Cliff Note # 3. American History. In order to truly wake up in Truth, we must review American History.

No review of American History would be complete without a review of the history of the Central Bank. It will take hours to go through this thoroughly to get the understanding this t ruly deserves. Most won't spend the time or have the interest, one of the bigges t problems with our country today....our own citizens are too lazy to defend her . Again, the media is working against you ! Please take the time to protect the country that so many have given their lives to defend and ensure your freedom. H er future depends on YOU. If everyone takes their personal responsibility serio usly and learns the history of this nation, then we will begin to head in the ri ght direction. It all starts with YOU. First you must learn about America's history and how we have gotten to this poin t. Below, make sure to watch all of America : Freedom to Fascism. It starts off about the tax system, but ends with the deception of the Federal Reserve Bank. If you are a reader, get the book The Creature From Jekyll Island. Please go through these Wake Ups one at a time and read and watch them fully. I recommend that you take notes and research the contents to prove their validity. Please get back to me with any facts you find that you feel are incorrect. I we lcome discussion on this but no one has ever sent any facts that dispute the tho usands of facts within print and video here. I challenge you to be the first.

A SINCERE MESSAGE FROM ONE AMERICAN PATRIOT TO ANOTHER THE ELITE & THEIR GLOBAL CORPORATIONS HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT. OUR LEADERS ARE NO LONGER MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT IS BEST FOR THE AMERICAN PE OPLE BUT RATHER WHAT IS BEST FOR BIG CORPORATIONS. THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN B AILOUTS GIVEN TO MISMANAGED CORRUPT BANKS AND CORPORATIONS THAT HAS BEEN PUT ON THE BACKS OF AMERICAN TAXPAYERS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS TREASON. We The People don't LEARN AND REMEMBER HISTORY (the controlled media has helped by making us lazy and dumbing us down) The History of the War for Financial Control of the United States of America 1776 The Declaration of Independence is signed. According to Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, the primary reason for the Revolutionary War was the fact that E ngland's King George III outlawed the Colonists honest money supply and required them to borrow from the Bank of England. This put the Colonists in debt immedia tely to the Bank of England. 1781 The First Bank of North America is formed in private hands owned by Robert Morris, who was the Financial Superintendent at the time. This bank charter last ed only until 1785. 1791 This private Bank (owned by the an elite English Family called Rothschild) gets into America through Alexander Hamilton (the Bankers Agent/Spy in George Wa shington's Cabinet) and runs the money system here on a 20 year Charter. Its ca lled the First Bank of the United States. 1811 The Bank Charter ends and Congress does not re-new it even when threatened with war by the bankers ( these bankers and their network took over financial c ontrol of England and France and became the world's banking center ).

President Jackson knows what they are up to and later states. Spike TV..Thomas Jefferson states " I believe banking institutions are more threatening t o our liberties than standing armies. and by the Etern al God..that are of utm ost importance to our Country..Viacomm owns CBS. they are mis-informed.and Time Warner owns CNN. and I intend to rout you out.all the ABC's and ESPN's are owned by Disney. The War of 1812 against Great Britain ends in 1814 and the British Family's owne d First Bank of the United States obtains another 20 year Charter in 1816 and co ntrol of the American money supply again. Comedy Channel. The Banking Elite is now in CONTROL of Our Country and Our World ! CONTROL to put in their own politicians. military leaders. The major media (at the highest levels) and Hollywood is control led by insiders (Banking Elite). The Federal Reserve Bank is again created and "PRIVATELY RUN" for the last 97 years.News Corp owns Fox and many other media outlets. when they do. Do your research. If I was a Senator in Florida and you wer e a Senator in Texas.. 1865 The Banker keeps trying to take back eir many means. etc. President Abraham Lincoln " I have two great enemies." 1836 The Bank Charter is not renewed and we are finally FREE from Financial Cont rol. "You are a den of thieves vipers. media leaders. The national bank will remain in the hands of The People until 1913. I will rout you out. They have had hundreds of years of practice. 1832 Andrew Jackson our 7th President runs for re-election with the motto "JACKS ON AND NO BANK!" 1833 The Bankers do what they do best and contract the money supply causing a d epression.. They have conditioned Americans to work a five day work week and to be consumers and debtors ! Most Americans no longer deal with things like this .. the British Declare War on th e United States. Of the two. Its their FULL TIME JOB while we work 40 hours a week (and pay our ill egal individual taxes to them). the the American Banking System through th tells Congress Army in front of me and the financial one in the rear is my greatest foe. Its called the Second Bank of the Unit ed States. Andrew Jackson later states on his death bed that his greatest accomplishment wa s getting rid of the private bankers and once again giving the American People a n honest money supply. 1913 the Federal Reserve Act is passed while many oppos ing Senators are in their home states for Christmas Break ! Think about it. When you run the money you run the Country ! The Bankers Well Funded Candidate s are currently running our Government. corporate leaders. and 130 other media sources. You are being fed the propaganda and illusion and have been your whole life.all the NBC's are owned by G eneral Electric. cars were just being created at that time..." 1812 Backed by the Bankers money and their orders.. wouldn't we take horseback/carriage at the beginning of De cember to get home for Christmas Break ? In those days you surely wouldn't be he ading home on December 24 the day after the Federal Reserve Act was passed. BET. What you think is White is Black and what you think is Black is really White.. confused and divided. Freedoms and Liberties ! And. We have been fighting the "BANK AND THEIR WORLD WIDE NETWORK" throughout the his tory of this country and have become Sheeple since the 1900's from the controll ed media ! They are experts at what they do. On December 23. Google it. Think about who the Winners and Losers a ." 1913 We are free as a country and have avoided many pitfalls along the way until 1913.. the Southern institutions in the rear.. watch football games and deal with "our perspec tive" of life. The "INDIVIDUAL" income tax is also crea ted for the first time in our nation's history ( previously there was a corporat e income tax and other legal direct and indirect taxes ).

The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK and has held the American People Hostage to their DEBT and DECEPTONS since 1913. Today." Benjamin Franklin "America will never be destroyed from the outside. The Bankers and C orporations are the Winners and the American and Iraqis people are the Losers. The Federal "Individual" Income Tax is an un-Constitutional tax not apportioned by the Constitution. We have been conditioned to have a herd me ntality . I do know the se tracking chips are currently in our passports and may be in the National ID C ard. The Constitution allows for two types of tax . I am not aware. What I am showing you is the truth but you have to be the one to grab it. like a corporate tax to build up the military or for acts of war to defend the Country. You must break free from this group mentality and put more trust in your own intellect.NORTH AMERICAN UNION & VCHIP TRUTH ( only 9 minutes ) The chip is actually traded under the symbol CHIP if you care to look it up. An indirect tax is on things like cigarettes and gasoline for example that you can choose not to buy and therefore indirect. it will be because we destroyed ourselves. The National ID Act was passed in 2005 and is being pushed on the American People.. Again. I also believe they could manipulate people into accepting it. I recommend that you take notes. co rporate income taxes account for 2/3 of the taxes the Federal Government collect s. If we falter and lose our fre edoms.. I do believe Aaron Russo when he says Nicholas Rockefeller told him that was " their ultimate goal ".do what the herd does and thinks.only a corporate income tax. If you watch the video below it will explain it more in detail. This Banking Cartel has had their hand in you and your ance . a group of private bankers took over the central bank and deceitfull y named it the Federal Reserve Bank to make you believe it was a goverment entit y. The individual federal income tax is not apportioned in the Constitution and is therefore illegal. This is where your real educa tion begins my friend. As of January 2010.. all Florida drivers licenses have tracking data in them. If or when it could be implanted in humans.a direct tax and an indirect in the Iraq War and if we get dragged into a war with understanding the real world we are living in. " Abraham Lincoln YouTube . The United States never had a federal individual income tax from 1776 to 1913 ." Martin Luther King Jr. Then the 16th Amendment was created. deserve neither lib erty nor safety. You have been in a cave your whole life. The bright light of truth will hurt your eyes and your first reaction will be to run back into t he darkness and security of the cave. The ID card was supposed to roll out in May 2008 but has been challenge d by several states and is currently being fought in court. A direct tax has to be stated and appo rtioned in the Constitution. research it and prove it to yourse lf. "Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows. The Private Federal Reserve is the "truth key" to open the portal to the bigge r picture and the real point of these films ." James Madison "Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety. In 1913. "The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instru ments of tyranny at home. Only you can do that.from which they created a federal "indi vidual" income tax. The videos below explain everything more in depth.

t he individual income tax wass instituted as a "voluntary tax". What You see here is Factual .google. Did you know the Grace Commission (1984) found that "100% of the individual inco me tax is solely absorbed by the INTEREST on the Federal Debt. the one wh o ended Private banker control. Watch it. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and resto red to the people.stors pockets since 1913 by collecting an un-constitutional federal individual i ncome tax ! The Supreme Court has ruled on this numerous Remember." In fact. can never be restor .Director's Authorized Version "If the American People ever allow private banks to control the issue of their c urrency.. Andrew Jackson.. the bigger picture here. was the last Presidential Administration without a Federal Debt. to whom it properly belongs. but they prosecute those that do not pay it.. first by inflation." Albert Eintein "One.will deprive the peo ple of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers America: Freedom to Fascism We Must Wake Up to This And Get The Bankers Out of Our Money Supply Once and For All. IE : Doyle vs Mi tchell. learn history. Got to IRS. then by http://video.. they get all the interest remember? http://www. http://video. these are must watch videos for every America is under Attack but not by who you to think it is. Corporate Income tax pa ys for the services Americans expect from government." President Thomas Jefferson "The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil." Andrew Jackson "But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom. but because of those who look on and do nothing.not one nickel goes toward services that Americans expect from government". research it and pass it on while you still can. The Bankers like debt.GOV an d you will see that it still is. The individual in come tax solely lines the pockets of the Banking Cartel.Or Research it and Prove Me http://video. Southern Pacific vs Lowe and even in Stanton vs Baltic Mining which conc luded "The 16th Amendment does not confer any new power of taxation. the banks.with courage makes a majority. It sounds radical I know but do your Own Research and beware of the Controlled M edia.

UnitedWeStand316@aol. You are Beginning to Get the Picture. you are ready for the final 4 Cliff Note emails.ed.Remastered Edition (NEW) .com/videoplay?docid=3505348655137118430# Ok. Liberty. July 17. http://video.2008 Now that you have a foundation in American once lost. is lost forever. when you are done you will not look at the world the same way. letter to Abigail Adams.New World Order Documentary . This is Your Official Wake Up Call. Wake Up Call .com . Email me so I can forward them to you." John Adams. 1775 History reveals this Shadow Government Watch this video to get a clearer picture of the Shadow Government the movie abo ve speaks about. I promise. During the Iran Contra Hearings this shadow government was call ed "The Enterprise" by Insiders.