Der shud b market Stakeholders..think abt them. They hav real pain. Business plan 1.

Strategic guide: Where do you want to gp? How are you goint to ger there? What market niches? How much is it going to cost? Greatest profit opportunity? 2. Lender expectations: Ability to repay Good business track record Staying power Collateral 3. Investors expectations: Competitive advantage Huge market Strong management team Strong marketing and sales plan Some skin i the game Obscene return Exit strategy Have good relationships with everyone and have knowledge upto depths so that when you got to exit you can get immediate takers. Plan a proper exit strategy since the beginning. Exit by selling Transferring the business to a family member Taking the company public Being acquired by a larger company

its background. structure and location  Describe what the company does and the market it serves  Describe the market potential for the company’s products and services. the collateral available and the expected outcomes • Company description .  Think for 24 months max and think for brand name only  Outline the backgrounds and experience of the top management team  Describe the funding required.4. the purposes for which it will be used. Entrepreneurs start business: To capitalize on an invention To pursue a passion To be their own boss To get rich 5. Funding sources: Savings Friends and family Financial institutions/ banks Angel investors Venture capital Business Plan Content • Executive summary  A mini business plan in 1 or 2 pages  Highlights the most important points of your business plan  It is NOT an introduction to the plan  Identify the company. market trends etc.

• Product/services description -Competitive advantage -Uniqueness -What does it do -Brief description and applications of technology Briefly overviewn commercialization status • Industry overview Set the stage Industry definition and description -major players -factors driving dynamics -new products and developments Legislation n policies • Market analysis Market definition -primary n secondary market Market size and trends -current total revenues -predicted annual growth rate • Competitors -direct competitors Who are they? Size and product breadth Revenues and profitability Strengths and weaknesses Market shares .

Manufacturing/ Production plan: Objectives. org structure • Financial summary Pro-forma cash flow projections . staffing. facilities. subcontractors. quality control.-indirect competitors • Customers Who are they? Why do they buy? Need satisfied by the product? How are the need currently filled? What are the alternatives? Who makes the decision to buy? How frequently do they purchase? • Marketing and sales plans Statement of opportunity Marketing and sales objectives Existing customers Potential customers -prospects targeted -how prospects will be targeted and qualified • • Development Operations . budget/operating expenses • Management The complete team set up • Personnel -human resource plan: staffing objectives.

Pro-forma P & L statements Pro-forma Balance sheet • Financials -financial objectives: Time to cash flow positive Time to profitability -financial assumptions -capital requirements -exit scenario • Offering -Investment requirements -Pro forma valuation of business -offer • Appendices -resumes of key management -patent information -customer list -testimonials -supplemental financial spreadsheets -references Marketing strategy: Product service strategy Pricing and distribution strategy Advertising and promotion strategy Sales strategy Marketing and sales forecasts Marketing programs: .

organizational chart indicating planned growth R & D Plan: Objectives. staffing. sales expectations/quotas. margins given to intermediaries. marketing budget Pricing: Basis for targeted price point.Mail trade shows. milestones and current status. publicity. service and warranties. margins and profitability by volume levels Sales plan: Sales force structure. sales budget. difficulties and risks. advertising. internet. R & D Budget and assumptions .

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