Then. you must provide at least 2 citations from computer or ecommerce related journals found in the University physical or online library. Napster turned out to be a one of the majority well-liked websites on the internet. has launched on June 1. the costs for these sites and reasoning why you chose the sites. (equivalent of 1000 words) Overview Napster is an idea of Shawn fanning. Evaluate which advertising techniques have been successful or not and explain the reasons why. discuss specific proposed online advertising changes you would implement to grow the customer base. for example. 1999 as a peer-to-peer online music downloading system intended for college students. Note that these must be specific. As a Vice-President of Advertising for Napster in this report I will present some of main areas and aspects of online advertisement and promotions for the Napster business those can take this business to new heights. if you say ‘use more banner ads’ – you must identify some sites to include.Question No 2 Assume you are a Vice-President of Advertising for Napster. Since the start of this business. To emphasise your research. In this scenario Napster is far behind its market competitors. the main reasons are Napster legal problems and then a new start of business. Market Conditions . there are lots of problem from the RIAA as well as music industry players. maintaining some 15 million online clients in little more than a year. Then this business was closed and then reopened with new business strategy.

Now we have web based links those are offering us free as well property music with problem of transportation and complex process of selling. reproduce as well as retail to customers. We require casting our business in a positive light as well as planting our business's name in the intellects of potential customers. Napster Advertising In case of Napster Business Advertising we are having lot of aspects and areas to consider. Advertising products as well as services has altered extensively over the decades. However the use of web based systems and technology made this overall medium more relaxed. The web based profitable music industry is in its pre-mature era and incorporating new enhancements and improvements for the possible business improvement and enhancement. We have to divert them a bit as well as offer a hint of the type of experience the client will have. 2000). however a number of things turn out to be the similar. music had the entire the qualities of a service. In fact. however modern technology has facilitated the change of music into a product: an album that is put up for sale in tape. The business all trough the world and incorporating new promotional polices and techniques (Kuosmanen & Viitanen. Formerly the songs have been on paper. compact disc as well as vinyl formats. executed as well as produced the albums are comparatively cheap to transport. The biggest key to success in any business is its promotional policy and advertisement. From Internet to . Receiving the word out regarding our business is significant if we're going to have some success. The outcome of advertising on consumers’ hope on the artistic quality of recordings is a mainly attractive matter.Well-liked music has today turned out to be a billion-dollar global leisure business.

Here are the some of main advertisement techniques those will be used by the Napster Business in future: E-zines The main and most popular technique is E-Zines that about the sending some information to your customer regarding your new offers. Like in case of Napster Business we can present our customer some special package regarding purchase of any music package or and free music offers(pandecta. Special Offers This is also a way of attracting customers. 2010). These techniques will be specified to better suit the Napster Business and its overall promotional areas.newspapers. here are a number of means to advertise our business (Pendleton. from viral campaigns to skywriting. 2010). Advertising Techniques In this section I will present some of main and most popular web advertising techniques. This is a free and more effective business promotional technique for the Napster Business(pandecta. 2010). It is based on web news letter those are delivered to customers for the better business attachment. Free Services . In scenario of such advertisement we will present over customers some special offers regarding new products or services. promotions or discounts.

In this scenario offering some free tracks can give the overall quality feel of business. 2010). Email We are able to track our email responses to specific adverstiment through by means of the email subject. For Napster Business we will choose a specific word to be placed inside the email subject intended for each ad. Here we can send our business customer special . In this way the business will be able to get more customer response and attraction. In this scenario Napster Business need to bring the customer to its site and offering some high quality experience for the music. a lot of times it would not be supplied. In case of Napster Business we can offer articles about business new plans. 2010). Here we can also use some wiki or discussion forms or blogs for our business promotions. In this scenario we can place our business and promotional article of different business and promotional websites. Though we can ask for that a certain word be placed inside the email subject. In this way the customer attracts and pays for the proper membership of the business(pandecta.The main aim of any promotional technique implementation is to attract customers. Articles Spreading information about the business is also a main technique for the business promotion. we are able to create a particular email link that will automatically plug in the subject when clicked-on. To keep away from this problem. new music arrivals or special offers (pandecta.

email. 2010). However this is not so much expensive business promotional medium (web. In this scenario this way of business promotion is used for the better customer targeting and ads placement. Tweeter. In this scenario we will pay to those business websites for the promotion and business advertisement. 2010). 2010). This will pull customer to our business website. Social Networks Today social networks are one of main way and technique for the business promotion. For Napster Business we will create some forum or social group on some social network like Facebook. or content to some mail business like yahoo to send business emails to clients (web. etc (onlinemarketingbase. . Sponsor Ads One more big method to promote our products as well as services is to run our business ads in other promotional website.

Question No 4 Napster does business globally. Unless we specially deny otherwise. Therefore. taxation laws. These legal issues and risks take a lot of forms: like we are having lot of legal issues nowadays regarding online business those can be: trademark violation. liability. copyright violation. Analyse two of the main legal challenges you see affecting Napster and how is Napster facing these challenges? (for example: illegal downloading. but international ecommerce laws can pose challenges. violate of confidentiality. slander and libel. Of those businesses that do post lawful notices. we are unreservedly supporting other websites when we connect to them. To emphasise your research. 2004). . This report I will present some of main business and ecommerce legal challenges that Napster business can face. copyright ownership. Overview Doing business and working in the virtual world involves the similar. or worse – user of one of the websites that we link to could take legal action for “recommending” them (Spencer. a displeased –ripped off. a lot of such documents are dreadfully incomplete. An astonishing amount of businesses do not post a Terms & Conditions of Use agreement on their business website. or possibly bigger – legal risks like operating in the real world. data protection. The intention of this assessment is to save the Napster business from possible legal problems and business issues. That problem could turn out to be a costly one. you must provide at least 2 citations from computer or ecommerce related journals found in the University physical or online library. privacy laws such as SOX in the US. etc). etc.

In case of . Illegal Downloading Business of Napster Business is about the online music downloading. engineers. copyright law as well as business organization. musicians. The United States Code defends copyright owners as of the illegal adaptation.Music Business Legal Challenges Music-related business and careers are influenced through legal matters on a normal foundation: from recording. Illegal Download is one of main problem that is widely making problems for music business and also for artists and music companies. reproduction or distribution of sound recordings. it is measured legal intended for us to buy a music CD as well as record (rip) it to MP3 files intended for our own utilize simply. record download as well as online music publishing agreements to name protection. in addition to some digital performances to the public. artists. artist contracts. as well as presents a focused glance at the significant legal transforms that have developed as a effect of the transfer in the music business landscape. so I have decided to discuss this one of main and hot legal issue today. and producers meet when structuring their careers. 2010). In extra wide-ranging terms. In this scenario United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a great deal more severe as well as deems copying of copyrighted music (by means of the omission of making a copy intended for our own utilize) as illegal. “Illegal Download”. The line takes a real-world technique to explanation the legal issues that an individual operating in the music business appears today (Gorder & Masur. Legal features of the Music Business observes the entire the legal issues like site owner.

uploading these music files by means of peer-to-peer networks would comprise a breach of the law (Beal. 2010). the punishment intended for violations the copyright law be different somewhat relying on whether the infringing is intended for profitable or private economic gain. In this scenario the Canadian Conservative government tabled an alteration to the online music Copyright Bill (C-61) in 2008. Individuals as well can be held civilly accountable. 2010).000 for each violated copyright (Beal. however (Beal. Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA. If we think being trapped infringing on these copyright laws will effect in a little fine otherwise "slap on the wrist". From the analysis of all above stated laws and legal actions we can assess that the application of some strict and tight security for the Napster Business is really necessary.000 in fines. intended for actual harm or lost earnings.000 for each case intended for music downloads. In case of any security hack someone can damage the business records and involve the business into some legal activities and issues. or intended for legal damages up to $150. along with other transforms. The government who tabled the bill was beaten previous to the bill turned out to be legislation. This online music Copyright Bill would have made circumventing the entire digital locks unlawful. 2010). In the United States the online breach of copyrighted music is able to be punished through up to 3 years in prison as well as $250. . in spite of of whether the action is intended for profit. as well as would observe constitutional damage award of $500 up to up to $20. Repeat criminals are able to be imprisoned up to 6 years.

S. 2010. (2010). Retrieved 12 20. D. from http://www.Privacy Issues The business of Napster is based on the online customer data and recording some personal information about the customer. (2010). from http://www. Retrieved 12 18. This section will assess and analyze this one of main issues regarding the online privacy and security for the Napster business. pandecta. from http://www. When Is Downloading Music on the Internet Illegal? Retrieved 12 18. from http://www. T. Modern Online Advertising Techniques Bring Life To Your Business.pandecta. This can involve taking some technology actions and also implementation some privacy policy to business website. 2010. Gorder.html . (2010).pdf 4. V. 2010. Kuosmanen. This becomes more complex when business is having online payment system though credit card. & Viitanen. Retrieved 11 18. from http://onlinemarketingbase.com/DidYouKnow/Internet/2004/music_downloading. Beal. (2010).webopedia. In this scenario we need to be more conscious for the protection of the user data on the business website and also for the possible breaches to business databases and customer records. (2000).berkleemusic. 2010.com/modern-online-advertising-techniques-bring-lifeto-your-business 5. & Masur.. Here the overall case becomes high problematic when customer information is used in a wrong way or hacked by some person. J.com/sell. onlinemarketingbase. ADVERTISING AS A SIGNAL OF QUALITY IN THE POPULAR MUSIC INDUSTRY: A GAME THEORETICAL APPROACH. Retrieved 12 19.com/school/course?course%5fitem %5fid=1310779&usca%5fp=t&offer%5fcode=2285 3. References 1. Legal Aspects of the Music Industry. Free Internet Advertising .nomepre. 2010.asp 2.net/timokuosmanen/papers/artisti..

6. web. (2004).net/internet_advertising. Web Site Legal Issues: Navigating the Landmines. Retrieved 12 18. from http://www.com/legal-risks-of-doing-businessonline/ 8. S. Pendleton. Retrieved 12 20. Online Advertising / Web Advertising / Business Advertising . 2010. from http://www. (2010). Different Ways of Advertising a Business. 2010.netconcepts. E.html#ixzz18jVvCftZ 7. Retrieved 12 17.htm . from http://www.web-source. (2010). 2010.ehow. Spencer.com/way_5232214_different-ways-advertisingbusiness.

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