Feather Stitch

In Turkish we call this stitch as Y stitch as it resembles us the style of Y letter :) This is a line stitch that is worked down towards. I did not care that pictures are taken horizontally but you assume it as vertically, it will be easier for you :)

I¶ve used 7 mm silk ribbon in this stitch. First thread your ribbon through your needle¶s eye and bring your needle up from down at point 1, pull down at point 2 and bring up again at point 3.

Then, keep the distance parallel to points 2-3 line and pull your needle down at point 4. And then bring up at point 5. At this point keep the ribbon beneath the needle!

We¶ve already completed our 2 Y stitch. In this step you may be confused but just follow the points you will get easy to complete it. So for this step, pull your needle down at point 6 and up at point 7.

Final result of our Feather (Y ) stitch is like this :)

Gathered Ribbon Rose
In Turkisg, we call as ³Pitircik´ for the ribbon I used in my this flower stitch. Never seen this type of ribbon in foreign blogs. This ribbon has sewing eyes on its edges that you can bring thred towards. I¶m not sure if my explanation is clear but you can understand it from the first picture:)

bring it through sewing eyes with your needle as demonstrated in picture. I used 5 mm Pitircik Ribbon. Pull up thread slightly to gather your ribbon.For this flower. . Using a machine sewing thread.

. Here is how to. First bring up your needle from 1 and pull down at point 2. In this stitch. put a white pearl bead in center. At the end. Here is our lovely flower :) Fly Stitch There are of course various Fly stitches but the one I will share is the most common used one I guess.Fold your ribbon around center and sew tops of ribbon with thread to the fabric. I have used 7 mm ribbon but you can also use 3 mm instead.

pull your ribbon down about 2 cm far from point 5 as seen in picture..Bring up your ribbon from point 3 and hold ribbon with your thumb. In the next step.. Then down ribbon at point 4 and up from 5.Sorry that the angle of the picture is not the same as in previous picture. .I hope you do not confuse.

I learnt it thanks to Meri. We finally complete our Fly Stitch. Loop Stitch In Turkish we call this stitch as ³Daisy´ but in english term it has different name.And in this step. . bring up your ribbon from point 6. pull down at 7 and bring up again at point 8 similarly we did in our 2nd step. So let¶s start this post¶s last how-to stitch.

pull down your ribbon backside and leave a loop size to make your petal. . Right through the near point we brought ribbon. For this I used a pencil to give each petal a smooth look.I¶ve used 10 mm ribbon for this stitch and start with bringing your ribbon up from underside of fabric.

Pull your needle from under fabric and take it upside. for the size you see on fabric of other completed star roses. If you want to make wider rose. then hold your ribbon at longer distance from fabric. You can embellish your flower with some beads also as I did :) Materials Needed for Silk Ribbon Embroidery Star Rose Stitch y y y y 10 mm Silk Ribbon Ribbon Needle Fabric Embroidery Hoop Step by Step Silk Ribbon Embroidery Star Rose Stitch First thread your ribbon through your needle so your ribbon may not fray. . I see foreign bloggers use inches for measurements but I¶m not much familiar with inches :) So have to tell that.Similarly repeat the same loops in a circle for as many petals you want to make for your flower. hold your ribbon at one handspan distance.

make a knot on ribbon.Hold you needle on ribbon as seen in picture Just as in needle lace( I assume you know:) ). .

Now make straight stitches on ribbon downward with 1/2 cm or 1 cm distances. Keep making straight stitches as seen in picture. pierce your needle from the point you started. . When you have completed your threading.

Our lovely star rose shined and blossomed finally:) .Pull your needle gently downward until your un-stitched ribbon taken under fabric.

This pattern¶s text is available in my turkish blog. Though you can view it on the picture. Here in Turkey. we call this technique as Ribbon Embroidery Sunflower Technique. First draw the lines with 2 cm gap each other which will be your sticth path. if used wrong term or definition correct me please. So now let¶s go on what we need for this technique y y y 20 mm silk ribbon a length of 100 cm Needles An embroidery floss that matches your silk ribbon For the instructions.Patterns that Silk Ribbon Embroidery Star Rose Stitch Applied Previously I shared only one pattern that SRE Star Rose stitch used. not translated it to english yet. mind my poor english . y SRE Star Rose Stitch Towel Pattern I hope you enjoyed and found this tutorial useful and please deliver me If you find any chance to make this lovely rose :) I would love to share them here. Of course experts do not need this :) .

Keep making stitches with small distances as you see on picture .Pull your needle down on your ribbon and make small stictches.

. bind each ends of flower together and sew it. you must care that the upsides of the stitches sections should look formly.After you complete sticthing. gently pull the needle of the ribbon all the way through. During pulling. After pulling.

You sew the flower on to fabric from its inner sewing points. and preferably you can put beads in the middle of flower. .

Materials Required for Ribbon Embroidery Carnation Flower Technique .

y y y y y y y 30cm pink carnation ribbon 15cm green carnation ribbon Needle Threads that will suite with ribbons Pink carnation beads Embroidery hoop Fabric Step by step Carnation Ribbon Stitch .

. bring thread up and gather the ribbon slightly. first stitch along the selvedge as you see in the first picture When your stitching is complete.In our carnation ribbon stitch steps.

And sew your ribbon¶s bottom as seen in picture.Then fold your ribbon 3 times that tips of ribbon will be in inside. .

stich along the salvadge on satin part of ribbon. make stichtings along the ribbon as you see in picture. . similarly with some distance to salvadge.and we finally completed flower of our carnation To make carnation¶s twisted leave. After completing your stitching along salvadge.

First mount your flower to the fabric .Then gather your ribbon slightly and in order not to open sew the gatherings.

And bend your edges of twisted leaf into inside. And mount your leaf on fabric under flower as you see in picture. so i would love to add them in my list. If you desire you can add beads on flower. You can also send me yours. I will update list as i share more patterns with this technique. Carnation Ribbon Embroidered Patterns Previously I shared only one ribbon embroidery pattern that carnation stitching applied. .


2. Secure the ribbon with a small knot on the back. end by stitching an exit through the fabric just under the last round. Allow the ribbon to twist where it looks best.How to Make a Rose in Three Steps 1. Just keep going in the same direction. Start with a spider web base worked in thread. Bring the ribbon up to enter in the middle and start weaving in and out on the spokes. around and around. When the spokes are covered. 3. It doesn't matter whether you go clockwise or counterclockwise. . Choose a color that matches the ribbon color. The base should look like a five spoke asterisk.