Kids For Christ: March 7 th Our lesson this week is: God Made You for a Reason to begin laying

a foundation in the lives of the children. Before we can begin to show them how to live their lives and what principles to build their lives upon, we must first lay a foundation. That foundation must explain their purpose in life. Your children must understand that God Made You for a Reason. If this foundation is not laid, the children will think that Christianity is just a bunch a of rules they have to foll ow, and will not understand that they were created to live for God. People who do not understand God s purpose for their lives end up living for the moment. They are not interested in planning for the future or better yet, eternity. They will pursue every momentary, earthly reward that interests them. Storing up riches in heaven will be a foreign concept to them as they will drift from one popular persuasion to the next. How many times have we seen these children grow up and spend their teen years trying to figure out what their purpose in life is? They ask questions like, Why am I alive? Who am I? Why is my life like this? Do you know why they ask these questions? Because they have no foundation! They do not understand that God Made You for a Reason . The Bible says in Colossians 2: 7, Plant your roots in Christ and let him be the foundation for your life. Teachers, the only way we can lay a foundation in the lives of our children is to show them that God Made You for a Reason . He made them: 1. In His Image 2. For a Purpose

you are wrong. He made light for a reason. and that explosion made the Earth and everything on it. A Creator is one who makes something. The memory verse today shows us that God made everything. On Day 2 God made the sky. He knew that people and animals would need food and shelter. that there are people who think they are an accident? That does not make any sense. (Illustration 1 Show picture with land and trees) It was no accident that God did this.) God separated the day from the night because we need light to survive. He made you for a reason. God is the ultimate Creator. On Day 3 God made land filled with trees an d plants. After He made the animals. Nothing was made by accident. They think the world was created by accident. For a purpose Lesson Introduction: GOD MADE YOU FOR A REASON Genesis 19 Props: Large mirror with sheet covering it Presentation: Have a large mirror covered by a sheet so that the kids will not see that it is a mirror. Nothing was made by accident. Genesis 1: 1 tells us that. Some people will try to tell you that one day there was a large explosion. To know Him 3. God made land filled with trees and plants for a reason. If you take a blank sheet of paper and make it into a paper airplane . In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . God made everything for a reason. this was the most important to Him. On the 6th day we learned that God made all of the animals on the land. You would be called the creator of a paper airplane. (Illustration 3 Show picture of animals) Each one was made for a different reason. This is how He did it: On Day 1 (turn off all of the lights in the room) God made light and separated it from the darkness. On Day 6 God made all kinds of animals to live on the Earth. They are wrong! The Bible says that it was God Himself that made everything. It took God 6 days to make everything. Each creature was specifically made with the ability to survive on their part of the Earth. . If you think that you are an accident. It is very important to remember this verse because today we are telling you that in the beginning. God was not done. Today you will learn that He made you: 1. It was no accident that God gave wings to the birds and fins to the fish.Props: Pictures of Creation (Included in your power point presentation) Presentation: Have you ever heard people call God our Creator and wondered what that meant? It is kind of a big word. (Turn lights back on. He not only made something but He made something out of nothing! In the very beginning of the Bible. In His image 2. On Day 5 God made creatures that could l ive under the water. God does not make accidents. It took Him 6 days to make everything. This is today s memory verse. It was no accident that God did this. and of everything that He made. The Bible says that He made somethin g else that day. God took nothing and made it into everything. Why is it then. Can you imagine what it was that He made? I will give you three clues. The Bible proves to us that absolutely nothing that God made was by accident. He saved the best for last. He purposely separated it from the water. He also made creatures that could live in the have made something.

When you show lo ve to people. Just like God wanted Adam to know Him. You were . You are not an accident. you are experiencing God on the inside of you. Someone will need to hold it and have a marker to draw body parts. He made you so you could see the kid at school that no one likes. The way you walk and live everyday can represent God to everyone without even saying a word. When you stop and show kindness to tha t kid. (Show blank poster of person) This is you. God made you in His image. so you can tell your Mom that God is going to take care of her and the family. God knew you before your birth and He knows you by name.) His creation was people: you and me. ( draw a mouth) God made you with the ability to speak life and encouragement to someone. When you experience love for other people. He made you. You look like your Mum? That happens to me a lot. God patterned people after Himself (Genesis 1: 27 NLT). The Bible says. When people look at me. Long before he made the Earth. God had a plan in mind for this creation. He made it to be just like Him. do you know who He sees? He sees Himself. God made you for a reason. Let me show you how God made you in His image. He wants you to know Him. You are showing exactly who God is. When God looks at you and me. Presentation: When people look at you. ( draw a heart) He made you with the ability to love. When you encourage someone. (Illustration 6 Show picture of Adam and Eve) God made Adam for a purpose. That means that this creation was not created by accident. they see my Mum. The first person God made was Adam. Clue #2: The Bible also says that this creation was made to know Him. God wanted to have a personal relationship with Adam. OBJECT LESSON 1 God made you: In His Image Props: Paper cut in the shape of a person. that purpose for Adam was to love God and to be loved by God.Clue #1: (Illustration 4) The Bible says that He made this creation in His image . Clue #3: God made this creation for a purpose. He sees Himself. God is able to encourage them at the same time. You look like your Dad or. (colour in the arm) God made you with the ability to reach out to people who are hurting. He made you so you can place your hand on your friend s shoulder and pray for them when life is hard. to show them. You can be a godly example to your family by living right everyday. When He made you. The Bible says that. He made something great out of nothing. This creation was made to represent God to the whole Earth. He said that we are His treasured possession. He wanted Adam to know Him. (colour in legs and feet) God made you with the ability to go out to the people around you and share God with them. That does not mean that you have the exact same hair as God or that God has the same scar on His leg as you. God made each of us for a reason. You were made to not only tell them who He is. Do you know what this creation is yet? (Illustration 5 Take cover off of mirror. You were made with the ability to hug someone who feels unloved. ( person draws on eyes) God made you with the ability to see needs around you. When God looks at you. Of everything God made. God is love (I John 4: 8 NLT) . do they often are showing them who God is. That means that God wanted to have a unique and personal relationship with this cr eation. God decided that you would be the f ocus of His love.

Do not try to be like anyone else. I know people who have dropped out of school and all they do is just hang out on the street all day. OBJECT LESSON 2 God made you: For A Purpose Props: Someone to play Adam.well then help others around you. Do you think God made them for this reason? No. to worship Him. and in your neighborhood for a reason. paper board and markers. or how to talk. It makes me sad when people choose to do nothing with their life. and wishing you were like someone else. But it is not going to be just any kite. One day while they were sitting there. He did not make you to sit around and waste the abilities that He has given to you. He said to his Dad. God made you for a reason. He sees a reflection of Himself. When He sees you. or in magazines. God will show you your purpose along the way. He made for a purpose. The Bible says. That is why it i s important that you do not let people tell you how to act.. God made you to talk to Him. God will lead you to your purpose if you stay close to Him. No one else can do the things God made you to do. God made you in His image. Adam was the first person God made for a purpose. Adam then named each animal. everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him (Colossians 1: 16 MSG) . God gave Adam the ability to do that job. Presentation: Do you want to know something that makes me very sad? I will tell you. The Bible says that. Nothing about you is an accident... That is ok. His . It was Andy s favorite thing to do. Maybe your purpose today is to go home and tell your family what you learned here at Kids For Christ . Do not pattern your life after people on TV. God has made you to live in your family. If you do these things. Andy decided that he wanted to have his very own kite. in your school. to read His word. The Bible says that God made everything for his own purposes (Proverbs 16: 4 NLT). its name became Giraffe. God made you for a purpose. its name became Zebra. Your purpose tomorrow may be to tell someone at your school how much God loves them. Maybe you love to care for people. Maybe you do not know what your purpose is yet. That means that every single person God made. (Illustration 12 Adam uses marker to write Giraffe on the white board) If Adam said it was a Monkey.patterned after Him. Do not g et caught up in hating the way you are. Maybe you love to sing. God himself fixed beforehand the exact times and the places where you would live (Acts 17: 26 TEV) . No one else in the world is like you. God made you for a purpose. (Illustration 14-Adam writes Zebra on the white board) To name all of the animals God made was one of Adam s purposes in life. and to do what it says. They sit around and waste it. Because God wanted Adam to name all of the animals on the earth. If Adam said it wa s a Giraffe. I am going to make a kite. A BOY AND HIS KITE Frame 1 Andy and his Dad loved to sit in the park and watch all the kites fly. God told him to name all of the animals on the Earth. its name became Monkey. (Adam enters) Adam had a very important job. The Bible says that God brought all of the animals to Adam. Im sure you maybe know people like this.well then use that gift Go d has given you. You were not made in their image. how to dress. I am going to make it special because I want it be the fastest kite in the city. (Illustration 13 Adam writes Monkey on the white board) If Adam said it was a Zebra.

He thought he was going to win the competition and everyone was going to know that it was his kite. He made it for a reason. Of all the things that Andy had ever made. something in the window caught his eye. It said. If someone has told you that you were an accident. Everyone would know that he made it. It was nowhere to be found. The kite had a letter A on it. Andy ran wildly all over the park. but now he has no kite at all. He made you for a reason and of everything He made. It was his kite! That is my kite! Andy shouted. When he woke up from his dream. The letter A on his kite was so bright. he released his kite into the sky. Frame 6 Andy started heading down the street to the park. He had worked so hard to make it. Handmade Kite For Sale. Preaching Point The way that Andy feels about his kite is the way God feels about you. Everywhere he went. You are His treasured possession. just like he had planned. Frame 3 Early the next morning. Frame 2 That night Andy started collecting nails. they are wrong. It was so fast. his kite was his favorite. He was so excited. Do you think God would make an accident? That would be impossible because nothing happens without God knowing. people would gather around to see how amazing his kite was. He looked up and saw that the string of his kite had snapped in half. It became the focus of his attention. Andy loved his kite so much. Suddenly he heard something snap. he decided that he was going to go out and search for the kite until he found it. He sat down alone and began to cry. He came up with a great idea for the pattern. but it was too late. Frame 4 All that was left was the handle and half of the string. There is Andy s kite! His kite brought him so much joy. God made everything. Andy raced out of his house with the kite he made. fabric and all the best materials he could find to make his kite. People would look into the sky and say. He cut out a big letter A for Andy and pasted it on the front of his kite. I made that kite! They cannot sell it. The Bible says that you are the focus of his love and attention. He did this for a reason. It was going to be the fastest kite in the city. you are His favorite creation. The wind had already taken his kite away. Andy was so sad. He wanted everyone in the park to know that it was his kite. He reached his hand over his eyes to see where his kite was. it felt like it was going 100 miles an hour. it belongs to me! Andy rushed inside the store. That means that He made you. Frame 7 . It was time to practice before the big competition. he promised Andy that he could co me back to the park to compete. The kite I made with my own hands is gone. It was so strong and fast. Frame 5 That night Andy had a dream that he was flying the kite he made. He loved his kite. He knew you before you were born and He knows everything about you.Dad thought that it was a great idea and since the citywide kite flying competition was the next week. The kite whipped around in the sky. This kite would represent him. wood. There has never been a moment in your life when God did not have His eyes on you. He ran to the park and as soon as he got there. As he walked past the store.

God made you in His image. Frame 9 It was the day of the competition and Andy finally had enough money to buy back his kite. Andy started to explain what happened. His kite was made to win. I designed this kite to be the fastest kite in the city. he knew that he would have to w ork hard to get it. God made you for a reason. They announced with excitement that Andy s kite was the winner. But José would not give the kite back to Andy. prac ticing for the big competition and José cut him off. He ran to the store. You do not understand. It was made for this reason. Today. or wondered. No kite was made like Andy s kite. If you really want it. Everything started with God and everything finds its purpose in God. God put every detail about you in place for an ultimate purpose. You were made different than everyone else. It has a specific purpose. He placed you in your family for a purpose. It flew faster than it had the other day. He painted houses. No one has a kite like mine because I made it for a purpose. Nothing about you is an a ccident. He grabbed the handle in one hand and released the kite with the other. the kite in the window is mine! Andy said to the manager. The letter A was big and bright for everyone to see.Sir. you can buy it back if you really want it. Since Andy s family did not have a lot of money. The competition was only a day away and he needed his kite. He got there just in time for the competition to begin. This is no ordinary kite. POINT OF DECISION If there is anyone here today who has wished that they could be someone else. you need to choose to destroy the lies in your mind. Andy was angry. The judges had never seen a faster kite in all the years of competition. Stop believing the lies that you need to look a certain way or act a certain way. No one can do the things God made you to do. You have certain natural abilities for a purpose. Do not look at the people around you and wish that you could do the things they can do. he grunted. You see. No one was made like you. or believed that you were a mistake or an accident today s lesson is for you. all the people in the park cheered and celebrated with Andy. He knew his kite was going to be the fastest kite. He was so happy to have his kite back in his hands. he bagged groceries at the store. Andy ran as fast as he could to the park. Andy felt so proudof it. I was in the park. José the store manager was not a friendly guy. it soared back and forth with lightning speed. You are not an accident. Andy did whatever it took to get the money. Everyone was amazed at how the kite could fly. Andy knew that the only way to get the kite back would be to buy it. He knew this was going to be a good day. Frame 8 Andy worked as hard as he could. you can buy it. Frame 10 The kite raced to the top of the sky. You . Preaching Point Just like Andy s kite. Why am I even here? . The price is $20. you were made for a purpose. It was special to Andy. It is mine now. he took out people s garbage. You are a specific nationality for a purpose. he mowed people s grass. He made you to know Him and He has put you here for a purpose. He gave José his $20. It was made for a reason.

. I believe that you made me for a reason. In Jesus name. I am going to talk to You more. Let us pray. I love You God. I choose to believe that I am not an accident. God. Thank you that You will show me my purpose. Amen.need to choose to believe the truth that God made you for a reason. CLOSING PRAYER God. I cannot wait to discover more of the reasons why You made me. I want to know You more. today I choose to believe what your Word says about me. Raise your hand in the air if you want to choose to believe the truth. worship You more and read Your Word more.

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