1 the vendor of all employee wireless NICs the cables that are used for LAN connectivity

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What should be considered in the design of a wireless LAN on a corporate campus?

the number of wireless NICs required on enterprise servers the messaging features that are used on employee cell phones the location of the concrete pillars and walls between the offices
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2 Cisco SDM network simulation tool a fully functional network network equipment in a testing lab

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A network engineer is designing a LAN prototype for a medium-sized business. What should be used to test the IP addressing sche

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Refer to the exhibit. Access list 100 is applied inbound to interface serial 0/0/0 on the SOHO Router1. Which traffic will be denied by configuration? DNS traffic from host A to the Internet FTP traffic from host A to the Internet ICMP traffic from the ISP to server 1 traffic from the ISP to the server on port 23 Bottom of Form 4 Top of Form .

PPP was successfully negotiated between the two routers. A customer has a problem with connectivity in the network. The WAN links need IP addresses from a different major network. what is causin problem? The WAN link that connects R1 to R3 has an incorrect mask. Based on the IP addressing scheme. The IP addressing in R1 LAN is incorrect because subnet zero cannot be used with VLSM. Bottom of Form 5 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.Refer to the exhibit. The WAN link that connects R1 to R2 overlaps with the R3 LAN. Which command set can be found on the local router t produce the results that are shown in the graphic? hostname Sales interface serial0/0 encapsulation ppp ppp authentication chap username Market password 5 jdhdh4737f7hssn .

hostname Market interface serial0/0 encapsulation ppp ppp authentication chap username sales password 5 jdhdh4737f7hssn hostname Market interface serial0/0 encapsulation ppp ppp authentication pap username sales password 5 jdhdh4737f7hssn hostname Sales interface serial0/0 encapsulation ppp ppp authentication pap username Market password 5 jdhdh4737f7hssn Bottom of Form 6 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. All connections are working and CDP is enabled on all devices and interfaces. On which device was the command issued? R1 R2 Sw1 Sw2 .

Which protocol is in use to monitor the network performance? DNS SNMP SMTP DHCP TFTP Bottom of Form 10 It is assigned secondary priority to data traffic.Sw3 Bottom of Form 7 DHCP HSRP MPLS RSTP Top of Form Which protocol allows redundant Layer 2 links without switching loops? Bottom of Form 8 2005:AED0::020E:0000:FE00:1 2005:AED0::20E:0:FE00:1111 2005:AED0:0:0:020E:0:FE:1 2005:AED::20E::FE00:1111 Top of Form What value is an alternative representation of the IPv6 address 2005:AED0:0000:0000:020E:0000:FE00:1111? Bottom of Form 9 Top of Form As part of network monitoring. a network administrator receives an alert that the CPU usage of the core router reaches 90% severa times a day. Top of Form What is a characteristic of voice traffic in a converged network? .

Before the encapsulation was changed to Frame Relay. the administrator attempted to ping the remote router the Frame Relay circuit but was not successful. After the encapsulation was changed. Bottom of Form 12 CDP NBAR ACL logging Top of Form Which IOS component can be used for classification and protocol discovery of network traffic and applications in use? . the administrator verified physical connectivity by successfully pinging the remote router. It consists of large packets with long. A show frame-relay pvc command was issued. The IP address is incorrect. irregular data flows. What could be the problem? The DLCI is incorrect. It uses the error-checking features of TCP to ensure good voice quality. Bottom of Form 11 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. The interface needs to be re-enabled after the encapsulation is changed.It is processed in real time and cannot be retransmitted. The network is not included in the routing table.

Inform the customer that the project budget must be increased. It ensures that remote workers actually use the VPN for connectivity. Configure the Cisco IOS software to support an internal trunk link between the switch and router module. Because the customer is probably aware that the budget limitations will require lower cost. Remove the WIC-2T module so that the new module can be installed in slot 0. Which action should the account manager take? Inform the customer that the project cannot be completed given the unreasonable budget constraints. Bottom of Form 14 Top of Form An HWIC-4ESW. Bottom of Form 16 Top of Form . Bottom of Form 15 Top of Form What makes the Cisco EasyVPN application a useful tool for VPN implementation? It provides encryption algorithms unavailable in other systems. the accoun manager should do nothing. Communicate any risks that are associated with the equipment substitution and obtain customer approval to proceed. It simplifies the configuration tasks for the device that is used as the VPN server. less capable switch model for the access layer connectivity than was specified by the network designer. Shut down all Fast Ethernet ports on the router until the switch module installation is complete. Whe questioned. What should the network technician do first? Install the hot-swappable option module. less capable equipment. four-port switch module needs to be installed in a Cisco 1841 router that currently has a WIC-2T module in slot 0.Network Assistant Bottom of Form 13 Top of Form During a review of the proposed bill of materials. It allows a greater variety of network devices to be used for VPN connections. the ABC Networking Company account manager realizes that the systems enginee included a lower cost. the systems engineer responds that the switches that were recommended by the designer cannot be purchased within budget limitations of the customer. Turn off the power to the router before installing the new module.

107. Based on the default operation of EIGRP.0. There is a single route to the 172. The router sends the traffic out all interfaces other than the one it came in on.20. What does the JAX router do with traffic that is destined for a web server with an IP address of 128.107. EIGRP is the routing pro that is used on the WAN.0 network. which statement is true about the routing table on router RE? There is a single route to the 172. .24? The traffic is sent out Serial 0/0/0. The packets are placed into a queue until a better route is discovered via RIP. Bottom of Form 17 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.Refer to the exhibit.18.20.0/24 LAN via the DSL connection. A pre-sales system engineer receives a diagram of the current WAN from a customer.10.18. A request is sent to neighboring routers for paths to the 128.0/24 LAN via the T1 connection.

Bottom of Form 18 source DTE device Frame Relay switch destination DTE device router through which communication was first initiated Top of Form Which component in a Frame Relay WAN would set the BECN bit in the Frame Relay header if congestion is experienced? Bottom of Form 19 ROM flash NVRAM TFTP server Top of Form During the boot process and assuming the default sequence.0/24 LAN and load balances the traffic.20.) Bottom of Form 21 Top of Form .20.0/24 LAN via the 10 Mb Ethernet connection. what is the second location where the router will look for the IOS? Bottom of Form 20 network size queuing strategy for data traffic routing protocols that are used on the network access control lists that are applied to LAN interfaces network address translation at the network borders Top of Form What two factors can increase the amount of time that is required for a network to converge? (Choose two.EIGRP installs all three routes to the 172.18. There is a single route to the 172.18.

22 /28 192.1.47 /28 192. What IP address should be assigned to this new host? 192.1.Refer to the exhibit.168.168.1 /26 Router RA is attached to the switc a trunk and is configured as shown.168.) Bottom of Form 23 Top of Form .1.55 /28 Bottom of Form 22 ESP DES MD5 DH1 SHA-1 Top of Form Which two technologies can provide data integrity in a VPN connection? (Choose two.1.32 /28 192. A new host needs to be connected to the switch and be assigned to VLAN 2.44 /28 192.168.1.

With manual routing summarization and to advertise only the networ that are shown. how many summary networks will RA advertise to RB? 1 2 3 4 Bottom of Form 24 Top of Form A web-based retail company is considering updating its WAN connection with new technologies that are offered by the ISP.Refer to the exhibit. Network A contains six network segments. What te platform should be used by the network team of the company to validate the performance and capacity of the new technology using world data? pilot prototype emulation software simulation software Bottom of Form 25 Top of Form .

What should be done to solve the problem? Change the routing protocol. which interface on Switch1 is connected to Router1? FastEthernet0/1 FastEthernet0/2 Serial0/0 Serial0/0/1 Bottom of Form .16. Based on the show cdp neighbors detail command. Use the S0/0/0 interface on RB to connect to RA. Replace the IP addressing of network B with 172. However. A network designer is validating an IP addressing scheme with a test network that is configured with RIPv1. communications between network A and network B cannot be established. while the designer can ping between routers RA and RB. Bottom of Form 26 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.Refer to the exhibit. Configure both routers with the no auto-summary command.0/24.254.

Bottom of Form 28 obtaining IPv6 addresses from an IPv4 DHCP server Top of Form What is meant by "tunneling" in the context of migrating from IPv4 to IPv6? . A power supply failure of the server block switch will cause the entire IP telephony system to fail. The IP phones need to be redundantly connected to the switches to prevent single points of failure at the access layer. the Cisco Call Manager will be unreachable. If one of the Layer 3 switches fails. Using Layer 3 switches to interconnect the server block servers to the IP phones introduces too much delay.) The firewall router and ISP connection represent a single point of failure. What are the two problems that need to be resolved in the topology that is shown? (Choose two.27 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. A networking company designer is reviewing a diagram of a customer network.

Assuming that the description is accurate. The help desk technician asks the caller to talk to nearby users to see if other machines are affected. bu seems otherwise normal.allowing both protocol stacks to run on the same network device encapsulating one protocol packet within another protocol enabling direct communication between hosts that use different versions of the IP protocol Bottom of Form 29 Top of Form A network administrator is asked to upgrade the enterprise network devices and to modify the addressing scheme to support VLSM route summarization. The current network infrastructure contains both Cisco and non-Cisco routers. but those seated further away do not. The plan is to replace old route gradually with the latest Cisco routers.) BGP OSPF RIPv1 RIPv2 EIGRP Bottom of Form 30 Top of Form A user in a large office calls tech support to complain that the PC no longer connects to the Internet or to any network resources. Afte few minutes. the caller reports that several immediate neighbors have the same problem. Which two routing protocols can the administrator use to support both upgrading requiremen (Choose two. what should be checked next? power outlet to the PC that is used by the caller workgroup switch in the telecommunications room cable between any network outlet and the telecommunications room cable between the PC that is used by the caller and the network outlet it connects to cable between the PC that is used by a neighbor and the network outlet the neighbor PC it connects to Bottom of Form Top of Form Showing 2 of 4 <Prev 2 Page: Bottom of Form Next> Close Window .

Inc. Privacy Statement and Trademarks. Top of Form 2 Bottom of Form Bottom of Form .All contents copyright 1992-2011 Cisco Systems.

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