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hen I was a teenager, I read There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue.

I was fascinated by the idea of sleeping on a book and knowing all the information in it. There were many nights when I optimistically tucked a book under my pillow before I went to sleep, just like Edgar Cayce had done. Alas, I don't think I ever woke up any smarter in the morning. Now; nearly 30 years later, I find myself "reading" books by scanning their pages with my palms. I'm talking about medical textbooks: anatomy and physiology and the like. I don't have the ability to access the information at a conscious level, as Edgar Cayce was able to do, yet the information is available to me in my healing work. Let me explain. Over the past year, I moved from working as a computer programmer to becoming a medical intuitive and spiritual! energy healer. This began one March day in 2008 when I started receiving "guidance" in my physical body, and then later, audible guidance from the angels. As part of this process, I was prompted to "scan" books, bulletin boards (like the business cards or events boards at a health-food store), and any number of other things.

In the beginning I was skeptical. I thought, "What 1ll the world am I doing? I must look like I'm crazy, standing here at this bulletin board, scannlllg business cards with my hands." Yet the results surprised me. One time I had been thinking that I needed a new photo of myself for my Web site, and immediately, when I got to the bulletin board, my guidance directed me to a business card that had fallen down behind another one, tucked away. It was a professional photographer's card! It wasn't long before I was asking to scan people's palms when they came for healing sessions. In contrast to when I was scanning books, however, my guidance did give me relevant information about what was going on in the individual's body, in his anatomy and physiology. Next thing I knew; my guidance was giving me information about patterns that "we" (my team of guides and I in our healing sessions) were updating and/or creating in the body. This information can best be described as corrections as well as what I call "fast-track evolution" - for example, "teaching" the pancreas to produce new enzymes for digesting cooked fish and chicken. (Before this evolution, my guidance had been advising me to barely cook my fish, so that the enzymes were still present and so that the cooked fish didn't cause damage in my body. I had also been advised to avoid chicken for the time being. This is no longer the case.) Other suggested patterns included

corrections to physiology that may be creating illnesses in the body and patterns of recognizing toxins that have accumulated, such as pesticides and medications. After receiving the pattern for toxins, the body has the intelligence to begin releasing stored toxins from itself and dealing with new ones appropriately at the time they are ingested or received. In the case of the fish, the new patterns were based on the enzymes present in the raw fish along with information gleaned from scanning physical bodies and scanning the medical textbooks. This example illustrates that, even though I didn't have a conscious recollection of the information in the textbooks I scanned, it was integrated on other levels and available to me. I can't begin to explain how it works; I only know that this is the information I'm given from my guidance. I also know that most clients immediately go into "detox" after their first healing session and that several sessions later, I will receive confirmation that their bodies are carrying less toxicity. Most clients are also absorbing nutrients much better within a few sessions, having received corrected patterns for the production of their digestive enzymes. Other things take longer, but the patterns are still set. The textbooks I scanned also became helpful from a medical intuitive standpoint. The energy of an illness in someone's body would "match" an energy pattern of an illness in a textbook. For example, lupus has a unique energy signature, as does fibromyalgia, even though the physical cause of both comes up as toxicity in the body. I easily recognize patterns I have been exposed to, even if the client is not yet having symptoms of illness. In the beginning, I had to "match" a few more of the patterns. For example, I had a client for whom my guidance said that there was something going on in the bones and that it was some form of malignancy, but it was different from standard cancer tumors. As I scanned through the relevant sections

or just about anything. Shortly after that. and my body patterns. worries. my "energy" found use castor oil packs. So keep your thoughts loving. PA . the focus of the guidance I receive is need to fuss with the castor rarely on the illness. gallstones. and debts (karma) from cell absorbed it just fine. Our thoughts create energy patterns in the etheric template layer of our aura. focusing 333-4499) and saw that he had used it on the illness creates a denser energy for healing cancer in his practice.0.. meridians) and the aura along present. and these energy patterns definitely create results in our physical bodies and in our lives! Affirmations work by setting patterns on this template layer . Often. joy in life. releasing stresses. I would like to emphasize that Edgar Cayce's admonition that "Mind Is the Builder" is absolutely accurate from an energy perspective! I not only work with energy in the aura." For more information. and other negative thoughts also create patterns or weaken the good patterns you're setting. I was guided to get of the skull. and forgiveness go a long way to releasing a lot of it. and then there's castor oil. Cayce remedies for which I've received to start burying my legs in it. since That Heals (ARECatalog. but I didn't not just karma from our past lives but know much else about it. in response to just a fleeting second of a thought.TheJoyfuIHealer. so several of my clients are to be stuck with this karma? No! Love. and harmonious. Does it play a role in our knew that Cayce recommended castor physical health? Absolutely! And it is oil packs for the abdomen. visit her Web site at www. and that I picked up Dr. My guidance conthe match in multiple myeloma with firmed that the castor oil packs were my guidance confirming also that some beneficial and did.of my textbooks. but I also get instant feedback on my thoughts. I just rubbed the it is on setting corrected Christina ''scanning'' a book oil into the skin. a bottle for myself and to Although I am given start applying it to my eninformation about the illtire abdomen every morning and evening. memories. and I received guidance to recommend it for helping the energy to flow in the body people with [the energy of] cancer cells (in cells. Bar Liquid Soap II NatLIFa Skin Lotion" Rose Perfume Splash . /lOf/1I1! • ligall!Y • ItellllQss 1". Mas sage Oils" Psoriasis Cream II Psoriasis Medicated Scalp & Body Wash II Wet Cell Battery II pH Test II Carbondex II Anidex" II Oak Keg. I work near also from our present life.. abundance. fears. I'm advised to say "No thought!" . and some regularly joy. avid Cayce fans. My guidance explains that. put an old T-shirt over. I was told that it could actually dissolve other words. Do we need the A..ff CHRISTINA McENTIRE is a medical intuitive and spiritual/energy healer living in Virginia Beach.. attitude. exercise. but not least. McGarey's The Oil more. Box 60 • Downingtown. She does both local and telephone healing sessions as liThe Joyful Healer. lodex II Saffron II Mullein Leaves ill Passion Flower Fusion II II Watermelon Seed • Inner Clean Inner Tabs II CampilorCare II Cold Coin" " Steel Cut Oats . Instead it is much more helpful to focus on health sand at Virginia Beach. indeed. I am guided to sit in the sand I would like to mention a few of the rather than on a towel. Herbal Breathing II Myo Relief . oil packs. positive. Peanut oil ance says it's a great detoxifier! One more thing I get feedback on comes up as being great for the skin and joints. And. Castor Oil " lOlls II Wool Flannel • Roll On Castor Oil Y You can find them all in the new FREE CATALOG featuring Cayce Care pro Order by phone: www. I saw no nesses in the body.R. traumas. Last. detoxifying the body.E. Antidandruff Shampoo 'I Atomic Iodine • NatllFal Camphor II PlIFe Lanolin ill ScarBan" .Beet \I Almonds. My guidfeedback from my guidance. Rather. I know that Cayce talked about the around it and reinforces or 800the mind builds One day at the health-food such as changes in the bones store.for health. and you will be sure to attract more good things into your life! =. to ask for that thought to be or 610-873·4591 Or Internet: Baar Products Inc.baar. It was not until later with recommendations about things like nutrition. Whenever I visit and on building patterns of joy in life! the beach. doubts. of good health with natural remedies and products (ayce(a Thymollne @ Radiac+' ill Castor Oil II Castor 011 Packs iii Olive Oil Shampoo II Ollvae Conditioner ill Olivae Skin Lotion €I Olivae Bar Soap II Olivae liquid Soap II Palma Christi Skin Lotion. help to soften of the other indicators were present.and better yet. I is karma.Peanut Oil. equally effective.