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Liber 777

Preliminary Notes; not forpuhJ.ieation or distribution, but included as a whole in final copy, entitled 'Class A'.

'O.T.O. Supplement'

Privately Printed at the Brocken Mountain Lodge


Copyright (c) 1.981 ev

O.T.O. Masonic Titles Masonic
De'gr-e e s O.T.O. Titles (equivalent) Symbols
00 Man of Earth :l-
IO Entered Apprentice --
Man ~*
IIo Magician Fellow Craft
IIIo Master Magician Master Mason
IVo Perfect Magician Secret Master 'J.~ ',-

Elemental Elemental Name Liber CL
Attribute Weapons of God De Lege Libellvm
" tot
00 Earth Disk 2ndHe Light
10 "''''''''
Spirit Shin UJ
110 Air Sword Vau 1 J.Jife
1110 '- \1
Water CUp He Love
IVo Fire Wand Yod "'" Liberty IX. X XI.
Tatwic Tide direction Chakra
00 Prithivi North Muladhara/Anja
IO Akasha Center Vishudha
IIo Vayu East Anahata
1110 Apas West Svadhisthana
IV,o Tejas South Manipura - 1 -

B~M.L. OF O.T.O.


Liber 777 Mythical Qabalistic Temple
Col. LW Animal sphere Colors
00 Touch Bull 9/2 ,Black
IO Hearing Sphinx 3 (Green)
IIo Smell Eagle 4/5/6 Yellow
IIIo Taste Man 8 Blue
IVo Sight Lion 7 Red XVI. XVII. XVIII.
The Initiate
O.T.O.WELL O.T.O',Grip is g ivern
00 12 :;: 4 X 3 Liber AL vel Legis
IO Full 9 = 3 X 3 Disk
IIo Half Empty 6 = 2 X 3·, Red Triangle
IIIo Empty 3 = 1 X 3 Letters O.T.O. "

Tent No'" of Po ints
Location per Initiation
00 Two Points impregnation
IO East Three Points birth
IIo Centre Four Points life
IIIo West Four Points death
IVo - 2 -

B.M.L. or O.T.O.



The Number of knocks on the Door

Which implement is applied where during the Oath


What must be done to the Candidate before he can enter the Camp

00 Hoodwinked & tied1 1
10 Hoodwinked 1 Dagger to throat
110 Right arm bared' to 2 Disk to the breast
the shoulder.
IIIo 156 pounds added 3 Dagger & disk to the
umbil-icus, or navel XXV. XXVI.
Which hand is placed In the presence of whom is the
upon Liber AL during 'solemn obligation given by the
the Oath. C. to keep inviolate the secrets
and mysteries?
10 Left hand on open book The Powers of Birth
IIo Right'hand on Liber AL The Powers of Life
IIio Both hands on Liber AL The Powers of Death XXVII.

After the hand is put on Liber AL which of the implements is put where during the Oath?

00 Sword to sexual organs

IO Dagger upon hand. Emir grasps Candidates throat

IIo Dagger on heart & Emir puts Disk to the forehead

1110 Disk applied to the navel


B.M.L. OF O.T.O.

- 3 -


The threat if the Candidate breaks said Oaths.

may the dogs devour my carcass; may I be mutilatea and no more amant

10 my throat pierced with a dagger and my carcass thrown to the monsters of the sea that they may devour itt

11° my breast cut across, my heart torn therefrom, and thrown to the fowls of the air, that they may devour itt

1110 being stabbed in the bowels, and my carcass burned to ashes, that no trace or rememberance of so vile a wretch may remain among men, especially Master Magicians

The Number of Kisses Special
applied to Liber AL invocation to • • • • •
00 ,
'10 one kiss 0 thou! Lady of the East!
110 ,. two kisses 0 Lord of all Magick
1110 three kisses 0 thou! Lord of the West. 10 0 thou! Lady of the Eastt I hereby invoke upon this Candidate the Powers of Birth. May he be brought safely from Darkness into Light. AUMN,!

110 0 Lord of all Magick, I hereby invoke upon this candidate the Powers of the Sphinx. May he aquire Knowledge, Will, Cburage, and Silence, to the Glory of Thine Ineffable Name. AUM.

IIIo 0 thou! Lor-d of the West. I hereby invoke upon this candidate the Powers of Death, as he offers himself to partake with us the 'Mysterious Secrets of a Master Magician. Endue him with such fortitude that in the hour 1 of trial he fall not, but that, passing safely under- Our. prote~tion through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, he! may rlse from the tomb transgression, to shine as the Stars forever and ever. AUMN ..


Full Invocation

B.M.L. OF O.T.O.

- 4 -


The Title of the
Initiation 'Points'
rO 1st Point The Oath
2nd Point The Bringing-forth
3rd Point Nourishment
110 -1st Point The Examination)
2nd Po_int The Oath
3rd Point The Ordeal
4th Point The Consecration & Instruction
IIIo 1st Point The Examination
2nd Point The Oath
3rd Point The Ordeal
4th Point The Instruction XXXIII. XXXIV.
The piece which is read The Candidate performs
during candidates travels the travels of ••••• ~ -1f
IO Atlanta in Ca.Lydori, Swinburne The Moon
IIo Prayer of Elementals, E,Levi The Sun
IIIo Hecate, or Orpheus, A.Crowley The Sun xxxv.

Saladin. 'In-the name of the Secret Masters!' (puts Liber AL to C.s Brow)

Saladin, lIn the name of the O.T.O.'

(puts the Dagger to the throat)

Saladin, 'By the authority of the Grand Master Ba:phomet.' (Puts the Disk to the heart)

XO r declare you a Man and a Brother 110 I consecrate you a Magician


III I proclaim you devoted a Master Magician


Cbakra Colours according to different sources

Qabalistic Shiva Shatchakra
Spheres Theosophy Samhita Nirupana
Muladhara purple orange-red red red
Svadhisthana orange sunllike vermillion vermilion
Manipura green, red&green golden blue
Anahata Yellow, golden deep red vermilion
red & blue
Vishuddha black blue and: golden purple
Anja grey yellow & "nhite white
,v - 6 -