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Vanakkam. Another Mile Stone has been achieved in our UTS journey. First time in Tamil Sangam's history Shuttlecock Tournament was conducted along with many other games and Face Painting. UAE Tamil Sangam (UTS) oraganized Shuttlecock Tournament on 4th Feb 2011. Men's Doubles / Women's Doubles / Mixed Doubles. Exciting Games and Prizes for Children, Ladies and Gents was also organized along with face painting. UTS had put up an announcement regarding the registration and got huge response from their members. The teams Pairing & Timing lot was conducted in a very open manner. All the players were invited to Sharjah and the lot for Mixed, Men and Women's doubles was conducted and recorded for further use and clarification. UTS organized a Practice Session on 3rd Feb 2011 in Sharjah from 9pm to 12.30am. For practice too people came from all over UAE and stayed tilll 12:30am which shows the interest and involvement of UTS Members. Mr. Mallikarjunm, Mrs. Geetha, Mr. Sriram, Mrs. Kamaktshi coordinated for our Tournament. Supported by Mr. Prabhu and Mrs. Mareeswari , Mr. Balakrishnan, Mr. Shahul Ahmed & Mr. Antony Nixon - A job well done by all of them. Thanks to all the Line men and Scorers. Till 2nd of February 2011 heavy rain and Sand storm in UAE. But from 3rd Afternoon till the end of the event the climate was excellent which shows that God is great and is always with us. 4th Feb 2011 another Mile Stone has been achieved in our UTS journey. As per our schedule we started our 1st Match exactly 10:00am from that we strictly followed the timing, the Final match was played at 8.15pm. We got excellent cooperation from all the players. Thanks to all. Face Painting : 1st time in Tamil Sangam's history, we arranged Face Painting during the event. More than 30+ children and few other members also enjoyed the Face Painting. Thanks to Mr. Shoban and Mrs. Jamuma Shoban who organized the Face Painting for UTS. Apart from our Shuttlecock Tournament we had Exciting Games and Prizes for Children, Men and Women which was enjoyed by one and all. For Children 2-15 we had Passing the Toy, Mulberry bush (Kola kolaya mundrika), Running relay, Colours, Fun shuttlecock & Kho Kho For Men 15 & Above | Slow Walk, Carry your partner, Hopping & Kho Kho For Ladies 15 & Above - Fill the bottle, Balancing the can, Throw the ball, Biscuit eating & Kho Kho These games were organized by Mrs. Sreeganga Ramesh & Mrs. Chitra Prosper who had taken lot of efforts in choosing each and every game and in buying gifts for all the winners and runners. Thanks to their lovely coordination.

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Thanks to Mr. Padmaraj and Mr. Arun Kumar who helped conduct these games. The games were supported by Mrs. Sowkya, Mrs. Kokila, Mrs. Geetha Swaminathan, Mrs. Vijaya, Mrs. Gayathri, Ms. Anitha Muthu, Mr. Nandakumar, Mr. Mahathir, Mr. Karthikeyan, Mr. Sreeman, Mr. Ravi, Mr. Ramkumar and UTS Support Team (UTS SCOUTS /UTS GUIDES). Lunch and Tea was provided. Lunch from Moon Light Restaurant, Dubai. Raffle Draw gift was given by BackToBack Supermarket, Al Nadha Special thanks to Mr. Prosper who organized the wonderful Trophies. Thanks to all the Players, Volunteers, Well-Wishers. Special thanks to Mr. Ram Kumar, Mr. Thalavai and team (Al Quoz) volunteers. Thanks to Mr. Prabhu and Mrs. Marreswari Prabhu who prepone their flight from Chennai only to coordinate and play in our Tournament. Thanks to Mr. Sanker and family who came all the way from Abu Dhabi just to show their support for UTS. TOTAL TEAMS AND PARTICIPANTS Men's Doubles : 22 Teams (44 Players) Women's Doubles : 12 Teams (22 Players) Mixed Doubles : 22 Teams (44 Players) MEN's DOUBLES Mr. Alagappan & Mr. Mohammed Anwar Mr. Sriram & Mr. Durga Ramesh WOMEN's DOUBLES Mrs. Kamakshi & Mrs. Geetha Bala Mrs. Geetha Kathir & Mrs. Geetha Malli MIXED DOUBLES Mr. Sriram & Mrs. Kamakshi Sriram Mr. Prabhu & Mrs. Mareeswari Prabhu


Thank you very much for each and everyone who made the 4th Feb 2011 Fun Day a memorable day for UTS. Excellent Support. Excellent Involvement. I am sure without your valuable support it wouldn’t have been possible to have run this event. Expecting your valuable support at all times. When you get time please give us your valuable suggestion / feedback and comments. Thanks and Regards Ramesh Viswanathan / Prosper / Swaminathan / Senthil Velan and team UAE Tamil Sangam Photo Gallery :

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