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AMENDMENT TO FOOTBALL GAME GUARANTEE ‘This Amendment (“Amendment”) entered into on the date of the last signature below amends the Athletic Contest Agreement, dated October 5, 2017 (“Agreement”) between the REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley Campus on behalf of its Department of Intercollegiate Athisics ("University” or "Cal"), and THE BOARD OF REGENTS FOR THE NEVADA SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION, on behalf of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Department of intercollegiate Athletics ("UNLV"). WHEREAS, the parties hereto previously entered into an Athletic Contest Agreement, ‘a copy of which is attached hereto, calling for participation in four varsity football games to be played on August 29, 2020 at Sam Boyd Stadium* in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 17, 2022 at Califomia Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, CA, August 30, 2025 at California ‘Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, CA, and September 5, 2026 at Sam Boyd Stadium* in Las Vegas, Nevada (UNLV's football stadium, currently Sam Boyd Stadium, Is subject to change. UNLV makes no representations or warranties as to the stadium name, faclity, or its exact location in the Las Vegas metro area). WHEREAS, the Parties wish to reschedule the September 17, 2022 game in Berkeley, California, NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with these recitals and in consideration of the ‘mutual promises and covenants recited hereafter, the Parties agree as follows: The varsity football game scheduled for September 17, 2022 at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, CA is hereby rescheduled for September 10, 2022 at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, CA. Allother terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain the same, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each Party hereto has caused this Amendment to be executed by its duly authorized officer or agent on the date set forth below: ‘THE REGENTS OF THE THE BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA NEVADA SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION, ON BEHALF OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS, DEPARTME! _— INTERCOLLEGIAYS ATHL SIGNAT! SIGNATURE: dew James Knowlton, Diractor of Athletics Desiree Read-Francois, Director of Athletics University of California, Berkeley University of Nevada, Las Vegas oats 2/24 PF pate:_ PL 8/09 signature:_ vot ne Joan M. Vock, ene Viee Presiden, Business ‘fers, Universi Neveda, Las Voges pave:_ 9/24/30) Ver 724.17 ATHLETIC CONTEST AGREEMENT ‘This Ailetic Contest Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between the Board of Regents of the Nevads System af Higher of Education (“NSHE"), on behalf of the University oF Nevada, Las Veges, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (CUNLV"), and University of California, Berkley ("University" or “Cal") (each, a “Party” or an “Institution” and collectively, the “Institutions” or "Partiot"). This Agreement i effective as ofthe lost date any authorized signatory affixes hisher signature below (Effective Date"). L 2 3. Purpose, The purpose ofthis Agreement is to confirm contest arrangements between the Parties. Contest, Each Party shall couse its varsity team to play the other in football in ‘accordance withthe provisions outlined in this Agreement (“Contest(a)"). ‘Contest Specifications. The Contesi(s) shall be held as sel forth below. UNLV and ‘University are defined below as either Visiting Team or Home Team for the applicable Contest). ‘August 29, 202077RD ca September 17, 20227780 CayCatferale Memorial Stadium UNLV ‘Aupust 30, 2025778 (CaUCatferals Memoria Stedlum UNLV September 8, 2026/7) UNLVISan Boyd Stadlun® cu Boyd Stadium, is subjectto change UNLV makes no *UNLY's football stadlum, curently Si jummame,feellty, or ts exact location inthe Las Vegas ropresentalions or warranties asl the: retro ace. Dates end vimes of the Contests) will be determined by mutual agreement. National television network interest in broadcasting the Contest may change the date and time requested ‘and both Parties agree to work cooperatively to eccommadate such request 4 Game Guarantee, In consideration of playing the Cones), the Home Team agrees to pay the Visiling Team a game guarantee of $250,000 for each said Contst(s) "Game Guarantec"). The Game Guarantees) ere payable no later thaa sixty (60) days ater the completion of each Contest Cancellation, Either Porty feiling to comply with Section 3 of this Agreeraent, either by choosing to cancel the applicable Contest(s) or filing to appear, shall pay the noo- dofaulting Party the amount of $1,000,000 ("Cancelition Damages") a8 liquidsled damages, unless such cancellation is mutually agroed upaa in writing by both Parties. In such case, the Agreemeat is oull and void for the applicablo cancelled Contests) only, bbut not for any other remaining Contests), tn the event either Party is no longer classified by the National Collegisie Athictic Associstion ('NCAA") definition ai « Division 1-A Football Bow! Subdivision (“FBS”) Institution prior to the Contest date, Page Loft Ven 12417 this Agreement will beeeme null and void for the applicable Contest(s) and no Gane ‘Guarantes or Cancellation Damages will be due or payable for the applicable Contests). Officials. The officials shall be assigned by the Home Team and the expense for sald officials shall be paid by the Home Team Conference. Complimentary Admissions. Tho Visiting Teurn shall be entitled lo $00 compliment tickets In addition to the above complimentary tickets, cheerleaders, marching band members, ‘and mascots of exch Party shell be admitted free of charge provided they are in uniform. ‘The Home Team must be notified in advance that cheerleaders, marching band members, and/or mescots will be attending, ‘The Visiting Team shall be provided with sideline passes at no charge. Those shall be ia addition to the complimentary tickets, and are for use by coaches, trainers and working, ‘personnel only. Radlo and Filming, The Home Team will retain all revenue fom and have full control ‘of all radio and film rights to brondeast the Contests). ‘The Visiting Team shall be provided one outlet for live radio broadcast and the Visiting ‘Team shal retain the rights and income from such broadcasts. ‘The Visiting Team will be responsible for ordering and the payment of all telephone and ‘broadeas lines incidental to the brondcast. ‘Tolevision, Revenue from telovision shall be appropriated depending upon each Party's fon contracts with their respective conference or Insitution, If available, the Home Team may grant the Visiting Team written permission to telecast to its homie market from a stalion designated by the Visiting Team. ‘The rights fees for such a telecast will be waived, If the Home Team originates 0 telecast or cablecast, a spli-feed and cost production arrangement may be made avsilable to the Visiting Tear a a split cost ‘The Home Team shall have the right to charge a fee and relain any income from the origination of any other non-network telecast (o areas other then the Visiting Teams home merke, In accordance with NCAA rue, the Home Team grants pemmssion fo use video oxcerpts from the Contes(s) for any weekly replay/preview show or highlight film. This ppornission doesnot extend to any “live” or “tape delayed” broadcast. Page 2of2 Vee. 72417 10, u 3 TH 15. ‘The Visiting Team shall not telecast with any network or cable affitiate, except whereas defined in this Agreement, and withovt the prior written consent ofthe Home Team. ‘Any live telocast permitted by the Home Team into the Visiting Team's homo area must not be in conflict with the Home Team's conference television, cable, or media rights holder agreements, and must be non-exclusive, delayed, and in ecvordance with NCAA rules, : Rules of the Contest. The Contest() shall be governed by the NCAA roles in effect ut the time ofthe Contest.) Responsibility. Each Institution shall bo responsible for any and all liabilities, claims, losses, lawsuits, judgments and or expenses caused by the acts or failure (o act of its respective Tnstitation or any of its respsetive officers, regents, agents, athletes, or employees, which may occur during or which may arise ovt of the performance ofthis ‘Agreement, Force Majeure, tn the event of an unforeseen disaster or catastrophic event, including bout not limited to inclement weather, an set of God; fire; food; earthquake; sirike, lockout or other labor dispute, except those involving the employees or agents of the pary seskiag the protection ofthis clause; uny decision, order law, nule or regulation of the NCAA or any federal, tac, or municipal agency or official; state budget freeze; act ‘of terorfm; travel disruptions; or the occurence of tny other such event that is beyond the reasonable control of a Paty (each "Force Majeure Event") makes it impossible to Play the Contests), the Contests) wil be postponed and rescheduled ata date and time mutually agreed upon by both Parties. In the event of such Force Majeure Event, 0s defined in this Section the cancellaion shall aot be deemed as a breach of contract for which Cancellation Damages ere payable and no Game Guarmtee will be due for the cancelled Contsst, woless and until the Contest 1s rescheduled in accordance with this Agreoment. Written notice of cancellation shull be given from either Party a8 $000 as such Foros Majeure Event occur, but a lesst within 48 hours after such Foree Majeure Event, No such cancellation of ane Contest shall affect the Parties’ obligations as to any subsequent Contest(6), unless agreed to by mutual written consent. Entire Agreement, This Agreement is the total contract between the Parties and supersedes all previous negotiations and agreements, writen or ora! between the Parties ‘with respect to the subject matter hereo. ‘Modifications. Any modifications to this Agreoment must be mode in weiting and signed bby the Pa Sovereign Immunity, Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein and regardless of ‘choice of lay, UNLV hereby asserts and shall be entitled to claim sovereign immunity and be entitled to all applicable Liability limits and statutory protections, including but not anted to those set forth In the Nevada Revised Statues, Chapter 41. Ifthe University is & stale University, it shall also be entitled to claim any applicable taws of the University's Page sot3 Ver 16 7247 respective state that provide University with statutory sovereign immunity protections or similar limitation of liability for state entities, regardless of the choice of law. Notices, Written notices required under this Agreement shall be sent certified mail, return receipt requested, t UNLV: Desiree Reed-Francois Ditectr of Athletios Universy of Nevada, Las Vepes 4505 8, Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89154-0001 ‘With arequired copy to: UNIVERSIT Director of Purchasing and Contracts University of Nevada, Las Vogas 4505 S, Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89154-1033 Civis Pezman Senior Asioslate AtMltie Director, Chi Oporating Officer University of California, Berkeley Intercollegiate Atle! Haas Pavilion, Berkeley, CA 94720 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have emused this Agreement to be executed as of the Effective Date, ‘University of Californis, Borkeley: BY: Mike Wi cect (Ly 27 Director of Athloties, University of Californie, Berkeley (SIGNATURES FOLLOW ON NEXT PAGE-REMAINDER OF PAGE IS BLANK) Page 4 ot vent ‘BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE NEVADA SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION, ON UDEIALY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS, DEPARTMENT OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS ay , afefaor a hi rmmarannses P12 nesta Spreags << 1Lor Ag [APPROVED AS TO LEGAL FORM: “heeds _ oe/lyeq- RP OD caebel Leste CFO ae ‘ance sta abba focthom Rely Penson

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