One OrComSoc with R.I.A.

We face both triumph and challenges as members of the society, of our family and of the OrCommunity. We must know how to gain composure when we face these transient things—let us not be over confident when we succeed and let us be optimistic, still, when we face challenges. Let’s strengthen our resiliency.

Strengthened RESILIENCY

We, OrCommunicologists, are equipped with form and substance. We are in a fast-paced society wherein innovation and adaptation to certain changes are necessary. Let us maximize our potentials; let us all intensify the innovation for and by the OrCommunity.

Intensified INNOVATION through reinvention

As Organizational Communication majors, we know how important both personal and professional relationships are. In our classes, we usually work with our friends and it is not always an easy thing to do. We also learn the significance of these in theory; let us walk our talk. Let us exercise amity within and beyond the OrCommunity as we are grounded by accountability and transparency.

AMITY grounded on accountability and transparency

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General Plan of Action

1. OrCom undergraduate-wide
   Accessibility of the OrComSoc constitution upon its revision in the AY2011-2012 Opportunities for the Orcommunicologists

Announcement of competitions, congresses, and seminars outside UP Manila that are related to the fields which OrCom students may pursue The staples that make the OrCom Unity stronger than ever – Acquaintance Party, OrCom Getaway, OrCom Night A strong and united execom to serve and lead the OrCommunity

OrCom Unity in the OrCommunity

 

OrComSoc Membership ID OrComSoc ad hoc committees

Organizational chart proposal for the AY2011-2012 that aims to maximize the members’ participation as OrComSoc believes so much in its members’ leadership and events organizing skills, creativity, and various talents

Executive Committee
Executive Secretary Committee
(led by the Exec Sec and Exec Sec JE

Internals Committee
(led by the VP for Internals and JVP for Internals)

Externals Committee
(led by the VP for Externals and JVP for Externals)

Finance Committee
(led by the VP for Finance and JVP for Finance)

Ad hoc Committee for the Metro Manila Alliance of Communication Students

Ad hoc Committee for the CAS Council of Student Organizations



2. OrCommunity-wide
 OrCom Professional Association
With the objective and function like that of an alumni association but it is open to nongraduates who are now working, too This is to help the DAC in building the network of professionals coming from the OrCom program of UP Manila Because in school and in the corporate world, we can wear the OrCom Lanyard!

   

The OrCom Lanyard

Online presence (maintenance of OrComSoc’s Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Scribd) OrCom Week 2011 (OrCom @ 27) Closing remarks of OrComSoc’s 24h year: Jumpstarting of the celebration of OrComSoc’s 25 years Ria Landingin | GPOA for OrComSoc 2011-2012

General Plan of Action


Official turning over of the ExeCom 2011-2012 to the ExeCom 2012-2013 at the latter part of the AY2011-2012… And more. 

3. External Relations
 Active participation in the CAS Council of Student Organizations (CAS CSO)
An ad hoc committee will work closely with the execom to represent OrComSoc in the CAS CSO in meetings and the dissemination of information about University-wide events and activities such as the making of the CAS Lantern and Facade

Active participation in the Metro Manila Alliance of Communication Students (MACS)

An ad hoc committee will work closely with the execom to represent OrComSoc (UP Manlia) in MACS in meetings

Tie-up events and activities with other organizations

4. Social Awareness and Responsibility
  Outreach program in late December 2011 or early January 2012 Take part, OrCom Isko at Iska - Inform OrCom majors about college, university, and nation-wide issues (e.g. Tuition fee -

increase, public transportation fee hikes) and present to them the arguments to show a fair dissemination of information Encourage OrCom majors to at least listen to the topics and inform them about the ways in which they can participate in collective mass actions and movements both online and on-ground

Ria Landingin | GPOA for OrComSoc 2011-2012

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