Introduction to Business Research: Business Research: Definition & Nature, Types of research, Descriptive Research, Applied and Basic Research, Longitudinal and cross Sectional Research. Week # 2: Difference between Research Methods and Research Methodology. Internal and External researcher. The Scientific Method of Research, Week # 3: Scientific Research, the Characteristics of Scientific Research. Introduction to Business Research Process, Week # 4: Observation and Broad Problem Area, Preliminary Data Gathering using unstructured interviewing and Literature Survey. Week # 5: Literature Survey and APA Style Referencing. Introduction to Theoretical Framework. Week # 6: Need of theoretical framework and exercise on theoretical framework. Week # 7: Research Design and Types of research designs The casual design procedures, Week # 8: Data Collection Procedures, Primary data and its sources, Secondary data and its sources. Data Collection Methods, Interview and Scheduling, Week # 9: Data Collection Instruments Questionnaire and its construction Week # 10: Exercise on constructing questionnaire, Observation, structured and unstructured observations. Focus group discussion and Panel.

Sage Publications. Coding. Problems in Data Collection. Week # 14: Data Processing And Analysis: Basic concepts of data processing: Editing. Data collection procedure. Coding. Multiple Regressions.:. • Dam Remenyl. Research Methodology. Research Objectives. Research design. the Sampling Procedures (Types of Sampling). Measurement of central tendency. Time Table Text Books: • Ranjit Kumar. Sage Publications. Categorization.Week # 11: Documentary-Historical Method. • C. Concepts of validity and reliability. Week # 16:Research Project Proposal: Rationale for the study defining the problem. The Chi-Square Test. Week # 12: Sampling: Sampling Concepts. Linear Correlation. Information needs. Data processing & analysis. The Cross-Tabular Tables. William Emory. IR . Research Team and its profile. Week # 13: Determining a sample size & Selection of sample. Simple Regression. Handling Blank Responses. Analysis of Variance & Covariance Week # 15:Hypothesis Testing. The Measurement Process. Business Research Methods. Doing Research in Business and Management. Bavaria data analysis. University data analysis. Measurement of dispersion. the Survey Method. Budget.

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