Judaism and Unitarian sects of Christianity use the word G-O-D (G-D) in two diff erent senses or meanings. a)Supreme Being b)Lower beings eg. angels, supermundales,etc. The second use is irregular and rare. The trinitarians use the word G-O-D for more meanings as well. c) SUPREME HYPOSTATIC PERSON (IN TRINITY) d)TRINITY or TRIUNE GOD e) Divine Essence,Divine Substance(OUSIA), Divine Nature,Divine Form ,Godhead. We have to provide proofs for each meaning. Judaism and Chriatianity agree that G-D is One. The word God in proposition ''GOD IS ONE'' may be used in different senses. But it is used in the meaning SUPREME BEING. So it means Supereme Being (SB) is One. It does not mean Trinity is one since Judaism does not believe in trinity It does not mean Hypostatic Person (in Trinity) is One since Trinitarians do not believe that there is only One person In Trinity. It does not mean Trinity is One since Judaism does not believe in Trinity. It may mean Godhead is one however Judaism means supreme Divine Being YAHUVAH is ONE. So although Godhead is One but it means The Supreme Being. In the expression '' True G-D from True G-D'' the word G-D means Supreme Hyposta tic Person ( in Trinity) from Supreme Hypostatic Person (in TRINITY) Proof This obviously does not mean "" Supreme being from supreme being'' ''.. It obviously does not mean '' '' TRINITY from Trinity'' ''. It obviously does not mean TRIUNE GOD FROM TRIUNE GOD. It obviously does not mean Godhead from Godhead,Divine essence(substance/Ousia f rom Ousia) Son of God.It means Son of the First Supreme Hypostatic Person In Trinity. Proof It does not mean son of Superime being. It does noy mean Son of Trinity .It does not mean Son of Triune G-d. It does not mean SON OF GODHEAD. In expressions LIKE god is trinity IT IS very clear that the word God is used fo r the trinity or triune God itself. Ask any Trinitarian the following questions 1)Is Godhead God.?? He shall never sy Godhead is not God. 2)Ask any trinitarian IS TRINITY GOD ??. Trinitarian will ever say Trinity is Not God. These are suffucient prooves for the claim that trinitarians use the word G-D in more than one meanings when this word does not refers to LOWER BEINGS. See the well known expression GOD THE FATHER,GOD THE SON/WORD, GOD THE HOLY GHOS T. The word God in these expressions mean SUPEREME PERSON THE FATTHER WHO IS SUPPOS ED TO BE TRUELY DISTINCT FROM SUPREME PERSON THSE SON. IT DOES NOT MEAN '' Triune God theFather, TRIUNE GOD THE SON/WORD, TRIUNE GOD TH E HPLY GHOST (HG) Similarly it does tot mean Godhead the father etc. So it has been provved that the word God is used in more meanoings that the othe r religions ven when this word does not refers to lower beings. A famous argument agaisnst trinity is responced by shewing the shift in the mean ings of the word G-D. GOD IS TRINITY SON/LOGHOS IS GOD .: SON/LOGOS IS TRINITY To Refute this argument against the dogma of trinity the Trinitarians point out the in the first proposition the word GOD IS USED IN THE MEANING OF SUPREME BEIN

G WHILE IN THE SECOND PROPOSITION THE VERY SAME WORD IS USED IN THE MEANING OFS UPREME HYPOSTATIC PERSON (IN TRINITY) tHIS REFUTATION IS IT SELF A PROOF THAT THE WORD GOD IS USED IN MORE THEN ONE SE NSES AND MEANINGS. As the plurality of the meanings of the word G-D HAS BEEN PROVED. IT IS THE TIME TO PRESENT THE LAST PROOF ,LAST BU NOT THE LEAST. Yohannan ;s GOSPEL SAYS IN THE BEGENING WAS THE WORD....(1) THE WORD WAS WITH THE GOD.....(2) THE WORD WAS GOD....(3) The word God in the 2 and 3 rd sentence of Yohannon is usd in the same meaning. If it is used in the sense/meaning ''TRINITY OR TRIUNE GOD then means In the begining was the WORD The WORD was with TRINIRY The Word was TRINITY. But is is not acceptable for a trinitarian. Same is the case with the meaning TRIUNE GOD. The following meaning is unacceptable for a Trinitarian: In The Begining Was The WORD. The Word Was With TRIUNE GOD The WORD WAS TRIUNE GOD.. Similarly it can be shewn for the meaning SUPREME BEING. SO THE ONLY MEANING ACCEPTABLE TO A TRINITARIAN IS IN THE BEGINING WAS THE WORD THE WORD WAS WITH SUPREME HYPOSTATIC PERSON IN TRINITY THE WORD WAS SUPREME HYPOSTATIC PERSON IN TRINITY. Since plurality of Hypostatic Persons is true according to the dogma of Trinity BOTH HYPOSTATIC PERSONS are mutually distinct and mutually incommunicable