Russian composer



(1882– 1971)

Stravinsky turned to neoclassicism in the ‘20s. b) Where did they live/travel to? • Stravinsky moved from Russia. Symphony of Psalms (1930). Symphony in C (1940). one-act opera (1922). g) Did they have a family? . Mavra. The Rake's Progress. ballet. for soprano and piano (1966) d) What are they famous for? • • • • • Pandiatonicism Use of polytonality Brutal polyrhythms and dissonances New and interesting orchestration techniques Twelve-tone serialism e) What musical style/genre did they compose in? • • • Orchestral symphonic works. Ebony Concerto. Symphony in Three Movements (1945). vocal/choral After this first Russian phase. opera. Three Pieces for Clarinet (1919). Russia and brought up in Saint Petersburg. but got off with a warning. In the 1950s he adopted serial music.a) Where and when were they born? • Stravinsky was born in 1882 in Oranienbaum (renamed Lomonosov in 1948). chamber music. using the new techniques over his last twenty years. 2-act opera-oratorio (1927). 3–act opera (1951). and The Rite of Spring (1913). The Owl and the Pussy Cat. f) Funny/interesting tidbits of information: • • Named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the century. Petrushka (1911/1947). piano. for clarinet and jazz band (1945). c) What were some of the major works they composed? The Firebird (1910). to Paris to Switzerland and finally ended up in America (Los Angeles) at the start of WWII. Oedipus rex. There was a riot at his first performance of “Rite of Spring” • His arrangement of The Star Spangle Banner was banned at first and he was almost imprisoned for performing it in Massachusetts.

1971 in New York of tuberculosis q=igor+stravinsky&search=quick&pos=1&_start=1#firsthit> “Igor Stravinsky. Retrieved December 20. Vera de Bosset. “Stravinsky.• He married his cousin Katerina Nossenko in January 1906. was his mistress and later became his second wife after Katerina died. Igor. Steven.ursus. Walsh.” Groves Music Online. 2010.” The Dictionary of Composers and Their Music. 2010. Igor.prxy3. 1993.wikipedia. Fyodor (1907) and Ludmilla (1908). .” Wikipedia. 3rd Edition. Retrieved December 20. 2010. <http://www. “Stravinsky. • Although his marriage to Katerina endured for 33 New Jersey: Wings Books.>. December 17. < http://en. h) Where and when did they die…and what did they die of? • Stravinsky died April 6. They had two children.oxfordmusiconline.maine.

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