FLC Brantley Campus Why We Do What We Do Guest Services

The Heart of Guest Services by Bill King, Guest Services Director It's important that we make people feel _____________. We do that by smiling, assisting people, talking to people and making sure everyone receives _______________ _____________.

Behind the Scenes of Guest Services I Q&A ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Becoming A Host | The Training Manual O' Awesomeness

Guest Services & Our Core Values by Blane Young, Communications Pastor It's really about serving people like they are __________________. By honoring people, we are honoring __________. When we do this, we break down walls which allows for people to experience a _________________ message.

Guest Services Hosts

Make Every Guest Smile

Culture of Honor

Culture of Excellence

1. Operate with Expectations:
a. God will bring the people to FLC b. God has gifted you and called you to minister to the people He brings.

Attention to Detail:
1. Excel in your role. 2. Own your environment. 3. Operate with personal responsibility.

2. Exceed “their” Expectations:
a. Know what they are thinking. b. Listen to what they are saying. c. Understand how they are feeling.

Guest Services Hosts

Operate with Expectations
! God will bring the people to Family Life Church.
1. Family Life Church was started with a belief that God has given us a vision to reach Southeast Georgia and beyond. 2. Our mission statement is, “to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.” 3. Our core values are: Love, Evangelism and Excellence.

! God has gifted you and called you to minister to the people He brings.
1. We believe that each person has a unique and profound destiny. Through the development of the individual’s gifts, they will become closer to the person that they were created to be. 2. God gives people gifts to be used to their maximum potential to build His church on this earth and that includes you. 3. Although some gifts are more public than others, all the gifts are equally important and vital to success of our vision.


Guest Services Hosts

Exceed Guests Expectations
! Know what guests are thinking
1. Everyone is expecting something when they come to church and our job is to do our best to understand what that is and exceed it. 2. What kind of music, preaching, environment are they used to and how will it be different than what they get at Family Life Church? 3. Why is it important to ask yourself this question about our guests? a. Because our church is very different than most people's experience. b. Thus, we need to introduce guests to people that are similar to them.

! Listen to what they are saying

1. When “they” ask a question, how can you exceed their “expectation”? Examples: Can you tell me where I take my kids? - Escort them to the check-in area. What doors do I enter? - Escort them to the door and hold it open. What do you have for students? - Escort them to the Information Center and wait with them until they can be helped.

! Understand how they are feeling

1. What was life like before you met Christ? 2. Can you remember coming to a church for the first time? a. Respond to their emotions and make every effort to connect personally.


Guest Services Hosts

Attention to Detail
! Excel in Your role
1. Be Approachable: a. Smile until you are tired of smiling and then continue to smile. b. Look people in the eyes and give a genuine response, such as “Welcome to Family Life Church” or “We're glad you’re here today” or “It is great to see you”. c. If people want one, give them one of the (3) H’s – a Hug, a High five or a Handshake. d. When in contact with a member of the opposite sex, act with discretion. If they attempt to give you a hug, meet them with a classic “side hug”. e. Be aware of how you stand. Keep your arms open and face the person. 2. Understand Teams & Scheduling a. In order to make it easier for people to serve, we have created several teams within Guest Services for your convenience. I. Team A: Serves in both services the first, third and fifth (when applicable) weekends each month II. Team B: Serves in both services the second and fourth weekends each month III.Team C: Serves in both services every weekend each month b. If you are unable to be there for any reason, it is your responsibility to find a replacement that was previously not scheduled to serve. c. If called on as a replacement, please do your best to make yourself available to serve. 3. Times: a. Arrive at 8:30a if it is the designated weekend for you to serve and plan to stay until 12:30p. I. Upon arrival, make your way to the Creative Room for the Weekly Kickstart. b. Be in place ready to receive guests at 9:00am c. During the service: I. Sit in the roped-off areas so that you can easily exit and enter the building without being a distraction. II. Please do not stand along the walls of the sanctuary. d. After the first service: I. Return to your post and get ready for the next wave of people. II. As people are leaving, look them in the eyes and give a genuine response, such as “It was great having you” or “See you on Wednesday”. e. After the second service: I. Continue to host for at least ten minutes. II. Meet with your captain upstairs in the Creative Room for the weekly review. 3

Guest Services Hosts

Attention to Detail
! Own Your Environment
1. Owning your environment means that you proactively plan for every guest to ensure they will have the experience we want them to have. 2. Address all the senses: a. Sight – our guests should see exactly what we want them to see. I. Consider trash and debris that may be on their traffic pattern. II. Consider dtorage items and bins sitting around that can be seen. b. Sounds – what should our guests hear in your area? - What should you be saying to the guests in your area? c. Smells – consider what your area should smell like… - Make sure you have fresh breath. (We suggest carrying at least one pack of mints) d. Touch – what should our people be touching? I. Doors, guests should never touch a door. II. Bulletins and pens, guests should always be handed items. III. Don't forget the three H's: Hug, High five, Handshake IV. Make sure every guest receives an appropriate touch.

! Operate with Personal Responsibility
Passionately strive to live the abundant life found in Christ through applying the three core values of Family Life Church in a vital daily relationship with Jesus Christ. Living in a way that honors God and attracts people to Family Life Church.


Guest Services Hosts (The Nitty Gritty)
THE WIN: To make every guest smile. The Strategy: To “assault” each guest with welcomes. Overwhelm each guest with love. ! ! Be on time. Family Life Church is built on a culture of honor. Honor your fellow host team members by arriving on time. You can’t honor the guests if you don’t first honor each other. No conversations with other hosts outside of the Creative Room! Hosts exist to welcome guests. If you are talking with another host, you are not welcoming guests. Conversations with guests, including introducing them to other people, is encouraged. Keep Smiling!!! You are the first faces of Family Life Church and have an incredible opportunity to encourage each person you greet with a smile. In between services, prepare for a little chaos, engage guests that are leaving and those that are just arriving.



Our first responsibility is to serve our guests. By serving our guests with careful attention to detail we are serving and honoring Christ. The overwhelming and authenticity of our greeting is what people will remember.

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