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Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy is one of
the single greatest threats to our Republic that STEPHANIE
you haven’t heard about. She has the money
and motivation to end up in the White House,
which would be disastrous for the United States
of America. From her Communist beginnings
to marrying into an uber-wealthy family that
can fund her political rise, there is a lot more to THE TRUTH ABOUT AMERICA’S MODERATE

Stephanie Murphy than meets the eye.

Either we demand answers about her

connections to Communism, the Deep State,
Nancy Pelosi and one of Hillary Clinton’s most
prominent allies, or we allow her to continue
her transformation into one of the most
formidable Manchurian candidates we have
ever seen. The choice is yours.

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Saigon Stephanie Murphy
The Truth About America’s Moderate

Jacob Engels

Published by Holdfast Media

First published February 2020

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any form, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted
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“The brave man inattentive to his duty,
is worth little more to his Country, then
the coward who deserts her in the hour of

-- Andrew Jackson

I want to thank my longtime readers,
from the Central Florida Post to The
Gateway Pundit and beyond. To my friends
and family; your patience and loyalty
throughout everything I do to hold truth to
power. And finally to Roger Stone, whose
courage and willingness to fight provides
an endless wellspring of energy for patriots
across America.

“Another person’s thoughts about
you are outside of your jurisdiction;
you have no authority.”
-- Bryant McGill

Most people in America still don’t know
who Stephanie Murphy is. Most Floridians
know who Murphy is, but they still don’t
know who she really is. The purpose of
this book is to educate Americans on the
very clear and present danger we all face
as Stephanie Murphy rises the ranks of the
Democrat party. We will examine why she is
not the “moderate” Democrat she claims to
be. We will reveal the shocking truth about
her family and the family she married into.
Where did she come from and why does
that matter?

As this book is being written, and as

you are reading it, the powers-that-be in
the Democrat establishment and moneyed
interests across Florida and our nation’s
capitol are doing everything in their power to
bolster her re-election efforts. She was made
by the Deep State and brought up in the
Bush era, where she facilitated the endless
foreign wars that President Donald J. Trump
has tried so hard to end.

Globalism is her credo and power is
her addiction.

Like most in the modern Democrat party,

Murphy will stop at nothing to maintain
power and destroy anyone who stands in
her way. I have been the victim of her heavy
handed smear campaigns, and I have been
censored, as a direct result of trying to hold
her accountable for her despicable track
record as an elected official. This book
will likely result in an avalanche of attacks
on me from the mainstream media and
Democrat operatives who see her as a prime
piece of political real estate, a women who
can make them rich and help them secure
power for decades to come. If this book
accomplishes one thing, I hope it leaves
voters in the Sunshine State wondering
who Stephanie Murphy really is. Why must
we take her seriously, and yes, why we
should consider her a very real contender
for both the United States Senate and 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue!

While the tech-left and alt-left have been

successful in their attempts at censoring
myself, and thousands of supporters of
President Trump’s America First agenda
over the past couple of years, they will have
to resort to burning books in order to stop
this shocking and important story from
being told. Presenting… Saigon Stephanie
Murphy: The Shocking Truth About
America’s “Moderate”.


News reports and Murphy’s official
biography often reference how her family
escaped war-torn Vietnam in 1979, when
she was just six-months old. At face value,
it is an inspiring tale. The United States
rescues her family in the middle of the
ocean after her father’s boat ran out of gas.
They relocate to Virginia, where she claims
her parents made ends meet by cleaning
office spaces and banks, regularly bringing
Murphy and her brother along with them.

How did the United States government

happen to find Murphy’s family in the
middle of a vast ocean just as their boat
had run out of gas? One thing that is never
discussed in these fluffed up and picture
perfect rememberings of Murphy’s journey
to America? Did they leave behind their
Communist ideologies when they abandoned
their ancestral homeland? Did they ever
do anything to stand up to the Communist
regime and atrocities they committed? Did
they trade intelligence for their freedom?
Has she been a product of the Deep State
and military industrial complex that thrives
of endless foreign war and the erosion of
our civil liberties ever since? Is Stephanie
Murphy one of many Manchurian candidates
trained and controlled by the Deep State?

If it is true that Murphy’s family had
ties to the Communist party or government
elements in Vietnam, what was their purpose
in fleeing? An internal power struggle? Were
they sent here as assets of the USSR? We
simply do not know because Murphy has
refused to come clean about her family’s
relationship with the government in Vietnam
and what, if any association or involvement,
did they have with the Communist party or
Communist movement abroad in the years
leading up to fleeing Vietnam.

In recent years, we have seen other

“refugees” who have fled similarly war-
torn areas become elected to congress,
just think about Ilhan Omar. She did not
leave her allegiances to Islamist ideals in
Somalia when she came to America and
she has been clear about that from the
beginning. Omar has favored deeply anti-
America policies and has even been accused
of sharing sensitive state secrets with the
Muslim Brotherhood. Commenting on 9/11,
Omar famously said, “some people did
some things.” Murphy has been careful to
follow a different route than Ilhan Omar.
From her first campaign until present, the
refugee from Saigon has billed herself as a
“moderate” who will “work with anyone”,
who is willing to work with her.
However, those blood ties to a
Communist state have started to break her
carefully crafted façade. Does she really
believe in our constitution and the wisdom
of our Founding Fathers, or does she only
believe in growing her net worth and
deleting the rights of the American people
she claims to represent? Why haven’t these
questions already been asked and answered
by Stephanie Murphy since her entry into
public life?


Before we investigate Stephanie
Murphy’s time in college, let me first say
that her story is not necessarily the same
as the stories of other individuals who may
have graduated from similar programs and
institutions over the years. Murphy earned
a degree in international relations and
economics from the College of William and
Mary, a college that has a certain history
with the Central Intelligence Agency that
dates back to the late 60’s. The CIA was
known to gather intelligence on certain
faculty and students that they viewed as
radical; often enlisting potential recruits,
including other students and faculty in those
covert operations. They claim the program
ended after a few years, yet we all know
how much the CIA and intelligence agencies
like to lie when they are caught red handed.

This alone might not be enough to

arouse suspicion or to question what actually
occurred during Murphy’s time at the
College of William and Mary. However,
every subsequent step in Murphy’s life has
a connection to the intelligence community
and Deep State in some way. Given the fact
that our sources have alleged that her family
provided intelligence to the United States
government in 1979 when they were picked
up, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for
their children to be groomed and supported
by the Deep State once they arrived in
America. In fact, it was and is a pretty
common practice that is still in effect today.

After graduating with a double major

in International Relations and Economics,
Murphy was quickly hired by accounting
powerhouse Deloitte in Washington D.C.
Deloitte is also known to employ and utilize
their connections to the CIA, as detailed in an
expose published by CNBC titled “Accountants
and Spies” in December of 2016. We also have
to note that Murphy’s husband Sean, the son
of Full Sail founder and CEO Ed Haddock,
worked in high-level positions at Deloitte
around the same time according to his official
bio found on the website for the Greater
Orlando Sports Commission, where he serves
as a board member.

Stephanie was working at Deloitte in

Washington D.C. during the 9/11 attacks
according to several media reports. According
to Murphy, 9/11 motivated her to complete
her masters degree in Foreign Service from
Georgetown, a degree program and school
notorious for turning out prime recruits for
the Deep State and intelligence community.
Under the Trump administration, where the
Deep State and intelligence community is
being exposed and held accountable for their
rampant abuse of power and history of corrupt
practices, students and school officials have
lamented on what they will do in this new era.

However, when Stephanie Murphy was

attending Georgetown’s Foreign Service
masters program, the Deep State and
intelligence community were living high
on the hog. The endless foreign wars in the
Middle East were in full swing. The lies and
leaks meant to manipulate the public into
supporting these efforts were flowing stronger
than Niagara Falls. And guess who went to
work as a National Security Specialist with
the Department of Defense after completing
her Foreign Service masters at Georgetown?
Stephanie Murphy.
Just like we saw with Obama, there were
seemingly no roadblocks for Murphy as she
went from one Deep State nest to another,
always toeing the company line. No military
action was too great and no intervention in
the Middle East to far-fetched. Stephanie
Murphy traded President Bush for President
Obama because she is a product of the Deep
State, which had ruled the executive branch
for decades until a brash billionaire from
Manhattan named Donald J. Trump crushed
their top Manchurian candidate in 2016 and
reshuffled the deck.

Like every groomed and focus group
generated Manchurian candidate, Stephanie
Murphy’s husband had to posses the wealth
and access she needed to finance her
political future. Meeting in the early 2000’s,
Đặng Thị Ngọc Dung (Stephanie Murphy’s
real name), Murphy quickly married the
son of the founder of the predatory for-
profit college Full Sail University, located
in Winter Park, Florida. She could not have
found a more perfect match. Her husband’s
father was a big-time contributor to political
candidates and had built a net-worth large
enough to provide her with a cushy job that
allowed her to ingratiate herself with anyone
that mattered in Central Florida and beyond.
If there was a non-profit or charitable event
that needed sponsoring or support, Murphy
and her newfound family would be the first
to step up.

She would serve as the school’s

“political director” and in turn earned
a piece of the action, netting her up to
$1million a year in compensation, according
to publicly available campaign finance
documents from FEC filings. FS Holdco,
a holding company for investments in Full
Sail, provided her with sky-high earnings
and unlimited access, so she could live the
lifestyle of the rich and famous. From a
broken down boat off the coast of Vietnam
to snagging a husband with a family net
worth in the tens of millions, if not more, in
just three decades. Refugee to the Ritz.

My former publication the East Orlando

Post, explored Murphy’s association with Full
Sail and the for profit college industry in a
2016 article.

Dated October 31, 2016.

Stephanie Murphy’s $1Million Dollar

Payday From Full Sail.

Top Democratic leaders who have been

bankrolling Murphy’s challenge to veteran
Congressman John Mica, are firmly against
schools like Full Sail.

Murphy serves as the schools political

director and her father-in-law Ed Haddock
is the founder of Full Sail. After waiting
nearly two months past the deadline to
file her financial disclosure forms, the
documents unveil her income from Full Sail.

Ms. Murphy has an ownership interest in

FS Holdco, which produces annual income
of up to $1million for her. FS Holdco is the
“Holding company for investment in Full Sail.
Yes, Stephanie Murphy owns a piece
of Full Sail.

What is unknown from looking at the

reports is how much her family nets from the
for-profit college, with estimates suggesting
it’s easily more than $300 million annually.
The costs to attend Full Sail range between
$20,000 and $40,000 a year for tuition

That is a lot of money at risk, as

congress pushes toward major crack
downs on for-profit colleges. This is
probably why Murphy’s stepfather and
his DC allies are spending so much to
take out Congressman John Mica. Most
of the college’s money comes in the form
of Federally-backed student loans or
Federal grants.

In fact, 88 percent of the students who

leave Full Sail have student loan debt,
carrying an average debt of $61,000 before
they even start.

Approximately, 21 percent of those

students default, more than three times the
national average. 

As Ed Haddock and Stephanie Murphy
have been shut out of the White House, they
can see their gravy train ending soon. After
all, the entire for-profit industry has been
under attack by the Obama Administration.

Obama’s team has gone after the multi-

billion dollar industry in a multitude of
ways and for-profit colleges are seeing
a potential massive shift in how they
operate. The most recent display of
the effect of this attack by the Obama
Administration was the shuttering of ITT
Technical College. That school left more
than 35,000 students without a degree. 

Could Full Sail be next? If Full Sail shut

its doors, Stephanie Murphy herself would
lose millions. Her family could not continue
their 1 percent lifestyle forged off of selling
Hollywood dreams to unsuspecting students.

Is Stephanie Murphy really a wolf in

sheep’s clothing, someone pretending to be
a Democrat and pretending to share their
values when, in reality, she’s just running to
protect her lifestyle and her millions?

Of course, Democrats in Washington

don’t seem to care.

They are just concerned with power,
garnering a vote for their agenda and
returning Pelosi to power, to hell with
protecting students and providing free

Back to Stephanie Murphy’s father-in-law…

Edward Haddock, the founder of Full

Sail and father to Murphy’s husband, is a
big-time contributor to political candidates,
having directed most of his money to
Democrat candidates for office over the
past three decades. He bundled hundreds
of thousands for Barack Obama’s first bid
for the White House in 2008, and was the
subject of several news reports that detailed
his expectation that his financial support
would earn him special access not realized
by the average voter. Haddock even penned
an angry letter fuming about his lack of
access to the administration, in spite of his
generous giving to Obama’s presidential
ambitions. All told, Haddock and his family
have donated nearly $1million dollars to
political candidates since the early nineties,
including a sizeable donation of $100,000
to Clinton ally Terry McCauliffe during
his campaigns for Governor of Virginia.
Haddock’s former business partner
Richard Swann, who became infamous for
his involvement in the savings and loan
scandal of the 90’s, which cost taxpayers
$500million? Swann’s daughter Dorothy
would end up marrying Clinton advisor
and future Governor of Virginia, Terry
McCauliffe, which gave Haddock access to
President Bill Clinton and catapulted him
into the top-tier of mega-donors for the
Democrat party.

Aside from the political implications

of Murphy’s marriage, the income streams
and wealth it provided gave her the spot
she needed at some of Central Florida’s
most exclusive country clubs and private
members only spaces. As reported by my
publication the Central Florida Post in
2018, Murphy had a deranged meltdown
at the Interlachen Country Club where she
referred to their playground facilities as a
“ghetto playground” for the simple fact that
they were servicing the pool on a regularly
scheduled maintenance call and upgrading
the playground area. Murphy, who had
allegedly consumed several double mimosas
at that point, harangued the country club
staff about the lack of access for her
children, before exclaiming that she could
go to several other country clubs that didn’t
have such problems, like the equally as
ultra-exclusive Orlando Country Club.
This is curious, considering her previous
statements about being a woman of the
people who understands the struggles of the
low and middle-income class. Yet, she is
one of the chosen few at some of the most
exclusive members only clubs in Central
Florida. Murphy has been spotted wearing
high-dollar footwear, from Louboutin
heels to Gucci pumps; she is clearly not
living among the common man and women
in Central Florida or America – Murphy
is a part of the 1% that she so regularly
advocates and rails against.

SO. How bad was the “Ghetto

Playground” episode? Let’s refresh our
memories by reviewing my article from
January of 2018, published in the Central
Florida Post -- dated January 30th, 2018.

Florida Congresswoman Slams

“Ghetto” Playground At Ritzy Club

During her campaign to unseat longtime

incumbent Republican John Mica in 2016,
Democrat Stephanie Murphy hit home the
“everyman” theme and claimed she was the
candidate who truly cared about the people.

Murphy would beat John Mica and

currently represents the Central Florida
based 7th congressional district, which
includes all of Seminole County and small
portions of Orange County.

While Murphy’s immense personal

wealth is well-known, she has consistently
promoted herself as a bi-partisan dealmaker
who just wants to do right by the residents of
her district and all Americans, in particular,
the poor and middle class.

However, this past Sunday, Murphy

revealed just how out of touch with reality
she really is in a bizzare tirade at one
of Central Florida’s most exclusive and
expensive private clubs.

Murphy is a member and regular of the

Interlachen Country Club, which charges
a $40,000 fee to join and nearly $12,000 in
annual club fees. The club features a tennis
court, sprawling pool, croquet court, fitness
center, world-class golf course, and state of
the art dining facilities.

The Interlachen Country Club, the

alleged site of the “ghetto” playground.

According to multiple sources,

Congresswoman Murphy’s visit to the private
members-only club this past weekend did
not go well. After having several rounds of
drinks and lunch, Murphy reportedly became
incensed about the state of the facilities, in
particular, the “ghetto” playground.

Per our source, who gave us this

eyewitness account:

“The incident began with

Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy
was having drinks and lunch with her
kids, three adult guests, and her guests’
two children. The pool was closed
down because another members child
accidentally defecated in the pool. After
hearing that the pool had closed down due
to this incident, Congresswoman Murphy
began to loudly complain about the
inconvenience, and how bad the caution
tape looked. She then continued on to
complain about the playground and how
ghetto it looked.”

The member, who asked to remain

anonymous in order to not put their club
membership at risk, said that other members
were even shocked to witness Murphy’s odd
and abusive behavior. Two other individuals
confirmed our sources assessment of
Murphy’s interaction with club staff.
“The manager then told her that there
was nothing that the staff could do about
the problem in the pool or the “ghetto”
playground, and attempted to defuse the
situation. Soon after, Congresswoman
Murphy and her guests abruptly left to go
visit another country club’s pool that was
in the area.”

First-off, what does a “ghetto”

playground look like Congresswoman

Furthermore, I would argue that

children in the ghettos of America and
your district would be extremely grateful
and honored to use the luxurious facilities
at the Interlachen Country Club.

How can she realistically advocate

against the moneyed interests in Central
Florida and DC when she is literally the
villain of the class warfare story that the
modern Democrat party works so hard to
promote and propagate… herself included.

Stephanie Murphy is not a common

women who has worked hard to make
ends meet or raised a family like so many
other women of color in Central Florida,
Murphy has been able to rely on her coterie
of nannies, according to her own husband’s
statements to The Washingtonian. Sean
Murphy, the husband of Stephanie Murphy,
claimed that when there were emergencies,
“he would have to step in and take the
load off the nanny,” revealing that the
Murphy family is affluent enough to afford
professional nannies to raise their children,
while Murphy is able to evangelize in D.C.
and around her Central Florida district.

Further, I was approached by someone

who is also a member of the Interlachen
Country Club which Murphy frequents. She
told me that employees of the Interlachen
Country Club were asked to make sure
footage of Murphy entering and exiting the
club was “disappeared” before someone
leaked it. That shows us how tightly
controlled Murphy’s image is by her family,
campaign and congressional staff.


After Democrats failed to recruit a
credible candidate with the ability to raise
money or put up their own funds in a
campaign against longtime Congressman
John Mica, operatives and party leaders
approached Murphy on several occasions
trying to convince her to jump in the race.
They knew that her father-in-law could write
big checks and lean on his wealthy business
partners and friends to fund the PACs to
bolster her campaign.

Murphy initially declined requests to

run, claiming she wasn’t sure whether or not
her family was ready to be thrown into the
public spotlight, or if they wanted to face
the scrutiny on their income sources and
vast family wealth. However, her father-
in-law was worried about the crackdowns
from the Obama administration on for-
profit colleges like Full Sail, and eventually
convinced her to step up. He would provide
her and organizations like the Democrat
Congressional Campaign Committee, with
a blank check, which is what she needed to
take on a titan of congress like John Mica.
However, several months before Democrats
snagged Murphy as their standard bearer, the
DCCC ran a vicious smear campaign against
John Mica, claiming that when he was in the
Florida legislature as a State Representative
36 years prior, that Mica voted down a bill
that would have made spousal rape illegal
in the state of Florida. The fact that the
DCCC was even able to obtain evidence of
this vote raises many important questions.
According to my sources, the voting history
of the legislature from 1980, including that
specific vote, are buried in a backroom of
the basement in the Florida capitol building.
The DCCC claims they discovered the vote
in some obscure academic paper discussing
the bill, though that was equally as difficult
to source and find. Now, this could be an
example of good opposition research. Or it
could be the invisible hand of the Deep State
and intelligence community that had spent
so many years grooming Murphy?

Nonetheless, it was a direct hit on Mica,

who had to spend a lot of time explaining
the vote and as Roger Stone has said, when
you are explaining in politics… you are
losing. Never mind the fact that Mica’s
vote against the bill was actually because
it created loopholes and weakened current
laws on the books that protected women.
Even the Democrats in the Florida House
fought against the bill. During his time in the
State House, Mica supported several pieces
of legislation that provided more aggressive
protections for women, and Florida, would
be one of the first states to successfully
prosecute spousal rape. However, that mattered
little to Stephanie Murphy and her allies.

It certainly softened up the longtime

congressman, providing the perfect
opportunity for Murphy to jump into the
race. She would of course need another
reason, as she wanted to keep her hands
clean when it came to the controversy that
the DCCC created about Mica’s vote. And
like any ruthless wannabe politician looking
to assume power, she used the tragic terrorist
attack by an Islamist at Pulse Nightclub
to launch her campaign. She claimed that
John Mica accepting $5,000 from the
NRA for his 2016 re-election campaign
somehow contributed to the atmosphere
that allowed for the terrorist attack to occur,
willfully ignoring the role Islam played.
For Murphy, it was all about the NRA and
John Mica’s history of standing tall for our
2nd amendment rights, which she framed as
facilitating mass shootings and gun violence.
Can you imagine how sick you have to be to
launch your first campaign for elected office
on the bodies of the victims of a terrorist
attack? Anti-gun groups like the Brady
Campaign lined up to support Murphy. She
promoted herself as a concerned mother who
was just trying to protect her community,
when she was actually deeply committed to
abolishing the 2nd amendment, something
she finally admitted to publicly years later
when running for re-election in 2018. We
will discuss that in the next chapter.

Despite John Mica fighting tooth and

nail against Congresswoman Sandy Adams’
primary challenge in 2012, the John Mica
of 2016 failed to muster the same vigor and
tenacity when he faced Murphy in 2016.
His most credible lines of attack on Murphy
came too little and too late. We did our best
at the East Orlando Post and the Seminole
County Post to sound the alarms about
Murphy’s shady role as the political director
for Full Sail University and her father-in-
laws long history of buying elections for
radical Democrats that dressed themselves
up as “moderates”, but the dye had been
cast and Murphy would defeat the longtime
congressman by a just a few percentage
points, which amounted to just over 10,000
votes out of a total of around 354,000 votes.


The promises Stephanie Murphy made
to voters that she would remain impartial
and independent of left-wing Democrat
leader Nancy Pelosi vanished quicker
than keg of beer at a college frat party. In
her first term, Murphy would push anti-
2nd amendment legislation and vote with
Nancy Pelosi nearly 100% of the time. This
was far from the way that she presented
herself to voters in 2016, but that’s politics.
The thing is… Murphy promised that she
would be different and she just wasn’t
and still isn’t. Before we break down her
current movements, we have to address the
dumpster fire of a campaign she ran in 2018.

What exactly was her message in

2018? Fuck free speech, fuck the 2nd
amendment, and fuck freedom of the press.
Fuck transparency and fuck openness. Most
of all… FUCK THE PEOPLE she was
elected to represent. I understand that those
statements might be obscene and extreme,
yet they are the STONE COLD TRUTH.
And so it begins.

The lead up to the 2018 mid-term

elections gave voters an unabridged and
raw look in to the dark soul of Stephanie
Murphy. Could you ever imagine that
a member of congress from a state like
Florida, where we are annually subjected
to some of the worst hurricanes in recorded
history, would be raising money at a swanky
steakhouse in DC as our state is ravaged by
the sometimes kind, but often brutal Mother
Nature? This was first exposed by the Scott
Sturgill campaign and they released an ad
describing what “Steakhouse Stephanie”
did as we suffered. What I am about to tell
you is known to some, but not to most of the
voting public. It relates to her wealth and
status as a member of the elite 1%, someone
who can do things that the average man or
woman could not ever get away with.

During Hurricane Irma, one of the

strongest hurricanes in recorded history,
Stephanie Murphy was able to travel
between DC and Orlando, even while
commercial flights were grounded. It is
widely speculated that she used her father-
in-laws private jet to go back and forth,
allowing her to be pictured in hurricane prep
photos before jetsetting back to the safety of
her native swamp in DC.

While the entire state of Florida was

under a state of emergency, Murphy was
busy raising money with Nancy Pelosi at
one of DC’s swankiest steakhouses, Charlie
Palmer. Murphy has tried to claim that she
held the event a week prior to Hurricane
Irma making landfall, yet campaign finance
reports show the expenditures dated as
right when the mega-hurricane was hitting
Florida. Now, it is not like Murphy didn’t
try to hide these simple facts. She staged
photo ops of her filling sandbags and
playing cards illuminated by campfire, yet
she has refused our requests to provide us
her travel records for the dates in question,
something she is legally required to do as a
member of congress. Will she ever explain
the campaign expenditure around the time
Hurricane Irma made landfall for a rental
agency based in Kissimmee, Florida? Did
she actually lose power or did she rent a
home and pretend like she lost power to
seem more like one of the “common folk”?

Why would she refuse to disclose her travel

activity? Could it be because commercial flights
were grounded and she took the G-5 in and out
of DC so she could raise coin with Pelosi before
a staged photo op?

As Floridians braced and faced

Hurricane Irma, Murphy spent thousands
upon thousand on steak and fine wine, she
was even graced with the presence of Nancy
Pelosi, the taxpayer funded drunkard-in-
chief. For exposing this disgusting display
of degeneracy and contempt for her fellow
Floridians, Scott Sturgill’s campaign was
lambasted by the media and Murphy was
allowed to become the victim. However,
when we confronted her in person at
the Democrat Congressional Campaign
Committee sponsored campaign kickoff
for Stephanie Murphy’s 2018 campaign,
Congresswoman Murphy turned into a mute
when asked about her swanky fundraiser
during Hurricane Irma. If you were accused
of such a thing, wouldn’t you stand up
and fight back? Murphy didn’t. Sadly, she
grabbed her children to shield herself from
our questions and her husband attempted
to stop our inquiries to no avail, given the
fact that he is a typical beta-male lacking
the intensity and vigor to defend even his
own wife. He squared up and I stood my
ground… he stood down. Coward.

This was all documented in a Facebook

live broadcast from my publication, Central
Florida Post, which was deleted within
24hours by Facebook, with no reason
given. A source in the Austin offices of
Facebook confirmed years later that the
DCCC reached out on behalf of Murphy’s
campaign asking the video be removed.
Their reasoning? That we were harassing
Murphy and targeting her young children.
Nothing could be further from the truth,
however, Facebook’s internal memos state
that any attempt to reinstate or download the
video would result in the termination of the
employee who did so. Why would Murphy
and her allies at the DCCC be so afraid of
this content existing online for the whole
world to see if it wasn’t the truth?

From that point on, we continued to

livestream our journalistic efforts to expose
Murphy’s hypocrisy, giving her no less than
a half-dozen chances to speak her peace and
correct the record. However, she refused to
do so on every single occasion, including
the time I financed an expedition to DC in
the summer of 2018, trying to get her on the
record discussing her swanky steakhouse
fundraiser during Hurricane Irma and her
involvement in attempting to censor my content.

Just over a week before the August

mid-term primary elections, Murphy
claimed the U.S. Capitol Police had
advised her to back out of an event
hosted by the Sanford Chamber of
Commerce that I had made known I was
attending. Behind the scenes, her staff
alleged that I was the source of such
“security concerns”, though no evidence
or documentation of said concerns were
ever provided or given. As a member
of the media, it is curious that Murphy
would go to such lengths to smear me
in an attempt to escape tough questions.
However, that kind of behavior is typical
of careerist politicians who claim to be
“different” like Murphy, remember that
globalism is her credo and power is her
drug of choice.

Let this be an open call to the U.S. Capitol

Police, publish the threats referenced by
Murphy’s staff. Otherwise, Congresswoman
Murphy and the Capitol Police are happy to
pursue legal action against myself, and others,
familiar with the claims made by Stephanie
Murphy and her staff. We welcome the idea of
entering the discovery and deposition process.
Tick… tock.

When I arrived at the event, graphics

were taped all over the entry ways warning
that filming, recording, and members
of the media were not going to be given
access to the event. Even worse? Murphy’s
staff had spooked the event organizers so
much with her demonstrably false claims
of security risks and concerns, that they
enlisted local law enforcement to act as
Murphy’s goon squad. When I approached
the country club that was hosting the event,
I was quickly asked to leave the interior and
remain outside. Shortly thereafter, Murphy
attempted another quick escape without
answering any of my questions. Later in
the month I would also confront her after a
forum for Central Florida candidates held at
the Orlando Science Center, where she ran
like a criminal from my questions and sped
off in a Prius, almost leaving her Chief of
Staff Brad Howard hanging halfway out of
the car. The Orlando Police Department was
on scene and witnessed this, yet they refused
to stop and press charges against Murphy’s
staff for speeding out of the parking garage
like R. Kelly rushing to troll the playground
after middle school got out.

Does any of this behavior sound like

the behavior of someone who is truly
innocent and honorable? Yes, I understand
my tactics are pushy and persistent, but
why would she let the rumor mill persist if
what I was saying was so provably false?
Could it be because she wanted to paint
herself as the victim? A poor woman being
harassed by a right-wing journalist? Sadly,
she always seems to forget that I am a
gay journalist. Doesn’t Congresswoman
Murphy support the gay community and
the rights of journalists to confront those
in power? Based on her behavior in 2018,
one would reason that she thinks she is
above questioning and scrutiny. It’s possible
that she might even be a homophobe who
doesn’t believe in a free press.

In the general election, Murphy would

face State Representative Mike Miller,
who came out on top in the August primary
elections. Miller either lacked the intensity
or funding to go for the jugular. I remember
a forum organized by Central Florida’s Tiger
Bay Club, where Murphy actually said on
stage that we should consider abolishing gun
rights and the 2nd amendment. There I was
with my livestream and tough questions yet
again, despite the fact that the GOP nominee
failed to hold her feet to the fire in front
of Central Florida’s most powerful people
when she said that we should consider
erasing our right to bear arms from the
United States constitution.

Miller would go on to be walloped by

Murphy, by nearly 15% points. Stephanie
Murphy had received a hall pass from the
electorate yet again, thanks to the lack
of funding by the GOP and disgusting
sycophancy of the mainstream media, who
moved heaven and earth to shore up her bid
for re-election.


We have discussed throughout this
book the fact that Stephanie Murphy is not
what she seems. Murphy claims to be one
thing, while doing the exact opposite. If she
is questioned or confronted, her highness
immediately plays the victim and uses the
power she has attained through her husbands
wealth and her elected office to silence
or shut down her opponents. This is the
playbook of every tyrant, whether he or she
are the dog catcher of small town USA or
President of the United States, Stephanie
Murphy is not the exception to this rule. Prior
to her most recent and radicalized votes in
the United States Congress, Murphy spent
her first two-terms making less boring, yet
still dishonest votes that violated her own
promises to remain bi-partisan and impartial.

As reported by Central Florida

Post writer Sean Hartman, a registered
Independent, Murphy fear mongered when
debating the national budget. Check it
out for yourself. I will provide my own
commentary on Hartman’s words and
Murphy’s actions after.

Murphy Abandons Balanced Budget,

Resorts To Fear Mongering

Dated April 14th, 2018.

“Back in 2016, still as a registered
Republican, and a staunch Tea Party fiscal
conservative, I could not bring myself to cast
my vote for Republican career politician,
Winter Park Congressman John Mica.
Rather, I voted for the Democrat, Stephanie

My reason was likely the same as

many other conservatives, libertarians,
and centrists who switched sides for the
Democrat. Murphy ran as a Blue Dog, a
centrist, pledging to support fiscal restraint,
a balanced budget (including an amendment
to the Constitution), and support for Cut,
Cap, and Balance.

Compare that to Congressman Mica,

who on his 2016 campaign website not
only openly bragged about spending our
tax dollars on wasteful projects, but even
bragged about funding unconstitutional
projects that were not in the federal purview.

It disappointed me that the most

conservative person in the race was
the Democrat, not the Republican. And
unfortunately, I was wrong.

Congresswoman Murphy pledged

her willingness to buck the Democratic
Establishment, yet one of her first votes
was to vote in Democratic Establishment
Queen Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and very
likely, voting for her as Democratic Leader.
This despite having a choice to support the
much more qualified Ohio Congressman Tim
Murphy, who had the same centrist flair as
the Congresswoman with the needed appeal
to blue collar workers that Democrats
needed. An appeal Pelosi has never
possessed for the common man and woman.

This makes sense, sadly, as Leader

Pelosi essentially handed Murphy her
House seat. It was Leader Pelosi’s special
interest cash combined with Murphy’s lies
that tricked Republicans like myself into
thinking she was a centrist.

And now she has broke another of

her campaign promises, voting against a
bipartisan bill to propose a Balanced Budget
Amendment to the Constitution, despite the
fact that Congresswoman Murphy ran on
such a proposal in 2016.

So not only is Congresswoman Murphy

not significantly progressive for Democrats,
she is now no longer suitable for fiscal
conservatives who felt she would abide by
fiscal restraint.
Congresswoman Murphy’s opposition
was due to her concern that the Amendment
did not have a protection for Social
Security and responded to those concerns
by introducing her own Balanced Budget
Amendment, which would have exempted
discretionary spending (which is the highest
contributor to our deficit).

But her fear was obviously unwarranted,

as multiple Democrats, including many
of her bills cosponsors, supported the
bipartisan Goodlatte bill, eventually
jumping ship from Murphy’s own proposal.

Some speculate her motive wasn’t

political but rather personal.

“For Stephanie Murphy to vote against

a Balanced Budget Amendment supported
by six of the seven cosponsors of her own
busted proposal is an act of selfishness and
an insult to the highest kind to CD7 voters,”
said Scott Sturgill, who is running for the
Republican Nomination to unseat her.

“In the end, she couldn’t just walk the

walk, and revealed herself as just another
dysfunctional DC politician.”

The problem with Congresswoman
Murphy’s concerns is that they are “what-if”
fearmongering, something both sides engage
in regularly. Congresswoman Murphy is
stating that there may be a possibility that
something could occur to Social Security
that she would not want.

First, just because something can happen,

doesn’t mean something will happen. This is
something both sides do, present potential
what-if scenarios to justify bad policies. What
if someone who shouldn’t have a gun gets a
gun? What if one of the Syrian refugees is an
ISIL agent?

Politicians from both sides use the what-

if excuse to expand government and restrict
liberty. Congresswoman Murphy is engaging
in that very same tactic.

Even more importantly, what exactly

is Congresswoman Murphy concerned
about? As a fiscal conservative, she
must know that Social Security is going
bankrupt, and at this point my own
generation will likely never see their
retirement check if nothing is done.

Is she opposed to fiscally conservative

solutions such as privatization or partial
privatization plans? Is she concerned about
raising the retirement age, something that
has bipartisan support for being an obvious
must-do and common sense move?

Or better yet, since Congresswoman

Murphy is so intent on keeping Social
Security, does she have a plan to fix it?
Of course, she does not.
Congresswoman Murphy is making up
a concern that is unneeded to justify
opposing a bill she pledged she would

Honestly, I would assess that

Congresswoman Murphy was bought out by
special interests here. Organizations like the
AARP have been a hindrance for common
sense Social Security reforms, without concern
for its sustainability for the next generation.

This should be even more concerning, as

it shows that Congresswoman Murphy does
have conservative values, but those values
can be subverted by money.”

In Hartman’s writings, we again see

entrepreneur and former congressional
candidate Scott Sturgill having the balls to
take Murphy to task over her hypocritical
and hysterical voting record. While I do
not agree with Hartman’s assessment that
Murphy is a conservative bought out by
special interests, I do agree that her fluidity
is symptomatic of someone who either
has no moral compass or is offering their
allegiances to the highest bidder. In many
cases with Congresswoman Murphy, the
highest bidder is her father-in-law and his
business partners, who exert an inordinate
amount of influence over her personal and
political decisions.

This is something that has long been

hard to analyze and deal with in politics.
How can we truly evaluate the power that
a donor holds over a candidate or politician
when that donor is a familial relation?
Murphy’s extremely wealthy father-in-
law can donate unlimited amounts to party
political committees and PAC’s to help his
daughter-in-law, but at what cost? Is she his
vessel in congress or is Stephanie Murphy
taking her father-in-law for a not so cheap
ride on her way to higher office?

In June of 2018, Central Florida Post

writer Sean Hartman again addressed
certain red-flags of the self-proclaimed
“moderate” Murphy.

Rep. Murphy Plays Bipartisan As

Election Nears

Has anyone else been noticing the

bipartisan bills Congresswoman Murphy
has suddenly been touting on social media?

The most recent legislation being

promoted by the one-term Winter Park
Congresswoman is the bipartisan Blue
Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act. The
legislation, primarily sponsored by
Congressman David Valadao (R-CA), will
assist with many soldiers who were harmed
by Agent Orange during the Vietnam
War. This is a bipartisan bill which, when
proposed by Congressman Valadao, had
two Republicans and two Democrats co-
sponsoring, followed by almost 50 new
cosponsors by the following day.

The bill itself had a total of 330

cosponsors, enough to single-handedly
push the bill on its own merit. Yet in her
tweet, Congresswoman Murphy bragged
about how she led a measure with
Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-SC)
to allot funding for children of veterans
exposed to the government-sponsored
poison while in Thailand.

Congresswoman Murphy has been

pouncing on the bipartisan train over the past
few months, hoping to win over the centrists
who helped vote her in office in 2016.

But this political strategy should be seen

as what it is—a political ploy, seeking to
shield her far more partisan record.

Take this Agent Orange bill. The bill

had hundreds of cosponsors, many who
showed up to cosponsor within 48 hours of
its proposal. So, when did the bipartisan
Congresswoman Murphy cosponsor this
bill? Why, she cosponsored it all but two
months after dozens of her Democratic
colleagues joined in!

These cosponsors were not all moderate

members either. Michigan Congressman
Dan Kildee, seen by some as politically
progressive, was one of those first-day
cosponsors, as well as other left-wing
Congressmembers such as Robin Kelly
(D-IL), Bobby Rush (D-IL), Jim Langevin
(D-RI), and Lois Frankel (D-FL).

Even Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN),

who politics borders on socialism, cosponsored
long before Congresswoman Murphy.

So how could a far-left social democrat

like Congressman Ellison sign on to this
reasonable bipartisan legislation long before
the alleged “bipartisan” Congresswoman
Murphy, herself a victim of the atrocities of
the Vietnam War, cosponsor it? Could it be
that she is not as bipartisan as she makes
herself out to be?

It seems like Congresswoman Murphy

only plays bipartisan during the elections,
just to keep her post.

“Everybody’s tired of the broken

promises and incompetence of the
permanent political class in Washington,”
said Sanford Republican Scott Sturgill,
who is running to replace Congresswoman
Murphy. “Public service should be a
temporary calling, not a long-term career.”

There are centrists and moderates

who are starting to believe the bipartisan
campaigning of Congresswoman Murphy
was a ruse, and her Congressional record
is showing it. After stating she would buck
the party establishment, she cast her first
public vote for a Pelosi Speakership, despite
Leader Pelosi being the exemplar of the
Democratic Establishment.

And when asked if she voted for Leader

Pelosi when challenged by the younger,
solutions-driven Congressman Tim Murphy
(D-OH), Congresswoman Murphy refused
to reveal who she voted for in that secret
ballot, with many speculating she voted for
the Establishment politician over the blue-
collar moderate.

If Congresswoman Murphy truly wished

to challenge the party line, she would have
not only voted against Leader Pelosi both
times but would have proudly and openly
campaigned for Congressman Murphy.

One of her Republican opponents,

Orlando State Representative Mike Miller,
feels that this is because Leader Pelosi
helped Murphy win in 2016 and will do so
again in 2018.

“Stephanie Murphy knows that

Nancy Pelosi had pledged to protect
her,” Representative Miller told the
Central Florida Post. “[She] already
bought nearly $2 million in TV time
for her re-election campaign, so when
Pelosi needs a vote, Stephanie Murphy
delivers for Nancy Pelosi.”

Despite running as a fiscal conservative,

Congresswoman Murphy continued to vote
with Democrats against fiscally conservative
bills such as the GOP Tax Plan. She moved
farther left on economic issues while taking
a more neoconservative foreign policy,
interjecting her voice in issues of national
security and foreign policy, particularly
regarding North Korea.

It is questionable if playing the centrist

card will even help her get out of the
Primary. Richardson is seen by some
political operatives as a dark horse. But
with Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY),
the Establishment Democrat, being soundly
defeated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a
proud socialist, it is not far off to say it is
a good omen for Richardson. Richardson
has also been endorsed by many of the
same organizations Ocasio-Cortez has been
endorsed by, including Justice Democrats.

He was even endorsed by Ocasio-Cortez

this morning, according to a press release
from the campaign.

But it appears that Congresswoman

Murphy does not see Richardson as
a political threat, focusing instead on
appealing to centrists, Independents, and
Main Street Republicans by pronouncing her
bipartisanship over her liberal record.
And she is hoping that centrists
won’t notice.

“She hopes Central Floridians aren’t

paying attention,” said Representative
Miller, “but we are.”

In Hartman’s analysis, both State

Representative Mike Miller and Scott
Sturgill, who were both competing for the
GOP nomination at this point, provide some
much needed clarity surrounding Murphy’s
voting pattern.

Stephanie Murphy is allowed to go

off Nancy Pelosi’s progressive reservation
1/10 times, allowing her to claim at home,
during election season, that she is bi-
partisan. However, Pelosi spends millions
each cycle to re-elect Murphy, who acts
like she is renegade and thorn in the side
of the pickled Democrat House leader. It
is a beautiful dance and nice gig if you
can land it. But what happened to the
common man and woman of Florida’s 7th
congressional district that Murphy claimed
to be interested in representing and fighting
for? Are they less important than the fat
campaign contributions from hyper-partisan
congressional Democrats? More important
than the adulation and payload of political
cash from Leader Pelosi? How much of her
personal beliefs has the former NPA turned
Democrat sacrificed in order to obtain and
retain power?

If the past two throwbacks don’t have

your head spinning, the next few certainly
will. I remember writing about Murphy’s
march towards supporting impeachment.
Friends and business interests sympathetic
towards Murphy approached me and said
that she would never vote to impeach
President Donald J. Trump, saying I was
being too hyperbolic in my assessment.
Decide for yourself.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2019…

and we start to see the real Stephanie
Murphy, where I ask which Stephanie
Murphy will we see in Article dated January
3rd, 2019, from the Central Florida Post.

Which Stephanie Murphy Will We

See In 2019?

Stephanie Murphy is bi-partisan.

Stephanie Murphy is the leader of the
conservative Blue Dog caucus. Stephanie
Murphy is a member of the Problem Solvers
caucus. Stephanie Murphy is amazing and
doesn’t want partisan politics ruining the
American political system.

This mythos surrounding Murphy has

been carefully crafted and maintained
by her lackeys in the mainstream media.
Their bumbling sycophancy is both bizarre
and pathetic. Immigrant, female, mother.
She cannot be questioned.

So is she really the bi-partisan wonder-

woman that they claim she is… or… is she a
deep state barbie who feigns bi-partisanship as
she secretly takes orders from Nancy Pelosi?
After proclaiming that she had “issues” with
making Nancy Pelosi speaker again, Murphy
claims that Pelosi made concessions and
earned her vote.

It’s a game we see on both sides of the

aisle. If you are in a purple district like
Murphy, whether you are Republican or
Democrat, leadership lets you “challenge”
them and secure a “win” by claiming they
heard your concerns and will address them
“in the near future.” Then the next congress
convenes and the partisanship continues,
those concerns thrown into the dustbin of
past broken promises made by “pragmatic
leaders” like Murphy.

In recent interviews, it is hard to tell

which Stephanie Murphy we will get in
2019. One day she is beaming about
bringing people together and the next day
she spouts hyper-partisan talking points
about immigration policy. Often times,
braindead mainstream media reporters puff
up Murphy as a moderate problem solver,
then print her #Resist dribble that directly
contradicts that alleged bi-partisan zeal.

For example, the latest love letter

scribbled down by Steve Lemongello at the
Orlando Sentinel. She is billed as a leader of
the moderate Blue Dogs… a pragmatist.

“Murphy, the head of the moderate Blue

Dog Caucus and the Future Forum of young
House members, said she wanted Congress
to be more responsive to the issues of
Millennials, who have in the past been less
engaged politically than their elders.”


BRAVE. Then Murphy breaks out her
favorite leftist coolspeak to satiate
the many who have caught the rapidly
spreading mental illness known as Trump
Derangement Syndrome, or TDS.

“One is the status of “Dreamers,” or

mostly younger people brought into the
country illegally as children, Murphy said
Republicans “shouldn’t hold Dreamers
hostage just to be able to score cheap
political points. … I think it’s time we moved
past these ad hoc immigration actions.”

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. She gets to be

both progressive and moderate, putting
on whatever face suits her self-interest at
that very moment. If you call her a Pelosi
puppet, which she is, Murphy can point to
how she challenged Leader Pelosi and was
so tough that she got “concessions.” When
progressives attack her for being moderate,
she whips out her #Resist talking points on
gun control and immigration.

This is the most dangerous type of

politician. One who can never be questioned
or held accountable. Why? Because she is
God’s gift to the world. She knows best. She
is an immigrant, a mother, a strong woman.

I ask again. Which Stephanie Murphy

will we see in 2019? The answer? The face
she finds most expedient. Citizens of Central
Florida who are worth their salt should
demand answers from Murphy at every event
she holds, at home and abroad. Only then
can we force an answer out of this double-
speaking deep state barbie.

However, you should be made fully

aware, that she will falsify bogus “security”
threats to limit access to events and waste
police time as her personal goon squad. I
have been persistent in my pursuit of trying
to get truth from Murphy since 2016 and
will turn up the heat in this New Year. It will
be a slow burn, but the flame of liberty and
constitutional protections granted to me as
a journalist will protect my right to question
even Stephanie Murphy.

Every event Congresswoman. If you fake

security threats one more time and continue
your lies about me to local law enforcement
or Capitol Hill police? I will only be more
persistent and others will join.

We are the many. And we will start at

the Women’s March on January 19th in at
Lake Eola.

Even at this point, so many people

doubted the idea that Stephanie Murphy
could transform in to the partisan hack she
really was. They thought that her donors and
family, who want to play both ends of the
fiddle, would not let her. Were they right or
were they wrong?
Murphy’s metamorphosis was near
complete just two weeks later, when she
declined to attend a meeting with President
Donald J. Trump to end the government
shut-down, claiming a minor organizational
meeting of the House Ways and Means
Committee was more important.

At this point, we saw the early staged of

Trump Derangement Syndrome in Murphy,
where she thought it was more important
to resist President Trump, at any and all
cost. Meet with President Trump to end the
government shutdown or refuse to do so in
order to virtue signal to the Democrats and
Deep State that shaped her?

She decided to be “super woke,” leaving

most of what was left of her moderation and
bi-partisanship in the rearview mirror.

What happened next? An article from

Central Florida Post, published on May
24th, 2019.

Murphy Abandons Moderation, Joins

Delusional Impeachment Bandwagon.

Having spent two campaigns for congress

and nearly two terms as an elected member
proclaiming to be a moderate, uber-wealthy
Winter Park Congresswoman Stephanie
Murphy’s facade has begun to crack.

It wasn’t but two weeks ago that

Politico wrote a gushing profile on Murphy,
heralding her as the “Velvet Hammer”,
who swims between Republican and
Democrat talking points when it suits her.
They argued that this was a net benefit for
the people of Florida’s 7th congressional
district, yet failed to examine the very fact
that her wishy-washy positioning is entirely
emblematic of a politician who will do or
say anything for a legislative victory.

Murphy has historically gotten a pass

from the mainstream and alternative media
alike, who endlessly drone on about her bi-
partisan approach. However, their ability to
do this in the upcoming 2020 election will
become ever more ridiculous than in years
prior. Ms. Murphy initially shied away from
impeachment talk, but has now adopted the
talking points of deranged Democrats like
Jerry Nadler of New York who can’t get over
the fact that no collusion or obstruction was
found as a result of the Mueller report.

In a letter published on her website,

Murphy claims that she will work with her
allies in the Democrat party to enforce
the rule of law if the President and his
allies refuse to participate in the continued
campaign of harassment being waged by
subpoena happy members of Congress.
What she fails to recognize is that the role
of the Special Counsel was the process
in which to bring charges against the
President for the crimes of collusion or
obstruction. Mueller’s conclusion that no
collusion or obstruction was found marks
the end of the investigation, not the opening
for partisan politicians like Murphy to
use their office on the taxpayer dime to
continue a campaign of harassment against
their political opponents.

Murphy is correct, not even the President

of the United States is above the law. Her
and the other Democrats upset over not
getting what they wanted out of the Mueller
investigation do not give them the reason or
power to simply abandon the laws against
using their congressional power for political
gain. It does not give them an opening to
virtue signal campaign talking points in
their official capacities. Most concerning
of all, it does not give people like Murphy
or Pelosi the right to organize roundups of
their political enemies based on fraudulent
subpoenas, issued under false pretenses and
with no respect for the rule of law.
Ultimately, Murphy’s metamorphosis
into a partisan hack matters little if voters
don’t give her the boot in 2020. Will they sit
there and believe her political doublespeak
during campaign season or will they give
her hell at every opportunity?

The ever-pompous Congresswoman

doesn’t spend much time in the district and
certainly doesn’t do events that are truly
open to the public. Although, if you want to
give her a piece of your mind… here are a
few places you can do so over the next week.

According to Florida Politics, people are

being asked to RSVP to “reduce wait times”,
which constituents critical of Murphy
have seen as a way to filter out unfriendly
conversations at past events.

And here we see the classic Pelosi

approach to elected office. Screening
attendees to filter out any critics, she wants
ID checks and backgrounds on citizens
wanting to attend her townhalls. But when
it comes to election security? Murphy has
done nothing to boot illegal immigrants
from voter rolls or demand that proper ID be
provided before casting a vote. What gives?
Could Murphy be moving towards open
borders and full-blown impeachment?
Our write-up from May 30th of 2019
puts together another piece of the Pelosi-
Murphy puzzle.

Murphy Pushes Gun Registration,

Open Borders During District Visit

Sometimes I feel like the voters of

Florida’s 7th congressional district must
have committed a collective grave injustice
in some previous life. After over two decades
of steady leadership from Congressman
John Mica, they have been tortured by the
severely dishonest and fake presence of the
pompous dolt Stephanie Murphy.

She held a swanky fundraiser during

Hurricane Irma and continues to lie about
her stance as a moderate when she really is
a die-hard Nancy Pelosi apparatchik. When
I confronted her over her hypocrisy during
the 2018 elections, Murphy lied to law
enforcement about me being a security risk
to lock down her events from the public.

In 2019, Murphy has been billed as the

leading moderate in Congress and even
earned a top-billed Politico cover story
heralding her “velvet hammer” approach.
The lies have continued and the media has
continued to support the MURPHY MYTH.
But myths have a way of fading away and
exposing carefully crafted personas, even if
the veil is only lifted from time to time.

On Wednesday, Congresswoman
Stephanie Murphy lifted the veil and
revealed her true progressive self.

At one of her poorly attended district

meetups (where she has been busted lying
about attendance and deleting tweets
already), the supposedly moderate Stephanie
Murphy proclaimed that she wanted
mandatory registration of all firearms in the
United States.

You deleted the original tweet to add

more photos. These new photos maybe show
40+ people, not 200! Fire your staffer

95% of your money comes from out of

state health insurance companies & your
in-laws bank account. Gathering 200+ is
impossible for you!

Unseating you in 2020!
— Armani Salado (@salado4congress)
May 28, 2019

District 7 resident Don Kirkendall

witnessed the exchange. For the record,
Murphy did not threaten to release nuclear
weapons on citizens who failed to comply, as
California Congresswoman Eric Swallwell
did several months ago when he was also
pushing mandatory gun registration.

“She claimed it would prevent mass

shootings,” Kirkendall recalled to the
Central Florida Post.
Mandatory gun registration is one of the
most far-left positions being pushed in the
modern American body politic, hardly the
type of policy that Blue Dog caucus leader
and alleged moderate Stephanie Murphy
would claim to support if you believe the

The Congresswoman then moved on to

the topic of border security, first stating that
Trump’s border wall would be useful…
before saying it wouldn’t. Attendees said
that Murphy seemed flustered after being
called out on her swaying positions on
border security, ultimately getting very
upset and forcefully shutting down the
constituent who asked the question.

This is the real Stephanie Murphy. A

political hack who wants to impose her will
on the people, damned if they agree with her
radical beliefs.

It’s why she bans recording devices of

all kinds when she comes home to Central
Florida, she doesn’t want you to know
who she really is. Does that sound like
America? Or more so like Nazi Germany
and Soviet Russia?

Need anymore proof? Moderate

Stephanie Murphy is now calling for the
impeachment of the President of the United
States of America because the Mueller
report didn’t reach the conclusion her boss
Nancy Pelosi wanted. An investigation was
held and found no obstruction or collusion.
Yet Murphy wants to harass and torture
President Trump through her power as a
member of Congress.

Stephanie Murphy claims that she

is a capitalist and she is proud to be an
American, pointing to the fact that her
family fled communist Vietnam. It’s become
clearer and clearer that Murphy’s origins
represent her true self — a communist far-
left apparatchik who wants to dismantle the
America we know and love.

She should come out already… everyone

else knows the secret she so desperately tries
to hide by continuing the MURPHY MYTH.

If you have been following, we

explained long ago that Congresswoman
Stephanie Murphy was an anti-gun zealot.
From the launch of her first campaign, on
the bodies and surviving victims of the
Islamist terrorist attack at Pulse Nightclub,
Murphy has shown that she hates guns
and the idea that we should have the right
to protect our families, independent of
the government. She was so bold in 2018,
that she even promoted the idea that the
2nd amendment should be abolished at a
debate with GOP Mike Miller, who did
not hold Murphy accountable for such an
outlandishly outrageous statement.

In fall of 2019, Congresswoman

Stephanie Murphy made it quite clear
that if voters did not believe that the 2016
elections were hacked to harm Hillary
Clinton’s presidential ambitions, then they
must be made to believe so… OR ELSE.

According to a report from Florida

Politics, Murphy’s statement in front of the
Stanford University Digital Policy Incubator,
she pushed the notion that both Republicans
and Democrats needed to abandon their
political beliefs for the sake of “election
security”. Some might see that statement as
harmless, but it is far from harmless. Russia
did not hack our elections in 2016. Donald
J. Trump won far and square against the
crooked and corrupt campaign of Hillary
Rodham Clinton. I understand that many
Democrats, like Stephanie Murphy, are
obsessed with the idea promoted by the
intelligence community that Donald Trump
colluded with foreign powers to steal the
election. As proven by the Muller Report,
there was no evidence to support these
claims, no matter how badly Democrats like
Stephanie Murphy wanted it to be so.

Given Murphy’s history of censoring

this journalist and others, what exactly does
she mean by saying that voters must accept
her narrative, “or else”?

These are the words of a wealthy witch,

groomed by the Deep State. Her decisions are
FINAL. Her assessments are bulletproof. Her
opinions matter more than yours do. Even if
the constitution gets in her way, she has no
problem torching our founding documents to
pursue power and her political ambitions.

I hope you are finally beginning to

understand how partisan and extreme
Murphy truly is. If not, accept your role as
a second-class observer. With her previous
statements on impeachment, a lot of
people were confused about whether or not
Stpehanie Murphy would actually vote to
impeach President Donald J. Trump. Some
theorized that she might do so in order to
secure funding for her re-election campaign
from her compatriot Nancy Pelosi. Others
thought that she might find some inner
strength and oppose the impeachement,
understanding that her father-in-law
could write yet another blank check to
supplement the lack of help from the
Democrat party apparatus.

As is often the case, Murphy surprised

us all. Ultimately, she decided to vote in
favor of impeachment, referencing her
Communist upbringing as a reason to
support a bogus impeachment sham that
would lead to a kangaroo court in the United
States Senate. This decision, would end up
proving to be one of her worst yet when
it comes to electability, with several polls
showing Murphy’s favorables in bad shape
following her YES vote to impeach the duly
elected President of the United States for the
simple fact that he defeated the Deep State’s
Hillary Clinton.

The poll results are interesting and

damning for Murphy’s political future.
However, I’d like to take a moment to
think about the verbiage and tone of her
reasoning to vote YES on impeachment. She
claimed that her escape from Communist
Vietnam left her no choice but to vote
YES on impeachment. Either this means
that Stephanie Murphy is so obtuse that
she doesn’t understand that Pelosi’s
impeachment sham is exactly what we
saved her from living under in Communist
Vietnam… or she knows that is what she
escaped and she doesn’t give a damn. Either
way, Saigon Stephanie Murphy aided and
abetted the continuation of one of the most
egregious and asinine witch-hunts in the
history of the United States of America, and
quite possibly the world.

What motivates someone to make

such a decision? Money, fame, power?
Or has Murphy been radicalized beyond
repair thanks to her acceptance of the alt-
left mentality that dominates the modern
Democrat party?

No matter what, it was and is clear that at

this point, Stephanie Murphy is KNEELING
FOR NANCY. She no longer ever attempts to
behave or pretend to be a “moderate” and she
should be treated as such in the 2020 elections.
If any of the Republican hoping to face
Stephanie Murphy are at all hesitant to attack
her on every level with every ounce of their
energy… they should GO THE FUCK HOME.

Where does she go from here? Is the

United States Congress her end goal and
highest ambition? THINK BIGGER.

Ascending to the presidency

You might think I am crazy when I
say that Stephanie Murphy might run for
President of the United States and win.
Jacob, you cannot be president if you are not
born in the United States. On both accounts,
according to conventional wisdom and a
willingness to ignore the radical tilt of the
Democrat party, you might be right. Let me
tell you why you are DEAD WRONG.

There are several scenarios in which

Stephanie Murphy could find herself at
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the near
future. No matter what Democrat wins
the nomination to face Donald Trump in
2020, Murphy’s role as Chairwoman of
the Blue Dog Caucus immediately earns
her a buy in to become a member of the
cabinet. Further, with the Democrat party
openly embracing and facilitating the right
of illegal aliens to vote in our sovereign
elections, how “woke” would it be to name
the refugee of Communist Vietnam as a vice
presidential contender to spark the debate
over whether or not immigrants truly have
rights in the United States. Liberal outlets
like VOX have already started laying the
groundwork for the argument, claiming
that the constitutional requirement that a
president be a natural born citizen is racist
and outdated.
Even if Murphy was not named a
potential contender for the VP spot, it’s
highly likely that she would earn a high-
level appointed position within a post-
Trump era. Whether or not she would take
either offer relies entirely on what happens
with Marco Rubio. What do I mean?

Many in Florida politics have speculated

for quite some time that Rubio will not
finish out his current term in the United
States Senate and that he will instead retire
to assume a cushy teaching job at a certain
South Florida college. Rubio resigning
leaves the very real possibility that Governor
Ron DeSantis will appoint conservative
firebrand and dutiful Trump ally Matt Gaetz
to finish out Rubio’s term heading into the
2022 elections.

Murphy would be one of Gaetz’s most

formidable opponents and would have
the financial support of her father-in-law
to try and secure a much needed win for
Democrats. Also, if a Democrat is able to
defeat Trump in 2020, it could give Murphy
allies in the Senate and House time to craft
and pass legislation making foreign born
citizens like Murphy eligible to run for
President of the United States.

Yes, I am thinking ahead and theorizing.
But what about the modern Democrat party
tells you they would not do such things?
They are fighting tooth and nail to legitimize
an illegal immigrants right to vote in our
elections, why is it so far fetched to assume
that they would work to allow a foreign born
Communist like Saigon Stephanie Murphy
the chance to contend for the highest office
in the United States of America?

And think about this… her husband’s

company has extensive manufacturing
operations in Communist China, where any
foreign owned businesses conducting affairs
there has to work with the Communist Party,
as reported on extensively by everyone from
the New York Times to the Washington
Post, who both detailed how the Communist
Party’s stranglehold on foreign owned
businesses utilizing overseas manufacturing,
as Murphy’s husband does, were going to
be subject to even more demands by the
Chinese Communist Party in the years to
come. What demands have been made of
Murphy’s husband? How closely does he
work with the Chinese Communist Party?
What has he done to get more favorable
terms from local cells or cadres of the
Chinese Communist Party?
The Tampa Bay times reported on
Sean Murphy’s promotion and use of
manufacturing plants in China for his
company, where some products were
even developed and patented by his wife.
Efforts to get details went unanswered,
with journalist Alex Leary and voters in
Florida’s 7th congressional district left
wondering what the Murphy’s have to hide?
He concluded that neither Stephanie or her
husband were keen to open up about this
matter as her first bid for re-election was
well underway. This should not only leave
you with more questions about Stephanie
Murphy’s ties to Communism, but should
demonstrate the hypocrisy of her voting
record and political statements. While she
claimed to support legislation to support
small and medium sized manufacturing
within the United States, her husband’s
company was having his products made in
China, including the baseball pants patented
and designed by his wife.

I sound the alarm about Stephanie

Murphy and her family because I must and
because someone needs to. Stephanie Murphy
has tasted the power of political office,
backed by the wild wealth of her husband’s
family. She is not done shaping our nation.
The only thing we must ask ourselves is if we
want to allow someone like her to assume the
drivers seat in our Republic?

Stephanie Murphy wants to abolish the

2nd amendment. Stephanie Murphy does
not believe she should have to follow rules
regulating members of congress. Stephanie
Murphy is so wealthy that she thinks
the rules do not apply to her. Stephanie
Murphy uses Gestapo style tactics to
silence her critics and shit on the 1st and
2nd amendments.

I have told you why she is one of the

most dangerous threats to our democracy.
Either you believe me, or you don’t. When
the consequences of ignoring me reign down
upon you, remember what you read here.
Stephanie Murphy has been groomed by the
Deep State and funded by one of the biggest
Democrat donors in the United States. She
might have been a registered Independent at
one point, but her allegiances have always
been to the Deep State, raw power and
Communism-infused authoritarian tactics.

The bell has been rung… but are

you listening?

About the author
Jacob Engels is an Orlando based
journalist whose work has been featured
and republished in news outlets around
the globe including Politico, Infowars,
MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York
Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press,
People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and
Australia’s New Dawn Magazine,, and The Gateway Pundit.

He has been banned from Twitter,

Facebook, Paypal and numerous other
digital media platforms for telling the
truth about Radical Islam and standing
strong for President Donald J. Trump’s
America First agenda. The Daily Beast
has named him “Roger Stone’s Mini-Me”
and the Miami New-Times has called
him“well dressed and incredibly thin.”
Engels has participated in over 500
radio, television, and print interviews
across the world.

You can follow Engels’ work
at or at and,
where he is a contributor. He is also on
Instagram, @jakeengels.

ISBN 978-0-578-64498-1

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