CV- Sid Senadheera * This is the shorter version in nanotechnology * I have another CV for astrophysics Citizenship : Canadian

Technical Interests
Nanotechnology & Nanoelectronics : Silicon/Carbon Nanofibers, Nanoparticles, Femtosecond Lasers semiconducter (fsec) Laser ablation, Quantum and Nanoelectronics Electrical Engineering : Antennas, Receiver systems design, Front end and IF electronics Computer Aided Design (CAD) of RF Microwave components Circuits and PCB Design, Testing of RF Microwave instruments Signal extraction in low S/N ratio, Radio Telescopes, waveguides Simulation, Communication with Spacecrafts, VLBI, VLBA (Other) Technical interests : Devices, Systems design, waveguides, Si Photonics, Fabrication Sub-micron & Areal imaging systems, HgCdTe arrays, CMOS readouts

Education - In the nanotechnology field
BA 1997 : Physics - Manchester College, USA - average 86% MSc 2000 : Physics - University of Illinois, USA - average 80-89% * The University of Illinois final grade is given on a scale (a range). * 50% EE coursework in E&M and device physics PhD 20(10) : Mechanical Engineering, Ryerson University, Canada *A major lawsuit has been filed against Ryerson University with the Canadian government to get this PhD out. *Thesis : "Quantization in nanoparticles induced by magnetic and gravitational fields" * average 85-90%

Achievements and Professional Associations : American Physical Society Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society, USA Kappa Mu Epsilon National Mathematics Honor Society, USA Institute of Mathematics and Applications, (IMA) UK Full Scholarship, 1993-2000 ($180,000 USD- in today's estimate) Ryerson University 2008 - 2009 ($29,000/yr CAD) who's who in American Colleges and Universities. NSF Grant (2006/07) Caltech - renewable every three years Dean's list (Fall 1995 and Spring 1996) Related work (most Recent) : Research and training in novel RF/Microwave Electronic Systems design Funded by the US National Science Foundation : NSF - Caltech Research in Nanotechnology - nanowires for nanoelectronic applications Computer Skills : AutoCad 2008, CAD for devices and systems design, Orcad 9+. PCB design Thermal propagation in circuits - FemLab, E&M simulation using BeamProp Circuit board simulation software, Use of Network/ Spectrum Analyzers Thermal effects in circuit board devices and effects of thermal gradients Operating systems : UNIX , DOS, Windows (all versions), Mac OS Computer Hardware : Building Single CPU and Multi-CPU Systems Interfacing systems with GPIB cards to make measurements and analyze data. Technical Coursework : Related Graduate coursework; Electromagnetics, Solid State Devices, Electronics,Thermodynamics, Quantum mechanics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Related Undergraduate coursework; Electronics, Computer Science, Modern optics, Analytical Mechanics, (Radio) Astronomy, Special & General Relativity. Math Background : Numerically solving non-linear differential equations, Advanced calculus, Linear & Tensor algebra, Differential/ non-Euclidean geometry. Probability theory & statistics.

Research Assistant - Ryerson University - Material Sciences (2008 - 2009) Research : Nanotechnology, Nanoparticles & Nanofibers, quantum electronics Engineer/Staff Scientist - California Institute of Technology - (2006-2008) Worked on Projects at: Caltech-OVRO/ CARMA/ DSN/ BIMA/ JPL-NASA (SIS-Mixer fabrication) Tech. Consultant - ESI Robotics - spinoff from U. of Toronto - (2003 - 2006) Robotics communication tech support & Research. Testing robots in underground parking lots, reducing multipath reflection. Research Engineer - University of Toronto, VLBI communication systems (2002 - 2004) - Wrote the algorithm for the communication system for the first Canadian space telescope -MOST MSc Research & Teaching (as a Instructor) - University of Illinois Fabrication of IR-focal plane arrays and designing IR imaging systems (Research funded by Phillips US-mil. Labs,VA) Chicago & Urbana (1998-2001) * References will be available upon request

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