ITINERARY OTI TRIP 2010 Thursday - September 2nd: Flight • Leave LAX at 1 pm Friday - September 3rd: Jerusalem/Bethlehem

• 5 pm Arrival in Ben-Gurion Airport • 6 pm Driving to Jerusalem • 7 pm SHABBAT DINNER at Old City home of Patrick Amar (Aish HaTorah Yeshiva, Old City Jerusalem) --• 10 pm TRAVEL to Bethlehem and check into Holy Family Hotel Saturday - September 4th: Ramallah/Bethlehem • 8 am TRAVEL to Ramallah • 9 am TALK with Sam Bahour (entrepreneur and business man) and Antonio Galli (USAID representative) • 11 am TOUR of Mukata – Palestinian Governmental Complex (including Arafat’s burial site) • 12 noon LUNCH on Bus • Visit of Birzeit University, meeting with Professors and Students • 2:30 pm TALK with Xavier Abu Eid (Communication Advisor, PLO Negotiation Support Unit) • 4 pm TALK with Al Haq representative (Palestinian Human Rights Organization) • 5 pm Meeting with Dr. Husam Zomlut (Deputy, Central Committee Fatah, PLO representative to the UK (2003-2008) • 6 pm Leave for Bethlehem (OTI REFLECTION in Bus) • 7 pm DINNER with Dabka Band Dancers in Tent restaurant with students (Bethlehem University) and community members Sunday - September 5th: Jerusalem/East-Jerusalem • 8 am Leave hotel for Jerusalem • 9:15 am Check in Knesset • 10 am TALK with Ibrahim Sarsur (most senior Arab politician in Knesset, party leader United Arab List) • 11:30 pm LUNCH in Bus (sandwiches) • 12 noon STRATEGIC TOUR with Danny Tirza (architect of the separation barrier) – including Gilo Settlement • 2 -5 pm TALK and TOUR of East-Jerusalem with Ir Amim (e.g. Sheik Jarah and Siluan) • 5:30 pm Meeting with Bill Van Esveld (Analyst for Human Rights Watch) • 7:00 pm IFTAR DINNER with Khaled Zighari (photojournalist and television producer, worked for Al-Jazeera and BBC) o Optional Friday night-prayer for Muslim students at Al-Aqusa mosque • 9 pm OTI REFLECTION • 10 pm Going out with Bethlehem University students (optional)

Monday - September 6th: Qalqilyah/Haifa • 8:30 am leave from Bethlehem • 10 am TALK and TOUR with Avihu Cohen (overview point) • 11 am Meeting with Mayor of Qalqilyah Marouf Zahran • 12 noon TOUR of Qalqilyah and the wall surrounding the city with city officials (Nidal) • 1 pm Leave Qalqilyah • 2 pm LUNCH at Maxim Restaurant in Haifa, a joint Arab-Israeli owned restaurant attacked by a suicide bomber, TALK with Tony Mattar (co-owner) • 4 pm TOUR of terror victim burial site (near Haifa) with Yossi Zur and Ron Kehrmann, whose children died in a suicide attack on a Bus in Haifa • 6 pm Check into accommodation in Colony Hotel • FREE Evening in Haifa Tuesday - September 7th: Haifa, Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights (Tour guide for the day Guy Leibovitz) • 9 am TALK at Beit HaGefen Coexistence Center • 10-11 am TOUR of Bahai’i Gardens • 12 am Leave for Sea of Galilea • 1 am tour of Christian sites (Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes) • 2 pm LUNCH at Druze Village plus TALK • 3 pm TOUR of Golan Heights (Lebanese and Syrian border) • 6 pm General Alik Ron (former head of the Northern Command, Israeli Police) • 8 pm Return to Haifa • 9 pm Dinner in Haifa with OTI Reflection afterwards Wednesday - September 8th: Jenin and Nablus • 8am TRAVEL to Jenin • 10 am TOUR of Jenin refugee camp with Mohammad Sayyed (Popular Committee of Service – Jenin Camp) • 11 am MEET with Qadoura Mousa (Governor of Jenin) • 12 am TRAVEL to Nablus • 2pm TOUR of Nablus (e.g. inner city, soap factory) • 3 pm LUNCH in Nablus • 4 pm MEET with Munib R. Masri (member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and former Jordanian Cabinet Minister) • 6 pm Leave Nablus • 8:30 pm ROSH HASHANA CELEBRATION with Bar-El Family in the Artist Colony of Safed • 12 am Check into Astoria Hotel in Tiberias Thursday - September 9th: Jordan • 6 am TRAVEL to Border

• • • • • • • •

7 am CROSSING to Jordan through Sheikh Hussein Crossing (5 hours) 12 noon Travel to Amman 2 pm TALK (refreshements) with H.E Senator Akel E. Biltaji (Chairman of the Tourism and Heritage House Committee and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee) at the Royal Hotel in Amman 3:30 pm MEET with Rotaract (Rotary International) members in Jordan; Awwad Al Da’ajah, Dani N. Fakhouri, Mais Sukkar, Ihab Fakhouri, in the Royal Hotel 5:30 pm Check into Larsa Hotel in Amman (8th Circle) 7 pm IFTAR/Eid Meal in Jordan (with student family (Tawil Family) 8:30 pm MEETING with members of Tawil at their home in Amman 10 pm OTI Reflection

Friday - September 10th: Jordan • 5 am Optional Morning prayers for Muslim students • 6 am Leaving for Petra (Reflection in Bus) • 10 am Tour of Petra • 1 pm Short break for shopping and food • 2 pm Drive to Karak (Majali Farm) • 4 pm LUNCH with Majali Family and Bedouin tribe members • 6 pm return to Amman • 8 pm Eid Dinner with guests in Amman Saturday - September 11th: Jordan/Dead Sea • 8 am SHORT CITY TOUR (viewpoint, Wehat Refugee Camp (with guest speaker) • 9:30 am Leave Amman • 10:00 am Mount Moria TOUR • 11 am Cross border at King Hussein Bridge (Allenby) (2 hours) • 1 pm Travel to Dead Sea • 2:30 pm LUNCH at Lot Hotel, Dead Sea • 3:00 – 5:30 pm Beach/Mud treatment … relaxing • 5:30 pm TRAVEL to Jerusalem • 7:30 pm TALK (refreshments) with Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Jaber (CEO Zain, member of the board of the World Economic Forum) at the American Colony Hotel (East-Jerusalem) • 9 pm DINNER in East-Jerusalem • 9:30 pm Leave for Tel Aviv • 10:30 pm Check into accommodations – Sea Net Hotel Sunday - September 12th: Tel Aviv/Jaffa/Ariel Settlement • 10:00 am TRAVEL to Ariel Settlement • 10:30 am TOUR with Avi Zimmerman (Executive Director, American Friends of Ariel) • 11 am TALK with Evacuee/Settler from Gaza • 12 noon MEET with Palestinian Factory worker at the Ariel Industrial Park • 1:15 pm return to Tel Aviv (Lunch in Bus) • 2 pm TALK with Pini Meidan (former officer, national intelligence agency of Israeli

• • • • • • •

(Mossad) and Foreign Policy adviser. He was a member of the permanent status negotiating team under PM Barak in 1999-2001 - Taba talks in January 2001) at hotel 3:30 – 4:00 pm BREAK 4 pm TALK with Dr. Yossi Beilin (former MK and Israeli justice minister) at hotel 5:30 – 6:00 pm BREAK 6 pm TALK with Professor Galia Golan (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), founder/member Peace Now, former Meretz MK and Executive) at hotel 8 pm OTI Reflection 9 pm DINNER at Dr. Shakshuki Old Town Jaffa with students from Tel Aviv University and IDC Herzliya 11 pm Optional Night Tour

Monday - September 13th: Tel Aviv/Jerusalem • FREE Morning = time for shopping or going to the beach • 1 pm check out of hotel • LUNCH • 1:30 pm TALK/PANEL with Amos Harel (Haaretz covered the Gaza conflict and “breaking the silence) and members from Breaking the Silence • 3 pm IDF soldier/special forces (Yuval Geisman) with a different perspective • 4 pm Travel to next location • 4:30 pm TOUR/TALK of Natal (Trauma Center) with Ifat Morad • 6:00 pm TRAVEL to Jerusalem • 7:30 pm Check into accommodation at Lutheran Guesthouse • 8:00 pm DINNER and OTI REFLECTION in Jerusalem Old City Tuesday - September 14th: Hebron/Efrat • 8:30 am TRAVEL to Hebron • 9:30 am TALK and TOUR with David Wilder (Spokesperson Jewish Community) • 11:30 am TALK and TOUR of Hebron City Center with Walid S. Abu-Alhalaweh (PR Director, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee) • 1 pm LUNCH at in Hebron (time to shop and meet locals) • 3:00 pm Leave for Efrat • 3:30 pm Visit of nearby settlement outpost (Karmei Zur) • 4:00 pm PANEL with Efrat residents (A. Friedman) • 6:00 pm RETURN to Jerusalem with REFLECTION on bus • 7:00 pm TALK/DINNER with Parents Circle • FREE Evening Wednesday - September 15th: West-Jerusalem • 9 am MEET with Holocaust Survivor at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial • 10:00 am Tour of Yad Vashem • 12 noon LUNCH in Yad Vashem • 2 pm TALK with Hamad Amar (Knesset Member Ysrael Beitenu) • 4 pm TALK with Ahmed El-Sadat (First Secretary of the Egyptian Embassy, grandson of

former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat) • 5 pm FREE AFTERNOON for shopping and relaxing • 7:00 pm DINNER in Jerusalem with Hebrew University students in the Old City • 8:30 pm TALK with Gidi Grinstein (President and founder of the Reut Institute) at Lutheran Guesthouse • 9:30 pm OTI REFLECTION Thursday - September 16th: Gaza/Sderot/Jerusalem • 7 am TRAVEL to Kerem Shalom (Gaza Crossing) • 9 am TOUR at Kerem Shalom, presentation by COGAT Commander • 10:30 am Gaza overview in bus with Avihu Cohen while driving to Sderot • 12:15 am TOUR of Sderot (police station (old rockets), rocket shelter, …) • 1:30 pm LUNCH with John Ging (Director of UNRWA in Gaza) • 3 pm Return to Jerusalem with OTI REFLECTION in bus • 4:00 pm TALK with Ashley Perry (Senior Advisor, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister) • 5:30 pm TOWNHALL MEETING with One Voice Israel and Palestine at YMCA • 7:00 pm DINNER with One Voice activists in Jerusalem afterwards FREE Evening Friday - September 17th: Bethlehem/Jerusalem • 7 - 8 am Optional – visit Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque • 9:00 am TALK with Zoughbi Zoughbi (director of Wi’am – Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center) • 10 am TALK with Yusef Thalgieh (father of a Palestinian boy who got killed by the Israeli Defense Forces at sons grave site) at Wi’am • 11 am Dedication of playground (planting of an OLIVE TREE) at Wi’am park • 11:30 am TALK/TOUR of Aida Refugee Camp • 12:30 pm TALK with Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh at Bethlehem University • 1:30 pm TALK and TOUR with George S. Rishmawi (coordinator/cofounder Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies, former International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist) of Old Town Bethlehem (Church of Nativity, Mosque of Omar) • 2 pm LUNCH/TALK with Carmen Nasser (Bethlehem resident who lost her business through the wall/separation barrier) at her restaurant • 3:00 pm return to Jerusalem • 4:00 pm DINNER in Jerusalem before sundown because of Yom Kippur • FREE EVENING (optional services for Jewish Students) Saturday - September 18th: Jerusalem - Reflection • FREE DAY - Yom Kippur • 7 pm Celebration Dinner Sunday – September 19th: Flight Home • 8:30 am MEETING with Mazen Sinokrot (CEO Sinokrot Group, former PA minister of National Economy (till 2006) • 9:30 am TOUR Old City Jerusalem – All Quarters (Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Armenia) and Kotel tunnel with guide Guy Leibovitz

11- 1 pm FREE TIME for packing and last minute shopping 1 pm TALK with Mark Regev (spokesperson for the Israeli prime minister) at guesthouse 3 pm DISCUSSION with Dan Avnon (Director, The Federmann School of Public Policy & Government, Hebrew University) at guesthouse • 4 pm FINAL OTI REFLECTION in the garden of the Lutheran Guesthouse • 6 pm Final Goodbye Dinner • 7:30 pm Drive to Tel Aviv Airport Flight leaves at 11:35 pm –DL 269 (arrival in Santa Ana/OC at 11:44 am on September 20th)

• • •

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