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Fall Protection Lifting Equipment

Load Restraint Materials Handling

Hydraulic Tools Site Equipment
Swivel eye
anchor type

WR 100
Plastic Case
Webbing Fall Arrest Block
6 Metre
EN360 CE

Dimensions: 160 x 70 x 230mm

Locking after conditioning: (+50)°C; ( -30)°C; wet
Weight : 1,70kg (with snap hook) Polyester - kevlar
Width 17mm

Advantages Swivel Eye

Fall Indicator
• Double Swivel
• Lightweight only 1.7 kg
• Polyester - kevlar webbing Opening 24mm
• Fall Indicator AZ 002ASI
• Low servicing costs weight: 220g
• Very competitive prices

G Force AT250
Alu Anchor Clamp
AX400 EN795 CE
Storage case Weight 1.37kg
for CR200 Adjustable 96-400mm
Fall Arrest Blocks

G Force Tear Aware

Fall indicator

Many of our harnesses

are now available with
built in Tear Aware Fall
Trauma Straps
Length 120cm

Restraint lanyard Adjustable Restraint

Restraint Lanyard
Restraint Lanyard lanyard
Available in the
following sizes 0.5mtr, Simple buckle adjustment
1mtr, 1.5mtr & 2mtr
Adjusts from 1.2 to 2 metres
10.5 mm Polyamide
rope 10.5 mm Polyamide rope

G-Force G-Force
Safety @ Height Products Safety @ Height Products

CR200 Fall arrest CR300 Fall arrest

device device

Available in the Available in the

following sizes: following sizes:
20mtr,25mtr &
CR200 Fall Arrest Device

CR300 Fall Arrest Device

6mtr,12mtr & 15mtr
Galvanised wire
rope Galvanised wire
Fully servicable
Fully servicable
Lower hook has fall
indicator Lower hook has fall
Made in Europe
Made in Europe

G-Force G-Force
Safety @ Height Products Safety @ Height Products

AH210 Rolex Mini


2.25 metres

Rolex Mini Block

Tripod & Winch

Top karabiner


Made in Europe
Manriding aluminium tripod with winch

Winch has 20 metres of cable ( 25, 30 & 50

metre winch also available ) G-Force
Safety @ Height Products

Very lightweight and ideal for site work

P10 safety harness P30 safety harness

Rear D Attachment Rear D Attachment & Front

P10 Harness

P30 Harness
Double adjustment in both
the chest & legs Double adjustment in both
the chest & legs
Available in sizes m-xl & xxl
Available in sizes m-xl & xxl

G-Force G-Force
Safety @ Height Products Safety @ Height Products

P35 safety harness P50 safety harness

Rear D & Front D Rear D & Front loop

P50 Harness
P35 Harness

attachment attachment

Double adjustment in both Double adjustment in both

the chest & legs the chest & legs

Available in sizes m-xl & xxl Extra back support

G-Force G-Force
Safety @ Height Products Safety @ Height Products

P51E safety harness Jacket Harness

Jacket Harness
P51E Harness

Rear D & Front loop Rear D & Front loop

attachment attachment

Double adjustment in both P30E Elasticated harness

the chest & legs fitted

Extra back support High visibility colours

Elasticated top webbing Easy to fit & wear

P10R Nize Rescue harness Scaffold lanyard

P10R Nize Rescue

Scaffold Lanyard

Rear & Front D attachments 1.75 metres in length

Double adjustment in both Shock Absorber

the legs and the chest
Large opening
Rear attachment for rescue scaffold hook one end,
karabiner the other
Padded legs for comfort

Karabiner lanyard Twin tail lanyard

Karabiner Lanyard

2 metres in length 2 metres in length

Y Lanyard

Shock Absorber Shock Absorber

Fitted with a steel Fitted with two large

screw lock karabiner opening scaffold
at each end hooks on tail end

Height Safety Kit

Scaffolders Kit
Comprising of: Comprising of:
P10 safety harness P10 safety harness
Shock absorbing lanyard Shock absorbing
2 metres c/w karabiners lanyard 1.75 metres c/w
Rigid carry case scaffold hook
Rigid carry case
G-Force G-Force
Safety @ Height Products Safety @ Height Products
Construction Kit
Restraint Kit

Comprising of: Comprising of:

P10 safety harness P35 safety harness
Adjustable restraint Rolex Miniblock
lanyard 2 metres Girder anchor
2 x Karabiners Rigid carry case
Rigid carry case
G-Force G-Force
Safety @ Height Products Safety @ Height Products

G Force Elasticated Shock Absorbing Lanyards BW2002 LE101011022X2 Many other

EN355 EN354 end fitting
BW200 LE101011022

P10F Womans Harness G Force P10F G Force P30N
Womans Harness Flame Resistant Harness
EN361 EN361:2002

P30N Harness
size Nomex-Kevlar
Small - Large Suitable for hot works
Height 152-170 welding, grinding & cutting
Chest 70-90 Rear dorsal attachment
Rear anchor point Front chest loops
Quick release buckles Upper and lower body

G Force P32 Pro G Force P52 Pro

Multi Purpose Safety Multi Purpose Safety
Harness Harness
P32 Pro Harness

P52 Pro Harness

EN361 EN361 & EN358
Padded Shoulder Straps Padded Shoulder Straps
Quick release buckles Quick release buckles
Fall indicator Rear attach alu ring
Rear attach alu ring Front chest anchor point
Front chest anchor point Fall indicator
Individual ID system Padded legs
Padded legs Individual ID system
Easy to put on Easy to put on
Sizes M-XL & XXL Sizes M-XL & XXL

G Force P80E G Force AR 010

Rope Access Multi Rescue Descent Device
Purpose Harness EN341 Class C
P80E Harness

EN361, EN358 & EN813

Quick release buckles Rope 11mm Diameter
Front/Rear attach points Kit Includes
Rope Access attach Descending device
points Working Rope
Elasticated webbing 3 Karabiners
Rescue Descent Device

Work positioning belt Webbing Sling

Padded shape maker for Knife
comfort and easy fitting Bag
Size M-XL & XXL
20 metres
30 metres
G Force - AH220 50 metres
Rolex - Scaffold Hook

Rolex- Scaffold Hook

Length 2.25 metres
Energy Absorber

Permanent Anchor Point G Force AT150 G Force ST 010
Permanent anchor Anchor Trolley

Anchor Trolley
Weight 0.30kg Fits beam 65-120m wide
Light alloy Weight 5.2kg

G Force IM201

Portable roof man anchor

G Force ST 020
Anchor Clamp Portable Roof Man Anchor
Anchor Clamp

Fits beams 80-180mm EN795E

Weight 4kg Weight 274kg

G Force AT 060 G Force AZ800

Anchor Beam Roof Lanyard for
Horizontal use of Fall Arrest Blocks
Anchor Beam

Roof Lanyard

EN795 Class B CR200, CR300

Weight 6.9kg
Use a door or window with this flexible EN360

G Force AZ 700 G Force AZ900

Webbing Sling Anchor

Webbing Anchor with Anti Slip Rubber Webbing Sling Anchor

Webbing Anchor

Width 45mm EN354 EN795 Class B

EN795 Class B
AZ 900 030 - 30cm
Lengths AZ 900 060 - 60cm
AZ 900-09 = 0.9M AZ 900 120 - 120cm
AZ 900-1.4 = 1.4M AZ 900 150 - 150cm
AZ900-2.0 = 2M

AZ011 AZ011T

Screwgate Auto twist lock

Opening 18mm Opening 18mm

108 x 60mm 108 x 60mm

EN362 EN362
G Force Karabiners / Connectors

AZ022 AZ023

Scaffold Hook Scaffold Hook

Opening 50mm Opening 60mm

Zinc plated Light alloy

EN362 EN362

AZ025 Pipe Anchor

Double lock AZ200-02

anchor L390
Clearance 112mm
Opening 83mm
EN362 L440
Clearance 140mm


G Force AY011 G Force CFAY012

Wrist Tool Lanyard

Wrist Tool Lanyard

Tool Lanyard

accidents from falling tools
Max load 2kg
Elasticated material 1mtr

Stops tools falling

Ideal for most hand

G Force AY013
Retractable Tool Lanyard
Tool Lanyard

Easy to fit belt or harness

Maximum load 2kg
Total length 115cm

AY013 / AY011 used


50mm LC2500 daN 50mm LC1000 daN

Ratchet Lashings
Ratchet Lashings Claw Hooks Claw Hooks

Available in the Available in the

following lengths 6, 8, following lengths
10, 12 & 15 metre 4 & 6 metre

( 5000kg m.b.s. ) ( 2000kg m.b.s. )

25mm LC500 daN 25mm LC250 daN

Ratchet Lashings

Claw Hooks

Ratchet Lashings
Claw Hooks

Available in the Available in the

following lengths following lengths
4 & 6 metre 4 & 6 metre

( 1000kg m.b.s. ) ( 500kg m.b.s. )

Ratchet Loadbinders Lashing Rope

Load Binders

Available for the Polypropylene rope

following sizes of chain available from 6mm
8mm, 10mm, 13mm to 16mm in 220mtr

& 16mm. coils.

Chain also available 90 foot lorry ropes

also available

Compare our prices Polyester Webbing Slings

Webbing Slings

Stocked sizes from 1 tonne to 20 tonne

Various lengths available

Wearsleeves readily available

Conforms to current legislation

Polyester Round Slings

Round Slings

Stocked sizes from 1 tonne to 10 tonne

Various lengths available

Conforms to current legislation

Slings made to your requirements

Chain Hoists LeverHoists

Available from 250kg Available from

to 30 tonne 250kg to 9 tonne

Lengths of chain Standard length is

available to suit your 1.5 metres but we
Manual Chain Hoists

requirements can chain the hoist

longer if you

Industrial type hoist require
used by many hire
companies in the U.K. Industrial type
hoist used by many
Industrial safety hire companies in
catches the U.K.

Swivel hooks top & Industrial safety

bottom catches

Beam Clamps
G Force AY004
Periodic Inspection tag Available from
Beam Clamp

Ideal for inspection dates for lifting 1tonne to 10 tonne

and height safety products
Easy screw bar to
Periodic Inspection Tag

adjust beam widths

Large suspension eye

Many Colour Options

Beam Trolley

Available from 500kg

Beam Trolley

to 5 tonne

Easy screw bar to

adjust beam widths

Bearings on rollers

Large suspension eye

Wire Rope Winches

Available in the following sizes: 800kg, 1600kg,

Rope Winch

3200kg & NEW 5.4 tonne model

Various rope lengths available

Body made of high strength cast aluminium

Shearpin in case of over loading

Shackles Eyebolts
Alloy Bow Shackles
We stock a vast Collared eyebolts stocked
range of alloy from M8 to M30

bow & D shackles
Short & long shank
Sizes from 0.33T
to 85T Weld on deck plates also
Screw & Safety
pin type

Universal Plate Clamps

Horizontal Clamps
Available from 500kg to
Plate Clamps

8 tonne

Various jaw widths


Hinged attachment Horizontal plate clamps

designed for turning over
plate 750kg to 3 tonne available
Weld On Hooks

Lifting Magnets available from 100kg to Weld on hooks available from 2 to

2 tonne 10 tonne
Industrial safety catch

Chamber Lifting Piling Shackles

Piling Shackles
Chamber Pins

Self colour Long Dee

30mm diameter shackles

W.L.L. 1.5 tonne Available from 1 tonne to

each pin 5 tonne

Normally used in Screw pin


Electric Panel Lift Electric Portable

Electric Panel Lift

Portable Lifter

Various lift heights

available Various lift heights
Extremely light and
easy to assemble Ideal for ducting
110 volt single phase
supply 110 volt single
phase supply

• Low Height Pad Jacks

• Low Profile Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders & Tools

• Standard Cylinders

• Pumps c/w Hoses

• Nut Splitters

• Puller Kits

• Chain Cutters

• Hydraulic Spreaders

• Heavy duty chrome plated rams

• Full after sales service

Scaffold Hoist
Scaffold Hoists

Barrow Chains

200kg capacity

25 metres height of

110 volt single phase

3 leg chainsling for lifting
Supplied with all
clamps & brackets wheelbarrows

Chainslings Wire Rope Slings

We assemble Grade We have the

8 chainslings to your facilities to press
requirements ropes up to 28mm
diameter “in house”
We stock many types
We can press with a
Wire Rope Slings

of hooks including
“C”, latch & safety thimble or soft eye
Chain Slings

self locking and captivate lifting

hooks if you require
Available in chain
sizes from 7mm to Winch ropes also
16mm off the shelf pressed.
Larger readily
available All of our slings
conform to
Single leg, 2 leg, legislation
3 leg & 4 leg

Skate Sets

Available in the following sizes:

Skate Sets

( set of 3 )
8 tonne, 16 tonne, 20 tonne & 30 tonne

All have polyurethane wheels with


Complete with spacer bar and handle

An American
legend roller crow bar
Roller Crow Bar

V Pipe Trolley
with polypropylene

Handle length 6 foot

2272 kg Capacity
Pipe trolley with pneumatic wheels
Economy model W.L.L. 450kgs
Jacks & Tools

Pallet Trucks
Pallet Trucks
Available wheel options:
Nylon, Polyurethane & Rubber

2.5 tonne capacity

Available in 3 sizes
520mm wide x 900mm fork length
550mm wide x 1100mm fork length
685mm wide x 1220mm fork length

Pallet Trucks
Pallet Trucks

3 tonne capacity

Dimensions: 550mm wide x 1150mm long

Quality hydraulic pump unit

Tapered rear entry roller guides with double wheels

Long Pallet Trucks

Long Pallet Truck

2 tonne capacity

Dimensions: 550mm wide x 2000mm long

Quality hydraulic pump unit

Tapered rear entry roller guides

Weighing Pallet Truck

Weighing Truck

2 tonne capacity

Digital readout in Kgs

Uses standard AA
batteries (2.7Ah)

Fork Dimensions
1150mm x 570mm

High Lift Pallet Truck

High Lift Truck

1 tonne capacity

Fork Dimensions
520mm wide x 1140mm long

Will raise up to 800mm

All Terrain pallet Truck
All Terrain Truck
Ideal to use on sites where normal pallet trucks
wont go

1200kg capacity

Max fork height 233mm

Fork length 860mm

All Terrain pallet Truck

All Terrain Truck

Ideal to use on sites where normal pallet trucks

wont go

1500kg capacity

Made in Europe

Furniture Equipment Movers

Furniture Movers

W.L.L.1800kgs per pair

Lift height 250mm

Ideal for lifting & moving bulky items

Hand operated hydraulic pump unit

Site Trolley ( 1000kg u.d.l )

Solid or pneumatic wheel option

Site Trolley

Plywood Bed. Size 5’ x 2.5’

Easy to steer

Sturdy construction

Big Boy sack trucks

Fitted with large pneumatic wheels

Sack Truck

Large base plate

270kg carrying capacity

Other models available

Panel Trolley Panel trolleys Panel trolleys

Panel Trolley
Ideal for carrying 4 wheel type
drywall boards and with castors
wooden sheets.
3 or 6 divider
Will fit through a options
standard doorway

Hydraulic foot operated lift tables

Model Capacity lift height Lowest table

Lift Tables

kgs mm table mm dimensions

03321 150 720 210 700x150x35
03322 300 900 270 815x500x50
03323 500 900 450 815x500x50
03325 1000 1000 410 1000x512x55

Loadsurfer Material Lifts

Available in four sizes

10 feet
15 feet
20 feet
25 feet

Quick set up requires no tools


Compact design - legs fold up when not in use

Telescopic aluminium mast

Model Lift Height Net W.L.L. @40cm

Weight Loadcentres
LGA10 10 feet 120kg 450kg
LGA15 15 feet 145kg 360kg
LGA20 20 feet 185kg 360kg
LGA25 25 feet 205kg 290kg

Fork Extensions
Fork Extensions

Slips over forks to make handling bulkier

items a lot easier

Model Length Suit Fork Width

3KR57 1524mm 102mm
3KR58 1830mm 121mm

Block Grab

1800 kg capacity
Block Grab

Fully automatic grab & release

Height adjusts to suit the pack height

Replacable rubber grips

Protection net readily available

PZC-M Kerb Grab PZC-L Kerb Grab

Kerb / Slab Grab

500kg working load 200kg working load
Kerb Grab

limit limit

Replacable rubber can be used

pads manually or with a
crane or hoist.
Kerb sizes: Adjustment 500 - 1000mm
30 - 200mm
Crane Forks

Multi Purpose Compact Economy

2000 & 3000 kg capacity Ideal for use where headroom is 2 tonne Spring self balancing
Spring counterbalance Collapsable for easy storage
1 tonne working load limit
Fork width can be adjusted Easy to adjust from
Manual balance 340 - 1300mm
Height can be adjusted
Adjustable forks from Self levelling forks
Protection net readily available 300 - 1250mm

Forklift Tipping Skip

1000kg, 1250kg & 1500kg

Tipping Skip

Standard or heavy duty models available

Available with lifting lugs and castor wheels as an


Tipping Muck Skip
Tipping Skip
Heavy duty skip used for muck and waste removal

Manual operation

Model Volume Weight

A-50 500 litre 96 kg
A-99 1000 litre 160kg

Boat Skip ( Automatic release )

High quality skip permits automatic unloading

Boat Skip

without assistance

Model Volume Weight

A-50D 500 litre 100 kg
A-99D 1000 litre 170kg

Coneflow Concrete Skip ( Lever operated )

Coneflow Skip

Model No BCL50

500 litre capacity ( 1110kgs )

Height: 850mm

Weight: 200kgs

High quality concrete skip with rubber hose (2mtr)

200mm diameter.
Column Skip

Designed to lay down when standing on the ground

to assist filling.When lifted, it returns to its vertical

Pull rope for opening discharge gate and closed

automatically by a spring

500 & 1000 litre models available

Tipping Buckets Fork Hook

Tipping Bucket

60 ltr or 100 ltr Ideal way of

Fork Hook

available turning your

forklift into a
Ideal for use on a crane
crane or scaffold
Ideal for blockgrabs & crane forks etc.
Simple locking
mechanism Swivel latch hook fitted

Hydraulic Nut Splitters Hydraulic Nut Splitters Puller Kit Integral Pump
Model t Spread
HHQ 24B 14t 8-24mm
HHQ 1319 5t 6-12mm HHL-5 5 200
HHQ1924 10t 12-16mm HHL-10 10 250

Puller Kit
HHQ2432 15t 16-22mm HHL-20 20 350
HHL-30 30 400

Puller Kit operated by Remote Pump Petrol Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Petrol Pallet Truck

HHL10F 10t 50-250
HHL20F 20t 100-350 Powered drive
HHL30F 30t 150-400
Puller Kit

HHL50F 50t 200-500

Powered lift

Max raise 300mm

Adjustable forks

Sealed bearings

Briggs & Stratton engine

Economy Weigh Pallet Truck G Force Rope Ladders

DL 010
Weigh Pallet Truck

LiftinGear HP ESE 20/5 Polymide rope10.5mm

Rope Ladders

Aluminium rungs 25x15mm

2000kg Width 310mm
Reads in units of 5kg Galvanised wire rope 4mm
Aluminium rungs 20x10
Width 180mm
Galvanised wire rope
Aluminium rungs 25x15
Width 310mm

Steel d Shackles Latch Hooks

0.5t - 7t
Steel d Shackles

Latch Hooks

Swivel Eye Eye Type

G Force BA300 G Force PROT11 Work Positioning

Work Positioning
Bosuns Chair Bosuns Chair Device
EN358 CE

AF10102 2M
AF10104 4M
AF10105 5M
AF10110 10M

G Force Work Positioning Belts DX017

Rescue Stretcher
EN358 CE Rescue stretcher
weight 10kg

2 Side buckles DX018

1 Rear buckle Alu rescue
PB20 weight 4.9kg
2 Side buckles Folds for easy storage

Event Rigging Black Products Storage Bags / Cases

Event Rigging


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