Undergraduate Student Handbook 2010-2011 Edition

The purpose of Vanguard University is to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a life of leadership and service. Truth * Virtue * Service Student Life exists to cultivate a community of authentic relationships and diverse learning environments that facilitate the holistic growth of each student towards Christ-likeness. The student handbook exists to communicate to students the community expectations, policies and proedures of the university. It is expected that all students will read through this material and refer to it as necessary to learn about the expecations of the Vanguard community. Welcome to a year of adventure as you live out the call of God on your life at Vanguard University! It is our joy that you have chosen to live out your faith with us this year. This handbook is your vital link to our community life standards and to the vibrant programs and opportunities that are available to you this year. Being part of the Vanguard community, like any community, has certain standards, requirements, and responsibilities that promote a safe and productive life at the University. This handbook provides clarity for our high standards of behavior and is your guide to canvassing the community life experience at Vanguard. I pray that your life will forever be changed by the authentic relationships and diverse learning environments that you encounter here at Vanguard. Have a wonderful year, Dr. Ann Hamilton Vice President of Student Affairs

Vanguard reserves the right to make changes and periodic updates to this document at any time. It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar with the contents of the Student Handbook and to abide by the academic, social, and spiritual responsibilties of the members of the University community. Please consult the student handbook online for current updates at http://www.vanguard.edu/residencelife.

Table of Contents
Academic Services Educational Targets & Goals Policies and Procedures School for Professional Studies (SPS) Study Abroad Campus Public Safety Clery Act Notification Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 (Public Law 101-336) Public Notification Policy Emergency Procedures Fire Drill Instructions Vehicle Registration Community- Who is Vanguard Responsibilities of Vanguard Community Membership Community Expectations General Expectations of the Vanguard Community Rules, Restraints, and Responsibilities (Student Code of Conduct) Academic Dishonesty Addictive Behavior Appearance Bicycles on campus Computer Dishonesty Computer Usage Guidelines Drug Testing Policy Fireworks Fund-Raising Policy for students Hazing Policy Health Insurance for Students Inappropriate Media Internet Material Parking Enforcement Personal Property Prohibited Substances Residence Life Policies and Procedures Sales Policy for students

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Spiritual and Social Expectations Spiritual Formation Department and Chapel Student Government Association (SGA) Weapons Student Discipline Process Foundations for Student Discipline Overview of the Student Discipline Process Written Documentation Hearings Sanctions Appeal Process Commuter Students Dining Commons Diversity Policy FERPA Grievance Process Health Services Information Technology Missing Student Policy Peaceful Assembly Policy Sexual Assault Prevention Policy Student I.D. Cards Student Life Staff Student Frequently Used

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Academic Services
Educational Targets & Goals
The VUSC experience is designed to provide students with a broad, Christian liberal arts education. Specifically, the faculty has dedicated themselves to helping students achieve the following: Intellectual Engagement Students will learn to think critically and evaluate evidence rationally; acquire and continue to use skills for learning; utilize research methods for the expansion of knowledge and problem solving; integrate learning with Christian faith and living. They will develop the ability to communicate the fruits of learning and research clearly and effectively. Spiritual Formation Students will understand Christian existence as a journey that integrates human experience with personal faith; gain an appreciation for the value of participation in communities of believers; and, develop and maintain a biblically based and theologically sound Christian lifestyle of personal and social responsibility. Professional Excellence Students will understand current theories and practices in their respective academic disciplines in the context of the liberal arts and sciences; develop lifelong skills for communicating and performing professionally; achieve technological competence in acquiring and processing information. They will acquire interpersonal ability to work harmoniously with others; and, internalize a strong sense of professional ethics. Aesthetic Expression Students will understand various sources of aesthetic sensitivity and expression as inherent human endowments and part of God's creation; gain an awareness, understanding, appreciation, and expression of the fine and performing arts; and, develop interpretive frameworks of aesthetic truths and values for personal wholeness and community enrichment. Responsible Stewardship Students will adopt a lifestyle of personal health and well-being; appreciate the value of family and other meaningful relationships; exhibit the responsibilities of citizenship in society; gain a global outlook in caring for the environment and in promoting social justice and economic empowerment; and, promote the church's mission through community service. Socio-cultural Responsiveness Students will demonstrate a capacity to challenge personal prejudices; appreciate cultural diversity and learn from other cultures; develop a commitment to pursue peace, justice and reconciliation in a pluralistic society; and, celebrate the differences of race, ethnicity, gender, and age within the biblical vision of inclusiveness and the equal value of all people.

Policies and Procedures
For a comprehensive list of University academic policies please refer to the University Catalog at www.vanguard.edu/catalog. Academic Credit Overload A student wishing to take more than 18 credits during a semester must have a "B" average and permission from the Dean/Director from the department in which the student is majoring. Academic Probation and Disqualification A student whose current or cumulative grade point average (GPA) drops below 2.0 is placed on academic probation and may not register for more than 12 units (13, including a physical activity course). The student shall not hold a student leadership office and must curtail extracurricular work and activities as recommended by their faculty advisor. In certain cases, eligibility for participation in intercollegiate sports may be forfeited by action of the Athletic Committee. Class Attendance Regular and punctual class attendance is expected and is essential to optimum academic achievement. Students in lower division classes are given an "F" for any course in which they have been absent more than one fifth of the scheduled class meetings. Each faculty member establishes attendance requirements in upper division classes. School for Professional Studies (SPS) students should refer to the SPS portion of the University Catalog for class attendance policies (www.vanguard.edu/catalog).


Absences occasioned by participation in a University approved activity (e.g., field trips, athletic contests) are governed by the following:
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Students are responsible for initiating the process of makeup work. Work must be submitted when due whether or not the student is present. Scheduled events (games, concerts, tournaments) constitute an excuse to miss class: practices do not. Students should clear their class schedules with coaches or directors before registering for classes to minimize potential conflicts. Missed classes for authorized events will count toward the one-fifth absence allowance. Student athletes and others affected by excused absences should be particularly careful not to miss other class sessions for unauthorized reasons. Students shall not be penalized for missing class for authorized university activities by loss of attendance points, etc. On the rare occasion it would be impossible to make up a missed class or lab, the student should miss the activity and not be penalized by the coach or director.

Class Standing Class standing, which classifies students for both academic and social activities, is determined on the basis of the accumulated number of credits applicable toward graduation at this university in keeping with the following chart: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Faculty Offices Faculty offices are in various locations on the campus. Faculty members post individual hours on their office doors. Students are encouraged to meet with their professors for their counsel and assistance. Irregular Exams The offering of irregular examinations is at the discretion of the individual instructors, and they are responsible for making the arrangements for proctoring the exams. If an individual instructor is not available to proctor his/her examination, then arrangements for a proctor will be made with the school/departmental secretary. Leave of Absence A Leave of Absence applies to those students who plan to leave the University for a semester to participate in a study abroad program, internship, or due to circumstances beyond their control need time off (i.e., sickness, care of ill parent, etc). This policy does not apply to students who wish to attend another institution, take a semester off, or leave once the semester has begun. Applications for Leave of Absence may be picked up in the Office of the Registrar or downloaded from the VU website (www.vanguard.edu/registrar). Refund Policies The following refund policies apply to the traditional undergraduate and graduate programs only. For Child Development Program refund policies, see the Department of Education section of the catalog; and for degree completion program refund policies, see the School for Professional Studies section of the catalog. Tuition Refunds Tuition refunds will be made for withdrawal from the University or course load reduction when an official withdrawal form or an official add/drop form is filed with the Registrar¶s Office. Refunds will be based on the date of receipt of the official forms by the Registrar¶s Office according to the tuition refund following the current semester¶s tuition refund schedule located on the Vanguard website. Refund schedule applies to tuition, room, board and residence life, student services, and unused course fees. Students who withdraw or are expelled from the institution may be required to have some or all of their financial aid returned to the various aid programs. Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must notify the Registrar¶s Office of their ³intent to withdraw.´ The amount of financial aid to be returned for the student will be calculated based on this date. Federal aid will be 0-26 credits 27-56 credits 57-87 credits 88 credits and above


d. See the University Catalog for relevant financial and refund policies. Once the student has compiled the necessary signatures the student can schedule an admission interview with the appropriate SPS Student Services Coordinator. School for Professional Studies (SPS) Policy Regarding Transfer from UG to SPS The University desires to establish a clear process for students who need to transfer from the undergraduate program to the School for Professional Studies. State and institutional aid will be returned based on the refund percentage applied to the student¶s institutional charges. Approved Transfer Petition form Detailed essay in which the student outlines his/her work and life experience and the reasons for desiring admission into the SPS program Application to the School for Professional Studies Critical thinking essay Two business references One personal reference Current transcripts for those schools not already on file with the Registrar 3) 4) 5) After evaluating the student¶s admissions package. The Academic Advisor and Department Chair/Dean must both approve the student¶s petition to transfer into the School for Professional Studies. available from the Office of the Registrar or on the website. No withdrawal is considered official until the student returns the form to the Office of the Registrar and the change has been properly recorded.returned based on the amount of the semester the student has completed. Study Abroad Study Abroad opportunities are available to students in their sophomore or junior year. 1) When a student demonstrates a need to transfer from the traditional undergraduate program to the School for Professional Studies. which does not guarantee acceptance into the SPS program. f. b. the admissions committee in the School for Professional Studies will make a decision regarding the student¶s request for admittance and will notify the student via letter of his/her admittance into the School. the student must then meet with the appropriate associate chair in the School for Professional Studies. To ensure smooth transition to and from study abroad programs. obtain the designated signatures and return the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. the student obtains necessary paperwork from the Office of the Registrar. the student must submit a complete admissions package to the School for Professional Studies. 2) The student must fill out the petition and meet with his/her current Academic Advisor and Department Chair/Dean. The associate chair will discuss with the student the difference between the undergraduate program and the SPS program and review the expectations of students who participate in the SPS program. b. A complete admissions package includes the following items: a. Submission of these forms ensures that students are able to resume their programs of study once 6 . e. After the student meets with a Coordinator. The Recruiter explains the degree requirements in the School for Professional Studies and the financial aid options available to SPS students. the student should first meet with a SPS Recruiter. Withdrawal Undergraduate and Graduate In the event a student wishes to withdraw officially from the University at any time during the semester. After meeting with the associate chair and obtaining his/her approval on the Transfer Petition form. See the Financial Aid Office for calculation. The Coordinator will explain course options and will assist the student in filling out a registration form. The Office of the Provost oversees student selection of study abroad programs. The student will then obtain a Transfer Petition form from the SPS office: a. students apply to their chosen programs directly. Once the selection has been made and approved. g. c. the student must complete a withdrawal form.

or distribution of drugs. Campus Public Safety Campus Public Safety helps preserve public peace and order and protects all university personnel. 4990. this policy will be the guiding factor in notifying the Vanguard University community of registered sex offenders associated with Vanguard University. Please contact the Office of the Provost at extension 4011 for further information.T. at any time there is reasonable cause to do so.vanguard. CA 92626 Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 Public law 101-883. please go to our website at www. it is important that respect and courtesy be given to the staff members as they perform their duties in a routine. including on campus student residences. and property from crime and safety hazards.they return to Vanguard. A copy of the most current report is available at the following web site: http://www. chapel announcements. California¶s Megan¶s Law and in conjunction with Costa Mesa Police Department. In their attempt to maintain a safe environment for all members of the University community. provides prospective employees. professional. drug paraphernalia. Clery Act Notification Vanguard University. Staff members' power of arrest is outlined in the State Penal Code as citizens¶ arrest. 7 . 6799 Emergency Cell Phone (714) 966-6799 In addition. 55 Fair Drive.edu/StudentLife. When crimes do occur. The report describes the university¶s safety and security services and procedures and provides crime and disciplinary referral statistics for the three previous years. In addition to helping maintain a safe environment. In addition.S. and e-mail. This includes making the community aware of crimes committed on campus within a reasonable amount of time. students and their parents access to its Annual Security Report. Public Notification Policy Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act In accordance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA). or alcohol by students and employees in conformity with this Act. Students may also obtain a copy of this report by phoning (714) 556-3610. all these policies and statistics are available at Campus Public Safety. the campus community will be notified by one or more of the following methods: Campus Public Safety Alert Notices posted at all common building entry points. students. To obtain a copy of this report. in Compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990 (formerly the Campus Security Act). programs. Campus Public Safety and the Residence Life Department reserves the right to enter any facility. Reserve Level III standards and registered through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. as well as to any applicant for enrollment or employment. crime prevention programs.edu/campussafety. Contacting Campus Public Safety Telephone Ext. The Student Right-to-Know and Campus Crime Act requires colleges and universities receiving federal funds to make available yearly campus security policies.O. Campus Public Safety Officers are trained according to California P. Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 (Public Law 101-336) The University annually distributes to all students and employees policies. the Campus Public Safety website provides students with resources for routine and emergency safety needs at www. and procedures regarding its prohibition against the unlawful possession.edu/CampusSafety. and specific campus crime statistics to current students and employees. use. ext. or mailing a request to: Campus Public Safety Director Vanguard University of Southern California. The process also enables students to know in advance the courses that will be accepted at Vanguard.vanguard. and efficient manner. Costa Mesa. upon request.vanguard.

and may include a photo and a summary of the offender and prior convictions. make deliveries. If trapped in heavy smoke. or work on the Vanguard University campus 30 days or more in one year. Walk. state: ³THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. Vanguard University will make an effort to contact and inform the offender of the intent to notify the community before notification is made. and comfortable to do so. CMPD will evaluate the classification of the offender according to California¶s or Serious Sex Offender. This notification will include the name of the offender. and to comply with local and federal law. DO NOT RUN! STOP²DROP²ROLL! DUCK. do not open! Wait for emergency personnel to respond. Step #2: Respond according to the type of emergency listed: Medical y y Do not move the victim. activate the nearest fire alarm. 6799. For small fires (wastebasket size) only²use a fire extinguisher. Emergency Procedures Step #1: Call the appropriate emergency number depending on the situation. do not rush outside. tall objects and overhead lights. place cloth material around/under the door. flyers developed by the university. Do not use an elevator. If you are trapped by a fire. must register at the Costa Mesa Police Department (CMPD) as being associated with Vanguard University. campus wide email. Fire extinguishers are located in all buildings. When the dispatcher answers. and or the Vanguard University newspaper. Remain calm. or (714) 715-2829. Retreat and close as many doors as possible between you and the fire. alert others and move away from the fire. Check doors for heat (top and bottom) with back of hand. must dial 9-911) y y y Campus Public Safety ext. take cover under a desk or table near an interior wall. flyers in campus mailboxes. evacuate the building immediately. The purpose of the notification is not to cause undue hardship to a student seeking an education at Vanguard University or to create a hostile work environment. The purpose of this policy is to keep the Vanguard University community informed for their safety. establishing a web page on Vanguard¶s intranet. Be prepared to signal from a window. If outside. Yell for help. move away from windows. administer First Aid. location. If your clothing catches fire. Open window if available to do so. y 911 (from residence hall room.´ Be prepared to give the dispatcher your name. according to California Penal Code 290. and the phone number you are calling from. Notification to the community may be made by using copies of flyers supplied by CMPD. Close (but do not lock) all doors behind you as you move away. If you hear a fire alarm. If hot. 714-966-6799. CMPD will inform the Campus Public Safety Department of the registration. COVER. During the shaking: o o If inside. Do not use an elevator. AND HOLD. who enroll in class. Vanguard University will notify the campus community of the sex offender¶s registration. According to CSCPA and California¶s Megan¶s Law. drop to your hands and knees and crawl toward the nearest exit. unless unavoidable. All persons who wish to view the registered sex offender information may call CMPD at (714) 754-5079 to make an appointment. don¶t run! If you discover a fire. Do not attempt to fight large fires.All persons required to register with a local law enforcement agency as a sex offender. Familiarize yourself to their locations prior to emergencies. If fire grows larger. If you are trained and certified. Fire y y y y y y y y y y y Earthquake y y y After the shaking stops: 8 .

Gas Leak y y y y y y Safety Tips y y y y Crime Prevention Tips y Avoid walking in isolated areas. If you smell gas. Report problems with smoke detectors or fire alarms to your Resident Director. weapon. except for self-protection or the protection of others. and potential hazards to avoid. and direction of travel. Do not overload electrical circuits.o o Do not use telephones except for life-saving situations. 9 . Anchor desktop computers down with anchor pads or Velcro. Evacuate and contact authorities. evacuate the building immediately. Keep all doors closed and locked. if you see a package or unknown object in an unusual place. DON¶T TOUCH IT! Open the windows. Earthquake Preparedness y Be familiar with emergency procedures. students and employees are required to evacuate the building and remain at a safe distance from the building until recalled. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ELEVATORS. Chemical Spills Do not attempt to clean up a spill yourself. Do not light matches or turn on lights. y y y Identify the phone number of a contact person outside Southern California. y After the threat. RD. When the alarm sounds. Do not leave doors propped open. Keep hallways clear and door locked. the violators are subject to a fine or tow-away of their vehicle. Leave building. or Facility Services immediately. Relocate beds and furniture away from windows. Do not leave valuables in room. Maintain an earthquake-safe environment: o o o o Move heavy objects down from high shelves. y y y Do not open residence hall room doors to strangers. Fire Drill Instructions Residence Facilities: Fire drills are conducted at intervals during the school year. Be familiar with emergency procedures and all possible exit routes in a building. Exits should be kept clear at all times. Classrooms: If a fire alarm sounds when students are in class. y If possible. method. If a vehicle is parked in a fire lane. get a good description of the criminal. evacuation routes. Bomb Threat y Take all threats seriously. Fire lanes must be kept clear of vehicles. Notify Campus Public Safety. Crime in Progress y Do not interfere with the criminal. Be prepared to evacuate the building. Secure tall bookcases and cabinets. Put together a personal emergency kit (contact Campus Public Safety for guidelines). Call Facility Services. each student should leave the residence facilities immediately and go to designated evacuation areas: locations are posted at floor exits.

Within this 10 .vanguard. and gender-inclusive community of Spirit-empowered Christian believers who were committed to peacemaking and reconciliation. With global consciousness. From its inception. The University believes that a liberal arts education illuminated by Christian truth fosters the intellectual and spiritual development that prepares and challenges students to take an active role in shaping their culture and their world. Trailers and off-road vehicles are not permitted on campus. and gender equality is a consequence of VUSC being deeply grounded in the faith tradition that brought the University into existence. Vehicles must have current license plates and be in running order to be parked on campus. turned over to the Costa Mesa Police Department for prosecution. Moreover. The vehicle owner must make storage arrangements with the Director of Campus Public Safety. and other motorized vehicles at the time of class enrollment.edu/CampusSafety. deepen faith. and to preparing students for a lifetime of learning and service in a variety of vocations and ministries. Out-of-state students are required by law to secure a California Driver's License and register their vehicle with the State of California within 10 days if the student registers to vote. Any vehicle not meeting these standards will be towed at the registered owner's expense regardless of whether the vehicle has a valid University permit or not. The parking permit is the property of VUSC and must be returned to VUSC upon request or when the student or employee leaves the university. Temporary parking permits are available to students and employees when a rental or non-permitted vehicle must be driven on campus. multiracial. and assessed any charges attributable to the false alarm. motorcycles. California. The State of California has a financial responsibility law. A $5. and living. Vehicle Registration All students (on campus and commuting students) are required to register cars. The vision that guides the VUSC community is rooted in the University's heritage as an institution of the Pentecostal tradition which was birthed out of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles. The person to whom the permit is registered will be responsible for all violations issued to the vehicle displaying the permit. It is the vehicle owners' responsibility to maintain proper insurance coverage. Any vehicle not displaying a valid parking permit will be issued a parking citation and fined the appropriate amount for the violation (see below). and equip each student for a life of leadership and service. motorcycles are to be parked in designated areas on campus. these foremothers and forefathers of a renewed Christian faith carried the good news of the gospel around the world. The registration of vehicles is required to be completed on-line via the Campus Public Safety web page at: http://www. Guests should obtain a temporary parking permit at their earliest opportunity. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) may not be used as personal vehicles except by prior approval. the movement generated a multicultural. Offenders will be suspended. VUSC is committed to providing an educational experience that integrates faith. motor scooters. Owners are responsible for providing covering to protect the cycles from the elements. Students may not leave their vehicles parked on campus during the summer unless they are residing in campus housing. Due to the limited parking spaces on campus.Who is Vanguard About Vanguard University The purpose of Vanguard University is to pursue knowledge. Students may only have one vehicle on campus at a time.Sounding a false fire alarm is both dangerous and illegal. Temporary parking permits are available in the Campus Public Safety Office. Temporary vehicle summer storage may be available if the student is a member of a mission trip sponsored by Vanguard University. The permit is assigned to the registered owner. learning. As an evangelical comprehensive university within the Pentecostal tradition. Vanguard University of Southern California is a community of thoughtful Christians dedicated to honoring Christ and serving his church. Community.00 charge will be assessed through the Business Services Office for lost permits. racial reconciliation. A strong commitment to cultural diversity. at the turn of the twentieth century. The permit issued must be displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the front windshield no later than two weeks from the first day of classes each semester. these core values continue to define the institutional vision that pulls the VUSC community forward toward its mission and educational targets and goals. cultivate character. or establishes residence and secures off campus employment in California.

Responsible Freedom VUSC recognizes that while the Scriptures do not provide specific teaching regarding all social and moral practices. While the University reaches out with love and understanding. 11 . and participate constructively in the life of the University. from the beginning of the fall semester or as soon as a student moves into on-campus housing or participates in university activities. and the desire for service. the University aims to provide a quality educational experience marked by the pursuit of truth. living in University housing. outreach trips. summer housing. all members of the community need to exercise their freedom responsibly in relationship to the various communities of which we are a part. These rules apply to on and off campus behavior and for the whole academic year. in both regards. or engaged in any University sponsored activity. virtue. It is expected that each individual who voluntarily joins the Christian academic community of VUSC will. The responsibilities that membership at VUSC includes: y To love God and all members of the VUSC community (Matt. state. 22:37-40). and federal laws when enrolled in a VUSC academic program. and with loving regard for the sensitivities of others. if the infraction also violated VUSC behavioral and community standards. The same expectations apply for all summer programs. Students arrested or charged with a crime while enrolled or residing at VUSC must report this information to the Vice President for Student Affairs in a timely manner. Community Expectations General Expectations of the Vanguard Community Voluntary Commitment These expectations apply to each student while he or she is enrolled in a University program or residing in University approved housing. Responsibilities of Vanguard Community Membership Biblically Speaking The goal of Vanguard is to understand and interpret every aspect of the VUSC community from a biblical point of view. Virtue. until the completion of the spring semester including all vacation periods (Thanksgiving. deepen one's spiritual commitment and understanding. etc. learning experience that encourages responsible behavior Based on the scriptural concepts and educational principles of love and justice. they do advocate self-restraint in situations that may be harmful or offensive to others. Students should expect the University to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and to initiate disciplinary proceedings when violations of such laws occur. develop moral character. the cultivation of character. other members of the community. Spring break. Each student is expected to exercise restraint in these matters even when he or she is not under direct University jurisdiction. but also requires a willingness to confront others whose behavior is harmful to themselves and to the community. "Truth. develop one's intellectual and creative abilities. all students are expected to comply with local. nor to those who support it and look to it for graduates. if it did not appropriately respond to those whose behavior is unacceptable. etc). and Service" summarizes the institution's educational vision. Consistent and balanced with the best interests of both the individual and the University community.Christian context of inclusiveness. Love. such as summer courses. with God's help. and service-are enshrined in the University motto and embossed on its official seal. Loving Involvement Love not only means understanding and support for one another. Compliance with the Law As Christians and members of society. These three basic pursuits inherent in the VUSC educational experience-truth. provides the environment of positive influence conducive to learning and to the energizing presence of the Spirit of the Lord. To love God with our whole beings and to love our neighbor as ourselves are foundational principles of the Lordship of Christ practiced by every responsible VUSC member. The University believes that redemptive discipline should be: y y y A meaningful. Therefore. it would not be faithful to its responsibility to the student. Christmas.

written or verbal threat. Knowing Presence Contribution. 28:19-20) by participating in and supporting the global and community integration ministries of the community. paint. the University or a member of the campus community. or an organization. (³Drawings´ are permitted when entry into the drawing is free. Any conduct or behavior which threatens or endangers the health. to help those in need and to seek reconciliation when personal differences arise. y Church Attendance Even though Vanguard seeks to be a Christian community. an entry fee is optional. Harassment. Intimidating another individual through the threat of physical or emotional harm. To be willing to confront. music. rest. Illegitimately engaging alarm pull stations. Forgery. wagering. Unauthorized Use. etc. Misuse or Tampering with Emergency Equipment. Individuals misusing or tampering with emergency equipment may be subject to criminal charges. or failure to follow specific prescribed procedures. Jeopardizing or interfering with the safety and security systems established within the campus community. Rules. or a gift of equal or greater value is received upon paying an entry fee). including but not limited to chapel and soul care opportunities. physical or emotional safety of an individual. and service. Any threatening or intimidating actions. Threats. records. alteration to landscaping. Vandalism.y y y y y y To practice righteousness and justice in dealing with one another. To observe the Lord's Day in worship. Any activity that involves betting. Refrain from the possession or use of alcoholic beverages. printed matter. telephone call. hanging or wrapping objects from fire sprinkler systems. to be an agent of the University. and/or behaviors whether acted upon or not which threatens or endangers the health. or games of chance for which there exists the potential of personal or financial loss. Violence. or misuse of property in the possession of. verbal abuse. language. To develop conscientiously one's academic potential. as well as organizations with which one associates. a fellow student whose lifestyle conflicts with that of the expectations of the community. including graffiti. regular participation in worship opportunities within the community. Christian fellowship. Forgery. Gambling. 18:12-17) To fulfill one's potential for spiritual growth by active. Misrepresentation of oneself. y y y y y y y Misrepresentation. Therefore. students are encouraged to identify with a local church of their choice and to attend church services regularly. or text message etc. Matt. altering locking devises. including oneself. permitting unauthorized access to another. internet message. by means of an unwelcome advance. Failure to Evacuate. including oneself. etc. including the propping of locked doors. and Responsibilities (Student Code of Conduct) The following behaviors are to be avoided: y Non-Compliance. To practice discretion and restraint in the choice of television programs. Students may be held accountable for an incident if they indirectly participated in a violation. movies. social dancing. Fighting. electronic media (including the Internet) and other public programs. physical and/or emotional well-being of an individual. Unauthorized entry into. including the on-site directives of a campus representative. discharging fire extinguishers. Restraints. Failure to evacuate a campus building immediately upon the sound of an alarm. theater. placement and/or presentation. nor can it substitute for. Unauthorized alteration of property from its original condition. Breaching Security Systems. and may be subject to criminal charges by California law. To accept the responsibility of the Great Commission (Matt. y y y y y y 12 . Alcohol. or owned by. Failure to comply with an appropriate request of a University official or representative. or identification or knowingly furnishing false information to campus officials. or removing fire protection devices. unauthorized use of. alteration or misuse of campus documents. in love. or Self-Inflicted Harm. disengaging smoke detectors. (Micah 6:8. it is not. Continued harassment might be considered ³stalking´. the Church.

plagiarism. to search for truth with integrity and accuracy. Tobacco. In a scholarly and Christian community. Substantial plagiarism is defined as doing any of the following without attribution: y y y Inserting verbatim sentences or longer passages from a source. etc. Refrain from the use of all illegal drugs and non-medical narcotics or hallucinogenic drugs. this is plagiarism. needless anger. tables or figures. as part of their evaluation of student assignments. Plagiarism is thus an insidious and disruptive form of dishonesty. Minimal plagiarism is defined as doing any of the following without attribution: y y y y y Inserting verbatim phrases of 2-3 distinctive words. harmful discrimination and prejudice such as that based on race. and refrain from completing assignments for their fellow students. Imitating the sentence. Refrain from all forms of tobacco including hookah Illegal drugs. In addition. each of us has a responsibility to encourage others to maintain their commitment to academic honesty. When students join our college community. adultery.y y y y Social Dancing. paragraph. such as drunkenness. stealing. in the library. essays. or organizational structure²as our own. Biblical standards. We seek to be followers of Christ in the classroom. oral presentations. bitterness. Social dancing is not allowed on campus or at University-sponsored off campus events in the absence of a dance instructor who is teaching choreographed movement. an unforgiving spirit. Guard against attitudes such as greed. how to avoid it. slanderous or profane language. or organizational structure. They should refuse to allow fellow students ³to borrow´ or to use an assignment without proper citation. To not participate in or associate with practices known to be morally wrong by biblical standards. Definitions To plagiarize is to present someone else¶s work²his or her words. he or she is equally guilty of academic dishonesty. and sexual sins (premarital sex. line of thought. encourage fellow students to do their own work. Using a source¶s line of logic. papers. Students have a responsibility to understand plagiarism and to learn how to avoid it. or writing style of a source. such as cheating and plagiarism). This occurs when sources are not cited properly. For both scholarly and spiritual reasons. This quest requires humility about our abilities. and what the consequences of plagiarism are. sex. Faculty should teach what plagiarism is. and originality in our thinking. apply the appropriate consequences. and report the incident to the Provost. pride. Combining paraphrasing with verbatim sentences to create a paragraph or more of text. Since Vanguard University is a Christian community. If a student helps another plagiarize in these or other ways. In short. Another person¶s ³work´ can take many forms: printed or electronic copies of computer programs. we are wrongfully taking material that is not our own. as apprentice scholars. then. By not acknowledging the sources that are used in our work. If evidence is discovered. or when permission is not obtained from the original author to use his or her work. or socioeconomic status. and the possession of drug paraphernalia. all forms of dishonesty (including academic dishonesty. paintings. the integrity of our scholarship is rooted in the integrity of our faith. jealousy. thesis or ideas. articles or chapters. plagiarism and all other forms of academic dishonesty are not to be pursued in the Vanguard community. statistical data. homosexuality). Attitudes. y Academic Dishonesty University Plagiarism Policy (Adapted with permission from the Westmont College Plagiarism Policy 06/13/06) Preamble Vanguard University is a community of Christian scholars. Faculty has a responsibility to educate students about refraining from academic dishonesty²in particular. Repeatedly and pervasively engaging in minimal plagiarism. Reordering the clauses of a sentence. and it violates the legal rights of people we may never meet. Substituting synonyms into the original sentence rather than rewriting the complete sentence. and at the privacy of our computers. It violates relationships with known classmates and professors. they are expected. drawings. musical compositions. occult practices. they should check for evidence of plagiarism. respect for the ideas of others. faculty should confront the student. if any information that can be considered the intellectual property of another is used without acknowledging the original source properly. 13 .

be treated as substantial plagiarism. Downloading a term paper from a web site. Substantial plagiarism: For a first offense. Bicycles in unauthorized areas will be removed and the owners will be assessed a $15 fine ($25 repeated offense). Complete plagiarism: For a first offense. Bicycles are not permitted in buildings. Using information from a campus file of old assignments. damage or theft of bicycles. assignments may be rewritten and resubmitted.g. Consequences Minimal plagiarism: When instances of minimal plagiarism are detected. from another course) for a present assignment without obtaining prior approval from the instructors involved. The University is not responsible for the loss. Students' casual and formal attire should reflect good taste and modesty. All unclaimed bicycles at the end of the semester without a bike permit will be impounded as abandoned and will be disposed of in accordance with California Law. Motorized scooters may not be parked in these areas. For a third offense the student should be recommended for expulsion from the University. Action is taken at the discretion of the Provost. and Report of Plagiarism is submitted to the Provost¶s Office. and a Report of Plagiarism is submitted to the Provost¶s Office. Swim wear is limited to water and Gymnasium and shirts are to be worn in public settings. Some professors permit multiple submissions of papers. or the Café. Addictive Behavior Student conduct discipline processes may be adjusted regarding addictive behavior at the university¶s discretion if the student is genuinely pursuing assistance under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional and if the student has signed a release of information allowing university officials to access this information. the student typically receives a failing grade in the course. Appearance It is necessary to maintain some minimal regulation consistent with respect for one another and in conformity with civic health and safety codes. submitting a duplicate copy of a paper being used in another class or revising a paper used in an 14 . Buying a term paper from a mail order company or web site. Repeated instances of minimal plagiarism may. Bicycles on campus For security purposes. with or without that person¶s knowledge or consent. with or without a grade penalty. and a Report of Plagiarism is submitted to the Provost¶s Office. y Printing two or more copies of the same research paper which are used to fulfill the requirements for more than one class without the consent of the professor(s). the instructor can use these situations as an educational opportunity to discuss with the student the nature of plagiarism and the values of a scholarly. Action is taken at the discretion of the Provost. Vanguard University provides designated areas where bicycles are to be parked or stored. administrative offices. classrooms. at the professor¶s discretion. For a second offense. Students may be shoeless on lawns or in residence halls. Campus Public Safety will register bikes and forward the application to the Costa Mesa Police Department. the student typically receives a failing grade on the assignment that has been plagiarized. At the professor¶s discretion. article. but not in the Library. The Costa Mesa Municipal Code requires all bicycles to be registered. Students should visit the Campus Public Safety Office to register any bicycles. If the professor plans to exercise his or her discretion in cases of minimal plagiarism. Submitting another student¶s work for an assignment.Complete plagiarism is defined as doing any of the following without attribution: y y y y y y Submitting or presenting someone¶s complete published or unpublished work (paper. Christian community. the student is typically expelled from the college. all bicycles should be secured with a U-bolt locking device. Computer Dishonesty Plagiarism There are three forms of plagiarism involving the use of computers and electronic storage of text.. Reusing or modifying a previously submitted paper (e. procedures and consequences should be clearly described in the course syllabus. the student typically receives a failing grade in the course. passageways or unapproved living areas by order of the Costa Mesa City Fire Department. or chapter). All bikes on University property must be registered and display a proper bicycle license. For a second offense. but others require that a paper be unique and original for each course. Submitting a paper previously used in another class.

Revocation of computer privileges temporarily or permanently. Dismissal from the University. or copy such private programs or files. Depending upon the seriousness of the offense. Moreover. students will be exposed to hostile. y Violation of Copyright Copyrighted programs. In serious cases. y Using material from another student's paper. Payment of a designated fine. Plagiarism is the use of someone else's words or ideas without crediting that person. If computer equipment is damaged. California Penal Code Section 502 considers certain computer abuse a crime. VUSC is more than just an educational institution. or even the entire course. regardless of how much revision is done to the copied material. The university recognizes that in order for the best learning to take place. with each student claiming individual credit for the work. test. songs. therefore reserves the right to regulate or prohibit access to obscene. Students are prohibited from transporting whole sections of text from another student's paper into their own paper. Students who are not sure about their professor's policy on the use of papers for more than one class should ask permission from their professors rather than turn in work based upon an assumption of what will be accepted. Two or more students handing in copies of the same research paper or assignment. unless permitted under the terms of the software licenses between VUSC and the software manufacturers. Loss of credit for an assignment. unless students have obtained the express permission of his/her professor(s). students will be required to pay for replacing the damaged equipment in addition to any fine imposed. the life of the mind. pornographic. and unlawful materials (such as by way of the Internet) and distribution of such materials over the campus network. and even subversive ideas. At the same time. Computer Usage Guidelines General Use Guidelines As an educational institution. and penalties can range up to a $10. All ideas borrowed and turned into the student¶s own words must also be credited appropriately. providing them with good values and an atmosphere as positive and wholesome as possible. Block copying allows the transportation of whole sections or paragraphs of one paper to be merged into another paper. The IT Department will investigate incursions and discipline will be handled through the Student Care Committee of the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Information Technology Department. It is therefore the position of the university that students should use maturity and self discipline in accessing potentially offensive material. and printed documentation may not be copied. Invasion of Privacy The files and programs of other people are private property.000 fine and up to three years in prison. offensive. and the free interchange of ideas. Unauthorized copying and downloading is theft. This includes downloading copyrighted digital media (mp3¶s. VUSC is firmly committed to the discovery of truth.). a student should not lend his/her disks to another student who might copy an assignment from the disk. and to examine files on any systems that are connected to the network. so that the students can confront and wrestle with the whole range of ideas and philosophies in the intellectual marketplace. with or without the permission of the original writer to use his/her ideas. Students may appeal any decision of the Student Care Committee following the discipline appeal process as laid out in the Student Discipline Process section of this handbook. movie files. the following sanctions may be applied: y y y y y y Completion of community service. It is a spiritual community committed to nurturing its members. regardless of the source. All material borrowed verbatim must be put in quotation marks and credited appropriately. or used on any machine outside of the computer labs. unless they have explicit permission to do so by the owner. a police report may be done including any participating student¶s names and a description of the violation(s). The University reserves the right to monitor traffic on the network. To avoid the accusation of collaboration in plagiarism. downloaded. distributed to others. Disciplinary Procedures If any student violates any of the above guidelines. including contents. It is unethical for students to read. 15 . disciplinary action will be taken. students with personal computers on campus are expected to not participate in software pirating or use pirated software. etc.earlier class or used in another class during the same semester is unacceptable. alter.

Students must not intentionally seek information about. Students must not apply for a user-ID under false pretenses. compile or manipulate software or data should assume that they do not have permission. or modify a file belonging to another person. VUSC students have certain privileges. All students should be sensitive to the ease of spreading viruses and should take steps to ensure all files are virus-free. Email regarding official VUSC business or events must receive approval through the IT Department and be routed through the division or department sponsoring the event. The framework of responsible. copy. Students must not share or use another person's user-ID. Wireless LAN. and declarations sent as electronic mail or postings must meet the same standards for distribution or display as printed documents. Once a student has received a user-ID for access to the VUSC network. he/she is solely responsible for all actions taken when that user-ID is used. but it includes the responsibilities that students accept whenever they choose to use the University's computing resources and/or network. staff. and administrative or other approved purposes. This list is not comprehensive. research. Use of the network folder is a privilege for academic purposes. Students that are not certain they have permission to copy. students must observe the following responsibilities. the Internet. Students should never write down their user-ID and password. Students must not display or transmit images. Academic work by students takes precedence over personal usage. sentiments. Computing and network resources and user accounts are owned by the University and are to be used for university-related activities only. By enrolling at the University students agree to abide by the guidelines listed herein and in the official Technology Use Policy. Students should also change passwords frequently. They include: y y y y y Use of Campus LAN.Students using University computing and network resources are required to use them in a manner consistent with the University's standard of conduct. e-mail and computer systems on that network. obscene. The University's policies on harassment apply equally to electronic displays and communications as they do to more traditional means of display and communication. y y y y y y y y y y y y 16 . which the university provides: y Student use of the campus network. illegal. Students should never leave a terminal or PC while logged on and leave it unattended for more than a few minutes. browse. and intranet E-mail Use of Internet Priority over non-VUSC users and/or guests when using campus computer labs Use of computers and printers in the campus computer labs Student Responsibilities To protect the quality and reliability of computing and network resources. VUSC's information technology resources may not be used for any unauthorized purpose or for any activity that is harmful. Students must not degrade computing or network performance in any way that will prevent others from meeting their educational or university business goals. Messages. and ethical behavior expected by the University extends to cover the use of campus facilities and network resources and networks throughout the world to which electronic access has been provided by the University. Students are authorized to use only computer resources and information to which they have been granted access. and e-mail must be consistent with the mission and character of VUSC. Students who encounter or observe a gap in system or network security should immediately report the gap to the manager of that system. Student Computing and Network VUSC makes available computing and network resources for use by the University's students. Students must not install any additional software on VUSC computer equipment. whether at VUSC or elsewhere. Abuse of a discovered gap rather than reporting it can result in disciplinary action. Students must not create or willfully disseminate computer viruses. Students are expected to stay within the space limits posted in the main lab. Computer equipment and accounts at VUSC should be used for legitimate instructional. password or e-mail account. unless that student has been granted explicit permission by the owner of the file. considerate. sounds or messages that could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment for others. or harassing. or students on campus. Students are not permitted to send spam e-mail to faculty.

Any person who personally engages in hazing that results in death or serious bodily injury as defined in paragraph (4) of subdivision (f) of Section 243 of the Penal Code. current. Hazing Policy Hazing is not permitted at VUSC and is a criminal offense in violation of California law. Occasionally. including but not limited to Bon Appétit. Fund-Raising Policy for students Students who desire to raise funds for approved student organizations (class office. Vanguard¶s policy is based upon the proposition that students are entitled to be treated with consideration and respect. or ratified the hazing. student government. Interested persons should contact the Director of Leadership Development & Activities for details. or officers authorized. participated in. 17 . Any student who abuses equipment or takes supplies from the labs will lose lab privileges and be charged the cost of repair or replacement. or other educational institution in this state.6): y y It shall be unlawful to engage in hazing. Prosecution under this section shall not prohibit prosecution under any other provision of law. or prospective student of any school. and Pepsi. or any organization or which the student is seeking membership whose agents. Fireworks Fireworks or other explosive devices are not allowed on the University campus. Members of the VUSC university community are expected to observe federal.) must complete a fund-raising application available in The Bridge and receive approval from the Director of Leadership Development & Activities and the Office of University Advancement prior to any fund-raising activities. Any student who steals equipment will be prosecuted under the law. which potentially endangers or adversely affects the physical and emotional well being of another member of the community. directors. Students who provide evidence of comparable coverage under another plan to Residence Life by the given deadline will be waived out of the insurance plan. and shall be punished by imprisonment. y Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy Students who are suspected of using an illegal substance may be subjected to mandatory drug-testing in order to demonstrate their compliance with student disciplinary contracts and university regulations. is guilty of either a misdemeanor or a felony. off-site vendors selling phone cards or cell phones or offering credit cards will not be approved to solicit at Vanguard University. any student participating in a hazing/prank type activity. As decided by the administration. Students who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol while they are enrolled at the university may be subjected to an alcohol blood-level screening test. commanded. Violators will be subject to disciplinary actions and possible prosecution in accordance with Municipal or State Codes. Vanguard regulations on hazing are synonymous with state law as stated below (Calif. community college. The person against whom the hazing is directed may commence a civil action for injury or damages. etc. managers. requested. y y y y Health Insurance for Students All undergraduate students who are enrolled in at least seven (7) units are required to have health insurance and will automatically be enrolled in and charged for a University-sponsored health insurance plan. Regardless of motive or intent. punishable by a fine or imprisonment. which is likely to cause serious bodily injury to any former. the parking lots may be used by approved student organizations to raise funds on weekends and during the Orange County Fair. Founders Bookstore. The term hazing does not include customary athletic events or schoolsanctioned events. college.y Equipment and supplies for VUSC labs should be treated with care. as defined in this section. Penal Code §245. Hazing means any method of initiation or pre-initiation into a student organization or student body. whether or not the organization or body is officially recognized by an educational institution. can expect immediate and serious disciplinary action. These tests will be paid for by the student. A violation of this section that does not result in serious bodily injury is a misdemeanor. The action may be brought against any participants in the hazing. university. ministry teams. as well as the University's own regulations and policies as outlined in the Student Handbook. state and local laws which govern computer and telecommunications use. Fund-raisers must not compete with any Vanguard University vendors. trustees.

the following fines for violations have been set: Improper parking / In road 15 minute parking Fire lane Disabled parking No parking zone 96 hour tow notice Reckless/careless driving Failure to yield or stop Permit parking violation Designated reserved parking $50 $20 $50 $50 $50 $25 $50 $30 $20 $30 A Parking Citation Petition for a violation may be submitted to the Hearing Officer within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the ticket. ethnicity. Obscene. and sexuality. A copy of the VUSC Parking and Traffic Regulations are available in the Campus Public Safety Office or on-line via the Campus Public Safety web page at http://www. fair means for encouraging observance of the University¶s parking regulations. Please be considerate of other drivers and pedestrians. Personal property coverage is available under most homeowners' or parents' insurance policies. the use of any mindaltering substance or illegal drug. Media containing excessive violence. profane language. tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco and hookah). Students should consult with their parents to determine appropriate coverage. Liability coverage does not extend to personal property.vanguard. before accessing material on the World Wide Web. Those found to be driving recklessly and placing others at risk of injury may have their driving privilege revoked. Student use of the Internet is a privilege which can be revoked for cause.Inappropriate Media Students are to avoid media that is degrading to gender. Vehicle owners are responsible for the information contained within the regulations. and degrading humor is not recommended for the spiritual and emotional development of VUSC students and must conform to Vanguard community life standards.edu/CampusSafety. pornographic. which can be revoked if the University's rules and regulations are not observed. nudity. Students should consider the character and mission of the University. Internet Material All members of the VUSC community are encouraged to practice discretion and restraint in the materials that they access over the Internet. Parking Enforcement Parking on campus is considered a privilege. The speed limit for all parking lots has been set at 5 MPH. Personal Property VUSC is not liable for the loss of money or personal belongings by any person or for damages done to property belonging to any individual. Prohibited Substances Prohibited substances are all forms of alcohol. The Director of Campus Public Safety will have the final decision for Parking Citation Petitions. a student may request a review of the appeal by the Director of Campus Public safety. If the appeal is denied. or unlawful materials accessed over the Internet are neither educationally nor spiritually purposeful and therefore should be avoided. The residence life experience provides students with the opportunities to: 18 . and the misuse of over the counter and/or prescription drugs. sexual content. Residence Life Policies and Procedures The University is committed to providing a quality residential experience in a Christ-centered environment that encourages the personal development of students. together with issues of public perception. The University is not liable for any injury which occurs during an unsupervised activity. In order to provide an effective.

All resident students (and their guests) are required to observe the ³Rules. which can hamper residence living. Having a lease in place will not be a factor for consideration of a request. however. Students who are 21 years of age or older. understanding. and goals so that appropriate choices can be made Know and integrate the Bible with all areas of life Residence Life Personnel The Director of Residence Life and Student Discipline (DRLSD) supervises the Residence Life Department. Each RD and RC has the concern that VUSC residence living will be a pleasant and meaningful experience. Students in residence agree to abide by all regulations in effect. 19 .y y y y y y y y y Pursue their academic goals Test their judgment and reflect on their behavior Evaluate information regarding contemporary issues in light of scriptural principles Develop interpersonal skills through cooperative living in a community setting Identify university resources and receive assistance from appropriate personnel Develop quality relationships Develop acceptance. and appreciation for diverse cultural backgrounds Assess attitudes. Part-time Undergraduate Students During fall and spring semester at least seven (7) units must be maintained in order to receive consideration for on-campus residency. The HC and other Residence Life Staff reserves the right to assign and re-assign rooms and roommates as necessary to fill vacancies in University housing. All Graduate and SPS students interested in Vanguard housing should contact the Housing Office for availability. found in the ³Community Life´ section in this handbook. Restraints.vanguard. SPS and graduate students are not offered the option of reserving rooms in undergraduate housing for the following academic year but may apply to be put on a waiting list for spaceavailable housing in undergraduate housing facilities for the upcoming year. please visit www. Residence Life Requirements All single freshman and sophomore students under 21 years of age and who are not living at home with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are required to live in residence to the extent that rooms are available. though full-time undergraduate students receive priority consideration. For more information about housing at Vanguard. Students wishing to live on campus will sign a housing contract each year during Housing Registration during the spring semester. Attempts are made to satisfy resident student preferences for housing and roommate assignments. The Housing Coordinator (HC) is a member of the Residence Life Staff and oversees all housing assignments for University residences. and thoughtful consideration of the rights of others. interests. Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who live in the residence facilities and are present to assist the Resident Directors. Graduate and SPS Students Housing in the campus apartments (Vanguard Centre) will be made available to single and married Graduate and SPS students on a space-available basis. It is intended that Residence Life shall serve to develop Christian character. including juniors and seniors. Resident Coordinators (RCs) are part-time University staff members who work in the residence facilities. values. Resident Directors (RDs) are full-time University staff members whose chief task is to facilitate community life in the residence facilities. On and off-campus students may not live with a member of the opposite gender other than their spouse and/or sibling (as long as sibling does not have another roommate of same gender). Housing Term Vanguard University housing operates on an academic year housing contract. Students are advised not to enter into a lease agreement before obtaining approval for off-campus status. Rooms are double or quadruple occupancy. may also be required to live on campus if they are on disciplinary probation.edu/residencelife. RDs and RCs are available for informal counseling and seek to build and strengthen the personal development and interpersonal relations among resident students. The amount of $500 must be paid as a deposit to secure a space in campus housing. and Responsibilities´ of community membership at Vanguard University. self-control. this is not always controllable. RAs facilitate peer communications and see that a positive living/learning environment exists as free as possible of the disturbing elements. All students wishing to live off campus must receive prior authorization from the Housing Office by submitting an Off-Campus Housing Petition.

vanguard. Returning students in good standing are given priority in these facilities. and /or replacement costs incurred at the time of check-out.edu/residencelife (continuing students). Please read the section on Vacancies for further information. The Laguna Hall's residents are single females who are freshmen and who are traditionally aged students.00 of the cleaning/damage deposit will be forfeited. Upon arrival. Huntington Hall and Laguna Hall Huntington Hall primarily houses single males who are freshmen and sophomores and who are traditionally-aged students. an additional $150 cleaning/damage deposit will be assessed to the student's account. y y All personal belongings must be removed from the room. an additional fee will be charged to his/her account to cover the expense of the damages. if the Residence Life Office receives written notification of withdrawal/cancellation of their housing application on or before May 1 for the fall semester and December 31 for the spring semester. Check-Out Procedures Non-graduating residents must vacate residence rooms no later than 5:00 PM. Should damages occur to the student's room or common area in excess of the $150 deposit. and to re-assign a student in the residence facilities. Students who fail to meet this deadline will forfeit $40.00 per hour until they properly check out of the room. Room assignments will be made by August 1 for students with completed Housing Applications. Return Housing Application and receipt of payment to the Admission Office (new applicant) or the Residence Life Office during Housing Registration Week each year (returning student). Each room is air-conditioned and has a private bathroom and a large closet. Catalina Hall Catalina Hall houses single female undergraduate students in spacious rooms. $40. and Vanguard Centre are the official residence areas of the University.On-Campus Residential Areas Huntington and Laguna Halls. Catalina Hall. and are held throughout the fall and spring semesters. Exceptions must be cleared by the Housing Coordinator or Director of Residence Life. The University reserves the right to assign a new occupant to fill a vacancy. repairs. Graduating seniors must vacate residence rooms no later than 5:00 PM. This deposit will be credited towards the student¶s housing costs. The room needs to be vacuumed and dusted. If the check-out procedure is not followed. Each floor is equipped with a laundry facility and a study room. the Sunday following graduation ceremonies. Failure to complete the form will result in liability for any cleaning. On-Campus Housing Process Secure a Housing Application from the Office of Admissions (new applicants) or online at www. male and female of at least junior status or nontraditionallyaged students. students will complete a Check-In/Out Form. The key will be issued at this time. 20 . the housing deposit is non-refundable. There is a $40 fine for unexcused absences from these meetings. y Housing applicants are required to remit a $500 room reservation deposit. Newport Hall and Balboa Hall Newport and Balboa Halls are designed to house single students. Balboa Hall. follow these steps: 1) Clean the room. It is important that the condition of the room and furnishings be indicated accurately on the Check-In/Out Form. When registered. If housing cancellations are received after May 1. y y Check-In Procedures Students may move into their room assignment only on their designated move-in day. Each resident is responsible for all damages to the room they occupy (and common areas) as a result of unexpected wear. All repair charges will be billed equally to room occupants unless otherwise noted after Facilities Services personnel inspects the room upon check-out of undersigned resident. Residents can take advantage of the spacious and decorative lobby and lounge on the first floor. The deposit is refundable to applicants who decide not to attend VUSC. Floor Meetings and Residence Hall Rallies Each residence hall RD and RA Staff are required to hold mandatory floor meetings two times per semester. The Halls are connected by a spacious lobby on the ground floor which is a comfortable meeting place for students. which the student must sign in agreement to the condition of the room at the time of check-in. the Friday following the last day of final exams. These meetings are mandatory for all resident students of Vanguard University. Newport Hall. to make changes in room assignments. In checking out.00 of the cleaning/damage deposit and will be assessed $15. This deposit must accompany the initial residence application to reserve university housing. The only exceptions are those who have been approved for summer or Christmas Housing.

Resident students should contact the Business Office for procedures to have the deposit returned.00 . completed when the student moved in.y y y y All furniture must be clean and in place.00 $20.00 $20.00 will be refunded subject to completion of the check-out procedure and subject to payment of losses or damage (if any) to VUSC property.$75.00 $15. etc. will be reviewed and signed by the Resident Assistant.00 $5. Any personal belongings left behind after the resident students officially checks out of housing.00 $125. 2) 3) 4) 5) After the above has been completed.00 $10. Roommates are jointly responsible for any financial liability stemming from room abuse. If the person(s) responsible for the damage are not identified. or is left in the room or common areas beyond the approved housing agreement provisions. quad lounge. The cleaning/damage deposit of $150.00 $35. Cleaning deposits will be returned no later than July 1st.00 will be assessed to the student's account for non-returned keys.00 $125.). 6) Room Damage and Common Area Damage Costs The following list consists of approximate charges for damages to University residence hall rooms and/or common areas.00 $25. The student is required to also sign the form. The cost of repairing damages beyond the amount of the deposit will be charged to the student's account. the student should contact his/her Resident Assistant (RA) to officially check out of the room.00 $180. Resident Director and Facility Services technician. or it may remain on their account as a cleaning/damage deposit for the following year. lounges.00 . Students are responsible to ensure that the common areas are clean. may be discarded by the University.$100.00 room cleaning charge against the cleaning damage deposit. Keys should be returned to the Resident Assistant. The deposit may also be used to repair common area damages in which individuals are not identified as responsible.00 $5. The Check-In/Out Form. Everything from the walls must be removed Kitchen appliances and private baths must also be clean. Returning students who have a "zero" balance on their student accounts may request their cleaning/damage deposit be returned to them.00 $20. Failure to properly clean the room will result in a $75.00 per wall $250.00 $100. A replacement fee of $75. then the costs for repairing the damage or replacement of furniture will be shared among the roommates of the assigned room. Estimated Repair Costs (includes labor) Item: Screen Window blind Smoke detector Shower curtain Shower curtain rings Shower curtain rod Shower head Towel rack Patch & paint wall Door replacement Door replacement (hollow core) Door jam replacement Door Knobs Door closer reattach Door closer replacement Mirror Light Covers Cost: $30. or the residents sharing the common areas (hallways.00 $75.00 $14.00 21 .

as explained in the section On-Campus Housing Process. a $500 housing deposit must be paid in order to secure a spot. y y y Students who choose not to purchase the vacancy should be prepared to receive another roommate at any given time within the discretion of the Housing Office. Any resident that makes it impossibly/undesirable for a newly assigned roommate to stay in the vacancy will be considered to have purchased the vacancy and will be billed retroactively to the date the space became available.edu). Residents may not stack university furniture on top of any other object unless it is approved by Facility Services. Students that choose to cancel housing after this deadline will not receive the refund of the housing deposit. Residents may not hang anything from the fire sprinkler systems. y y y y There is to be no baking. Room Decor In the fall months students will find themselves calling this residence area home. Adhesive hangers that do not remove or strip paint can be used quite effectively for hanging most decorative items. Students that cancel housing after being checked-in to a room must follow Check-Out Procedures with the Resident Assistant. follow the check-out procedure on the old room assignment and the check-in procedure on the new room assignment. all furniture must remain in the room. Students that choose to move into an empty room after filing a Room/Roommate Change Form will be required to purchase the room at the additional 30% charge. See the Housing Coordinator in the Residence Life Office for the schedule (contact the Housing Coordinator at ext. Residents may not intentionally alter any university furniture. The University reserves the right to assign a new occupant to fill a vacancy. Vacancies After the deadline for Room/Roommate changes (10 days into the semester) in order to maintain occupancy in a room. Residents may not stack university furniture on top of each other unless it is designed to be securely stacked. No priority will be given to protect any vacancy. If the change is approved. y y y Residents may not paint or wall paper walls. y Cancellations At Housing Registration for the academic year during the spring semester (returning undergraduate students). A Room/Roommate Change Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Housing Coordinator. All damages to the room are the responsibility of the occupants assigned to the room. 22 . 4820 or housing@vanguard. the Housing Office must receive notice of cancellation from the student in writing by May 1st. however. unless they are equipped with full kitchen facilities (such as Vanguard Centre apartments and some rooms in Balboa Hall). a bed to sleep in. No exceptions. Students must move out of housing within 24 hours of termination of the Housing Contract unless written agreement is obtained by the Housing Office. This policy pertains not only to the moving of personal belongings but also may pertain to the attitude of current residents of the room. or boiling of any food items in residence facility rooms. Refunds will be given based on the refund chart published in the Housing Contract and signed at Housing Registration. Residents may not use nails or their equivalent in any University property (including room walls and/or furniture). including sprinklers and pipes. frying. or a desk to work at on that last minute term paper. and to re-assign or remove a student from the residence facilities. to make changes in room assignments. All vacancies are given equal priority for roommate placement.Carpet damage/stain Window Furniture replacement varied varied varied Changing Rooms Possible room changes may be discussed with the Housing Coordinator ten days after the semester has started and must be approved by the appropriate Resident Directors prior to any move. This option is available only if there is no waiting list for the given hall/floor and if the student(s) agree to pay the additional 30% charge to ³purchase´ the vacant space. Students are encouraged to make it attractive and comfortable. the room must be left in the same condition as when it was first moved into. the occupants of the room will be assessed a damage fine. students can choose to exercise the Vacancy Purchase Option. If the adhesive hanger does remove paint or damages the walls in any way. Students should remember that this "home" can be more than a storehouse for (much used) text books. In order for the deposit to be refunded. Regardless of purchase of any vacancy.

What is allowed and not allowed in the residence hall rooms: What to bring Linens (extra long twin) Pillow Blankets/comforter Towels Toiletry Items Alarm clock Multiple outlet surge protector Cleaning supplies Cell phone/ telephone Desk lamp Laundry detergent Laundry bag or basket What NOT to bring Candles Incense or wax burners Pets Toaster / oven toaster Open-flame appliances Illegal drugs or alcohol Firearms or weapons Fireworks Drums (in rooms) Chairs. Students may keep a free-standing air conditioning unit in their residence hall room for an additional charge of $50 per semester to defray energy expenses. desks. mattresses. Resident students are encouraged to keep their room doors locked and to carry insurance to cover losses (the Student Life Center provides renter¶s insurance brochures in each welcome packet for resident students). Furniture is not to be removed from the room or the student will be charged a fine of $25. volleyball. not full housekeeping units. Hot plates. etc. Personal Property The University is not responsible for the loss. potpourri burners. or theft of personal effects while living in the University residence facilities. broiler ovens. Any loss should be reported to Campus Public Safety or the Resident Director immediately. desks. electric skillets. This condition applies to other appliances not described herein. Lounge Furniture Furnishings in the lounge areas are not to be removed. nor shall the installation of such systems obstruct egress routes from residence halls. Beds.5 cu ft. Frisbee. toasters.00 per furniture item (and a replacement cost if not returned). cause a safety hazard.Alcohol.) Halogen lamps Room Furniture Each room is fully furnished (with the exception of Vanguard Centre. damage.5 cu. alcohol containers. hazard. other than the space within the resident student¶s assigned room.) Personal computer iPod/MP3 player/stereo Television & VCR Small coffee maker Bicycle & lock Beach Chair Board games & cards Sports equipment (tennis. Any person violating this policy will be fined $25 per piece (and replacement costs if not returned). sandwich grills. and appropriate resident storage closets (NH & BH). and a dresser are provided in each residence hall room. electric saucepans. full-size refrigerators or other such electrical appliances are not acceptable. or beds (rooms are furnished) Answering machine (each room receives free voicemail service) Large refrigerator (over 4. ³George Foreman´ style grills are allowed in kitchenette rooms and areas Optional (popular items) Portable refrigerator (under 4.) Extra storage units (such as under the bed boxes) Fan 23 . and compact refrigerators and microwaves are allowed in student rooms. Satellite TV and Air Conditioning Units Personal satellite TV dishes and/or air conditioning units may not be secured to University property. but are deemed a risk. desk chairs. and/or drug paraphernalia are not to be used for room decorations. Students may not store personal belongings in rooms and closets over the summer break. or alter the intended design and construction of the facility. ft. Storage Vanguard University does not provide extra storage space. toaster ovens. Only appliances such as popcorn poppers. The beds provided by the University are designed to sleep one person only. Appliances & Cooking Most on-campus rooms were designed as sleep-study areas. blenders. coffee pots. or in violation by University officials. which is furnished with beds and refrigerators only) to meet the needs of students.

For example. Students are required to observe all fire alarms and evacuation procedures. the University reserves the right to require residents to remove/unplug refrigerators if they disrupt electrical power to the residence halls. Students should not tamper with existing electrical equipment. and other large objects cannot be stored in hallways or common areas. 24 . Guests should make arrangements with Campus Public Safety for a temporary-parking permit if necessary. Right to Enter VUSC reserves the right for authorized personnel to enter any unit at any time for purpose of inspection. there are some restrictions: y y y Refrigerator can be no larger than 4 cubic feet. and the storage of combustible fuels. Guests are not permitted to have in their possession a key to the resident host¶s assigned room. Common hallways/areas must be free of clutter and/or obstacles that could potentially hinder evacuation routes. Fire Hazards Students are expected to be alert to fire hazards and to use good judgment when potential hazards exist. surfboards. the use of kerosene or propane lanterns or lamps. paints. Also. University officials reserve the right to require non-student guests to vacate campus property. but only after announcing their intention to enter. however. but the following represents an effort to address the basic safety regulations in the residence hall. bikes. The University also maintains master keys to all residence halls and reserves the right to inspect rooms by authorized personnel at any time without prior notice. Arrangements for payment are to be made in the Residence Life Office with the Housing Coordinator and verification shown to the Resident Director. Electrical appliances must be UL approved. Vanguard Centre. except for where kitchenette-style space is provided. It is impossible to list all fire hazards. No more than two refrigerators per room. Room decorations should consist of fire retardant materials. The University maintains master keys to all residence halls and reserves the right to inspect rooms by authorized personnel at any time without prior notice. lighting. repairs. Any guest with permission from the Resident Director to stay more than two nights will be expected to pay $20. Residence Life reserves the right to require students to remove refrigerators if these restrictions are not observed. wiring. Vanguard University does allow for resident students to keep refrigerators in University rooms. In the interest of student safety. Room Inspections Since residence hall living involves sharing facilities with other students. Students may be held responsible for damages caused by hanging items from fire equipment. Occasionally. and switches. if present. Campus Public Safety will not announce their presence to avoid disturbing sleeping residents.specifically designed for food preparation. Guest Privileges Occasionally a resident may wish to have an overnight guest. If at any time there is reasonable cause to believe that an occupant is using his/her residence room in a manner inconsistent with appropriate University regulations. a search may be made by a University representative to gather evidence for use in disciplinary proceedings.00 per night. Hosts will be held financially responsible for any guest behavior that would result in fines or damages to University or private property. Hanging personal belongings from fire sprinklers or the red pipes in Laguna and Huntington Halls is prohibited and is a fire code violation. Refrigerators in Rooms At this time. Campus Public Safety personnel may patrol residence facility hallways. Exceptions must be approved by the Resident Director. furniture. Campus Public Safety Officers do not unlock residence hall doors for non-student guests. Failure to respond appropriately to fire alarms (including fire drills) is subject to disciplinary fines. University personnel may do so.00 fine. Restricted Areas University policy does not allow any individual to enter the living area (halls or rooms) of those of the opposite sex except for designated times such as Open House Visitation. or other official business of which the resident will be informed at time of entry. there is to be no food preparation in the residence facilities. The University reserves the right to make periodic health and safety inspections. or oils is not permitted in residence halls and is subject to a $50. Tours for guests or prospective students may be necessary on very brief notice. For fire safety and health sanitary reasons. a broad sense of responsibility must be maintained. The burning of candles or incense. limited rooms in Balboa Hall with full kitchen facilities are an exception to this rule. After 11:00 PM. Permission to do so must be obtained in advance from the Resident Director.

giving the destination and time they will return to campus. Newport Hall. Balboa. Each resident student is responsible to attend the mandatory floor meeting and Residence Hall Rally and become familiar with the Open House Visitation hours. suspension. Huntington. residence hall events. Huntington Hall. Resident students are responsible to keep track of the time for when open house visitation hours is over.).City Hall Property Students are prohibited from walking. students (and or student and guest) must be sitting or in upright position. the use of roller blades. fellowship. informal interaction between men and women and provides Open House opportunities to accomplish this goal. Balboa Hall. and Newport Halls Tuesdays: all male rooms and/or halls Thursdays: all female rooms and/or halls Fridays (all rooms/halls) Saturdays (all rooms/halls) Sundays (all rooms/halls) Everyday in Halls in Catalina Hall Everyday in Balboa and Newport Open House Hours Vanguard Centre Everyday 10:00 AM ± 1:00 AM 7:00 PM ± 11:00 PM 7:00 PM ± 11:00 PM 4:00 PM ± 12:00 AM (Midnight) 4:00 PM ± 12:00 AM (Midnight) 4:00 PM ± 12:00 AM (Midnight) 11:00 AM ± 11:00 PM 12:00 PM (Noon) ±12:00 AM (Midnight) Overnight Leave As a courtesy and safety feature for emergencies. or other disciplinary action. resident students planning to be gone overnight should notify the Resident Assistant or Resident Director in advance. no objects (including liquids) may be thrown from a residence facility. Throwing objects from any residence facility window. The Residence Life staff monitors Open House. This includes unauthorized access to roofs of all buildings. riding skateboards. Open House should generally be used for study. roof. or balcony will result in a $100 fine and possible removal from the residence hall. Open House Visitation The University supports healthy. y y Member of the opposite sex may not lie together on/in a bed. Skate Boards/Roller Blades/Bikes Due to the potential for property damage and in the interest of safety and comfort of all University members. Open house visitation ends at the time specified²this is not the time to begin the process for leaving the floor/room/quad. parking their vehicles or in any other way utilizing City Hall parking lots or property and are subject to fines if they do so. Open House Hours for Laguna. etc. If on the bed. Open House Expectations: y Room doors must be completely open when members of the opposite sex are together in a residence hall room during Open House Visitation hours (Laguna Hall. bicycling. forfeiture of housing. including residence 25 . Catalina. Open House Visitation hours: The Open House visitation hours for each residence hall are communicated to resident students at the mandatory floor meeting and Residence Hall Rally (first week of each semester) and are posted in various places in the residence halls. roller skates. Open House refers to those predetermined times when members of the opposite sex may visit together in the residence facilities. bikes. and social events (such as birthday and Christmas parties. Violations of Open House policies may result in fines. Open House is a privilege afforded to all residents in good standing. and skateboards is prohibited inside campus buildings and elevators. Throwing Objects For safety purposes. Roofs of Buildings Students known to have been climbing on buildings without proper authorization or known to have been involved in defacing them will be assessed the cost of repairs and subject to severe disciplinary action (suspension). scooters. and Catalina Hall).

Riders shall refrain from riding on railings. If the pet is not removed in this time frame. First offense is a $50 fine. playing musical instruments. Residents found in violation of the pet policy are subject to fines and will be required to remove the pet from University residence. Removal of non-approved pets in the residence halls is expected in 12 hours of official notice from University officials. or otherwise damaging University property. The CPS officer will request to see some identification and will verify that the student is the listed occupant in the room before unlocking the door. Students should refrain from playing loud music. Limited use of such is permitted on driveways. Pets University rules preclude the keeping of pets in any residence facility or on-campus. Riders are responsible for the damages they cause to any persons or University property. In addition to these quiet hours. if a student¶s overnight activities (employment included) adversely affects the student¶s academics and/or behavior. and sidewalks (with the exception of those around the residence halls and within ten feet of a building). scooters. Use of courtyards (for example.facilities and lobbies. if necessary. or skateboards on campus. A student who has become locked out of their room should first contact his/her Resident Assistant to gain entrance into the room. Residence Life Disciplinary Fines The list below consists of fines that are typical responses to violations of the community standards: Behavior Quiet Hours Violation First offense Repeated offense Possession and/or use of Fireworks Water Fights in Residence Facility Open House Violation First offense Repeated offense Minimum Fine $25 $50 $100 $25 $25 $50 (and possible removal from residence facility) Throwing Objects from Residence Facility First offense $100 (and possible removal from residence facility) Bike Storage in Unapproved Areas First offense warning 26 . or engaging in loud behavior during quiet hours. benches. Lost Key Students who have lost their keys may request a replacement from the Housing Coordinator. Scott Academic Center) is prohibited. Quiet Hours There are some responsibilities which students living in an academic community have to each other. Needham Chapel. the University may strongly encourage the student to observe a curfew. roller skates. bikes. It is hoped that students will be able to work out between themselves any breach of this mutual respect for each other in the residence areas. parking lots. Students desiring to practice musical instruments should contact the Facilities Department to schedule a practice room. Riders should use caution. Loss of master key will result in a $100 fine to offset the cost of re-keying. students may become locked out of the residence room. The University is not responsible for injuries suffered while riding roller blades. The close proximity of living quarters requires that certain hours be regarded as quiet hours. maintain a safe speed and distance from buildings and people. and $5 for a CPS unlock. The residence staff is also available to facilitate this process. Drums and amplified musical instruments should not be played at any time in the residence facilities. it should be understood that the unique needs of each facility require the mutual respect of every student's privilege to a comfortable residence area. Students may be assessed a $1 fee by RA for a room unlock. Any student that is unable to locate his/her Resident Assistant may contact Campus Public Safety at ext. A $75 replacement charge will be assessed to the student¶s account. Room Unlocks Occasionally. However. There is no enforced residence hall curfew. second offense is $100 fine and possible removal of student from University housing. the violation becomes a second offense. 6799 or 714-715-2829. Failure to abide by these policies may result in disciplinary action. and are encouraged to wear head and body protection when riding on campus. These hours are 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM daily.

and possible removal from residence facility) Replacement Room Key First offense If necessary to re-key the whole lock Alcohol. However. Housing Assignment Changes from On-Campus Residency to Off-Campus at Semester Students living in campus housing that would like to apply to move off-campus for the spring semester must submit an OffCampus Petition to the Housing Office. Christmas Break Housing The University desires to provide a quality living experience for students needing to remain in campus housing due to job or living requirements. On campus residence facilities will be closed beginning at 7:00 PM the Friday of finals week and will re-open at 12:00 PM. Students who are unable to relocate prior to the Christmas break may be required to remove their belongings from their current room and delay their room change until the beginning of the spring semester. Students desiring to live in campus housing during Christmas Break must formally apply for this opportunity through the Residence Life Office by December 1. Students must obtain the approval of the Housing Coordinator and their Resident Director prior to making a room change. Vanguard Centre will remain open during Christmas Break at no extra charge. Students must pay the equivalent of one month¶s prorated rent to break the housing contract signed for the academic year. if any) Repeated offense $100 (plus damages. However. Tobacco or Hookah violation Illegal drug possession/drug paraphernalia Furniture Removal/Relocation Candles and/or incense burning Pranks (resulting in disruption of community) First offense First offense Per piece First offense First offense $75 $100 $75 $100 $25 $50 $50 (plus damages. Approved room changes and relocations from the fall room into a new spring room must be accomplished prior to leaving for the Christmas break. if any) Unauthorized access to building roof or storage areas Non-approved overnight guest in hall Failure to comply to judicial summons Falsifying fire alarm Health and Safety Inspection Failure Balboa/Newport Quad Cleanliness Failure First offense Per night $100 $100 $40 $250 $25-$50 $25 Housing Assignment Changes Between Fall and Spring Semesters Some students prefer to make a housing change between the fall and spring semesters. Fall semester housing concludes at 7:00 PM on the Friday of finals week. 27 . Approval must be received by the Housing Coordinator and Resident Director before the student can check-out of campus housing. Resident students in Christmas Break housing should inquire about food service through contacting a representative of the Dining Commons.Second offense Repeated offenses Pet on campus or in housing First offense $15 $25 $50 (plus damages. There is no official food service plan provided during the Christmas Break period. there may be times when the Dining Commons is available for food service. or forfeit their room change approval. Students may be required to relocate to another room or accept a temporary roommate during the Christmas Break housing period at the discretion of the Housing Coordinator and Resident Director. the Saturday prior to classes resuming for the spring semester. if any. Students should inform their Resident Director before the end of the fall semester if they are unable to secure housing during this period to see if assistance can be provided.

It is expected that each individual who voluntarily joins the community will. To love God with our whole being and to love our neighbor as ourselves are foundational principles of the Lordship of Christ practiced by every responsible community member. or in person at the Facility Services office (located between the Library and Enrollment). so students may continue to live in the residence halls if they choose. Summer housing brochures are available in the Residence Life Office in March. Storage of products may only occur in the student's room and must not infringe upon the reasonable living rights and comfort of a roommate. y y y y Spiritual and Social Expectations Reading and signing this statement are required for admissions to Vanguard University. M-F.vanguard. deepen their spiritual commitment and understanding. 4600. All contact for purchasing must be initiated by the consumer. Go to Campus Services and choose Facility Services to submit a maintenance work request. Facility Services can be contacted at ext. Residents will receive a work order number that can be used to reference the progress of the submitted work request (most plumbing and other emergency requests are addressed the same day). develop their intellectual and creative abilities. After these hours and on weekends. There is a deadline for Summer Housing Applications. develop moral character. students should call the emergency on-call tech at (714) 708-4914. Emergency Work Requests During the hours of 7:00 AM . and are considered to be committed to the following expectations. it may become necessary for maintenance to be performed in residence rooms.edu. These responsibilities are communicated to each student. Click on Campus Life (upper left corner). Work Request Policy for Residential Buildings Occasionally. Students not enrolled in the subsequent fall semester are not eligible for summer housing. Students may not sell non pre-packaged food items due to health and safety concerns. Student residents who are in need of a repair should follow these steps: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Go to the VUSC website at www. The resident will be informed of the completed work order via a notice that is usually hung on the door of the resident¶s room. Students should also locate the RA or RD OnDuty at (714) 713-5089. and participate constructively in the life of the University.Spring Break Housing Housing facilities will not close during spring break. or (714) 966-6799. and vehicle flyers are prohibited. he/she may contact Campus Public Safety at ext. 4600. All students who have been admitted to Vanguard University should have thoroughly read and signed the following statement. Student selling of a product on campus is permitted provided that the student obtains permission from the Director of Leadership Development. with God¶s help. Applications are received during the registration week in April. A Summer Housing rent deposit (covering the first month rent) is due at the time the application is filed. 28 . One Resident Assistant per facility along with one Resident Director will be available to students during this time. phone solicitation. Sales Policy for students y y Off-Campus product salespersons are not permitted to solicit or sell in any of the campus buildings (including Residence Halls) unless approved by the Director of Event Relations. Door-to-door selling. Summer Housing Limited housing is available during the summer months with priority assigned to students enrolled during the summer sessions. Vanguard University of Southern California is a Christian academic community that encourages individual integrity and responsibility in accordance with biblical Christianity and its social and ethical implications. If a student is unsuccessful in either attempt. Residents may also submit a work request by calling ext. should be read by each student. 6799.5:00 PM. Advertisements may be placed on campus bulletin boards once they have been approved via stamp in the Residence Life Office. and then a signed copy is included with a student¶s application for enrollment.

Any student who has specific concerns about any of these commitments should feel free to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office or the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Spiritual Formation Department VUSC is committed to provide quality experiences to assist students in their spiritual development. language. every student will be expected to respect and comply with these community responsibilities. guest and regular speakers. charismatic and emerging styles. dishonesty. as well as organizations with which one associates. slanderous or profane language. and prayer. which include. There are also many opportunities to use individual gifts and talents to glorify God and serve the VUSC community such as chapel worship teams. all forms of tobacco. To completely refrain from the possession or use of alcoholic beverages. therefore. any practices known to be morally wrong by biblical standards. arts. y y To encourage personal faith in and love for the Lord Jesus Christ through variety in programming including concerts. however. and prayer ministry team leaders. communion. If any student is interested in any of these service opportunities. affirm the above statement of responsibilities. To always use discretion and restraint in conduct relating to the media. worship. Internet. interactive learning. Several opportunities have been provided. The Scripture admonishes us to actively pursue this practice (Hebrews 10:25). To completely abstain from and refuse to engage in. adultery or other sexual sins. social and spiritual responsibilities that are a part of membership in the Vanguard University community. social dancing. chapel greeters. premarital sex. students become members of the VUSC community and. To complete 16 Bible units in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. praise. Participation in the Spiritual Formation program of the university includes mandatory chapel attendance and soul care of thirty spiritual formation credits (30) each semester for all undergraduate students. intercession. edifying each other.Undergraduate students commit themselves to basic responsibilities. non-medical narcotics. Spiritual Formation The Spiritual Formation department seeks to encourage students in their personal growth in the faith and help them to find Christ as their source of strength in the midst of life's changing demands. Certain prudential rules appropriate to the University¶s aims and goals are also required. cards and games. exhorting each other. bearing each other's burdens and praying for each other. or hallucinogenic drugs (including marijuana). To read more regarding student policies visit www. some of which are as follows: Throughout history believers established a pattern of meeting together for worship. encouraging one another. Students are equipped with the tools to forge or continue to build their own spirituality and have an opportunity to participate in spiritually satisfying relationships and worship experiences available in numerous groups (small and large) on campus. The University recognizes that a student¶s personal commitments and lifestyle may be different than these standards. testimonies. It is one of the means whereby some of our Christian responsibilities can be fulfilled such as. prayer for the sick. sound technicians. To introduce participants to a variety of worship forms consistent with historic biblical Christianity including traditional. he/she should stop by the Spiritual Formation office and speak with the Campus Pastor. By enrolling in VUSC. Some of these commitments are rooted in obedience to moral law as taught in the Scriptures and exemplified in the life of Christ. gluttony. 29 . or by physical presence condone. stealing. y y y y It is most helpful for students to become familiar with the contents of the Student Handbook so that all students can understand and abide by the academic. Goals of the Spiritual Formation Program y To encourage an authentic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through participation in community worship and service in the context of a Christian community. chapel intercessors. occult practices.vanguard.edu/residentlife. such as drunkenness. causing dissention amongst community members. and celebrating communion. and service (Acts 2:4247). drama. but are not limited to the following: y To participate in the mandatory Spiritual Formation program of the university that includes chapel attendance and soul care of thirty credits (30) per semester for all undergraduate students. Chapel services are held five times a week for corporate worship and teaching and numerous soul care opportunities are published weekly.

staff. To provide a forum for the dissemination of important information of concern to the VUSC community. Attendance and Participation in Spiritual Formation Experiences Participation in University Spiritual Formation is comprised of participating in Chapel services and Soul Care opportunities. the responsibility for reporting attendance at Chapel rests with the student. but 30 . social. cultural. One Chapel service equals one Spiritual Formation Credit. employment. and service opportunities. and relational growth that students will experience at VUSC. by students. y y y y y To develop a sense of community by regularly assembling with other students. Chapel Programs Chapel is considered to be an important and integral part of the University program and spiritual growth is foundational to the intellectual. Chapel Attendance In keeping with the basic objective of fostering mature personal behavior. presentations. To provide ministry opportunities for participants to lead worship. participate in drama presentations. Goals of the Chapel Program y To encourage an appreciation and love for the Word of God.y y To provide opportunities for the enhancement of spiritual maturity by means of exposure to a variety of speakers.D. The Shine Service meetings are genuine. Students in the traditional undergraduate College who are enrolled in twelve (12) or more units of course work during a regular semester are required to attend Chapel services.D. To encourage participants to consider their role in impacting the world by representing Christ in family. sing. Students meet three mornings and three nights each week for Chapel services: Tuesdays and Thursdays Wednesdays Mondays and Thursdays Wednesdays 9:30-10:20 AM 10-10:50 AM 8:00-9:00 PM 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM (NMC Worship Center) (NMC Worship Center) (Needham Chapel) (Shine Service . Chapel credit will not be given unless an I. administrators. faculty. and guests. receive prayer. read Scripture. take offerings and preach. With student development in mind. Chapel services are designed to be instrumental in building this relationship. social. Cards will be scanned at each Chapel event. interactive experiences. Master¶s and Degree Completion students are excused from required Spiritual Formation Credits. Alternative Chapel Program credit forms are located at www. card is scanned at a Chapel service. The University offers over 75 chapel credit opportunities chapel services per semester from which students can choose to meet their requirement each semester. intimate times of ministry to students. Full-time students are required to complete at least 30 Spiritual Formation Credits per semester.vanguard. and religious arenas. the following minimum participation criteria are required: Year Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior SFC needed 30 30 30 30 Chapel Attendance 25 20 20 15 Soul Care Opportunities 5 10 10 15 Consult the spiritual formation page on the Vanguard website for updated information and opportunities.edu/sfd. To inculcate the habit of regular attendance and participation in worship opportunities. I. To expose participants to the myriad of on and off campus ministry opportunities and to encourage a missionary vision. political. and pray for others. Additional Chapel opportunities may also be made available throughout the year as determined by the Spiritual Formation department.The Cove) The Shine Service provides opportunities to worship freely.

Food and drink are prohibited in Chapel.edu/sfd 31 . A Student Life representative may request an interview and will issue a ruling after evaluation of the completed Spiritual Formation Petition form located on at www. Only those absences that must occur on a regular basis will be considered for excuse. AND 2. For example. a Chapel Petition must be filed each semester with the Spiritual Formation Office requesting release from Chapel attendance on the days it will be necessary to be absent. Spiritual Formation and Chapel Accountability Students who do not meet their required (30) Spiritual Formation credits will be required to make up for each unearned credit through the following: 1.. In the event of a conflict in work or class schedule.vanguard. 2pg. and refrain from loud talking. illness. participation in intercollegiate athletics. Please note that Vanguard University expects that each student will fulfill the Spiritual Formation Credits with diligence and integrity in the same way they would for academic credit. Students can download a free an MP3 from the Spiritual Formation website or they could purchase a chapel CD from the VU library of a VU chapel service and reflect on that service. extended test session. Community Service Project OR pay a $10 processing for each missing credit. If a student fails to meet the Chapel attendance requirement in one semester. support groups.edu/sfd. appearance in court.edu/sfd for the latest information on opportunities to participate in meaningful Soul Care experiences.may attend as they are able. Students are encouraged to be attentive to the worship and to the speaker. academic field trips. homework. The allowable number of absences will cover all eventualities. late arrival on campus from vacation). if a student was deficient in Spiritual Formation credits in the spring semester. or emergencies of any kind (car breakdown.vanguard. texting. they will have until registration of the following fall semester to make up their missing units. or other disruptive behavior. This can be done by checking the Chapel attendance report in the Spiritual Formation department and on the web at www. turn off their cellular phones. A respectful and reverent attitude is expected at all Chapel services and students are encouraged to refrain from behavior that detracts from this goal. Soul Care experiences include pre-approved Vanguard small group experiences. and missions opportunities. that student will be placed on disciplinary probation with sanctions and must meet with the Student Care Committee. Each student is responsible to be aware of the number of Chapel he/she has attended. doctor appointments. Consequences of Inadequate Spiritual Formation Credits Students will not be allowed to complete the registration process the following semester until all missing Spiritual Formation Credits have been completed. 1hr. Reflection Paper. If it is necessary to be excused from Chapel on a regular basis. Spiritual Formation Petitions Exemptions from Spiritual Formation credits are obtained in advance by petition to the Campus Pastor or designee. Soul Care Opportunities Please consult the Spiritual Formation website at www. A student must complete a chapel petition form and turn it in to the Spiritual Formation office. a Chapel Petition may be filed with the Spiritual Formation office. All Community Service projects must be completed through a pre-approved Vanguard sponsored activity. Students may write their reflection paper(s) on either their Community Service Project(s) OR listen to a CD or MP3 of a VU chapel service. Chapel petitions will be held during the first full week of each semester. All community service opportunities/paid processing fees AND reflection papers must be completed and turned in to the Spiritual Formation office before students may complete the registration process the following semester.g. such as regular employment. Students who left Vanguard without making up their Spiritual Formation credits and who are returning will have a hold placed on their account and will be unable to complete their registration until the hold is cleared. Graduating seniors or students who transfer out of Vanguard will have their transcripts held until all missing Spiritual Formation Credits and fees are completed. service experiences. Students are requested to remove their hats. One reflection paper is due to each Spiritual Formation credit missed. e.vanguard.

and spiritual gifts. The Leadership Development & Activities Department encourages students to integrate their faith. To create effective programs that will provide continuity and maintain the momentum developed from year-toyear in student organizations. establish this Constitution. the student should submit a petition to the Campus Pastor or designee giving exact dates and verification of the reason for absences. Dr. and utilize their talents. as stated in its Constitution. The Leadership Development & Activities Department at Vanguard University is a place where relationships and programs serve to support and challenge students in our community.´ Associated Student Body Government The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of three functioning branches: the Executive Board. and socially enriching environment. Students are encouraged to use their leadership gifts and talents to serve the community and to make a positive difference for the Kingdom of God. wishing to provide a more spiritually. The function of the ASB. and living. All SGA offices are located in The Bridge. The Department provides intentional training and practical experiences to help accomplish the University's educational mission. abilities. False statements in chapel petitions and leaving chapel early are considered ethical violations which may require further disciplinary sanctions. 32 . The Campus Pastor will consider each petition on its own merit and make the best possible decision based on the information provided. is as follows: ³We. Active membership is limited to students with seven (7) or more units. Chapel petitions are valid only during the semester they are issued. learning.Students who fail to complete a chapel petition form and interview during the first week will be required to attend two (2) chapels per week until a Spiritual Formation Petition form and interview are complete. Associated Student Body Every undergraduate student at VUSC is a member of the Associated Student Body (ASB). Goals of the Leadership Development & Activities Department include: y y y y y To promote communication among student organizations and between the University and the student body. The Director and Graduate Interns work with student organizations in order to provide the mechanisms for successful and meaningful programs and to ensure that students are represented at VUSC. Reasonable Disability Accommodations for Spiritual Formation Credits Students who are experiencing a physical or psychological disability are encouraged to meet with the Disability Services Coordinator in the Counseling Center located on the second floor of the Scott building in the Student Services Center. Students requesting a chapel petition must do so each semester. Methods of Appeal If unusual circumstances cause unexpected absences from Chapel. Beth Lorance (ext. Director of Leadership Development & Activities The offices of the Director of Leadership Development & Activities and Graduate Interns for Student Activities and Commuter Life are located in The Bridge at the bottom of Huntington Hall. as well as provide a medium for an organized student voice that we may change our world for Christ. Proper documentation of disability is required. To encourage recruitment and retention of students with demonstrated leadership potential and to provide more effective support mechanisms for student leadership campus-wide. To provide an atmosphere that challenges the student leader and provides him/her with the best possible leadership experience. Student Council and Activities Board. 4489) may assist with reasonable accommodations for both long-term and temporary disabilities that may include a modification of Spiritual Formation Credit requirements. intellectually. nurture. Student Government Association (SGA) Leadership Development & Activities VUSC is committed to assisting students discover. the students of Vanguard University of Southern California. Spiritual Formation Offices Offices for Spiritual Formation are located on the first floor of Huntington Hall. To encourage faculty involvement in leadership development and co-curricular activities. The Leadership Development & Activities Department is located in The Bridge.

Thandi Dinani 33 . Under the Student Council. The Activities Board consists of directors. and Activities Directors (9) Activities Board The Activities Board is a group of student leaders who plan and coordinate all on. In addition to these. and Student Representatives and is presided over by the SGA President. there are many co-curricular organizations and activities on campus such as: Student Organization Advisor Acting on AIDS Josh Harrison Beach Volleyball Athletics Claudia Degelman Christian Association of Psychological Students Club Mosaic Derrick Rosenior Jamie Brownlee El Puente Club Jamii (International and Missionary Students)««««««««««««««««««««««««««. including each class activities director. Sophomore. Vice President of Legislation and Finance. The primary goal of the Activities Board is to provide quality social and spiritual activities for students. Class Council meeting times will be posted on the SGA bulletin board outside of The Bridge. vice president and activities director. The Executive Board consists of the President. Class Presidents. Activities Board Members Blue Activities Director Gold Activities Director Marketing Director (2) Student Organizations All members of the student body are members of their respective class organizations. who individually plan and coordinate student activities. Student Council The Student Council is the representative body for students.and off-campus activities. and Vice President of Administration and Activities. Junior. Executive Officers are elected during the spring semester. All students are encouraged and welcome to attend the Student Council meetings held on Friday mornings at 10 am in The Bridge. the Student Council also provides leadership opportunities and coordinates the selection of students to serve on various University committees. The SGA President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Associated Student Body. as well as commuter students. senior class officers and student representatives are elected/hired during the spring semester.Executive Board The Executive Board serves as the direct connection between the University Administration and the Students. In addition to representing the needs of the students. The Vice President of Administration and Activities chairs the Activities Board. Student representatives represent students living in the various residence facilities on campus. Each Class Council consists of the class president.. Freshmen class officers are elected at the beginning of the fall semester. Each Executive Officer serves as a member of the Student Council. junior. Executive Board Officer or the Director of Leadership Development & Activities if you are interested in serving in any of these areas. Students or Student Organizations wishing to have an event or activity on campus must submit a proposal for approval to the Director of Leadership Development & Activities. each class has a Class Council which is chaired by its class president. Sophomore. Student Council & Class Council Officers: Commuter representatives (2) Men¶s and Women¶s facility representatives (2) Senior. Vice-President. The Student Council is made up of the Executive Board. and Freshman Class officers: President. All student clubs must be registered with the Student Government Association.Thandi Dinani Kinesiology Club Diana Avans Josie Say Point North Sacred Pathways««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««Thandi Dinani Sama Sama (Pacific Island and Asian students)«««««««««««««««««««««««««. Please contact a Student Council Officer. Students are welcome to attend various Class Council meetings.

34 . switchblades. paintball guns. toy guns in the shape or form or actual weapons. and name of the organization should align with the overall objectives of the University. gender. Honor Societies Many departments have honor societies.) The purpose. BB guns. air soft guns. and other weapons described in the California Penal Code (Part 4. Student Participation Student participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities requires a cumulative GPA of 2. and Section 653K). Title 2. replica weapons.I. These weapons will be temporarily stored until the owner is able to remove them from campus or will be turned over to the Costa Mesa Police Department if illegal. or an administrator will ask the owner to remove it from the public areas of the campus. Section 626. The Director of Leadership Development & Activities (DLD/A) must approve the advisor. Campus Public Safety Officers. Only VUSC students are eligible to be members of these organizations. All activities sponsored by classes or clubs should adhere to the following procedures: 1) 2) 3) 4) Clear dates and functions with the Activities Board and DLD/A. activities. Some student leadership assignments and student organizations require higher GPA standards and full-time student status for membership appointment/election. are not allowed on campus. Compliance of each member with the university co-curricular organization requirements is important (see section on student participation in co-curricular activities. Sections 12000-12601. Please contact the academic department of interest for more information. Students on academic probation are ineligible to hold a student body office and advised to limit themselves to only one co-curricular or extra-curricular activity. Water guns and handmade play weapons must be decorated with bright colors so they can be identified from a distance as safe.F. 626. Students who are found to be in possession of forbidden weapons on campus will be subject to disciplinary action. the advisor or organization president should be contacted. the program should be presented in writing and cleared with the DLD/A. or social status. Such approval shall be based upon the purpose and need for such an organization and the degree to which it aligns with the total University program and policy. the student organization charter will be review and submitted to the members of the Inter-Club Council (ICC) to be approved or denied. Formation of Student Organizations Students who wish to form a Student Organization must obtain an application for Student Organization Charter from the office of the SGA VP for Administration & Activities (SGA VPAA). Once completed and returned to the SGA VPAA.Student Affiliates in Natural and Technological Sciences Students In Free Enterprise (S.10(b). All weapons should be turned over to the Director of Campus Public Safety or his designee and registered for safekeeping. or staff. Use of these weapons is limited to outside recreation. or any other weapon deemed inappropriate. procedures prescribed by Business Services should be followed. Refer to the organizational constitution or policy statements for such guidelines. To join co-curricular organizations. age. Plan program with the advisor.) Students for Social Action VU Fitness Club Tara Sirvent Bonni Stachowiak James Huff Athletics Student Organization Advisors Each organization must have an advisor who is a member of the administration. Regulations for Student Organizations Membership in student organizations must be open to all students without regard to ethnicity.0. If one of these items is perceived as dangerous or intimidating by a member of the community. Arrange for use of campus facilities through the DLD/A. Any fixed blade knife over 2 inches on Vanguard University is a violation of state law. In case of an all-school function. ability. Weapons Firearms. Where dues or other funds are handled. They are not permitted in academic or administrative areas of the campus.E.9. located in The Bridge. faculty.

our behavior affects others. uphold the same value. the y y y y 35 . This approach is consistent with the model found in Matthew 18:15-17. In many cases. l Cor. the discipline committees use a redemptive and developmental framework aimed at reconciliation. all parts of the system must remain open to growth through the process of group discussion and decision-making. Resident Coordinator. Accordingly. a breach of community standards must be confronted lest others are led to believe that such behavior is acceptable. faculty. Because we are a Christian community. that of self-discipline. l Cor. Director of Residence Life and Student Discipline. and administrators who serve on discipline committees use this principle as an over-arching motive. or the Director of Campus Public Safety. tested. Discipline committees exist to provide constructive and consistent confrontation with students who have violated University guidelines. each individual is accountable to other community members in highly significant ways. Whether making decisions on appropriate consequences. Students. Using the Scriptural model. These are designed to serve the best interest of both the individual and the community. VUSC is concerned with the inner spiritual life and wise decision-making which exemplifies Christ. in an effort to bring about growth. This will in turn create a discipline process which is undivided in aim and purpose. The following principles apply to the student care process as a whole at Vanguard University of Southern California: y Developmental and Educational: The student discipline process is ultimately developmental and educational in purpose. 2:19-22. Further. VU¶s goal is to provide a fair and objective framework from which to guide disciplinary procedures. faculty. To this end. Institutional Integrity: The reputation of an organization draws on the integrity of each person. and is binding regarding institutional policy. then members of the Residence Life staff. However. and spiritual development of students through peer evaluation in the context of an evangelical Christian worldview. Christian discipline seeks to be redemptive toward the offender. If that fails. An institutional value stands behind every decision a discipline committee makes.Student Discipline Process Foundations for Student Discipline Model of Christian Community Discipline Because we are a community. individual sanctions assigned to students may be different based upon the student¶s response and circumstances. the Vice President for Student Affairs. This will allow a truly repentant student to voluntarily discuss his or her violation and may keep disciplinary action to a minimum. the Student Care Committee. or developing parameters for consequences. In addition. Student Affairs Mission for Student Discipline Vanguard University of Southern California provides a community approach to student violations of community behavioral standards and expectations. the discipline process is imperfect. Student Individualization: One important goal in the disciplinary process is to affirm that all students are equal. genuine concern and love serve as the motivation for maintaining a discipline process that is redemptive in nature. and should be directly involved in supporting and upholding community standards that are willfully agreed upon by all students upon enrollment in the University. Constant Evaluation: While the process in place has been developed. 12:12-31. This principle includes the ability of an institution to be honest and trustworthy through the efforts of its people. staff. 5): y y Christian discipline seeks to maintain the integrity of the community. Students who have violated University behavioral policies are encouraged to quickly and voluntarily confess and seek the advice and counsel of his/her Resident Director. Therefore. VU¶s goal in a disciplinary response to an infraction is to assist in the social. and the Vice President for Student Affairs will assume the responsibility to confront anyone falling short of the community's expectations. we assume that most students will conduct themselves properly by practicing the highest form of discipline. the counseling session will result only in rehabilitative action. as a human creation. and tried. behavioral. they realize the need to make the disciplinary process a learning and growing experience for all those involved. Christian: The student discipline process is Christian in character. which states that individuals need to be ³shown´ their ³fault´ through a peer group motivated by love and concern. There are two fundamental biblical principles which direct the exercise of discipline within a Christian community (Eph. Student Affairs Discipline Process Philosophy All students at VUSC are members of the campus community which upholds specific community behavioral guidelines and expectations.

y Quality Service: This principle stresses the University¶s obligation to provide services in a timely and affirming manner. Members of the SACC may include. This quality of an organization is a practical outgrowth of group ownership because diverse perspectives yield efficiency. When the Director of Residence Life and Student Discipline (DRLSD) becomes aware of an alleged violation of community standards for on or off-campus students (via an Incident Report. the following: 36 . but are not limited to. y Student Discipline for On-and Off-Campus Students The student discipline process has been developed to support VUSC¶s community standards as stated in the Student Handbook and Vanguard University Catalog. The Student Handbook: Among other helpful information.edu/studentlife. the Student Care Committee (SCC) will confront behaviors of on and off-campus students that are not in compliance with community standards.Student Care Committee should meet to evaluate guidelines for consequences at the end of each academic year to determine if revisions are necessary. This Student Care Committee will hear the majority of all student infractions reported to them by the Resident Directors or other offices. A copy of the Student Handbook may be obtained by Founders Bookstore and it is available on Vanguard University¶s website at www. formal rules of evidence are not followed. or verbal report). the following: y y y y Director of Residence Life and Student Discipline Student Life Representatives Resident Assistant (as student representatives as needed) Appointed faculty or staff member When assigned to hear a case by the DRLSD. This section of the student handbook is divided into the following sections: 1) 2) 3) 4) Overview of the student discipline process Discipline Process Sanctions Appeals Process Overview of the Student Discipline Process It is also important to note that in respect to disciplinary proceedings. The standard used is ³preponderance of evidence´ which means that the incident was more likely than not to have occurred. VUSC will attempt to structure the procedures so as to facilitate a reliable determination of the truth and be fair and reasonable. All decisions of the various discipline committees are considered University responses to violations of community standards. Members of the SCC may include. which in turn enables all members of the Student Care Committees to give input concerning the discipline process in order to maximize VUSC¶s overall effectiveness. and attempts to produce growth and behavior changes in the life of the student. VUSC¶s Student Handbook contains specific information about behavioral guidelines and consequences. The SCC will be comprised of at least two people for each hearing. under the University¶s mission and ³Responsibilities of Vanguard Community Membership´ sections. Disciplinary contracts and sanctions are used to provide a framework in which to make a decision that addresses the situation. It is also based on group ownership of the discipline process. The student discipline process has been created to respond to violations of community standards and respond appropriately within the boundaries of due process as outlined in this manual and the Student Handbook.vanguard. and past conduct may be considered in the discipline process. but are not limited to. The committees assigned to hear discipline cases are ³The Student Care Committee´ (SCC) and ³The Student Affairs Conduct Committee´ (SACC). Student Affairs Conduct Committee Meeting (SACC): The main function of the SACC is to assume initial responsibility for cases that are of a more serious nature. An SACC hearing will be comprised of two people appointed by the director of Residence Life for each hearing. A SCC Summons and an SCC Disciplinary Contract with sanctions will be used by this committee. he/she will consult with members of the SCC as needed and will refer the case to be handled by the appropriate individual or committee. SCC and SACC meetings may be recorded by Vanguard for accuracy. The SCC may refer a student to the SACC if a student has serious or multiple violations of any kind. It outlines the student discipline and appeal process. The SACC is chaired by the Director of Residence Life and will include at least two other individuals.

a written summons will be given to the student at least two days prior to the hearing. or SACC. If students found in violation of community standards are involved in leadership programs. Each student involved in an incident should be advised of the date. the extent of the violation. The Residence Life Secretary will contact the student(s) involved to inform them that an incident report was filed. This will be accomplished via campus mail. email or a phone call with a 2 day advance notice. A student is able to appeal this action by turning in the appropriate appeal request within 3 business days. Hearings The Secretary of Residence Life or other Residence Life staff member will contact the student to initiate a hearing. Whenever possible. and c) the Director of Residence Life. chair Student Life Staff members Appointed staff or faculty members Appointment of SACC for original jurisdiction over discipline The director of Residence Life will determine if a community violation should be referred to SACC. b) the Resident Directors(s) of student(s) involved if the student lives on-campus. Any community member may complete this document. The disciplinary process is divided into four sections: 1) 2) 3) 4) Documentation Hearings Sanctions Appeal Process Written Documentation Incident Report: All disciplinary situations begin with an ³Incident Report. Not all incident reports will receive a written summons. The SACC will conduct a hearing with written notification 2 days in advance and may determine appropriate sanctions after review of all information. The decision of the SACC will be communicated to the student by an appointed council member both verbally and in writing. i. Student Affairs Conduct Committee: Disciplinary Contract: Students will be notified of a SACC hearing via an SACC Summons and will be required to be present for the hearing.´ which requires as much information as possible. 37 . Only Student Life staff may issue a summons and this process will be conducted in a manner that promotes confidentiality. as well as the nature of the charges against him or her. Summons: The Director of Residence Life will review all Incident Reports and assign the proper action for each.e. meeting with RD. a student will receive an SCC Disciplinary Contract that will be distributed to: a) the student(s) involved. the student can expect that their faculty or staff advisors may be notified of a disciplinary decision as well. both to ensure confidentiality and to facilitate a redemptive environment. This process will be accomplished in a confidential manner. athletics. For students found in violation of community standards. which will be placed in the student¶s disciplinary file and given to the student via campus mail or email. Action in Writing: At times an incident will not require a formal meeting but will simply require a letter of warning. SACC will arrive at a disciplinary decision within 10 working days. RAs who observe possible violations of University behavioral standards will complete an Incident Report and forward it to the Residence Life staff. A written summons will be given for an SACC hearing. and/or clubs and organizations within the University community.. etc. and a notice of action to take. SCC. Typically. if so. An SACC Appeal Request form will accompany any Disciplinary Contract. a summons to SACC requires a written notification which may be communicated via e-mail. If a hearing is required. however. time and place of any hearings. This contact may take the place of the written summons. Student Care Committee: Disciplinary Contract: When the Student Care Committee (SCC) conducts a hearing and makes a discipline decision. Disciplinary Process When a violation of community standards is reported to the Student Life Staff (typically to a RD or the Director of Residence Life via an Incident Report). reprimand. a Disciplinary Contract with sanctions will be created and a written copy will be given to the student.y y y Director of Residence Life. The verbal communication will take place in private. the Residence Life staff requests to have all persons involved fill out an Incident Report. The summons is a written document that includes a description of the infraction. the Director of Residence Life will initiate the disciplinary process. Failure to adequately respond to a judicial summons may result in further disciplinary consequences. The student will be required to appear before SACC for a hearing to determine if a community standards violation has occurred and. and give 2 days notice to schedule an appointment for a meeting or hearing if necessary.

may result in serious disciplinary action. the student has the option of requesting an advisor or witnesses to be present. ³Character´ witnesses are generally not allowed to participate in council hearings. the effect of the conduct on the victim and/or the Vanguard community. either of the incident or as a ³character´ witness. Some sanctions may need to be more punitive due to the seriousness of the offense. The goal of sanctions are to promote change in the individual. the corrective measures are intended to assist each student become a responsible and positively contributing member of the VUSC community. The advisor may not act as a witness. A sanction is a disciplinary action that requires the student to meet certain expectations and/or complete specific requirements within a stated time frame. Behaviors.It is expected that all persons appearing before the conduct committees will present information that is both true and correct. The council shall rule on the admissibility of all evidence. whether sanctions such as education and community service are likely to change the student¶s conduct. together with an official warning concerning future behavior. it will be completed within ten (10) business days with a reasonable attempt to meet with the student in that timeframe. Witnesses: the student has the right to call witnesses on his/her behalf following this guideline: witnesses are limited to those persons who have firsthand knowledge of the behavior/incident in question (i. Sanctions that may be imposed are not limited to those listed. the student. Failure to pay such charges may result in additional sanctions (including. Witnesses may not participate in the council hearing except for an orientation and to give their testimony. he/she needs to discuss this with the SCC chair prior to the hearing. These vary according to the violation.. intended to impede the discipline process. To ensure the student's own physical or emotional safety and well-being.e. While attempting to be consistent in its disciplinary decisions. Besides the SCC or SACC members and the student(s) involved in an incident. Interim Suspension: In certain circumstances. If the student wishes to have legal representation. Sanctions A violation of University policies and Community Standards may result in the imposition of one or more sanctions. and past conduct may be considered in the discipline process. the University also seeks to be fair and sensitive to the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Legal counsel has limited roles in private university disciplinary proceedings and would serve as an advisor. attempts to influence the testimony of another. The advisor does not speak for. This request should be made in writing to the Director of Residence Life prior to the hearing. Restitution: Payment of financial compensation for loss. and/or damages). May include limitations in or restriction from certain activities or privileges. the Vice President for Student Affairs or a designee may immediately impose a University or residence hall suspension. These charges will be added to a student¶s account. Interim suspension may be imposed: o o To ensure the safety and well-being of members of the Vanguard community or preservation of University property. Hearings may be tape recorded for the purpose of documentation of the hearing proceedings. formal rules of evidence are not followed. Sanctions will take into account the intent of the accused. or in place of. eye and ear witnesses). The advisor may only address the council to clarify the questions directed to the student and to clarify the hearing processes. Advisor: The student shall also have the right to choose anyone from the University community to serve as an advisor. failure to comply with a sanction. Sanctions may include: y Warning: A restatement of the community standards is made to the student. Also. If a Disciplinary Contract is issued. but not limited to. the misrepresentation of information. and to restore the individual back into the community where possible. denial of re-enrollment or refusal to release official transcripts and records). provide opportunity for restitution to individuals and the community (in case of theft. Each hearing will include information about a student¶s right to appeal the decision. etc. In all disciplinary circumstances the student(s) should be reminded that the developments of self and personal integrity are primary goals of the disciplinary process. Sanctions affecting the conduct of students are based on general principles of fair treatment. May include loss of or restriction from certain activities or privileges. and the student¶s needs and prospects for improvement. The council shall rule on allowing any ³character´ witnesses to offer their testimony. Both the student and the various councils have the right to call witnesses. y y Fines: Payment of charges for violation of regulations. active or passive. y y 38 . loss. including failure to appear. Probation: The student is expected to show a development in responsible actions toward Vanguard and members of the community for a specified period of time. the student¶s disciplinary history. Role of Attorneys and/or Legal Counsel: It is also important to note that in respect to disciplinary proceedings. damage or injury.

The University is not required to impose the same discipline in all situations involving the same violation of community standards. students may apply to Housing/Business Office for unused board charges. loss of privileges. probation. and/or policies of the University. there will be no refund of tuition or room charges for the semester and financial aid may be canceled. Upon permanent separation from University housing. the Appellant is to submit an Appeal Request form in writing. the various judicial councils attempt to impose the same sanctions for various violations. the VPSA will review the appeal request. The following sanctions may be imposed upon groups or organizations: deactivation. and other educational sanctions. Individual students are subject to other sanctions as described above. for educational purposes. Sanctions may or may not be postponed or suspended pending the outcome of this appeal at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life. The following are not within the scope of the appeal process: y y The interpretation or judgment of University administrators regarding the meaning or implementation of the written regulations. Deactivation includes loss of all privileges. Sanctions for Student Organizations Student groups and organizations may be charged with violations of these Community Standards. When students are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons. reprimand. Issues omitted from this statement will not be considered in the appeal hearing. the standard "more likely than not" (referring to an alleged violation) is applied. warning. The University will assess each case based on the responsibility for membership expectations. In certain limited situations. The following are guidelines for appeals: y y A request for a hearing to consider the appeal. restitution. however. standards. During the interim suspension. If the Director of Residence Life chaired the original SACC hearing. 39 . to the Director of Residence Life. to honor consistency. No refunds are made and the student will suffer the academic consequences of his/her actions. which includes all of the relevant issues and evidence to be considered.o If the student poses a credible threat of disruption of or interference with the normal operations of the University. To initiate an appeal hearing. proven beyond a reasonable doubt). and impose appropriate sanctions. and/or policies of the University themselves. Expulsion: The student is permanently separated from the University with a notation of the reasons for the termination in his/her file. The Vice President for Student Affairs will make the final determination for the University on a sanction that involves suspension and expulsion. Consideration will be given to the specifics of the incident and to the previous behavior of the student(s) involved. Appeal Process When the sanctioned student disputes the outcome of a disciplinary procedure. through the Director of Residence Life that an Appeal Committee review the decision. does not follow civil rules of evidence (i. including University recognition. to review actions taken by civil authorities regarding any studentor student organization. such as Vanguard University of Southern California.e. A statement. Administrative Withdrawal: The student is required to withdraw from the University without the privilege of returning until a time specified by the SACC. submitted within five (5) working days from the time the student was informed of the disciplinary decisions. that student may request. y y y Suspension: The student is involuntarily separated from the University for a specified length of time. The University reserves the right. fines. standards. the student may be denied access to the residence halls and/or to the campus (including classes) and/or all other University activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible as the Vice President for Student Affairs or the designee may determine to be appropriate. More serious disciplinary action will be taken in situations involving repeated violations. a private college. Absences from classes and chapels are not excused and academic work that is missed may not be made up. A student group or organization and its officers may be held collectively and/or individually responsible when violations of this code occur either during an event sponsored by the organization or by an individual representing or associated with that organization or group. for a specified period of time. the Vice President for Student Affairs may impose a sanction but suspend or postpone its actual implementation. It is also important to note that in respect to discipline. The written regulations. In determining whether or not a violation has occurred. The interim suspension shall extend only until such time as the SACC hearing can be completed and other sanctions (if any) imposed.

The Appeal Committee will. The Appeal Committee may tape-record the appeal hearing. as well as the information that the student has presented. you are an important part of our community. however. No particular model of procedural process is required. If an appeal request is accepted by meeting the criteria outlined above. the Director of Residence Life may select a replacement from Vanguard faculty or staff. or the Cove. the Appeal Committee will attempt to structure the procedure so as to facilitate a reliable determination of the truth and be fair and reasonable. the Appeal Committee has the discretion whether or not to call the student and/or his/her witnesses to appear before the Appeal Committee. All meal plans include various levels of flex dollars that will enable students to purchase food and beverages at the Cove with the swipe of their card. due to faculty/staff/student availability. It is also important to note that in respect to appeal proceedings.y A list of material witnesses. made up one of the remaining members of the SCC or SACC not directly involved in the disciplinary process. The decision of the Appeal Committee will be final and no further appeal is possible. and by stopping by their offices located in The Bridge. The meal plans consist of ³flex dollars´ that can be used at either the Café which serves 19 ³all-you-care-toeat´ meals weekly. Commuter Students Commuter Students As a commuter student. if any. A separate appeal process is followed in cases of academic dishonesty. the Director of Residence Life reserves the right to alter the timing of the appeals process as necessary. they will be notified at least two (2) days in advance of the appeal hearing date. programs. Students are encouraged to frequent the Café and the Cove to enjoy the full benefits of residential life at Vanguard. 40 . They are available to you via email at commuterrep1@vanguard. please see the Academic Affairs Handbook. If the student and/or the witnesses will be called. The Appeal Committee will issue its decision in writing to the student(s) involved within a reasonable time (usually within 10 working days) of the conclusion of the appeal process. formal rules of evidence are not followed. If no remaining members of the SCC or SACC are available. and staff available to assist you. Weekly meals begin on Monday morning and end on Sunday evening. The Student Government Association has commuter student members who represent undergraduate commuter student needs. Christmas break).edu or commuterrep2@vangard. spring break. the Director of Residence Life will then form an Appeal Committee. and past conduct may be considered in the appeal process. within 15 working days of the receipt of the appeal request. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with the many resources. and the essence of their proposed contribution to the appeal hearing. During periods other than regular semesters (summer.edu. which serves beverages and packaged food-to-go. Meal Plans The 10-11 Vanguard meal plan offers many options to fit students¶ schedules and offers the flexibility to enjoy meals at students¶ own pace. along with two faculty/staff members selected by the Director of Residence Life. Their testimony will be limited to the specified matters. Dining Commons FOOD SERVICE The Café Sharing time with friends on campus is an important way to build community. review and evaluate the original hearing and decision. Resident students are required to take their meals in the Café unless they have received a medical exemption prior to the beginning of the semester and are living in an approved non-boarding room (see accommodations and exemptions). Any student who is running low on his/her flex dollar amount may add additional flex dollars at the Business Services office. Based on the nature of the appeal. The University has created a meal plan program that is designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of today's college residential students.

non-residents and commuter students also have meal plan options that may be purchased through the Business Office. March 11 th th Sunday. Look for details on available options with Café Manager. November 28 Friday. December 10 Thursday. Café Hours for 10-11 Academic Year Dining hours are posted at the entrance door to the Café: Monday through Friday Breakfast 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM Lunch 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM Dinner 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM Saturday-Sunday Brunch 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM Dinner 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM Resident Dining Calendar for Fall 2010 . General Meal Plan Guidelines y Meals are not transferable. February 21st Friday. Members of the campus community may not loan and/or borrow student identification cards. Outtakes offers flexible and quick options without sacrificing quality food or service. September 6 Friday. 41 . Cove Service Hours are set in cooperation with ASB and are subject to change. November 24 Sunday. Meals are only to be used by the Vanguard University ID cardholder and cannot be transferred for use by another person. January 17 Monday. y y The person whose name and photo appear on the Vanguard University ID must be present in order for the card to be used to obtain meal(s). January 6 th th th th Monday. August 15th Saturday. March 20 Friday.New Meal Plans: Flexible Spending Included: Any 19 meals per week + $100 Flex-dollars per semester Any 15 meals per week + $150 Flex-dollars per semester Any 10 meals per week + $200 Flex-dollars per semester Convenience Meal Plans To help facilitate a greater community experience. Service hours for the Cove will always be posted in the entry doors. August 21st Monday.Spring 2011 Sunday. October 15 th th th Open at Brunch New Students arrive Labor Day Fall Holiday Thanksgiving Break Brunch/Dinner Schedule Brunch/Dinner Schedule Close after Dinner Open at Brunch Christmas Holiday Close after Dinner Open at Breakfast Martin Luther King Holiday President's Day Spring Break Brunch/Dinner Schedule Brunch/Dinner Schedule Close after Dinner Open at Brunch End of the Academic Year Close after Dinner Wednesday. May 6 th Outtakes at The Cove Dining on the run or late at night? Students can stop by Outtakes to pick up a freshly made salad or sandwich.

Flex-dollars may be used in The Cove to purchase groceries. Meal plans are not for the purpose of stocking groceries in the dorm room. only water can be filled into personal drinking containers. His finest 42 . the student will be required to live in a residential room that has cooking facilities. y y y y Our program is ³all-you-care-to-eat´ meals while in the Cafe. they should contact the Café manager to obtain a "to go" sack meal. In the interest of keeping a clean Café. but may not use meals in the meal plan for guests. Diversity Policy Racial and Ethnic Tolerance in Community Life Jesus summed up the whole of the Old and New Testaments in the twin commandments of loving God with the whole being and loving one's neighbor as oneself. Failure to present a valid student identification card may result in denial of service. Meal plan participants are allowed only one (1) meal per meal period. etc) may not be removed from the Café. but zero out at the close of spring semester. The Café will make every effort to provide reasonable food accommodations to meet the student¶s medical needs. Meal plans are used to serve as a community dining experience. To-Go Meals y Occasionally participants may request "to go" meals that can be arranged by prior request with the Café.y y y y y y Participants may use their flex-dollars to purchase additional meals for guests. y y y y y y Students may only obtain one (1) to go meal Monday thru Friday. not merely a personal preference. Meals will reset at the end of each week and any unused weekly meals are lost. Dining courtesy is expected at all times. Anyone seeking exemption under the above provisions should present a completed Accommodation or Exemption to Meal Plan form to the Housing Office for initial review by the Housing Coordinator. trays.) are considered preferences of the student and are not valid reasons for exemption from the food plan. mugs. If a complete food plan exemption is granted. plates. Students are not permitted to eat in the Dining Commons and take extra food out. If a student is unable to make any of the meal periods due to a work schedule conflict or illness. "Medical reasons" are defined as a medically diagnosed health problem. lunch and dinner only. Take out containers are available at the cashier. Rooms with kitchen facilities are very limited in number. Paul frequently teaches that rebirth in Christ supersedes national or racial identity. anything more than that. Advance notice must be given (unless ill). Those students who plan to request an exception must do so prior to the beginning of each semester so that room accommodations can be made where necessary. not eating breakfast. and final review by the Vice President for Student Affairs before the second week of the semester. One (1) meal container and one (1) drinking cup will be given. The goal of the Café is to support a sustainable society that preserves our countries natural resources for the future. Service ware (glasses. guests are responsible for bussing their own tables and taking them to the dish return. and students will be asked to eat it in the Café. Students are welcome to leave with one (1) dessert or one (1) piece of fresh fruit. Other absences from meals (because of being home on weekends. flatware. Only plastic utensils and to go containers are to be taken from the Café. The University reserves the right to verify all information submitted. Meal Plan Accommodations and Exemptions Meal plan accommodations and exemptions may be granted if a student provides a written medical doctor's statement which includes a medical diagnosis and a dietary plan indicating specific food requirements. therefore. Students may not fill their own containers with juice or soda. Dining Etiquette y Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. schedule of work. when available. the granting of an approved meal plan exemption does not automatically guarantee a room with a kitchen. snack items or a hot entrée. etc. Flex dollars carry over from fall semester to spring semester.

Vanguard believes this to be an expression of Christian holiness. The University official will make arrangements for access and notify the student of the time and place where the records may be inspected. as and evangelical community. in keeping with the noble ideas of great civilizations. all indications of racial or ethnic bias. VUSC. differs profoundly from the mandate of our prevailing pluralistic culture. dean.expression of this idea is: "For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. faculty. and in which individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are given equitable and fair access to resources. For this reason. By contrast. For this reason. They are: 1) The right to inspect and review the student¶s education records within 45 days of the day the University receives a request for access. For this reason. subscribes to and encourages the equal right of all to pursue excellence in their lives without racial or ethnic inhibitions. head of the academic department. FERPA Student Privacy Rights The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. as a community of Christians. consistent with biblical morality. The University abides conscientiously to nondiscriminatory practices in hiring and promotions." (Gal. there is neither male nor female. and economic relationships in which all people are treated equitably. Vice President. VUSC wishes to affirm that the Christian's pursuit of justice is rooted in the character of God Himself and that it. Yet it is also important to note an apparently inevitable tendency of human cultures to resolve issues of justice in fragmented and self-serving ways. for you are all one in Christ Jesus. socio-economic status. 3:28). Personal piety refers to that aspect of character and behavior. 3:27-28) In the Christian society. VUSC. There is neither Jew nor Greek. This unity summons students. VUSC. Because justice is rooted in the character of God. as a Pentecostal community. The University's statement on racial and ethnic diversity is as follows: Statement on Diversity Vanguard values were built upon the Judeo-Christian tradition and the VUSC community affirms the biblical view that God is creator and sovereign over all the earth. believes that the source for the transformation of all human experience ultimately lies in the movements of the Holy Spirit. affirms that the unity within the Body of Christ transcends any differences which might divide people (Gal. Racism in any form will not be tolerated in community life on this campus. physical ability. written requests that identify the record(s) they wish to inspect. as in no other. that official shall advise the student of the correct official to whom the request should be addressed. sex. These difficulties we understand to be inherent in the human condition. VUSC affirms that the pursuit of justice raises perennial issues that recur wherever social groups assert competing claims for resources and competing understandings of fair and equitable treatment. therefore. race. The laws of the nation that now prohibit any sort of racial or ethnic discrimination are a fulfillment of these ideas. faculty. it should flower in the community of faith. which seeks to be in right relation with God. there is neither bond nor free. Vanguard seeks to create an environment in which the charismatic movement of the Holy Spirit leads students. Social justice refers to the state of social. y Students should submit to the registrar. as well as from their thinking. recognizes that the world-wide mission of the Church inevitably involves the challenge of cultural diversity. administrators and staff toward evermore thoughtful treatment of each other. or other appropriate Official. Vanguard seeks to create an environment in which students learn the importance of balancing respect for other cultures with a healthy acknowledgment of the strengths and limitations of their own. administrators and staff to seek fair and equitable treatment for all members of our community. The University expects all members of the community to remove from their behavior and speech habits. A healthy Christian society provides opportunities for and encourages such sharing. Vanguard embraces the Bible as the authoritative rule for faith and practice and affirms the prophetic concept of justice which combines personal piety with social justice. 2) The right to request the amendment of the student¶s education records that the student believes is inaccurate or misleading. in obedience to Scripture. VUSC seeks to create an environment in which competing cultural perspectives are given fair hearing. including differences of culture. and generation. political. the ultimate purpose in community experience is achieved when people from a variety of racial and ethnic origins celebrate together through Christ their joys and sufferings. One ought to seek justice because God seeks justice. and that all people are equally valuable in God's sight. 43 . If the records are not maintained by the University official to whom the request was submitted. and in compliance with federal law. as much as lies within them. VUSC.

date and place of birth. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue. The above designated information is subject to release by the campus at any time unless the campus has received a prior written objection from the student specifying information which the student request not be released. or support staff position (including Campus Public Safety personnel and health staff). as defined in section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. a person serving on the Board of Trustees. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the student when notified of the right to a hearing. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility. email address. To a parent or a legal guardian of a student regarding the student¶s violation of any Federal. address. a person or company with whom the University has contracted (such as an attorney. Such information includes. The grievance can be filed on a General 44 . or collection agent). Grievance Process Students who feel they have been unfairly dealt with in any area of the University are encouraged to contact the Vice President for Student Affairs (ext. honors and awards received.y Students may ask the University to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate or misleading. y Disclosure without consent to University officials with legitimate educational interests is permitted. the student¶s education records that are necessary for the University to defend itself. enrollment status (e. 4041) for Student Life issues or the Vice President for Academic Affairs office (ext. and state and local educational authorities. undergraduate or graduate. but is not limited to. auditor.S. dates of attendance. y 3) The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student¶s education records.S. governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance if the student is under the age of 21 and the institution determines that the student has committed a disciplinary violation with respect to that use or possession. the evidence upon which it is based. the Secretary of the Department of Education of the United States. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is: Family Policy Compliance Office U. or local law. DC 20202-4605 The university may release public directory information concerning students. full-time or part-time).T To a parent or a legal guardian in connection with a health or safety emergency. and the redress sought. such as a disciplinary or grievance committee. If a parent or eligible student initiates legal action against the University. and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. degrees. If the University decides not to amend the record as requested by the student. State. SW Washington. In the event that informal procedures fail to resolve the problem the student will indicate in writing the nature of the grievance. The disclosure is in connection with a disciplinary proceeding conducted by the University against a student who is an alleged perpetrator of a crime of violence. without a court order or subpoena. o o o To parents of dependent students. or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks. Other exceptions that permit disclosure without consent are: To authorized representatives of the Controller General of the United States. clearly identify the part of the record they want changed. photograph. the Attorney General of the United States (for law enforcement purposes). the student¶s name. They should write the University official responsible for the records.g. major field of study. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by Vanguard University to comply with the requirements of FERPA. academic or research. or of any rule or policy of the institution. telephone listing.. except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. A University official is a person employed by the University in an administrative. the University will notify the student of the decision and advise the student of his or her right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. or a student serving on an official committee. weight and height of members of athletic teams. grade level. participation in officially recognized activities and sports. 4011) for an issue that is academic in nature. and the most recent educational agency or institution attended. y y y o o 4) The right to file a complaint with the U. the University may disclose to the court. supervisory.

CA 92626 (714) 668-2550 8 AM-8 PM. Monday-Friday Closed Weekends Family Care Center 131 E. What is commonly referred to as "safe sex" does not address the ethical. In an effort to responsibly advise members of this community about the health hazards of such conduct. and stay in contact with the emergency operator and the injured person until help arrives. Such activity places the participants at extreme risk. Anyone assisting with an emergency situation or injured person should also dial Campus Public Safety at ext. This community therefore believes it is the obligation of all persons to abstain from sexual intercourse outside of a monogamous heterosexual marriage. moral and biblical issues present in a Christian community or the requirement to accept responsibility for the consequences of our behavior. 6799.18 per page charge for color print jobs. 45 . Once that credit has been depleted. Health Services Health and Emergency Services Any staff or student who is facing a life-threatening emergency should dial 911 (or 9-911 if a campus phone) and give the nature of the emergency. Monday-Friday 8 AM -6 PM. Payment for additional printing can be made in the Library during regular working hours (M-F. Students can always check the amount of funds they have via a dialog box at their workstation. 19th Street Costa Mesa. The University urges all members of its community to practice an exemplary lifestyle which honors the human body as a temple of the Holy Spirit and glorifies Christ. to alert them to an emergency and the activation of Emergency Medical Services. CA 92663 (949) 764-8372 24 hour daily care Guidelines and Procedures Relating to AIDS and a Positive HIV Antibody Test VUSC is a Christian community committed to a historical evangelical interpretation of Scripture. Printing Fees There is a $. the guidelines and procedures relating to AIDS and a positive HIV antibody test recommended by the American University Health Association have been adopted by the University and are available from the Vice President for Student Affairs. students will no longer be able to print. The Vice President for Student Affairs will act to bring formal resolution to the stated grievance.08 per page charge for black & white printing and a $. If satisfactory action is not achieved. or (714) 966-6799.. Students will be credited $11. the appeal may be directed to the President. 8 AM to 5 PM). Each student¶s student computer user account will be credited the amount they choose to pay. All students are welcome and encouraged to make use of these computers for school-related assignments. CA 92627 (949) 574-0210 8 AM -8 PM. CA 92627 (949) 631-8300 8 AM -8 PM daily Costa Mesa Medical Clinic 745 W. the location on campus.00 each semester for printing. There are several clinics and hospitals near Vanguard¶s campus. Sundays Hoag Hospital Emergency Room One Hoag Drive Newport Beach. Some of these include: Hoag Family Care Center 1190 Baker Street @ Fairview Costa Mesa. Saturdays 8 AM -2 PM. The guidelines are not an endorsement of any of the activities discussed therein. 17th Street Costa Mesa.Petition form which can be obtained in the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA). Some pre-marital conduct seeks to circumvent normal sexual activity reserved for marriage relationships. Information Technology Computer Labs The IT Department supports and maintains several computer labs located throughout the campus.

The policy of Vanguard with respect to peaceful assembly and forums is as follows: 46 . manner. This is the centralized means of communication on campus and students are encouraged to check their accounts regularly. If the student is determined to be missing. To accomplish this. If the student is under 18 years of age. These accounts will be disabled three (3) months after graduation. rather than protests or demonstrations. provision is made for peaceful assemblies and forums by members of the Vanguard community. notify the student¶s custodial parent or guardian as contained in the records of the University within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing Notify the Costa Mesa Police department within 24 hours after determining that the student is missing. Contact the Director of Residence Life to make a determination as to the status of the missing student. d. Use of Vanguard email accounts must conform to the community life standards and may be revoked if misused. Campus Safety will cooperate with the police department by providing any information they may need to launch a missing person report and investigation. b. y Process for notification when a student is missing: When a member of the faculty. the parent or guardian will be notified.Vanguard E-Mail Accounts All traditional students will be automatically given a VUSC e-mail account. In the event that Campus Safety receives a report of a student that is considered missing. and place for peaceful assembly is subject to the approval of the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) or designee. b. the person designated as a contact will be notified. If the missing student is under the age of 18. If. Initiate an investigation to determine the validity of the missing person report. and not an emancipated individual. VUSC is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian not later 24 hours after the time that the student is determined to be missing. Definition of Missing Student At the beginning of each academic year. Notify the VPSA who will initiate whatever action he or she deems appropriate under the circumstances in the best interest of the missing student. campus safety will: Peaceful Assembly Policy It is the desire of the University to promote appropriate expression of views that do not conflict with the mission/identity of our unique Christian higher education community. it is determined that the student is in fact missing. staff or students realizes that a student may be missing. Missing Student Policy Resident students are required on an annual basis to give Campus Safety a name and contact phone number for a person whom they wish the University to contact if they are missing. Campus Safety will then: a. The time. Notify the individual identified by the missing student as the emergency contact within 24 hours of making the determination that the student is missing. Students can register this confidential contact information through the Housing Office. they should follow the following procedure: 1) 2) Contact Campus Safety and report that the student might be missing. This information will include the following: y Students have the option of identifying an individual to be contacted by VUSC not later than 24 hours after the time the student has been determined to be missing. the Vice President for Student Affairs will be notified along with the Costa Mesa Police Department. This information is maintained in the Campus Safety Office. VUSC campus safety will inform students residing in on-campus housing that Vanguard will notify either a parent or an individual selected by the student not later than 24 hours after the time the student is determined to be missing. If the student is under 18 years old. the Director of Campus Safety shall be notified as soon as possible. 3) a. c. after a brief investigation. If a student is over 18 years old.

national origin. The University will notify student victims of sexual assault of any reasonably available options in changing their academic or living situations if so requested. faculty. acquaintance rape. forcible or nonforcible. Written approval from the office the VPSA must be in possession of those in charge at the time and at the location of the assembly/forum. work. The purpose of this policy and these procedures is to ensure that no person shall. However. Victims of sexual assault should attempt to preserve evidence that may be necessary to the proof of criminal sexual assault. Approval This policy has been approved by Vanguard University¶s administration on (date). A request by a Vanguard student group to assemble or hold any event that could be otherwise construed as an assembly or forum must be submitted (form is available on the Student Life website). In accordance with federal regulations regarding disciplinary resolutions of sexual assault cases. and students.y y y y y Time: Limited between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Monday-Friday (excluding Chapel periods. physical or mental disability. Place: The walkway between the Scott building and Needham Chapel (or other approved locations) upon submission of request and written permission from the VPSA or designee. which is applicable to all Vanguard University administrators. staff. T-W-TH 9:30-11:00 AM). and study free of all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment. Sexual Harassment Policy Unlawful Discrimination & Harassment Policy Purpose VUSC is committed to maintaining the university environment as a Christian community that provides a place for spiritual growth. Victims of sexual assault may notify the proper law enforcement authorities themselves or may ask to be assisted by campus authorities in notifying such authorities. sex. or any other criterion specified by federal. are included in the discrimination complaint procedures described below. on the basis of race. If an activity becomes disruptive. including sexual harassment. the university will report and cooperate with the appropriate law enforcement authorities that have the right and responsibility to act in response to law violations committed on the university premises and/or by a member of the university community. therefore. or infringe on the rights of others. age. state or local laws be unlawfully subjected to discrimination or harassment under any program or activity offered under the control of VUSC. both the accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during disciplinary hearings and to be informed of the outcome. Sexual assault is defined as rape. Scope These policies encompass procedures for investigation of unlawful discrimination and harassment. Assemblies or forums that do not conform to these provisions may subject participants to temporary or permanent suspension from the university or other sanctions as outlined in the Student Handbook. In the event the area is not restored to its original condition. The university will report complaints of sexual assault that involve minors to the appropriate law enforcement authority in accordance with California law. Sexual Assault Prevention Policy The university is concerned about any allegations of sexual assault and. Complaints of harassment. 47 . color. events. Complaints of sexual assault can be resolved in the same manner as sexual harassment outlined above. Such activities may not interfere or disrupt the orderly conduct of university business. strongly encourages any person who has experienced such a violation to report the situation immediately to a Resident Director. Only sound amplification that is officially authorized is permitted. The administration is charged with implementing this policy. the university will take appropriate action to limit or terminate the activity. and other sex offenses. or the VP for Student Affairs who will take action to ensure that appropriate medical and counseling services are provided and that Campus Public Safety is notified. Persons who are not students of Vanguard or otherwise affiliated with the university may not participate in such assemblies or forums on campus. the organizer will bear fiscal accountability. Director of Counseling Services.

visual or physical conduct that is directed at an individual or a group because of race. (714) 556-3610 x 4800. based upon an individual¶s race. age.Compliance with Non-Discrimination Laws and Regulations VUSC operates in compliance with all applicable federal. (714) 556-3610 ext. The Director of Residence Life and Student Discipline is designated as VUSC¶s Section 504 and Title IX Coordinator. but perform work at VUSC for its benefit (such as contractors and temporary employees) are also protected and required to abide by this policy. gestures. impeding or blocking another¶s movement or otherwise physically interfering with normal work or academic performance. The Director of Human Resources is VUSC¶s Equal Employment Opportunity Officer and Section 504 and Title IX Coordinator with respect to employment matters. Policy Against Discrimination VUSC does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race. work or living environment. Under the direction of the appropriate administrator. the following: slurs. Policy Against Sexual and Other Forms of Unlawful Harassment VUSC is committed to maintaining a learning. color. and to work for resolution in such situations. athletic and other VUSC-administered programs. To the extent such inquiries and complaints pertain to employment-related matters. national origin. jokes. VUSC also prohibits unlawful harassment based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics. or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics. state or local laws in the administration of its admissions. This reporting procedure is outlined below. assault. CA 92626. and complaint procedures may be directed to the Director of Residence Life and Student Discipline. Harassing conduct can take many forms and may include. 55 Fair Drive. or cartoons. when such conduct is sufficiently severe. they should be directed to the Director of Human Resources. Costa Mesa. Any student or employee (administrative staff or faculty) who believes that he or she is a victim of discrimination or harassment may file a complaint under these procedures. physical or mental disability or any other criterion protected by law.4400. working and living environment that is free from sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment. employment and educational policies or scholarship. loan. national origin. Persons who are not VUSC employees. or any other criterion specified by federal. students. such as requests for sexual favors. sex. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. but is not limited to. faculty. 55 Fair Drive. Harassment is a form of discrimination and is defined as verbal. pervasive or persistent so as to have the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual¶s or group¶s academic or work performance or creating a hostile educational. sex. staff. statutes and regulations (such as Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Costa Mesa. as well as other unwelcome conduct. VUSC¶s policy prohibiting sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment applies to all administrators. statements. CA 92626. As a religious institution. age. national origin. physical or mental disability. color. program participants and visitors. physical or mental disability. Student or employee complaints based on grounds 48 . state and local non-discrimination laws and regulations in conducting its programs and activities and in its employment decisions. drawings. color. Sexually harassing conduct in particular may include all of these prohibited actions. Sexually harassing conduct can be by a person of either the same or opposite sex. VUSC is exempted from certain regulations relating to laws and discrimination on the basis of religion Inquiries concerning this policy regarding students. and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973). or any other criterion protected law. age. pictures. including disciplining or discharging any individual who is found to have violated this prohibition against harassment. conversation containing sexual comments. Procedure for Processing Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination and/or Harassment General Provisions Coverage: These procedures apply to the processing of complaints arising from alleged unlawful discrimination and/or harassment including sexual harassment. An individual who feels that he or she has been unlawfully harassed may meet with a person officially designated to receive reports of unlawful discrimination and harassment. sex. and other unwelcome sexual advances. compliance with applicable laws. the University will fully and effectively investigate any report of unlawful harassment and will take whatever corrective action is deemed necessary.

cooperation with an investigation. or U. However. faculty handbook. Respondent: The respondent is an individual or group of individuals against whom an allegation of unlawful discrimination or harassment is made. or other participation in these procedures is prohibited and may be regarded as the basis for disciplinary action. Informal Procedures The University has established the following informal resolution process to resolve charges of unlawful discrimination or harassment: 49 . Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 255 East Temple Street Fourth Floor Los Angeles. or other applicable mechanism. Resolution Options: Individuals are encouraged to use this procedure to resolve their complaints of unlawful discrimination or harassment. CA 94120. For Undergraduate Students ± Director of Residence Life b. during or after use of VUSC¶s complaint procedure with: For student complainants: a. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights 50 United Nations Plaza Room 239 San Francisco.other than discrimination should be pursued under the grievance and appeal procedures contained in the student handbook. Complaint: A complaint is an allegation that a student or employee has been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment. the VUSC nevertheless reserves the right to pursue an investigation as it deems appropriate whenever and however it receives allegations of or information related to unlawful discrimination or harassment. Privacy: The privacy and confidentiality of the parties shall be maintained to the extent possible during the processing of a complaint. they may also file a complaint at the beginning. For SPS Students ± Director of SPS c.S. CA 90012 Processing of a Complaint Any person who believes he/she has been unlawfully discriminated against or harassed may file a complaint with the Responsible Officer. U. Definitions: 1) Complainant: The complainant is an individual or group of individuals who believe that unlawful 2) 3) discrimination or harassment may have or has occurred. including the time limitations set forth herein.S. Retaliation Prohibited: Any retaliatory action of any kind by an employee or student of the University against any other employee or student of the University as a result of that person¶s seeking redress under these procedures. For Graduate Students ± Graduate Program Director For staff complainants: Director of Human Resources For faculty complainants: Director of Human Resources in collaboration with VPAA or Dean. Responsible Officer: The designated individuals (³Responsible Officer´) to receive and process complaints under this procedure are as follows: 1) 2) 3) For complainants that involve both a student and a faculty or staff member. shall constitute a waiver of the complainant¶s right to utilize these complaint procedures. a representative from Student Life and from Human Resources will assist in the VPAA in the investigation. staff handbook. Although the failure to initiate a complaint in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Upon receipt of a request for assistance under these informal procedures. including the pursuit of more formal action. 1) Persons who believe they have been the victim of unlawful discrimination or harassment may file a formal written complaint. the Responsible Officer shall keep a written log of discussions. such as counseling services available to students at the Counseling Center [ and for faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program]. Such complaints must be made within one year of the most recent alleged act of unlawful discrimination or harassment. the person seeking assistance may elect to make a formal written complaint. In some situations. Such a complaint will result in an investigation. If the complaint does not sufficiently describe the facts giving rise to the complaint so that a determination can be made regarding the alleged misconduct. it cannot guarantee that the identity of a person who seeks assistance through the use of this informal procedure will be treated as completely confidential where it would conflict with its obligations to provide a safe or nondiscriminatory work and educational environment. If resolution is reached through this process. or submitted via Vanguard¶s incident reporting system at www. 2) Formal complaints under this procedure should be directed to the Responsible Officer directly. and whether the complaint sufficiently describes the facts of the alleged misconduct. the Responsible Officer to whom the request is brought may be asked to take action to see whether an informal resolution can be reached. Requests for assistance under these informal procedures will be dealt with. The person who makes such a request may only want to discuss the matter in order to clarify whether unlawful discrimination or harassment may be occurring and to determine his or her options. on a confidential basis and disclosure of their existence will be limited to those who.com. to the greatest extent practical and possible. Use of these informal procedures is not a prerequisite to the filing of a complaint under the formal procedures described below. 3) Within five (5) working days after the receipt of the signed complaint. Dean. Director of Residence Life. the name of the person(s) against whom the complaint is made. If the complaint does not describe the kind of prohibited conduct the University investigates under these procedures. the purpose of which shall be to determine whether a violation of this policy has occurred. Provost.mysafecampus. 50 . at any time in the informal process. a letter summarizing the informal resolution shall be sent to the concerned parties and the matter considered closed. If the matter cannot be resolved informally or. for that matter. The Responsible Officer¶s written log of discussions shall then become a part of the official investigative file. Because VUSC has an obligation to address unlawful discrimination and harassment. An investigation may also be initiated upon the request of the President.com. the complaint will be returned and complainant will be invited to submit an amended complaint providing enough factual detail to allow the above determination to be made.com. the complainant will be notified and will be referred to the appropriate process. in the interests of fairness and problem resolution. Requests for assistance under these informal procedures may be oral or written and should usually be made as soon as possible after the most recent alleged act of unlawful discrimination or harassment.mysafecampus. the complainant may file a formal written complaint with the Responsible Officer director or submit electronically via www. or Director of Human Resources without a formal complaint from any individual. the person requesting assistance will be provided with a copy of this policy and counseled on options for resolving the problem and about sources of further assistance. and the names of witnesses. or via www. Such requests should be directed to the appropriate Responsible Officer directly. Vice-President. In this situation. The complaint must be in writing and should include details concerning the conduct that gives rise to the complaint.1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Persons who believe they have been or may be the victim of unlawful discrimination or harassment may choose to avail themselves of informal resolution procedures. Requests for assistance may have several outcomes.mysafecampus. the Responsible Officer will review the complaint to determine whether it describes the kind of unlawful discrimination or harassment which is prohibited under these procedures. Formal Procedures Where informal complaint procedures are not possible or appropriate or fail to satisfactorily resolve the matter. have an immediate need to know or as legally required.

6) The investigator(s) shall thoroughly investigate the complaint. making factual determinations. to ask the complainant and the respondent for the names of any others the investigator(s) should speak with. administrative staff and students available for such purpose. to remedy any unlawful discrimination or harassment that occurred. the committee shall consider the objections presented. A written notice setting forth: i. review. or as soon thereafter as practical under the circumstances. and shall notify the appropriate Vice-President and the respondent that a written complaint has been received and a formal investigation has begun. ii. The investigator(s) shall meet with the complainant to review the nature of the complaint and identify the scope and nature of the investigation. or as soon thereafter as practical under the circumstances. The appeal shall be considered by a committee comprised of five (5) persons selected from a standing list of faculty. The investigator(s) shall also meet with the respondent to present a copy of the complaint and this policy. Within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the appeal. b. The complainant¶s and respondent¶s right to appeal the determination either as to the finding or to the appropriateness of the recommended actions. The two members so chosen shall select a faculty member (from the standing list) who shall be the third committee member. A description of actions taken. and to request any additional information. the Responsible Officer shall act as investigator or shall appoint one or more investigators to act alone. and evaluate the investigative report and findings of the appropriate Vice-President and any actions taken. to receive the respondent¶s answer to the complaint and to review with the respondent the scope and nature of the investigation. if any. Appeal Rights 1) 2) 3) 4) If the complainant or respondent is not satisfied with the results of the formal level administrative decision. Prior to completing the investigation. The committee members chosen shall select one member to be the voting Chairperson for the committee. together or in conjunction with the Responsible Officer to investigate the charges. 5) The investigator(s) shall within ten (10) working days of the complainant¶s referral to the formal complaint process. the complainant or respondent may appeal the determination by submitting written objections to the University President within ten (10) calendar days of the receipt of the determination. The appropriate Vice-President and the Responsible Officer involved in the matter shall each select one committee member. the investigator(s) shall meet again with the complainant and the respondent separately to give an overview of the steps taken during the investigation.. which shall be the final decision of the University in the matter. The President shall issue a decision in writing to the complainant and respondent within ten (10) calendar days of the receipt of the committee¶s recommendation. 8) Within ninety (90) calendar days of receiving the complaint. or as soon thereafter as practical under the circumstances. A summary of the investigative report. The appropriate VicePresident shall forward to the complainant and respondent all of the following: a. and to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. The findings of the appropriate Vice-President as to whether unlawful discrimination or harassment did or did not occur with respect to each allegation in the complaint. The appropriate Vice-President shall be responsible for reviewing the report of the investigator(s). if any. The complainant and respondent shall each select one committee member. the investigation shall be completed and a determination shall be made. 7) After completion of the investigation. and reaching a conclusion regarding the charges and appropriate corrective action and/or disciplinary sanction. commence an investigation of the alleged unlawful discrimination or harassment. the investigator(s) shall meet with the Vice-President of Student Affairs if either party involved in the complaint is a student. iii. and reach its conclusion (by majority vote) and communicate its conclusion in the form of an advisory recommendation to the President. The investigator(s) shall meet with the Vice-President of the applicable administrative division of the University if the complaint involves only faculty or administrative staff members. 51 .4) Within ten (10) working days of receiving the complaint or amended complaint.

D. This fee will be charged to a student¶s account through the Business Services Office. µOut Takes¶. The replacement cost of a Student I.00 dollars. Computer Lab and University Book Store. Hats. card can also be used in the Dining Commons. As a true ³smart card´.D. The staff in the Mail and Copy Center will take student pictures and print a card at that time. sunglasses and friends in the picture are not permitted for Student I. Students may request that a hole-punch be made in their cards for use on key chains.D. pictures. The Student I. and other University-sponsored events. athletic games. 52 .D. The card should be in the student's possession and shown to Campus Public Safety Officers or other school officials upon request. card is not transferable. The Student I. the I.D. serves as identification to activities. card is $25. Cards At the time that students receive a mail box assignment.D. Chapel. Library.Student I. student ID cards will also be made. etc. card.

Student Life Staff Name Dr. Josh Harrison Dr. of Diversity Programming Coord of Outreach Director. Life Housing Coordinator Coordinator of New Student Orientation Resident Director Resident Director Resident Director Resident Director Dir. P./Rm SMITH 2 SMITH 2 LH LH LH LH CH LH HH BH SCOTT 2 BRG BRG SCOTT 2 NEEDHAM Ext. of Student Success & Retention Yearbook/Media Dir. for Student Affairs VPSA Admin Assistant Director of Residence Life Secretary of Res. Beth Lorance Campus Pastor Dir. Vince Beresford Thandi Dinani. Counseling Ctr HH LH HH SCOTT 2 4925 4915 4910 4489 53 . Ann Hamilton Diane Griffo Tim Young Leah Salazar Allison Hesse Shelley Youd Rachael Lund Bethany Palmer Ryan Moyher Joel Gackle Amanda Lebrecht Kevin Funkhouser Lexy Benoit Gioielli Kristie Paulick Paul Turgeon Area of Responsibility V. 4041 4041 4830 4800 4820 4821 4840 4825 4845 4835 4780 4945 4940 4788 6799 (714) 715-2829 Dr. of Leadership Development Coordinator of Career Services Director of Campus Public Safety Off.

54 .com/enUS/Facilities/Vanguard grace.lorancel@vanguard.edu Facility Services/Maintenance The Central Plant/Maintenance between the Library and Enrollment Services 1st floor of Scott 4600 5490 Financial Aid Frontline Housing/Meal Plans/Enroll in VU Insurance VU Insurance Questions Information Tech.edu ASB_VPAA@vanguard.com/vangu/ 4668/ 6145/ 2971 Box Office (Lyceum) Business Services Office Campus Public Safety (Security) Career Center Lyceum Theater 714-668-6145 1st floor of Scott Attached to Needham Chapel 2nd floor of Scott building 4300 6799 714.edu records@vanguard.net/voice pcrenshaw@vanguard.mahinan@vanguard.turgeon@vanguard.com/vanguard customerservice@uhcsr.edu https://www.edu helpdesk@vanguard.zumeo.paulick@vanguard.uhcsr.edu rdavenport@vanguard.com 4500 4810/4940 5474 Library Mailroom/ Copy Center Newspaper (Vanguard Voice) Direct Line (after 5PM) 714.edu http://www.vanguard.edu paul.Student Frequently Used Contact Information Department "The Bridge" / Activities Admissions Athletics Bookstore Location 1st floor of Huntington Hall 1st floor of Scott Gymnasium Near the Café and attached to the Cove Extension or Direct Phone 714-556-3610 4950 4100 800.edu http://www.5496 2305 4714 Web or Email www.edu carol.edu bhughes@vanguard.edu dortiz@vanguard.hesse@vanguard.edu admissions@vanguard.6279 or 714.edu 800-767-0700 Continued on Next Page.gioielli@vanguard.edu allison.722.edu MaintenanceWorkRequests@vanguard.edu 4850 4820 SYoud@vanguard.966.6799 http://vanguard. (IT/IS) Leadership Development financialaid@vanguard.966.cbamatthews..campusdash.edu 5256 Counseling Center 2nd floor of Scott building to make appointments or contact any therapist x4488 leslie.knight@vanguard. Cope Budge Library Scott Center Annex 2nd Floor of Heath 714-662-5203 Outreach Ministries Registrar/Records/Transcripts 1st floor of Huntington Hall Building 14 4901 2252/2250 jharrison@vanguard.edu lexy.vusn..ollestad@vanguard.edu beth.edu (714) 966-5490 1st floor of Laguna Hall 1st floor of Laguna Hall UHCSR Building 14 1st floor of Huntington Hall O.com/ 4770 kristie.5474 4736 5203 www.966.

edu Residence Life Spiritual Formation Disability Services Transcript Line Tutorial Center Weddings 1st floor of Laguna Hall 1st floor of Huntington Hall 2nd floor Scott Building 14 2nd floor of Scott building Auxiliary Services in Scott Center Annex Heath Building 2nd floor room 214 4902 2540 2268 2541 4652 714-966-5483 4774 Writing Center writingcenter@vanguard.edu http://www.edu vince.edu tutorial@vanguard.Department Location Extension or Direct Phone 714-556-3610 4800 714-966-6797 Web or Email www.edu 55 .niesl@vanguard.aspx leah.edu cmcintyre@vanguard.beresford@vanguard.vanguard.edu Records@vanguard.vanguard.edu beth.edu/Home/StudentLife.lorance@vanguard.

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