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Ufone is now offering this unique service, which allows its customers to operate two

Ufone numbers on one SIM. This feature can be handy for those having two numbers at a
time, maybe one for personal use and another for business usage.

With this service you will get a virtual number on your original number. Meaning two
numbers on one SIM. With Double Number you can switch off your business number
while keeping your other number open for family and friends or simply operate two
businesses with one SIM.

How to use this service:

Subscribing to this service is simple. There are multiple ways to subscribe to this service:

Send SUB to 660

Dial *66# from your Ufone number

Once you subscribe to the service the system will randomly select an idle number from
Double Number inventory. An SMS will be sent to your number:

“Your Double Number is 033XXXXXXXX. Charges Rs.30 + Tax / Month. Please dial
66 followed by any number and make calls from your Double Number.”

Example: if your assigned Double Number is 03335100011 and you want to make a call
to 03331234567 you will dial 6603331234567. The receiver will receive the number
from 03335100011.

Similarly to send an SMS to 03331234567 you will write the SMS and send it with the
prefix “66” i.e.

Type message: “How are you?” and send it to 6603331234567.

The receiver will receive the SMS from 03335100011.

Both users can talk to each other whereas billing will be done to primary number on per
minute basis.
If 03331234567 want to make call or SMS to 03335100011, user will simply dial
03335100011 and the call/SMS will be routed to 03335100012 (the primary number).

Additional features of the service are as follows which can be accessed through IVR

• Users can switch off/on their Double Number any time or for specific time period.
• Bar a Caller – You will not receive calls from selected number on your Double
• Bar All Callers – All incoming calls on Double Number will be blocked
• Unblock All Callers – All incoming calls on Double Number will be allowed
• Unblock a Caller – You will start receiving calls from number that you blocked.

• Subscription Charges: Rs.30+Tax/Mon (Re.1+Tax/Day from next month)

• Call Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Rs. 1.30+Tax per Minute
• SMS Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Rs.0.50+tax/SMS
• 660 IVR Charges: Re. 1+Tax/Minute

Terms and Conditions:

• Service will be available for both pre-paid and post-pay users.

• Users can get a Double number through an SMS/IVR & USSD.
• Only one Double number can be mapped against one primary number.
• Double Number will be provided to Ufone customers from an inventory, which is
specifically reserved for this service.
• Billing will be done on Primary number only. Service is not designed for
Incoming/Outgoing international roamers.
• International calls & SMS from double number will not be allowed.
• Double Number will be assigned against the primary number. Assigned
MSISDNs will not be available for anyone else.
• Since Double number will be attached with active primary number hence
customer’s record will also be available in Cares. Customer’s NIC or Passport
Number is not required for the activation. Customer does not need to visit any
Ufone service centre or franchise to obtain the DN.
• Balance transfer is not possible through Double number, as it will only be used
for CLI purpose.
• Users can’t avail SMS and voice buckets on Double Number.
• Users having SMS buckets will be charged Rs.0.50/SMS for each sms they will
send to Double Number.
• Users cannot port-out their Double number.
• Double number will automatically become idle after 6 months once the primary
number port-out.
• If user has voice & SMS bucket & makes call or send SMS from DN then will be
charged as per DN charges.
• Other VAS services cannot be used through DN.

Currently there are over 1500 permanent employees working in Ufone nationwide. On the entry level
the HR Department is mostly taking MBA graduates. According to Ufone their belief is that "Their
people are their greatest asset”. The HR team takes great pride in acknowledging the contribution of
each employee. Ufone focuses a lot on HR Developmen nt and for that the HR team ensures:

Staff of Ufone consists of world class Professionals and Ufone ensures that the right systems are in
place to encourage people to develop to their full potential

Collaborative and mutually supportive work environment is

created that encourages people to grow

Team of professionals is built which delivers expertise by

participating in business decisions

Performance Management and Reward Systems are developed

which underlies the Business strategy of Ufone

A clearly defined Recruitment & Selection policy is defined

The need for Training & Development of employees is assessed

Compensation & Benefit plan is developed which ensures that

employees are motivated

Ufone is basically equal employment opportunity organization. Almost 70% of its employees are male
and 30% are female. The job description of each and every employee is predefined. Performance
appraisal is done on annual basis. Average age of Ufone employee is 32 years. This shows that they
prefer young and energetic people for their middle and lower level management. High profile well
experienced persons are considered for top level management. Average Salary is 12000 for a Ufone

~ Connection purchase
~ Bill payment
~ SIM Activation
~ Number blocking in case of lost or stolen SIMs
~ Transfer of subscription
~ Changing access levels
~ Number change
~ Address change
~ SIM replacement
~ Product / package change
~ Activation of VAS
~ Connection closure
~ Handset & other mobile accessories
~ PIN / PUK code number inquiry
~ IR activation
~ Missed Call Notification
~ Call Forwarding
~ Conference Call
~ FNF Activation / Changes
~ Post Pay Reward Redemption

Our Ufone Sales & Service Centers are open from 9am to 5pm. Monday through

Ufone Call Center: is at your service 24 hours a day. You can contact the Ufone Call
Center to get answers to all your queries. Some of them include:

Bill enquiry (credit limit, expiry date etc.)¬ ¬

Reporting of lost phone¬ ¬
Number blocking in case of lost or stolen SIMs¬ ¬
Connection status (active / inactive)¬ ¬
Tariff¬ ¬

There are users who are active users. They are in continues contact with www i.e web. These users try
to find the solutions

Ufone added 4.0 million subscribers in 2007-08 as compared to its addition of 6.5 million in previous
year. Ufone has added the highest number of cell sites in 2007-08 and that addition was 1,827 new
cell sites during 2007-08. With addition of these, Ufone total cell sites have reached to 3,471. Ufone is
the network operator

which Operates with a network of more than 365 franchises and 25 company-owned customer service
centers along with a distribution network of 150,000 outlets nationwide.

Ufone is covering over5442 key destinations. Ufone is the ultimate means to stay connected wherever
business takes consumers allowing seamless roaming through the network providing the best
nationwide coverage.

Ufone, being one of the leading cellular service providers has recently launched its service in many
new cities. Keeping up with its pace it is rapidly expanding its network.

Ufone GSM is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. It is one of the six
GSM mobile companies in Pakistan and it is a subsidiary of Pakistan
Telecommunication Company Limited. It has a subscriber base of 20 million
as of June 2009.

The company commenced its operation under the brand name of Ufone from
Islamabad in January 29 2001. During the years, Ufone continued on the
path to success; the company has network coverage in more than 5885
locations and across all major highways of the country.

Ufone has a network coverage in more that 5885 locations and across
all major highways of the country.
Ufone currently caters for International Roaming to more than 230 live
operators in more than 130 countries.

Ufone has introduced International Roaming facility for prepaid

subscriber in various countries around the globe with the lowest call
rates, featuring no security charges and activation charges.

GPRS roaming facility is available with more than 115 live operators
across 85 countries.
The company has also been awarded a new license for providing
cellular services in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Areas.
Ufone provides its subscriber with quality coverage and clear
Ufone is a host of value added services and data connectivity with the
best network in Pakistan.
Ufone offers the most reasonable prices for its users.
Ufone acts as a representative of PTCL as it is its subsidiary
Ufone was the first to launch GPRS services and Multimedia Messaging
Service (MMS) and prepaid roaming in Pakistan.
The network also allows Ufone subscriber to have high speed wireless
data service.

Ufone is the second largest cellular operator in Pakistan with

subscriber base of around 6.5 million and a market share of nearly

Ufone’s Prepay brand is now considered to be one of the most favorite

brands by the youth market
They have the latest technology as compared to any other mobile company.
• As government is backing them they can get as many fund as required by them to
introduce the new technology.
• Pakistan's second GSM network
• Established customer base including lower middle class.
• Less rate than competitors.


• The company excels in marketing, sales and customer


• It has the advantage of having a huge and loyal customer



• Network problem is the biggest weakness for Mobilink for which

it faces major criticism or complaints.

• The company is also vulnerable with post paid debts.

Strengths of ZONG mobile
 Zong is the first company who introduced
With the brand name of ZONG. Zong is
benchmark leader in this SBU.
 It is available at very cheap price. Anyone
can get it paying Rs 1900 with Rs 1900
 Large number of people appreciates and gets the mobile
 Mobile is totally made by china and people’s perception about
mobile is not good. So its resale value is low.
 Zong mobile is only made for zong network. Other networks
in this mobile
 Zong is depending on ZTE.(Zheng Telecommunication
Electronics) ZTE
is the vender of zong. Zong purchase mobile from ZTE
Strengths of Warid
• Superior product quality for customers

• Better customer relationship than competitors

• Extra features and services

• Commited and efficient staff

• Strong financial base

• Products innovations ongoing

• Good reputation among customers

• Good packages according to the target market

• Management is rational and understanding thesituation

• Low price as compared to quality provided

Weaknesses of Warid
• Less time in market as compared to major competitors

• Less coverage as compared to majer competitors

• Less experienced employees than competitors

• “Seth organiation”

• Not able to capitalize on start

• Healthy animosity in adjustable exchange with the accomplishment of

Telenor and Warid Telecom in 2005 & CM Pak in end 2007.
• Mkt sub base continues to abound at CAGR of 1.9% bulletin aback Dec
07 while Warid is outgrowing the mkt at 2.38% CAGR.
• Warid has been adapted itself through beat online writing and accession
its adjustment coverage.


• High levels of taxation and accurate fees on operators, if unchecked,

could impede mkt growth.
• Fixed-line casework still bald in several of Pakistan's added apprenticed
• Warid has apprenticed advantage in the rural areas.



• Exponential growth.
• Skilled Human Resource at low-cost.
• Access to Infrastructure - optical network and satellite links.
• Favorable policies (to some extent) and regulator.
• Strong international brand names.


• Quality of Service.
• Low revenue per user (ARPU).
• Customer retention.
• No clear strategic direction.
• Poor organizational structure.
• No research and development programs.
• Employee skill inconsistency.
• Very low employee morale.