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Djinn in Folklore, and the Nature of the Physical World

by Barbara Richards

In the quantum universe, electromagnetic matter and energy is like a lattice, matrix, or hologram. Djinn
know how to manipulate their energy, and matter in ways that we don’t. At the quantum level, we only
have probabilities of where particles are going to be or go, at any given time.

At the quantum level, even massive objects have a flickering, ethereal quality, hence quantum
entanglement (teleportation), quantum tunneling (moving through walls), and quantum computers that
could predict possible timelines in the future. Djinn have more control over their bodies, at a quantum
level, than we do.

Djinn understand that, at the large level, the universe is a giant quantum computer, and that matter and
energy are more like holograms, in a simulation, than we think. In a way, ancient shamans, all over the
world, were right, about the spirit world, all along! Djinn can control how dense, and embodied, they
want to be, in the holographic, quantum world.

Djinn can control their bodies, down to the quantum level, hence being able to do "supernatural" things
like disappear at will, and teleport. Djinn realize that certain aspects of the world are not as real, as
humans believe, at the quantum level, hence their ability to fly. It’s "denser" human bodies versus
quantumly unbound djinn. Perhaps, all the dark matter, and dark energy, in the universe, is from djinn
spiritual worlds, that we cannot sense or see.

Of course, the rub is that it's one thing to epistemologically realize this quantum, holographic nature of
reality (like Buddhism), and quite another to gain the ability to do this. Can humans learn to be like djinn,
and unlock ourselves, like Neo (in the matrix), or are we forever embodied at a lower plane, no matter
what we scientifically realize, or discover?

In other words, can the soul become unbound? Can the soul become unlocked, once it is born in a
certain body, once it has become embodied? Or does one have to be born as a djinn, to have the powers
of a djinn? Can the soul transform, or is it set in stone once it enters this universe?

Djinn were "programmed" to be able to control themselves, at the quantum level, in the "virtual" world
of matter and energy, while humans were not (djinn were made of smokeless fire, while humans are
made of clay). Djinn were "programmed" to be able to build and break themselves up, at the quantum
level, without a particle accelerator, or a sci-fi teleportation beam.

Djinn can allow themselves to be disembodied while humans are embodied. In everyday physics, the
number, and the degree of specialization of subatomic particles – hadrons, leptons, etc. – points to
some kind of larger "programming" of matter and energy, and thus space and time i.e. a universe that is
like a giant computer, or a video game, with programmable applications and avatars

The question of why djinn and not humans, as far as these powers, is the everlasting question. Why
were we created or embodied at a lower, simpler, level, instead of at higher one? Djinn have bodies, like
ours, they are just "programmed" at a higher level. Djinn bodies are "programmed" to be freer, at the
quantum level, than ours are.


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