Rima 1 Wendy Rima College Composition II Definition Essay 3/12/11 What a Day Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to embark on my journey

to the cities to watch our hockey team play their second game in the state tournament. It was supposed to be a considerably tolerable day trip. Riding twelve hours in one day on a bus isn t the most pleasant, but it was an afternoon game so we should have arrived home around ten that night. I was looking forward to being able to go and watch the game and then go home and sleep in my own bed. Luckily for me though, all of our plans went out the window and we ended up turning our six hour ride home into 19 hours of bliss. Our trip started out perfectly as soon as we left the Xcel Center. We couldn t have left at a better time; it was 4:30 in the afternoon on a Friday, perfect timing to get us right into the middle of stand-still rush hour traffic. I was thrilled that it took us an hour to drive what should have taken twenty minutes. But don t start getting worried thinking that we got bored or anything during that time; we had lots of fun things to talk about. My personal favorite was the strong possibility that we would be running into a huge snow storm. What could be more exciting right?

Rima 2 After that things were pretty boring for awhile. There wasn t any traffic, the weather was cooperating, and I fell asleep for a little bit. I was starting to get disappointed that everything was so mundane until, thank goodness, we made an entirely necessary stop at the Clearwater Truck Stop. After only a little over an hour on the road we all definitely needed to stop to go to the bathroom and eat, like I don t know how we would have made it any further. It is also a good thing that we stayed there for over a half an hour. Sitting around for no reason with nothing to do is one of my favorite past times, and this increased our chances to run into that amazing storm everyone was talking about. Plus, who doesn t love sitting around in a gas station? They re just so darn fun. I m sure that you ll be happy to hear that I saved the best part of the trip for last. Not long after we got back on the road we started to run into that wonderful snow storm. I was so happy to find out that it hadn t been all hype, and it really was just as bad as everyone said it would be. As the road conditions worsened, we made some great decisions to pass through large towns that would actually offer us a place to stay. I think we were all pretty thankful for this, driving 15 miles per hour and fearing for our lives made for a much more exciting bus ride. Eventually though, they made the decision to have us stop and stay overnight at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen. This was way more exciting than just driving super slow, because it guaranteed that we wouldn t be home until morning. Just when I thought things couldn t get any better, we got the news that they couldn t put us all in rooms so we would be sleeping on the floor of one of their conference rooms. What could be better than sleeping on a hard floor in a freezing, smoke scented room filled with a bunch of annoying underclassmen? Well nothing I can think of any way, it was like a dream come true.

Rima 3 When I was given the assignment to choose one word and write a paper defining it, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the possibilities that I had to write about. But after yesterday, I found the word that I wanted to write about after realizing that it plays a pretty frequent role in my life: sarcasm. Everything prior to this paragraph, excluding my first paragraph, is a series of ridiculously sarcastic comments. Many of these I said out loud yesterday, or if I didn t, was thinking them at some point or another. So no, I didn t actually enjoy rush hour traffic, stopping at that gas station, or getting stuck in a snow storm. But instead of just saying wow this is terrible, I am inclined to use sarcasm to show my dislike for things. Sarcasm can be simply explained as a witty form of humor that usually mocks or insults someone or something. I like to view it as a much more clever way to show your dislike for something. Sarcasm comes naturally to me, because I m very outspoken and I don t have a lot of sympathy or patience for stupidity or things that annoy me. It gives me the opportunity to say what I think or comment on things, while keeping the rudeness under the radar. I would also agree that sarcasm is a more hostile form of humor, but let s get real here, insulting someone in the form of a joke is a genius idea. If people think you re joking they won t take it as personally because they won t want to be seen as the poor sport, plus they usually will give you credit that it was, in fact, funny. This allows you to get away with saying so much more, as long as you re quick-witted enough to do it correctly. This brings me to a very important detail of sarcasm, to use it, you have to be sharp. According to Psychology Today, Just blurting out an insult is pedestrian at best. But a sarcastic

Rima 4 jab that can masquerade as a compliment is much more enjoyable, and it also gives the person being sarcastic a sense of superiority ( Field Guide: Sarcastic Masters ). It is a simple fact that people who are more intelligent will be more successful at using sarcasm. I ve had so many friends use a word or expression wrong, and when they are called out on it excuse it as sarcasm. Like the other day I had a friend say, Yeah I m really knowledged with things like that. When I told her that didn t make any sense she replied by saying that she was being sarcastic. Sarcasm is not the justification you use when you use a word or expression wrong so that you don t sound so stupid, it s an intelligent little dig that usually leaves no room for an equal comeback. For example, you re dealing with a crabby friend so you say well aren t you just a frigging ray of sunshine today? This statement allowed you to indirectly call them out for being unpleasant, while putting a touch of humor into it. The idea that people use sarcasm simply because it is fun or it makes them feel superior is, I m not going to lie, probably true. For me those two things often go hand-in-hand, using sarcasm is fun because it makes me feel superior. When I know I ve gotten the edge up on someone with a little remark that they can t seem to find a rebuttal to, it feels good and it evokes a little feeling of superiority. Because, plain and simple, it is thrilling to be able to tell someone your actual thoughts or feelings without holding back, and sarcasm allows you to get as close to that as possible. The same feeling applies when you say something sarcastic to someone who can t recognize it, so you re basically masking an insult as a compliment. You get to say your peace while the person you are mocking stares back in confusion, and knowing that you just insulted someone on a level that they can t even comprehend is pretty cool.

Rima 5 Sarcasm is something that is hard to describe in words on a paper. It is something that has to be experienced and learned. In this paper I dabbled into what it is and isn t to try and paint a better understanding, but the best way for me to define sarcasm to you was to be sarcastic, hence my story about the unfortunate events of my day yesterday. I talked as if I enjoyed every event that I hated, and I subtly mocked the decisions that were made and the situations I was in. This put humor into the whole situation for me, where I otherwise probably wouldn t have seen any until much further in the future. But hey, then again, that whole trip could have been just as dang fun without any of my sarcastic views or comments, I guess we ll just never know.

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