Tet Offensive. you see." Pryor is paid to defend Alabama. she was gang raped. when the feces hit the fan. recently called himself "Hitler times ten. Instead. The Republican Party always fades. Bush – alleged Christian – could and should have used the "bully pulpit" of the presidency to set the record straight. The U. It is a worthy enemy. They would love nothing better than to attack him. Shirley Temple in her prime had more cojones. as he was on Nine Eleven. he fled to respectability. It talks big. Yes. It takes refuge in an utterly phony. so we already are hearing about his unhappy childhood. In Gulf War I. it took a few weeks to clear the Communists out of a few blocks of downtown Hue. It crawls back under the rock from whence it came. Kurds without a Kurdistan. we wouldn’t need to go back to finish them off. In a classic case of poetic injustice. Now. officer who was an advocate of women in combat. How many houses are there in a city of almost six million people? A couple of clues already emerge. Robert Mugabe. Was he reading to another elementary school class? There is Bill Pryor. at least. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS COMMUNIST WAR ON CHRISTIANITY By: Alan Stang The Republican Party is a sleazy. After we finish off Saddam. Everyone else is not. Alabama. and. Instead. What else would you expect? Imagine what full disclosure of her experience would do to female enlistment. In northern Iraq are the Kurds. that is what the man said. sanctimonious respectability. it folds. It makes nice. he will not only enjoy the luxury of a trial. Akbar has the advantage of being black. but it’s the most important thing. contemptible coward. a sickly fraud. soldier accused of "fragging" his own officers in a combat zone and killing two is Asan Akbar. Because he is a traitor. Americans are expendable. run by totalitarian monsters who want what they want and will commit any crime to get it. a people without a country. the Communist dictator Washington installed in Zimbabwe. He did not repeal Clinton’s policy of putting women as close to combat as possible. Then. the hero who refused to wear UN insignia. it’s far too late to give the Republican Party the benefit of the doubt. After the recent travesty in Montgomery.But Bush won’t do that." he will elect to kill Americans and go house-to-house. The Democrat Party is a continuing criminal enterprise. Why not let them do so? Why not let them go house-to-house in Baghdad? Why not tell them it would be the only way to get their own homeland in the north? Of course that won’t happen because it would save Americans. The Republican Party is a grinning mountebank. typically Republican. he will get off." George Patton would have shot him between the eyes where he stood. I have said all this before. Because he genuflects before the Communist UN. He .

The "separation of church and state" is their mantra. Of course. however true. General Secretary of the Communist Party. Because of his craven performance. for abolishing the state itself. And that’s exactly what it is. we are told. Another ACLU founder was William Z. who said: "I am for socialism. He or she could even be someone who has never been in this country. also General Secretary of the Communist Party. ye shall know whether Jesus Christ chose them before the foundation of the world. You see. An American is someone who could be white. and didn’t want to hurt his chances. Because of the continuing machinations of such dung beetles. Pryor is one of Communist world government traitor Bush’s nominees to the federal bench himself. Among the founders of ACLU was Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. The monster they created has now turned the states into agencies of the federal government. Communism is the goal. My guess is that her daddy is a very wealthy Paki(stani). the abolition of the propertied class. . If I remember correctly.. . So. I just found out. disarmament. the appellation. Needless to say. I’ve read all that." Hmm. Roger and his gang were supposed to have reformed. But is it okay if I quote some scripture here? I wouldn’t want to offend some atheist son of a glitch. it doesn’t matter. Did I read that right? Did the man really say Communism is the goal? Yes. If he had had his druthers he would of course have done something else. . Correct me if I’m wrong. His recent performance shows him to be exactly what the continuing criminal enterprise wants. Maybe she was born at Monticello. they have utterly destroyed the separation of powers. but. blah. Yes. the cast of character assassins includes the American Civil Liberties Union. . What is an Ayesha Khan? It sounds like a hairy conqueror that came from the East. could originally be a Paki. what would it be doing now? The original purpose of ACLU was to destroy our Christian civilization. You know how shy I am. Meanwhile. "By their fruits ye shall know them.caved. after all. You know what that idea is and Ayesha Khan doesn’t share it. How else would she get where she is? By the way. I don’t know where she was born. Many people born in this country are not Americans and don’t belong here. Question: If the ACLU were still the Communist gang Roger and the other Communists created. Ayesha is not an American. etc. that is exactly what Hitler did to the historic states in Germany. The states have been subverted to such an extent that they now are nothing more than lines on the map." By their fruits. and. The Democrats typically have been holding up his nomination. even (God help us) a Brit. their works. or some other color. blah. ultimately. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. a Kraut. What is it doing now? Another combatant is Ayesha Khan. our system is no more. could be black. one of the plaintiffs in the suit against Judge Moore. Local government is no more. And by their fruits ye shall know whether they are Communist traitors. I seek the social ownership of property. and the sole control of those who produce wealth. now." so he promised to do whatever the Republican federal court said. "It’s my duty. The states created the federal government to be their agent. Maybe now the Democrats will allow him to ooze onto the bench. Look at her picture and tell me what she is. much of the nation already holds him in contempt. did you know that to call someone a "Paki" is apparently a serious crime in London that could land you in gaol? Yes. Talk about coincidence! The man who ran ACLU from the beginning for many years was Roger Nash Baldwin. I wonder why. blah. An American is someone who shares an idea. I know. I may be writing my next column from the Tower of London. Ayesha Khan is the lawyer for another of the plaintiffs in the suit against Judge Moore. might offend Ayesha’s daddy. He crawfished. Foster. they reform our civilization rather than destroy it.

Of course that is a lie because our religion never was established (by the federal government). a refusal that was upheld on appeal when the U. . But Morris Dees was allowed to walk. controlling the entire (and considerable) political movement surrounding the case . He was arrested and removed from the court." And smack in the middle of this Communist Party operation was Morris Dees of the multi-million dollar Southern Poverty Law Center. there will be many more. Joan Little was a black woman and convicted felon who killed her white jailer when he stupidly asked for sexual favors. If they are atheists what is their religion? Be with me next week for more." Why was the felony charge dropped? Dr. . . we would be stashed so deep in the dungeon our families would have to visit us in a diving bell. . .What are the chances that Ayesha is a Christian? Is it just possible that Ayesha is or was a Muslim? I don’t want to get you into trouble. The atheist enemy says it is disestablishing our religion. Meanwhile. What would happen to you and me if we tried to bribe a witness? Obviously. We have given you only one tantalizing tidbit. To see the staggering reviews. . none of this means anything.stangbooks. etc. Ukraine. Dr. The Communist Party made her a cause célèbre. . no conspiracy. and in Kiev. where the eminence grise is Attorney Morris Seligman Dees. Meanwhile." Needless to say.S. and the Party frequently set up rallies of support around the country. While the felony charge was later dropped. too much to tell in just one commentary. which I first learned from the members of the defense law firm and defense committee. Really? Then why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? The third plaintiff in the suit against Judge Moore is the multi-million dollar Southern Poverty Law Center. go to http://www. 1976): "[T]he great untold (or unreported) story of the Joan Little trial. if you simply let us know you want it. Let’s not blame her for what the Bushwhackers have done in her name. What is happening is not that they are disestablishing our religion. Azerbaijan. But it must be okay because Ayesha does it all the time. no conspiracy . There is no conspiracy ." Another Salans office is in Warsaw. Poor Jessica Lynch is now the most famous American POW. Nobody tells old Ayesha what to do. which used to be one of the Soviet Socialist Republics before the Union "collapsed. Prisoners of War are in the news again. Correspondent Mark Pinsky wrote in the Columbia Journalism Review (March/April. Of course. about the men we left behind in the Nam. Cathey tells us this: "During the trial Dees revealed just how far he was ready to go to succeed. but more is on the way. Doesn’t everyone? It also has offices in Baku. . . This could be religious profiling. in St. Salans maintains an office in Moscow." Of course. let us leave you with a thought. . where the Soviet Union gets its oil and in Almaty. but to promote the message we shall send it to you free. In the July/August 2003 issue of Southern Mercury. My latest novel is Perestroika Sunset. She is a lawyer at a law firm called Salans on Fifth Avenue in New York. which was Communist before the Soviets "collapsed. He attempted to bribe a witness – suborn Boyd Cathey writes about the Joan Little case in 1975.95 plus shipping. Cathey says Morris did it. Because Bush is making war around the world. Why? There is much more to the Morris Dees story. Kazakhstan. Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal. Salans has the mandatory offices in London and Paris. Would you like to read it? It is $24. but that they are establishing their own. was the role of the Communist Party . which was Communist before the Soviets "collapsed. presiding judge Hamilton Hobgood refused to readmit Dees to the Case. a chapter a week via email. Party members were visible and influential on the defense committee. Dr. Petersburg (not the one near Tampa).

is no different from Clinton. Having said all that. In a speech at Portland State University a few years back. I would put everything else aside. the distinguished professor of Free Enterprise economics at George Mason University. Clinton has been called the nation’s "first black President. We have every reason to believe that White History Month will quickly become national in scope. but they do raise a serious question. Already. The previous three paragraphs are probably not as amusing as I hoped they would be. If there is nothing wrong with that. the nation will be celebrating Black History Month.BLACK HISTORY IMPERIALIST TOOL By: Alan Stang Would you rather live next door to Bill Clinton. When the white man is finally gone. designed to celebrate the history of a minority. who masterfully skewers our collectivist rulers in his nationally syndicated columns and radio/television broadcasts. what would be wrong with a celebration of White History Month? ." What this country desperately needs is a real black President. Bush has continued that Clinton policy. for those of you who didn’t know. and if the white man is so quickly becoming a minority himself. and I would worry constantly that the old stench. we at least will have his history. One meeting with Walter was enough to convince me he is a gentleman. The white man is routinely blamed for every problem we have from asthma to Streisand to zits. or maybe just take it. he admitted his crusade is merely a shtick designed to generate publicity. Clinton rejoiced at the fact that (because of his policy) the white man would soon be a minority in California and a minority in the rest of the country by the middle of the Twenty First century. which assures that result. Again. Bush. Commentators are allowed to dump on him with impunity. starting at the beginning with Cro-Magnon Man. Need I add that Walter Williams is about the color of a telephone pole (and about as tall)? That’s right. who does. and should certainly ameliorate the psychological difficulties he inevitably will feel on the way. he’s black. We have some gorgeous women at our house. White history will be told through the lives of notable whites. Walter is no doubt too smart to be tricked into doing it. he labors under some of the disadvantages of minority status. who does not drop his pants and ask for sex. In that regard. which coincidentally will last about 30 days and deserves considerable explanation. I would also vote for Walter rather than for Bush. or to. a white Harvard professor nailed these demographics down by simply calling for the abolition of the white race. but the fact that he could use it for the purpose merely proves the point. When you read this. I wouldn’t pick Clinton. The white man is on the way out. who raped the lady in Arkansas while he was Attorney General. we are now ready to talk about White History Month. would drop his pants and ask for sex. Your obedient servant recently launched this celebration. "Abolition" is the word he used. Walter Williams? Without needing to think it over too much. and work for him around the clock in the campaign. but we do intend to expurgate unfortunate chapters like Jimmy Carter and Alec Baldwin. In fact. say. I would not only vote for Walter Williams for President rather than Clinton. Later. Recently. Regrettably. if he’s Walter Williams. White History Month will celebrate the history of the white man as he dwindles down to abolition. and he has written that he discriminates in favor of black women. if only we could somehow trick Walter into running. the white man is on the way out. so I know he wouldn’t mess with mine. so we’re stuck with a succession of collectivist white men who are mere flunkies for the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us. I wouldn’t worry about that with Walter Williams.

Only within the past century. to emasculate him to the point at which he will sit still for whatever outrage the conspirators dream up. or with a man who shares your culture. but for thousands of years history has meant a written record of events. There is no written language. All of which underlines the difference between color and culture. and you will be flushed down the memory hole. Indeed. Imagine that white Arab slavers had not kidnapped African blacks and sold them to the New World. We are celebrating black history. but not your color? In . Collective man is a myth. the Month is calculated to create resentment among blacks about past bad treatment. We would still know nothing. the purpose of which is to neutralize you. History is his (man’s) story. but there is no black history. the worse the better. this has nothing to do with "inferiority" or "superiority." His books. but there is no such thing. To see how brainwashing works. In application. The Month has also become an important weapon in the scheme to brainwash whites. Black history begins only when blacks enter the world in which history is possible. Black history only began when it got mixed up with white history. The most important weapon in that scheme is the artfully generated fear of racism. some of us warned it had nothing to do with civil rights. even by accident. a scam." There would still be no record. recording equipment has made "oral history" possible. and maybe it is. that no blacks had been brought to what would become the United States. Would you rather associate with a man who shares your color but not your culture. In this sense. Remember. Imagine a scenario in which white explorers had not penetrated black Africa. What is history? History in the broadest sense is the record of what happened. There is no Golden Age. Racism is the main weapon in the present reign of terror. There is not even the concept of history. Imagine that Africa had been left strictly alone. Black History Month is as racist as a White History Month would be. Look around and ask yourself what we have now. "Equal opportunity" has become black supremacy. That is true." because. notice something incredibly bizarre. "Civil rights" champions like Hubert Humphrey swore up and down that the only thing they wanted was a truly colorblind society. but for the thousands of years since there has been no written record of his doings. When the present "civil rights" scam began. The powers that would like to be are doing everything they can to promote racial division. Only individuals count. there is always the chance of a miracle like Walter Williams. Black History Month is a celebration of nothing. and without the concept there can be no actualization. however. whatever has already happened. There is no record preserved somewhere in the mother country. and one of its names is Black History Month. your lifetime of accomplishment and contribution notwithstanding. So then what are we talking about? Yes. which proves that individualism is the only philosophy that works. in which white countries had not colonized it. There would still be no "black history. Brainwashing and Brainwashing in Red China are classics. you really do need to consult the work of journalist Ed Hunter." That is the fact. Apply that definition and notice that we are celebrating Black History Month.Why does even the mention of a proposed White History Month make many readers (maybe you?) uncomfortable? The answer is that the discomfort you may feel is the calculated symptom of an exceedingly clever brainwashing scheme. the worst public sin one can commit. We are told that Africa could be the mother of civilization where the first man was born. an aberration. that it was in fact a scheme to create typical Communist division in which race would become a cultural sine qua non. black history is a function of white history and could not exist without it. and it is also true that until recently there was no "black history. whether we like it or not. There was no black history until the black world intersected the white. Commit racism. The same thing is happening here. usually written by the descendants of the people who lived them. the man who coined the term "brainwashing. to make the "white man" feel too guilty to survive. it is all well and good to say that Black History is an attempt to create dignity for a branch of God’s people.

but a "hero?" For making millions of dollars enjoying the adulation of millions of fans? It is important to add that John Wayne’s work is still important. No. but the same totalitarians still control California medicine.because he holds his ground." that there are "no more heroes. And if ever the word "hero" meant anything.if you insist on calling people who don’t deserve it "heroes" .even now I still watch his movies again and again . too restrained in his assertions of Communist penetration of our government. Only two of the many Soviet spy rings in the government were uncovered. is certainly a hero.which we certainly don’t begrudge them if that is what their fanatics want to spend their money on.even mortal. wear bizarre headdresses and have managed to elude their wives. he has won.D. A military hero throws himself on a live grenade to protect his friends. not just because it is so entertaining. physical danger .. But the men who play these games are not heroes. physician and fellow author. As it stands now. too fair. M. for a purpose that will not enrich him. because he will not recant. There are sports heroes. it certainly applies to Senator Joe McCarthy. of Covina. The word "gay" used to mean someone who was straight and happy. who has been thrown into jail more than once for giving his patients the treatment they elect. The sports "hero" is generally a man who plays a game with a ball a few hours a week. Still. If only Joe hadn’t been such a gentleman.after a while the word doesn’t mean anything. My dear friend. At the same time. James R. was a "hero. before a screaming audience that includes many fanatics who have painted their faces purple or whatever. It was such an appealing word that the collectivists stole it. I have read many times that John Wayne. for instance. whose very name the enemies of our civilization desperately perverted until it became an epithet. it isn’t heroism. we now know that the problem was much worse than he said. Privitera. The ones that .other words. would you rather associate with Walter Williams. The word "liberal" used to mean someone who wants to restrain the government. A moral hero undergoes calumny and ostracism . There are movie heroes." There is no more dedicated John Wayne fan than I . JOE McCARTHY HERO By: Alan Stang There are so many heroes these days." One reason for the confusion certainly has to be the fact that if you use the word indiscriminately . These "heroes" too are paid many millions . Not only was everyone he called a Communist exactly that. about a suppressed lifesaving test. After almost half a century of revelations like Venona. California. Now that the sodomites have stolen it. we read all the time that the "age of heroes is past. Now it means someone who wants the government to restrain the people. a hero is someone who willingly enters great danger and takes great risks. He lays down his life for his friends. or with Bill Clinton? With Walter Williams or with an Arab slave trader. we now know that he was much too modest. but because it helps preserve the American culture our enemies are conspiring to destroy. It turns out that Joe was wrong. or with Saddam Hussein? With Walter Williams or with Soviet "President" Putin of the KGB? I would pick Walter Williams every time. with whom I wrote Silent Clots: Life’s Biggest Killers. it means someone who is glad to be in hell.

There will be a statue of Joe pointing an accusatory finger. There were no "victims. energy and money. I do so in reluctant recognition of the fact that there may be somebody out there. The Communists hated McCarthy because he was exposing them. who in fact were eminently respectable. Eisenhower had done everything he could for Stalin in World War II. The best way to destroy a conspiracy is to expose it. He still is. A conspiracy by definition. which of course he was. slimmed down for the part. for whom the Rockefeller Reds had stolen the Republican nomination from Senator Bob Taft. No "innocent lives" were destroyed. a conspiracy the goal of which has always been world government. So foul and so obvious are the latest revelations that in recent years even "liberal" commentators like the Washington Post’s Nicholas von Hoffman have been admitting that Old Joe was not the monster they said he was." You will know that Americans once again control our federal government. Fat slob Alec Baldwin. was not a Communist. was that he and the Communists wanted the same thing: world government. Even Joe McCarthy’s colleagues in the Senate officially condemned him. Schoolbooks will describe McCarthy as a hero. did not pay Party dues. How many people can you think of whose names have been made a curse. that the Communists really were there. Why would such people go out of their way to help the Reds? Why didn’t they want Communists in government exposed? These are some of the questions that gradually led us to understand the cabal that is conspiring to destroy our country. Today’s breathtaking treason would be impossible without traitors to commit it. will play Joe. There was and is a Communist Conspiracy. had they said so they would have revealed to the Soviets how they knew. to the destruction of McCarthy? The question is so naïve I am embarrassed to ask it. But. for just one example. must operate in secret. maybe even somebody painted purple who has managed to elude his wife. with the devastating results so obvious today. so long.remained undoubtedly metastasized. ." J. after all the revelations proving how right McCarthy was. because it is implementing an evil end. He was a Communist who paid Party dues and hosted Party meetings. Why have the Communists devoted so much time. now his job was to keep the lid on. to prevent the exposure of the Communists a President Taft would have conducted. Robert Oppenheimer was a traitor. and who can’t figure it out for himself. thereby putting our agents in danger. in this case the enslavement of our people by a dictatorship. It is not an exaggeration to say that no one in American history has been denounced as long and as much as Joe McCarthy. along with photographs of the Communists he didn’t. in a movie directed by Oliver Stone. The most fascinating and revealing aspect of the attempt to destroy McCarthy is the overwhelming support it enjoyed from people who certainly were not Communists. The people with the power did what they could to destroy him. McCarthy stood alone. whose military service and heavy beard were made cartoon subjects of ridicule? The Communists have done such a good job that even today. The reason a man like Eisenhower would do everything he could to destroy McCarthy and protect the Communists. at the time. The Memorial will include photographs of the Communists he nailed. It is a conspiracy that includes the Communists and at the same time competes with the Communists. I have no doubt that Eisenhower. One can only imagine the courage that took. Among them was Dwight Eisenhower. Intelligence agencies of the time knew McCarthy was right. by its nature. did not have a Party card. perfectly sound patriots will unknowingly disparage "McCarthyism. when the Senator Joe McCarthy Memorial is dedicated in Washington.

having been banned from teaching duties at (then-) University of Southwestern Louisiana for being both an unapologetic member of The John Birch Society and having published a novel surrounding the CIA's LSD experiments of the 1960s.needs to be done. of Joseph Conrad and Jerzy Kozinski in their native Poland. but the Cajuns disagreed. movies and novels. "Sod it.. When dirty work .)." The saga is an age-old one. in American Literature.were everywhere. please. Eliot. Four years ago.. As fellow EtherZone.. So. Prior to my departure. the monster McCarthy fought is much worse than it was. France and Italy have been fodder for hundreds of biographies. Sometimes the Communists get out of control. Louisiana.what the Soviets call "wet affairs" . et al. it is merely a fight within the family. For Communist riots. Always.. there's not much work available in the USofA for veteran (and vocal) rightwing activists. I said. But one certainly can’t imagine her leading a Communist riot. the Communists have always played the same part the head buster plays in Cosa Nostra. I found myself in the same shoes as are walking many Americans today: underpaid. Strangelove’s right hand. there are Communists. for the payoff.D. and I'd read enough about the persecution of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett in their native Ireland. Ezra Pound. The government was already rotten. not some weepy tale. a McCarthy who is finally willing to take off the gloves and name names. the different elements in the conspiracy come together to advance the common goal. that is no longer true. Henry Miller. undervalued. It would ruin her manicure. like Dr. After all that. because he is conspiring for world government. Look at Hillaroid. either in Academe or in the the field of professional writing. a disagreement among siblings about how something should be done. Secret Soviet agents like Alger Hiss . Then there is a gang fight.. overeducated and of the wrong political ideology. Is she a Communist? I don’t know. but Americans still controlled it. Americans no longer control our government. on a cold winter night in Lafayette (which I now call Laughayette). the mural artist Robert Dafford--with . George Bush is not an American because his loyalty lies elsewhere. which is treason because it would destroy the United States. whose migrations to England. more than ever. The conflict means nothing. to know that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. so plod through the first couple of paragraphs. We do know that she actively supported the Communist Black Panthers. which I still think is one of the most funniest things I've ever read.S. John Dos Passos. We need Joe McCarthy now. maybe mess up her hair. time to become an columnist Alan Stang will be happy to tell you..the top State Department official who was the first UN Secretary General . Anyone whose loyalty lies elsewhere is not an American. Today. on the verge of completing a Ph. T. and of the so-called "Lost Generation" (Hemingway. in which the world government conspirators usually suppress the Reds. At least not of the paying variety. FLIGHT FROM WAGE-SLAVERY: THE BRAIN-DRAIN CUTS BOTH WAYS By: Todd Brendan Fahey This is a success story. and with a Master's degree in Professional Writing from University of Southern California. the nation’s leading cause of proctologic discomfort. the Communists do it. Today. to use the British vernacular. Half a century ago it had infiltrated the government.In the conspiracy for world government. An American is someone whose loyalty lies with the independent United States the Founding Fathers left us.

And you can. You've never seen a guy smile like I did in early 1999. typed in "Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Banished from the university classroom. still is). My apartment--varying in size from a "bachelor's studio" to a palatial 1. car payments. Thailand. then. (The only true prerequisite is a Bachelor's degree in any subject. and/or persecuted folk from various nations escape their strictures to find a better life in America. by a Soviet airto-air missile. federal and FICA taxes.S.hop on the 'net right now and type in "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" and reverse polarity on the equation that has hundreds of thousands of "foreigners" flowing into our once great nation. Best of all. China--for political reasons ("the John Birch thing")--was never an option. "Todd. when I need to." and saw my life changed within 24 hours.50 bus ride to the market." where underpaid. Make some money (nearly tax-free). am exempt from U. that I was no longer a prisoner. and with a palate that tends toward Asian cuisine (and with an eye that definitely tends toward Asian women). mostly in China. sometimes a guy's gotta become known abroad to become famous at home. and I knew. by law. Japan and Korea. or a $2 taxi ride across town. I was never more than 2 paychecks away from poverty anyway. If the tumor that is the U. There was no catch.. the submariner. too. the standard rate for "foreigner" teachers. destitute and nearly homeless. I cut and pasted my resume (or curriculum vita) into the e-mail template. September 1. I'd never made more than $24. aboard which was Congressman Larry McDonald. whatever your circumstance. taxes of any kind. state. while I awaited my first paycheck. as luck has been) the downing of Korean Airlines flight 007. take a U. This is non-negotiable in most "developed" or 2nd-world countries. So on that night when I conciously elected to change my fate. as Star Sports carries the Arizona Diamondbacks live (as relief pitcher Kim Byunghyun. car insurance. all but for basic utilities. I could care less about Monday Night Football. and what with this nifty thing called "the Internet. and I didn't have the $jack$ to afford a month in Japan.. I get my Randy Johnson fix. with wrap-around balconies and where I lived alone--is paid for by my host.000/annum. coupled with extortionate local.." where I can manage my various Web sites and write for EtherZone "virtually. and after rent. on my own dime. equivalent $. I walk to work (most accommodations are within hoofing-it distance to the university or private language center).S." It was good advice. Enjoy interesting food and culture. loaded in about 200 addresses to the Bcc (blind carbon copy) file. my working hours hover between 18 and 30 per week. reduced to low-level editing work for a group of attorneys in Laughayette. when no one in America would commission his work--said to me. and who had had significant success in Canada and Belgium. and I am able to pursue here my prime obsession. pitches for the team)..). Cross-pollinate in the obverse. apart from some short-term gigs in Bangkok. And so to the moral of the story. as I am employed by a foreign corporation and earn less than $75. then-Chairman of The John Birch Society.600/monthly--is taxed at 4%. and.S. My salary--around $1.600-square foot high rise apartment. and. and within 24 hours had 10 job offers. So. I hopped on the public library's Internet bay one evening. We've all read about the Asian and Indian and Middle Eastern "brain-drain. undervalued.) As a divorced man with no dependents (leaving behind my beloved Jack Russell terrier bitch hurt for awhile.000/annum in America. and I took it. Federal Government has gotten you down. if you've been laid off. like most Americans. which is uncovering (slowly. and usually--the inveterate night owl that I am--with no morning classes. I remember keenly the scrolling list of Web sites filled with advice from fellow ESL expats and offers of employment abroad." I've yet to find a downside to this equation.whom I'd been collaborating. and. . Besides. Korea it was (and. 1983.

Christians . Price laments the "our lack of ethics" and the fact that our "own family values have slipped into a lack of virtues…" These are complaints normally lodged by social conservatives. presumably) and who appears to be saying that she refuses to support the GOP because conservative Christians play too large a role in the party. Price’s animus against the perceived menace of the religious right has finally crossed all boundaries of reason. whether nominal or sincere. James Kennedy . (To be fair. While this may well be true.Do it before the jack-boot really starts stamping upon your face. being a Christian should not be an act of self-righteousness.Jerry Falwell. it is Price who says she doesn’t see " single ethical American who can be trusted with our precious Constitution" (other than herself. the idea that the GOP has somehow been taken over by a fanatical religious right is almost laughable. America might have avoided its current problems. Some observers consider President George W. They seem counterproductive and quite frankly they give me a headache. are more virtuous than other people. Christianity is not based on the premise that Christians. D. Unfortunately. But Sandra Price’s "Political Activism: 50 Years is Enough!" was.are the very people she seems to blame for this development. except social conservatives . well. Most of the major Christian conservative leaders . Republican versus right-wing third party member battles. I say this an admirer of her writing who puts her alongside Diane Alden and Dorothy Ann Seese among the Internet’s foremost "liberty belles". I’ve never been a big fan of paleocon versus neocon. her comments also betray a shocking lack of understanding of Christianity (albeit one that many Christians thoughtlessly reinforce). I’ve never agreed with her take on social issues or religious frequently it is difficult to ascertain her point. For example. but she brings such zest to the topics she writes about that it is hard not to enjoy her work. James Antle III I have always been a Frank Meyer fusionist conservative. economic conservative versus social conservative.) Price alternates between bemoaning the loss of American capitalism and calling for the federal government . She calls for laissez-faire capitalism and pays homage to Ayn Rand while suggesting that somehow the recent spate of corporate corruption could be corrected if we had an ethical federal government. While the standard case against the religious right is that they believe they are more moral than other people and want to push everyone who differs from them out of the Republican Party. Pat Robertson. This is the same President Bush who appoints openly gay people to federal . SANDRA PRICE IS WRONG CROSSING ALL BOUNDARIES OF REASON By: W. libertarian versus traditionalist. with an approach to internal conservative debates reminiscent of Rodney King’s memorable line during the LA riots a decade ago: "Can’t we all get along?" For this reason. Her latest article is nothing more than a collection of insults against politically active Christians strung together with illogical and often contradictory assertions. she said we need ethical people in corporate boardrooms as well. Of course. I enjoy reading as well as writing for a webzine that publishes both Carol Devine-Molin and Alan Stang.specifically. Christianity is predicated on the notion that all human beings are sinners and that human nature tends toward sin. Yet she offers not a scintilla of evidence to support this shrill assertion.are past their prime. Price implies that if Christians were truly virtuous.which she decries as lacking ethics . Bush himself the current leader of the religious right. simply too much. it is instead a concession that God’s grace is necessary for forgiveness and redemption.

it is absurd. so this would be hard to believe. Even if the religious right has somehow been running the Republican Party since 1992. You can accuse Bush of being an inconsistent social conservative. That will be the day when President Bush can state clearly that finally America is a ‘Christian nation. All Americans will be taken in by our own American God (read Socialistic government) until not a single independent mind will be left. REVEALING THE UNTHINKABLE By: Alan Stang As your intrepid correspondent launches this new series of commentaries. Bush the presidency in 1992 and not the economy? Does anyone really believe that Bob Dole would have beaten Bill Clinton in 1996 if it weren’t for the religious right? Republican presidential candidates rarely give religious conservatives more than lip service. even if they may be a little misguided about some of their political opinions. the people who wrote the Constitution were theists who believed in liberty. WHY WE MUST CALL IT A CONSPIRACY CAUGHT IN THE SCOPE. That would be the same Constitution that Price has been calling for the restoration of since she has written for Ether Zone. Karl Rove is on record as saying that one of the reasons the 2000 presidential campaign was so close was that only 15 million of an estimated 19 million Christian conservative voters actually turned out to the polls to vote. The rights of the people come from God.W. There is no more secure basis for liberty. conservatives should feel free to disagree on issues and debate their differences freely and openly. The people delegate power to the government. Certainly. which is why this has been the standard Americans have appealed to since the Declaration of Independence. it would be defensible. I have not heard one prominent American endorse the idea of some kind of holy war. Who is declaring a holy war? President Bush and even Attorney General John Ashcroft have been falling all over themselves to say that the war on terrorism isn’t a war against Islam. which insures limited government. patriotic Americans. The final paragraph is the last straw. But in the context of some of Price’s other commentary about Christian political involvement. But there is nothing to be gained from vitriolic attacks on decent. Do you really believe that it was the religious right that cost George H. it would be helpful to explain what we shall be writing about. Those powers not delegated are reserved. Writers like Sandra Price have much more to offer than that. but he is hardly socially intolerant. As always. Indeed.. Religious conservative political involvement seems to be declining rather than increasing. Particularly the following: "The most important thing I have learned in studying America and the Constitution is that trading our freedoms and liberties for safety will bring down the country in a few years.positions and has been criticized by commentators like Chuck Baldwin for not standing up for social conservatism.. we shall be elucidating the queen of the issues--the one that separates the women from the girls: the Conspiracy that orchestrates many of the horrors we presently suffer. this overlooks that there were huge victories in 1994 and that the GOP has controlled the House of Representatives and a majority of governorships ever since that time. What do we mean by "Conspiracy?" . Let me state for the record that theism is not incompatible with a belief in liberty.’" If this meant simply that too many Americans worship the state.

because two solid objects can't occupy the same space at the same time. anyone who has been to the movies is familiar with the Mafia.We mean the orchestrated scheme conducted by the billionaire totalitarian socialist power-lusters who rule us. the exact opposite is true. government in behalf of a foreign power--some other (world) government--is guilty of treason. we expose the Conspiracy because our purpose is to protect the historic system bequeathed us by the Constitution. All you need are those people sitting around that table. surrounded by guards with machine guns. but they have never reported a word that was said. and whose purpose is to submerge our country in a brutal world government that would impose a dictatorship on all people in all former nations. This particular instrument of the Conspiracy doesn't have a name. One is allowed to talk about the effects of conspiratorial machination. They don't exist officially. international agreements. media--the men who run the television networks and big American newspapers participate in those meetings. It is much more taxing to uncover who met with whom.S. and decide what will happen to us. Because secrecy is an essential element of conspiracy. A conspiracy does not need to incorporate under the laws of Delaware or Nevada. conspirators will do everything to stay under their rock. said what to whom and did what with whom. In fact. that is exactly what we mean. Another sissy accusation is that those of us who expose the Conspiracy oppose the U. who meet in secret for an evil end. Do you mean that the conspirators we are talking about actually sit down around a table and make plans? Yes. One is not supposed to talk about that. during the next year. no connections. about the surface of events. An American who schemes to destroy the U." because they attribute everything to one cause. but about the most powerful people in this country. because when the victims discover its evil end.S. another arm of the conspiracy. It consists merely of congenial megalopolists who meet to plan policy. government. for the simple reason that the two things are mutually exclusive. but not about the conspiracy itself. via immigration. etc. It doesn't need to issue membership cards. If a couple or three people meet secretly to plan a burglary. government. what was the United States would become simply a wide spot in the road--and they are now very close to success. David Rockefeller. laugh and deny there is any such thing. but no one else denies they are very real. those meetings could not . The dictionary says that a conspiracy consists of two or more people. to our lives our property and families.S. They shrug. they scatter. Such discussion breaks some unspoken rule. once explained that without the cooperation of those media moguls. As usual. You can have either the U. they rebel." by themselves. Things "just happen. a dictatorship so severe it would make Hitler look in retrospect like a simpering playground bully. Remember. on paper. It is important to establish what world government means. It is "simplistic" to the max to believe that everything "just happens.S. of the Trilateral Commission. once or twice a year. there are no basic causes and effects. poor and illiterate.S. government--or you can have world government. there is a conspiracy. You can't have both. among other subjects we shall discuss. Among their complaints is the accusation that revelations about a "so-called conspiracy. we are not talking about people who are sick. The men who do everything to destroy it are the termites who scheme to destroy our independence. When someone turns their rock over. Anyone who does is usually covered by opprobrium extruded by kept capons in the media whose job is to obfuscate. who put their pants on backwards.. For instance. On the contrary. Exposure tends to destroy a conspiracy. In the same way. world government still means the destruction of the U. If the world government conspirators succeed. However respectable and innocuous its advocates have made it. especially including the anatomical males at the New York Times." According to the Just Happens school of historical analysis." are "simplistic. the most powerful people in the world meet at a resort. Here is an informal group of men who sit down at a table and plan. The most powerful people in the U. just as flatfoot police work to uncover clues is more taxing than mere speculation. no reasons.

under the imprimatur of Nazi sympathizer Prince Bernhard. to interpret federal policy and tell us what to think. almost invariably.. because we Just Happened to be at the wrong point on the cycle of history that governs all nations. Investigators call the conspirators at these informal confabs where U. Why must we expose the conspiracy? We must because without such exposure we have no hope of winning the present battle for America. They are experts at the use of dialectical materialism. The conspirators understand this better than we do. by specific individuals whose names and addresses we know. they have the personality of an android. Suppose. You turn off the tube. policy is decided the Bilderbergers." Because a Harvard professor is trained to Pile it Higher and Deeper. of agents provocateur. on the contrary. but you sure can give men with names and addresses a headache. you will never read the headlines the same way again. They are relatively easy to spot. That is why they ridicule every attempt to expose them. the disaster in the government schools. you are frustrated. What is your response? You are sad. of taking a couple of steps back in order to take a step forward. An understanding of the Conspiracy is the Rosetta Stone that is required to decipher the present riddle. because there is nothing one can do about the cycle of history that governs all nations. he can say the same thing so it sounds as if it almost makes sense. . because most of the people who run the Bush Administration Just Happen to belong to the same.S. When the light goes on. put down the beer and reach for the Tennessee long rifle. your assets and your wife because of the machinations of this handful of men. or I breaka you head. who provide protective coloration by means of ideology. one would always stagger blindly through events in a miasma. is that the Bilderbergers have an ample supply of Harvard Professors. What does NAFTA mean? What is the real purpose of gun confiscation? Why doesn't the government want pilots to be armed? Whose side is George W. You can't do anything about the cycle of history that governs all nations. "Buy my insurance. after the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oostebeek. where the first meeting convened in 1954. and let me know what you think. but you do nothing and go home. Suppose I tell you that our country is going down the tubes because things Just Happen. They are beautifully groomed and dressed and infinitely smooth. Without an understanding of why things happen and who is committing them. the protection racket was a rudimentary effort in that direction. I tell you that the relentless promotion of sodomy. The factotums of the Conspiracy appear on television every day. one would never know. The only difference between the Mafia and the Bilderbergers or the Trilateral Commission. Suppose I show you that you have lost your job. These are the things we shall be talking about henceforth in this space. they would find themselves less often in the slam.have taken place. exclusive organization the people who ran the Clinton Administration Just Happened to join. They also have certain recognizable techniques. on? Why did the Soviet Union "collapse?" Without an understanding of the conspiracy. because." what that means. our foreign policy that intrudes into every nation on earth--and on and on and on--suppose I prove to you that all these things and then some are weapons employed in the same scheme to destroy America. These commentaries are not designed to convince victims of the modern species of insanity called "liberalism. but rather to ask questions few others may be asking and suggest answers to those who really want to know what is happening. Holland. your house. the crisis on our borders. the international agreements that have deported our industry. etc. If the mob were to hire some Harvard Professors instead of more head busters. Welcome aboard. which they use over and over again because they work. What do you do? Now. you are galvanized. Indeed. because a couple of soreheads in Oklahoma City Just Happened to have some fertilizer and a truck.

First. for the target population to think certain thoughts. said once that no invading enemy soldier could ever take a drink from the Ohio. the Communists used their new power to subvert and pervert Russian institutions. they defenestrated Jan Masaryk after World War II and seized power in a typical coup. Gramsci reversed the traditional Communist scheme. The Reds refer to the "long march" through the target nation's institutions. I have been brainwashed and so have you. insisted on entitling it. Nigger. Enter Antonio Gramsci. He used to be a very funny man. The conspirators have been brainwashing us Americans for decades. had already left. The people didn't find out that they had "risen" in a "revolution" for some time. how do the conspirators subvert a nation's institutions? They destroy the target population's will to resist. See whether anything sounds familiar. they seized the government. However. He discarded the strategy of seizing the government and then subverting the institutions. etc. St. in Czechoslovakia. In your obedient servant's opinion this statement of the delightfully wholesome relationship Dick apparently enjoyed with his mother proves he is on the side of the angels. and that he had to get serious. "Brainwashing" is the term devised by journalist Edward Hunter to describe the technique he saw applied in Communist-occupied China and during the Korean War on American POWs. So. for instance. in some towns a long time. they make it difficult. then known as Petrograd because of anti-German sentiment: the military barracks. Dick explained that. a founder of the Italian Communist Party. That was the entire "Russian Revolution. In command of the telephones. Finally. Petersburg. they engineered a coup. in planning the capture of the United States (and other Western nations) they realized that the usual tactics wouldn't work. they used the power of the government to subvert and pervert the target country's institutions. Then. who. That's preposterous! I have never been brainwashed even a little bit! Really? Congratulations! But let me prove that you have been brainwashed after all. and often impossible. whenever anyone used that word--"Nigger"--his sainted mother in heaven would know that the speaker was discussing Dick's book. and who. when the institutions had become sufficiently rank. by the way. The same thing happened to Woody Allen. All of us are victims. the country would fall like "overripe fruit" into their hands. thenceforth. Then. sowed the seeds that became the gargantuan whore of Babylon that rules us today. We would live for all time. and despite the entreaties of many good friends. By means of brainwashing. or perish by our own hand. notice that when your reporter uses the word "Nigger" in this . Abraham Lincoln. the Reds realized they would never be able to seize it by force. When people in cities across the country asked who was calling. The American government and system were too strong. more than any other. the man who gave us a military dictatorship. they used a characteristic routine to grab a country. Instead. in Lenin's phrase. the Reds told them it was the new government in the capital. Dick Gregory wrote his autobiography. They did the same thing in central Europe. Go to the library and read Ed Hunter's books." No one "rose up" to overthrow the Tsar. Gramsci taught that the Communists now would subvert the institutions and then seize the government. they seized some buildings in one city. according to Dishonest Abe. In World War I Russia. Remember Dick Gregory? Dick is a very smart man. Be that as it may. Then someone told him he was an intellectual. harking back to the glory days of Communist terrorist Mao Tse Dung's Long March through China. and he became unfunny. the telephone exchange.BRAINWASHING A NATION HOW THE TOTALITARIANS IMPOSE A DICTATORSHIP By: Alan Stang When the Soviet thugs started their racket. the Communists made calls and gave orders. when he was a comedian.

white. You know that many of today's blacks use the word to address each other. They work. top State Department official.) They have fallen for it for two reasons: they feel guilty about what they are." the terrorists seek to create the illusion of a mass movement. In Algeria. Today. terrorist purposes? In every such "revolution. even coddling Islam--but also by allowing Islam to be taught in the government schools. Why have so many Americans fallen for this? (Not all. modified of course by who you are. worried about what I would say next. It's over. enemy agents are infiltrating the United States. Pretending to be loyal Americans. Nigger. you experienced a melange of emotions. by any means. I am not making some social comment. You wanted your obedient servant to stop. who ran the meeting that founded the Communist UN. Soviet spy Alger Hiss. You may have been afraid to keep reading.--you will be unable to defend yourself. If you are a man over 40 with a strong stomach. Let's move on to something else. We were the Christian nation the U. Remember the John Rocker incident of a couple of baseball seasons ago? John was excoriated non-stop by the Prostitute National Press for thinking such thoughts and expressing them! For your Intrepid Correspondent's analysis of the fiasco. maybe even terror. Our leaders have responded not only by apologizing for Islam. I am simply plugging Dick's book. The terrorists exterminate any such people who work against them or even disagree.paragraph. it's happening in California. Supreme Court said we were. We have been attacked by Muslims in the name of Islam. The turmoil you are feeling is evidence that you have been brainwashed to some extent. that whenever you read the fatal word again and again in the preceding paragraph. Notice. God has been outlawed and the nation has been spiritually crippled (at the top). to make them shut up. go to my website and click on Commentary Archive. that the endless badgering 24/7 for decades has produced the desired effect--making it difficult. every author loves it when people talk about his books. Also. in the 1950s. if not impossible to think certain thoughts. that probably included some level of anxiety. In the present war. and subvert them. Dick's book is entitled Nigger. however. thin. I am not making any allusions to race. Preeminent among them is infiltration. Notice something remarkably bizarre. we still believed. the only thing we believe is Do Your Own Thing. the Communist FLN said they were fighting to liberate the Muslims.S. guilt (if you are white). Why was it then that most of the FLN's victims by far were the very Muslims the FLN claimed were rebelling? The answer is that the FLN were killing the Muslims to keep them in line." so the terrorists we fight today try to create the impression that they have the unanimous support of the people they claim to represent. They feel guilty because they have been told to feel guilty 24/7 for decades. This is about as preposterous as it would have been had we extended the same courtesy to emperor worship after Pearl Harbor and to the occult Nazi religion. Relax. they enter government agencies and influential organizations. you can see photographs of the incredible atrocities perpetrated by Ahmed . Please talk about mine. Just as the Soviets depicted their coup as the "Russian Revolution. Yes. The conspirators use the same techniques over and over. male. and they don't believe anything themselves. was an (in)famous example. fear. thereby making his mother happy. Why don't they believe anything? Because they have been taught not to believe anything in the nation's government schools. with the predictable result that Islam is flooding in to fill the vacuum. Government school started the day with a prayer. Here is more proof that the nation has been brainwashed. thank God. During World War II. If you feel guilty about what you are--rich. but that knowledge does nothing to reassure you. Why is it that spokesmen for the terrorists are suddenly turning up all over the media? Why is it that mosques are turning up like toadstools? Is it just remotely possible that enemy agents would be tempted to use such institutions for various clandestine. etc.

Ben Bella and his Communist gang on the Muslims he claimed to be advancing. Look at a document known as the Green Book, published at the time by the French government. Now notice that terrorists in the Palestinian area controlled by Yassir Arafat recently lynched three of their own fellow Muslims. Why? What was their crime? The victims had been accused of cooperating with Israelis, of trying to make peace. Any such "crime" means a sentence of death. This could help explain, at least in part, why those Muslims who are not part of the terror combine have not spoken up. If you see the pictures in the Green Book, you too could be convinced. We are out of time again. In our next episode, we shall look at the most important question in the present war: Whom are we fighting? One of the basic rules of warfare is that if you don't know whom you are fighting, you will lose. And our government is fighting the wrong enemy. Be with us next week.

By: Alan Stang Next week, we shall be looking at the new Department of Homeland Security and at the present invasion of our country by illegal aliens. It would be impossible to understand these things without knowing why we Americans have let the perpetrators of the approaching disaster get away with it. The disaster was concocted in the nation’s government (public) "schools." Without the shattering influence exerted by those schools, it could not have happened. And the best way to look at that influence up close would be to continue browsing through Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s blockbuster book, the deliberate dumbing down of america (Conscience Press, Ravenna, Ohio, 2000). Remember that there are no capitals in the title to dramatize how dumb we have become. For instance, the U.S. Department of Education sent your tax money to Dr. Shirley McCune, project director of the Midcontinent Regional Educational Laboratory. What did Dr. McCune do with your money? In 1989, in Wichita, she said this: "What we’re into is the total restructuring of society. What is happening in America today and what is happening in Kansas and the Great Plains is not simply a chance situation in the usual winds of change. What it amounts to is a total transformation of society. . . ." (Page 194; N.B.: pagination is from Mrs. Iserbyt’s book.) Most Americans probably still think Susie goes to government school in Wichita to learn readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmetic. No. Whatever she learns of those ancient arts is incidental to the main purpose of completely restructuring society and making you pay for it. Notice also Dr. McCune’s assurance that this is not happening by accident. She and her associates are doing it deliberately. Again, you don’t need to take Mrs. Iserbyt’s word for this, because her book catches Dr. McCune and so many others in their own words. What kind of society do the restructurers want? In 1976, influential educator Harold Shane wrote with enthusiasm about "the global servant concept in which we will educate our young for planetary service and eventually for some form of world citizenship. . . . (P. 140) The purpose of the restructurers has always been literally to reprogram your children, to destroy your values and instill their own, to automatize the little victims, who would eventually be graduated as zombies willing to live in a totalitarian world government. There is much more proof of this in dumbing down. Take a look. Meanwhile, what kind of world government would it be? Ronald Reagan is certainly one of the most outrageous phonies ever to befoul the body politic. Today, many patriots, disgusted with Bush’s fraudulent "War on Terror," recall with sweet nostalgia the halcyon days of

Ronald Raygun, the military-minded hero who rode out of the West, six-guns blazing. The man who nailed the "evil empire." Remember? Reagan made the present disaster possible by choosing Bush I as Vice President, after promising he wouldn’t. Reagan denounced and promised to abolish the Department of Education. Safely in office, he completely sleazed on his promise. Indeed, it was Ronald Raygun who signed education agreements with the Soviet Union, while everyone agreed it was still the "evil empire." Those agreements are still in force and include the exchange of educational techniques. (P. 161) For instance, here is part of a news story Mrs. Iserbyt cites: "Teachers in the former Soviet Union, who played host to visiting U.S. educators, express interest in exchanging tests and course material to compare students’ aptitudes and curriculum. . . . Wyommissing School District students may soon be taking tests drawn up by teachers in the former Soviet Union." (P. 334) Regular readers of these commentaries are aware that the Soviet Union never did collapse; it merely changed its name. With the new name, it can get away with many things that would have been unthinkable with the old, including financial investment, loans, and diplomatic triumphs including the impending destruction of NATO and, here, the Soviet indoctrination of American children. These "exchanges" engineered by Ronald Reagan have been under way for many years. Needless to say, Soviet children are taught nothing about Free Enterprise. All right. We have established that the purpose of the government schools is to train your children to acquiesce in totalitarian world government. Look at what is happening today. Isn’t our country being dismantled? Isn’t the present invasion by illegal aliens producing the balkanization that would toss our national independence into the commode? Are not our borders being destroyed, borders without which we would cease to exist? And, supremely important, are not today’s adults, who as children were brainwashed in the totalitarian Socialist schools, by and large sitting still for all this? Yes, some of us have escaped and were cured, your Intrepid Correspondent among them, but most Americans, even some who grouse about it, are letting it happen. There is still something missing. Something more has to tie all this together. Some Americans have gone to the government brain laundries to demand change and have found that the administrators there are fanatical in their dedication to world government and their absolute refusal even to consider change. Why? Imagine that you are, say, a Missionary Baptist, and that you are unhappy with the form of worship in the local Roman Catholic Church. Suppose you go there and tell the Monsignor you want him to do it a different way, that, in fact, you want him to make the Catholic Church Baptist. Of course, nobody would be dumb enough to do that, but suppose. What would you imagine the Monsignor might do? Since you haven’t been dumbed down enough to do that, I don’t need to tell you, except that you would wake up on the sidewalk with your pockets stuffed with rosaries; but the important thing to understand is that when you go to your local government "school" to complain you are doing exactly what you would have done had you been as dumbed down as the man in our example. In 1983, John Dunphy wrote a piece called "A Religion For A New Age," in The Humanist, the journal of the American Humanist Association: "I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity . . . . These teachers . . . will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subjects they teach, regardless of the educational level . . . ." Dunphy says these Humanists will preach from day care to university. He says the battle will rage in the classroom between "the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of Humanism . . . ." (Pp. 192-93)

Everything Dunphy describes is happening in the nation’s schools today. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Humanism is a religion. When you go to the Humanist Church school to complain, you are doing the same thing that hypothetical Missionary Baptist did when he went to the Roman Catholic Church. This is the reason every form of Christianity is persona non grata in the government schools, but every other religion is welcome. Our country was founded as a Christian nation. All the Founding Fathers believed in the Christian God. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are based on that belief. That is why the restructurers are implacably hostile to Christianity. To restructure America completely, Christianity must be destroyed. That is why the government church schools welcome every other religion but ours. That is why even Islam can be taught in those schools, from the elementary level in California to the university level in North Carolina. Try to imagine the fate of proposals that we teach Shinto in our schools after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Again, the best solution to these problems is Home-schooling. We are at a point at which we must practice what the doctors call triage. We must save as many as we can. Every child rescued from the government church schools and imbued with the beliefs that still undergird our country is another child who will stand with Horatio at the bridge. Simply take your child out and do it yourself. But you must act quickly! This offer is (literally) going fast! But first read Mrs. Iserbyt’s book. There is much more in it than we have space to relate. It will arm and protect you in what you must do. It will set you on fire. To order, send $39.95 (Maine residents add 5.5% tax=$2.19) plus $6.00 shipping and handling to 3D Research Co., 1062 Washington St., Bath, ME 04530. Be with me next week, when we’ll look at homeland security and the preposterous "War on Terror." Meanwhile, my prayer is that by the time you read this, you will have recovered from Thanksgiving.

(Part 1) By: Alan Stang For the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at the homosexual explosion in the Roman Catholic Church, and we saw that it could well be part of a historic plan to destroy the Church and western civilization itself. We saw that the Communists use homosexuality as a tool. When they seize power they ban the perversion because they are perfectly aware of how destructive it is. Homosexuality destroys a civilization for the simple reason that the basis of civilization is the family, and homosexuality destroys the family. I should say something here about terminology. As you have already noticed. I use either the clinical term "homosexuality" or the biblical term "sodomy" to name this perversion. I don't use the word "gay," because the horrific sodomite lifestyle is anything but gay, which is no doubt why the sodomites commandeered it, just as the totalitarians stole the word "liberal." Now let's look at a related question. Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much? Well, how do we know that homosexuality is wrong? The best reason I can think of is that it says so in scripture. Some religious figures these days seem reluctant to say that, so I will. From the beginning of the Bible to the end of it, homosexuality is condemned. Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, saved the woman taken in adultery from stoning, and told her to go and sin no more. On the other hand, while archeologists routinely dig up artifacts that prove some biblical assertion, they have never found a trace of Sodom, which God utterly destroyed because

the party featured "torch-bearing page boys in tight fitting white breeches." This was no coincidence because the Party was largely homosexual. His financial adviser Walther Funk." They too are easy to spot. And on. his adjutant Wilhelm Bruckner." Remember that the Roman Catholic seminary in New Orleans is known colloquially today as "Notre Flame. cities like Berlin and Munich were known around the world as capitals where sodomites flocked." All this reluctantly reminds your reporter of last week's discussion of the horror that is happening in some Roman Catholic seminaries today. Hans Frank." (P." They participate in anonymous sex through holes in the wall in "gay" bathhouses and they die. among them the "Sieg Heil" salute. There are the sissies who imitate women. and the inverted triangle to identify classes of prisoners in the concentration camps. His closest friends were Ernst Roehm and Rudolf Hess. in The 12-Year Reich (New York.. There is a new movie that shows sodomites in a concentration camp." Almost all Hitler's Nazi leaders were sodomites. the international sodomite conspiracy has floated the perversion that the Nazis disliked homosexuality. In The Arms of Krupp (Boston. Their mincing footsteps and falsetto voices are easy to spot. In 1936. Goebbels threw a party. 1968). there were. liked to dress up in drag and wear campy makeup. not the exception. et cetera and so on. Oregon. Hitler's second-in-command.232) In Germany's National Vice (London.. and was another sodomite. Josef Goebbels was another of Hitler's closest confidants. torches were dimmed. homosexuality in the top echelons of the Nazi Party was the rule. the double lightning bolt "SS" symbol. In recent years. no doubt because Der Führer preferred sodomite companions and co-workers." who flaunt their "masculinity. Among homosexual Nazi leaders were Baldur von Schirach. Keiser. Then there are the sodomites colloquially known as "butch. which just happened to be what today is known as a "gay bar. in the perverted atmosphere in the Weimar Republic after the German surrender in World War I. Indeed. Hitler's personal lawyer. Streicher later became a pornographer. became one of Hitler's closest associates. because that was what Der Führer wanted. entitled The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (Founders. Samuel Igra said this: "In Germany these unnatural vices became a veritable cult among the ruling classes. Little. Hermann Goering. Many of its rituals and symbols came from sodomite organizations and individuals.70) The Nazi sodomites their friend Goebbels had invited "were so affected by the rococo setting that they hurled themselves upon the bewigged page boys and pulled them into the bushes. In "Gay Pride" . 1945). Goebbels was in complete charge of Nazi propaganda. Remember that there are two main kinds of homosexuals. and in the ensuing fracas a number of Party old fighters and their comely victims had to be rescued from drowning. William Manchester wrote that "sodomy was delicately known as 'the German vice'. Some observers derisively call them "flaming faggots. 1997). And Hitlerism was just another version of homosexuality. the notorious Jew-baiter? He was fired as a schoolteacher following many charges that he was molesting boys." who vowed to exterminate the Jews." (P. lamenting their fate. both homosexuals. Remember Julius Streicher. Brown. white satin blouses with lace cuffs and powdered rococo wigs.of the perversion that gave sodomy its name. According to Richard Grunberger. chief of the Luftwaffe. Again. Quality Press. Emile Maurice was a sodomite. the Nazi Party was founded in Munich in the Bratwurstgloeckl. 1971). Were there some sodomites in the concentration camps? Yes. They point to Hitler's extermination of Ernst Roehm and some other sodomites. a monster known as the "blond beast. Reinhard Heydrich. Ballantine. Hitler's chauffeur and personal secretary. Browse with me now through a book you must read by attorney Scott Lively. This sodomite whitewash campaign is nothing but rancid sauerkraut. Tables collapsed..

Also.. Lippincott. was Adolf the Socialist himself homosexual? Yes. He continued to surround himself with sodomites. with the result that some femmes were killed and a few were sent to concentration camps. were spared. Ask yourself how many normal men you know who surround themselves with sodomites and actually prefer the company of sodomites. From time to time. Hess was there until his bizarre mission to England. Esser." but that is what the man said. Indeed. not Bill Clinton. In Nazi Germany. on the infamous Night of Long Knives Roehm and other S.fiascoes they wear leather and military or motorcycle attire. They behave like. But the situation got so bad Hitler had to do something about Roehm.A. Frank. the "blond beast" was a notorious sodomite. They strut and stomp and bluster. the Nazi Party was homosexual. Goebbels. we know all about Hitler's niece and Eva Braun. but also that other sodomites conducted the purge. Let's take a look. remember that Adolf was a Socialist. it is not an exaggeration to say that Nazism is just one version of homosexuality. young ladies. We realize that this embarrasses you "liberals. but a formation of seasoned fighters. The obvious question arises. Weber and Buch. Maurice. the Nazi group Roehm ran. "is not an institute for the moral education of genteel. From beginning to end. Yes. any idea that Hitler opposed homosexuality is preposterous." that they were an embarrassment to the Teutonic warrior cult the butches were creating. in Munich. survivors probably participated in the 1936 sodomite orgy run by Dr. Hitler responded. Streicher. p 98) Remember." Indeed. So. complaint among normal Germans about sodomites at the top became so intense that the Nazis pretended to do something about it.A. Brueckner and Weber. early in Hitler's Socialist experiment. In the concentration camps to which some of the surviving "femmes" were sent. there was intense hostility between the "femmes" (the sissies) and the "butch" sodomites. Hitler threatened to expel from the Party those who kept "tonguewagging" and "letter-writing" about Roehm and his sodomites.A. Hitler elected to double-cross his old friend. including Goering. like Nazis. The industrialists who financed Hitler threatened to withdraw their support otherwise. among them. the guards were themselves sodomites. Hitler's inner circle remained intact. Reinhard Heydrich ran the national campaign of assassinations. But attorney Scott Lively makes clear not only that most of the sodomites in S. well. So. So. Schaub. Some S. In his defense of Roehm. Hitler did not purge his regime of homosexuals on the Night of Long Knives or at any other time. he kept appointing them to top positions in the Third Reich. The "butches" believed the "femmes" were "unmanly. The murder of Roehm and his cohorts was a mere tactic Hitler's financiers and normal Germans forced him to take. 1973. Hitler also explained that the S. Wagner. confronted with outrage over Roehm's flagrant sodomite brawls. Be with your Intrepid Correspondent in this space next week for a look at this intriguing question." (Hans Bleuel. For instance. After the Night. Sex and Society in Nazi Germany. As we have seen. Butch won the struggle. Emile.A. Wagner. HITLER AND HOMOSEXUALITY . "His private life cannot be an object of scrutiny unless it conflicts with basic principles of National Socialist ideology. In fact. sodomites were killed. All such attempts were part of a charade. again. this is Hitler talking. New York.

there was an "erotic" element to their relationship. Magnus Hirschfeld was Director of the Sex Research Institute of Berlin. . like Hitler. 101) Hitler enjoyed a close friendship with the family of composer Richard Wagner. . . 98) Walter Langer writes that Hitler could well have engaged in homosexual behavior: ". . 'Afi is the most perverted of us all. Charlotte Wolff. How many men can boast that four women tried to commit suicide after spending time with them? So much for Hitler's "normal" relationships. a California attorney." (P. . Hitler's good looks "were also to some extent helpful in gaining big-money support from Ernst Roehm's circle of wealthy. While Speer was remodeling Hitler's official residence. . In her book about Hirschfeld. Some observers say that Hitler and Albert Speer enjoyed each other immensely." (P. in the 1920s. M. . 1997) by Scott Lively. Founders. that in fear of exposure Hitler was forced to kill a few of his sodomite friends. actually prefer the company of sodomites. Oregon. as you will recall.) According to Frank Rector. he did so to destroy the voluminous evidence against him. We asked the question of whether a normal man would not only surround himself with sodomites. and Kevin Abrams.WAS ADOLF HITLER A SODOMITE HIMSELF? (Part 2) By: Alan Stang Last week. who still ran the Party. Hitler and Hess were also stuck on each other. Was Adolf Hitler a sodomite himself? My source for this discussion is The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (Keiser. The answer to our question is that Hitler was probably not exclusively homosexual. including his niece. Speer sat at Hitler's side.. . . Hitler was known as Der Schoen Adolf ("the handsome Adolf") as a young man. cit. At the time. extremely degrading forms of masochism. . According to many commentators. He is very much like a soft woman . but that he continued to surround himself with sodomites. Adolf invited him to lunch. Author and diplomat Frederic Spotts reports that family members told him Hitler sexually abused Wieland Wagner. Could that be the reason all four of these women attempted suicide? Two succeeded." See last week's commentary for a discussion of the battle between the "femmes" and the "butches" in Nazi Germany. we saw that Nazism was just one version of homosexuality. gay friends. Waite. Matthais Schmidt." (Loc. "At lunch. "he would run to Hess . The Institute was the German headquarters of the type of homosexual known as "femmes. Later. Even this perversion would be more acceptable to them [coprophiles] than the one with which they are afflicted. as a little boy would run to his mother to show his prize to her. that Hitler surrounded himself with homosexuals. Richard Wagner's grandson. quotes an Institute patient: ".D. No doubt this is related to the fact that Hitler surrounded himself with sodomites from the time he was a teenager. Hitler destroyed the Institute in 1934. that homosexuals ran the Nazi Party. . ." (P. 100) According to Robert G. The conversation became personal-and the two men 'fell in love at first sight. Hitler demanded other.L. 103) . Adolf was a coprophile." Waite reports that whenever Hitler got a present he liked or drew an architectural sketch that pleased him. Hess was known in the sodomite underworld as "Fraülein Anna. which apparently means that Hitler's homosexuality included pederasty. but would. a person who is sexually aroused by human excrement. He also referred to Adolf Hitler in the oddest possible manner. 103) Desmond Seward writes that Benito Mussolini referred to Hitler as "that horrible sexual degenerate." (P. According to Dr. He had sexual relationships with at least four women. but those relationships were horrifically perverted.'" (P. the victim was a child. which was a German version of the outfit run by predatory sodomite Alfred Kinsey in Indiana.

72% of The Advocate data socialized a set of core values-glorified Nazi dress. . The Advocate is probably the nation's leading homosexual magazine. fats. 1934. Did he return to homosexual prostitution after the war? So.' Nazi costumes/fascist concepts are a common component of The Advocate and thus largely condoned by prevailing 'gay' cultural values. Hitler preferred the company of sodomites because he was involved in sodomy all his life. According to the document. Dollfuss had opposed the Anschluss. . which was in the hands of a foreign government. young Hitler "chose to live in a Vienna flophouse known to be inhabited by many homosexuals. churches and others-romanticizing 'fascist' culture to a 'younger generation. . In 1979. Reisman studied personal ads in twenty years' of issues of The Advocate. did not demand an explanation and made no countermove. often appeared in full Nazi regalia: brown shirt. . screaming obscenities and stomping on communion wafers in Catholic churches. Dr. It is no exaggeration to say that Nazism is another version of sodomy. One of the founders was Eric Pollard. Englebert Dollfuss. language and 'blonde' Aryan male beauty and brutality. threats toward 'politically incorrect' homosexuals. as a gesture against Hitler's designs on Austria. . including many Holocaust survivors. armband with swastika. . But Hitler did not complain. In 1977.Along these lines. Hitler arranged the murder in Vienna of Dr. Langer writes that. 137) In 1907. . Samuel Igra writes of documentary evidence that as a young man Hitler "had been a male prostitute in Vienna and Munich. a Chicago suburb with a large Jewish population. which you absolutely must read." (P. where there would have been much less opportunity for Hitler to practice his perverse profession. black boots. then ruled by Mussolini." (P. intimated that the authors of the crime were directly associated with the "pederasts and assassins" in Berlin. the Nazi plan to annex Austria. Illinois. . He also disliked Hitler intensely. ." (P. Among others Dr. contempt for 'fems." Seward says that "the files of the Viennese police list him as a homosexual. It declared that Hitler had been a male prostitute in Vienna at the time of his sojourn there. Mussolini backed up his accusation by mobilizing troops on the Austro-Italian frontier. 103) On July 25. Now we find out that Collin was a homosexual pederast. Judith Reisman is the author of the historic exposé of the sodomite monster Alfred Kinsey. A few days later. from 1907 to 1912. etc." In fact. Il Popolo di Roma. Hitler was 18. and that he practiced the same calling in Munich from 1912 to 1914. That is why he could not have a normal relationship with a woman." and sentenced to seven years in prison. the answer is that he was probably cowed by Mussolini's blackmail. so the record would have been interrupted. of course. in 1914. he was arrested for "taking indecent liberties with boys between ages 10 and 14. Frank Collin. . . Mussolini knew that revenge was Hitler's motive for the assassination of Dollfuss. Indeed. Dr. Hermann Rauschning assured me that he had seen a copy of such a document. For Dollfuss had come into possession of an authentic affidavit which connected Hitler directly with the moral scandals I have spoken of. the Nazi who devised the scheme. She writes: "Overall. In that year. Mussolini thereby made a grave accusation against the German government at a time when the two nations were friends.' and blacks. 177) Remember ACT-UP? A sodomite group founded in 1987. the American Nazi Party demanded the right to march through Skokie. for many years. a semi-official newspaper in Italy. it specialized in violent disruption. Hitler was a homosexual prostitute until he was 25. ". World War I erupted and Hitler served in the military. Why? According to Samuel Igra. [H]e had certified copies of the affidavit made and entrusted to the diplomatic representatives of several governments in Vienna. It is fascinating to note that this aspect of Nazism survived the trip to America. Chancellor of Austria. . it was entirely characteristic that the Nazi Party would be founded in a homosexual bar and that the Party was always controlled by homosexuals.

The change is refreshing. But we have "no right to interfere in his private life. Knowing it doesn't make a difference. "his private life is none of our business. let's give Bush credit for not dropping his pants and asking women for sex. thought without action is playing pointless games. Why? Sure. which no doubt testifies to the enormous. he did not follow through. the thinking of the American people has changed." (P. Pollard writes of "our subversive tactics. the record shows that Republican administrations are able to get away with murder that the Democrats couldn't commit. he allowed a lady to have sex in the Oval Office (with him) while he conducted affairs of state (not a pun). Your Intrepid Correspondent has had only one confrontation with the Nazis. maybe what you say is true. that he is using the so-called "war" as justification to centralize government power. Why? Because by now a couple of generations of them have been laundered in the brainwashing factories known as the public schools. but also thrown into jail. Attorney Scott Lively writes of violent sodomite demonstrations around the country that use Nazi symbols and techniques. These comments of course cut to the heart of the matter. where is the proof? Why will the conspiracy desperately do anything to keep itself secret? Not long ago. Just as action without thought means chasing one's own tail. That is the reason we must cover it here." Clearly. just outside the Oval Office. because of the preposterous notion that the Republican Party is "conservative. 205) Notice that none of this appears in the Prostitute National Press. where he belongs. Sadly. for which we are grateful. and that he is not only continuing Clinton's policy." Where does this thinking come from? Why isn't there general recognition of the fact that George W. A few of those messages accused your obedient servant of being a Twenty-First Century version of Don Quijote de la Mancha. to subvert the Constitution. but we're not talking about it. If I can't prove to you that knowing about the conspiracy--what it is. as the revelations about the former first sleazebag got slimier. because nothing can be done. what it wants and how it works--does make a difference. WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT THE CONSPIRACY REMEDIES TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER By: Alan Stang A couple of commentaries ago. they to dissipate our liberty and to dilute our national independence. remember. He put the make on another. Almost a century ago. drawn largely from the voluminous Mein Kampf. As long as he does his job. growing clout of etherzone. the people became more and more blasé. All of this is the legacy of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party. Bush has done everything he could to conceal Clinton's crimes. perhaps because he was soon assassinated and failed to resurrect. Indeed. So. so. assault and arson. We received many emails. Yet. including vandalism. that he isn't fighting a "war on terror. but expanding it. but it doesn't matter. they said. which some of us studied as a working model. it's none of our business if he's caught in flagrante delicto with a hog. then what I have said is pointless." at all. .who later wrote a piece entitled "Time to give up fascist tactics." Yes." in which he regretted his involvement in ACT-UP. He raped another lady in Little Rock. Party boss George Lincoln Rockwell wrote me on incredibly expensive stationery-a document I treasure-that he was going to sue me for things I had said about him. Sure. because. a President who did what Clinton did would not only have been thrown out of office. your Intrepid Correspondent discussed the conspiracy for world government that is trying to enslave us. And so on.

Is that so? The fact is that despite the power and pelf the government schools possess. Maybe half a century ago. Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). John Magaw announced the decision. they do have a large. I'm surprised. Demographers tell us it is perhaps the biggest movement in this country. and on and on and on. Sociology. They love what Bush is doing because they were taught to love ever bigger government. doubting herself. You're the only parent who has complained. The government schools have billions to spend and millions of adherents. nowhere near what the Marine Corps gave at Iwo Jima. "Honestly. which could cut into your bowling. recently complained publicly that Average Daily Attendance money--based on how many kiddoes are present--could decline. atheism (except for Islam) instead of belief. parents who know nothing about the conspiracy go to the government school to complain that the school is teaching sodomy instead of restraint. suppurating. you could go to jail.the people who controlled them were already scheming to pervert them for the purpose. According to the latest figures your obedient servant has seen. It would be nowhere near as risky as what the Founding Fathers faced--yet--but. Stalinist John Dewey and other subversives made no secret of their scheme to use the schools to turn the inmates into New Soviet Man. Goldstein. Yes. even today. There are risks. but your wife may have to quit her job. They have done the hard work for many decades. no! That would mean no down payment on that second cabin cruiser! Let's move on to another subject. a totalitarian monolith whose purpose is to keep teachers in line. The National Education Association. I'm sure I've heard a comment more stupid than Magaw's. just the opposite of what their forefathers believed. God. Oh. By taking the victims out of the hands of our oppressors. What I suggest is not easy. more than a million kiddoes are being educated at home. the Bush Administration--allegedly fighting the "war on terror"-forbade airline pilots to pack heat in the cockpits. with no idea what to do. Hello? Magaw explained that the pilots should devote their full attention to flying the planes rather than carry sidearms and defend the flight deck from invasion. social studies and subversion replaced education. There's nothing I can do about them. but right now I can't remember one. Remember BATF? That's the outfit whose purpose is to take away our guns. there is no easy solution. Goldstein finds herself on the street. They deserve to be where they are. All it proves is that you are indeed tilting at propaganda mills. So what! What would it accomplish were I to take out one child? Home schooling today is exploding. frustrated. Recently. yes. accessible Achilles heel. Today. In fact you can be completely confident that anyone who tells you there is an easy solution to the problem we face is either a subversive or a fool. Not now. many Americans love Clinton more than ever because they were taught to Do Your Own Thing. It probably would require sacrifice. one child at a time. It is already happening. Today. your obedient servant can tell you that for sure. The neutralized Mrs. Socialism instead of Free Enterprise. Remember . there was. That's the John Magaw who used to run the Bureau of Alcohol. Do you have children? Does anyone in your family have children? The only thing the power lusters don't control is the presence of the children in the schools. Such parents don't know that their school administrators may well be graduates of seminars that teach them how to neutralize parental complaints. totally unaware of that glowing Achilles heel. It can be done. subversion instead of patriotism. As a survivor of twenty years of home schooling administered to five children. racial and ethnic division instead of unity. Mrs. I know all that. But what I suggest is realistic. Americans could take back our country. At this late stage of the perpetual war." And so on. You still have the power to take them out. This is exactly how the totalitarians did it.

but I don't. but doesn't almost every flight--have a pilot right now? Maybe even every flight. balder. perfectly safe solution. Would arming the pilots be dangerous? Would arming the passengers be more dangerous? Yes. a painfully embarrassing spectacle. When the passengers were armed. you will be absolutely useless in the battle to preserve them. less educated. like being forced to watch a man doing something in a bathroom only he should see. before the Castro hijackings. Correct me if I am wrong. If the pilots are armed. knows that the Bush Administration refused to let the pilots bear arms. Hannity is supposed to be the "conservative" side of Hannity & Colmes. What's the difference? The difference is that the sky marshals would be federal employees. If you do know it. it's possible. If you don't know all this. it could occur to someone that the passengers be armed. You know how I hate to exaggerate. there were no problems. and that certainly is not what the administration is doing.that Magaw serves at the "pleasure of the President. I thought that the reason we fought World War II. most of whom are retired military. These are just a couple of examples. as in the case of home schooling." Magaw is still there. Anyone with the slightest understanding of the conspiracy for world government. like you and me. Both of them wondered aloud why the Bush Administration would make this nonsensical decision. As this week’s commentary goes to press. because the pilots are private citizens. probably less intelligent sky marshals on some flights and they too could shoot dangerous holes in the planes. That would be the next logical step. But the administration wants to put less trained. Personally. A couple or three nights later. much older. I would feel a lot safer if I knew that the little. not private citizens. Neither man had any idea. Sean Hannity discussed the situation with Wayne La Pierre on the Fox News Channel. Magaw says the highly trained pilots. I am now out of space. there is no risk-free. was that we hated Fascism so much. and the purpose of the "war on terror is to give the federal government more power. Now. slightly fatter and (I hope) a bit wiser. Trent Lott is still groveling like a dog. So. the reason Roosevelt lied to the people "again and again and again. What we realistically need to choose is not the safe way--there's no such thing--but the safest way to do it. Yet it is . I realize that we defeated Mussolini and took Fascism away from the Italians because we love it so much we want it all to ourselves. old lady beside me in steerage is packing heat. might shoot dangerous holes in the planes. Do you believe these men are really that ignorant? Yes. And arming the pilots would cost next to nothing. Remember that the main reason the Founding Fathers almost to a man fanatically kept insisting that we men must keep and bear arms was just in case we needed them to overthrow the government." Notice also that the Bush plan would put sky marshals only on some flights--at a cost of mere billions. the next time you hear someone say that nothing can be done. you will know what to do in preparation for Der Tag. The only realistic choices are all dangerous. GOODBYE "PARTY OF LINCOLN" HELLO "PARTY OF LOTT" By: Alan Stang Long ago. La Pierre is a top official in the National Rifle Association. Maybe they just want to keep their nice jobs. so we can be sure Bush agrees with his ruling." and committed treason to trick us into it. you will know he is only blowing smoke. if you don't know that the main goal of the conspiracy is to take away our guns.

The more things change. Lincoln’s lifelong idol was Henry Clay. abortionists and other unsavory types who don’t play in Peoria but who in turn deliver the votes. As black Republican Congressman J. there is a fascinating. Congressional Republicans love to strut and preen. They boast about the things the fine precinct workers at the bottom want to hear: limited government. when the feces hit the fan. Bush concealed what the Clintonites did to the White House on their way out. They deserve to win. because were he to crawl across the state of Mississippi on hands and knees. In the weeks to come. say the Republican bosses. they are revolting cowards like Trent Lott and his Republican colleagues who now are kicking the cringing dog when he is down. ah. the Congressmen and Senators. They talk a good game. Not to worry." Yes. At the top. because his crimes explain where we are now. They always cave. like the Mafiosi. Of course all of this is routine. the Democrats could not succeed without Republican help. But. Sadly. None of it could have passed without Republican collusion. the Constitution. gun control. in the middle. They are doing so right now in the campaign to unseat Trent Lott. What do you say to a man at such an event? "Strom. wearing other faces. parasites. the men who run the Republican Party are the same men who run the Democrat Party. The only difference between the Democrats and Cosa Nostra is that the Democrats are elected. psychopaths who therefore can lie with utter sincerity. WTO. I just want you to know that I’ve always thought you were a scumbag?" Apparently.eerily appropriate. Lott should either have not gone at all. But. One wonders what they said. Free Enterprise. because they cater to and finance sodomites. they try to undo the election results. Some of the finest people in the country are in the Republican Party. Democrats are not cowards and don’t cave. These are the people who give the Republican Party its public face. fearless men who can send youngsters to die and be maimed in wars fought for corporate advantage and favorable numbers in an annual report. even risking Republican control of the Senate. because the Bushwhackers have thrown him to the dogs. Watts explained. They thrive on the same things and. the more they are the same.C. Today. Tom Tancredo says they may find a candidate to run against him in the primary. They are the people who make the telephone calls and knock on the doors. etc. historical parallel joining Lincoln and Lott. feminoids. Instead of the sleazy Clinton smile. Lott is accused of saying nice things about Strom Thurmond at his hundredth birthday party. The GOP is still the "Party of Lincoln. protesting their own innocence. Notice in fact that Bush has gone out of his way to protect the departed Clinton and to keep alive his policies. Bush has not lifted a fingernail to help him. they are at the bottom. and so on. they cave. lashing himself and shrieking endless mea culpas. In other words. Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are Republicans. But. Clinton today could be in Leavenworth. at the moment of truth. we would call the "American . For instance. you have men with absolutely no conscience. the Democrat Party is what the lawyers call a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Of course. we shall take a long look at Lincoln. the champion of the so-called "American System. The Republican bosses know they don’t belong and have long tried to get rid of them. and. Yes. And his fellow Republicans are swarming him." which was another name for the mercantilism the British then were discarding. and because the GOP is the "party of Lincoln" the United States are now rapidly descending into totalitarian dictatorship. When they lose. Look at the ruinous legislation of recent years: NAFTA. we get the dour Bush expression. that’s true. because at the moment they say it they believe it themselves. Were it not for Bush. They tried in Florida. Lott’s groveling is useless. Meanwhile. almost invariably. vying with each other to state their belief that the pathetic wreck must step down. or at least kept his mouth shut. et cetera and so on. they probably got on the wrong bus. it still would not be enough. in the middle you have the elected Republicans. it is not an exaggeration to say that without Lincoln we would not be (again) headed into war. Many other legislators were there. traitors.

" Could Clinton have imposed the totalitarian superstructure Bush has now imposed? All we can do is speculate. Let us hear no more about the "Party of Lincoln. It is time for the Republican rank-and-file to look elsewhere. war criminals including Sherman and Sheridan who had butchered civilians in the South. Whichever is in power. because the Republicans are supposed to be "conservative. He gave a man a lot of money to arrange their deportation. still speaking of Indians. the main policies continue." In fact. they will in effect elect the Democrats. this is no surprise. He wanted to keep Negroes in the South and out of the North. He did everything he could to emulate his hero." because civilization "was not in their nature. Henry Clay said. I am not aware that even at the height of his segregationist mania Strom ever called for the extermination of blacks. He was also Secretary of State. to Central America. Of course. the restive Republican rank-and-file are kept in line with the stern warning that if they express their dissatisfaction by voting for some third-party candidate. because Lincoln didn’t make just a few stupid statements at a Clay birthday party. after Lincoln’s War to Destroy the Union. Lincoln believed blacks were inferior and wanted to deport them. Remember also that the Republican Party itself began as a third party. or the "Party of Hitler." One of my favorites is the "Party of Lott. By now. and it looks like he will. again." From now on. they abandon the rank-and-file. in some ways the Republican Party is even worse than the Democrat." or maybe the "Party of Lenin. to Haiti. was to impose Clay’s socialist system on the United States. Lincoln has to go too. to anywhere. who have "nowhere else to go." You may disagree. once safely elected. without a headstone.System" Socialism. these are the beliefs of Abraham Lincoln’s lifelong idol. Henry Clay was Speaker of the House. Indeed. They were "inferior" to Anglo-Saxons. "Their disappearance from the human family will be no great loss to the world." By withholding their vote from the Republicans. Indeed. The only difference is a difference in style. in personality. so it cannot be found and resurrected. worth preserving. if Trent Lott has to go. He never said it would be better for the world if blacks just disappeared. That was why he opposed slavery in the new states then being formed. and because Lincoln idolized and wanted to be like Henry Clay. in which capacity he said that "there never was a full-blooded Indian who took to civilization. Lincoln’s dream. Lincoln had no problem with slavery. as a race. Lincoln was already an advocate of the "American System" when he entered politics in 1832 at age 23. their "breed could not be improved. the Republicans are allowed to impose totalitarian proposals the Democrats could never get away with. indeed. it should be obvious even to the most obtuse that there is no basic difference between the parties. Therefore. Lincoln was there to deliver the eulogy. My answer is: So what! The Republican bosses typically make so-called "conservative" noises during the campaign. . Nothing happened only because the man stole the money. Because Henry Clay believed what he said." That’s right. because. they will "waste their vote. Republican Party precinct workers should be told to talk about the "Party of Mussolini. Every four years. to Liberia. When Clay died in 1852. now turned their ferocity on the Plains Indians and wiped them out in behalf of the railroads." Henry Clay "did not think them." My fervent prayer is that all this now at last be given the ignominious burial in Potter’s field it deserves. Ross Perot did elect Clinton in 1992. The point is that what Lincoln’s idol said was much worse than anything Strom ever said. he idolized the man his entire life." when they call. but I don’t think so. including many Negroes. more properly a nightmare.

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