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Issue Too: The Give Thanksing Issue
Late November ‘07

New Haven Police Corruption
by Chris zollo

There is a serious law enforcement problem in New Haven. Anyone who’s spent enough time in this city recognizes it. I think most of us have some first-hand experience of the results of a culture of deception and fraud in our police force. Corruption in the police department isn’t news. It was an issue in the seventies, when a New Haven cop planted quinine on a suspect and pretended it was cocaine in order to rack up another bust. That cop was Billy White, our good friend and neighbor who was recently arrested and indicted in a widespread federal corruption probe. The arrests of Billy White, Jose R. Silva and Justen Kasperzyk, accused of stealing money from suspects, taking bribes and planting evidence, has shaken up the police department and ignited a debate focused on the issue of drug enforcement. After the arrests, the narcotics unit was officially disbanded by the city, although the recent encounter of a friend with plain clothes narcotics agents in an unmarked vehicle suggests that elements of the squad are still operating. Andrew Rosenzweig, former NYC narcotics cop and current assistant chief of police in Hartford, weighed in his two cents in an op-ed to the New Haven Register, suggesting the narcotics unit remain shut down. The piece has subsequently been removed from the Register’s website. Indeed, according to Police Chief Francisco Ortiz, in the six months or so since the unit was disbanded there has actually been a decrease in crime. This development makes sense given Rosenzweig analysis. According to the former cop, narcotics agents often drain public resources that could be used to investigate and arrest violent criminals by clogging up the courts and prisons with non-violent offenders. Rosenzweig wrote that agents, “find themselves on a slippery slope and can quickly slide into a ‘Prince of the City’ be effective, narcotics investigators often shave the corners of the Constitution, state laws, and their own departmental procedures.”

“Drugs cannot be forced out of existence; they will be with us for as long as people find in them the relief or satisfaction they desire...”
protect. Something must be done.

Personally, I’m fed up with it. The thought of Billy White and his cronies sitting around playing poker with stolen drug money while gangs and gun violence were on the rise is sickening. Every time I hear about another murder in New Haven I think about Billy White and the failures of our pathetic police force. And if the recent rise in community policing is any indication, the public is quickly losing confidence in those who are supposed to serve and

I think the solution starts with a deeper understanding of the state of drug law enforcement in this country and the failed policies of the ‘War on Drugs’. The United States has the highest per capita incarceration rates in the world and that figure is rising. Yet, while more and more people are locked up, statistics show violent crime is going down. This country must become aware of the fact that we’ve set up an unfair system that puts people in jail who struggle with addiction and are not necessarily criminals. All paid for by the American taxpayer. As Rosenzweig puts it, we need to start treating the drug problem in this country as a public health problem and not a criminal one. In 1986 the Anti-Drug Abuse Act enacted different mandatory federal penalties for possession of crack and for possession of cocaine. Via “there is a 5-year minimum prison penalty for a first-time trafficking offense involving 5 grams or more of crack cocaine or 500 grams or more of powder cocaine and a 10-year mandatory minimum penalty for a first-time trafficking offense involving 50 grams or more of crack cocaine or 5,000 grams or more of powder cocaine.” And thus in 2006, crack cocaine sentences were 43.5 percent longer than powder cocaine sentences. In the same year African-Americans accounted for 82 percent of crack cocaine-related arrests, while white and Hispanic offenders accounted for 72 percent of powder cocaine-related arrests. And in 2004 federal penitentiaries incarcerated people committed of manslaughter an average of 2.9 years, while those convicted of possession of crack cocaine averaged 10 years in the slammer. Despite the gross injustices of the ‘War on Drugs’ there is hope. Gabriel O. Sayegh of Drug Policy Alliance (link below) explained to me that, “Connecticut is actually one of the few states that had a disparity but has eliminated that disparity as a result of vigorous community pressure.” And that same victory also won $23 million for treatment of cocaine and crack addiction in the state. And on the federal level, the Drug Sentencing Reform and Cocaine Kingpin Trafficking Act of 2007, if passed will bring the penalties for possession of crack cocaine in line with those for cocaine in its powder form. And there is hope for the New Haven police force as well, although it’s going to take a change in attitude. In his op-ed piece to the Register Rosenzweig wrote any narcotics squad will inevitably become corrupt because a drug war that treats addiction as a criminal problem and not a health problem can not be won. In addition, Rosenzweig suggests that Ortiz should increase the strength of the firearms unit, establishing a strong gang unit, and continue to support state and federal narcotics task forces. We can all do our part as well. Everyone can be a whistle-blower. An anonymous email address is great way to pass on information to state police, who have done a good job exposing corruption in the New Haven force. We can also oppose the construction of new prisons and spread knowledge about unfair drug laws and the nature of addiction.

The fact is there will always be a small segment of the population that will be susceptible to drug addiction. Jimmy Carter said in 1977, “Drugs cannot be forced out of existence; they will be with us for as long as people find in them the relief or satisfaction they desire...we must understand why people seek the experience of drugs, and address ourselves to those reasons.” references Crack Users Do More Time Than People Convicted of Manslaughter Jessica Pupovac, 10/17/07 [] Narc Unit Returns. Why? Paul Bass, 10/9/07 [ archives/2007/10/narc_unit_retur.php] Restoring Disgraced Narcotics Unit Would Impair Police Fight Against Violence Andrew Rosenzweig, 9/16/07 (this article is down as of 11/15/07, but remains in Google’s cache, the search terms ‘Rosenzweig New Haven Register’ will bring it up) Crack vs. Powder Cocaine: a Gulf in Penalties 10/1/07 [ national/2007/10/1/crack-vs-powder-cocaine-a-gulf-in-penalties.html] Jimmy Carter: Drug Abuse Message to Congress 8/2/77 [http://www.presidency. print. php?pid=7908] resources http://www.


http://www. statebystate/ connecticut/ http://www. efficacy-online. org/ photo by nick jeanette

The Wheels on the Bus
by Cj
Yeah, the bus isn’t glamorous, but that’s part of the joy. On the bus, you get to see our New Haven community at its best – usually hard working people going somewhere: work, school, the Hill, a shelter, home, the methadone clinic, court, the store, daycare, etc. On the bus everyone is going somewhere to do something. The community is productive and purposeful. Plus, you get to see everyone who lives in New Haven, not just the few people who enjoy live music or frequent coffee shops. Ahh, community at its finest is never dull. It’s not easy to ride the bus, which is why I have so much respect for my co-riders. It’s cold or hot while you wait. Sometimes it smells on the bus. Buses break down and run late. No jumping in the car and rushing across town when you’re late. No stopping into Fuel for your morning coffee. No running back home because photo by simone gutkin you forgot something. The bus driver doesn’t care if you don’t have change for a $20. Regular ridership requires planning and time. Nobody feels sorry for you if you don’t plan well, and you could end up waiting forever for a bus if you don’t know the schedule. Therefore, the first step to making the bus actually work for you on a regular basis is to go to the bus kiosk on Chapel St. at Temple and pick up as many preprinted bus schedules as they’ll give you. Horde them. They’re free. Sometimes schedules are available on buses. Replace schedules annually because they change. If you have a computer and Adobe Acrobat, you can look at schedules online at Online there’s a nice, colorful, area-wide map with all of the routes on one map - not a map I’ve been able to get in print, even at the kiosk on Chapel St. You can print schedules from the website, but you’re better off with the preprinted schedules – they fit better in your pocket. The CT transit online trip planner is worthless so don’t bother. Again, horde the schedules and keep them in your backpack, at work, your other backpack, at home, at your friend’s house, in your coat pocket, in a plastic bag under a bush… everywhere. If you have a cell phone, program the CT transit number into it (203) 624-0151. If you forget or schedule, don’t have a computer handy, or need more information than the schedule can give you, call that number. Don’t rely on this number since operators are only available Monday – Saturday, 6:30a - 6:30p and Sunday/Holidays 7:00a - 6:00p. Be ready with the address of where you are and where you are going. Finally, relax and read the paper. Think about all of the gas money you’re saving. Think about how nice smelling and green the world will be in 20 years due to your efforts.

The Stupid Poop
by Bed Smith Blah blah poop dee poo Fill my butt with red hot glue Hide my foot in a stupid shoe Comb my hair with a rocking chair Stick my thumb in a mad cow's eye Belch a turd, fart a sigh Smash the beam of a firefly Scoop the poop Drop the plop Slop it up With a sloppy mop Pork and beef and moldy feet The boiled fruit is on the roof But everyone wants the poop The stupid poop
photos by Jeff Glagowski

photo by chris zollo

Humanoid @ Cafe 9 Thursday October 25th Tonight i made a point to stop by Cafe 9 in hopes of seeing Humanoid play. Humanoid is a noise driven band. Their music might be referred to as stoner rock, noise, or sludge. i would say their live performance definitely belittled their released material that i had previously aurally sampled. i would describe them as noise that penetrates your soul while changing your understanding of frequency, rhythm, and meter; thus leaving you a melted puddle of leftover evolutionary material where once stood a man. sea of bones opened for humanoid, whereas i half expected it to be the other way around; yet this made perfect sense for sea of bones is the sound that typically embodies this type of music. awesome wailing guitars, guttural hardcore-esc vocals, and noise that blows out your eardrums. somehow humanoid offered more minus the vocals. Warren plays bass although he is known as new havens most shredding guitar player, Steve has switched with Warren and is playing guitar along with dave and miller provides the drums which drive this viking funeral pyre of a band. their music is instrumental noise at its heaviest yet through all the noise you can still hear structure and the many fast changes are not lost either. there were a couple parts where i was thinking they could not play any faster and then i wondered how the speed increases would resolve without the instruments simply crashing and cutting out altogether, yet i was pleasantly surprised by the resolve when they would go from heavy and fast to moderate and mellow. i would have to recommend that you check out a humanoid show next time you have the chance. i have seen a few of the band members other projects yet this differs very greatly from all the other acts these musicians are elements of. humanoid walks a fine line between chaos and structure by offering a group of musicians who pump their soul drilling madness straight to your very core whilst somehow still holding to meter and form.

photo by chris zollo

photo by chris zollo

We need Operation: C.A.R.R.O.T. now! By *Z*a*r*k* Are you a vegetarian or a vegan that dreads eating out somewhere you aren’t familiar with? Have you skipped out on trying a restaurant because you don’t know for sure if the food you’ll order will meet your dietary needs? If you are a vegan, you know that there can be lard in the beans, chicken stock in the rice, fish powder in the curry, butter or milk in the potatoes... I often ask specific questions to busy waitstaff at my new eating destinations, but I don’t always trust the responses I receive! Sometimes when I ask, I get a blank stare, a pause and then a angry and brief walk into the kitchen. Sometimes there is a language barrier between me and the answers to my food questions, and other times it is lack of understanding, carelessness or laziness are excuses for why I am not satisfied with my dining answers. (In New Haven, the menu at Indochine Pavillion, has a dish with fish sauce in the vegetarian section of the menu!) Every place seems to have its own standard for what is what, but I believe there should only be one standard! I am a vegetarian with a big idea called Operation: C.A.R.R.O.T.! Short for “the Connecticut Association of Restaurants Reaching Other Teeth” CARROT can change the way we eat! What I mean is, I have this dream to standardize vegan/vegetarian cooking for restaurants in the area. What we will do is set a high standard with restaurants and make sure that they are cooking according to vegan/vegetarian/macrobiotic/Halal/Kosher/ital/etc food preparation and then reward them for it! If they meet the standards they join the club! I would also include a place for Connecticut grown or made foods as well! Each participating restaurant is outfitted with its own special standard-size Orange C.A.R.R.O.T. MENU detailing what on their original menu is vegan/vegetarian/macrobiotic/Halal/ Kosher/Ital/etc! As a member restaurant you are also added to an e-list of restaurants that also meet these requirements, with your qualifying menu selections included. Each establishment would pay for their own individualized menus in exchange for the free e-advertising. Only qualifying meals would be on the menu. Lets say for example there is a Diner that cooks french fries in animal fat but that also has a great vegetarian salad. The salad would be on the CARROT Menu but not the french fries. See how it works? The ultimate mission of CARROT is to make a broader list of vegetarian destinations, including Pizza places, Indian restaurants and Chinese takeouts next to specialty-restaurants like Claire’s and Edge of the Woods that have been on these type of lists for years already! Indian food places always have vegan food selections from what I understand, but they’re never on these lists nor are all their menus clear as to what is vegan. CARROT will clear up a lot of confusion with a personalized menu! Pizza places are assumed OK, but I hear there are some popular pizza places in New Haven that may or may not use lard in their pizza crust. It is also my mission to get places that are teetering on vegetarian options to push all the way into our favour. Maybe a Diner will use healthier frying oils if they have a chance of gaining a few new customers! Actually this is where I hope to succeed the most! Some restaurants have a good selection of vegetarian options but don’t prepare them right. Some places have no vegan options on the menu and should be shamed into adding something! We can give owners and chefs of restaurants that don’t have vegan/etc selections some idea to add something to the CARROT Menu that they already have the ingredients for and are willing to prepare correctly. When I walk into any CARROT affiliated eating establishment I will be sure that the food will be to my standards if I order from the beautiful trusty CARROT Menu.

The great thing is the beneficiaries are many! Besides benefiting restaurant owners and hand-full of vegetarians and vegans, Connecticut farmers can benefit tremendously! If we all prove that we exist to each-other then we can all get what we want! CARROT will be a better option to vegans and vegetarians that sit on the fence of never dining out but it can also be a lot more! Being a part of CARROT can and will be a privilege for these Restaurateurs and all of us. If we work together we can have many new places and entrees to eat. If people start to request these changes they will come. The success of CARROT will be when restaurants open their ears to the sound of the hungry vegan or Ital stomachs! I’ll know CARROT is working when I can order Thai food and know for sure there is no prawn-powder in my vegetarian selection, or that the fries are vegan because it says so on the CARROT Menu. When vegetable soups no longer have beef stock we will have won! We will all eat! Here’s the problem. I have a lot a work ahead and no army to help! I want to start in New Haven for obvious reasons! Get at me! zaRK of UCER (I’m in Google) -------------------------------(stuff I found) 1 (Has a site for New Haven Restaurants and has 10 entries so far.) 2 Southern Connecticut Vegetarian Society - New Haven, CT. Vegan potlucks every 2 months at Edge of the Woods, 379 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT. The phone number at Edge is: 203-7871055. All participants should bring a vegan meal that serves 5 to 6 servings. Also, participants are encouraged to bring their own cups. Other than that, there is no “fee” to attend.

Savory Winter Kale

-Vegan Recipe courtesy of Farah-

Ingredients: - large bunch of kale : leaves separated from stalk and rinsed - sm-med red onion - olive oil - 1/2 - 1 cup of vegetable stock - braggs liquid aminos What To Do: 1) Slice or dice the onion to your desired texture 2) Saute onions over medium heat for 3-4 minutes 3) Add Kale and turn heat to medium low 4) slowly add Vegetable stock to soften and cook the kale **note do not use all of the stock at once, you don’t want the photo by jeff mix to be soupy, as the liquid cooks off add a little more 5) Simmer the onions and kale for 5 - 10 minutes until the kale is a vibrant dark and shiny green. The leaves will have slightly shrunk. 6) Spray 3-4 times with bragg’s liquid aminos and let cook for about 1 more minute Serve over cous cous, rice or on its own!

Show Lineup courtesy of: check and for more complete listings Also Dont forget to check out whats happening at the Peoples center Nov 22 2007 9:00P BILL COLLINS and GARY MacCONNIE @ Rudy’s New Haven, Connecticut Nov 23 2007 10:00P KALTE STERNE, more TBA @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut Nov 24 2007 7:00P AUTUMN IN AN AMBULANCE, NEW BRILLIANT, LIVES OR LEVELS, SOME CALL ME THE POET @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut 8:00P LORD FOWL, NASTY DISASTER, MEGAHERTZ, HEAD WRENCH @ Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut 10:00P BROKEN, MIDNIGHT CREEPS, DEAD CITY @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut 10:00P FOURTH CORPSE, SASQUATCH AND THE SICK-A-BILLYS @ Rudy’s New Haven, Connecticut Nov 25 2007 7:00P CHELSEA GENZANO, MELISSA MULLIGAN, THE LOW ANTHEM, JEREMY HOPKINS @ The Space Hamden,Connecticut Nov 26 2007 6:00P Manic Productions presents THE TYLER TRUDEAU ATTEMPT, MARITIME @ Wallingford Amer. Leg. Wallingford, Connecticut Nov 27 2007 7:00P STEVE RODGERS @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut 7:00P BLACKLIGHT CONSPIRACY, TAKE OCTOBER, ADDISON, BUILT IN MOTION, CARNIVAL DOGS @ Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut 9:00P Local Takeover presents MERCY CHOIR, THE PRESIDENTIAL TARGETS, THE WEST ROCKERS @ Daniel St. Milford, Connecticut Nov 28 2007 7:00P TYLER TRUDEAU (solo), HAMMEL ON TRIAL, more TBA @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut 10:00P OLD MAN LADY LUCK, AMNESTY UNDERGROUND @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut 8:30P LIVINTRUST, CRAVING LUCY, TORUS @ Daniel St. Milford, Connecticut Nov 29 2007 9:00P FRANK CRITELLI, CHRIS BOUSQUET, RAY NEAL, LYS GUILLORN @ Neverending Books New Haven, Connecticut 10:00P BITCH, more TBA @ Rudy’s New Haven, Connecticut 10:00P THE DANGLERS, THE WOGGLES @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut Nov 30 2007 6:00P Restless Minds presents HOSTAGE CALM, MAKE DO AND MEND, JETTISON, more TBA @ Wallingford Amer. Leg Wallingford, Connecticut

Nov 30 2007(cont.) 7:00P RAY NEAL, EUGENE, OPEL @ Books & Co. Hamden, Connecticut 7:00P THE CONSTANT, DEAD LEGEND, VINING HILL, BLAMESHIFT, THE HARDEST FALL @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut 8:00P SARAH GUILD @ Borders Books & Music Meriden, Connecticut 9:00P COVIN, THE NERDS, FUNNEL @ Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut 10:00P LORD FOWL, DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, SAVING ECHO @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut Dec 1 2007 7:00P DOUBLETHINK, OHMYGODIMONFIRE, FIRST AVE., BEN721, IONIA @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut 8:00P Sweetheart of the Rodeo Tribute w/MERCY MEADOWS, CHRIS BOUSQUET, FRANK CRITELLI @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut 10:00P MYTY KONKEROR, HUMANOID @ Rudy’s New Haven, Connecticut Dec 2 2007 7:00P GLENN ROTH, DAN LAVOIE, CRAIG D’ANDREA @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut Dec 5 2007 9:00P THE BLACK NOISE SCAM, MURDER JUNKIES @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut Dec 6 2007 9:00P FEAR THE STATE, BUSHWHACK, STRANGE TRIBE @ Daniel St. Milford, Connecticut Dec 7 2007 10:00P THE WAGON RIDERS @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut Dec 8 2007 7:00PM SARAH GUILD @ Starbuck’s Coffee New Haven, Connecticut 7:00P THE ANTI-DENTITES, AFRICA, THE BEST OF THE WORST, MARX REVOLUTION @ The Space Hamden, Connecticut Dec 9 2007 7:00P UNDER A FALLING SKY, STARVATION, CITY STREETS COUNTRY ROADS, PUSHBOXX @ Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut Dec 12 2007 7:00P HOT ROD CIRCUIT (*FINAL SHOW*), DIAMOND J AND THE ROUGH, MOROS EROS @ Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut Dec 14 2007 10:00P MURDER VAN, HUMANOID, BLOARZEYD @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut Dec 15 2007 10:00P NO IMAGE, more TBA @ Cafe 9 New Haven, Connecticut

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Fuel Interview
ReNew: What inspired you to open up a coffee shop over any other business? Courtney: It had a lot to do with the space becoming available at the right time for me. I felt that our neighborhood would benefit from a coffee shop, because I always complained about not having one! And now we have a great place to actually meet our neighbors! ReNew: You grew up in New Haven with the shops like the Daily, and I assume you baristaed around town as well, how do you think coffee shops have changed around here based on your experiences as a local coffee enthusiast? Courtney: I actually had no barista experience prior to opening fuel. As an enthusiast I feel like we are seeing more focus on quality espresso and more ethically responsible coffee. ReNew: Organic and Fair Trade would seem more expensive material wise, is it? Courtney: Absolutely! It is more expensive, but its important enough that I think its worth it. And our customers feel strongly about it too, so that makes them want to support us. ReNew: Having a vegetarian/vegan menu seems demanding and possibly deterrent towards certain customers, does it present problems? Courtney: Surprisingly..... Not really. Being vegetarian and vegan friendly attracts more customers than it excludes. ReNew: You always have had an interesting crew of employees that seems like a family; is this accidental or part of a broader vision? Courtney: Definitely Part of my vision. When we first opened my staff was like my family, and that feeling has continued. I think when people feel respected and valued, they become emotionally invested in the success of the business. ReNew: You have monthly art shows. Is that another passion of yours, or just to add to the décor?

Courtney: Both. I love art and want to support the local art scene as much as I can. I see it as a mutually beneficial arrangement. ReNew: The Atmosphere has a bit of a nostalgic air of a place locals would hang out at before Coffee shops became more franchised and scenes became commercialized. Was this intentional or did it just happen? Courtney: I think it evolved naturally. Many of us grew up hanging out at places like the Daily Cafe and the Tune Inn. We weren’t interested in corporate coffee shops or commercialized scenes. From that background , I grew up creating something meaningful and independent. Renew: Is there anything you would like to add or elaborate on? Courtney: I would encourage people to make their community into what they would like it to be. There are always people to say it can’t be done, but the fear of failure shouldn’t be enough to stop us from trying.

This Month at Fuel the Photos of Nick Jeanette
closing reception November 30th silent auction already in progress all proceeds benefit the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary

If you are interested in an art show please contact Laurie at

Top Beauty Products NOT Tested on Critters
By Rose Martin Top face wash: St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub (comes in a couple varieties for different skin types) They also make a kick-ass mineral clay mask as well as body washes. Top shampoo and conditioner: FREEMAN. Smells all tropical. Mmmmmm. They also make "product" for stylin'. A close second are the Organix shampoos and conditioners. Top deodorant: Tom's of Maine. Some formulas are made with hops! I like the apricot scented one. I also really love their toothpaste.

Photo by nick jeanette Top lip balm/chapstick: Burt's Bees (duh) Everything they make smells awesome and is super good quality. I love the coconut foot creme too. Top face moisturizer: Kiss My Face Peaches and Creme for face and body. This stuff is great because you can use one lotion for your face and everywhere else. It's light and absorbs quickly plus it actually helps clean pores. Most of these products are easily found in stores or look for them on-line. You don't have to sacrifice quality for your convictions and vice-versa. BUY CRUELTY-FREE!!!

courtesy of Rose Martin 1 cup unsweetened applesauce 1/2 cup sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract 3/4 cup flour 1/3 cup cocoa powder 2 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 cup semisweet vegan chocolate chips 1/3 cup walnuts (optional) 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly spray/grease 8x8 baking pan. (Note: For big rectangular pans double the ingredients. Also, cooking spray usually sucks for baking and makes it all greasy. Earth Balance margarine is better.)

illustration by zoe

2. Mix applesauce, sugar, and vanilla in a medium bowl. In a large bowl, whisk flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together. 3. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add applesauce mixture. Mix until just combined. Fold in chocolate chips and walnuts. 4. Spread in pan and bake 25-30 minutes until center is firm, not sticky. Cool completely before slicing. Sometimes I use a little bit less sugar and add about 1/4-1/2 cup of peanut butter. This makes them more chewy and even better but if you're not sure how much you should use just stick to the recipe, cause generally baking recipes get real fucked if you change them a lot.

Circus Delecti
New Haven's Only Circus Sideshow Performing Outside the Box for Five Years

For booking and a rundown of upcoming shows E-mail us at: Visit us at http:���circusdelecti