Dear Residents, Here is a quick update on items that you have expressed an interest in. Mark your calendars! MONDAY, MARCH 14 BOARD OF HEALTH, 7:00 pm On the agenda is a request from the City of Milwaukee to consolidate municipal health departments into a Milwaukee County Department. Discussion may take place during Monday night’s Board of Health meeting and earlier in the day at the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (ICC); a committee made up of Milwaukee County Mayors and Village Presidents. MONDAY, MARCH 14 PARKS COMMITTEE, 7:00 pm Discussion is expected to take place on access to the Pleasant View Neighborhood Park; the undeveloped parkland behind Pleasant View School owed by the City. Park access is land locked and the Park Commission desires access from Evergreen Court eastward. Both the park and alternate school access would require small sections of land from the same property (which is in estate ownership). Previously, the Council approved the city attorney to negotiate a westerly access between Marquette Avenue and 49th Street with the estate member’s attorney. Parents and neighbors concur that safe and efficient traffic circulation at Pleasant View School should be the over-arching priority, with the westerly direction being the most favorable. NOTE: Related items (below) include the Council agenda - Road Program and the Safe Routes to School Public Input Meeting. TUESDAY, MARCH 15 COMMON COUNCIL MEETING 6:30 pm Items of interest - For the complete agenda go to o Eagle Scout Zachary Webster from our own 3rd District will be honored by proclamation for his recent achievement. Congratulations, Zachary! o Possible discussion on economic development plans for 27th Street -College Ave. south to County Line Road. o The 5-year Road Improvement Program is under consideration to be adopted. It categorizes roads needing repair, improvement or reconstruction. District 3 projects listed include 51st St., South 35th St. and a line item for a westerly portion of Marquette Avenue. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16 CANDIDATE FORUM 6:30-8:30 pm FRANKLIN PUBLIC LIBRARY Citizens for Community Development (CCD) will host this year’s Candidate Forum. The forum will cover the Aldermen races in the 3rd and 4th Districts. This includes me! THURSDAY, MARCH 17 PLAN COMMISSION MEETING The Plan Commission will be considering more flexible parking standards intended to reduce financial burdens on developers, provide better land use, as well as reduce unnecessary pavement and storm runoff. Adequate parking will be achieved through a combination of flexible standards, combined use agreements, and allowance for site-specific analyses such as peak hour demand volumes for traffic. Pedestrian safety in parking lots will also be paid close attention. These changes modify the restrictive standards under the City’s Unified development Ordinance (UDO). Initial review of this item gets a Thumbs up! APRIL 5 SPRING ELECTION - Please remember to Vote! During my first term as your Alderman, I have worked hard to find solutions to your concerns to the best of my ability. Much progress has been made but there are important matters, which still require resolution. I would be honored to receive re-election on April 5th to continue assisting you with your needs and being your voice on the City Council. The 3rd District votes at the Polish Center on 68th Street. SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PUBLIC INPUT MEETING (SRTS) SRTS Task Force School representatives Dr. Patz and Principal Foeckler are assisting the City with scheduling and holding the SRTS Task Force Public Meeting at Pleasant View School. The suggested but NOT yet confirmed date and time is April 12th at 6:30 pm. 

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