BYLAWS (GENERAL) ________________________________, Inc.

Name of Corporation

ARTICLE I OFFICES The principal o ice o !he Corpora!ion in !he S!a!e o _________________, "hall #e loca!e$ in Co%n!& o _________________________________. The Corpora!ion 'a& ha(e "%ch o!her o ice", ei!her )i!hin or )i!ho%! !he S!a!e o ____________________, a" !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& $e"i+na!e or a" !he #%"ine"" o !he Corpora!ion 'a& re,%ire ro' !i'e !o !i'e. ARTICLE II S-ARE-OL*ERS SECTION .. ANN/AL 0EETING. The ann%al 'ee!in+ o !he "harehol$er" "hall #e hel$ on !he __________ $a& in !he 'on!h o ___________ in each &ear, #e+innin+ )i!h !he &ear _____ , a! !he ho%r o ____ o1cloc2 __.'., or !he p%rpo"e o elec!in+ *irec!or" an$ or !he !ran"ac!ion o "%ch o!her #%"ine"" a" 'a& co'e #e ore !he 'ee!in+. I !he $a& i3e$ or !he ann%al 'ee!in+ "hall #e a le+al holi$a& in !he S!a!e o ____________, "%ch 'ee!in+ "hall #e hel$ on !he ne3! "%ccee$in+ #%"ine"" $a&. I !he elec!ion o *irec!or" "hall no! #e hel$ on !he $a& $e"i+na!e$ herein or an& ann%al 'ee!in+ o !he "harehol$er", or a! an& a$4o%rn'en! !hereo , !he Boar$ o *irec!or" "hall ca%"e !he elec!ion !o #e hel$ a! a "pecial 'ee!in+ o !he "harehol$er" a" "oon !herea !er a" con(enien!l& 'a& #e. SECTION 5. S6ECIAL 0EETINGS. Special 'ee!in+" o !he "harehol$er", or an& p%rpo"e or p%rpo"e", %nle"" o!her)i"e pre"cri#e$ #& "!a!%!e, 'a& #e calle$ #& !he 6re"i$en! or #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or", an$ "hall #e calle$ #& !he 6re"i$en! a! !he re,%e"! o !he hol$er" o no! le"" !han _____________ percen! o all !he o%!"!an$in+ "hare" o !he Corpora!ion en!i!le$ !o (o!e a! !he 'ee!in+. SECTION 7. 6LACE OF 0EETING. The Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& $e"i+na!e an& place, ei!her )i!hin or )i!ho%! !he S!a!e o ________________, %nle"" o!her)i"e pre"cri#e$ #& "!a!%!e, a" !he place o 'ee!in+ or an& ann%al 'ee!in+ or or an& "pecial 'ee!in+. A )ai(er o no!ice "i+ne$ #& all "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o (o!e a! a 'ee!in+ 'a& $e"i+na!e an& place, ei!her )i!hin or )i!ho%! !he S!a!e o ________________, %nle"" o!her)i"e pre"cri#e$ #& "!a!%!e, a" !he place or !he hol$in+ o "%ch 'ee!in+. I no $e"i+na!ion i" 'a$e, !he place o 'ee!in+ "hall #e !he principal o ice o !he Corpora!ion.

a$$re""e$ !o !he "harehol$er a! hi" a$$re"" a" i! appear" on !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" o !he Corpora!ion.%or%' "hall #e pre"en! or repre"en!e$. #e $eli(ere$ no! le"" !han ___________ nor 'ore !han ___________ $a&" #e ore !he $a!e o !he 'ee!in+. I 'aile$. "%ch #oo2" "hall #e clo"e$ or a! lea"! _______ $a&" i''e$ia!el& prece$in+ "%ch 'ee!in+.SECTION 8. "%ch $a!e in an& ca"e !o #e no! 'ore !han ________ $a&" an$. repre"en!e$ in per"on or #& pro3&. I le"" !han a 'a4ori!& o !he o%!"!an$in+ "hare" are repre"en!e$ a! a 'ee!in+. !he Boar$ o *irec!or" o !he Corpora!ion 'a& pro(i$e !ha! !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" "hall #e clo"e$ or a "!a!e$ perio$. When a $e!er'ina!ion o "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o (o!e a! an& 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er" ha" #een 'a$e a" pro(i$e$ in !hi" "ec!ion. S%ch li"! "hall #e pro$%ce$ an$ 2ep! open a! !he !i'e an$ place o !he 'ee!in+ an$ "hall #e "%#4ec! !o !he in"pec!ion o an& "harehol$er $%rin+ !he )hole !i'e o !he 'ee!in+ or !he p%rpo"e" !hereo .%irin+ "%ch $e!er'ina!ion o "harehol$er" i" !o #e !a2en. CLOSING OF TRANSFER BOO:S OF E. in !he ca"e o a "pecial 'ee!in+. no! le"" !han _________ $a&". SECTION 9. SECTION ?. The p%rpo"e o $e!er'inin+ "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o no!ice o or !o (o!e a! an& 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er" or an& a$4o%rn'en! !hereo . .ISTING RECOR*. a" !he ca"e 'a& #e. Wri!!en no!ice "!a!in+ !he place. SECTION =. "%ch no!ice "hall #e $ee'e$ !o #e $eli(ere$ )hen $epo"i!e$ in !he /ni!e$ S!a!e" 0ail. prior !o !he $a!e on )hich !he par!ic%lar ac!ion re. !o each "harehol$er o recor$ en!i!le$ !o (o!e a! "%ch 'ee!in+. )i!h !he a$$re"" o an$ !he n%'#er o "hare" hel$ #& each. The "harehol$er" pre"en! a! a $%l& or+aniAe$ 'ee!in+ 'a& con!in%e !o !ran"ac! #%"ine"" %n!il a$4o%rn'en!. or "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o recei(e pa&'en! o a $i(i$en$.%or%' a! a 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er". I !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" are no! clo"e$ an$ no recor$ $a!e i" i3e$ or !he $e!er'ina!ion o "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o no!ice o or !o (o!e a! a 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er". A! "%ch a$4o%rne$ 'ee!in+ a! )hich a . !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& i3 in a$(ance a $a!e a" !he recor$ $a!e or an& "%ch $e!er'ina!ion o "harehol$er". a 'a4ori!& o !he "hare" "o repre"en!e$ 'a& a$4o%rn !he 'ee!in+ ro' !i'e !o !i'e )i!ho%! %r!her no!ice. no!)i!h"!an$in+ !he )i!h$ra)al o eno%+h "harehol$er" !o lea(e le"" !han a . "hall con"!i!%!e a . $a& an$ ho%r o !he 'ee!in+ an$. )i!h po"!a+e !hereon prepai$. >OTING LISTS. The o icer or a+en! ha(in+ char+e o !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" or "hare" o !he Corpora!ion "hall 'a2e a co'ple!e li"! o !he "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o (o!e a! each 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er" or an& a$4o%rn'en! !hereo . "hall #e !he recor$ $a!e or "%ch $e!er'ina!ion o "harehol$er". NOTICE OF 0EETING. an& #%"ine"" 'a& #e !ran"ac!e$ )hich 'i+h! ha(e #een !ran"ac!e$ a! !he 'ee!in+ a" ori+inall& no!ice$. A 'a4ori!& o !he o%!"!an$in+ "hare" o !he Corpora!ion en!i!le$ !o (o!e. @/OR/0. or in or$er !o 'a2e a $e!er'ina!ion o "harehol$er" or an& o!her proper p%rpo"e. !he p%rpo"e or p%rpo"e" or )hich !he 'ee!in+ i" calle$. arran+e$ in alpha#e!ical or$er. I !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" "hall #e clo"e$ or !he p%rpo"e o $e!er'inin+ "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o no!ice o or !o (o!e a! a 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er". In lie% o clo"in+ !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2". in ca"e o a 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er". #%! no! !o e3cee$ in an& ca"e i !& (9<) $a&". "hall %nle"" o!her)i"e pre"cri#e$ #& "!a!%!e. or "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o recei(e pa&'en! o an& $i(i$en$.%or%'. !he $a!e on )hich !he no!ice o !he 'ee!in+ i" 'aile$ or !he $a!e on )hich !he re"ol%!ion o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" $eclarin+ "%ch $i(i$en$ i" a$op!e$. "%ch $e!er'ina!ion "hall appl& !o an& a$4o%rn'en! !hereo .

in !he a#"ence o "%ch pro(i"ion. "hall #e "i+ne$ #& all o !he "harehol$er" en!i!le$ !o (o!e )i!h re"pec! !o !he "%#4ec! 'a!!er !hereo . #%! in no e(en! "hall #e le"" !han (_________). SECTION D. a" !he Boar$ o *irec!or" o "%ch Corpora!ion 'a& $e!er'ine. Share" "!an$in+ in !he na'e o a !r%"!ee 'a& #e (o!e$ #& hi'. ei!her in per"on or #& pro3&. or an& o!her ac!ion )hich 'a& #e !a2en a! a 'ee!in+ o !he "harehol$er". The #%"ine"" an$ a air" o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e 'ana+e$ #& i!" Boar$ o *irec!or".%ali ie$. SECTION . N%'#er. Share" "!an$in+ in !he na'e o a recei(er 'a& #e (o!e$ #& "%ch recei(er.%ire$ !o #e !a2en a! a 'ee!in+ o !he "harehol$er". an& ac!ion re. /nle"" o!her)i"e pro(i$e$ #& la). A 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& #e ha$ #& 'ean" o a !elephone con erence or "i'ilar co''%nica!ion" e. an$ !herea !er !he ple$+ee "hall #e en!i!le$ !o (o!e !he "hare" "o !ran" erre$. ei!her in per"on or #& pro3&. General 6o)er". Ten%re an$ @%ali ica!ion". Each $irec!or "hall hol$ o ice %n!il !he ne3! ann%al 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er" an$ %n!il hi" "%cce""or "hall ha(e #een elec!e$ an$ . an$ par!icipa!ion in a 'ee!in+ %n$er "%ch circ%'"!ance" "hall con"!i!%!e pre"ence a! !he 'ee!in+.SECTION B. e3ec%!or. The n%'#er o $irec!or" o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e i3e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or".<. Share" o i!" o)n "!oc2 #elon+in+ !o !he Corpora!ion "hall no! #e (o!e$. "e!!in+ or!h !he ac!ion "o !a2en. 'a& #e !a2en )i!ho%! a 'ee!in+ i a con"en! in )ri!in+.. S%ch pro3& "hall #e ile$ )i!h !he "ecre!ar& o !he Corpora!ion #e ore or a! !he !i'e o !he 'ee!in+. $irec!l& or in$irec!l&. an$ "hall no! #e co%n!e$ in $e!er'inin+ !he !o!al n%'#er o o%!"!an$in+ "hare" a! an& +i(en !i'e. A! all 'ee!in+" o "harehol$er". a "harehol$er 'a& (o!e in per"on or #& pro3& e3ec%!e$ in )ri!in+ #& !he "harehol$er or #& hi" $%l& a%!horiAe$ a!!orne&CinC ac!. a! an& 'ee!in+. an$ "hare" hel$ #& or %n$er !he con!rol o a recei(er 'a& #e (o!e$ #& "%ch recei(er )i!ho%! !he !ran" er !hereo in!o hi" na'e. 6ro3ie". >o!in+ o Share" #& Cer!ain -ol$er". SECTION . Share" "!an$in+ in !he na'e o ano!her Corpora!ion 'a& #e (o!e$ #& "%ch o icer. ARTICLE III BOAR* OF *IRECTORS SECTION . A "harehol$er )ho"e "hare" are ple$+e$ "hall #e en!i!le$ !o (o!e "%ch "hare" %n!il !he "hare" ha(e #een !ran" erre$ in!o !he na'e o !he ple$+ee. i a%!hori!& "o !o $o #e con!aine$ in an appropria!e or$er o !he co%r! #& )hich "%ch recei(er )a" appoin!e$. Each o%!"!an$in+ "hare en!i!le$ !o (o!e "hall #e en!i!le$ !o one (o!e %pon each 'a!!er "%#'i!!e$ !o a (o!e a! a 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er". +%ar$ian or con"er(a!or 'a& #e (o!e$ #& hi'. In or'al Ac!ion #& Sharehol$er".%ip'en! #& )hich all per"on" par!icipa!in+ in !he 'ee!in+ can hear each o!her.. >o!in+ o "hare". #%! no !r%"!ee "hall #e en!i!le$ !o (o!e "hare" hel$ #& hi' )i!ho%! a !ran" er o "%ch "hare" in!o hi" na'e. . )i!ho%! a !ran" er o "%ch "hare" in!o hi" na'e.. a+en! or pro3& a" !he B&la)" o "%ch Corpora!ion 'a& pre"cri#e or. Share" hel$ #& an a$'ini"!ra!or. SECTION 5.

SECTION 8. An& $irec!or"hip !o #e ille$ #& rea"on o an increa"e in !he n%'#er o $irec!or" 'a& #e ille$ #& elec!ion #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" or a !er' o o ice con!in%in+ onl& %n!il !he ne3! elec!ion o $irec!or" #& !he "harehol$er". I 'aile$. a 'a4ori!& o !he $irec!or" pre"en! 'a& a$4o%rn !he 'ee!in+ ro' !i'e !o !i'e )i!ho%! %r!her no!ice.<. No "%ch pa&'en! "hall precl%$e an& $irec!or ro' "er(in+ !he Corpora!ion in an& o!her capaci!& an$ recei(in+ co'pen"a!ion !here or.SECTION 7. The ac! o !he 'a4ori!& o !he $irec!or" pre"en! a! a 'ee!in+ a! )hich a . or #& !ele+ra'. #%! i le"" !han "%ch 'a4ori!& i" pre"en! a! a 'ee!in+. @%or%'. . #& re"ol%!ion. an$ 'a& #e pai$ a "!a!e$ "alar& a" $irec!or or a i3e$ "%' or a!!en$ance a! each 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" or #o!h.%or%' or !he !ran"ac!ion o #%"ine"" a! an& 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". A $irec!or elec!e$ !o ill a (acanc& "hall #e elec!e$ or !he %ne3pire$ !er' o hi" pre$ece""or in o ice. SECTION B. No!ice o an& "pecial 'ee!in+ "hall #e +i(en a! lea"! one (. Ac!ion Wi!ho%! a 0ee!in+. A re+%lar 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" "hall #e hel$ )i!ho%! o!her no!ice !han !hi" B&Cla) i''e$ia!el& a !er. e3cep! )here a $irec!or a!!en$" a 'ee!in+ or !he e3pre"" p%rpo"e o o#4ec!in+ !o !he !ran"ac!ion o an& #%"ine"" #eca%"e !he 'ee!in+ i" no! la) %ll& calle$ or con(ene$. "%ch no!ice "hall #e $ee'e$ !o #e $eli(ere$ )hen !he !ele+ra' i" $eli(ere$ !o !he !ele+raph co'pan&. SECTION . )i!h po"!a+e !hereon prepai$. "e!!in+ or!h !he ac!ion "o !o #e !a2en. The per"on or per"on" a%!horiAe$ !o call "pecial 'ee!in+" o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& i3 !he place or hol$in+ an& "pecial 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" calle$ #& !he'. An& ac!ion !ha! 'a& #e !a2en #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" a! a 'ee!in+ 'a& #e !a2en )i!ho%! a 'ee!in+ i a con"en! in )ri!in+. >acancie".%or%' i" pre"en! "hall #e !he ac! o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". Special 0ee!in+". B& re"ol%!ion o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". Co'pen"a!ion.%e"! o !he 6re"i$en! or an& !)o $irec!or". An& (acanc& occ%rrin+ in !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& #e ille$ #& !he a ir'a!i(e (o!e o a 'a4ori!& o !he re'ainin+ $irec!or" !ho%+h le"" !han a . SECTION ?. i an&. an$ a! !he "a'e place a". Special 'ee!in+" o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& #e calle$ #& or a! !he re. !he !i'e an$ place or !he hol$in+ o a$$i!ional re+%lar 'ee!in+" )i!ho%! no!ice o!her !han "%ch re"ol%!ion. The Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& pro(i$e. !he ann%al 'ee!in+ o "harehol$er". 0anner o Ac!in+.) $a& pre(io%" !here!o #& )ri!!en no!ice $eli(ere$ per"onall& or 'aile$ !o each $irec!or a! hi" #%"ine"" a$$re"". Re+%lar 0ee!in+". SECTION =. each $irec!or 'a& #e pai$ hi" e3pen"e". An& $irec!or" 'a& )ai(e no!ice o an& 'ee!in+. The a!!en$ance o a $irec!or a! a 'ee!in+ "hall con"!i!%!e a )ai(er o no!ice o "%ch 'ee!in+. I no!ice #e +i(en #& !ele+ra'. "hall #e "i+ne$ #e ore "%ch ac!ion #& all o !he $irec!or". "%ch no!ice "hall #e $ee'e$ !o #e $eli(ere$ )hen $epo"i!e$ in !he /ni!e$ S!a!e" 0ail "o a$$re""e$. A 'a4ori!& o !he n%'#er o $irec!or" i3e$ #& Sec!ion 5 o !hi" Ar!icle III "hall con"!i!%!e a . o a!!en$ance a! each 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". SECTION 9. SECTION D.%or%' o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". %nle"" o!her)i"e pro(i$e$ #& la). No!ice.

The 6re"i$en! "hall #e !he principal e3ec%!i(e o icer o !he Corpora!ion an$. An& !)o or 'ore o ice" 'a& #e hel$ #& !he "a'e per"on. 'a& #e ille$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" or !he %ne3pire$ por!ion o !he !er'. #%! "%ch re'o(al "hall #e )i!ho%! pre4%$ice !o !he con!rac! ri+h!". SECTION 8. pre"i$e a! all 'ee!in+" o !he "harehol$er" an$ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". re"i+na!ion. >acancie". "hall in +eneral "%per(i"e an$ con!rol all o !he #%"ine"" an$ a air" o !he Corpora!ion. N%'#er. SECTION 9. #on$". SECTION 5. $i". A (acanc& in an& o ice #eca%"e o $ea!h. )i!h !he Secre!ar& or an& o!her proper o icer o !he Corpora!ion !here%n!o a%!horiAe$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". 6re"%'p!ion o A""en!. 'or!+a+e". con!rac!". an& $ee$". )hen pre"en!. O icer" 'a& #e $irec!or" or "harehol$er" o !he Corpora!ion. incl%$in+ a Chair'an o !he Boar$. an$ "%ch appoin!'en! "hall #e !er'ina#le a! )ill. -e "hall. one or 'ore >ice 6re"i$en!". each o )ho' "hall #e elec!e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". e3cep! or !he o ice" o 6re"i$en! an$ Secre!ar& )hich 'a& no! #e hel$ #& !he "a'e per"on. !he #e"! in!ere"!" o !he Corpora!ion )ill #e "er(e$ !here#&. Elec!ion an$ Ter' o O ice. Each o icer "hall hol$ o ice %n!il hi" "%cce""or "hall ha(e #een $%l& elec!e$ an$ "hall ha(e .SECTION . or %n!il he "hall re"i+n or "hall ha(e #een re'o(e$ in !he 'anner hereina !er pro(i$e$. in i!" 4%$+'en!. %nle"" !here i" a Chair'an o !he Boar$ in )hich ca"e !he Chair'an "hall pre"i$e. ARTICLE I> OFFICERS SECTION . an$ a Trea"%rer. The o icer" o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e a 6re"i$en!. A $irec!or o !he Corpora!ion )ho i" pre"en! a! a 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" a! )hich ac!ion on an& corpora!e 'a!!er i" !a2en "hall #e pre"%'e$ !o ha(e a""en!e$ !o !he ac!ion !a2en %nle"" hi" $i""en! "hall #e en!ere$ in !he 'in%!e" o !he 'ee!in+ or %nle"" he "hall ile hi" )ri!!en $i""en! !o "%ch ac!ion )i!h !he per"on ac!in+ a" !he Secre!ar& o !he 'ee!in+ #e ore !he a$4o%rn'en! !hereo . I !he elec!ion o o icer" "hall no! #e hel$ a! "%ch 'ee!in+. Re'o(al. or %n!il hi" $ea!h. o !he per"on "o re'o(e$. An& o icer or a+en! 'a& #e re'o(e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" )hene(er. or o!her in"!r%'en!" )hich !he Boar$ o . re'o(al. "%ch elec!ion "hall #e hel$ a" "oon !herea !er a" con(enien!l& 'a& #e. In i!" $i"cre!ion. i an&. cer!i ica!e" or "hare" o !he Corpora!ion..%ali ie$. or "hall or)ar$ "%ch $i""en! #& re+i"!ere$ 'ail !o !he Secre!ar& o !he Corpora!ion i''e$ia!el& a !er !he a$4o%rn'en! o !he 'ee!in+. S%ch ri+h! !o $i""en! "hall no! appl& !o $irec!or )ho (o!e$ in a(or o "%ch ac!ion. "%#4ec! !o !he con!rol o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". The o icer" o !he Corpora!ion !o #e elec!e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" "hall #e elec!e$ ann%all& #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" a! !he ir"! 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" hel$ a !er each ann%al 'ee!in+ o !he "harehol$er". SECTION 7. !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& lea(e %n ille$ or an& "%ch perio$ a" i! 'a& $e!er'ine an& o ice e3cep! !ho"e o 6re"i$en! an$ Secre!ar&.. a Secre!ar&.%ali ica!ion or o!her)i"e. 6re"i$en!. -e 'a& "i+n. S%ch o!her o icer" an$ a""i"!an! o icer" a" 'a& #e $ee'e$ nece""ar& 'a& #e elec!e$ or appoin!e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". Elec!ion or appoin!'en! o an o icer or a+en! "hall no! o i!"el crea!e con!rac! ri+h!"..

!he e3ec%!ion o )hich on #ehal o !he Corpora!ion %n$er i!" "eal i" $%l& a%!horiAe$E ($) :eep a re+i"!er o !he po"! o ice a$$re"" o each "harehol$er )hich "hall #e %rni"he$ !o !he Secre!ar& #& "%ch "harehol$erE (e) Si+n )i!h !he 6re"i$en! cer!i ica!e" or "hare" o !he Corpora!ion. I no "%ch ran2 ha" #een $e!er'ine$. e3cep! in ca"e" )here !he "i+nin+ an$ e3ec%!ion !hereo "hall #e e3pre""l& $ele+a!e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" or #& !he"e B&la)" !o "o'e o!her o icer or a+en! o !he Corpora!ion. SECTION ?. Salarie". an$ )hen "o ac!in+. SECTION =. SECTION B. In !he a#"ence o !he 6re"i$en! or in e(en! o hi" $ea!h. !hen each >ice 6re"i$en! "hall "%ccee$ !o !he $%!ie" o !he 6re"i$en! in or$er o $a!e o elec!ion. The >ice 6re"i$en! "hall per or' "%ch o!her $%!ie" a" ro' !i'e !o !i'e 'a& #e a""i+ne$ !o hi' #& !he 6re"i$en! or #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". !he i""%ance o )hich "hall ha(e #een a%!horiAe$ #& re"ol%!ion o !he Boar$ o *irec!or"E ( ) -a(e +eneral char+e o !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" o !he Corpora!ionE an$ (+) In +eneral per or' all $%!ie" inci$en! !o !he o ice o !he Secre!ar& an$ "%ch o!her $%!ie" a" ro' !i'e !o !i'e 'a& #e a""i+ne$ !o hi' #& !he 6re"i$en! or #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or".*irec!or" ha" a%!horiAe$ !o #e e3ec%!e$. I !here i" 'ore !han one >ice 6re"i$en!. !he Trea"%rer "hall +i(e a #on$ or !he ai!h %l $i"char+e o hi" $%!ie" in "%ch "%' an$ )i!h "%ch "%re!ie" a" !he Boar$ o *irec!or" "hall $e!er'ine. "hall ha(e all !he po)er" o an$ #e "%#4ec! !o all !he re"!ric!ion" %pon !he 6re"i$en!. or "hall #e re. ina#ili!& or re %"al !o ac!. an$ $epo"i! all "%ch 'one&" in !he na'e o !he Corpora!ion in "%ch #an2". The Trea"%rer "hallF (a) -a(e char+e an$ c%"!o$& o an$ #e re"pon"i#le or all %n$" an$ "ec%ri!ie" o !he Corpora!ionE (#) Recei(e an$ +i(e receip!" or 'one&" $%e an$ pa&a#le !o !he Corpora!ion ro' an& "o%rce )ha!"oe(er. The Secre!ar& "hallF (a) :eep !he 'in%!e" o !he procee$in+" o !he "harehol$er" an$ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or" in one or 'ore 'in%!e #oo2" pro(i$e$ or !ha! p%rpo"eE (#) See !ha! all no!ice" are $%l& +i(en in accor$ance )i!h !he pro(i"ion" o !he"e B&la)" or a" re.%ire$ #& la) !o #e o!her)i"e "i+ne$ or e3ec%!e$E an$ in +eneral "hall per or' all $%!ie" inci$en! !o !he o ice o 6re"i$en! an$ "%ch o!her $%!ie" a" 'a& #e pre"cri#e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" ro' !i'e !o !i'e. ARTICLE > IN*E0NITY . !he earlie"! $a!e ha(in+ !he ir"! ran2. Trea"%rer. !r%"! co'panie" or o!her $epo"i!orie" a" "hall #e "elec!e$ in accor$ance )i!h !he pro(i"ion" o Ar!icle >I o !he"e B&la)"E an$ (c) In +eneral per or' all o !he $%!ie" inci$en! !o !he o ice o Trea"%rer an$ "%ch o!her $%!ie" a" ro' !i'e !o !i'e 'a& #e a""i+ne$ !o hi' #& !he 6re"i$en! or #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". an$ no o icer "hall #e pre(en!e$ ro' recei(in+ "%ch "alar& #& rea"on o !he ac! !ha! he i" al"o a $irec!or o !he Corpora!ion. each >ice 6re"i$en! "hall "%ccee$ !o !he $%!ie" o !he 6re"i$en! in or$er o ran2 a" $e!er'ine$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". SECTION D. >ice 6re"i$en!.%ire$ #& la)E (c) Be c%"!o$ian o !he corpora!e recor$" an$ o !he "eal o !he Corpora!ion an$ "ee !ha! !he "eal o !he Corpora!ion i" a i3e$ !o all $oc%'en!". I re. The "alarie" o !he o icer" "hall #e i3e$ ro' !i'e !o !i'e #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or".%ire$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". Secre!ar&. !he >ice 6re"i$en! "hall per or' !he $%!ie" o !he 6re"i$en!.

*epo"i!". SECTION 7. o icer. o icer. !r%"! co'panie" or o!her $epo"i!orie" a" !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& "elec!.. SECTION 5. e'plo&ee or a+en! a! !he !i'e "%ch e3pen"e" are inc%rre$. Cer!i ica!e" or Share". no!e" or o!her e(i$ence" o in$e#!e$ne"" i""%e$ in !he na'e o !he Corpora!ion. ARTICLE >I C-EC:S.Con!rac!". No loan" "hall #e con!rac!e$ on #ehal o !he Corpora!ion an$ no e(i$ence" o in$e#!e$ne"" "hall #e i""%e$ in i!" na'e %nle"" a%!horiAe$ #& a re"ol%!ion o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". S%ch cer!i ica!e" "hall #e "i+ne$ . SECTION 8. (c) The Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a&. o icer. $irec! !he p%rcha"e o lia#ili!& in"%rance #& )a& o i'ple'en!in+ !he pro(i"ion" o !hi" Ar!icle >.The Corpora!ion "hall in$e'ni & i!" $irec!or". par!ner"hip.. or a+en! o !he Corpora!ion or i" or )a" "er(in+ a! !he re. "hall #e "i+ne$ #& "%ch o icer or o icer".%e"! o !he Corpora!ion a" a $irec!or. or e'plo&ee o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e in$e'ni ie$ #& !he Corpora!ion a+ain"! all e3pen"e" an$ lia#ili!ie". incl%$in+ co%n"el ee". !o en!er in!o an& con!rac! or e3ec%!e an$ $eli(er an& in"!r%'en! in !he na'e o an$ on #ehal o !he Corpora!ion. Chec2". $ra !" or o!her or$er" or !he pa&'en! o 'one&. li!i+a!ion or o!her procee$in+" )hich i" "peci icall& per'i""i#le %n$er applica#le la). !he in$e'ni!& a+ain"! e3pen"e" o "%i!. Cer!i ica!e" repre"en!in+ "hare" o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e in "%ch or' a" "hall #e $e!er'ine$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or". Loan". or in )hich he 'a& #eco'e in(ol(e$. in i!" $i"cre!ion. e'plo&ee or a+en! o !he corpora!ion. !r%"! or en!erpri"e. All %n$" o !he Corpora!ion no! o!her)i"e e'plo&e$ "hall #e $epo"i!e$ ro' !i'e !o !i'e !o !he cre$i! o !he Corpora!ion in "%ch #an2". (#) The Corpora!ion "hall pro(i$e !o an& per"on )ho i" or )a" a $irec!or. #& rea"on o hi" #ein+ or ha(in+ #een a $irec!or. o icer. a+en! or a+en!" o !he Corpora!ion an$ in "%ch 'anner a" "hall ro' !i'e !o !i'e #e $e!er'ine$ #& re"ol%!ion o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". )he!her or no! he i" a $irec!or. or e'plo&ee i" a$4%$+e$ +%il!& o )ill %l 'i" ea"ance or 'al ea"ance in !he per or'ance o hi" $%!ie"E pro(i$e$ !ha! in !he e(en! o a "e!!le'en! !he in$e'ni ica!ion herein "hall appl& onl& )hen !he Boar$ o *irec!or" appro(e" "%ch "e!!le'en! an$ rei'#%r"e'en! a" #ein+ or !he #e"! in!ere"!" o !he Corpora!ion. ARTICLE >II CERTIFICATES FOR S-ARES AN* T-EIR TRANSFER SECTION . 4oin! (en!%re. e'plo&ee or a+en! o !he Corpora!ion or an& "e!!le'en! !hereo . e'plo&ee. rea"ona#l& inc%rre$ #& or i'po"e$ %pon hi' in connec!ion )i!h an& procee$in+ !o )hich he 'a& #e 'a$e a par!&. *E6OSITS CONTRACTS. e3cep! in "%ch ca"e" )herein !he $irec!or. AN* LOANS SECTION . The Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& a%!horiAe an& o icer or o icer". an$ "%ch a%!hori!& 'a& #e +eneral or con ine$ !o "peci ic in"!ance". o icer. o icer" an$ e'plo&ee" a" ollo)"F (a) E(er& $irec!or. All chec2". S%ch a%!hori!& 'a& #e +eneral or con ine$ !o "peci ic in"!ance". o icer. a+en! or a+en!".

!ha! %pon an& ac!ion %n$er!a2en #& !he "harehol$er" !o elec! S Corpora!ion "!a!%" p%r"%an! !o Sec!ion . All cer!i ica!e" "%rren$ere$ !o !he Corpora!ion or !ran" er "hall #e cancele$ an$ no ne) cer!i ica!e "hall #e i""%e$ %n!il !he or'er cer!i ica!e or a li2e n%'#er o "hare" "hall ha(e #een "%rren$ere$ an$ cancele$.7=5 o !he In!ernal Re(en%e Co$e an$ %pon an& "harehol$er" a+ree'en! !here!o re"!ric!in+ !he !ran" er o "ai$ "hare" "o a" !o $i". )ho "hall %rni"h proper e(i$ence o a%!hori!& !o !ran" er. ARTICLE I. $e"!ro&e$ or '%!ila!e$ cer!i ica!e. Tran" er o Share". an$ on "%rren$er or cancella!ion o !he cer!i ica!e or "%ch "hare". COR6ORATE SEAL A! !he $i"cre!ion o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". or #& hi" a!!orne& !here%n!o a%!horiAe$ #& po)er o a!!orne& $%l& e3ec%!e$ an$ ile$ )i!h !he Secre!ar& o !he Corpora!ion. 6ro(i$e$. Tran" er o "hare" o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e 'a$e onl& on !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" o !he Corpora!ion #& !he hol$er o recor$ !hereo or #& hi" le+al repre"en!a!i(e. an$ "eale$ )i!h !he corpora!e "eal. "hall #e en!ere$ on !he "!oc2 !ran" er #oo2" o !he Corpora!ion. ARTICLE >III FISCAL YEAR The i"cal &ear o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e+in on !he _________ $a& o _____________ an$ en$ on !he ____________ $a& o ________________ each &ear. ARTICLE . All cer!i ica!e" or "hare" "hall #e con"ec%!i(el& n%'#ere$ or o!her)i"e i$en!i ie$. circ%lar in or' an$ "hall ha(e in"cri#e$ !hereon !he na'e o !he Corpora!ion an$ !he S!a!e o incorpora!ion an$ !he )or$".%ali & "ai$ S Corpora!ion "!a!%". . *I>I*EN*S The Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& ro' !i'e !o !i'e $eclare. )i!h !he n%'#er o "hare" an$ $a!e o i""%e. No "eal "hall #e nece""ar& !o 'a2e an& con!rac! or %n$er!a2in+ (ali$. SECTION 5.#& !he 6re"i$en! an$ #& !he Secre!ar& or #& "%ch o!her o icer" a%!horiAe$ #& la) an$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" "o !o $o. $i(i$en$" on i!" o%!"!an$in+ "hare" in !he 'anner an$ %pon !he !er'" an$ con$i!ion" pro(i$e$ #& la) an$ i!" Ar!icle" o Incorpora!ion. a ne) one 'a& #e i""%e$ %pon "%ch !er'" an$ in$e'ni!& !o !he Corpora!ion a" !he Boar$ o *irec!or" 'a& pre"cri#e. ho)e(er. The na'e an$ a$$re"" o !he per"on !o )ho' !he "hare" repre"en!e$ !here#& are i""%e$. The per"on in )ho"e na'e "hare" "!an$ on !he #oo2" o !he Corpora!ion "hall #e $ee'e$ #& !he Corpora!ion !o #e !he o)ner !hereo or all p%rpo"e". !he Corpora!ion 'a& a$op! a corpora!e "eal. GCorpora!e SealG. e3cep! !ha! in ca"e o a lo"!. "ai$ re"!ric!ion on !ran" er "hall #e 'a$e a par! o !he #&la)" "o lon+ a" "ai$ a+ree'en! i" in orce an$ e ec!. an$ !he Corpora!ion 'a& pa&.

The a#o(e B&la)" are cer!i ie$ !o ha(e #een a$op!e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" o !he Corpora!ion on !he _________________ $a& o ____________ ('on!h). )hene(er an& no!ice i" re. "hall #e $ee'e$ e. ________________________________ Secre!ar& . a'en$e$ or repeale$ an$ ne) B&la)" 'a& #e a$op!e$ #& !he Boar$ o *irec!or" a! an& re+%lar or "pecial 'ee!in+ o !he Boar$ o *irec!or". ___ (&ear). )he!her #e ore or a !er !he !i'e "!a!e$ !herein.%ire$ !o #e +i(en !o an& "harehol$er or $irec!or o !he Corpora!ion %n$er !he pro(i"ion" o !he"e B&la)" or %n$er !he pro(i"ion" o !he Ar!icle" o Incorpora!ion or %n$er !he pro(i"ion" o !he applica#le B%"ine"" Corpora!ion Ac!.II A0EN*0ENTS The"e B&la)" 'a& #e al!ere$.ARTICLE .I WAI>ER OF NOTICE /nle"" o!her)i"e pro(i$e$ #& la). a )ai(er !hereo in )ri!in+.%i(alen! !o !he +i(in+ o "%ch no!ice. "i+ne$ #& !he per"on or per"on" en!i!le$ !o "%ch no!ice. ARTICLE .

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