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City of Auburn, Maine

“Maine’s City of Opportunity”

___________________________ ______
Office of the City Manager

To: Mayor Gleason and the Auburn City Council

From: Glenn E. Aho, City Manager
Re: Fiscal Year 2012 Municipal Budget
Date: March 14, 2011

I am submitting the draft Municipal Budget and Budget Message for Fiscal Year 2012
for your review and consideration as required by Article 8 of the City of Auburn Charter. This
document represents the operating costs for the City of Auburn for the period of July 1, 2011
through June 30, 2012. As stated, this is a draft document that I expect will be reviewed,
challenged, debated and even revised. Also included in this document is the City of Auburn’s
Capital Improvement Plan. With these documents together, the Mayor and City Council will be
able to make policy and investment decisions for this year, as well as the years to come.

Inside this document you’ll find the following information:

Budget Message: This section includes information pertaining to these areas:
Introduction, Budget Overview, Revenues, Undesignated Fund Balance, Valuation,
Expenditures, Debt, Personnel, Wages and Benefits, and Capital. These sections include
the City Manager’s interpretation of the current financial situation and what it means to
the City.
Programs and Projects: This information organizes the City’s functions into either
Programs or Projects; or, put another way, into goals and objectives. In that format it is
easier to standardize efforts, build accountability, and establish performance
Departmental Goals: Each department focuses its goals upon these three factors:
encouraging active citizen participation in city government; enhancing the delivery of
quality service; and controlling costs. Developing this system helps create consistent and
predictable managerial results.
Joint Services: The EnerGov project is still underway and will be for some time. It’s
likely the largest Joint Services project the two Cities have undertaken.
Fiscal Year 2011 Capital Projects Underway: This section outlines the City’s progress
with regard to the current capital budget and the projects contained within.

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP): The annual CIP is for five years and outlines our
capital needs so that the City Council and balance these needs without impacting any one
year and causing an adverse economic affect. The CIP has two sections; the first contains
those projects recommended for Fiscal Year 2012. Since only those projects in Fiscal
Year 2012 are proposed to be funded, the rest of the capital projects recommended are
under a separate cover as they are unfunded.

Finally, I would like to thank Phil Crowell, Tracy Roy, Karen Veilleux, Lisa Garey, and
the rest of Department Managers and their administrative staff support personnel for dedicating
the hours necessary to compile this budget document. It takes an incredible amount of work and
planning to produce this document!

Administrative Staff
Glenn E. Aho, City Manager Renee Lachapelle, City Assessor
Bob Belz, Public Works Director Lynn Lockwood, Library Director
Renee Bogart, ICT Director Geoff Low, Acting Fire Chief
Eric Cousens, City Planner Dorothy Meagher, Health &Social Services Director
Phillip Crowell, Police Chief Roland Miller, Community and Economic Director
Denis D’Auteuil, Deputy Public Works Director Reine Mynahan, Community Development Director
Roberta Fogg, City Clerk Tracy Roy, Finance Director
Deborah Grimmig, Human Resources Director Ravi Sharma, Parks and Recreation Director

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

If there were ever a time for local government to change, now is it! Never before have so
many external influences come together all at once and affect local government as it has for the
past two years. Sobering events such as the rise of petroleum prices, the Great Recession, falling
state revenues, and the collapse of the housing market, to name a few, have left local officials
scrambling to find funding solutions just to provide traditional services. For the past two years,
the City of Auburn has attempted to overcome these financial adversities by reducing
expenditures, though the reductions are pale in comparison to the amount of revenue loss the
City has suffered. So far reducing expenditures has included reducing, changing, and
eliminating services as well as reorganizing the internal structure of the City so it functions more
efficiently. The service changes have left some residents angered by the results and others,
though understanding and appreciative, would certainly like to have the services returned.
Regardless, the City Council and city administration have worked hard to balance our need for
services with our ability to pay for those services. These past two years have been marked by
reducing expenditures through labor reductions and compensating that reduction by purchasing
innovative technology, and organizing the city’s local government to operate more efficiently.

As the City continues to adjust to the changes of these past two years, another financially
challenging budget season is upon us and not much has changed on the national or state
economic front. In fact, the City will continue to feel the effect of the Great Recession until
things improve in terms of employment, housing, and the economy. What makes this year
particularly challenging is that I don’t believe the City can undergo any more administrative
changes than it already has until systems are built, restored, and fully operating. For example, the
City is undergoing a massive reorganization, a complete standardization, a whole evaluation, and
a rather sizeable technology implementation. These projects are huge and require often and
frequent changes in terms of personnel and operations. To add even more change to what’s
already undergoing change would most likely jeopardize what success and progress we’ve made
so far. City employees are doing a great job working through these changes to make our local
government better, though the workloads and the pace at which we must change can affect

In the past I have always presented a budget I felt was the best available alternative based
upon our service needs, and the ability to pay for those needs. I cannot do that this year. There
are too many things beyond the City’s control that we must face; increased school and county
budget, falling state revenues, etc. Normally, enough administrative changes are able to be made
to overcome financial adversities. This year is different as the financial adversities are too large
for administrative changes alone. It will require policy changes that could further affect our
ability to provide even traditional services. I am submitting this draft budget with the intention of

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

calling upon the City Council for its advice of how or what city policies it wants to change so
administration can do its best to provide superior services at an affordable cost.

Budget Overview
This year’s projected tax rate is estimated to be $21.04; an Did you know? Each
increase of $1.74 or 9% over last year. This proposed increase is caused penny in the tax rate
by a continued decline in non-property tax revenues, increases in City, represents $20,491.
County, and School budgets, and a decline in valuation. A brief
explanation of each follows:

The City’s non-property tax revenues have decreased by $475,768; or -4.7%. When
averaged with last years’ decrease, the reduction is 9.2%. Last year’s revenues alone had
dropped by 13.4%.
The City’s gross budget is proposed to be $31,395.510, and increase of 3.23%, which is
up from a 1.18% increase last year. When averaged over the past two years, the gross
municipal budget has increased 2.2%. The Androscoggin County Budget increased by
$33,209, or 1.8%. The Auburn School Department is proposing an increase of
$1,760,869, or 5.2%.
The City’s valuation is not yet complete, but is projected to decline, as much as $19
million due to depreciation.

The City’s revenue includes property tax revenue and non- Did you know? The
property tax revenue. Non-property tax revenue includes state and City pays $546,335 in
federal subsidies, excise taxes, building permit fees, license fees, etc. fire hydrant fees.
When non-property tax revenues decrease and while services remain the
same, then there has to be a demand shift to property tax revenues to make up for the decrease in
non-property taxes. As national and state economies declined, so too did the City’s non-property
tax revenue, thus shifting a greater reliance upon the property tax revenue. Since Fiscal Year
2010, the City’s non-property tax revenue has decreased by $2,057,374, or 18%. This shift is
what causes the property tax rate to increase.

Fiscal Year 2012 non-property tax revenues are projected to be $9,661,969, which
represents a decrease of 4.7% when compared to last fiscal year. As non-property tax revenues
continue to decrease, greater reliance upon property tax revenues increase.

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

The chart below illustrates just five of the City’s non-property tax revenue accounts and
by how much these accounts have declined since Fiscal Year 2008. This group of accounts has
declined by $2,343,909, or by 30%.

FY 2012
FY 2008 FY 2011 % Change
Revenue Source Actual Projected
from 2008
Excise Tax-Vehicles 3,303,512 2,800,000 2,700,000 -18%
State Revenue Sharing 4,009,459 2,500,000 2,400,000 -40%
Tree Growth 16,424 7,881 2,000 -88%
State/Local Road Assistance 494,514 378,000 378,000 -24%
TOTAL $7,823,909 $5,685,881 $5,480,000 -30%

Undesignated Fund Balance

This budget proposal includes drawing $700,000 from the City’s Undesignated Fund
Balance (UDF). Two years ago, Fiscal Year 2009, the City Council approved use of $600,000 of
the UDF to in effect “lower” or “buy-down” the tax rate. For Fiscal Year 2010, the City Council
approved use of $700,000 to again “buy-down” the tax rate.

As of June 30, 2010, our UDF was $7.7 million. The City’s Fund Balance Policy aims to
maintain a balance equivalent to 8.3% of both the city and school budgets, which equates to $5.5
million. That amount is a minimum and, among many towns and cities, a prudent measure of a
healthy UDF balance is equal to 3 months of operating expenses. In Auburn’s case, this equals
about $16.8 million. The City’s UDF balance is evaluated as part of financial rating companies
such as Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s.
Did you know? It costs $86,015 each day
To return the City’s mil rate to be equal to
to operate the City. It costs another
last year’s mil rate, it would take $4.2 million of $98,433 each day to operate the schools.
additional revenues or expenditure reductions.

In a normal year, the City would capture $20 to $30 million in new valuation. This year
the City’s valuation presently suggests a $19 million decrease in valuation, which is due
primarily to depreciation. The State also has implemented two personal property tax exemption
programs called BETR and BETE. Under the BETE program (Business Equipment Tax
Exemption), municipalities are reimbursed by the State for a percentage of the personal property
lost as a result of the exemption. Equipment eligible for BETE reimbursement must have been

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

subject to tax on or after April 1, 2008. In 2008, the reimbursement

Did you know? The
rate was 100% and for each year thereafter, the percentage drops 10%.
City’s 2010 accounts
This year the City can anticipate a reimbursement of 70% of the lost payable amounted to
tax revenue. The remaining 30% of lost personal property tax revenue $28.3 million.
is shifted to property tax payers. The BETR program, (Business
Equipment Tax Reimbursement) reimburses property tax owners for equipment first placed in
service after April 1, 1995, but on or before April 1, 2007.

The challenge to the City of Auburn will be when the BETE program municipal
reimbursement expires. According to the Assessing office, the 2010/11 overall percentage of
taxable revenue from personal property was $220,930,500, or 10.68% of the City’s total
commitment. This amount of valuation will eventually become exempt. A further challenge will
be if the State of Maine chooses to exempt eligible business equipment for the BETR program.

In the upcoming weeks and months, staff will continue calculating the valuation from
personal property, new permits, renovations, and adjusting for personal property depreciation
and any affect our sales ratio study will suggest. Our hope is that the valuation increases, but it’s
too early to predict.

Can the City grow out of this current financial shortfall? Eventually, normal growth
rates in valuation will again help stabilize our local mil rate, but at this moment the City would
need a valuation increase of about $200 million to return a mil rate equal to that of last year.

The City's combined municipal and school budget is about $67 million. For 2010, the
City’s accounts payable, which are payments made to vendors, was $28,352,201. The chart of
Select Accounts Payable identifies some of the City’s largest vendors; many of whom employ
local people and purchase local services.

Nearly half of the City’s expenditures are attributed to personnel costs, which is normal
for a service provider such as local government.

The City’s expenditures increased 1.18% in Fiscal Year 2011, and they are anticipated to
increase 3.23% for Fiscal Year 2012. There are a few accounts in particular that have
contributed to this increase. They are as follows:

1. Workers Compensation: This fund has been underfunded for several years. The
combined claims paid have amounted to $354,564 over the past three years while City

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

contributions have been held constant at $200,000. This line item has increased
2. Fuel and Utility Costs:
Fuel prices are City of Auburn
anticipated to increase as Top 20 Vendors of FY11
Company Amount Service
well as electricity,
Gendron & Gendron $1,589,088 Construction
contributing an additional
St. Laurent & Sons Excavation $874,662 Construction
$80,000 to expenditures.
Pike Industries, Inc. $527,667 Construction
Although water and Central Maine Power Co. $267,373 Utility
sewer costs are not slated Dennis K. Burke, Inc. $245,130 Petroleum
to increase, fire hydrant Pine Tree Waste, Inc. $216,170 Solid Waste
rental has increased Constellation New Energy, Inc. $181,836 Utility
$32,583. Fire Tech & Safety of NE, Inc. $165,496 Safety Eqpt.
Crochere Heating & Plumbing. $151,151 Construction
3. Solid Waste: The City Mid Maine Waste Action Corp.. $149,676 Solid Waste
has solicited bids for Linnell, Choate & Webber $148,825 Legal
solid waste removal Woodard & Curran, Inc. $143,553 Engineering
services and it’s Nobility Llc. $142,875 Construction
anticipated the cost for Longchamps & Sons, Inc $141,271 Construction
providing this service Biosafe Environmental Services $129,634 Construction
will increase by $30,000. CN Brown Co $124,029 Utility
SPL-USA Corp $116,174 Road Salt
4. Intergovernmental: enerGov Solutions, Llc. $85,680 Software
These budgets have Gleason Construction $74,532 Construction
increased approximately CED/Gilman Electric Supply $73,533 Electrical
$52,000. The City is not
making any recommendation as Intergovernmental funding is a matter of Council policy.
5. Supplies, Tires and Repairs: The cost of goods the City purchases to provide services
has increased approximately $84,000.
6. Personnel Costs: The cost of labor, overtime and corresponding benefits has increased
$511,000. Had we not undergone the labor reduction, this amount would have increased
by another $30,000.
7. Telephone: The cost of maintaining the telephone infrastructure has increased by
$21,000, though nothing is changed; only the line item was underfunded.

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

The chart below illustrates how the City’s $31,395,510 budget is apportioned to each

Expenses as a Percentage of Total Budget

Engineering City Properties
1% 2%

Information Tech
Public Works Debt Service
Intergovernmental 15% 22% Capital
6% Improvements

Wages &
Police Department
10% Public Library

Parks & Recreation Planning &

2% General Permitting
Fire Department Water & Sewer Government 2%
12% 2% 6%

The City’s total debt is approximately $76.5 million. State law prohibits the City’s debt
from exceeding $308 million, or 15% of the City’s state valuation. By the end of 2012, the City
will retire about $9.5 million in debt, though during this same period the City will most likely
incur another $5 million. Though the City is far from being saturated with debt, at the moment
the current fiscal policy of incurring new debt each year should be limited or curbed so as to
adopt a “pay-as-you-go” policy. Budgeting for capital reserves and depreciation are the best
methods of financing a “pay-as-you-go” policy. The indebtedness being incurred now is a result
of low capital investments into infrastructure and equipment years ago. Postponing necessary
capital expenditures today does have a short-term financial benefit, but also it has a long-term
financial burden. Going forward the City will attempt to quantify what the effect of deferred
capital maintenance is having upon the City’s future ability to pay for that deferred capital.

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


In 1995 the City employed 257 employees. In 2001, the City employed 253 employees. In
2008, 2009, and 2010, the City employed 248, 242, and 239 full time employees, respectively.
For Fiscal Year 2011, the City employed approximately 233 employees.

Over the past two years the City has Full Time Employees
undergone labor reductions that have saved and
will save taxpayers over $630,000 per year.
Calculating the savings is easy; calculating the
costs are a bit more difficult. City employees
continue to adjust to the labor reductions and are
working hard to find new, innovative ways to
provide traditional services. Service cuts and
Full Time Employees
reductions have helped to reduce workloads,
though even so it has been challenging. For Fiscal
Year 2012, the City is recommending NO further labor reductions. Further reductions would
have an adverse impact to the City’s ability to provide services.

To compensate for greater workloads, the City restructured its organization. During that
process it was determined funding for three administrators would be reallocated to entry-level
positions focused upon providing direct service to our residents. The duties performed by the
three unfunded administrators would be shared by other Department Managers. The net wage
effect is a reduction of labor costs by $30,000.

Wages and Benefits

Wages and benefits account for 51% of the City’s expenditures. Union and non-union
employee wages and overtime amount to about $11.5 million. Of that amount, $8.2 million, or
72% is attributable to the union employees and $3.2 million, or 28% is attributable to the non-
union employees.

Collective bargaining agreements contain longevity “step-increases” that automatically

increase hourly wages. This increase is separate from any negotiated wage increase. The “step-
increase” system makes cost control difficult. To change this system, the City Council would
need to take a position on this issue and then it would have to be negotiated.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 9

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Non-union employees do not have step-

increases, but are granted merit increases when Personnel Costs
performance warrants. Generally, because of the
“step-system,” wage percentage increases for
union employees always outpace that of the non- Union
union. 27%
All Other
This budget includes a 2% wage increase 49%
for the non-union employees. To not include a Non-
2% merit increase would start to create a field of union
All 8%
disparity, as well as parity, between the non- Benefits
union and union which would only encourage the 15%
non-union to unionize. Tougher positions taken
by the City toward negotiating to curb the growth
of wages will work for only so long as the City
of Auburn is not a wage-setter, it’s a wage-follower. When wages fall below market, then the
City suffers as it struggles to fill positions and overtime increases.

The City is developing a trend of leveraging
debt to meet capital equipment and infrastructure Note: The City is required to adopt a
needs. Though leveraging debt addresses the Capital Improvement Plan. The City also
immediate need of capital deficiencies, we need to has a Capital Budget for its current year
include the projected capitalization of interest costs capital expenditures. To avoid any
confusion, the Capital Improvement Plan
into each capital equipment cost to ascertain true
and the Capital Budget have been
costs of our purchased capital equipment. For
separated. Fiscal Year 2012 Capital
example, if we purchase a heavy piece of equipment projects are contained in the Municipal
for $150,000, we should also include amortized Budget. The Capital Improvement Plan
interest of that equipment as we make our capital for years 2013 through 2016 are under a
investment decisions. separate cover.

For Fiscal Year 2012, the City is proposing a

capital budget of $273,253; of which, only $79,535 is being raised from current tax dollars. The
remaining $193,718 is being reallocated from unallocated bond proceeds. Being proposed for a
new bond issuance, are projects and equipment totaling $3,422,151, which is considerably less
than bond issuances than in recent years past.

There are also capital projects that administration wants the City Council to know about,
but are being left unfunded. The City Council may amend, change, or adopt the capital budget as

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 10

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

proposed by administration. For example, Hasty Community Center is in significant need of

capital investment;
however, without a Ci ty o f Au bu rn
formal building plan, C a p i t a l Improvement Summary
and campus plan, Operational Special
Bond FY 2011
Budget Revenue
administration is only
Department CIP1 CIP2 CIP3 CIP4
making the City
Council aware of 911 0 0 0 109,728
these deficiencies. Airport 0 250,000 0 0
Further review of the City Clerk 0 0 8,500 27,675
campus must be made Engineering 20,000 2,703,651 70,000 945,825
as well as a plan for Fire 0 225,000 35,000 59,000
administration to ICT 0 68,500 24,000 25,000
follow. It would not Ingersoll Arena 0 0 11,680 0
make sense to make LAEGC 0 0 0 2,009,998
significant Planning 0 0 5,538 97,314
investments if the Police 59,535 0 0 30,000
City Council has Property 0 0 0 61,000
other plans in mind. Public Works 0 175,000 0 665,900
Recreation 0 0 39,000 19,895
Totals 79,535 3,422,151 193,718 4,051,335

Programs and Projects

The City is organized under the 5P Team Management system, which serves to
coordinate and standardize personnel, projects, programs, problems, and performance. Presented
here are the City’s Programs and Projects, which outline every goal and objective of each
department’s functions. The purpose of defining everything the City does into Programs and
Projects is to start the process of cost control and performance measurement.

Cost control begins with identifying functions and assigning costs to each function. Every
function of the City has been defined into Programs and Projects. Programs outline major
departmental functions and goals. Projects outline activities and objectives which fulfill the
program. Defining the City’s functions into Programs and Projects offers additional benefits too.
Organized functions …

 provide consistent data to compare for variance analysis.

 are more efficient.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 11

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

 provide clear focus as to what the department should or should not do.
 help eliminate “service-creep,” a term used to define the incremental addition or
expansion of local government service, and costs.
 help employees understand departmental function.
 help other departments understand the entire functions of the City, not simply
one’s individual department.
 make identifying redundancies easier.
 are expected by the public.
In the pages that follow are organizational charts for each of the City departments. These
charts display the City Program and Projects within each department. They are an easy way of
seeing how time, money, and other resources are being utilized within the City.
Establishing Programs and Projects is the first step toward building Performance
Measures, which will be established to measure productivity and efficiencies. By evaluating and
measuring projects output, programs can then be amended to reflect best management practices.

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


Personal Abatement/
Real Estate Permits Commitment Administration
Property Appeals

Deed Audit System Department
Businesses Loading Review
Transfers Values Budget
& Appraisal

Owner/ Business Asset

Annual Audit
Address Request Supplements Personnel
Property Exemptions
Changes Mailing

Exemptions 706 & BETE Process Data Appeals Performance

Business Prepare
1-4 Reviews Equipment Adjust Values Munis Bridge Defense/ Cost Control

Reimbursment Hearing

Map Changes Calculate TIFs Managment

Mobile Home

Special Land LD1 & TIF

Classifications Reports

Sales Ratio
Study Tax

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 13

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

City Clerk

Vital Business
Elections City Council Administration
Records Licensing

Filing Birth Voter Department

New Licenses Agendas
Records Registration Budget

Filing Death
Renewals Staff Training Resolves Personnel

Marriage Fees Minutes Performance

Issuing Death Taxicab & Absentee

Packets Cost Control
Certificates Driver Voting

Issuing Senior

Food & Liquor
Marriage Filing Management
Certificates Activities




Flea Markets

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 14

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Community Development

Community HOMES
Development Investment Lead Administration
Block Grant Partnerships

Acquisition & Department

Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Rehabilitation
Demolition Budget

Home Buyer Home Buyer Personnel

Rental Performance

Public Services Cost Control

Acquisition &

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 15

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Economic Development

Development Transportation
Solicitation Administration Sales
Finance Logistics

Financing Tax-Acquired
Marketing Airport Reporting
Sources Properties

Financing Meetings with Regulatory Sale of City

Packages Investors Review Property

Zoning Inquiries Railroads

Planning Business - City Legislative
Board Liason Initiatives

Regulatory Development
Process Protocol

Community Grant
Meetings Administration

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 16

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


Project Private
Pavement Environmenal Right of Way Technical Street
Development & Development Administration
Management Compliance Control Assistance Addressing
Management Review

Pre-Design & Street Code Indexing and Tax Map Department New
Fill Permits
Planning Inventory Compliance Storage Updates Budget Assignements

Data Condition Drainage
Inspections Reporting Permits Management Update 9-1-1
Analysis Assessment Issues
Cost/Benefit Water Offsite
Estimating Paper Streets Research Personnel
Analysis Quality Coordination
Bid NPDES Utility
Survey Bonding Performance
Preparation Regulations Locates

Utility Stornwater
Design Inspection Cost Control
Coordination Management

Testing Landfill Fees




Env. Permits




GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 17

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


Accounts Property &
Payroll Reconciling Purchasing Adminstration Audit Tax City Hall
Payable Casualty

Time &
Attendance Vendor City Proposals Pre-Audit Claims Dog Licensing Maintenance

Invoice Real Estate &
Payroll Taxes School Contracts Personnel CAFR Repairs Supplies
Entry/Checks Property Tax

W-2 1099 Performance Regulations

Hunting &
Cost Control Fishing Safety

Garage Sale



5 Year

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 18

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Fire Department

Operations Fire Prevention Administration

Fire Department
Suppression Budget

Medical Personnel

Hazardous Community
Materials Outreach

Special Health and
Operations Safety

Salvage Pre-Planning Cost Control



GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 19

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Health & Social Services

General Emergency
Health Work Ready Administration
Assistance Assistance

L/A Public Senior

Health Billing Career Classes Management
Committee Activities

SSI Payee Trust Funds GED Classes

Assistance Workfare
Loan Program

Cost Control



GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 20

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Human Resources

Benefits Safety and
Workers' Comp. Recruitment Personnel Compliance Labor Relations Administration
and Salary Wellness

Medical Open Department
Advertising Inspections Evaluations NIMS Training Bargaining
Paperwork Enrollment Budget

Program OSHA
Meetings Claims Interviewing Hearings Grieveances Personnel
Development Recordkeeping

Employee File Family Medical

Transition Plans Training Peer Support Negitiations Performance
Assistance Maintenance Leave Act

Accident Sexual
Training Non-Union Pay Orientations Arbitration Cost Control
Investigation Harassment

Record Health
Mediations Exit Interview Management
Maintenance Promotion

Life Insurance Health Fair

Fit Friendly
Abuse Testing

Wellness Team

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 21

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


Server/PC Technical Application Office Consolidation Customer
Operations Services Systems Systems Services Service

Back-Ups LAN/WAN Development Printers enerGov Help Desk

Maintenance Telephony Procurement Networks gbaMS Cost Control


Installation Website AVGIS Managment

Support Performance


GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 22

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Ingersoll Ice Arena

Concessions Pro Shop Ice Rentals Sponsorships Administration

Sales Sales Shinny Boards Management

Inventory Inventory Youth Wall Signs Reporting

Services Private other

Tournaments Cost Control

Private Skate Performance




GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 23

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


Provide Information Community
Public Space Fundraising Administration
Materials Sharing Outreach

Purchasing Website Teen Area Annual Fund Management

Promoting Service Desk Study Area Endowments Performance

Material Prime Time Planned Adult Department

Issuing Cards
Maintenance Area Giving Programs Budget

Interlibrary Monitor Children's
Major Gifts Cost Control
Loan Statistics Area

Catalog Train Staff Events Personnel

e-books Kiosk

Databases Book Sales

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 24

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Parks and Recreation

Municipal Area Community
Special Events Camps Youth Sports Adult Sports Administration Lessons
Maintenance Services

Christmas Men's Department

Mowing Liberty Festival Football Football Ice Skating
Decorations Basketball Budget

Sand Balloon Women's
Adopt-a-Spot Soccer T-ball Management Tennis
Removal Festival Basketball

Raking Santa's Arrival Mad Science Kickball Men's Softball Personnel Golf

Landscaping Carnivals Sentencing Summer Basketball Coed Softball Performance

Trash Community
Fishing Derby Vacation Soccer Dodgeball Cost Control
Removal Band

Repairs Fright Fest Lacrosse Volleyball

Spring Outdoor Ice

Plowing Track & Field
Celebration Rinks

Valentine's Day Wednesdays in Recess

Dance the Park Warriors

Snow Winter Saturday Night

Running Club
Removal Festival Movies

Speed &
Hot Shot Other Musical
Competition Performances

Open Gym

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Planning and Permitting

Inspections Planning Electrical Administration Permits

Planning Housing/
Electrical Fire Alarms Budget/ Building
Board No Heat

Traffic Signal Plumbing

Sanitation Zoning Board Personnel Sanitation
Repair (Internal)

City Subsurface
Buildings Comp. Plan Performance Land Use
Maintenance Wastewater

Plumbing Development

Street Lights Cost Control General Code Electrical
(Internal) Review

State Senior
Certificate of Holiday Home
Delegated Managment Plan Review
Occupancy Preparation Occupation
Review Activities

Emergency NOV i.e.
Fire Service & Sign
Response Junkyards

Subsurface Fire
Wastewater Investigation


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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message


Community Community Community Administration
Services Education Outreach

Youth Community National Department

Patrol Investigations Budget
Programs Resource Night Out

School Graffiti &

Emergency Drug Elder Abuse Personnel
Resource Community
Response Enforcement Task Force
Officer Cleanup Day

Hate & Bias

Traffic/Speed Sex Explorer Post Crime Task Prescription Cost Control
Enforcement Crimes #333 Force Drug Collection

Police Retail Senior

Crime Violent Special Management
Activities Merchants
Enforcement Crimes Olympics Activities
League (FORCE)

Crimes Against
Accident After School Citizens Police Senior Citizen
Investigations Programs Academy Safety

OUI & Seatbelt Computer Junior Police

Enforcement Crimes Camp

Community Identity
Events Theft

Volunteers in
Police Service

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 27

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Public Works

Highway Fleet Winter Community
Administration Environmental
Maintenance Services Operations Services

Culverts and
Road Postings Repair Waste Plowing Festival Plaza
Catch Basins

Required Culvert Seasonal Storm Water Christmas

Annual Reports Steaming Changeover Systems Decorations

Department Pavement Street

Maintenance Snow Removal Parking Garage
Budget Restoration Sweeping

Road Curbside
Personnel Inspections Sand Removal Banners
Maintenance Recycling

Performance Traffic Lines Sidewalks

Cost Control Ditching Waste

Senior Underground
Management Arborist Tank
Activities Inspection

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Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Departmental Goals
Every year, each Department Manager establishes goals that support the City’s corporate
culture; to provide superior services at an affordable cost. Goals are written based on the needs
of the community, the needs of the department, and the resources available at the time. Goals
may be modified as new needs are identified and older needs change, but the following goals
give purpose and direction to each Department Manager while supporting the corporate culture.
What follows are the goals written by each Department Manager and the results of which will later
become part of the evaluative process.

FY12 Goals - Assessing

“Maintain Equity for Valuation Purposes”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

Goal 1

 Develop informative and interactive online services and public communication via the
 Educate public and provide information of tax incentive programs.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

 Complete the scanning project of assessing data in order to provide more information
Goal 2

electronically to the public.

 Review and modify how our services are delivered online and interoffice.
 Improve the response time in posting data to the web.

Cost Controls
 Audit programs to define problems, improve efficiencies and identify cost reductions.
Goal 3

 Cross train with other departments, learn enerGov and improve the inspection process.
 Implement a new program for the processing of deed transfers. Deeds will be directly
downloaded from the registry for processing.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 29

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY12 Goals - City Clerk

“The Golden Rule of Customer Service, Treat Others as You Want to be Treated”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

Goal 1

 Improve business licensing process and communication with businesses.

 EnerGov - beta test business licensing software, implement and promote online

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

 Encourage employee development and administer employee recognition.
Goal 2

 Evaluate customer needs through a customer service survey, hours of operation,

modify how our services are delivered and offer more online services.

Cost Controls
Goal 3

 Organize, evaluate and prioritize tasks.

 Gather data from financial software Munis, EnerGov and other available data sources
to see where improvements are needed and make corresponding improvements.

FY 12 Goals – Health and Social Services

“Enabling Auburn Families to Achieve Self-Sufficiency in a Financially Responsible Way”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

 Increase client participation in Auburn Adult Education to provide needed education to
Goal 1

individuals without GED or high school diploma.

 Market and seek contributions for the food pantry.
 Raise community awareness about homelessness by participating in an annual
homelessness vigil.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

 Work with the Maine Welfare Directors’ Association (MWDA) legislation committee
Goal 2

and Maine Municipal Association (MMA) to monitor legislation changes to our

vulnerable population.
 Partner in the Crisis Response Team to ensure that emergency food and shelter are

Control Costs
Goal 3

 Increase referrals to minimize the financial burden on the City.

 Seek out new programs available in the area for clients.
 Have clients seek out volunteer opportunities for them to do workfare.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 30

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 12 Goals – Human Resources

“Helping Employees Bring Value”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

Goal 1

 Facilitate the recruitment/application process by allowing on-line completion and

submission of applications.
 Participate in at least one local career fair.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

Goal 2

 Develop system that supports timely evaluations of all non-union personnel.

 Provide support/accountability and training for all safety programs to ensure
compliance with Bureau of Labor Standards.

Control Costs
 Explore the feasibility of offering more health insurance options to employees to meet
the needs of a diverse employee group.
Goal 3

 Reduce employee absenteeism by reducing injuries through Injury Management and

Health Promotion Program.
 Continue collaborations with Lewiston (i.e. firefighter recruitment).
 Collect data on sick leave usage to identify patterns and reduce absenteeism through

FY 12 Goals - Finance
“Committed to Supporting Internal and External Customers with Timely and Accurate Information”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

Goal 1

 Create and promote online services.

 Updated amounts on Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills on the City’s website.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

Goal 2

 Decentralize payroll (time entry).

 Cross train employees within the department.
 Empower departments with Munis training to promote the highest level of utilization.

Control Costs
 Go Docs.
Goal 3

 Email Bids to reduce paper and mailing costs.

 Request for proposal for posting real time tax bills online.
 Implement software to bridge school transactions into city’s software therefore
eliminating duplications.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 31

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY12 Goals - Fire/Rescue

“To Protect Life, Property, and the Environment from the Adverse Effects of Hazards, both Natural
and Manmade”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

 Establish an on-line customer survey to obtain feedback from consumers of our service.
Goal 1

 Implement a self fire inspection program for select businesses.

 Expand department outreach programs to include volunteers i.e. following up on
burning permits, health & safety clinics, etc.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Services

 Conduct a standard of cover assessment to ensure station locations, staff and response
times are adequate for the city.
Goal 2

 Assess all emergency call types and determine what fits department’s mission
 Update, reformat all department SOPs, orders, and job descriptions using accreditation

Control Costs
 Continue to expand cost neutral training mechanisms/alternatives.
Goal 3

 Develop, implement, and monitor energy conservation methods.

 Expand on current technology to deliver traditional services in a more cost effective

FY12 Goals - Information Communication and Technology

“Leaders in Technology that Transform how Departments Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

 Phase out work order email that resides on current website. Implement an online work
Goal 1

request module that contains a status of completion and a reference number.

 Prepare to migrate from the .Net WebGIS application to the AP Flex GIS framework.
Coordinate the migrate and workflow with Lewiston GIS and AVGIS. Implement the
new AP Flex. Train and market the new online GIS.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Services

 Maintain our GIS parcels and tax maps on a monthly basis. When tax assessment is
complete, the GIS tax maps and parcels will be updated and served out to the public.
Goal 2

 Advance knowledge in crystal reports. Go to training at enerGov to learn the enerGov

database structure.
 Evaluate city’s needs for PC. Coordinate PC purchases with the County. Purchase and
implement the new PCs.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 32

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Cost Control
Goal 3

 Ascertain project management software that fits the needs of the ICT department.
 ESRI Licensing will be evaluated. We will complete ArcGIS upgrades for all ArcGIS
users that are not working on version 10.

FY12 Goals - Library

“We Have the Answer!”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation with the City of Auburn and Auburn Public
 Establish a mechanism for re-defining the role of Library Corporator in order to
encourage greater public involvement.
 Continue to improve sharing of City government information with the public (e.g.
Goal 1

Council Meeting DVD’s, City Manager Weekly Reports, etc.)

 Further engage City managers and officials in promoting reading.
 Help create an employable workforce through skills training and information
 Build on partnership with Workforce Development Council, Career Center and Job
Corps to provide programs for youth and adults.
 Promote the Learn a Test database and other relevant resources.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Services

 Expand collaboration with Auburn School Department to promote summer reading.
 Expand collaboration with preschool programs to promote My First Library Card/parent
Goal 2

 Expand and improve Family Literacy collections and activities.
 Redesign nonfiction collection to encourage self-service.
 Increase functionality of web site.
 Install wireless printing solution.

Control Costs
 Implement efficiencies indicated by workload study.
Goal 3

 Recruit additional volunteers to improve cost effectiveness and scope of services.

 Increase collaboration with other agencies to leverage resources.
 Increase Donations and Gains by 5%.
 Investigate cloud computing options.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 33

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY12 Goals - Parks & Recreation Department

“Make Every Move Count”
“Safety, Fun and Value through Affordable Programming”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

Goal 1

 Ensure the use of customer program review surveys to improve the value of our
programs and services as well as increase the number of registrations in the programs.
 Ensure feedback forms are available online and interactive.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Services

 Implement new orientation and training materials to prepare entry level staff to provide
programming consistent with the corporate culture.
Goal 2

 Develop a program evaluation system and report quarterly upon the findings to include
financial information, assessments and program recommendations.
 Collaborate with others to provide programs and services we currently are unable to do.
 Create new programming choices and execute within projected budget.

Control Costs
Goal 3

 Replace the gym lights with energy efficient models.

 Develop financial control measures to monitor operations/programs.

FY12 Goals – Planning and Permitting

“We Want Development!”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

 Provide 24-hour information and applications through the Citizen Access Portal
(CAP). Advertise and promote the use of CAP.
Goal 1

 Establish Comprehensive Plan Implementation program to ensure the plan is

implemented effectively and efficiently.
 Analyze and evaluate services to define what is/is not important to the community and
prioritize services accordingly.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

 Utilize Energov and MobileGov to their highest capacity by providing thorough
training to all P&P staff through the use of EnerGov to maintain a high level of service
for our customers.
Goal 2

 Establish procedures and make available reference materials so staff can provide
consistent and predictable service.
 Streamline the permitting process.
 Market and Use Delegated Review for Life Safety, Storm water, Site Law and Traffic
to make investing in Auburn predictable and more attractive than the rest of the State
of Maine.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 34

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Cost Controls
 Control or reduce costs with efficiencies gained by CAP and MobileGov.
 Collect and evaluate data from Energov to monitor performance and improve
Goal 3

 Develop “Easy” permits for low value/low risk projects that do not require staff time
for review or inspection but still provide necessary documentation.
 Redistribute workloads to respond to changing conditions, priorities and resources.

FY12 Goals - Police

“Protecting the quality of life in our community through our core values of Honor, Excellence, Loyalty
and Professionalism”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

 Develop a technology based crime mapping system for citizen interaction.
Goal 1

 Conduct two Citizen Police Academies to increase citizen knowledge.

 Recruit and train citizens to be certified in the national CERT (Community Emergency
Response Team) program for Androscoggin County.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

 Create organization succession planning through the development of a mentoring
 Provide time sensitive analysis to the patrol and detective divisions to deploy
Goal 2

preventative resources through COPSAP (Community Oriented Problem Solving

Analysis Project).
 Develop an on-line citizen reporting system to maximize officer deployment time.
 Expand the Volunteers in Police Services program to improve delivery of city-wide

Control Costs
 Evaluate present police methods and programs to provide a more efficient return on
Goal 3

each taxpayer dollar.

 Research and assess innovative solutions to reduce taxpayer burden.
 Review current policies and adjust budget allocations to ensure quality fiscal

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 35

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY12 Goals – Public Works/Engineering

“Leading Community Pride”
“Provide Innovative Idea and Responsible Results”

Encourage Active Citizen Participation in City Government

Goal 1

 Implement “gbaMS Dashboard” module to allow customers to request and track work
order statuses online.

Enhance the Delivery of Quality Service

 Complete an analysis of our work programs and training needs to determine an
acceptable performance levels. Review the services that we currently provide,
determining if the applied resources (labor, equipment, money) utilized in our
Goal 2

programs provide a desired benefit to the community.

 Provide only the services that make sense based upon the Needs Assessment, and
determine the optimum resource level. Services that we cannot efficiently provide will
be considered for privatization.
 Coordinate Engineering and Planning projects.

Cost Controls
 Identify the true cost of providing our services, and create a baseline for accurate
Goal 3

comparison with private sector costs.

 Reevaluate the condition of all City streets, develop an inventory and provide
recommendation for future CIPs.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 36

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

Joint Services
The Twin Cities of Lewiston and Auburn continue their joint EnerGov project. When
complete, 8 departments in each city will have joined many functions so that conducting
business in either City will appear as seamless as possible. The project began last summer by
each City reviewing existing paper processes and then suggesting how they may become
automated. The next Phase for this summer is MobileGov, Citizen Access, and Business
Licensing. Though joining services may seem as an easy concept, this project has required a lot
of hard work from the staffs of both Cities; not just in terms of learning new systems, but first
having the design new systems altogether.

Summary of CIP Purchases

Cost planning and cost controls are two of the most important managerial functions
employed by the administrative staff when it comes to ensuring accountability. We can use data
from previous years to inform our current decisions, which we are now doing while reflecting
upon the FY11 CIP Purchases.

For our own benefit, and also as a result of Councilor requests, the following report has
been compiled to summarize how the FY11 CIP monies have been expended to date.
Information contained in the chart includes the approved purchase and council-approved amount,
listings of items or services purchased, and comments regarding the future plans for work and
remaining funds.

Please note that FY11 is still underway and much of the money cannot be spent until the
spring and summer months when the weather is appropriate for the projects being done.

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 37

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 2011
Dept. FY11 Projects & Capital Purchases Council Comments

Capital Purchases -- Operational Budget (CIP1)

Eng Pavement Survey $ 25,000

Subtotal $ 25,000 $ -

Fire Fire Hose & Couplings $ 14,000

5 forestry hoses $ 710
26 hose couplings $ 9,911
14 white hoses $ 1,808
Subtotal $ 14,000 $ 12,429

ICT Server Replacement $ 8,000

Subtotal $ 8,000 $ -

Police Fleet Replacement $ 23,248

rollover to
Subtotal $ 23,248 $ -

CIP 1 Grand Totals $ 70,248 $ 12,429

Capital Purchases -- Bond (CIP2)

Eng Major Drainage $ 460,000

2010 CSO Share $ 25,411
MS4 Year 2 Permitting $ 9,126
Subtotal $ 460,000 $ 34,537

Eng MDOT Match $ 200,000

Riverside Dr. Recon Consultant $ 52,372
Subtotal $ 200,000 $ 52,372

Eng Reclaim & Resurface $ 1,883,184

Adams Ave. Resurface

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 38

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 2011
Dept. FY11 Projects & Capital Purchases Council Comments
Harris St. Resurface
Forest Ave. Resurface
Gillander Ave. Resurface
Gamage Ave. Resurface
Sunset Ave. Resurface
Sunset Ct. Resurface
North Auburn Rd. Resurface
Trask Ave. Resurface
Grandview Ave. Resurface
Harrison Cir. Resurface
Huard Ave. Resurface
Johnson Rd. Resurface
Skillings Corner Rd. Resurface
Stevens Mills Rd. Resurface
East Waterman Rd. Resurface $1,883,184
Subtotal $ 1,883,184 $1,883,184

Eng Reconstruction $ 2,088,542

19th St. Reconstruction
Roy St. Reconstruction
Lafayette St. Reconstruction
Avon St. Reconstruction
Beckett St. Reconstruction
Candia St. Reconstruction
Dee St. Reconstruction
Enfield St. Reconstruction
Flanders St. Reconstruction
Gosnold St. Reconstruction
Kilsyth St. Reconstruction
Ipswich St. Reconstruction
Laureat St. Reconstruction $1,825,248
Survey Design Consultations $ 51,398
Subtotal $ 2,088,542 $1,876,646

Eng Sidewalk Improvement Program $ 100,000

Subtotal $ 100,000 $ - Spring 2011

ICT Integrated Messaging $ 25,000

Subtotal $ 25,000 $ - Researching

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 39

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 2011
Dept. FY11 Projects & Capital Purchases Council Comments
Fire Central Station Parking & Ramp $ 150,000
Subtotal $ 150,000 $ - Spring 2011

Planning Traffic Signal Loop Repairs $ 44,800

AD Electric $ 5,767
Subtotal $ 44,800 $ 5,767

Planning Roadway Lighting Upgrades $ 7,000

Subtotal $ 7,000 $ - Spring 2011

Planning Traffic Signal Preemption Repairs $ 3,850

Subtotal $ 3,850 $ - Spring 2011

Police Building Improvements $ 40,000

Priority Access $ 2,383
Interview Rooms $ 10,790
Lobby $ 9,037
Furniture $ 1,225
Paint/Repairs $ 4,286
Wiring $ 1,587
Subtotal $ 40,000 $ 29,308

PW Building and Grounds $ 26,500

Caulking & Backing $ 44
Replacement Window $ 5,088
Caulking for Window $ 189
Heavy Duty Caulking $ 13
Cedar Shakes $ 7
Subtotal $ 26,500 $ 5,341

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 40

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 2011
Dept. FY11 Projects & Capital Purchases Council Comments
PW Heavy Equipment $ 238,050
Sidewalk Tractor $ 134,880
Subtotal $ 238,050 $ 134,880

Rec Softball Field repairs $ 15,000

Subtotal $ 15,000 $ - Spring 2011

Rec Flash Cam $ 6,500

Subtotal $ 6,500 $ - Spring 2011

CIP 2 Grand Totals $ 5,288,426 $4,022,035

Capital Purchases -- Special Revenue (CIP3)

Clerk Election Equipment $ 42,000 Pending

Subtotal $ 42,000 $ - Change

Eng Municipal Parking Garage $ 80,000

Snow Removal $ 38,180
Water $ 1,116
Advertising $ 23
Telephone $ 444
Electricity $ 26,409
Electrical Work $ 204
Improvement Supplies $ 269
Postage $ 398
Subtotal $ 80,000 $ 67,043

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 41

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 2011
Dept. FY11 Projects & Capital Purchases Council Comments
ICT Network Infrastructure $ 6,000
Subtotal $ 6,000 $ - Researching

Fire Power Back-up Engine 5 $ 22,000

Grant not
Subtotal $ 22,000 $ -

Planning Parking Garage LED Retrofit $ 50,000

LED Lighting $ 37,279
Subtotal $ 50,000 $ 37,279

PW Drainage Imp. Program - General $ 69,000

Erosion Control Fabric $ 134
Hay Bale $ 854
Grass Seed $ 231
Corrugated Polyethylene Underdrain $ 947
15'' Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe $ 1,571
24'' Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe $ 721
Stone Rip Rap $ 240
Subtotal $ 69,000 $ 4,698

PW Non-Vehicle Equipment $ 42,000

Subtotal $ 42,000 $ - Spring 2011

PW Machinery $ 4,000
Subtotal $ 4,000 $ - Spring 2011

PW Street Improvement - Emulsion $ 20,000

Hot Patch $ 20,000
Subtotal $ 20,000 $ 20,000

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 42

Fiscal Year 2012
City of Auburn Municipal Budget Message

FY 2011
Dept. FY11 Projects & Capital Purchases Council Comments
PW Guard Rail Replacement $ 20,000
Materials $ 4,330
Subtotal $ 20,000 $ 4,330

PW Court St. Retaining Wall Repair $ 15,000

Subtotal $ 15,000 $ - Spring 2011

CIP 3 Grand Totals $ 370,000 $ 133,350

GEA “Superior Services at an Affordable Cost” Page | 43