CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction: Malnutrition is a condition which is the result of an absolute relative deficiency

of food intake. It is a form of disorder that results when the human body receives too little food or earn too much food lacking the necessary nutrients. The average Filipino child is suffering from different forms of malnutrition, chronic energy deficiency micronutrients deficiencies and diet related diseases. Malnutrition is commonly associated with poverty, poor eating, habits, low educational attainment, poor environment, sanitation, low participation of mothers in nutrition programs and community organization. Malnutrition affects the quality of the Philippine population which in turn, directly effects The Gross National Products. Statement of the problem: This study deals with survey of the profile of the first year students in the University of Manila school year 2010-2011.Specifically, the study to answer the following question. 1. How can we improve the nutrition of people in this community? By conducting a survey according to the variables: 1.1 Age 1.2 Gender 1.3 The Occupation of parents 1.4 The monthly income of parents 1.5 Number of family member 1.6 Educational attainment of parents 1.7 Amount spent in a monthly income a. For foods b. For house rentals c. For schooling d. For clothing e. For medical care


The results of the survey are tabulated. This is an action research because it deals with a problem or concern in the community which is about the nutrition of the students her in the University Campus. g. Scope and Delimitation The study is delimited to the conduct of survey in order to get data on the profile of students in the University Campus to improve the nutrition. People do not eat enough of food. e. The Member of the family is not engaged in activity that can supplement the income of the head. 1 . The results of the study will be probably help the school. selecting the respondents from the lottery technique. Methodology This is an action research use of a survey questionnaire as the data gathering instruments. f. b. a. The family income not enough. People are ignorant of the kind of food that keeps the healthy. People do not eat the right kind of food. It makes use of simple random sampling. Most families have many members. d. Why do you think majority of them are undernourished or malnourished? Some causes should be. classified and record for analysis and interpretation. It gives some advice the students here in the University Campus to maintaining proper diet and healthy body.2. Food prices are continuously increases Important of the Study The result of the study will be very important may be because malnutrition is one serious problem in this community. students and family. c.

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