"I am going to buy a new pair of boots", my sister said.

2. "My wife is wearing a red dress and a big hat", the man told the receptionist. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. "The driver tried to stop the car", the witness told the policeman. "I enjoyed the opera very much", I answered. "It is a beautiful model", the assistant said. "Peter never comes to my birthday party", my son said. "We have been here for half an hour", my wife told the salesman. "You will be a good wife to some lucky man", my mother told me. "I can't believe you!", I said. "He is going to open the front door", I said.

11. "The parcel contains a birthday gift", I answered. 12. "I spent two hours a day talking to you", my friend told me. 13. "There isn't enough money in my wallet", my father said. 14. "We have lost our way", I said. 15. "I have made a terrible mistake", the secretary said. 16. "I suppose she is at the supermarket", my mother told my friend Anne. 17. "The ship will sail at midnight", the capitan said. 18. "The policeman is writing in a notebook", I answered. 19. "That is a good idea!", Brian said. 20. "We prefer to stay at home", my wife and my daughter said.

My wife told the salesman that we had been there for half an hour. 2. 8. My friend told me that he had spent two hours a day talking to me. 7. . 12. 17. car. 18. I said that I coul not believe him. The man told the receptionist that his wife was wearing a red dress and a big hat. 5. 20. The secretary said that she had made a terrible mistake. I answered that the policeman was writing in a notebook. 3. 9. 16. 15. 13. The capitan said that the ship would sailed at midnight. The assistant said that it was a beautiful model.1. My wife and my daughter said that they prefered to stay at home. The witness told the policeman that the driver had tried to stop the I answered that I had enjoyed the opera very much. My son said that Peter never came to his birthday party. 19. 14. My sister said that she was going to buy a new pair of boots. I said that he was going to open the front door. 6. My mother told me that I would be a good wife to some lucky man. 4. I answered that the parcel contained a birthday gift. Brian said that it was a good idea. 11. My father said that there was not enough money in his wallet. I said that we had lost our way. My mother told my friend Anne that she supposed she was a t the supermarket. 10.

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