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THE On10 STATE UNIVERSITY ‘Department of Pubic Saety 901 Woady Hayes Dive May 33,2021 a ‘The day after leaning that the State Medical Board was investigating a complaint agalast, you under your censure for massage therapy, The Ohio State Unversity launched an investigation into your actions. The investigation is row complete, and it determined that ‘you engaged In expottative and inappropriate behavior toward university student-athletes Specifically, you targeted student athites for sexual activity under the gute of having a legitimate massage therapy business, and created a scheme to manipulate student-athetes {forthe purpose of advancing your own interests. The investigation determined that you engaged in a pattern of behavior that included aggressively contacting student-athletes who lived both on and off university property, for an extended peried of time from 2018 to 2021, and that your conduct jeopardized the health, safety, and welbbeing of student-athletes. Moreover, ou continued to engege in unwanted contact with multiple football student athletes after being advised by The Ohio State University Police Division on March 10, 2021 to have no further contact with OSU football student. athletes. Despite this instruction, you subsequently contacted several football student-athletes in direct contradiction to law enforcement’s directive. Further, you received another such dvective from the independent investigators on April 1, 2023, and ance again ignored that Istrction by contacting an axditional football student-athlete and asking about his investigation imerview. ‘These behaviers and the resultant dstracion and disruption of regular university activities snd operations, bring me tothe conclusion that itis inthe best interest of SU students, and the interest ofthe university, that you remain off university property unt further {way of tis eter, 1am barring you from being present on any property owned oF controlled by The Ohlo State Unversity on any ofits campuses for any reason and advising You that our etry onto university premises sal be consiered criminal trespass and may resultinyour ares. This directive i immediately effective anda map has been provided to show you the geographical boundaries of the Columbus campus. Should you need a similar ‘map to show you the boundaries of any ofthe university's other campuses, please contact ‘Courbte, OH aS2"0 614.292.2004 Phone THE Oxr0 STATE UNIVERSITY In the extremely unikely event that you need tobe on university owned or controled Bropertyon any campus fo any ¢eason, you must fist contact Captain Ere Whitesde of The Ohio State Universty Police Division at 614-202-2121. He wll then make a determination as to whether or not youre permitted tobe on university property, and iso, under what conditions you may do so. “This notice i given pursuant to Ohl Revised Code Section 2911.21 and our responsibilty to ‘maintaie law and order on campus and allow the university o pursue its educational ‘objectives and programsin an orderly manner. f you feel this determination was made in {error and wish to arrange for 2 hearing with me to discuss why you believe tis bar should be lifted, you may contact me at 614-292-2884, The terms of his notice wil emai in fll effect unless and until provide you with writen notification thatthe bar has been lite. ori, Morin. of fee Monica M. Moll Director of Publi Safety €: Kimberly Spears McNatt, Chet of Poice ‘racy Hahn, Deputy Chief of Police Eric Whiteside, Police Captain

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