Climate change

The person, the animal & the environment

Lecture 10 Monday March 14 2011 PEACE ST 2B03 / LABR ST 2W03 / WOMEN’S ST 2A03: Human Rights and Social Justice Dr Colin Salter, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University


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Anthropocentrism? The environment as a social justice issue Neoliberalism & economic globalisation


Security for person can be threatened by a number of environmental factors.
John Barry and Kerri Woods (2009)


if we can be said to have a right to security, then it follows that we have a right to certain environmental goods that are crucial to our security.
John Barry and Kerri Woods (2009)


Just think of this: your island is below the estimated tsunami height. Where do you go? You don't. That's what horror is.
Simon Atkinson (@s_atkinson) , Twitter, 13 March 2011


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Polynesian Island Nation Low lying Disproportionately impacted by climate change



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Vested interests in climate change denial? Social justice implications What about all species and ecosystems?


For Wednesday
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The environment is a social justice issue. Discuss What about other species and ecosystems?


For Thursday
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What can be done to remove, or reduce, vested interests in doing nothing? How can we counter those promoting climate change denial.


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