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Winter Session Financial Aid is available in the form of loans for matriculated Cornell University undergraduate students based on the loan eligibility available for the 2010-2011 aid year. Winter Session aid is processed as a budget increase without calculating a separate parent contribution. Aid is in the form of need-based loan. Cornell Grant, state and federal grants, and Federal Work Study are not available. Fall 2010 Bursar and Cornell Card balances must be clear prior to submitting this aid application. Name: Telephone/ Cell #: Graduation Date: (month/year) Cornell Net ID (email address): College _ off campus tuition and living expenses _ Cornell ID Number:

2010- 2011 UNDERGRADUATE WINTER SESSION FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION Deadline: November 25, 2010. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Please indicate whether your class is: Course Title: Class Number: Number of credits

I would like to receive loans for: tuition only On Campus

During the academic year, I live: on campus

Please list the course title(s) ie BIOG 1107 , class number(s) ie 1088, and number of credits: Written permission from your college registrar must be submitted upon application for the following:
• • • Enrollment above 4 credits.

Distance Learning

living expenses only because I am a LSC recipient

Course Title: Class Number: Number of credits

Special Program (specify):

If you are currently on a leave of absence, but are eligible to return for Winter Session and the Spring 2011 semester as a full-time matriculated student. If you need the course(s) listed above to graduate in January 2011. The letter must specify the course(s) and/or credits required for you to graduate in January 2011.

Your Winter Session financial aid is reviewed based on the enrollment information provided on your 2010- 2011 Winter Session Financial Aid Application. Any change to your enrollment may affect your aid. Please notify the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment in writing of any changes to your enrollment. Failure to provide notification of these changes may result in a cancellation of aid making you responsible for all charges.

If you are enrolling in an independent study, you must submit a copy of your completed Application for Independent Study. You need to submit the original to the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions when you register. The Application for Independent Study is available at the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions, B20 Day Hall, or on their website.

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