Wait my love«please wait

Like the leaves of autumn await the fall And the winters chill Awaits the beaming rays of locust choired« Lazy days Wait my love«.please wait Like the creeping broth of the meadow brook Plunges onward«ocean bound And the silent artist of the caves Slowly sculpts in endless ways

Wait my love«.please wait Like my lips await your tender cheek And heart«to give as much Wait my love«.please wait Till this dream that eludes me day and night And this mist before my eyes shall clear«. And you are in my sight So please wait I know I wrote these words before but no one could ever read them Now I¶m standing here at the door

How I¶m ever gonna prove this pain is real How I¶m gonna How I¶ll ever heal I know the answer lies Somewhere between truth or dare Now I¶m left here all alone Where

My situation on this chunk of dirt will never compare To the feelin«how I hurt When I want so bad to hold you close and whisper in your ear The wonders of this universe That fill my head from here to eternity I suppose for now Your picture will have to do I¶ll see you one day in that realm Inside our minds« That beautiful place I¶ve been twice Your home in the abode« In goddess


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