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Live pianist for many classes • Scholarships available
The Resident Dance Company of the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts Artistic Director Danny Furlong

426 F Street • Downtown Eureka • 707.442.7779 • www.northcoastdance.org

2 / The Palette


isit the Wildplatter CafÈ VVisit the Wildplatter CafÈ!
Visit the Wildplatter CafÈ!

piece designed by Bonnie Stephens Master Jeweler / Co-owner

The Candy Store for Grownups (707) 442-1232 • 411 First Street Old Town Eureka • California 95501 Mon-Fri 10am-5:30pm • Sat 10am-5pm www.graystonejewelers.com

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2011 • Volume 25 • Number 1

table of contentS
feature articleS
Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden ..........7 The Eureka Symphony.................................11 Humboldt Botanical Gardens ...................17 Linda Wise, Art of Reuse ...................... 22-23 Los Bagels.........................................................24 Humboldt Brews ............................................29 Andy Westfall, Humboldt Heartland ........37
Jack Sewell and his sculpture Pas de Deux. See his and other artists’ profiles on pages 49-53.

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Cover Art
Fisherman Memorial on Woodley Island photo by Denise Comiskey
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Humboldt Arts Council ...........................................................................................6-7 Morris Graves Museum of Art ...................................................................44-47 The Benefits of Being Involved .......................................................................47 Eureka ......................................................................................................................... 8-26 Mural and Sculpture Map ....................................................................................8 Arts Organizations .........................................................................................12-16 North Coast Open Studios................................................................................13 First Saturday Night Arts Alive! .................................................................18-21 Local Farmers’ Markets .......................................................................................26 Arcata........................................................................................................................27-31 Art Associations ..............................................................................................28-30 Arts! Arcata .............................................................................................................31 Hwy 299 & Hwy 96...............................................................................................32-33
Blue Lake, Willow Creek, Hoopa

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Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F Street • Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-0278 • fax 707-442-2040 www.humboldtarts.org

Janice Hand Art Educator Kacie Flynn Museum Assistant/ Facility Coordinator Pat Carter Archivist The Humboldt Arts Council staff wishes to thank the board of directors, docents and all volunteers who make our programs possible. We couldn’t do it without you! Jemima Harr Executive Director-Curator Rebecca Cacciari Programs Manager Amanda Hofstra Assistant Curator

Sally Arnot, President/CEO Jim Lowry, Vice President Gale Williams, Secretary • David K. Monroe, Treasurer Julie Alderson, Karen Angel, Julia Bednar, Sally Biggin, Lora Canzoneri, Larry Eitzen, Ahn Fielding, Eric Furman, Peggy Irvine, Frances Kuta, Noelle Marak Sheila Marks, Betty Osborne, Lucy Quinby

Dell’Arte ...................................................................................................................33 Northern Humboldt County ............................................................................34-35
McKinleyville, Westhaven, Trinidad

Eel River Valley.......................................................................................................36-37
Scotia, Rio Dell, Fortuna, Ferndale, Loleta

Avenue of the Giants ..........................................................................................38-39
Garberville, Redway, Myers Flat

James M. Anderson, Glenn Berry, Rena Christensen Martha Clague, John Dalby, Nancy Flemming Gregg Gardiner, Cheri Geiser, JoAnn Hanson Beverly Harper, Dan Harper, Bill McClendon Sanderson Morgan, Cathy Ray Pierson Leslie Kenneth Price, Peggy Schmidbauer, Don Smullin Lane Strope, Karen Sullivan

Wines & Wineries ..................................................................................................40-41 Fairs & Festivals .....................................................................................................42-43 Indigenous Heritage & Culture .............................................................................48 Humboldt County Museums .................................................................................48 Profiles of Humboldt County’s Artists & Artisans .....................................49-53

Welcome to the 18th Annual Palette Magazine!
For the past 18 years The Palette magazine has been the leading guide to art and cultural resources in Humboldt County. With more artists per capita than any other county in the state, Humboldt County boasts an abundance of museums, galleries, dance companies, writers, poets, film makers, theatre groups, musicians and cultural events. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the many opportunities to take part in the arts, and this edition of The Palette highlights them all. Save this guide as your arts and culture reference for the whole year and support the wonderful sponsors and artists contained within. For additional copies contact 101 Things To Do at (707) 443-1234. Enjoy all that the arts have to offer!

Floyd Bettiga, Muriel Dinsmore, Robert Yarber

Dr. Homer Balabanis 2011 Morris Graves Museum of Art Hours: Thursday-Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. The Humboldt Arts Council appreciates the generous support of all the local businesses that have chosen to advertise in the 2011 Palette magazine in support of the arts in our community. 4 / The Palette

The Palette / 5

The humboldT ArTs CounCil Celebrating art in Humboldt County for 45 years!


he Humboldt Arts Council has reached a milestone this year— 45 years as Humboldt County’s largest multidisciplinary arts organization! Planned is a full year of celebrations including honoring past Board Members, Volunteers, and Artists who have supported the efforts of the HAC in bringing the arts fully into community life. As part of this year-long celebration, the Humboldt Arts Council has compiled 45 years of archival materials featuring ephemera from exhibitions, events and programs that have made the arts a vital part of Humboldt County over the past four and a half decades. Interested in exploring our history? View the archives by appointment by calling (707) 442-0278. Each quarter in 2011 the Humboldt Arts Council will be raffling off wonderful works of art by local artists. Purchase tickets for $10 each and throw your hat in the ring to add to your collection! Tickets are available for purchase at the Morris Graves Museum of Art and all proceeds from the raffle go to benefit the many programs of the Humboldt Arts Council, including the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Each Quarterly Raffle will be held during First Saturday Night Arts Alive! in April, July, October and December. Join us throughout the year for exciting exhibitions featuring well-known local artists as well as exhibitions from across the county, and at Third Sunday Jazz Jams at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Be a part of the arts this year and celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Humboldt Arts Council!

Morris Graves Museum, painting by Jim McVicker

As the central arts agency in Humboldt County and the designated State/Local Partner of the California Arts Council, the Humboldt Arts Council has the privilege of providing leadership, programs and services to enhance the presence and vitality of the arts in all our lives.

2011 events at tHe morris graves museum of art
February March April May June July August September October November December
First Saturday Night Arts Alive! with Kick-Off of the Humboldt Arts Council 45th Anniversary Celebration Appraisal Faire, Collector’s Sale Art History Lecture Series & Quarterly Raffle Celebration of the Arts Romano Gabriel Exhibition Art History Lecture Series, Quarterly Raffle Eureka Chamber of Commerce Mixer at the Morris Graves Museum of Art Collectors Auction Art History Lecture Series, Quarterly Raffle Holiday Sale Holiday Sale, Season of Giving & Quarterly Raffle
photo by Kathy Blanchard

Visit www.humboldtarts.org for more information 6 / The Palette

One of the original pieces of public art to be placed in the City of Eureka is The Fisherman, a sculpture on Woodley Island at Humboldt Bay. This Fisherman’s Memorial was created by renowned artist Dick Crane, and sponsored through community donations by the Commercial Fishermen’s Wives of Humboldt. It was dedicated in 1981. Part of Humboldt Arts Council’s permanent collection, they are the caretakers of the statue. Its location and size make it easily seen from the Waterfront Boardwalk in Old Town Eureka. The sculpture commemorates the mariners who have lost their lives at sea, honoring those “whom the sea sustained...and those it claimed.”

The Folk Art of Romano Gabriel
by Athena Koumis

The Wooden Sculpture Garden of Romano Gabriel is located at 315 Second St. in Old Town Eureka. Usually you can view this work of art through glass doors, but when the doors are open, a couple times a year during First Saturday Night Arts Alive!, you can truly appreciate the intricate workmanship Gabriel put into each and every piece. photos by Denise Comiskey


t is said that Italian immigrant and folk artist Romano Gabriel once expressed Eureka, California, was “a bad place for flowers.” As a carpenter and gardener with strong connections to his homeland, culture and various social and political issues, Gabriel viewed the front lawn of his home on Pine St. in Eureka with a distinct and unique vision. He saw this traditionally designated space for pleasantries such as flowers as an environment not only serving as a greeting area for the eyes, but also as a space to display art objects exposing the inner workings of his imaginative and personal world. Gabriel found that forgoing a typical social life and living a largely introverted lifestyle as beneficial to his craft, providing him with solitude and concentration for his art making. The resulting three decades of devotion to his creative vision led to a fantastic collection of hundreds of wooden human and animal figures within a highly complex and ornate sculptural environment, now known as the Sculpture Garden of Romano Gabriel. Gabriel’s beginnings in the United States date back to 1913 when the artist left his homeland of Mura, Italy, at the age of 26 and headed to America in search of a new life and opportunities. After serving in World War II, Gabriel settled in Eureka on Pine St. in a home which he had built himself. He lived what neighbors and community members characterized as a largely introverted life, working as

a carpenter and gardener, but keeping mostly to himself. At the age of 50, Gabriel felt compelled to create sculptural forms out of wooden vegetable crates to fill the void not only on his lawn, but also in himself. This void resulted from his increasing dissatisfaction in living what most would call an “ordinary” or “normal” life as prescribed by American social scripts and ideals. Gabriel harnessed his knowledge of hand tools from furniture and house construction with his creative energy to fill his 30 foot by 60 foot front lawn with a multitude of brightly painted sculptural figures and forms made from wooden crate materials. Gabriel’s work is distinguishable both by its quantity and quality, not to mention his persistent dedication to his craft. At the age of 80, the artist put the final touches to his work, and by this time the sculptural garden had become a tourist attraction, garnering national and international attention. In 1967, the artist passed away and the California Arts Council immediately designated the sculptural garden as an important piece of folk art. The Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden in its current preserved state at 315 Second St. in Old Town Eureka is made possible through the efforts of the Vellutini Family, individual donations, the Eureka Heritage Society, the City of Eureka, and by a grant from the Humboldt Area Foundation. www.eurekaheritage.org

“Gabriel’s Garden” Premieres June 2011
In 2010, North Coast Dance received a $25,000 grant from The James Irvine Foundation to create a dance/theater piece based on the life and work of internationally recognized Eureka folk art sculpture artist Romano Gabriel. The production is titled, “Gabriel’s Garden,” and will premiere June 2011. Gabriel’s Garden will bring these sculptures to life. North Coast Dance will be working with the Humboldt Arts Council and Eureka Heritage Society to mount a simultaneous exhibition of Romano Gabriel’s work at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka. North Coast Dance is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and development of dance in the North Coast community, and presents performances in cooperation with Eureka’s Arkley Center for the Performing Arts. For more information, call (707) 442-7779 or visit their website: www.northcoastdance.org.
photo by Carol Eckstein Garvey

The Palette / 7

EurEka Murals & sculpturEs
Humboldt County is known for its commitment to the arts and its large population of artists. Public art installations further cement our reputation. Tremendous colors and scenes add so much to Eureka. The thriving artistic community is both nationally known and embraced by the residents.
Samoa & Fairhaven Woodley Island

Startare Dr




Humboldt Co. Adorni Carson Library Center Mansion

Humboldt Boardwalk ront F Bay Wa t e r f
1st 2 nd 3rd






4th 5th 3 6th 7th 8th


L2 6 E





12 D 13

15 7


Murals not shown on Map School between 5th & 6th HAWTHORNE ST HUMBOLDT ST 13 Eureka Theater: F St. between 6th & 7th Bucksport Sporting: 3650 Broadway 14 Murray Field Vintage 1930: Fin & TRINITYFeather: 2931 F St. ST 4th St. between L & M Finnegan & Nason: 2737 F St. 15 Expert Tire: H St. between 5th & 6th HUNTOON ST Harris & F Sts. Fresh Freeze: 16 Firehouse Alarm mural: next to Library, Harper Ford Dealership: 4800 Hwy101 N 3rd & N Sts. Horse & Hound mural: 3854 Jacobs Ave. ST BUHNE 17 No Barking Anytime: F St. between 4th & 5th Pierson’s Building Center: 4100 Broadway CARSON 18 Times Printing: 3rd. St. betweenST & I H Thrifty Supply: 720 W. Washington St. LONG PARK CARSON CARSON 8 / The Palette DOLLISON ST HAYES ST EIGHTON

culpturEs The Rural Burl Mural Bureau (RBMB ) Listed by business building, or by name of A Bucephalus by Linda Wise: recruits high school and college age mural if in italics. This is a fraction of the 5th St. & Myrtle Ave. GRANT TH ST 1 student1volunteers to paint murals numerous murals throughout Eureka and B The Fisherman by Dick Crane: ST ST and beautify Eureka. Anyone with does not include murals inside of businesses. 12TH 14TH CLARK Woodley Island ST an interest in art can learn simple 1 Adventure’sPSON 125 W 5th St. Edge: ST C Untitled by John Fick:15TH SIM 3THskill levels are welcome. HILLSD All 2 Alley Cats mural: G St. between 4th & 5th ALE techniques. 1 F St. between 4th & 5th Sts. 16TH ST & Arkley Center for the Performing Arts: RBMB 14Ta program of the is H ST CEDAR D Masabi Drum by Chuck Splady: mural on back of building, 4th & G Ink People Center for the Arts and 17TH ST 6th and F St. ST 314TH mural: E St. between 5th & 6th Alley ST 15TH funded by the 4 Alley mural: F St. between 2nd & 3rd E Melvin SchulerTSculpture Garden: AS W ST Eureka Redevelopment Agency. (Opera Alley) 16TH Morris Graves Museum of Art, 636 F St. 5 15TH Dragon: F St. between 1st & 2nd (alley) For more information, email 17TH ST ST ST F Romano Gabriel Wooden Sculpture ST 6 Performing Arts mural: 4th St. between G TSON Kati Texas at painteureka@gmail.com GATES WA & H 17TH Garden: 315 2nd St. 7 Vision Center: H St. between 6th & 7th DALL or call the Ink People at RAN 8 Fishellation: 4th St. between H & I G Rotating Sculptures: WABASH AVE 9 Giant Squid mural: 1st & F St. parking lot (707) 442-8413. “C” Street Market Square, 1st & C Sts. 10 Animals Are People Too: 4th St., DEL NORTE ST DEL NORTE ST H Ship Mast with Welcome Flags between J & K Boardwalk, 1st & F Sts. 11 North Coast Co-op: 4th St. between A & B Eureka SONOMA ST SONOMA ST 12 Eureka Rubber Stamp Co: F St. , High I Saga by Melvin Schuler:


Young Artists Wanted


Clarke Plaza, 3rd & E Sts.
TRINITY J Untitled by John Fick: behind LostST

Coast Brewery, 3rd & G St.

K Untitled by Ed Pogue:
2nd St. between F & G Sts.

L Untitled by Luigi Testa: 4th & F Sts.
LONG ST M Untitled by Gregory Wescott:

3rd St. between F & G Sts. CARSON



K 4 I M J




6th 7th 8th


yr t
e Av le





H 5G










1st 2 nd 3rd

➞ ➞

4th 5th 6th




















What do these people have in common?

the art of giving
Right now, St. Joseph Hospital is scheduled to complete its new stateof-the-art patient care tower by the end of 2011, and Redwood Memorial is currently revising its master facilities plan. Leaving a lasting impresBetty and Gene Senestraro are supporting the new sion on the community tower through a Charitable Remainder Trust. through a bequest to St. Joseph or Redwood Memorial Hospital is a wonderful way you can create a better future for future generations. Jerry Carlson is supporting the BlueThere are many difprint for Excellence through a Retained ferent ways to support Life Estate gift. the hospitals: through charitable gift annuities, wills and bequests, retained life estate Robert and Mary Johnson are making their pledge gifts, charitable remainder trusts and much more. Each way of over a period of several years. giving has different advantages, including significant tax savings and deductions, avoidance of capital gains taxes and more. Supporting St. Joseph Hospital’s Northeast Tower and Redwood Memorial Hospital is more than just a gift to the hospitals – it’s an investment in the future of Humboldt County, and ensures your legacy has a positive impact on the community for years to come. To learn more about planned giving options through the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation or Redwood Memorial Foundation, call (707) 269-4200.

w w w . s t j o s e p h e u r e k a . o r g

The Palette / 9

umboldt County is a center of creative energy boasting more artists per capita than anywhere in California. The region is home to writers, visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers and filmmakers, many of whom have garnered national and international acclaim. Artists find the North Coast naturally supports their creative pursuits by providing a backdrop of untouched landscapes, a colorful multi-cultural population and the slow pace of life that only a rural environment can offer. At the heart of this beautiful artists’ community is Eureka. Named one of the top small art towns in John Villani’s book The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America, Eureka is an exciting place for any art lover. With the amazing support the town offers to local artists, there is an abundance of art—be it outdoor art in the form of murals on the walls of buildings, the array of abstract sculptures


photo by Gregg Gardiner

in the Old Town and Downtown areas, or the many beautifully restored Victorian-style buildings throughout town. To add to that are pieces from local painters, potters, sculptors and photographers displayed at Morris Graves Museum of Art and other art galleries. For those who love large-scale art openings Eureka offers First Saturday Night Arts Alive! in Downtown and Old Town. This is a time when galleries open their doors a revised proof. Email, fax or postal mail with changes indicated and we will sendto the public the first Saturday of each month. Most businesses keep later hours for these events, and Reply needed if approved: sign and return or the result is a livelythisof artists, art lovers,approved.”whole just reply to mix email “ad is and fun for the family. assumed correct as shown. Ad proofs not returned by deadline will be With its rugged, natural geography the North Coast is such a EUREKA’S #1 DJ The publisher will not be responsible for any errors, the client assumes fullplace to visit asfor accuracy and completeness of wondrous responsibility well as a tremendous source of inspirainformation, and forWeddings 3 SpecialColor representedtion this artists.may differ slightly from “behind the redwood curpayment of advertisement. Events on for proof The arts are flourishing the actual printed ad. tain” in Humboldt County. Eureka with its ornate Victorian architecOver 20 Years Experience in Northern California ture, stunning murals, inspiring galleries, unique sculptures and so 707.668.5751 www.djpetemeyer.com much more is a sparkling reason why.



Knowledgeable Service


Quality Products


Moderate Pricing

Sales & Rentals | Repairs | Private Lessons Rent-to-Own Band Instruments, Long Distance Delivery - Even | We Work with All Local Schools. to the Most Remote Areas.
Visit our website to find out about our musical event schedule...

Workshops | Clinics | Concerts Recitals | Fundraising Drives


(707) 445-3155 | TWO LOCATIONS 124 Second St. in Eureka 2019 Central Ave. in McKinleyville
10 / The Palette


The Eureka Symphony
Delighting Audiences on the North Coast for Nearly 20 Years
by Mary Smith


ince its beginning in 1992, this all-community orchestra has grown to presently include 74 members. Members are comprised of Humboldt County natives and others who have moved here from all over the country. Some of the musicians are professionals who earn their living composing, playing or conducting. Others are neighbors who are dedicated to bringing music into their homes and communities. Over half of the members live outside Eureka, travelling to rehearsals and performances from Willow Creek, Miranda, Whitethorn, Salmon Creek, Redway, Hydesville and Trinidad. From 1992 to 2006, the Eureka Symphony performed in various venues, including a church sanctuary and high school auditoriums. In 2007, the Eureka Symphony took its place as a community partner with the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts. Having a permanent, stable home in this world-class venue has been a key factor in the organization’s growth. The high quality and caliber of participating musicians can also be attributed to Carol Jacobson. Since 2003 Jacobson has been the Musical Director and Conductor of the Eureka Symphony. She brings extraordinary talent and vast musical experience to the organization. An accomplished cellist, Jacobson earned her bachelor’s degree at Humboldt State University, with further studies at the Salzburg Mozarteum, The Royal Danish Conservatory and the Netherlands Royal Conservatory in the Hague. Jacobson was a member of the Netherlands National Ballet Orchestra in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Radio Symphony, the Oslo Opera Orchestra, the Netherlands Strijkers Ensemble, and the North Coast Chamber Players. In the past, Jacobson was conductor of the Humboldt State University Orchestra and directed the Humboldt Music Academy for eight years. Currently, Jacobson teaches studio cello at Humboldt State University, is the Director of Orchestra and Choir at

Arcata High School and is principal cellist in the North State Symphony. Jacobson describes the Eureka Symphony as “a live and vibrant organism with all different personalities coming together and melding.” She pours over many scores and listens to a myriad of recordings to develop a diverse and interesting selection of music for each season. While receiving many Carol Jacobson suggestions as to which pieces the Eureka Conductor Symphony should perform, the final decision rests with her. Approximately three weeks before the first rehearsal, the music is sent out to all participants to begin their independent practices. Six weeks before performance, the group comes together for rehearsals.

Eureka Symphony 2011 Concert Series
Youth Concert Friday, February 4, 8 p.m. Saturday, February 5, 2 p.m.

Guest Donald Forrest returns to narrate a tall tale set to music. Plus enjoy George Bizet’s Carmen Suite, Fantasia on Welsh Nursery Tunes by Grace Williams, and Themes from Jurassic Park by John Williams.

Spring Concert Friday and Saturday, April 8 & 9, 8 p.m.

Flutists Jill Petricca and Laura Snodgrass join forces for the delightful and dramatic Duettino on Hungarian Themes Op. 36 by Franz Doppler. Also Levenzomer, Fantasy for Orchestra Op. 21 by Johan Wagenaar and Beethoven’s Symphony #6, The Pastoral.

Final Concert Friday and Saturday, May 20 & 21, 8 p.m.

A performance full of delight in the pulsing strings, percussion and trumpet cadenzas of Deep Summer Music by Libby Larsen. Virginia Ryder on saxophone will be joined by Jonathon Kipp on vibraphone, as featured soloists in Escapades by John Williams. And help us celebrate spring into summer with Tchaikovsky’s beloved 5th Symphony in E Minor.

For tickets, call (707) 442-1956. For more information visit: www.EurekaSymphony.com
photos courtesy of The Eureka Symphony

The Palette / 11

EurEka arts OrganizatiOns
Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park
1 X St., Eureka 95501 444-3437 or 800-248-4259 www.blueoxmill.com Self-guided tour of Victorian era woodworking shop, skid camp and farm including two blue oxen; classes in woodworking, blacksmithing and ceramics. 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd. Eureka 95501 Art Dept., 476-4302 English Dept., 476-4336 Music Dept., 476-4321 www.redwoods.edu

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Saremy Duffy, www.northcoastopenstudios.com

College of the Redwoods

Either fax, email or call us with any changes. If PROOF IS O.K., please ss Either fax, email or call us with any changes. If PROOF IS O.K., please

__________________________________________________________ Date ______ __________________________________________________________ Date _____ * All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information is subject to change


The Dancers Studio

Home of Brava Dance Eureka 1011 H St., Eureka 95501 442-7770 Established in 1943 in Humboldt County, teaches Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Pilates. 517 Third St., Suite 36 Eureka 95501 Call: The Ink People 442-8413 • www.inkpeople.org Advises Eureka City Council on art programs and projects.

faculty, alumni, students, visiting Eureka Chamber theseSeries/ Eureka Symphony Make Music corrections ____________________________________________________ andDate_ ____ Make these corrections ____________________________________________________ Date_ _____ regional artists. Calvary Lutheran Church P.O. Box 776, Bayside 95524 441-3818, Ticket info 442-1956 716 South Ave., Eureka 95501 Humboldt Arts Council and the 445-9650 or 443-1575 www.eurekasymphony.com Morris Graves Museum of Art www.clceurekaca.org Sponsors international artists, piano trios, string quartets, pianists and the San Francisco Opera Center Singers. 525 Second St., #105, Eureka 95501 · 442-9054 www.eurekamainstreet.org Working toward an economically and culturally vital Main Street. Community-based orchestra performing a variety of concerts.

Eureka Art and Culture Commission

First Street Gallery

Eureka Main Street

442 First St., Eureka 95501 446-6363 Extends Humboldt State University’s learning environment into the heart of California’s North Coast community, exhibitions and public programs highlighting the work of distinguished

636 F St., Eureka 95501 442-0278 www.humboldtarts.org Humboldt County’s leading arts agency. 2436 Sixth St., P.O. Box 6117 Eureka 95501 442-5139 • www.hbgf.org

Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation

Proudly supporting the arts through strong community partnerships like Eureka Main Street and the Art & Culture Commission.
Visitor Center

Call for our Free 32-page Call for our Free 32-page Call for our Free 28-page Visitor’s Guide Visitor’s Guide Visitor’s Guide

(707) 442-3738 or (800) 356-6381
2112 Broadway, Eureka CA 95501 chamber@eurekachamber.com

The Ink People

Email or fax with changes indicated and we will send a revised proof. Reply needed if approved: 12 / The Palette sign and return, or just


Center for The Arts
Gallery at The Adorni Center 1011 Waterfront Dr., Eureka

Weaving the arts into the Fabric oF our community
517 3rd St, Suite 36 • Eureka, CA 95501




(the gardens are located just north of the College of the Redwoods Main Campus) Providing educational opportunities for the community as it works to create the Humboldt Botanical Gardens.

Instantaneous Theater Company

Humboldt Docent Council

636 F St., Eureka 95501 442-0278, ext. 204 www.humboldtarts.org Organization of volunteers sharing the love of art in schools, and the Morris Graves Museum of Art. P.O. Box 370, Arcata 95518 599-2729 • www.hhsguild.org Promotes textile arts through classes and exhibitions. Meets 2nd Thursday each month in Eureka, 7-9 p.m., Sept. – June. Call for location. www.woodguild.com Supports local woodworkers.

6205 Beechwood Dr., Eureka 95503 499-1131 After-school drama program involves kids from 11 to 18 years old in every aspect of live theater. Each 10-week session culminates in a performance of a musical play.

nOrth COast OpEn studiOs
Tour 150 Humboldt County artist studios from Redway to Orick and everywhere in between during the 13th annual North Coast Open Studios to be held June 4-5 and 11-12, 2011. Artists open their doors to the public to show their art and crafts. For more information about North Coast Open Studios, call Taffy Stockton at (707) 834-6460, or go online at www.northcoastopenstudios.com.

Inter-Tribal Coalition for Cultural Continuity & Institute of Native Knowledge

Humboldt Handweavers & Spinners Guild

517 Third St., Suite 36 Eureka 95501 442-8413 (The Ink People) www.instituteofnative knowledge.org www.julianlang.com www.inkpeople.org Provides arts workshops for Native Americans. #7 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 442-0952 www.northcoastcasting.com Casting company formed in response to the growing film and television industry in the area. Purpose is to cast local talent for production companies filming in Northern California. continued next page

Humboldt Woodworkers Guild The Ink People Center for the Arts

North Coast Casting

517 Third St., Ste. 36, Eureka 95501 442-8413 • www.inkpeople.org Coordinates over 40 programs, exhibitions, ongoing classes & events.

Bob and Donna Sellers, courtesy of www.northcoastopenstudios.com

Celebrating Humboldt County Arts!
Living the lifestyle since 1953 ~ All-Organic Produce ~ ~ “Scratch” Kitchen & Beverage Bar ~ ~ Area’s Best Seafood ~ ~ Natural and Organic Meats ~ ~ Organic Wines and Micro-Brews ~ ~ Wellness and Body Care Department ~

Live Well and Be Healthy... Naturally!
15th and Broadway, Eureka (707) 442.6325 • www.eurekanaturalfoods.com
Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily
The Palette / 13

2009 Humboldt County rganizatiOns EurEka arts O

North Coast Dance
Open to professionals, amateurs and beginning photographers. Using a wide range of techniques, including black and white, and color film, as well as digital media. Meets twice a month. Emphasizing education and gentle critique. Member exhibits and webpage with member gallery. Group exhibits in various locations.

several and completeness of l not be responsible for any errors, the client assumes full responsibility for accuracyother disciplines. North Coast Repertory Theatre or payment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad. 300 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 442-NCRT (6278) • www.ncrt.net NCRT has been a landmark of professional quality live theatre in Eureka for 27 years. Presenting classic and contemporary works throughout the year. “Theatre that succeeds on all levels.” ads@101things.com –Times-Standard

426 St., Eureka 95501 • 442-7779 or postal mail with changes indicated and we will send a Frevised proof. www.northcoastdance.org d if approved: sign and return or just reply to this email “ad is Kinder through Adult, Offers Ballet approved.” Pointe, Men’s, Pas De Deux, Middle proofs not returned by deadline will be assumed correct Eastern Dance, Ballroom, Hula and as shown.

Redwood Coast Music Festivals

Susan Fox, www.northcoastopenstudios.com

This is a PDF copy of your ad for the 2009 addition of THE PALETTE ® magazine.

n and fax, mail or reply to this , any changes or if the PROOF P.O. Box 1093, Eureka 95502 IS APPROVED. Functional Ceramics 268-0755 • www.redwoodart.org The publisher will not be responsible for anyFeaturing: errors if proof is not returned. A community dedicated to the creation of art as an indispensable Dinnerware • Mugs • Goblets part of life and the economy OVED ______________________________________________________ Date ______________________________of Salad Plates, Cereal & Soup Bowls Humboldt County. Founded in 1956, Spirit Horses & Spirit Cats it organizes four large art exhibitions annually. Membership open to Salt and Peppers and Whimseyware orrections ____________________________________________________ Date_ _____________________________all artists. www.piersonpottery.com
Redwood Camera Club Located behind Freshwater Valley Stables Enter at stables entrance and follow the signs

Please check this proof carefully and let us know how you would like us to proceed. A reply is needed in order to move forward. The client assumes full responsibility Handbuilt & Fax: Art Association Redwood(707) 443-5309 for accuracy and completeness of information in the ad. Wheelthrown

523 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 445-3378 www.redwoodcoastmusic festivals.org Produces Blues by the Bay in September and Redwood Coast Jazz Festival in March. P.O. Box 8125, Eureka 95502 443-7688 www.redwoodcurtain.com Season runs January through November. P.O. Box 5071, Eureka 95502 445-5844 • www.reqg.com Nonprofit organization promoting quilting. continued next page

Redwood Curtain

Redwood Empire Quilter’s Guild


1812 N St., Eureka, 95501 443-8796 www.redwoodcameraclub.com

Shaw & Petersen Insurance
1313 Fifth St. Eureka

Where Strong Futures Begin


Lic.# 0340995

Anderson Robinson Starkey Insurance Agency 822-7251

for all your Commercial & Personal Insurance Services

1117 Samoa Blvd. Arcata
Lic.# 0C60256

Harbers Insurance Agency
210 12th St. Fortuna


Lic.# 0510019

ROVED __________________________________________________________ Date __________________________ 2275 North St.
Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual fee of ad. Anderson
Lic.# ____________________________________________________ corrections 0B07026 Date __________________________ www.shawgroup.net

Shaw Insurance Services 530-365-2576

Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual fee of ad.

Eureka, CA 95501 • (707) 443-1234 Fax: (707) 443-5309 • ads@101things.com • www.101things.com
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In Support of Arts & Literacy
Humboldt County Public Library 1313 3rd Street, Eureka, CA 95501
Tues 12 - 5 pm • Wed 12 - 8 pm • Thu 12 - 5 pm • Fri 10 am - 5 pm • Sat 11 am - 4 pm

exerpt of Trinka Margua Simon's painting on display at the Library

Jeanne Gale & Associates
Estate Planning & Business Law • 2850 Harris St., Eureka CA 95503 (707) 269-0167 • jgale@humboldt1.com

EurEka arts OrganizatiOns
525 5TH Street Eureka 443-1614 Fax 443-4461 The Only Pharmacy in Downtown Eureka




Serving the North Coast for 88 Years

2515 Harrison Ave. Eureka 443-7086 Fax 443-0302 Across from St. Joseph Hospital

Representational Art League

Scrapbooking Supplies ■ Rubberstamps Art Supplies ■ Art & Craft Classes Educational Games & Teaching Supplies Office Supplies ■ Copies & Printing Best Selection in Northern California!

P.O. Box 6175, Eureka 95502 443-3913 ral-humboldt.blogspot.com A small group of producing artists who work in various representational styles. 7 Fifth St., Eureka 95501 442-1939 www. studioofdancearts.com Training North Coast dancers since 1981. All ages, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Irish Step, Pre-School dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Middle Eastern, Tango, Acting/Improv.

Kathy O’Leary, www.northcoastopenstudios.com

Studio of Dance Arts

Viols, Recorders, Krumhorns and All

728 4th Street, Eureka 707.445.9686

2135 F St., Eureka 95501 476-0421 www.humboldtmusic.com/ webpage/index.cfm?ID=531 Instrumentalists, arrangers and composers who perform at events such as Arts Alive! Featuring 15th through 17th century music.

VED ___________________________________________________________ Date __________________________
Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual fee of ad. Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual fee of ad.

orrections ____________________________________________________ Date __________________________

Make your garden a work of art
Let imagination be your guide.

Shafer’s Garden Center has everything you need to

reka, CA 95501 • (707) 443-1234 Fax: (707) 443-5309 • ads@101things.com • www.101things.com

create a healthy environment to make your garden grow.

Henderson Center, Eureka
2760 E Street, 707-442-5734
Mon-Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 9am-6pm

16 / The Palette

and Garden Center

Humboldt Botanical Gardens
Growing Art from the Grassroots Level

Story and Photos courtesy of Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation


wenty years ago, a few enthusiastic dreamers believed our region needed a botanical garden. Today that dream is well on its way to fulfillment. While most botanical gardens are publicly funded or donated in a mature state to a botanical foundation or educational institution, the Humboldt Botanical Garden (HBG) is a grassroots garden grown through the generosity of our local community. Designed by renowned landscape architect, Ron Lutsko, the HBG is the only botanical garden in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties. The HBG is a place where families of all ages can relax and experience the wonders of nature. It is a work in progress on 44.5 acres with five major gardens and many trails completed. HBG is

but the native plantings also include the ethnobotany of many local plants. While the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden shows how native plants can be used in a landscape, the Wildberries Natural Riparian Area features the use of native plants in a coastal riparian wetland with a perennial stream running through it. Restoration of this area is an ongoing challenge to remove invasive plants and enhance the natural attributes of a riparian area. Willows, flowering currants (Ribes sanguneum), red alders and other natives reflect the natural diversity of our region. As you explore the garden, you can imagine what our area was like hundreds of years ago. Named after Larry Moss, one of the original visionaries behind the HBG, the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden features a range of plants from the temperate zones of our planet. With mild temperatures, wet winters and cool, dry summers, many plants flourish here that cannot thrive in most parts of the world. In the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden you will find many rhododendrons including examples from the Maddeniis family which are considered “tender” rhododendrons. Other plants found here are Himalayan blue poppy, magnolias, dogwoods, trilliums and a dove tree. The Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) resides in the Temperate Woodland Garden. Once thought to be extinct until its discovery in 1994 in Sydney Australia’s Blue mountains, the Wollemi Pine is one of the oldest and rarest of trees in existence.

The All Happy Now living sculpture

a safe place to explore and learn in an atmosphere where plants, nature and the environment can truly come alive. Besides their beauty, botanical gardens play a complex role and require more vigilance to maintain than the typical ornamental display garden. A botanical garden is a living museum typified by strict adherence to professional horticultural and ethical codes. The first completed garden to greet you as you enter HBG is the Dedekam Ornamental Terrace Garden. It is a showcase garden designed using a rainbow spectrum of colors moving from the bright reds to the cool blues and whites. The garden changes with the seasons using colorful perennials and shrubs to welcome visitors. Flanking the Ornamental Terrace Garden are a rose and a heather garden which mirror the rainbow effect of the main garden. The Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden provides visitors with examples of how native plants can be aesthetically integrated and used to conserve resources as well as provide a beautiful landscape. The native plant garden consists of grasses, iris, shrubs and trees native to our region prior to October 12, 1492. The plants emphasize the Humboldt County region, but include plants in the range of the Rogue River in Oregon to the north shore of San Francisco Bay. Information about all plants in the garden is documented,

Peter Santino’s All Happy Now sculpture is featured at the southern end of the garden. A 100 foot diameter earth and grass ziggurat composed of two slowly rising and expanding spiral ramps, All Happy Now is intended to be walked on in the manner of the meditation labyrinths found in churches and cathedrals. A living sculpture, All Happy Now is a hands on art piece for all ages to enjoy. Whether you just need a break from a hectic day, want to picnic with your family or need a safe place to hike, the HBG is a must destination. It is also a great place to get information on plants that grow in our climate and inspire you with new ideas to take home to your own yard. The Garden is located next to College of the Redwoods just south of Eureka. Take the north College of the Redwoods entrance and you will see signs leading you to the HBG. The Humboldt Botanical Garden is a member of the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program. It is open every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and during the week by appointment. The garden is ADA compliant and an electric car is available for tours. Admission is $5 for nonmembers over the age of 12. Members and children are free. Call (707) 442-5139 or visit the web: www.hbgf.org
The Palette / 17

Winco Foods Blockbuster Video Michael’s Arts and Crafts CVS/ Pharmacy Staples Office Supply Tuesday Morning Cosmo Prof Subway Dollar Tree North Valley Bank Provident Central Credit Happy Donuts


EurEka arts alivE!
First saturday night arts alivE!
No matter what the weather, art enthusiasts crowd Old Town and downtown Eureka for the first Saturday of the month during Arts Alive! Over 70 local merchants participate in the three-hour art walk from 6 to 9 p.m. Art lovers, residents and visitors roam the streets, wandering from venue to venue stopping for coffee, catching up with old friends, discussing art and listening to the many artists providing music and entertainment along the way. First Saturday Night Arts Alive! is co-sponsored by Eureka Main Street, Humboldt Arts Council and US Bank. Specific Arts Alive! listings are available each month in the North Coast Journal and the Times-Standard. www.eurekamainstreet.org

* All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information and venues are subject to change; for an updated listing, visit: www.eurekamainstreet.org

Alirose Boutique

228 F St. • 445-2727 www.aliroseboutique.com

All Under Heaven
212 F St. • 444-2936

American Indian Art and Gift Shop Amigas Burritos Annex 39

241 F St. • 445-8451 www.americanindianonline.com 317 Fifth St. • 443-3373 610 F St. • 443-9113

No Barking Any Time, 426 F St. between 4th and 5th mural by Duane Flatmo and Rural Burl Mural Bureau students photo by Doug Noble

Arkley Center for the Performing Arts
406 G St. • 442-1956 www.arkleycenter.com


Third & G Sts. • 445-0500 www.avaloneureka.com

Baa Baa Sheepskin

Old Town An!que Ligh!n"
Featuring the work of local artists ✦ Join us for Arts! Alive ✦ On the corner of 2nd & F

218 F St. • 442-2655 www.baa-baa-sheepskins.com

Bayfront Restaurant Bella Baskets Belle Starr

F Street Plaza • 443-7489 412 Second St. • 444-2823 www.bella-baskets.com 405 Second St. • 441-1296

Bigfoot Computers and Photography Too... Bon Boniere Booklegger

905 Third St. • 407-5070 www.bigfootcomputers.net 215 F St. • 268-0122 www.bonboniere.biz 402 Second St. • 445-1344

800 West
To Arcata Humboldt Bay
5 th St St
H St

Mon.-Sat. 10:30-5:30 oldtownantiquelighting.com 707-267-5439

Judged Best in America
for Retail Aesthetics and Design ❖ Impeccable Quality Custom Framing Art Restoration ❖ Everyday Low Prices EurekaArtandFrame.com

Buhne Art Studios

207 G St., Second Floor

C Street Hall Gallery
208 C St. • 445-1751

ay oa dw Br

4 th

M y A rt ve le
Harrison Ave

Café Nooner

409 Opera Alley • 443-4663 www.cafenooner.net

I St

we will send

T HE E UREKA h changes ALL M


Chapala Cafe

Wabash Ave

201 Second St. • 443-9514 www.chapalacafe.com

approved: 18 / The Palette , or just

To Fortuna, Ferndale


Hender son


Harris St


Cheri Blackerby Gallery at The Studio
272 C St. • 443-1428 www.thestudioonline.org



EurEka arts alivE!

First Saturday Night Arts Alive!, photo by Mackenzie Kincaid


1103 Fourth St. • 832-4253

Humboldt Herbals Hurricane Kate’s

300 Second St. • 442-3541 www.humboldtherbals.com 511 Second St. • 444-1405 www.hurricanekates.com


Email or fax with changes indicated and we will Indah Bali 440 F St. • 444-3408 send a revised proof.

6-9 PM 2010 AD PROOF

Email, fax Reply needed if approved: sign and return,• or we will send a revised proof. or postal mail with changes indicated 442-8413 1011 Waterfront Dr and www.inkpeople.org just reply to this sign “ad return or just Reply needed if approved: email and is approved.” reply to this email “ad is approved.” Ciara’s Irish Shop Himalayan Rug Trader Kirk’s Old Town Jewelry Repair 334 Second St. • 443-0102 529 Second returned Ad proofs not St. • 268-8268 by deadline will be assumed correct as shown. 311 F St. • 441-9244 Clarke Historical publisher will notproofs not returned by deadline will be full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of Museum Ad www.himalayanrugtraders.net The be responsible for any errors, the client assumes Third and E St. • 443-1947 HollyGolightly Linen Closet information, assumed correct as shown. 127 F St. • 268-0900 www.clarkemuseum.org and for payment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad. 514 Second St. • 445-1130
Cloud Nine
632 Second St. • 445-3226

The Ink People Center for the Arts/Adorni Center

Coco & Cuvee

531 Third St. • 442-2662

Dalianes Travel

522 F St. • 443-2778 www.dalianes.com

The publisher will not be responsible for any errors, the client 636 F St. • 442-0278 416 Second St. • 441-9078 assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness www.humboldtarts.org Livella Studios of information,Bay Keeper 120 Second St. • 268-8781 Humboldt and for payment of advertisement. Color represented •on this proof may differ slightly from theHouse 211 E St. 268-8897 Looking Glass actual www.humboldtbaykeeper.org printed ad. 1436 Second St. • 443-7399
Humboldt Carpet Showroom
2nd and G Sts. • 442-0291 www.humboldtcarpetshowroom.com
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Humboldt Arts Council at Morris Graves Museum of Art


Little Shop of Hers

rts A ve Ali

Dannilynn’s Shoe Boutique
527 Third St. • 497-6187


Discovery Museum Empire Squared Eskra Insurance Eureka Books

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Third and F Sts. • 443-9694 www.discovery-museum.org 47 W. Third St. • 445-9050 www.empiresquared.com 622 Second St. • 444-8080 426 Second St. • 444-9593 www.eurekabooksellers.com

Experience Historic Old Town and Downtown


EUREKA! Local Artists Paintings by


Eureka Concert and Film Center

612 F St. • 442-2970 www.eurekatheater.org

One of the last preserved Arts Alive! Open During downtowns in California and Fridays & Saturdays, 1-5pm

Eureka Old Glass House & Antiques
604 F St. • 442-5120

707.442.5656 • 717 3rd Street • Eureka

First Street Gallery Good Relations

422 First St. • 443-6300 www.humboldt.edu/first 223 Second St. • 441-9570 www.goodrelations.com

e Center of Commerce and Culture Since 1850
in O ld To wn


storic ence Hi & Experi Town Old own Downt

Frames Custom Framing Framed Art
M-F 10-6pm Sat 10-5pm

Eureka Main Street 525 Second Street Suite 105 • Eureka, CA (707) 442-9054 eurekamainstreet.org

Graystone Jewelers Has Beans

First and E Sts. • 442-1232 www.graystonejewelers.com 738 Second St. • 442-1535 www.hasbeans.com


Healthsport by the Bay
423 First St. • 268-8220 www.healthsport.com

Eureka Main Street • 525 Second Street Suite 105 • Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-9054 •St. ~ Old Town Eureka 616 Second (FAX) 442-9154 www.eurekamainstreet.org It’s all right here! 707.443.7017 ~ artcenterframeshop@gmail.com
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EurEka arts alivE!
continued from previous page

Lost Coast Brewery, Upstairs

615 Fourth St. • 445-4480 www.lostcoast.com

Mantova’s Two Street Music
124 Second St. • 445-3155 www.mtsmusic.com

Salon M


Sacred Palace - Bikram Yoga Humboldt, 516 Fifth St. • 444-8900 Sailor’s Grave Tattoo
Second and C Sts. • 443-0666 www.sailorsgravetattoo.com 630 Second St. • 498-5982

Many Hands Gallery North Coast Dance

438 Second St. • 445-0455 www.manyhandsgallery.net

This is a PDF copy of your advertising proof as it might 426 F appear in the 2008 edition of The Palette magazine. St. • 442-7779

Sasafrass Email or fax with changes indicated and we will 226 F St. • 442-3387 send a revised proof. www.sassychildren.com
F Reply needed if approved: Street Plaza • 443-7272 or sign and return, Shipwreck and Yarn just ads@101things.com 430 Third St. • 476-0991 reply to this email “ad is approved.” Fx: (707) 443-5309 Shorelines Gallery 434 Second St. • 443-7272

Sea Breeze Candy and Tee’s

refully and let us know how you would like us to proceed. A reply is needed in order to North Soles Footwear assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of information in the ad. 417 Second St. • 268-0320 responsible for any errors if proof is not returned.

O.K. __________________________________________________________ Obento Old Town Coffee and
517 F St. • 268-1298

Mural at Finnegan & O.K., Henderson Sts., and return. Ad proofs not returned www.shorelinesgalleryeureka.com , email 320 Secondus #1a • 442-9276 changes. If PROOF ISNason, F &please sign mural by Duane Flatmo by deadline will be or call St. with any photo by Steve Hammons www.northcoastknittery.com Sidewalk Gallery at Ellis Art assumed correct as shown.

Northcoast Knittery


Oberon Grill corrections ____________________________________________________ www.oldtowncoffeeeureka.com
516 Second St. • 443-3663 www.oberongrill.com

211 F St. • 445-8600

Date Praxis ______________________________ and Engineering 401 Fifth St. • 445-9050 530 F St. • 441-0717 www.ellishasit.com www.praxisfitness.com not be responsible for any errors, the client The publisher will Date_ _____________________________

Piante Gallery

Sisterfriends Jeans Ramone’s Bakery assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness

Old Town Antique Lighting Old Town Art Gallery

620 Second St. • 441-1461

203 F St. • 267-5439 www.oldtownantiquelighting.com 233 F St. • 445-2315 www.oldtownartgalleryeureka.com

Plaza Design (opening soon)
211 G St. • 441-1380 www.plazad.com

Plus Modes

527 Second St. • 442-1300

108 F St. • 443-7477 209 E St. • 445-2923 of information, and for payment of advertisement. Color www.ramonesbakery.com Smug’s Pizza represented on this proof may differSecond St. from the actual slightly • 268-8082 626 Redwood Curtain printedSt. • 443-7688 ad. www.smugspizza.com 220 First www.redwoodcurtain.com Spa at Personal Choice 130 G St. • 445-2041 Rustic West Trading Co. www.thespaatpersonalchoice.com 335 Second St. • 441-9312
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Old T

n Art G ow
Humboldt County’s Oldest Cooperative Art Gallery

Experience Historic Old Town and Downtown


Paintings, Photography, Mosaics, Pottery, Hand-painted Porcelain, Jewelry, Textiles, and Greeting Cards
Open Daily from 10am to 5pm 233 F Street, Eureka 707-445-2315
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One of the last preserved downtowns in California

e Center of Commerce and Culture Since 1850


It’s all right here!

Eureka Main Street • 525 Second Street Suite 105 • Eureka, CA 95501 (707) 442-9054 • (FAX) 442-9154 www.eurekamainstreet.org

Either fax, email or call us with any changes. If PROOF IS O.K., ad. please sign for accuracy and completeness of information in the

 PROOF Please sign and fax, mail or reply to this , any changes or if the PROO IS O.K. __________________________________________________________ Date __________ 

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2010-11 HUMBOLDT Make these corrections ____________________________________________________ • Pedicures 
• Facials

Make these corrections ____________________________________________________ • Hair

Date_  Proof APPROVED ______________________________________________________ _________ Date __


Date_ _

Email or fax with changes indicated and we will send a revised proof. A & B Sts., mural by Duane Flatmo North Coast Co-op, 4th St. between
St. Vincent needed Reply De Paul The Art if approved: Center 616 Second St. • 443-7017 sign and return, or just Wine Spot Steve and Dave’s Bar The First and C Sts. • this email 443-8887 234 F St. • 497-6236 reply to Strictly for the Birds The Works “ad 445-1822 123 F St. •is approved.” 210 C St. • 442-8121
528 Second St. • 443-8676

• Waxing • Manicures • All major credit cards accepted • Open 7 days a week

photo by Denise Comiskey

109 F Street, Eureka • 707.442.8980


Studio 424 Email,

www.theworkseureka.com fax or postal mail with changes indicated and we will send a revised proof. Treasure Reply needed if approved:Trove sign Ad proofs not returned 609 E St. • 268-1104 and return or just reply to this email “ad is approved.” by Studio S 717 Third St. • 442-5656 Ad proofs not returned byBagels Truchas deadline will be assumed Gallery/Los deadline will be assumed correct as shown. 424 Third St. • 268-1158

403 Second St. 726-9048 SurfsideThe publisher will not be responsible for •any errors, the client assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of Burger Bar

www.losbagels.com correct as shown. 445 Fifth St. • 268-1295and for payment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad. information,

Swanlunds Talisman


527 F St. • 442-4522 The publisher will not be www.swanlunds.com

109 F St. • 442-8980

Proud Supporters Proud Supporters of our Local Community of our Local Community

Member SIPC © Edward Jones, 2009

responsible for any errors, the 318 Fifth St. • 442-2422 client 443-1509 214 F St. •assumes full responsibility World Cup, 1626 F St. • 442-6778 for accuracy and completeness of information, and for payment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad.

Wells Fargo Advisors

1315 Fourth Street • Eureka, California 95501 707/476-0674 Fax 707/476-0675 www.hhh-cpa.com TelephoneTelephone 707/476-0674 Fax 707/476-0675

Buys the radical concept that big skyscrapers don’t necessarily The Palette 95502 • mean big investment smarts. • P.O.•Box 1374 • Eureka, CAwww.101 Fax: (707) 443-5309 • www.thepalette.com ads@101things.com •
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It shouldn’t be a crazy idea that investments deserve personal attention. That’s why we put our 10,000 offices in neighborhoods. So we’re easier to get to, and spend time with. Join the nearly 7 million investors who know. Face time and think time make sense. www.edwardjones.com

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Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-5295

Linda Wise: Redefining the Art of Reuse
by Mary Smith
photo by Mary Smith


t has been said, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” This certainly holds true for artist, Linda Wise. She works . at Recology Humboldt County providing waste management for the city of Eureka. According to Wise, “It takes a creative mind to work with waste. I can’t look at this stuff without wanting to make something out of it.” Best known locally for her sculptures made out of reused materials, including: tools, garbage truck parts and garbage bins. Wise donates, on average four pieces of art annually to the local community. Her most public sculpture in Eureka is “Bucephalus,” the dynamic horse sculpture located on the north-end of Eureka,

just off Fifth Street. She worked on the piece for months. The horse helped her work through her father’s death and the emotions that came with it. “Art is healing. The piece just kept getting bigger and bigger,” stated Wise. Ultimately, the piece needed a name. As luck would have it, she found a Breyer horse toy in the trash. The package containing the toy featured the horse’s name and history. That particular horse figure was named Bucephalus, after Alexander the Great’s horse. The name fit perfectly. Wise grew up in an artistic family. Her father was an architect by profession and an excellent charcoalist and watercolorist. Her mother is an art collector. Both parents fostered her and her sister’s artistic talents from an early age. The family spent many summers in Mendocino enjoying the abundant art community. Wise started working in clay with master potter, Sasha McCoffkin of the Mendocino Art Center, later studying oil painting at Lafayette Forge in Contra Costa County. She also worked for UC Berkeley and it was there that she started taking environmentally based classes. Wise moved to Humboldt County in the early 1990’s to continue her education at Humboldt State University. She received her degree in fisheries with a master’s in wastewater management. Working as a regulator and environmental health specialist led to a job in waste management. Wise is a member of Eureka Main Street’s Public Art Committee. The committee worked with the Eureka Arts and Culture Commission and the City of Eureka to feature rotating artists and their sculpture at the “C” Street Market Square, a newly opened extension of Eureka’s beautiful boardwalk. Wise hopes that neighbors and city governments throughout the area take notice and realize how important the arts are in our communities. Future plans for Linda Wise include continued work on her sculptures and a group show in Gualala in September, 2011 with

C Cunningham, Malone & Morton M&M T H E T A X P R O F E S S I O N A L S
Michael P. Cunningham Member of the Bar of the U.S. Tax Court, Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Enrolled Agent Ronald E. Malone Enrolled Agent

Tax Services • Representation Accounting & Bookkeeping • Payroll Business Consulting Litigation Support Professional Conservator/Trustee Governmental & Non-Profit Accounting Estate Planning & Trust Accounting Investment Analysis & Financial Planning

Full service firm staffed with licensed professionals and the most advanced technology in Humboldt County.

Supporting Our Local Community

Keith N. Crossley Certified Public Accountant Benjamin A. Ebert Enrolled Agent

Tirzah R. Jabbour Accounting & Bookkeeping Manager Anita M. Owens Payroll Manager

Sheri J. Tillett Accountant/Bookkeeper

Gyann A. Malone Accountant/Bookkeeper & Receptionist Tami B. Welch Payroll Administrator

Theresa A. Wheeler Processor/Receptionist

Embrace Humboldt County
101 Things To Do 707 1234 ~ www.101things.com .443.

707.441.1111 • www.CMMtax.com
22 / The Palette

710 E Street, Suite 100 • Eureka, CA 95501 Fax (707) 444-0210 • cmmtax@cmmtax.com

Bucephalus at 5th and Myrtle Ave. photo by Denise Comiskey

local artists: Stock and Rachel Schlueter, Jim McVicker, Terry Oats, Kathy O’Leary, Peter Zambas, Regina Case and John King. Linda is also included in an article about Eureka’s art scene in the February 2011 issue of Sunset magazine. For more information on Linda Wise and her sculpture, visit her website at: www.artbylindawise.com




The ONE STORE for your perfect floor

Featuring Bigelow® & Lees® Carpets Laminate & Hardwood Floor Tile Showroom • Professional Installation

2385 Myrtle Avenue • Eureka • 443-9321
The Palette / 23


Multicultural Hot spot for Eclectic Art and Great Food
by Bill Prescott


courtesy of Los Bagels

tep into Los Bagels Bakery and Café on Second Street in Old Town Eureka, and experience one of the great landmarks on the North Coast. Los Bagels is the multicultural hot spot for the region. Even before you taste the food, your eyes will feast on the eclectic mix of artwork adorning the walls. The Truchas Gallery is located within the café. The name “Truchas” comes from the Spanish word “trout.” The Gallery was named not only for Los Bagels founder Dennis Rael’s fondness for fishing, but for the town of Truchas, New Mexico. Rael’s family has roots in this beautiful region of the Southwest, long before his grandparents migrated west to California. Featuring a rotating selection of the region’s best artists, the exposed brick wall leaves plenty of room for large works and three dimensional displays. The other walls house a permanent collection, featuring a large three panel mural (at left) created by children at the Equinox School in Arcata. Above the deli area are a collection of large caricatures originally created for a Martin Luther King Jr. parade at the Trinidad courtesy of Los Bagels Town Hall. These images

represent Rosa Parks, Stevie Wonder, Mother Teresa, Frida Kahlo and Martin Luther King Jr., and capture the true multicultural essence of Los Bagels. Quietly hung out of harm’s way are two rare giclee prints by Robert Cassila. Cassila illustrated the bestselling children’s book, “Jalapeno Bagels” by Natasha Wing. This book is based on Los Bagels and founder Dennis Rael. Rael grew up with a Jewish mother and a Latino father, celebrating customs from both sides of his family. His multicultural upbringing in southern California inspired Rael to start Los Bagels over 26 years ago. Natasha Wing’s story is based on a boy named Pablo who can’t decide what to bring to school for “International Day.” This book has been a best seller in children’s literature, and is currently required reading for many second graders across America. Signed copies of the book are available in the café. Depending on the season, the café may be adorned with a Day of the Dead ofrenda, a collection of Judaica from around the world, or even handmade tin hearts from Oaxaca, Mexico. The menu at Los Bagels is as diverse as the collection of artwork. Featuring the tastes of Mexico combined with traditional Jewish fare, Los Bagels offers boiled then baked bagels, along with a great selection of toppings, including smoked turkey, lox, hummus and a wide variety of spreads. In the pastry case find handmade croissants, rugalah, challah and a selection of muffins and cookies that is sure to please. Serving fresh seasonal local produce, gourmet coffee and espresso, Los Bagels will delight the most discriminating palette, yet is fun and family friendly. Los Bagels is perfect for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat. With locations at 403 2nd St. in Old Town Eureka and 1061 I St. in Arcata, Los Bagels is more than real bagels…it is an experience. Check out www.losbagels.com for driving directions, menu options and more information. Hasta la proxima.








Seafood Steak Local Foods Organics Cocktails

“a cafe and wine place”

3rd & G St


Historic Old Town

ARCATA 5th & D St Uniontown Center 707.825.0900

Feeding the Soul
24 / The Palette

Supporting the Arts


2010 A

or postal mail with changes indicated and we will postal mail with changes indicated and we will send a ARCATA Email, fax or send a revised proof. d if approved: sign and return or just reply to this email “ad issign and return or just reply At Wildberries approved.” Ramone’s Reply needed if approved: to this email “ Marketplace, Bakery & Cafe be assumed correct as proofs not World Fusion Cuisine returned by deadline will be assumed proofs not returned by deadline will correct as shown. 826-1088 Ad
children’s menu

not be responsible for any errors,oysters Freshly completeness EUREKA seafood award-winning the client assumes full responsibility for responsible for any errors, the client assumes full responsibility for accura The publisher will not be accuracy and Roasted Coffee of 2223 Espresso • Breakfast Pastries payment of advertisement. Colormenu differ slightly advertisement. Color represented on this proof mayHarrisonslightly fr local, seasonal represented on this proof may for payment offrom the actual printed ad. information, and differ
wide selection of vegetarian offerings wood-fired pizzas and specialties full bar with nightly specials

Dining with a Twist . . .
Open for Lunch & Dinner 511 2nd Street, Eureka

Professional Catering Call for Hours 444-1405

Bread • Desserts Sandwiches, Soups & Salads Wedding & Specialty Cakes Catering OPEN DAILY

442-1336 209 E Street 445-2923 At Pierson’s 476-0401


MCKINLEYVILLE ShoppingCenter 839-3383

since 1988 The WIDE VARIETY of fresh seafood on our menu is prepared to your liking. Sautéed, grilled, charbroiled, broiled, poached, pan and deep fried, and complemented by delicate sauces. PLUS Harris Ranch aged charbroiled Filet Mignon, New York Steaks and Prime Rib nightly. Daily Specials ~ Extensive Salad Bar Outstanding Chowder Served in a Lovely Victorian Setting

Full Bar

707.443.7187 ~ CLOSED SUNDAY

Specializing in Local Seafood

Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Humboldt County for the Last 15 Years


Chapala Restaurant

Be Original! Give Original!
Mention e for The Palett

Email or fax with changes a revised proof.


“Serving the area’s finest Margaritas”

Live Music Friday & Saturday nights 6 - 8pm
Banquet Facilities and Catering Available

AL Gift baskets for every occasion. FREE LOC Locations in USA, Canada, Dubai, RY DELIVEn first and Kuwait make multi-national
o order
deliveries quick and less costly.

Make someone very, very happy.

(707) 443-9514 ED __________________________________________________________ Date __________________________ indicated and we will send
Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual 11am ad. Open Seven Days fee of - 9pm

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201 2nd Street ~ Old Town Eureka rections ____________________________________________________ Date __________________________

ho colate s Ve nl o C

client assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of information, and for payment of

The Palette / 25

lOCal FarmErs’ markEts
SATuRdAyS Arcata Plaza Farmers’ Market
Apr to Nov, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Arcata Plaza at 7th & G Sts. 441-9999 • www.humfarm.org May to Oct, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Francis St. at Ocean Ave. 986-7230 June to Oct, 10 a.m. to Noon Wildwood Ave. & Davis St. 764-3436

Arcata Tuesday Potawot Farmers’ Market

June to Oct, Noon to 3:30 p.m. 1600 Weott Wy 825-4098 Old Town Eureka June to Oct, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. F St. between 1st and 3rd Sts. 441-9999 • www.humfarm.org May to Oct, 3 to 6 p.m. 12th & L Sts. • 722-4330 May to Oct, 2 to 5 p.m. Avenue Café 6743 Ave. of the Giants 986-7230

Ferndale Farmers’ Market

Eureka Farmers’ Market:

Rio Dell Saturday Farmers’ Market

Fortuna Farmers’ Market Miranda Farmers’ Market
Arcata Farmers’ Market, photo by Anthony Welch

SuNdAyS Trinidad Farmers’ Market

May to Oct, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Behind Murphy’s at View & Main 834-8720 May to Oct, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Mayfair & Walnut Wy (530) 629-3488

Shelter Cove Farmers’ Market
May to Oct 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Machi Rd., motel parking lot 986-7230

Willow Creek Farmers’ Market

THuRSdAyS Eureka Farmers’ Market:

TueSdAyS Arcata Farmers’ Market

WedNeSdAyS Rio Dell Farmers’ Market

Henderson Center June to Oct, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. F St., between Henderson and Ross 441-9999 • www.humfarm.org

FRidAyS Arcata Friday Potawot Farmers’ Market

June to Oct, noon to 3:30 p.m. 1600 Weott Wy, 825-4098 May to Oct, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Church St. in Town Square 986-7230

Garberville Farmers’ Market

June to Oct, 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. 8th & I Sts., across from the Co-op 441-9999 • www.humfarm.org

June to Oct, 3 to 6 p.m. Wildwood Ave. & Davis St. 764-5239

McKinleyville Farmers’ Market

June to Oct, 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. 1514 City Center Rd. at the totem pole 441-9999 • www.humfarm.org

Humboldt Grown Radio Without the Rules khum.com

ts r A
The Best Rock ‘N Roll of All Time All the Time kwpt.com Quality Rock ‘N Roll kxgo.com

Humboldt’s New Rock kslg.com

26 / The Palette


Pastels on the Plaza, courtesy of Arcata Chamber of Commerce Arcata Plaza, photo by Denise Comiskey


he residents of the second largest city in Humboldt County fully appreciate the quality of life this college town offers them. Arcata has it all—fresh roasted organic coffees, historic architecture, a Saturday Farmers’ Market on the town square, cooperative galleries and studios, eclectic restaurants and the energy of Humboldt State University’s multi-cultural students. Arcata is also home to hundreds of artists all contributing to the quintessential art experience—even the city’s trash cans are works of art. The Arcata Plaza, located in the center of town, serves as a venue for many of the city’s annual events, including Arcata Main Street’s Concerts on the Plaza, Pastels on the Plaza, the Farmers’ Market, the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, Godwit Days, the Humboldt International Short Film Festival, the “glorious” Kinetic Sculpture Race and the North Country Fair. (For more events, see our listing of fairs and festivals on pages 42-43.) For those interested in the more cerebral side of the arts, Humboldt State University offers not only a quality education, but quality art. Galleries at HSU generate exhibitions from students and the faculty department as well as host international artworks. The Theatre Arts department hosts many dance and theater productions as well as the Humboldt International Short Film Festival. The Music Department continuously schedules recitals and performances. The community is invited to enjoy HSU arts performances, and updated schedules can be found at www.humboldt.edu.

Humboldt State University also houses CenterArts, bringing notable musical and cultural entertainment to the North Coast, with world class performances in all genres of theater, arts and music. For tickets, call (707) 826-3928. To view the complete 2011 schedule, visit: centerarts.humboldt.edu


The Palette / 27


ArcAtA Art OrgAnizAtiOns
Arcata Artisans
883 H St., Arcata 95521 • 825-9133 www.arcataartisans.com Cooperative gallery of over 30 local artists, featuring fine art, fine crafts and gifts. P.O. Box 171, Arcata 95518 822-4444 • halimah@earthlink.net www.arcatainterfaithgospel choir.com A 70 member choir of local gospel vocalists inspired by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, who have performed for 19 years throughout Humboldt County and beyond. 791 Eighth St., Suite 14 Arcata 95521 • 822-4500 www.arcatamainstreet.com In service to the community since 1987 to restore, maintain and build a clean, safe and diverse downtown; hosts Arts! Arcata on the second Friday of each month. 736 F St., Arcata 95521 • 825-2028 www.cityofarcata.org/rec After-school arts program for teens offering a variety of media.


Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir

Humboldt State University 1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 826-4411, Tickets: 826-3928 www.humboldt.edu/centerarts CenterArts offers a wide range of music, dance, theater and performance art, educational opportunities for children and a commitment to supporting culturally diverse creative work.

The Fire Arts Center and Fire Arts Foundry

520 South G St., Arcata 95521 826-1445 • www.fireartsarcata. com Fire Arts Gallery open daily. Offers studio membership and classes in ceramics and fused glass, including wheelthrowing, handbuilding, tile making, sculpting, and also lampworking workshops. continued page 30

Two Birds One Branch, by Erin Slattery

Arcata Main Street

* All area codes (707) are unless noted. Information subject to change

All Seasons Orchestra

D Street Neighborhood Center 14th & D Sts., Arcata 95521 Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 443-2626 A Community orchestra open to all ages and orchestral instruments. The group plays a mixture of popular and classical pieces.

Arts in the Afternoon

David Rawlings Machine at CenterArts, photo by John Chapman, courtesy of HSU CenterArts, www.humboldt.edu/centerarts

2011 CenterArts Performances
Flying Karamazov Brothers In 4Play Thurs., Jan. 13 • 7:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Masters of the Acoustic Guitar: Johnson, McKee & D Wed., Jan. 19 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre State Symphony Orchestra of Russia Sun., Jan. 23 • 3:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Mark Morris Dance Group Sun., Jan. 30 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Kodo Tues., Feb. 1 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Tommy Emmanuel Tues., Feb. 8 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Frank Warren of PostSecret Fri., Feb. 11 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Chris Smither Fri., Feb. 25 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Spamalot Tues., March 1 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre
28 / The Palette

Bale Folclorico Da Bahia Thurs., March 3 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats Sun., March 13 • 7:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Elizabeth Gilbert Thurs., March 17 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Acoustic Africa: Koite, Mtukudzi & Bocoum Tues., March 22 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Juilliard String Quartet Wed., March 30 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Zakir Hussain Tues., April 12 • 8:00 p.m. Kate Buchanan Room Maceo Parker Wed., April 20 • 8:00 p.m. Kate Buchanan Room Masters of the Steel Drum featuring Clifford Alexis Sat., April 30 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre David Grisman Bluegrass Experience Sun., May 8 • 8:00 p.m. Van Duzer Theatre

Humboldt Brews
Exploring the Art of Beer and Food Pairing
by Anthony Welch

umboldt Brews in Arcata is now offering a beer and food pairing event once a month to highlight the many ways of combining great food and unique microbrews. The events will feature live music, raffles, and a buffet in which flights of beer will be offered individually with food combinations to explore the many nuances of beer and food pairing. While wine has traditionally been thought of as the quintessential beverage for pairing with food, beer is quickly gaining an appreciation of its own. Beer, mainly made from water, malted barley, yeast and hops possesses a wide range of flavors, aromas and textures. This, along with added spices, nuts, chocolate, fruits and vegetables within the brewing process may make beer even more food friendly than wine. In coming up with the idea for these food and beer pairing events, Humboldt Brews owner Andy Ardell said, “Most people only think of wine when you talk about food pairing. But beer has become much more popular recently and these beer and food pairing events are our attempt to try and educate the public about the many ways to combine and enjoy quality beer with good food.” Humboldt County is fortunate enough to have some of the best microbreweries and most delicious local food in the country. Our award-winning breweries put out some of the most eclectic and tasty brews in the nation. In fact, Mad River Brewery in Blue Lake took home the Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year award from the 2010 Great American Beer Festival. “Compared to other regions, Humboldt offers a variety in beer that you just do not see very often,” according to Colin Garon, bartender at Humboldt Brews. “There is so much variation within each brew house that you could drink only local beers and not feel like you are drinking the same beer twice.” With nearly 40 different beers produced by the five local breweries; Eel River, Lost Coast, Mad River, Redwood Curtain and Six Rivers (see list), there is a lot of good award-winning beer to choose from. This combined with food from any of the many farmers and artisan food producers we have in Humboldt is a definite recipe for enjoyment. Items such as produce from Warren Creek Farms, cheese from Cyprus Grove Chevre, beef from Humboldt Grassfed Beef, breads from Brio and the Northcoast Bakery, and chocolate from Venlo Chocolates, all make for interesting pairing opportunities. In the book The Brewmaster’s Table, Garrett Oliver says, “No matter how complex or refined the dish, whether its foie gras or a simple sausage, there is a terrific beer out there that will provide a perfect accompaniment. If you love food, but you know only wine, then your trying to write a symphony using only half the notes and half the orchestra.” The art of beer and food pairing is to basically take the character of the food (sweet, bitter, spicy, etc.) and either compliment or contrast it with a beer’s flavor profile. The key is to experiment in order to find what works. Beer has a wide diversity of styles and flavors offering great versatility when it comes to pairing. As with wine pairing, a lot really


depends on individual palettes. Prohibitions like the no-fish-withred-wine rule do not exist when pairing with beer. The main thing to remember is what are referred to as the three Cs—compliment, contrast and cleanse. Compliment – Beer complements food when its flavor profile matches up with certain flavors in food. Delicate dishes work best with delicate beers, and strongly flavored foods work best with assertive beers. For example the chocolate and coffee flavors of a stout draw out similar flavors in a chocolate dessert. Contrast – Contrasting a beer’s flavors against a dish can be equally satisfying and often more memorable. This occurs when the differences in flavors between the beer and the food are accentuated. Often, this means pairing a light, subtle beer with an assertive, spicey type of food. Cleanse – Most beers work well at cleansing the palate because they are carbonated. They are able to slice through the heat of spicy foods and similarly cleanse the palate of rich or heavy foods. To find out more about the upcoming pairing events at Humboldt Brews call (707) 826-2739 or visit their website: www. humboldtbrews.com Humboldt County Breweries: Eel River Brewery, Fortuna, www.eelriverbrewing.com Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, www.lostcoast.com Mad River Brewing Co., Blue Lake, www.madriverbrewing.com Redwood Curtain Brewing, Arcata, www.redwoodcurtainbrewing.com Six Rivers Brewery, McKinleyville, www.sixriversbrewery.com

The Palette / 29

ArcAtA Art OrgAnizAtiOns
All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information is subject to change.

Sequoia Chamber Music Workshop

continued from page 28

by Chris Hichcock

Humboldt State University

Humboldt Folk Dancers

Arcata Presbyterian Church 11th and G Sts., Arcata 95521 822-8045 www.humboldtfolkdancers.org Offering weekly international folk dancing instruction and request dancing, and monthly dance parties with live music. P.O. Box 1061, Arcata 95518 822-5394 www.humboldtfolklife.org Promotes traditional music and dance; bimonthly newsletter. See website for performances.

1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 www.humboldt.edu Art Department, 826-3624 Dept. of Theater, Film and Dance, 826-3566 Music Dept., 826-3531 concert line, 826-5436 Produces over 90 concerts each year.

Humboldt Capoeira Academy 550 S. G St. #31, Arcata 95521 498-6155 www.humboldtcapoeira.com Brazilian Martial Arts and Dance, in association with the Brazilian Cultural Arts Center and The Ink People. Children & adults.

HSU Music Dept., 1 Harpst St. Arcata 95521 • (415) 938-7839 mail: 2523 46th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94116 www.sequoiachambermusic.org Study and performance of instrumental chamber music on the HSU campus for students ages 12-20. Two one-week sessions, June 12-18 and 19-25, 2011.

Humboldt Folklife Society

• Reese Bullen Gallery 826-5814 Located within HSU Art Building, sponsors exhibitions of works by professional artists related to HSU areas of instruction, selections from permanent collection and annual exhibition of student art.

KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata Diverse Public Radio/ KHSR 91.9 FM Crescent City-Brookings

Humboldt State University 1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 Office, 826-4807 www.khsu.org Studio, 826-4805, 800-640-5911 Mix of local and national news, information and music programming. by appointment, 826-7184 www.meridianfineart.net Specializing in creative, collaborative printing services for publishing limited edition reproductions, original prints and photography. Our 11 years of service has focused on the discerning needs of fine artists and photographers. 824 L St., P.O. Box 4831 Arcata 95518 • 822-4947 www.humboldtdance.org Classes for all ages and levels in Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Hip Hop, Creative Movement. 1093 10th St., Arcata 95521 852-0922 www.nolimitstapandjazz.com Emphasizing technical perfection and fun in a positive environment. Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop and DanceFit, an exercise class for adults.
At Needlepoint, by Annie Sheppard

Meridian Fine Art

Upstairs Art Gallery

1063 G St., Arcata 95521(inside Umpqua Bank) • 826-9636 ext.102 www.meridianfineart.net/exhibits Fine art gallery featuring Humboldt County art and photography. P.O. Box 1086, Arcata 95518 616-6876 www.shoshannaland.com Middle Eastern Dance group directed by Shoshanna.

Ya Habibi Dance Company

New World Ballet
Multipyramids, by Brian Woida

Humboldt Glassblowers

815 9th St., Arcata 95521 822-7420 Largest selection of local glass art. 1482 Buttermilk Ln., Arcata 95521 445-4310 • www.hloc.org More than 100 major productions produced since 1973. Company program, HLO/KidCo, for youth musical theater presentation. Humboldt State University, 1 Harpst St., Arcata 95521 826-3411 www.humboldt.edu/hma Music instruction and performance ensembles for students 2 to 18.

Humboldt Light Opera Co.

• Student Access Gallery 826-4149 Student-run exhibits in three campus locations: Foyer Gallery, Karshner Lounge, Student Business Service Building, 1st floor. • HSU Sculpture Garden 9th St., Arcata 95521 between H & I St., behind Humboldt Glassblowers Rotating sculpture exhibits. • Native American Arts Gallery 826-5814 Highlights work of contemporary and traditional Native American artists, located on HSU campus in Behavioral & Social Sciences Building.

BAYSIDE Humboldt Area Foundation

No Limits Tap & Jazz

373 Indianola Rd., Bayside 95524 442-2993 www.hafoundation.org Grant opportunities available Sept. 1 and due Nov. 1 of every year. More than $40,000 granted out every fall to the Arts community of the North Coast. 2212 Jacoby Creek Rd., Bayside 95524 826-7416 or 633-4303 Pre-professional program. Offering classes in Ballet and Modern for ages 8 and up, as well as Pilates, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Humboldt Music Academy

Redwood Raks World Dance Studio

The Upper Studio

824 L St., Arcata 95521 Old Creamery Building 616-6876 www.redwoodraks.com Classes, performance / event space.

30 / The Palette

Arts! ArcAtA
On the second Friday of each month, businesses stay open late for Arts! Arcata, featuring local artists working in nearly every conceivable media. For an updated listing, visit: www.artsarcata.com
*These venues are open only during regular business hours. All area codes are (707) unless noted. Information and venues are subject to change;

North Soles Footwear
853 H St. • 822-1231

Outdoor Store Plaza Design

737 G St. • 822-0321 www.outdoor-store.com 808 G St. • 822-7732 www.plazad.com

Rebellion Tattoo Piercing Gallery
145 G St. • 822-1002

Redwood Curtain Brewing Company
Heirloom Tomatoes, by Arlene Broyles

550 South G St. # 6 826-7222 www.redwoodcurtainbrewing.com 937 10th St. • 826-9463 www.robertgoodmanwines.com 854 10th St. • 822-7685 www.soultosoulspa.com

Divine Coyote, by Allison Reed

AMPT Skate Shop Arcata Artisans

1040 H St. • 822-9500 883 H St. • 825-9133 www.arcataartisans.com 736 F St. • 822-5951 www.cityofarcata.org 813 H St. • 822-0312 www.arcataexchange.net

Humboldt Arts Project Ironside Metal Works Humboldt Outfitters

Robert Goodman Winery Soul to Soul Spa

Upstairs Art Gallery US Bank*

900 9th St. • 667- 5333 www.humboldtartsproject.com 860 G St. • 822-5332 www.humboldtoutfitters.com

1063 G St. • 826-7184 www.meridianfineart.net 953 G St. • 822-7031 www.usbank.com

Arcata City Hall*

Arcata Exchange

Hunter Plaid Gallery and Studios Jambalaya Restaurant Libation

www.arcatamainstreet.com 846 G St. • 826-7578

Arcata Main 2011 •Street 791 8th St. 822-4500 Big Blue Cafe

90 Sunny Brae Center www.hunterplaidgallery.com 915 H St. • 822-4766 www.jambalayaarcata.com 761 8th St. • 825-7596 www.libation.com 773 8th St. • 822-1900 www.mazzottis.com 826 G St. • 822-5296 www.moonriseherbs.com 876 G St. • 822-9997 www.mooressleepworld.com

Bon or fax Email Boniere with changes 791 8th St. • 822-6388 indicated and we will send Bubbles a revisedSt. • 822-3450 1031 H proof.


Moonrise Herbs

Cafe Reply Brio • 822-0791 needed if approved: 791 G St. signwww.briobaking.com just and return, or DTA aka 2nd Raider Regiment reply to H St. email 1063 this Fire approved.” “ad isArts Center
520 South. G St., #A • 826-1445 www.fireartsarcata.com

Moore’s Sleep World

AdGarden Gate returned by 708 9th St. • 822-6720 proofs not 905 H St. • 822-2156 deadline will be assumed New Image Salon Hand Therapy Center Sunny Brae Center • 822-3884 854Email Ste. 102 822-7525 correct10th St., or fax• with changes as shown. www.newimage-hairstudio.com www.handtherapycenter.com indicated and we willNorth Coast Environmental send Holly Yashi Center a revised proof. 1300 9th will not be The publisherSt. • 822-0389
www.yournec.org responsible for any errors, the Reply needed if approved: client assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness ofjust sign and return, or information, and for payment of www.hollyyashi.com 791 8th St. • 822-6918



Multiplicity Therapeutic Services Natural Selection

Corner of 10th & G Sts. • 822-4528

Pastels on the Plaza
Arcata October 1 2011 Northcoast Children’s Services Benefit ncsheadstart.org • 707.822.7206
The Palette / 31

Hwy 299 & Hwy 96
Blue lake, WilloW Creek, Hoopa

Deer Lake in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, photo by Sam Camp, www.campphoto.com www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Photo-Photography/335456636175


long the banks of the wild and scenic Trinity River sits Willow Creek, a delightful place to stop for a cup of coffee and plan an expedition into Bigfoot territory. The Willow Creek China Flat Museum houses an interesting collection of historical artifacts from the community and surrounding area, but may be best known for its fun collection of material relating to the Bigfoot legend. An excursion dedicated to the arts and culture of the North Coast cannot be considered complete without the inclusion of art created by Native American tribes of the region. The Hoopa Tribal Museum on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation is dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich cultural history and artistic practices of Native Americans of Northern California. Willow Creek’s Studio 299 Center for the Arts is a non-profit community organization devoted to the promotion and development of the arts in the Klamath and Trinity communities of Northern California. Studio 299 offers artists a place to gather, and a way to give back to the community with such events as the Taste of Willow Creek, Christmas Craft Gallery and the Willow Creek Farmers’ Market. The organization provides support for a wide variety of local artists, and is a sustaining resource for the community and the arts on the 299 corridor of Humboldt and Trinity Counties. Other Trinity County artist organizations include the Artist Re-

source Center, Rural Arts Guild and Gallery and Our Town Crafters and Artist Association in Hayfork; along with the Highland Art Center and Trinity County Arts Council in Weaverville. Theater arts in Trinity include the Brewery Barn Theater, Curtains Up Ensemble, the Mountain Actors Workshop, Redbud Theater in Willow Creek, the Trinity Players and the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center.


For more information about the arts along Hwy 299, visit: Trinity Arts Council at www.tcarts.com Studio 299 at studio299.tripod.com Highland Art Center at www.highlandartcenter.org
32 / The Palette

he tiny former logging town of Blue Lake rests near the banks of the Mad River off Highway 299 as it heads east. Blue Lake is home to a surprising number of artists, musicians, writers and actors. At the heart and center of its art community is Dell’Arte International, a world-famous school of physical theatre. While Dell’Arte features performances at various venues throughout the year, the summer Mad River Festival is the highlight of the season. This month-long extravaganza brings performers and audiences together for theatre, stories, clowning and music. It culminates with The Blue Lake Pageant where dancers, musicians and masked participants take to the streets accompanied by gigantic puppets. Also in Blue Lake, a vibrant music scene takes an energetic dancestep back into tradition thanks to the Humboldt Folklife Society, whose mission is to teach, celebrate and encourage participation in traditional and folk arts. Young musicians are finding an artistic outlet and connection to tradition by performing old-time and bluegrass music, mixing new energy with the old. Humboldt Folklife Society not only offers an ongoing calendar of events, but opportunities for musicians to gather for jam sessions, songwriting circles and evening sing-a-longs. During the summer, the Humboldt Folklife Society hosts a week-long Folklife Festival. For more information, visit www.humboldtfolklife.org

2011 performance Calendar
For more information, call (707) 668-5663.
courtesy of Dell’Arte

Commedia Dell’Arte February 3 - 5 Carlo Theatre Created and performed by Dell’Arte’s First Year students. Adaptions February 17 - 20 Carlo Theatre Created and performed by Dell’Arte’s Second Year MFA students. The Dell’Arte Company Cabaret February 25 - 27 Carlo Theatre Artists, faculty and staff of Dell’Arte entertain you with an evening of music, comedy, dance and a preview of summer festival treats. Community Based Arts (CBA) Projects March 8 - 12 Dell’Arte Coordinator Zuzka Sabata Various locations TBA. Melodrama March 17 - 19 Carlo Theatre Created and performed by Dell’Arte’s First Year students. Dell’Arte Company with the Magnificat Baroque Ensemble in L’AMFIPARNASO March 18 St. Patrick’s Seminary Menlo Park

Blue Lake School Shows March 24 - 25 Carlo Theatre Performed by Blue Lake School 8th graders. Directed by Lydia Foreman. Tragedy April 21 - 24 Carlo Theatre Performed by Dell’Arte’s Second Year MFA students. Clown April 28 – 30 Carlo Theatre Created and performed by Dell’Arte’s First Year students. Thesis Festival May 12 - 15 & May 19 - 22 Carlo Theatre Created, performed and directed by Dell’Arte’s MFA Third Year students. The Finals May 26 - 28 Carlo Theatre Created and performed by Dell’Arte’s First Year students. Storytelling June 2 - 5 Carlo Theatre Created and performed by Dell’Arte’s Second Year MFA students.

Rural Residencies: Theatre of Place June 9 - 10 Communities TBA Dell’Arte PTP students take up 10 day residencies in outlying communities to create a piece of theatre inspired by place. Mad River Festival 2011 June 23 - July 23 Dell’Arte Amphitheatre and Carlo Theatre Since 1991, the Dell’Arte Mad River Festival has brought together performers and audience members

from “around the world and down the block” for performances of theatre, music, comedy, storytelling, clown, puppetry and more. Lifetime Achievement Award June 25 Dell’Arte Amphitheatre and Carlo Theatre Humboldt Folklife Festival July 18 - July 23 Dell’Arte Amphitheatre and Carlo Theatre, around Blue Lake and Arcata.

courtesy of Dell’Arte

The Palette / 33

NortherN humboldt CouNty
McKinleyville, Westhaven, trinidad

supports humboldt county artists and artisans

photo by Laura Michels

he ocean and waterways influence the beauty of northern Humboldt County. McKinleyville is a beautiful, growing community bordered by the rugged Pacific Coast, nestled between the Mad and Little Rivers, and filled with streams and creeks. It is home to the Azalea State Reserve, a 30-acre wilderness preserve filled with fragrant pink and white blossomed, wild azaleas in April and May. Nearby Clam Beach is known for beachcombing, fishing and horseback riding. The famous Hammond Coastal Trail presents stunning panoramic views of the coastline. Its art influences stem from a large Native American community, its days as a western pioneer town and from its beautiful natural surroundings. North of McKinleyville is the tiny community of Westhaven, featuring the Westhaven Center for the Arts. The center features new exhibits and artists’ receptions each month, concerts and drama events, workshops and classes, many children’s activities, poetry readings, puppet shows, holiday events and other art exhibits. Just past Westhaven is the seaside village of Trinidad. It boasts a population of nearly 400 and is one of the most picturesque communities on the North Coast. Trinidad, with its small but dramatic bay and coastline, is known for its traditional fishing fleet, quaint ocean-side cottages and lovely Bed and Breakfast inns. Feast on fresh local seafood at one of Trindad’s fine food restaurants, and venture into one of several galleries highlighting works that star the natural beauty of the area. Trinidad has inspired the work of many well-known local and visiting artists.

Tiger Moth, by Melissa Zielinski



Land TITLE Co.
1034 Sixth Street, Eureka, CA 95501 ~ 707-443-0837 1836 Central Ave., Suite. A, McKinleyville, CA 95519 ~ 707-839-8520 1075 S. Fortuna Blvd., Suite B, Fortuna, CA 95540 ~ 707-726-0212
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arts OrganizatiOns
fine arts and nature. Uplifting human perception through the latest scientific and classic fine arts and study. North Coast Storytellers
P.O. Box 517, Trinidad 95570 677-3840 • www.inkpeople.org Produces “Storytelling Festival by the Sea” each summer in Trinidad. Meets first Wednesday evening of each month, please call for locations. 490 Trinity St., PO Box 1233 Trinidad 95570 • 677-0716 Rotating exhibits by local artists.

Trinidad Art Gallery

McKinleyville arts night

McKinleyville Art Night is the third Friday of each month, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Enjoy the community’s celebration of local art and artists for music, food and fun. Art Night is open for all McKinleyville Trinidad Museum Godwits, by or Wesa Email, fax John postal mail with changes indicated and we the work of local artists. For more information, 400 Janis Court businesses to display will send a revised proof. Trinidad, 95570 · 677-3883 contact coordinator Taffy Stockton at (707) 834-6460. You can MCKINLEYVILLE Reply needed if approved: sign and return or just reply tothe artists and venues and approved.” find this email “ad is see images online at www.trinidadmuseum.org information about No Limits Tap & Jazz Features photos of the whaling and will be assumed correct as shown. 1547 B Pickett Rd. Ad proofs not returned by deadline www.mckinleyvilleartsnight.com
logging history of the area, a native McKinleyville 95519 • 852-0922 responsible for any errors, the client assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of The publisher will not be plant garden, marine shells and Yurok www.nolimitstapandjazz.com information, and for payment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad. artifacts. Emphasizing technical perfection and fun in a positive environment. All area codes are (707) Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop, and DanceFit, an unless noted. Information is exercise class for adults.
subject to change.


Gold Phoenixcurly, by Allison Reed

Trinity Ballet Academy

1981 Central Ave. McKinleyville 95519 • 839-1816 A full ballet curriculum for ages 3 to adult. Also, break-dancing.

Blake’s Books

2005 Central Ave. 1181 Central Ave.

Central Smoke Shop Curves
Miller Business Park Miller Business Park 1969 Central Ave.

TRINIDAD Ethnic Music for Kids & Sahaja

160 Moonstone Cross Trinidad 95570 • 677-1923 Combined presentation and workshop program, using over 50 instruments from around the world. Promoting the use of ancient cultures’ instruments. P.O. Box 777, Trinidad 95570 496-6000 • www.icfineartsin.org Worldwide publication, arts study.

Spiral Flower Mandala, by Andrew Daniel

Hollrigel & Associates Knitter’s Lane
1225 Central Ave., #14 2019 Central Ave. 1977 Central Ave.
Hunter, by Jeremiah Benton

WESTHAVEN Westhaven Center for the Arts

I.C. Fine Arts Institute

A new perception: development and deployment of data, combining

501 S. Westhaven Dr. S Trinidad 95570 • 677-9493 www.westhavenarts.org Rotating art exhibits, workshops and classes in a variety of mediums, healing arts and spoken word, community concerts.

Mantova’s Two Street Music McKinleyville Central Market Mirador Glass
Miller Business Park

North Coast Gallery
1183 Central Ave.

McKinleyville Shopping Center

Pathways Trading Company Plaza Design
McKinleyville Shopping Center

Aglianico Barbera Bordeaux blend Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon Carignane Chardonnay Grenache Old Vine Zin Merlot

Mourvedre Nebbiolo Petite Sirah Pinotage Ports Rhone blend Sangiovese Sauvignon Blanc Super Tuscan blend Syrah

Visit, Sample and Buy Wines at our Tasting Room at 529 Trinity St in Trinidad Open noon to 6: Wed- Sun in Summer, Fri-Sun in Winter • 707-845-5492
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roofs not returned by deadline will be assumed correct as shown.

not be responsible for any errors, the client assumes full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of payment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad.

EEl rivEr vAllEy

Scotia, Rio Dell, FoRtuna , FeRnDale, loleta


Fortuna Civil War Days, photo by Mackenzie Kincaid, www.redroanstudios.com

he small towns and villages of the Eel River Valley provide first-class theater and music, antique and collectibles shops, arts cooperatives, charming accommodations, awardwinning restaurants and an abundance of local festivals. The infamous Kinetic Grand Championship ends its three threeday trek in the Victorian Village of Ferndale with people-powered

2010 Ferndale Arts AD PROOF

Painting • Photography Quilting we will send a revised proof. postal mail with changes indicated and • Needlecraft Kinetic Sculptures rgAnizAtiOns approved: sign and return or just reply to this email “adrts is approved.” Wood • Ceramics ofs not returned by deadline will be assumed correct as shown. FERNDALE Glass • Jewelry Ferndale completeness of be responsible for any errors, the client assumes full responsibility for accuracy and Arts Greeting Cards Shaw & Main Sts., 580 Main St., Ferndale 95536 ment of advertisement. Color represented on this proof may differ slightly from the actual printed ad. 786-9634 • www.ferndaleartgallery.com

sculptures limping down Main Street. Other events hosted in Ferndale are Hospitality Night, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Foggy Bottoms Run/Walk, 4th of July and Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and others. Fortuna offers the annual Fortuna Rodeo Week festivities, Redwood AutoXPo, Hops in Humboldt, Art & Wine in the Park, Apple Harvest Festival and Fortuna Civil War Days. Rio Dell hosts Wildwood Days representing its heritage with logging events, a parade and festivities. Loleta is best known for the Loleta Cheese Factory. Bring a picnic lunch, enjoy their lovely garden and sample their award-winning cheeses. Tour Scotia’s historic logging museum and the Fisheries Exhibit, featuring Humboldt County’s largest indoor aquarium.

580 Main Street at Shaw Ave., Ferndale
786-9634 • www.ferndaleartgallery.com
OPEn DAily 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ferndale Arts is a cooperative art gallery featuring the work of 20 local artists. Original work includes: paintings, photography, quilting, needlecraft, woodwork, ceramics, jewelry and greeting cards. P.O. Box 67, Ferndale 95536 • www.ferndalechoir.com • b.diehl@suddenlink.net For 41 years the Ferndale Community Choir has been part of the artistic “Victorian Village” of Ferndale. Under the direction of Betty Diehl, the 60 voice choir presents a concert of sacred music in a “Celebration in Song” during the Christmas season and again in the Spring. 447 Main St., P.O. Box 892, Ferndale 95536 • 786-5483 www.ferndale-rep.org • info@ferndale-rep.org 2011 Season: AMADEUS, Feb. 11-27; SOUTH PACIFIC, April 8 - May 1; THE SUGAR BEAN SISTERS, June 10-26; SWEENEY TODD, Aug. 5-28. SPECIAL EVENT: RepFest, March 19, Join celebrity hosts for a fabulous dinner, wonderful entertainment, live and silent auctions, and lots of fun while supporting Ferndale Rep and its programs.

Ferndale Community Choir

Ferndale Repertory Theatre

For Friends Of Fine Food
Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual fee of ad.

Meetings held every third Monday OVED __________________________________________________________ Date __________________________ at 1 p.m. (except December) in Rohner Park

Delicious Pastas, Steaks & Seafood orrections ____________________________________________________
Full Bar • Catering Available
Come see us in our new location

Relax & Dine at Curley’s!

FORTUNA Fortuna Art Council

www.fortunaartcouncil.org • info@fortunaartcouncil.org

Signature or email approval also authorizes size and annual fee of ad.

Recreation Hall. Supports local visual artists, both members and non-members, to exhibit their work in both the private and public sectors. Displays include Fortuna’s Art and Wine in the Park and Apple Harvest Festival, Humboldt County’s North Date __________________________ throughout Fortuna. Coast Open Studios and businesses

Fortuna Concert Series

Performances at The Monday Club on reka, CA 95501 • (707) 443-1234 Fax: (707) 443-5309 • ads@101things.com • www.101things.com the corner of Sixth and Main Sts. One of

682-6092 • www.fortunaconcertseries.com • fortunaconcert@live.com

(707) 725-1595
36 / The Palette

320 Main Street in Friendly Fortuna

the most unique venues in the area, a warm and inviting building designed with the express purpose of providing entertainment in a comfortable, yet charming setting. Fortuna Concert Series 2011: Eureka Dixieland All-Stars, Jan. 8; Chamber Players of the Redwoods, Feb. 12; Randy Porter, March 12; Sima Piano Trio, April 9; Trillium, May 14.

SCOTIA Scotia Band

P.O. Box 3, Scotia 95565 • 599-4872 thescotiaband@yahoo.com • www.scotiaband.org Humboldt County’s town band. Performs at local festivals year ’round. Scotia band is a not for profit organization.

Andy Westfall
Portraits of Life in Humboldt’s Heartland
by Mary Smith
n 1996, fifth generation Humboldter, Andy Westfall began his quest to compile a photographic and narrative history of Humboldt County’s rich ranching heritage. The project started out simple enough. Westfall bought a used book for $10 entitled Historic Ranches of Wyoming. This got him thinking that nothing like this existed in Humboldt County. The wheels started turning. Westfall took into consideration the area’s rich culture, vast landscape and the people that make ranching here a way of life.


Graham Westfall and boys, Henry and Jack, Oil Creek Ranch

“.... worked and played on ranches all over the county. And there was not a pickup cab or kitchen, mountaintop or meadow where I did not feel welcome. “
— Andy Westfall

Andy and his wife Sandy purchased a ranch in 1989 at Bunker Hill. This led to their involvement with the Buckeye Conservancy and the Cattlemen’s Association while learning how to deal with the many issues of running a ranch. Westfall, who was an art major in college, began the book’s process by contacting ranchers for interviews and taking photos. Several thousand photos were taken by Westfall in the 14-year period and 100 interviews were held. One interview led to another. The close-knit ranching community embraced the endeavor early on and the Humboldt Heartland project grew. Combined interests in photography, local history and ranching formed Westfall’s mission to discover and portray the real people, real lives and real businesses respectfully, accurately and appropriately. As the interviews and photographs accumulated, Westfall organized the material into five categories, which became the structure for the book, Humboldt Heartland. These include: The Lore, The Landscape, The Livelihood, The Life and The Legacy. In Westfall’s own words: “The project’s 14 years gave me some wonderful times and I learned a great many things. I photographed, visited with, rode along, and worked and played on ranches all over the county. And there was not a pickup cab or kitchen, mountaintop or meadow where I did not feel welcome. There are two regrets: that I did not get to some people in time and that I could not include every place and not every person in the book.” The result is a beautiful 250 page, hardcover book that captures the life and times of many Humboldt County ranching families, past and present. Humboldt Heartland is available for $75 plus tax, postage and handling. To own a copy, contact Andy Westfall at (707) 786-4659. For more information on Humboldt Heartland, visit the online website at: www.humboldtheartland.com
Lane Russ ● Rancher, Elk River

The Palette / 37

Southern humboldt & Avenue of the GiAntS
BenBow, GarBerville, redway, PhilliPsville, Miranda, Myers Flat, weott, redcrest, PePPerwood

photo by Steve Hammons


he arts along the famed Avenue of the Giants (Old Hwy 101) are thriving. The majestic towering Redwoods and winding Eel River make for stunning views, perfect for creative inspiration. The small rural communities in the heart of the redwoods have gone from being booming mill towns to havens for artists, musicians and craftsmen. From world music concerts to chainsaw art, hemp clothing, jewelry making, wine-making, specialty foods and the many fine arts, these burgs in Southern Humboldt have made the national map. To whet the musical appetite, Benbow, Garberville and Redway, just outside the southern entrance to the Avenue of the Giants, are famous for several major yearly musical and theatrical events. Redway is home to the Mateel Community Center, internationally known for festivals and events. And an historic roadhouse in Phillipsville brings live entertainment to its bustling tavern. Retail shops, restaurants, roadside vendors and rural galleries along the Avenue of the Giants sell a variety of local arts and crafts. At most of the roadside stops along this route you’ll find carvings

hewn from the great redwood trees that make this area so unique. Miranda, near the southern entrance to the Avenue of the Giants has a few places to stop to admire and buy unique Redwood treasures and local art. The peaceful village of Myers Flat has a winery with a wine tasting room nestled in the redwood forest, a centerpiece of the Avenue of the Giants. The whole Avenue journey, through Weott and Redcrest north to Pepperwood, is eye candy to the traveler—whether given to us from nature or made from the hands of artists.

Summer Arts & Music Festival, photo by Agnes Patak www.mateel.org

Join Us for Dinner!
Join Us for Dinner!

Warm Atmosphere Fine Food Excellent Wine List RV and Golf
Executive Chef - Kenneth Aldin Open Daily for Executive & - Kenneth Breakfast ChefDinner Aldin

9 Years

445 Lake Benbow Dr. Garberville 707-923-2124 800-355-3301 www.benbowinn.com
Wine Director - Delbert Chumley

Elegant Dining for All Occasions
38 / The Palette

Elegant Dining for All Occasions

Wine Director - Delbert Chumley ®

courtesy of Riverbend Cellars, www.riverbendcellars.com

the mAteel Community Center

Taste Wine

photo by Agnes Patak, www.mateel.org

Redway, home to the Mateel Community Center, has become Southern Humboldt’s cultural hub. The Mateel operates as both an event venue and in-house arts presenter. Internationally known for festivals such as Reggae on the River, the Summer Arts & Music Festival and the Humboldt Hills Hoedown, the Mateel Community Center also offers an annual calendar of events which covers a wide range of artistic styles and media. The Mateel offers to the local community a wide variety of programs, from youth athletics and children’s theater to cooking classes and clown workshops. Many of these programs are offered at no cost or at minimal cost to students and schools. Go to www.mateel.org for more information. January
4: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 28: Black & Red Ball w/ George Clinton & Parliament/ Funkadelic 4-6 & 11-13: Mighty Mateel Players present Love Your Mothership 18: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 11: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 18-20: Random People Monologues Project 1: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 10: Ani DiFranco 12: Animal Collective 23: Artists of the Emerald Coast 6: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 20-22: South Fork High School drama presentation 4/5: 35th annual Summer Arts & Music Festival (at Benbow Lake State Rec Area) 16/17: 27th annual Reggae on the River (at Benbow Lake State Rec Area) 30: San Francisco Mime Troupe
photo by Agnes Patak, www.mateel.org

Wine Sets The Mood
From a casual dinner with close friends to a romantic interlude, Wine CAN make the difference. One of the best sounds is the sound of the wine cork from your favorite varietal. Choose the wine, choose the time and seize the moment. Experience the flavor, enjoy the taste and savor the mood.




Mid august: SoHum Smoke Off BBQ Contest & Brew Fest 2: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 24: 7th annual Humboldt Hills Hoedown 20: Mateel Comedy Cabaret 1-2: Natural Fiber Faire 3: Missoula Children’s Theatre auditions 8: Missoula Children’s Theatre performance 29: Halloween Boogie 11: Hemp Fest Comedy Kick-Off 12: 21st annual Humboldt Hemp Fest 13: Hemp Fest Forum 1-4: Recycled Youth 10-11: 35th annual Winter Arts Faire 16: Mateel Comedy Cabaret







Capture the Mood
12990 Avenue of the Giants Myers Flat CA • 707.943.9907 www.riverbendcellars.com
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Tasting Everyday 11am - 5pm



Wines & Wineries
elcome to the wineries and vineyards of Humboldt County—a community of artisan wineries and vineyards whose passion and enthusiasm for wine is matched by the quality of their products. Humboldt is a county of diverse growing and wine making areas, from the vineyards and wineries scattered amongst the redwoods of Southern Humboldt to those winding river and forest canyons of the East county, and the wineries in the Northern County that feel the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean. These diverse regions produce a variety of grapes ideally matched to the micro-climates and soils of these areas. Most of the vintners are happy to welcome guests and are only open by appointment.
1. Briceland Vineyards (by appt) (707) 923-2429 5959 Briceland Rd, Redway Owners: Joe Collins & Maggie Carey Wine: Ar, C, PN, Ri, SB, SpW, Sy www.bricelandvineyards.com 2. caBot Vineyards (by appt) (530) 469-3397 209 Ferris Ranch Rd, Orleans Owners: John & Kimberly Cabot Wine: CS, M, Sy, Z www.cabotvineyards.com 3. carter cellars / enVy Wines
Wine Tasting (12-5pm daily)



Murray Rd
Fieldbrook Rd

13. Moonstone crossing Winery and tasting rooM Tasting: Summer Wed-Sun noon-6pm, Winter Fri-Sun noon-6pm (707) 845-5492, 529 Trinity St, Trinidad Owners: Don Bremm & Sharon Hanks Wine: Ba, C, Ca, CBSB, CF, CS, M, PS, P, Sa, SB, Sy, Z www.moonstonecrossing.com 14. MyrtleWood liqUors & John’s cigars (707) 444-8869 1648 Myrtle Ave, Eureka, CA 95501 Owner: John Baddeley Wine Tasting Room - Many Premium Wine Selections 15. old groWth cellars (707) 444-2333, 500 Quail Valley Rd, Eureka Owners: Steve Garrett and Jim Pastori Wine: Z, PS www.oldgrowthcellars.com 16. PersiMMons garden gallery & Wine tasting Tasting: noon-8pm Wed-Sat, (707) 923-2748 1055 Redway Dr, Redway Owner: Holly Sweet www.persimmonsgardengallery.com 17. riVerBend cellars Open Daily (707) 943-9907 12990 Avenue of the Giants, Myers Flat Owner: Thomas Meagher Tasting: 11am–5pm seven days a week Tours: Available by appt Wine: CS, M Sy, CBSB, C www.riverbendcellars.com 18. roBert goodMan Wines Thur-Sat 2pm-Midnight, Sun-Wed 2-10pm (707) 826-9463, 937 I St, Arcata Owner: Robert Goodman Wine: C, PN, CS, Z www.robertgoodmanwines.com 19. rocky’s ridge Vineyard (707) 601-0899 22522 Hwy 299 / PO Box 898, Blue Lake Owners: Jeff and Marisa St. John Wine: C, PN, Sy 20. rosina Vineyard (707) 722-4331, 751 Sorenson Rd, Redcrest Owners: Ed & Rosina Lewis Wines: Pinot Noir www.rosinavineyard.com 21. sentinel Winery (by appt) (530) 629-2338 2263 Patterson Ln, Willow Creek Owners: Bruce & Janet Nelson Wines: PN, RB, Sy, M nelson@sentinelwinery.net 22. Whitethorn Winery (707) 986-1658 545 Shelter Cove Rd, Whitethorn Owner: Tasha McCorkle McKee Wine: CS, PN, C 23. the Wine sPot (707) 476-6236 Tues-Thur 2-10pm, Fri 2pm-Midnight Sat Noon-Midnight, Sun Noon-5pm Wine, microbrews – tasting and for sale 234 “F” St, Old Town, Eureka Owner: Kat Combs

West End Rd

19 4 10 18

Willow Creek
21 24 5

Titlow Hill Road


3 14 15 23

(707) 444-8062, 301 L St, Eureka www.carterhouse.com 4. cUrtis and daVid Winery (by appt) (707) 822-5633, 1800 Q St, Arcata Owners: Curtis Watkins & David Brown Wine: CS, M, Ca, Z www.curtisanddavid.com 5. dogWood estate Winery (by appt) (530) 629-3750 3995 Campbell Ridge Rd, Salyer Owners: Gary & Pam Barker Wine: CS, CF, C, PN, M, Sy, P, Z www.dogwoodestatewinery.com 6. elk Prairie Vineyard (by appt) (707) 943-3498 11544 Dyerville Loop Rd, Myers Flat Owners: Alan & Sandra Estrada Wine: PN, C, CF www.elkprairievineyard.com 7. FieldBrook Winery (by appt) Seasonal Hours, (707) 839-4140 4241 Fieldbrook Rd, Fieldbrook Owners: Bob & Judy Hodgson Wine: C, SB, CS, PN, Sa, Ba www.fieldbrookwinery.com 8. Frog alley cellars (707) 786-4353 1436 Ambrosini Ln, Ferndale Owners: Francis & Sharon Brazil Wine: PN, PS 9. leVenPence cellars (by appt) (707) 768-2090 751 Porcupine Ln PO BOX 201, Carlotta Operated by: Leigh & Larry Nicoll Wine: Sy, CS, SB, Z 10. liBation Wine store & Wine Bar Open 7 Days a Week (707) 825-7596 8th St. on the Plaza in Arcata www.libation.com 11. lost coast Vineyards (by appt) (707) 629-3671 795 Conklin Creek Rd, Petrolia Owners: Dick Cogswell, Ester A. Saunoras Wine: Ba, C, CS, Do, M, N, PG, PN, P, Sy, SB, V 12. MonUMent MoUntain Vineyards (707) 764-3752 2330 Monument Rd, Rio Dell Wine: PN www.facebook.com/monumentmountainvineyards


Rio Dell 12
Ave of


ts an


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Winery Winery & Tasting Room Wine Shop Wine Shop & Tasting Room

Myers Flat

17 16



Varietals Legend
Ag.............. Aglianico Ar .............. Arneis Ba .............. Barbera C ................ Chardonnay Ca.............. Carignane
24. Winnett Vineyards (by appt) (530) 629-3478 655 Peach Tree Ln, Willow Creek Owners: David & Sharon Winnett Wine: M, CS, SB, C, Ri, R www.winnettvineyards.com Non-Member Wineries: Alta California Winery-Eureka Bergeron-Trinidad Coates Vineyards-Orleans Heidrun Meadery-Arcata Lluvia Winery-Bayside Oliviera Winery-Arcata TriValley-Arcata Violet-Green-Bayside Vinatura-Bayside

CBSB ......... California Bordeaux ................... Style Blend CF .............. Cabernet Franc CL .............. Claret CS .............. Cabernet Sauvignon Do.............. Dolcetto M ............... Merlot N ................ Nebbiolo P ................ Port PG.............Pinot Grigio Pi ............... Pinotage PN ............. Pinot Noir PS .............. Petite Sirah RB .............. Red Blend Ri ............... Riesling S................. Semillion Sa .............. Sangiovese SB .............. Sauvignon-Fume Blanc SpW ........... Sparkling Wine Sy............... Syrah-Shiraz V ................ Viognier Z ................ Zinfandel
www.101things.com • Humboldt County 15

40 / The Palette

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Winery Profiles

Go for a taste of Humboldt County Wines
umboldt County is blessed with great artisan wineries. One of the best ways to learn about the wine they make is to visit a winery or tasting room. While many of the wineries are not open every day, a simple phone call will put you in touch with the winemakers and give you the opportunity to visit with them face to face. Not only will you get to taste their wines, but you will also learn how the wines are made and what they were thinking in developing a particular varietal.


(707) 826-WINE(9463) www.robertgoodmanwines.com Robert Goodman has been creating wines since 1978, and his wines have been commercially available since 1997. The winery is located on the corner of 10th and I Sts. in downtown Arcata. The winery site is located in an ideal coastal climate which is consistently cool. The grapes come from different growing regions around California and are produced by some the most highly regarded growers in the world. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes comes from Howell Mountain’s Beatty Ranch and Polaris Vineyards in Napa. The Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes are from organically grown Humboldt County grapes. The Chardonnay grapes are from the Sangiacomo Family vineyards in the Carneros Region of Sonoma County. The Zinfandel grapes come from the Red Hills region in Lake county. The wines are available at restaurants, retail outlets and at the tasting room that is open daily in downtown Arcata. courtesy Robert Goodman Wines

riVerBenD CellArS
(707) 943-9907
www.riverbendcellars.com Myers Flat on the Avenue of the Giants is not only known for majestic redwood trees, but also for the outstanding wines of Riverbend Cellars. Surrounded by 30 acres of estate vineyards and nestled within a 280º bend of the South Fork of the Eel River this extraordinary winery provides an exceptional opportunity for wine tasting and fine dining. Visitors are invited to sample the award-winning wines at Riverbend Cellars Tasting Room, or as an accompaniment to a gourmet meal at the on-site restaurant The Groves. Riverbend Cellars’ Tasting Room is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It also offers a selection of specialty foods, picnic items, local art and much more. Riverbend Cellars is located on the Avenue of the Giants in Myers Flat (at the Hwy 101 and Myers Flat exit). courtesy Riverbend Cellars


(707) 845-5492 www.moonstonecrossing.com Winemakers Sharon Hanks and Don Bremm source only select grapes grown in small vineyards in Amador, Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino appellations. Grape crushing, fermentation and barrel aging are completed at their winery located 1,000 feet from Moonstone Beach near the scenic village of Trinidad. The wines are hand-crafted in small quantities, are not fined nor filtered, with only a minimum of sulfites added in the wine making process. Moonstone specializes in hearty, full-bodied Sangiovese, Barbera, Grenache, Mourvedre, Petite Verdot, old vine Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignane, Nebbiolo, Aglianico, Pinotage, along with Rhone, Bordeaux, and Super-Tuscan blends, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and port. Wines are available at the winery, local stores, restaurants, and at Moonstone Tasting Room, 529 Trinity St., Trinidad. Winter hours are Fri-Sun noon to 6 p.m., Mon 5 to 7 p.m. or by appointment. Summer hours are Wed-Sun, noon-6 p.m. courtesy Moonstone Crossing


(530) 629-2338 nelson@sentinelwinery.net Sentinel Winery is a family-owned winery. The 2-acre Covey Lane Vineyards and the petite winery are located in the magnificent Trinity River valley. Winemakers Bruce and Janet Nelson use grapes grown solely on their estate in the Willow Creek Viticulture Area, and all wines are estate bottled. The signature wines produced by Sentinel Winery are a lovely Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot and the Bigfoot Red blend Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah). Call for an appointment for a private barrel tasting and a chat on the Nelson’s charming front porch or under our pergola. Sentinel Winery, 2263 Patterson Lane, Willow Creek.

Sentinel Winery

2007 Carter Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Coliseum Block —Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate


Envy 93+

Bee Bee’s Blend 2007

Carter House Inns & Restaurant 301 707.444.8062 301 L St., Eureka www.CarterHouse.com
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Humboldt County EvEnts & FEstivals
YEAR-ROUND Humboldt Roller Derby Eureka • www.humboldtrollerderby.com FEBRUARY Clam Beach Run Trinidad • 677-1610 www.trinidadtoclambeach.com Ferndale Firemen’s Games Ferndale • 786-4477 www.victorianferndale.org MARCH A Taste of Main Street Eureka • 442-9054 www.eurekamainstreet.org Aleutian Goose Fly-off Weekend Loleta • 733-5406 www.fws.gov/humboldtbay Foggy Bottoms Milk Run Ferndale • 822-1861 • www.6rrc.com Random Peoples Monologue Project Redway • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org Redwood Coast Jazz Festival Eureka • 445-3378 • www.redwoodjazz.org Spring Egg Hunt Manila • 445-3309 • www. manilacsd.com Spring Equinox Celebration Fortuna • 725-9627 www.lovinghandsinstitute.com

Kinetic Grand Championship, photo by Denise Comiskey

Godwit Days Bird Festival Arcata • 444-2938 • www.godwitdays.com HSU Dance Production Arcata • 826-3566 Humboldt International Film Festival Arcata • 826-4113 www.humboldt.edu/~filmfest Rhododendron Festival & Parade Eureka • 442-3738 • www.eurekachamber.com

Coming of Age Redway • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org Ferndale Memorial Day Parade Ferndale • 786-4477 • www.victorianferndale.org Kinetic Grand Championship Arcata-Ferndale • 499-0643 www.kineticgrandchampionship.com May Day Celebration Eureka • 444-3437 • www.blueoxmill.com Portuguese Holy Ghost Celebration Ferndale • 786-4477 • www.victorianferndale.org JUNE, JULY, AUGUST Summer Concert Series Eureka • 442-9054 • www.eurekamainstreet.org JUNE Arcata Bay Oyster Festival Arcata • 822-4500 • www.oysterfestival.net Azalea Festival McKinleyville, 839-2449 www.mckinleyvillechamber.com Dancing in the Dunes Manila • 445-3309 • www. manilacsd.com Dell’Arte Mad River Festival Blue Lake • 668-5663 • www.dellarte.com Manila Sand Sculpture Contest Manila • 444-1397 • www. manilacsd.com North Coast Open Studios Arcata • 834-6460 www.northcoastopenstudios.com Redwood Acres Fair Eureka • 445-3037 • www.redwoodacres.com Summer Arts and Music Fest Redway • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org Summer Solstice Celebration Fortuna • 725-9627 www.lovinghandsinstitute.com JULY Campfire Storytelling Trinidad • 677-3840 www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=417 Ferndale 4th of July Celebration Ferndale • 786-4477 www.victorianferndale.org Fortuna Redwood Auto Xpo Fortuna • 725-3916 www.redwoodautoxpo.com

Humboldt County Fair, photo by Shannon Smith

Spring Seed & Plant Exchange Manila • 445-3309 • www. manilacsd.com APRIL 10 Minute Play Fest Arcata • 826-3566 www.humboldt.edu/theatrefilmanddance Daffodil Dazzle! Fortuna • 725-2281 Dolbeer Steam Donkey Days Eureka • 445-6567 Ferndale Easter Egg Hunt Ferndale • 786-4477 • www.victorianferndale.org 42 / The Palette

Spring Fever Festival Craft Show Eureka • 443-8261 Sustainable Living Arts & Music Fest Arcata • 826-3776 www.humboldt.edu MAY Avenue of the Giants Marathon Avenue of the Giants 443-1226 Cinco de Mayo Folklorico Fest Ferndale • 786-9668

Fortuna Rodeo Fortuna • 725-4465 www.fortunarodeo.com Fourth of July Humboldt Bay Festival Eureka • 442-9054 www.eurekamainstreet.org Fourth of July Jubilee & Fireworks Arcata • 822-3619 • www.arcatachamber.com Fourth of July Salute to America Ferndale • 786-5483 • www.victorianferndale.org Humboldt Folklife Festival Blue Lake • 822-5394 • www.humboldtfolklife.org Picnics on the Plaza Arcata • 442-4500 • www.arcatamainstreet.com Reggae on the River Benbow • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org San Francisco Mime Troup Redway • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org Shakespeare in the Park Arcata • 822-7091 WoodFair 2010 Arcata • 768-1975 • www.HumboldtWoodFair.org AUGUST Bridgefest Bridgeville • 777-1775 Campfire Storytelling Trinidad • 677-3840 www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=417 Concerts on the Plaza Arcata • 822-4500 • www.arcatamainstreet.com Hops in Humboldt Fortuna • 725-9261 www.hopsinhumboldt.com

SEPTEMBER Antique & Collectible Street Faire Eureka • 443-4811 Blues by the Bay Eureka • 445-3378 www.redwoodcoastmusicfestivals.org Civil War Days - Fortuna 725-9261 • www.civilwardays.com Cruz ‘N’ Eureka Car Show Eureka • 839-1192 www.cruzneureka.org Fall Equinox Celebration Fortuna • 725-9627 www.lovinghandsinstitute.com Fall Harvest Festival Manila • 445-3309 North Country Fair Arcata • 822-5320 www.arcatamainstreet.com Storytelling Festival by the Sea Trinidad • 677-3840 Taste of Willow Creek Willow Creek (530) 629-3488 http://studio299.tripod.com OCTOBER Fortuna Apple Harvest Fest Fortuna, 725-2123 or 725-9261 www.sunnyfortuna.com Halloween Carnival & Chili Feed Ferndale • 786-5300 Halloween Chili Feed & Scary Walk Manila • 445-3309, www. manilacsd.com

Trick or Treat Downtown & Old Town Eureka • 442-9054 www.eurekamainstreet.org Trick or Treat On & Around the Plaza Arcata • 442-4500 www.arcatamainstreet.com Trick or Treat Henderson Center, Eureka

Redwood Coast Jazz Festival, photo by Steve Hammons

NOVEMBER Farmers Market Craft Fair Arcata • 441-9999 • www.humfarm.org Hempfest Redway • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org Holiday Open House Henderson Center • Eureka • 443-4811 Thanksgiving Dinner and Celebration Manila • 445-3309 • www. manilacsd.com DECEMBER Christmas Lighted Tractor Parade Ferndale • 786-4299 www.victorianferndale.org Fortuna Christmas Music Fest Fortuna • 725-3959 www.chamber.sunnyfortuna.com Holiday Children’s Fair Manila • 445-3309 www. manilacsd.com Lighting of America’s Tallest Living Christmas Tree Ferndale • 786-4477 www.victorianferndale.org Recycled Youth Redway • 923-3368, www.mateel.org Season of Wonder & Light Arcata • 442-4500 www.arcatamainstreet.com Winter Arts Faire Redway • 923-3368 • www.mateel.org Winter Solstice Celebration Fortuna • 725-9627 www.lovinghandsinstitute.com

North County Fair, photo by Mackenzie Kincaid

Humboldt County Fair Ferndale • 786-9511 www.humboldtcountyfair.org Ruth Lake Summer Festival Ruth Lake Recreational Campground 574-6269 Sumeg Village Day Trinidad • 677-3840 or 677-3570 www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=417 Wildwood Days Rio Dell • 764-3436 www.riodellscotiachamber.org

Halloween Harvest Craft Show Eureka • 443-8261 Medieval Festival of Courage Blue Lake • 825-8804 Pastels on the Plaza Arcata • 822-7206 www.ncsheadstart.org Redwood Coast Bellydance Festival Arcata • 616-6876 www.redwoodcoastbellydance.com

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Morris Graves MuseuM exhibitions
Morris Graves & Art of the northwest Come explore the work of Morris Graves from the Humboldt Arts Council’s Permanent Collection. Enhance your interpretation of the artworks on display by perusing the Interactive CD-ROM, The Life & Art of Morris Graves. This educational tool allows you to view a selection of artwork, the Loleta Studio of the artist, and to hear interviews from his friends and colleagues. Len Davis is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and has exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, Houston and New York. He has visited schools teaching students about collage and art in general. He has also had his work included in television shows and in several private collections, both domestically and internationally. “I work with assemblage, collage, mixed-media and works on paper. I use lots of found objects, drawings, print outs, text usage, graphite, color pencil, gouache, acrylic, pastel, etc.,” Davis says. “My pieces deal with life itself, i.e., the people we are, what we create, our capabilities and the issues with which we deal. My premise is to lure the viewer in. Once they’re in, they will be placed in a position to reflect on and question their ethics, be it disquieting or placid.” the iconic image, Fine Art Photography from the Humboldt Group Collection January 19 through March 6 The Iconic Image will feature fine art photography from the Humboldt Group Collection by different photographers including: Berenice Abbott, Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard, Wynn Bullock, Imogen Cunningham, Judy Dater, Walker Evans, Lewis W. Hine, William Henry Jackson, Dorthea Lange, Marc Riboud, Herb Ritts, Arthur Rothstein, Edward Steichen, Brett Weston, Edward Weston and Minor White. balance in space. Not only am I concerned about the space it occupies, but especially the unoccupied space. Achieving this balance gives my sculpture energy. The use of steel is paramount for my working method. Not only do I admire steel for its permanence, but it also allows me to work on several sculptures at a time. The structural characteristics of steel are used to physically connec t and float anthony Johnson sculptural elements. The adding and subtracting of various components with a touch of a torch or welder is very satisfying. Completing a sculpture is not of utmost importance. The struggle or process is the most important part of creating my art. It is an adventure that has its own rewards. Welding, cutting, bending and grinding are a form of meditation that transports me to a different place.” - Anthony Johnson

JAnuAry 2011
Glenn Berry: A Lifetime in Art through January 16 A founding father of Humboldt State University’s Art Department and a nationally recognized painter, Glenn Berry is the creator of a distinctive and prevailing

MArCH 2011
GLenn berry

geometric style of painting in which faceless figures shift and explore the landscape, symbolizing the process rather than the end result. This exhibition will highlight Berry’s career achievements and illustrate his unique style. A full color book will soon be available for purchase in the Museum Gift Shop. Len Davis, A thousand Words January 19 through March 6 Len Davis is an assemblage/installation, collage and work-on-paper artist who uses an array of found materials and objects to complete his drawings, collages and assemblages. Davis’ background stems from graphic design. Most of his work consists of materials that include text and numbers in them to invoke thought and mood in these visual stories. A Thousand Words is a series comprised of 100 8”X 5”collages incorporated with drawings of peoples’ faces. Like the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”This allows the viewer to make their own interpretation of each piece. Abstract in concept, illustrative in execution.

redwood Art Association March 17 through April 24 Annual juried spring exhibition from Humboldt County’s oldest artist’s association. With over 210 artists, members and supporters, the Redwood Art Association is a community of artists who value art as an essential component of every aspect of our culture. Diana schoenfeld, schoolhouse odyssey: Photographing remote Location Ghost schools and Voices from the Past— A Literal and Metaphorical Journey March 23 through May 1 Photographer and arts educator Diana Schoenfeld will present an exhibition of black and white photographs from Schoolhouse Odyssey, her extended photographic study of remote location“ghost”schools with the oral histories and stories she has gathered along the way. Through photography, literature, colorful spoken memoirs and a display of vintage textbooks dating from the 1840s, Schoenfeld will share the discoveries that make Schoolhouse Odyssey a metaphorical as well as physical journey. Visitors to the exhibition will see photographs of old one-room schoolhouses as they appear in unique landscapes

Lewis w. hine, iconic iMaGe

FeBruAry 2011
25th Annual images of Water—California statewide Mixed Media Competition and exhibition February 3 through March 13 Celebrating 25 years of creative visions of water, this annual photography competition highlights the inspiring beauty of water. From photos of lakes, streams, ice-cube trays and snow, Images of Water is a fun, theme-based show to take part in or to just take a look at. Open to all Californians, this is an exciting opportunity for the residents of California to become involved in the arts on the North Coast. Anthony Johnson: timeworn February 5 through June 30 “I have always been fascinated by old rusty things, i.e.cars, tractors, disc plows etc, and how they interact with the surrounding landscape. The context and state in which these objects lie are commonplace. However, when I use rusted old tools and found objects in my sculpture, they become dynamic and alive. Familiar objects used in everyday life are transformed. I seek to simplify forms in my sculpture while creating a

Len Davis

Diana schoenfeLD

44 / The Palette

from Vermont to California. Some are nearly forgotten, in a state of ghostly decay, others preserved as tiny museums occasionally open to the public. The photographs show old reading scrolls, bulging cardboard blackboards; fragile, dusty schoolbooks; lunch boxes, slate boards and other schoolhouse memorabilia scanning the century from 1840 to 1940. Abandoned playgrounds, hand pumps, melancholy flagpoles and outbuildings are sometimes all that is left to remind us that these humble structures were once places full of life and imagination. Generations of students and teachers nourished the life of the mind in these simple schoolhouses, the remains of which still grace the American landscape. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to sit down and browse through transcribed oral memoirs compiled during the years that Diana has been working on this project. Included will be portraits of elderly former students, teachers, and protectors of these now mostly forgotten schools.

June 2011
California Fiber Artists, Fiber enriched June 22 through August 21 California Fiber Artists (CFA) is a group of independent fiber artists who have joined their collective works together forming exhibitions of exciting and diverse fiber art. CFA describe their work as fusion art using fiber as well as other mediums to develop texture, shape, design and color. The members are a unique combination of artists with skills ranging from sculpture, basketry, mixed media, art quilts and other fiber related mediums. The artists reconstruct fiber with dye, paint and wire, among other things, to develop their images. Collage and other three-dimensional work have been created to inject their exhibits with some sculptural elements as

cathy LocKe

MAy 2011
Mia semingson: 39+ What Comes Around, Goes Around May 4 through June 19 Prior to Semingson’s 39th Birthday, she had confronted herself many times with the concept of living in the present moment instead of looking to the past or the future as the present moment ticked

by. She has since decided to change her thought process, to slow time down with the aid of a digital camera, and become sensitive to the present moment by literally seeing and photographing what is in front of her each day. As part of this project, each day’s image references the previous day’s either visually or conceptually. Cathy Locke & tracy Grubbs, Motion & Meaning May 4 through June 19 Today women in the U.S. have a greater capacity to control the direction of their lives than ever before. They must navigate a shifting set of unprecedented

different perspectives, both grounded in the basic teachings of Buddhism. The ancient philosophy charts a path to liberation based on the clear-eyes acceptance of impermanence and change. In this context, the artists focus not on the choices women face, but on how they arrive at those choices and the prospect of constant change in their lives. Both artists mine the rich boundary between representation and abstraction to deepen their own understanding of change as a catalyst for liberation. Through the depiction of ordinary objects, including old cars, buildings and furniture, Tracy Taylor Grubbs’ oil paintings explore the changing nature of form and our capacity to perceive it. What, at first glance, appear to be tightly rendered objects, are actually changing, impermanent forms with missing roofs and dripping windows. Grubbs chooses her subjects for their ordinary presence and their inevitable absence from the world. Ultimately her paintings Mia seMinGson provide a window where, at least for a moment, the static experience of a single view gives way to the ecstatic possibilities of the ephemeral. Cathy Locke’s work explores the shifting nature of identity and the transformative process of emotional experience. In her mixed media paintings, figures appear in landscapes that depict the emotional rather than the physical geography of our lives. The emotional context of the figures creates a timeless landscape. The viewer does not identify with a particular individual but rather with an experience or emotion. Her mixed media paintings combine oil and cold wax, or pastel and acrylic washes, to create a rich surface that reflects the changing, unpredictable nature of human emotions and the potential for liberation within these deeply felt experiences. These two artists use their particular place in history to explore new notions of liberation, not just for women, but for all people. Having benefited greatly from the political and economic reforms of the past century, Grubbs and Locke take time to contemplate a deeper form of freedom; one that enables us to come to terms with constant change. 10th Annual northwest eye regional Photography Competition & exhibition May 7 through June 12 The Northwest Eye is a five-state regional fine art photography competition and exhibition highlighting the current trends in the art of photography. This exhibition showcases the creativity and beauty caught by some of the finest photographers in the Northwest.

anita KapLan cfa

well as to showcase their versatility. CFA has exhibited in many different venues such as the Huntsville Museum of Art, in Huntsville, Alabama, and at a gallery in Finland. CFA was established in 2004 and is a partnership of diverse independent fiber artists working together by consolidating their talents for the purpose of successfully educating the public and promoting fiber art through public exhibitions throughout California. James B. thompson, the Vanishing Landscape June 29 through August 14

JaMes b. thoMpson

tracy Grubbs

choices regarding childbirth, careers, marriage, family and identity. Many are opting away from the traditional roles as mothers and searching for new meaning with their lives and new found liberation. The work of artists Tracy Taylor Grubbs and Cathy Locke explore the idea of liberation from two slightly

The Vanishing Landscape is a series of 38 abstract pieces; 14 acrylic paintings on canvas and 24 mixed-media prints on paper dealing directly with the transformation of the rural west. James B.Thompson is a practicing artist who has shown extensively in the region as well as throughout the United States and abroad. Thompson is a professor of Art at Willamette University where he has taught for the past 22 years.
The Palette / 45

Morris Graves MuseuM exhibitions
gear, she employs depictions of common Mary Farmilant, in situ objects to function symbolically, moving June 29 through beyond their obvious function and August 28 serving as metaphor in a personal In Situ re fe r s to narrative. found ar tifacts that remain in their original sePteMBer 2011 place of deposition. The rachel schlueter, A World of Paint examination of objects september 3 through october 22 and the spaces they Schlueter’s paintings manifest from occupy is a predominant a desire to experience spontaneous theme in Farmilant’s work. creativity. This desire is a fascination These are studied in order Mary farMiLant with melding abstract gesture with to reconstruct a picture of representational form. Intuition and life in the past. Farmilant seeks out small incidental, unremarkable elements imagination has been key in her personal and to photograph. The images explore the moment of professional life. It’s a sense that has been present perception that relates to memory, narrative and time. from her earliest memories, and most significantly They record the impressions made on the physical represented in her paintings. The exhibition will space—a portrait of society, a moment in time that feature new portraits in oil of varying sizes. is at once abstract, impressionistic and surreal. Mary Farmilant’s images address the fragile nature of living institutions by examining abandoned hospital spaces. Farmilant’s background as a registered nurse is the catalyst for this interest. The hospital images explore the idea that the human presence remains a part of the history and narrative of these now uninhabited places. The images are a historic record of a moment, a place, that no longer exists. This project began with photographing the former Columbus Hospital in Chicago where Farmilant once worked. It has racheL schLueter expanded to now include two closed hospitals in the Southeastern region of England. This project weaves photographically based artworks with the sensorial Collectors Auction cues associated with emotional branding, that is september 3 through 25 the practice of enticing the senses to evoke a strong This exhibition and auction will feature works of emotional receptiveness in the viewer. Farmilant’s art from local private collections available for bidding goal is to expand the boundaries of photography through September 25. and emotionally engage the in-between space, the space between the viewer and the artwork. This is oCtoBer 2011 accomplished by stimulating senses other than the 15th Annual Junque Arte Competition & visual senses, the purview of typical art exhibits. The exhibition sounds of a live hospital are played in the gallery october 1 through november 27 Designed to celebrate artistic creativity on space. Accompanying the exhibit are glass vials of antiseptic smells associated with a hospital. The the North Coast, and heighten the awareness of viewers are invited to open and smell the contents renewable resources in the art making process, each artwork in this juried exhibition is made from 100% of the vials. recycled material: reclaimed, reused, recovered, AuGust 2011 secondhand, salvaged, anything un-new! sarah Whorf, new Work richard Duning, Back to the Bud August 25 through october 9 october 19 through December 11 As a printmaker, Whorf works primarily with the medium of woodcuts, and is currently working on a series which addresses her conceptual interest in connectedness and attraction. Depicting abstracted objects which are linked together to form mixtures that reference chandeliers, candelabras and fishing


the dome is the perfect way to honor Knight’s work and teaching. When a student got stuck, Tom used to say, “Go back to the bud.” And so, following his advice, Duning often returns to the small, black and white, simple images that remind him of the time of first discovery and delight in symbolic mystery. rick Gustafson, impressions of imagination, the Art of Landscape Blur october 31 through December 10 From Gustafson’s p o r t f o l i o A Wa l k in the Forest, these ricK Gustafson photographs are of trees captured digitally using impressionist in-camera photographic techniques. The exhibition is intended for all audiences with the theme of creating painterly art from our local natural surroundings using photographic techniques.

DeCeMBer 2011
HAC Member show December 4 through January 8, 2012 The annual Humboldt Arts Council Member Show is a juried exhibition designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members. As always, this exhibit is eclectic, surprising and enjoyable. Curtis otto retrospective December 19 through February 12, 2012

curtis otto

Curtis Otto says he started to paint because“the oil is what turned me on—it was the‘juice.’The brush just moved by itself—it turned me on to painting and art.” Otto has had several one person shows and his work is represented in various private collections. Otto spends most of his time in Eureka and Grants Pass, Oregon. tom Knight students, A tom Knight Legacy December 21 through February 5, 2012 This exhibition will feature photographs from Tom’s former students who have gone onto distinguish themselves in toM KniGht the field of photography. TomKnightwasaprofessor at Humboldt State University’s Art Department. Knight began teaching in 1956 and continued to teach until his death in 1990.

richarD DuninG

sarah whorf 46 / The Palette

Tom Knight was Duning’s first art teacher. He taught him about seeing the ordinary, the abstract and the symbolic in black and white photography. Because of Knight’s way of seeing photographs as the intimate view—Duning feels the gallery under

Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the humboldt arts CounCil!
Humboldt Arts Council is the county’s largest arts organization, founded in 1966 and dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture in our region. The Morris Graves Museum of Art, a program of the Council, is located in the former Carnegie Library in Eureka. The Museum was built in 1904 and completely renovated in 2000 with over 1 million dollars in donations from the local community. The Morris Graves Museum of Art houses seven galleries including the Melvin Schuler Sculpture Garden, a Museum Gift Shop, Youth Gallery and Classroom facilities, Arts Resource Center and Performance Rotunda.

HAC AnnuAL ProGrAMs & exHiBitions
For more info call (707) 442-0278.

exHiBitions: 10th Annual Northwest Eye

Featuring five-state regional fine art photography California Statewide Mixed Media Competition and Exhibition Each artwork is made from 100% recycled materials Designed to highlight the fabulous art being produced by our artist members

Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art will offer monthly workshops for children, families and childcare providers.

25th Annual Images of Water 17th Annual Junque Arte

First Thursday Film Night, 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Free: Quality film and open discussion based on PBS Point of View (POV) and Independent Lens programming Free: Activities for youth and families, including performances, hands-on art projects and interactive storytellers Free: Join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month for an open jazz jam and jazz performance Every 4th Sunday of the month at 2 p.m. enjoy a Museum Tour with trained docents to learn about the Museum’s history, permanent collection, and current exhibitions while sipping tea and meeting new friends!

FREE 2 to 4 p.m.
MeMBers oF tHe HuMBoLDt Arts CounCiL...
• KEEP INFORMED of exhibits and events at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Learn about special museum competitions and exhibitions, and outstanding exhibitions from local and out-of-the area artists with admission free to members. • GET INSPIRED at monthly programs of film and discussion, jazz, dance programs, classical, cultural and popular music events, and the family arts program including activities and performances for children, and much more! • KEEP ART IN THE SCHOOLS — Our Art Banks and Docents in the Schools Programs serve thousands of school children annually with artwork on loan and more than two dozen art-themed presentations available to schools.

Second Saturday Family Arts Day 2 to 4 p.m.

HAC Annual Member Exhibition

MontHLy ProGrAMs: First Saturday Night Arts Alive! 6 to 9 p.m.

Sunday Afternoon at the Graves 2 to 4:30 p.m.

Free: Join us for live music, opening receptions, and a great atmosphere! Free: In partnership with KEET-TV and the Ready-to-Learn initiative, the Humboldt

Senior Sunday

KEET’s Kids Club at the MGMA, first Saturday 12 to 2 p.m.



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Humboldt Arts Council

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inDiGenous heritaGe & cuLture


merican Indian tribes have called the North Coast home for thousands of years. Although relationships between European settlers and Native Americans have been less than ideal, today the stories and ceremonies of local American Indians are shared with the community, providing a rich cultural experience. Objects of ancient, as well as contemporary art and culture can be found in abundance in Humboldt County. The Potawot Health Village in Arcata exhibits original artwork, baskets, regalia, stick game paraphernalia and ceramics of the re241 F St., Eureka, 95501 • (707) 445-8451 www.ncidc.org Art and gift items by regional Native American artists. 3rd and E Sts., Eureka 95501 • (707) 443-1947 www.clarkemuseum.org Permanent and rotating exhibits of Humboldt County History, period rooms and American Indian basketry and regalia. 15500 Hwy 101 N., Klamath • (800) 638-3389 www.treesofmystery.net Largest, privately owned collection of Native American art and artifacts, as well as rare Edward Curtis orotone photographs.

gion as well as a Wellness Garden. The Wellness Garden is an area dedicated to a traditional style of healing of body, mind and spirit through serenity, medicinal and ceremonial herbs and plants. To find collections of Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk artifacts, visit the Hoopa Tribal Museum on Highway 96 in the Hoopa Shopping Center. The collection includes a fine display of local Indian basketry, ceremonial regalia, redwood dugout canoes, and tools and implements used by Northern California tribes. Potawot Health Village

American Indian Art & Gift Shop

Hoopa Tribal Museum

Clarke Historical Museum

Hwy 96 at Hoopa Shopping Center, Hoopa 95546 • (530) 625-4110 www.hoopa-nsn.gov /departments/ museum.htm Demonstrates the culture and history of the native people of the area, including Hupa, Yurok and Karuk. Native artifacts, as well as a village and fort (by advance appointment). Ceremonial celebrations throughout the summer. The Ink People, 517 Third St., Suite 36 Eureka 95501 • (707) 442-8413 www.instituteofnativeknowledge.org Offers ongoing Native American language classes, traditional dances and community presentations.

1600 Weeot Way, Arcata, 95521 (707) 825-5000 Owned and operated by the United Indian Health Services, this healing center includes healthcare services for Native Americans, a permanent collection of paintings, sculpture and basketry made by contemporary and traditional American Indian artists, two-miles of walking trails and a wellness garden on its 40-acre site. Patrick’s Point State Park 4150 Patrick’s Point Dr. Trinidad 95570 • (707) 677-3570 Features recreated Yurok village with plank homes set in the ground.

Institute of Native Knowledge

Sumeg Village Heritage Attraction

End of the Trail Museum at Trees of Mystery

huMboLDt county MuseuMs
Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park
One X St., Eureka 95501 • 444-3437 www.blueoxmill.com Self-guided tour of Victorian era woodworking shop, skid camp and farm including two blue oxen; classes in woodworking, blacksmithing and ceramics. 240 E St., Eureka 95501 • 443-1947 www.clarkemuseum.org Permanent and rotating collections of Humboldt County history, including Native American baskets and artifacts. 501 Third St., Eureka 95501 • 443-9694 www.discovery-museum.org Hands-on children’s museum with art, science, ocean, and health exhibits. Please call for events available for children’s parties. Shaw & Third Sts. Ferndale 95536 786-4466 www.ferndale-museum.org Displays Victorian life with typical living settings, dairy and agricultural equipment, blacksmith area, antique machine shop items, local photos and an operating seismograph. 3431 Fort Ave., Eureka 95503 • 445-6567 www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=665 Attractions include original buildings, historic garden, Native American artifacts and self-guided trail chronicling redwood logging and life of Fort Humboldt.

Clarke Historical Museum

Fortuna Depot Museum

Discovery Museum

Ferndale Museum

3 Park St., Fortuna 95540 Morris Graves Museum of Art, photo by Denise Comiskey 725-7645 www.sunnyfortuna.com/museum Located in the Northwestern Pacific Railroad depot used from 1893-1965, the museum features local Morris Graves Museum of Art history and railroad memorabilia. 636 F St., Eureka 95501 • 442-0278 www.humboldtarts.org Kinetic Sculpture Museum Former Carnegie Library is home to the Humboldt 580 Main St., Ferndale 95536 Arts Council, six galleries and a sculpture garden. Features past entries in the Arcata-to-Ferndale Also offered are HAC’s Performing Arts Series, Arts Kinetic Sculpture Race. Alive! receptions and performances (first Saturday Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum every month). Across the bridge from Eureka in Samoa Trinidad Museum 8 Samoa Rd., Eureka next to the 400 Janis Court, Trinidad 95570 · 677-3883 Samoa Cookhouse • 444-9440 www.trinidadmuseum.org www.humboldtbaymaritimemuseum.com Features photos of the whaling and logging Nautical items, ship models, ship building tools, history of the area, a native plant garden, marine artifacts related to shipwrecks and lighthouses, shells and Yurok artifacts. and information on the bay ferries.

Fort Humboldt State Historic Park & Logging Trail

HSU Natural History Museum

Willow Creek-China Flat Museum

1315 G St., Arcata 95521 • 826-4479 www.humboldt.edu/natmus/ Museum is available for school visits, not open to the public. Interactive exhibits, fossils and displays on local animals, insects, marine life and birds.

Hwys 299 and 96, Willow Creek 95573 (530) 629-2653 • www.bigfootcountry.net Features logging, mining and farming history of the region, Native American information, and a Big Foot display area.

48 / The Palette

Humboldt Artists’ Profiles
hat follows is a sampling of Humboldt County artists and ways to contact them. Links to their websites may also be found online at www.thepalette.com. The Humboldt Arts Council maintains an Arts Online Directory of members’ work on the website www.humboldtarts.org and offers other benefits to artists such as special exhibition and program opportunities, and personalized access to Humboldt County’s resources and services.
All area codes (707) unless otherwise noted.


Donna K. Bush
Simple things in nature catch my eye with stirring images of light, color and form. I love the magic of watercolor with its transparent qualities. It takes on a spirit of its own, blending and transforming on the paper before my eyes. The trick is knowing when to leave it alone. Fortuna, CA, 726-7743 dbush@suddenlink.net www.donnakbushwatercolors.com

Mary Louise Anderson
Oil, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Ceramic Sculpture
I welcome commissions and really enjoy teaching art classes and workshops. Life within the arts is inspiring and very rewarding. P.O. Box 1132 Blue Lake, CA 95525 www.freewebs.com/ marylanderson

Ruth Braverman Canaway M.F.A.

I give classes in Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil, although Photoshop has recently taken me prisoner. I’m available for Commissions, Murals, and Gallery Shows. Always evolving, sometimes in Retrograde. By appt. 444-9419, cell: 499-3162, canaway@sbcglobal.net www.RuthBravermanCanaway.com

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, True Fresco

Julia Bednar

Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic

Mary Jo Casasanta
Jazz Vocalist
Mary-Jo is a jazz vocalist who plays locally with various jazz musicians. She is available for private parties and events wherever jazz is essential. CDs are available in Eureka at Berliner’s Cornucopia To book an event, please call 725-6242, or email vox88@northcoast.com

My paintings are inspired by nature; from the beauty of a flower or landscape, to the power and majesty of a rock formation or the charm and mystery of a cat. My studio is open by appointment. P.O. Box 9023, Eureka, CA 95502 443-4081 jbednar@humboldt1.com

Stan Bennett

Kinetic Wire Sculpture

Diana Penna Casey

Kinetic sculpture is the natural result of combining design and mechanics. I want my work to be as much fun to own as it is to make. P.O. Box 381, Ferndale, CA 95536 786-4798 www.stanbennett.com

Custom Manufacturing Jeweler

I design gold and silver jewelry incorporating organic forms around stones or plain metal. 1624 Lowell St., Eureka, CA 95501 442-5520 c-casey@sbcglobal.net

Dona Blakely

Oil, Egg Tempera & Gold Leaf

Paula Cunningham
Dry Pastels, Acrylics
My goal is to capture those enduring and endearing qualities that have earned the title of “Man’s Best Friend” for our dogs. P.O. Box 6312, Eureka 95502 nooage@pacbell.net www.humboldtarts.org/Arts/Visualarts/ paulacunningham.html

Our mysterious natural world is at the heart of my art. I believe that there are worlds revolving in nature that most humans are blind to. These hidden worlds are where myths are born and where my inspiration comes from. 573 Golden Gate Drive Carlotta, CA 95528 777-2247

The Palette / 49

Humboldt Artists’ Profiles
Kay Damgaard
By exploring flowers with my camera, I’m able to capture a portion of nature that very few people ever see. The lines and shapes of flowers are endlessly fascinating. 1921 Jennings Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401 527-7798 pweufp@sonic.net www.kaydamgaardphotography.com

Beverly Harper

Oil Paintings and Limited Edition Prints
442-8929 b.harper35@yahoo.com www.beverlyharperartwork.com

Richard Duning

Roystorm Hayotis

He is right, and only he knows it and can judge it ultimately. From moment to moment, like a compass whose magnetic north is shifting because it is about the journey, not the destination. The authenticity of each decision. Viewing the journey can become one’s own journey. Visual Art and Creativity In Humboldt 839-2500, duning@sonic.net County Since 1966 www.dreamandimage.com

Mixed Media on Board

Original Music—Light Rock with Native American Overtones

una Art Council

Fortuna Art Council

upporting Visual Art and Creativity In Humboldt County Since 1966

My job musically is to observe and report. Lakota tradition provides my framework. I have created 35 albums of original music—the latest being a CD, “Between Sky & River,” with my band Clouds on Mountain. Number 36, “Landscapes from the Inn,” is under construction. I make inspirational music for all spirited occasions. 2430 Albee St., Eureka, CA 95501 443-6815 rhayotis@yahoo.com

Fortuna Art Council

supporting visual art and artists in Humboldt Co., and exhibit in businesses throughout Fortuna and various venues in Humboldt Co. New members welcome and anyone interested is invited to attend meetings held every third Monday of the month (except Dec.) in Rohner Park Recreation Hall at 1:00, followed by guest speaker. info@fortunaartcouncil.org fortunaartcouncil@yahoo.com www.fortunartcouncil.org

Non-profit Organization of Visual Artists - Group of local artists

Lunel Haysmer

Assemblage, Mixed Media, Found Objects

I use recycled objects to create quirky, poignant assemblages that are visual metaphors. My art encourages viewers to reflect on our shared human experience – in a bemusing way. The 3-dimensional aspect invites the observer into the art to find the “story” or to ask a question. Studio visits and commissions by appointment. 1037 F St., Eureka, CA 95501 haysmer@humboldt1.com www.lunelhaysmer.blogspot.com www.haysmerart.com

Elaine Gredassoff
The challenge in painting for me is to take a blank sheet of paper and with my brushes and pigments create an image where nothing except white existed before. It is exhilarating! California landscapes, especially Humboldt County are my primary subjects, however as I paint, I continue to explore the medium and evolve my techniques, style and subjects. 768-2125, ggredassoff@yahoo.com

Heart Bead

Your bead store...where you are the artist—with a little help from your friends at Heart Bead. Express yourself, adorn yourself, enjoy yourself! Be inspired by bits and pieces from around the world, then relax and let our professional staff help you with the technical stuff at no extra charge! On the Arcata Plaza for 20 years...open everyday. 826-9577

Stephen D. Hammons
I believe that the “Pot of Gold” is not at the end of Rainbows, but the “experience,” which is priceless! Steve is the “Emeritus Associate Publisher” and one of the photographers for the 101 Things to Do magazines. Steve also is a photographer for this The Palette magazine. 845-8207 steve@101things.com
50 / The Palette

Yvonne Kern

Oil on Canvas/Watercolor

Yvonne specializes in capturing the oasis of beauty that is the Northern California coastal area. Studio tours by appointment, are enjoyed and encouraged. Open the first weekend of the North Coast Open Studios. 1094 Vernon St., Eureka, CA 95501 616-4886 ykern@reninet.com www.yvonnekern.com

Humboldt Artists’ Profiles
Dušanka Kralj
Art for Contemporary Interiors

Randy Mayers

Digital Photography

Nationally exhibiting artist awarded finalist for three pieces in “The Artist’s Magazine” 27th Annual Competition and selected for, “Visual Journeys: Art of the 21st Century.” Art will be available at Plaza Design in the summer of 2011. Commissions and interior consultations accepted. 487-6125 for studio dusankakralj@msn.com www.dusankakralj.com

My favorite days are spent following the light and shadow across a landscape with my camera. I am always drawn to the liminal aspects of both landscapes and architecture. I also enjoy photographing glass. Most recently, I have been experimenting with portraiture. P.O. Box 663, Loleta, CA 95551 ci2rm@suddenlink.net

Henry Kruger

Custom Tattoo Artist

Cat McAdams

Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, and I’ve dedicated my life to tattooing. As a Custom Tattoo Artist, I enjoy taking a person’s ideas and creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art, that we both can be happy with for life. Stop in Tues - Sat, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., to look at my portfolio and set up a consultation. Sailor’s Grave Tattoo 138 Second St., Old Town Eureka 443-0666 www.sailorsgravetattoo.com

Acrylic on Canvas

I meditate before I paint. Then “intuition” can slip in symbolism and ideas that feel inspired beyond the limits of the personal programming. Light is my symbol of positive energy. P.O. Box 7, Fortuna, CA 95540 768-2117 www.catmcadams.com

Frances Kuta
I love to paint portrait, figures and still life. Painting models live (versus from photos) allows me to see and feel nuances I might miss with just photography. Lighting is crucial as it will illuminate beautiful colors in skin, fabrics and textures....and I love color! 207 G St., #109, Eureka, CA 95501 franceskuta@gmail.com www.franceskuta.com

Karen Merry

Watercolor & Pen and Ink

(image-Dancing with the Stars) I view the world as a vibrant and colorful place, filled with an eclectic array of subject matter for my vivid watercolor paintings. Art Studio is open by appointment and for Arts Alive! 207 G St., Rm 102, Eureka, CA 95501 616-8713 or (877) 662-8886 karen@karenmerryartist.com www.karenmerryartist.com

Michelle Murphy-Ferguson Mimi La Plant
Oil Mixed Media on Paper & Canvas
My work is the continuation of a long investigation into the possibilities and meanings of abstraction. Shapes and lines developed over years of experience mirrors deep unconscious structures. Artwork at Arcata Artisans Gallery, ArcataArtisans.com (707) 826-1680 mimila@humboldt1.com A native to the North Coast, Michelle was raised surrounded by the natural beauty and serenity of the Redwood Forests and the Pacific Ocean. These elements reflect in her works. In her studio she paints an arrangement of stilllife and figurative-portraits, and also works on location (plein-air) painting landscapes and seascapes. Commissions are welcome. 207 G St., Eureka, CA 95501 michellemferguson@suddenlink.net www.michellemurphy-ferguson.com

Jim Lowry

Dan O’Gara
Dan O’Gara is a professional storyteller for all age groups, sharing little-known tales of the North Coast, inspirational stories from the heart, and family participation fun. Find him at festivals, schools, and conferences in Ireland and the United States. P.O. Box 517, Trinidad, CA 95570 677-3840 penne.ogara@gmail.com

Limited Edition Archival Digital Prints

My work can be seen locally at the Arcata Artisans Co-op and the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Studio visits by appointment. 320 Park Ave., Arcata, CA 95521 822-5249 www.jimlowryart.com jmzlowry@humboldt1.com

The Palette / 51

Humboldt Artists’ Profiles
Alan Olmstead
A race fan since childhood, Alan brings his 30+ years as a photographer together in a series of Vintage Racing and Classic Car art photography he entitles “AutoRotica,” to evoke the passion a true enthusiast feels for the thrill of speed and danger inherent in the blend of man and exotic machine. Alan uses the latest digital technology to create new and exciting effects. 443-9836, siriusone@aol.com, www.sirius-studios.com (web gallery)


Yevonne M. Reynolds
Colored Pencil (Lightfast)
My focus is on landscapes of the North Coast. I create my art with lightfast colored pencils. Commissions welcome. 18888 Hwy 299, Blue Lake, CA 95525 668-5266 info@yevonnereynolds.com www.yevonnereynolds.com

John Palmer

Oil Painting, Mainly Landscapes

Victoria Ryan
Soft Pastel, Oil
I work primarily in soft pastel to achieve a sense of a heightened reality, mood and feeling in my paintings of landscapes and architecture. My paintings can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Open by appointment at 2286 Ralphs Ct., Eureka, CA 95503 victoria@victoriaryan.com toodleart@twitter.com www.victoriaryan.com

I try to find and capture the light that creates engaging compositions that strike me with the emotional and perceptual intensity that I first experienced as a child. Try Old Town Antique Lighting Gallery on Second & F Sts., Eureka, for my work or that of many other fine local artists. 668-1708, jcpalmer@reninet.com

Cathy Ray Pierson

Functional and Decorative Ceramics
Pierson Pottery 132 Azalea Way, Eureka, CA 95503 443-1665 cathyray@pierson1.com www.piersonpottery.com

Susan Genell Schuessler

Oil, Pencil, Water Color

Nature and the beauty of this earth fill me with awe. My passion is to be able to portray my inspiration through my art, be it abstract or expressionistic. susangenell@earthlink.net

Mariko Pratt
Mixed Medium
I am a fantasy artist and Art Graduate from HSU. The acrylic paints, watercolors and sculpture are largely drawn from various mythologies and deep reverence for nature. I am also working on several stories incorporating these various images. Here, you’ll find no tired, overused clichés or traditional stereotypes. 4510 Central Ave., McKinleyville, CA 95519, 839-0345, mmpratt@yahoo.com

Bob and Donna Sellers
Mixed Media, Acrylics
Art Themes: “Reflections Of The North Coast,” and “Reflections Of The Feminine.” Originals, Prints, Custom Work and Photo Restoration. Visit our home studio by appointment: 442-2123 sellers@castlelightart.com www.CastleLightArt.com

Camille Regli
Oil Painting
I enjoy painting still life and landscapes expressing the vanishing, peaceful farm lifestyle and the beauty of the local area. Showing at the Ferndale Arts Gallery: 580 Main St., Ferndale 786-9634 camilleregli@frontiernet.net www.ferndaleartgallery.com

Jack Sewell
I create classical figure sculpture using traditional images and techniques, then adapt them to fit my contemporary vision. I work in a wide range of materials including bronze, steel, wood, concrete, clay, found objects and odd materials. My pieces of sculpture have been in miniature and in monumental scale. 449-5506 jsewellart@suddenlink.net www.jacksewell.com

52 / The Palette

Humboldt Artists’ Profiles
Michael Shearer
The love of working with hot glass lures us ever onward in exploring the making of art glass vases, bowls, perfume bottles and sculptures. After 35 years of glassmaking it continues to be a great joy to create one-of-a-kind objects that are enjoyed and collected by so many people worldwide. We invite you to come and see our beautiful art glass. 5251 Avenue of the Giants, Miranda, CA 95553 943-3053, info@spiritglass.com, www.spiritglass.com

Hand Blown Glass Art

Dolores Terry

Oil and Acrylic Painting
Studio open by appointment. P.O. Box 423, Cutten, CA 95534 443-3913


Middle Eastern Dance Artist

Beti Webb Trauth
Multi-faceted Artist
Photographer for individuals, newspapers, magazines and websites. Feature writer and theatre reviewer. Actress, singer, director and producer. Private acting coach. 840-0111 lightpow@arcatanet.com

As a performer, I strive to bring my audience with me on a journey into the heart of Arabic music, expressing celebration of life through dance. I teach locally and nationally, direct Ya Habibi Dance Company and Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, and produce music and dance events, including the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival. I’ve studied this style since 1992, and in 2004 earned the title “Belly Dancer of the Year.” 616-6876, dance@shoshannaland.com www.shoshannaland.com

Laurel Skye

Italian Glass, Mosaics

Lisa Marie Waters

Taking a found object out of context, using it in an unexpected way, creating new realities from the shards of old ones, transporting the viewer to a delicious new perspective, and maybe to the edge of a whole new vision. Workshops and supplies available. 948 11th St., Arcata, CA 95521 822-6677 laurelskye@sbcglobal.net web.me.com/laurelskye

Pastel Paintings, Fine Art Prints & Note Cards

Website and gallery/studio sales. Gallery visits welcome. Please email to arrange an appointment. Lisa@WatersArt.com www.WatersArt.com

Susan Strope
Oil and Acrylic
Visit Studio S 717 3rd St., Eureka Open Fri & Sat 1-5 p.m.

Hal Work


Wide-format printing, digital darkroom tutoring, and web design is available for local photographers. My work can be seen locally at the Old Town Art Gallery in Eureka and on the web. 496-0221 lucidworks@suddenlink.net www.lucid-works.com www.eurekaphotoshop.com www.oldtownartgalleryeureka.com

Holly Sweet

Over the last 30 years, I have developed my own style of textile painting on silk, cotton, hemp and other interesting materials. I enjoy making useful art that adds beauty, humor and comfort to people’s lives. I call my art “Deep Cute.” Persimmons Garden Gallery, P.O. Box 935, Redway, CA 95560 923-2748, www.PersimmonsGardenGallery.com

Textile Painting

Barbara A. Wright

Mosaics, Dichroic Glass Jewelry

I work basically from my unconscious. Creating each piece from an idea of color, design or what moves me at the moments of creation, ending up with a surprise every time. My work is exhibited at Arcata Artisans, Highlight Gallery in Mendocino and various venues around Humboldt County. P.O. Box 486, Trinidad, CA 95570 677-9410 etw1@suddenlink.net www.wrightmosaics.com
The Palette / 53

Experience Fine Dining
Dine at The Groves Restaurant
Serving Award Winning Riverbend Cellars Estate Wines
“It’s the farm-fresh herbs and produce paired with the best quality meats and local seafood that makes these dishes so outstanding.”
– Chef Bryan Hopper

Nestled in the bend of the Eel River on the Avenue of the Giants in Myers Flat “When food becomes art... hunger is entirely optional.”

12990 Avenue of the Giants, Myers Flat • 707.943.9907 • Open 5 to 9 pm for dinner Call 943-9930 for reservations • Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Find Your Inspiration...


Tides Inn
Oceanfront Suites
The view from all of our rooms.

Explore the colorful tidepools.

Experience the Tranquil Beauty of the Lost Coast
59 Surf Point • Shelter Cove, CA 707-986-7900 • 888-99-TIDES • www.ShelterCoveTidesInn.com
Relax, comb the beaches, explore the colorful tidepools and play in the ocean right outside your front door!
54 / The Palette

Supporting Artisans in Humboldt County

Corsetti Noyes, LLP
Certified Public Accountants


Jamie Corsetti, C.P.A. Sidney W. Noyes, C.P.A., C.M.A.
2826 E Street, Eureka, CA 95501 PH 707.445.3078 FAX 707.445.3706


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The Palette / 55



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