The River

by: Aaron Hill
I walk about and see my life Reflected in thy shallow face. Thy twisted surface shows my strife, My love, my joyous fall from grace. Thou mirroring pond! O hateful stream! Show all insanity which lies within Quite up against the human dream To cover up their mind's great sin. You stare and mock the look of me Showing back my twisted mind! The agony from which I flee! The pain of past lives so unkind! But that is what you do to men, Oh river great and old as thou. You show us we with all our sin, The truest nature, our nature's vow. The smartest man becomes a fool, The foolish man becomes the wise! A sane man born of highest school Is a psycho living in sane disguise. This the river shows to me The truth of all our little lives And thus I watch and live to be. What thus is shown, what lies deprives.

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