Q1: Customer based brand equity is not the only model of discussing brand equity. Pick any brand of your choice and design CBBE. Assess its levels of brand awareness, strength and favorability and uniqueness of its association?

Answer: Yes. It¶s true that CBBE model is not the only of discussing brand equity as there are other factors involved as well like brand awareness, brand strength favorability and uniqueness of its association. Well the selected brand is Surf Excel a brand of Unilever. 1: Brand Identity: Who are we? Surf Excel a well recognized brand of Unilever. 2. Brand Meaning: What are you? A washing detergent with flowery fragrance and strong active enzyme formula that help in letting bad dirt out from the cloths. 3. Brand Response: What about you? And what I think or feel about you? ³DAAGH TO ACHEY HOTY HEIN´ and ³DAAGH NAHEIN TO SEEKHNA NAHEIN´. 4. Brand Relationship: What about you and me? Well the relationship between Surf Excel and its customer is that ³whatever sort of dirt it is´ Surf Excel will clean it. Specially the new learners and beginner of feels good that ³for learning dirt is not an issue and mummy will clean it´ From the brand awareness point of view the household women are well aware of the brand and they can easily recall it. Recently, young kids are also depicted in the promotional campaign because these new learners mostly make their uniform dirty. The brand strength if surf excel is that customer specially the household ladies feel that the brand is powerful detergent and it easily clean stains from the cloths. The brand Surf Excel has created its favorability through its attractive packaging and availability in different unit size so that every class society can afford it easily. The uniqueness of the brand is that it has specially targeted the new beginner that¶s why kids like the product and influences their parents to buy Surf Excel.

Assignment: Brand Management. By: Irshad Ali Sanjrani ((Reg#:1552-110169) (27jan11) Page 1

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2 Q2: What brand do you have most resonance with? Why? Answer: Well the most resonating brand that I come across is Lux. B: KHOOBSURAT BHI HAI. In the other advertisement ³KHOOBSOORAT BHI HAI. The ³LUX STYLE AWARD´ is also another tie that gives its customer a message that it¶s a celebrity brand. By: Irshad Ali Sanjrani ((Reg#:1552-110169) (27jan11) Page 2 Submitted to: Sir Iftikhar Munir . The advertisements are executed very simply but really in a touching way. KHOOB SEERAT BHI HAI«. The basic idea behind it was that Lux is not a feminine brand. In one of the former advertisement Shahrukh Khan was also depicted. Assignment: Brand Management. KHOOB SEERAT BHI HAI´ the famous bollywood star Aishwarya Ray is depicted who is travelling in a balloon around the whole country and Lux¶s special addition is showered around the women across the whole country. Lux is a strong resonating brand. C: KALI SE BHI KOMAL HAI« The beauty of the brand is that it fantasizes and creates a whirlpool of imagination around its customers. In the advertisement ³MUJH MEIN STAR JAGAYE´ a simple girl becomes confident and fantasizes herself as a famous celebrity with the use of lux. General audience specially females feel great sense of affiliation with the brand and they feel themselves a celebrity. So the idea is that the products special addition is available for everyone to use. Because over the decades Lux has been a sensational brand with: A: MUJH MEIN STAR JAGAYE«. rather it¶s a masculine brand too.

A: WHO THE TARGET CONSUMER IS? B: WHO THE MAIN COMPETITORS ARE? C: HOW THE BRAND IS SIMILAR TO THESE COMPETITORS? D: HOW THE BRAND IS DIFFERENT FROM THE COMPETITORS? Well the brand that I have selected is Geo Television Network. The point of difference is that Geo Provides the fastest news breaking service. Positioning means finding the proper location in the minds of a group of consumer or market segment so that they think about a product or service in the right or desired way to maximize potential benefits to the firm. By: Irshad Ali Sanjrani ((Reg#:1552-110169) (27jan11) Page 3 Submitted to: Sir Iftikhar Munir . For Comedy lovers ³HUM SAB UMEED SY HEIN´ and for sports lover program like ³SCORE´. Over the years Geo TV is a successful Pakistani brand. Same like this for business and economy related people and viewers there is ³AIK SEY DO´ and ³BAZAAR´ for students and young generation. The target market of Geo TV is people of all age who understand Urdu as it¶s the national language of the Country as well. It is the act of designing the company¶s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer¶s mind. Pick any brand of your choice and discuss its positioning with help of guidelines given in the text book? Answer: Brand positioning is the heart of marketing strategy. AAJ KAMRAN KHAN KEY SAATH´ AND ³50 MINUTE´. Like for kids ³DEKHO SUNO SAMJHO´ AND ³BACHY MAN KEY SACHY´ for youngsters and senior age group ³CAPITAL TALK´.3 Q3: Discuss brand positioning. The reason behind its success is prompt news coverage and its credibility. The philosophy of Geo TV is ³Live & Let Live´ means ³Geo aur Jeny Do´. Assignment: Brand Management. It helps a marketer in knowing. The point of difference of Geo TV is that the different programs are made to cater with the needs of different age group. The uniqueness of Geo News is that it is providing best quality programs for its different set of audience. informative programs like ³GEOMENTARY´ and ³Voice of America´.

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