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"Beam me up, Scotty" and other famous misquotes and misattributions.

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In France after D-day, an American soldier took a seven-year-old orphan under his wing. Decades later, / his daughter set out to locate that bey.

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The big rig was about to explode and the driver's legs were on fI reo The Coopers came to the rescue.

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A single mom just needed to bring home the bacon. She ended up rolling in dough. MA RGAR n flU FE RNAN



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com. Turning eyeglasses into fl{y ClA$$~$'" ~~~~..0 :£ c...i./1"611 /tJQIx.JJ ExplUUJiJE A.J &>/~ "'..JA/~._---_ E'IEGLASSCUIOE. ..ciA.COM I 00 My Life: PIKi[{Jc~l~fI1ic Lli~3r11fflil'~ r~:rllJiid~lTI3rh~-j u~fCJrll1~~ Transiti(f2ns· e-r' ID}J lransucns omrat I"'~ I~ in tI~~ratl[ hv He!nLIrt..!t.1/ tU.J /. 6vl644~Gv.J&> EyeG lassGuide.IL'I"3 Dpml I~tt:!il'I1aLtrlJl..ilo_..v~(:' _.j=milr\.D6I'U:>:>! 14.4-..LI' trar-!L.'OI~ My Frames: 6rI"r ~ My Look: f'DU ifOI'OOEtz. atld 11:.t.!II~~~1l: 1r.J SEe I\IEI"o/ ~ STI"lIJi(# ::fAan&> A...1I1!~"'qf1r ttnlp~t~[U W ~Xj))5Ii1'~.1/.: Brought to you by rruniJlrr-'S./'oIQ""Y·op.E My Lenses: f.fL)ITJ~.1U::r... My Lens Options: .!.1 141h"/-tU~"'c.1 f>I'l.lE .vo'1"«:."rIV6 "riUA"ril'4th :.10 .. anc T~IT~~~.....Jc.

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it may be acid reflux disease. erode (wear away) the lining of the esophagus. .The rls[ng stomach acid causing heartburn pain can.. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and lind out if NEXtLJM is right lor you. and abdomtnal pain. kIlown as erosive eSQphagilis. JIO'IP"' !WI"""' '11<""". \ \ \ . If you suHer!torn persistent eartburn 2 or n more days". Most erosions heal ln 4 to 8 weeks. . And for many. not rule out omer senous stomach rnnditions. Your results with NEXIUM may vary. One prescription NEXIUM pill a day. i~ILJMhas a tow occurrence of side effects. ~_l'AD~I1\>~ m&e IMIII (esomeprazolemagnesium) Nexlum® AstraZeneca~ . \ \-0 \ If 100 MI w1tI!I!l1I /NfIIiCfIfJIioo. NEXIUM can help heal erosions In the esophagus. About1 in 3 people wrth acid refiux disease may have this oondition.govlmedwalch. vlhich can only be dJagnosed by your doctor. OOl'e1lWl' 000 (>')n 'leffMI !WI" ffIIl(/fciIIIoo.Jit~! .purplepIll.comlheal or call1-877-56-NEXlUM . Youare encouraged to report n~live side effects of prescription drugs 10 /he F~A. Time with friends. despite1reatmerit and chan:ging your diet. w o$~~'""Il"...""" OJ ~ '_111M \ "2OO'I .fda.. over time. ~ymptom relief do~.... AiJfffJZ(l.What heals me? A heou~lfulaFternoon. .fJrn/ 1119J lie flf!/f! /ltiip.. can prov. Please read the Important Product Information about NE)(IUM on the adjacent page and discuss II with your doctor. along with diet and lifestyle changes. or call 1 800 FDA 10B8.. diarrhea. headache. .~sil ~....poriQ~ -1II.l """*. Ask your dactor about NEXIUM. Visit www.lde 24-hour heartburn relief. . week. the Hea:ling Purple Pill.. which Include..

summarycarlllllily and ihen ask your dOGlor about NEXIUM. or damage"io W:HATSHOULD I TELL MY DOCTOR BEFORE fAKIN. • to lreal\tle symptoms ot gastroesophageal rellux disease (GERD).tegnant. this advertIsement does ]101 lake the place 01 carelul discussions with your doctor. an d iohelp co nltn U8 this heali ng. • ketocona2ol~ (NllORAL~) • vorlconazole (VfENIl!!l) • alaumavir (REYATAlO) • oelfinavir (VIRACEPT®) • s3Qull1l1vir (FORIOVASEa!! INVIRASE[1O!) • produets thai contaIn iro ~ • diQoxin (LANOXIN<I: LANOXrCAPS®) cnnliJw{J{/ {~~~) NeXlumAStraleneca'Z ( c_ .sour or' biller taste In the mouth. E$peclally lell yoUr doctor' if you take: • w~rlan'n (GOUMADIN@) vitam ins and M. such as heartburn. NEXIUM has not benn sllOwn to be sate and etiec1Ne in ct1lJdre n w nder Ih Il ag e ot 1. rl!1M lor you. if you: . zollinger-Ellison Syndrome is a rare con diHo n in wl1iel1 th e ste mach p rodU ees a more lh an no (mal am ()Um 01 acid.IUM? MEXm M is a p rescription medici pump Jnhibitot (PPI).B rbat su p pie l11en15. • to treat a stomach inlection (Helicobscter pylori).EX. GERD is 3 chronic con~l~on (lasts a lon_g time) thai oecu rs when aoiII from Ih a stomaoh backs up into the esophagus (Iood pipe) causing symptoms. • are p. and other m eiJlci nes may affect how N EXI UM works.lom. Noadverlisemenl WHAT IS· N. • a l!l breastfeed in9 0 r plan nIn9 to breastleed.N EXI UM rn ny Tal k with yo ur d ccte r about the best way to feed your baby I! you lalle NEXIUM.8QO·23S.e iI' a drug is. See the. • are allerglo to any other Proton pump Inhibitor (PP~) mea lei lie. lind dlftl cully SWaIIoWin g. a long wi th the 3nti bi 0 tics am oxic i IIin and cl arithtomyCin..oeco me preg na 111. affect how Qt~er mediCines work.!id no n. NEXI.presc rlplio n drugs. Common symptom sinclu de treq uent heart bum that wi II not go away.e 11110rma.PORTANT INFORMATIOll ABOUT NEXIUM Please read this.IM. Tell YQur do~lar abo u:t all of 111 me~ s yo u lake e ioirte in cl ltdi ng prescriptibn a.p~r~l!plll. ihm~ you may be pregnant.UM Is used In ad(JIt'l1: 00 WHO SHOULD NOT TAKE NEXIUM? called a p mJOTl Do no! lake NEXIUM If you: • are ailergic. For ehild re nand aMlesC'll nts 1 to 17' yea IS of age. VlSillillVl. Only yoUt doctor Ms the !raiillng 10 weigh Ihe risks and benelits ola prescrlplioll drug .Qr. NEl(I'U M may be PrBscri bed lor short-Ie rm trealmel1t 01 BERD. or are pta 1111 In g to . • to redycethe risk of slomachulcers in some peo pie tl kin g pain m edt cines ca lied no~· steroidal antHmlammlltory dru!ls (NSAIDs).to any of the ingredients inNEXI UM.GNEXIUM? Tell your daGlar about all your medical coMIUons. . • lor the long·term treatment 01 Zo'lllnger.Elllson Syndrome.: have live r erob leni s ·the lining of the eso ph a gus. a . can provide all th. NEXIUM may also be presori bed 10 heal acld·relale d d am age to the lining of the esophagus (erosive esophagltls). end 01 'this leaflet for a complete lisl of ingre~ients in NEXI UM. incl~ding.~lIM In[llrmaH~n Genter nlAru!:lenooa lGIHwai {.lillnneeded 10 determiil.ggaa.

Be surs to swallow the ~pplosauce light away.e p rofesslOIT3 I HOW SHOULol STORE NEXIUM? • S10re NEXI U M at room tem peram re between 59"F to B6·F (1 S~C t 0 30~C). sod ium hyd ra. are not all the poss IbIe sl de'effects wilh N EX IUM. magnesIUln stearate.~ reoI. Red #28. For mora Iniormalion.!psule $h~lIsl: lJr}/'Cery. afchlldren. a double dose 10 make UP for a mtssed dose. DSC. NEXIUM? Irlhydrate Acllv6ingf&dllnt: esomeprazole magnesiUm The. FDI!.CE M adi "mes a re so meum as p rasc" bed 10 r purposas other than th.pir~l!plll.UM Dela~ed'lIer9ase Oral Suspension: dextrosEi..purptepili. even if they !laVe the same symptoms you have. OI~1 ~""" "nfflll a. do Inot ta~e the missed dose. • Takij NEXIUM alleasl 11hour before a mea. Ollr. trielhyl' ci\rale.lpali 0n • Ab(lominal pain • Dry mout~ Tell your doctor about any side effects that bother you or that do nol go away.~~lj~!~ LP" W1lrnlllglO~. Do nol ~!Qre it 10r 'Ialer use. n-butyl alcCbol... polysorbate ao. These.mos1 Dammon side. ask your doctor.J ro n oxide. shellac. tell your doctor right away. gelatin.~llhi Inl(lI1!1a~~~ :Centll n!AWalenooa IGIH®aI 1·8DD-236<S9aa. ~ tn.. Xllnthan gum. • Swallow NEXIUM capsules Whole Never chew or crush NEXIUM.EXIUM. 1\II11CII\:i'~I"'d l Pllllm.. • If you have difficulty swallowing NEXIUM the contents into a tablespoon Qf applesauce. • Keep the oontaloer 01 'NEXIUM .IM.effects with NEXIUM may Inell! de: II Diarrhea • Headache • Gas • . methatrylic add copolymer type C.C Red 140. • II you taksloo much N. or call toll tree 1·800·2. • II YOli torget to take a dose of NEXIUM. and Iwd roxyp ropyll:ellu lose. 0 on st take..<ide.mlponles. and empty This :Pa1ient Information leaflet proVides a summary oOha m ost im portanl info rmatl 0 n about NEX IUM. ·lm'[m .ic acid .llil1ld Iradern.DE t 9850 "~~~® . Jt>oetllW (:.a~~~ ~01I12fll1lil%el VISit\i1lVl. matron . ethyl alcoh ai.'Ir. For mor. '(ou can aSk your do(:ler or pharmacist lor inlorma1. NOlE: This ~umma'y providea important informallon allcul NEXIU. Inactive granules 1" NEXI. If It Is almost time lor your next dose. Do n01 usa NEX I UM for a co nd~i an for wh Ich II was n 01 p resorl bed.go 10 www. 15. talc.closed tlglJlIy. hypromellose. GlOspovidone.p Iea SQ ask y OUI be a lib ea I. Iii Ik with you r doctor or pharmacist ~ you have any questions abo ut side etfacts. WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS IN. • Do not chal1ge your dose Of slOp NEXIUM withoulialki ng to yo til ~octo f. polyVinyl pyrrolidane. QI ~IOW 01 ~nIPinl<5.FD&C Blue ~1. Take the nExt dose 0 n h me. take it as soon as you remem'oer. It may harm them. isop ropylalco hoi.h him or her.Raluse Capsules (Iucluding the Ir.e Inlor· or doctor aboQllhe lull prescdbing inlonnalioll and dis~uss iI wll.l. 'i:l1006 Allra~nl'll ~lIllmilC<illlioal.lomAjr. capsules" you may open Ina capsule GENERAL ADVI. For mora inrormalion. sU!lar spheres.M. WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS DIF NEXIUM? Inatt!ve Ingrements In NEXIUM D8layed. Do not gIve NEXI UM 10 otner people. liIanium dioxide. p ropy I B ne glycol. Keep IIIEXIUM and all me d i Gioe S 0 tIl: of til e r-eac~ NEXIUI\I .Nausea • Con sl.1 ma nostea rate 40-55.ion thai Is wrilte n for healt Meara professi one Is. (~enrgeWm) NexJum- ~------------------------------~~~~a(~ ..rl.ose !lsted in the Patient intOfll1ation leaflet. and D&C Yellow '10. Myd io~propy I cell ul Dire.PORTANT INFORMATIOll ABOUT NEXIUM HOW SHOULD I TAKE NEXIUM? • Take NEXIUM e~actly as prescribed by your dootor.36·9933.I.

beyond a shadow of a doubt vi'labf1 to . They're restaurant-quality sauces.Enjoy every chef-inspired pasta sauce from BCltolli. from classic reds to cTeamywhites.~QfTl .

therefore that strike fear. If WI! publish your letter~whethel' it's to comment on j:llJJ" content.sing our praises.. ert~ We don't know which cancers will respond to early detection and treatment and which will not. yvl~S The fact is. The lifetime risk Len Li cht eniel«.. But do not scare preventing cancer from developing them. MAGi'. for developing colorectal cancer is dsp u r. educate. an MRI showed no aneurysm at all. Six months ago. health care.. courtesy of our Beeks and Music division. as imperfect as it may be. American csneer Sod e ty approximately 6 percent.. in the first place. is not the Your article presented an unbalanced place to start cutting back on one's perspective on colorectal cancer.but there was never any change. Every ment because we believe year.~~""'*"TI"'"ltttWf. That is a terrible disservice. we don't know who is going to get cancer ~ ~noerTests and who is not ("What's 'Ioo.y chief medi cal offrcer. bers of men and women. Please do not provide CoJonoscopy screening allows docyour readers with horror stories tors to identify and remove polyps (precursors of cancer). MD. moneYIand worry for nothing. that screening procedures.. do save lives. and guide them.cDm.llI!iIIInlfll~""I'I1"""IXI""""""'" .Ir'I . Arizon" than it bas helped is ludicrous. Allthat time. and we Screening Scare WD_u ~""""IfiuI. Cancer screening. Too many doctors To suggest that cancer routinely order tests. Inform. ~ Wrong with Cancer Tests"). we accept the risks of overdiagnosis and treatI was told I had an abdominal aneurysm. I had tests to see how much it had grown.LETTERS ON React ~ THE APRIL ISSUE . and the results are often screening has hurt more misinterpreted. But at the American Cancer Society.-uI'llHJ~~~ 1"If!'o'i1"'1'11'11~~"'I. Edith Hacll_ Phoerux.. " . Send your submissions to letters@readersdigest.. or take us to tas'k-yaulll receive a free Read~r5 DigestlDook or CD.. when applied to large num.

particularly if that number includes a mother. t r·o. . Want your . Quit approving earmarks and wasting money. . where more often than Dot. father. Pass a bill to give the president a line-item veto. or brother. and take part in short surveys. Colorectal cancer is largely preventable.IEn dOSOQ p~ » Achieve blpartisanship. think that losing 50.. I would also like to suggest that the time has come for "3.. " .000 people each year is significant. Provide lncentlves to keep cempa- nles and Jobs in the United States. sont: L . However. I use it to dry my hands througbout the day. Laughlin • ..000. perYini. » .!I n... » Get your hands out of my wallet and give tax breaks to all businesses.asked our e-mail panel what their elected offi:dals should hurry up-and accomplish. neither option is available... Hands-On Advice I enjoyed "Going Green...) Follow the Constitution.comlcancerletters. constitutional amendment to lengthen congres- . Stop givIng money to those who contributed to this mess. .. see teadersdigest. For more information. Bring home our soldiers.1"'. Listen to the president. TQP of the Itst? Fix health care (30%) followed closely by rescue the economy (:z6%).opinion hE:ard? Join Ou r Connecticn.ADVICE Tel CONGRESS . I've traveled in Asia. the Reader's Digest Reader Panel. :>." particularly the information regarding the use of paper towels versus electric hand dryers in public restrocms. elY for G. it does.• THE READER'S DIGEST VERSION We.. And fOI' the relatives of colorecral cancer patients. L » Provide incentives to use alternative fuels..-. Other ideas: :» Refu se sal ary increas 65. public financing may be part of the answer (Outrageous! "Dialing for Dollars"). "" ReVise the No Child Left Behind Act.. the Reader's Digest Version.Nev. 12 Congress Cleanup When it comes to campaign finance reform. FAsGE. Balance the budget.d. . " . sister... I now carry a dry washcloth in a plastic bag in my purse wherever I go. lo.n<la Slo.. MD. We encourage people to speak with their doctors to determine an appropriate screening schedule.corn and register to win $30. Let businesses succeed or fail. Sign up at readersdigestcormection . presldenr. then take it out to dry when r return home ill the everting.t:ldq. » Help people stay in their homes. This story generated a lot of centro\lersy. Amerl""" Soc..nt. :» WGrk within the budget-we're only building up more debt. >" Stop interfering with the free market.

sional terms from two to four years. This would not only cut the amount of money needed to fill a seat but also give members of the House of Representatives some time to focus on their jobs before gearing up for reelection.
Lar,'Y Wa t ers, Tucson, Arizona

Our Readers in Action
I was so in.spired by Chip Paillex'sgarden that I'vestarted to organize my local community to grow a garden in the spring (Make It Matter: "The Producers," October 2008). Not surprisingly,there are many localorganizations that are interested. We willbe donating the harvest to the food bank in our town. Thank you for showing how easy it isfor one person or a community to make a difference.

Since you told your readers

E., via lnternet

Welcome Home

I made my son read the stories in "Home of the Brave." What an incredible eye-opener for both of us. These people suffered more than we will ever know. They chose to come to America because we are a free people and welcome those who want to join our family. They became Americans and now contribure with thankfulness, time, and experience. They are a blessing.
K~~isten Smith,

about the Pay It Forward Fund (MakeIt Matter: "Up From Under," September 2008), we've received thousands of dollars in donations. A Vietnamvet who lost his wife to breast cancer plans to donate all the proceeds of the book he wrote, Nobody's Warriors, to the fund. ColonialLife,a localinsurance agency,donated $10,000 to our upcoming fund-raiser. Beingfeatured in the localmedia outlets has also brought in donations. Thanksto allthe support, we've been able to extend the fund to a fourth hospital in the Minneapolisarea. Michelle Morey, Orono, Minnesota try. Taking the Pledge of Allegiance and becoming a citizen was one of the greatest milestones of my life.
Gwenda Iyne GYa/ltlm,
Palmyra, Virginia

Nottingham, New Hampshire

Family Man
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These courageous people remind us of the importance of our freedom. We must be ever vigilant, informed, and determined to protect everything given to us by our Constitution.

I immigrated here many years ago as a teenager with a suitcase and $40 in my pocket. America has been good to me, and I love my adopted co un-

LeVox's comments about losing touch with his stepfather after he and his mother divorced (Up Close; "Ramblin' Man"). LeVox should follow through with his desire to contact his stepdad. As someone on the other side of that equation, I believe that contact would be welcome and very uplifting.
Gayy Pi ckering,
Davenport, Iowa


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Garrett Steele, a clam mer from Deer Isle, Maine, is just one of the cast of characters in American Youth (Contrasto, $39.95), a book of 200 striking portraits chosen by a panel of photography editors (including Reader's Digest's own Bill Black). Also featured: young farmers, war widows, debutantes, Christian rockers, and gang members. See and read more at
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Among the new state. taxes proposed to make up for budget shortfalls, according to Newsweek a 32% rise in the tax on chewing tobacco (Michigan), an extra $5 tax on admission to gentlemen's dubs (Georgia), a 1,900% hike in the tax on beer (Oregon), and a $50 tax on an ounce of marijuana, once it's legalized of course (California). Look for shopping centers to try to be more things to more people (so they can make more money). Though financing is shaky, the $2 billion X<madu is slated to open by 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. According to Time magazine, it willfeature '~ skydiVingsimulator> an indoor wave pool, ahd a 286-foot Ferris wheeL"

Potatoes may hold the answer to worldwide hunger. Nutritionally valuable (carbohyd rates, protein, vitamin C, potassium) and easy to grow in a variety of climates and soils, they may help meet the needs of a world population that the United Nations expects

Americans looking to plant a vegetable garden and live off the land, or at least save money, may want to think twice. "[It's] incredibly messy, ruins your hands, wears holes in the knees of your jeans, ends up costing 40 times more than you think it will, sucks up whole weekends in a single gulp, takes over your dreams, and frequently breaks your heart;" writes Jennifer Reese on slate .com Those who refuse to be fazed can find solace--and good advice-at 16

While states tryt'O find money, Coinstar suggests we look under the sofa cushions. The average house has $90 in loose change, the company claims, and rather than charge redemption fees as high as 8%, Coinstar will now waive them if the change is converted to a gift card from a participating merchant. The list includes Starbucks, llunes.overstock.corn, amazon.corn, and Cabela's.

Homeowners who just want to keep a simple roof over their heads can now find the details of the Obama administration's housing plan online. The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Treasury Department have launched making, where Americans can find information about refinancing and modified payments.

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'i. With the FreeStyle Promise'" Program.K!0 003 Pl:r.:~rl:! MMII::E!. you now have access to: . Uve Certified Diabetes Educators •Support with insurance •Savings on test strip co-pays' .l11)IOCC::gliji.!.! nr 'o'lliPll.::JJ . Be Supported.H nntlee. Dl'Og Abbott .t1~ !~I SI~lp~ In 1-877 -502-1795 j.The FreeStyle' Promise. A.ldll unde Mf.Il..'. rutcr va '-lLJnlll 12/3 112009 1tl'2DlJtI AbOOn. Be Informed.:HaIBoreurams R~trlC1.AAT I .com -Nol'taJ Il rill fi'i!r$1i~ elllJ biElIl)1 ~mhur::. Free Access to Live Certified Diabetes Educators.D1dsccn me '11115 II" Ilr~"" at ~fI~Lime wlthlll.{]n~ apply Ab1xm may lIloolf'.' til 111 nlmlrar ~E!der.f1'J!!t1~i.'II. Be You. Free meter upgrades MyFreeStyle.

·. Yunleskys. at the risk of being charged with the crime of "enemy propaganda. the humid spring d heat had had an explosive effect on me. and leader Raul Castro predicts another 50 years of "revolutionary struggle. Yanisleydis. Those Y names stood out because in Spanish. I printed a small -- I 18 booklet with all those day-to-day stories.Pf. The "Generacion Y" includes Cubans like me. and Yordankas. My desire to write about everyday occurrences and accumulating frustrations started to take shape in a blog. born in the '70S and '80S and marked by countryside schools. coo m 6/009' -c m u o o -c '" w ':l :2 . Since it was evident that the national press and T\f didn't reflect what was happening around 20. and frustration. since the government and the Communist Party have a monopoly over them." I dismissed the possibility of getting a few minutes on the radio or a few lines in a newspaper. 07 a. in her own words: t was A. and doubt found only one outlet: the Internet. the Cuban revolution marked its 50th anniversary. My computer skills helped me design a simple page in which I included that exotic letter with which my parents had made me join the ranks of Yohandrys." Meanwhile. few words start with the next-to-last rea de' r 5 d i ~ e s t. Her story of defiance. Russiancartoons.- The Blindfolded Blogger This year. So my need to exorcise the demons of conformism. Istarted to produce my own reports on daily lif~. fear. a Cuban blogger has sneaked onto the World Wide Web. illegal departures.n.

rI. HOWever. For every Cuban who gains access to cyberspace. people find out what is happening overseas or in their country than ks to this rudimentary way of spreading the news. That forces me to work without a connection most of the time and to get on the Web for a Iew minutes' once or twice a week to send my stories.we must remember that creativity has allowed us to surmount obstacles and become capable appliance repairmen. Since I'm hot a journalist and certainly not a current-affairs analyst. since I can't see it from Cuba. Gel'1eracion Y. saying the decrease was "only 19 percent. At this time. I'm a blindfolded blogger." 19 . Posting from Cuba can be somewhat absurd if we think about the low percentage of Cubans who can sit in front or a computer With an Internet connection. Limited access to the network of networks (Cuba has one of the lowest connectivity levels in In the most unbelievable out what is shoppers. In late March 200E!. ARGUMEI"T STARTER The Internal Revenue Service audited percent fewer mil!iol'lI!Jres in 2008 than it did i"2007. No doubt. We created a citizen network that brought together all those who wanted to help keep the blog alive. a meeting plate for hundreds of Cubans and foreigners interested. The IRS disagrees. in our situation. skilled black ma. has turned into a spot for reflection. I knew that it would be very difficult to get my weekly mternet posts into the hands of my countrymen. and site design. according to a Syracuse University study. thanks to pages copied to a memory flash or a CD. They used their creativity in the only 'act that was still unrestricted: naming their children. more than 20 people are involved in the translation. or car part inventors. When Istarted pub-lishing my disillusioned vignettes of reality. hlog at dcsdecuba. Y·O<lnl S"tlch~~ Read an English-language version of the. Alternative networks distribute news taken from the great global Web to others who can't sud the Internet. the blog would have died long ago. every story I tell in my Generacion Y blog comes from personal experience. So our parents looked for something different. In the most unbelievable corners of Cuba. story upload. when GeneradO'n Y had been In cyberspace for almost a year. some 30 others get informed. the world) could turn my stories into words cast into the wind. To debate usi ng the virtual character of the Internet is wonderful trai ning for a future of plurality and democracy. the Cuban government blocked my site from public Internet access locales. rtewand foreign" in an act of rebellion. In all of Havana. and they charge prices that workers cannot afford. I limit myself to writing my posts and sending them by E!"mqil nd receiving readers' a comments the same way. Otherwise.letter of the alphabet.ccm/gencrattony. Cubans cannot get Internet service from home: Only a few important government officials or artists have a residential connection.. which started as a site to post my stories. there are only two cybercafes.

is a pack rat whose trailer is so stuffed that he can't find the map he drew." as Wired's Jonathon Keats explains it. and engineering. The film.s. co m 6/09 .L. Modern Girl Scouts. This HBO documentary follows a treasure hunter as he tries to trace two caches of World War II loot stashed by departing u. is an attempt to reverse membership declines (8 percent in ten years). Andy." says the Washington Post. more tragic than comic.t~i~:: David Brooks to describe President Barack Obama's America. Here's the problem: Darrell. ':~:~~~:~~a:~~::=.oot. is now blind. and "staffed with wonkish 'Obamatrons. who hid jewels in the attic of an Austrian farmhouse. who hid samurai swords in the Philippines. soldiers.''' I I 20 -------------------------r e a d e rsd i g e 5 t . The group will de-emphasize badges and stuffy instructionallanguage and focus on financial and computer literacy. prem ieres May 20 and runs through June. The "rebranding. the environment. "a nation run by onetime high school valedictorians and Ivy Leaguers.

Find out how you can do more than just cope. See your doctor and go to I ~ . It could be Overactive Bladder.overoctiveblodder. It's a real medical condition.Do you keep putting thismagazinedown to go to the bathroom? Time Out. with options for treatment.

THE SEC~ET $PHCH BY TOM (GRAND UNTRAL. $24. leaving the door op~ in too much of a rush to dose it behind her. "Why shouldn't we talk it had been dropped. Emma doesn't want to talk about it.ith her mother about the way she wants things after it's allover. The person had fled the have a conversation w. an unexpected telephone call. dropped because whoever had been holding it had panicked alarmed by a sudden noise. w cO sea SMITf-1 "' 22 .. the tip rutting into the floor before ricocheting under the bed. but Bonnie insists.. J: '" '" '" o u :? .99) Z -c ::.

. His mother. WITH: about everything MARY ANN MACKIN (BROADWAY. When he was l' I way.I. Malaria He didn't just want to learn about & Mani and Rats. best to convince him that. and History. Mary. e_ his curiosity in every my son. reading while Billremains as much of a reader today dining with others was not a good thing.. One unintended read the definltionaloud. Iif:IJ. citations.. <I=r. If an unfamiliar very young. B ILL . competitive. 0_ 'f C. we'd walk to the to read and often needed -"It. the books he's attracted to naw are inBut the main reason he read so creasingly unappetizing: The El7Jdication obsessively was that he was so curious. this reading habits was that he reinforced the notion even read at the dinner that if you have a questable. certain serial proprieties. Mosquftoes.__ r~'.ist.I learned this from C. and I did our tion.iii. He was so no longer reads at the dinner table. GATE S SR.. vying for forensics medals.-:r:~1' A natural-born child of the meritocracy. entering spelling bees. except to keep on accumulating points. He wanted to learn SHOWING UP FOR lifE 8Y Bill GATES 5l'l. No one ever told me what the point was. the answer exists somewhere. 'CI. ~2o!-\>5) 23 ."I-or. and I gave no thought to any goal beyond my next appearance on the honor roll. What else was there? LOST iN THE MERITOCRACY. He could read the most books.j~'IIIIu. Childhood curiosity can last a lifetime. of Infectious Diseases.t~~.::..~il~:ri~~~~~~~~----------------------------------. and he seems Every 5U mmer the teachers at his to remember everything he reads. in light of Allyou have to do is find it.IU"'J~' nearby den) open the to return the books he'd mammoth dictionary.Li° We tried to nurture i i:.j. He loved ·I·""v~"'"~~--sation. plaques. Bill. and I knew only one direction: forward. He's school would give the students a reading often eager to share what he'slearned I.tII! J. he always wanted to win.arid there was a contest to see who with the next person he encounters. I lived for prizes. Learning was secondary.r. -. Lice. though=-whlch is a good thing because And he often did.. as when he was a child. I often took word came up in converhim to the library. consequence of his nonstop In our sen's mind. . stars. read in order to check out look up the word. $n) I Showing Up 1:.. TH£ UNDEREDUCATiON OF AN OVERACHIEVER BY WOLTER KIRN (DOUBLEDAY. . some things. promoti~OJ1was primary. and more. running my mouth in mock United Nations.!~I~. 311d this struck me as sufficient. I'd been amassing momentum my whole life.

l Jodi MHle~ owner. Mommy's Merry"GrrRound. but I am not an antiques dealer. littleton. Nevada. owner. Vinson liall Tl'easur Shop.ITlanr. selling is labor-intensive (photographing and describing items... you'll probably get a better price from e Bay than cralgsllst. Sherry Selmer. Mari:tynRoss..ger. MeLea''. vegas. see the counters. SoUf. dealing with the post office). Check out my store before o ringjrutour loot. your Foosball table will have to go back home with you. Colorado. tntereiews by Amy Madin. Urbac1 Exchal1ge. Mid·century modern it's a size 6 and classic. handling sellers' questions.r. You don't even want that thing. £Ike Prado. New Canaan.. I won't have a customer. ~ More things your ~ consignment or thrift shop won't te II you" are at reildeTs digest. If I don't take large items. Marilyn LaShomb.c o m 6109 . Ifyou sell it you rself. COIl- "e<:~<ut.ashvt1Ie. If I tell you' can get $75.tennessee. man.. Virginia. Nt:w Canaan Thnh Shu p. Your Consignment or ~ Thrift Shop Won't Tell You E-' that way. f-i :r:: People shop consignment stores because the want a tiargain. salable) are not always one and the same. owner. manager Home: COI':tSig. N. 24 r e ad e r s dl ge s r. that car seat's a I ready survived a crash or fallen off the roof of the minivan two or three in nearlY' new con(:lition. Don't bring me a cookie sheet w'ith crumb-andgrease sludge in the corners. That Russian samovar may be worth $250 at an antiques auction. and they're your cru mbs. But believe me.. take my word for it or sell it yourself. Massachuserrs.mentCenter. TheDlgest ~ ... Las.l:~ Dcio roes Kr-etl"l. you know. Z fil f£I f-i Il:I . "Trendy" and "cool" (i. De5igr'let :Renaissance.e. your fur coat or your wispy sundress gets the most time on the rack.lger.

So if you're diagnosed with P_A.. sanofl a~enlls FlIaVtx. .# '. Peripheral Artery Disease iP.ativ~ side effects of prcscrtption drugs to the PlJA.. always talk ro ym" doctor before taking asplrln or other medicines with PLAVIX.ticking together and forming dangorous dot'. which puts you at double the risk of heartattack or stroke.w:. . l. You III. cause of most heart attacks and strokes.D ask your doctor about <J trcatment. And. You are encouraged to report nt..~= . tell yOUT doctor promptly as these may b. unexplained weakness or cenfuston.]y occur. if you have poor blood circulation in your legs..l()n€ Dr with some ether medlclnes including aspirin.: If you have a stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleed: og. which been reported rarely! sometimes in less tha ['I 2 weeks after s..l information on following page. That's because.cllnlcally proven .ll 1·800·PlJA·1088.ay feel nolhingl but the most common sy:tnplOJli uf P..D.lpredu [Clopidogrei bisulfate) 75'''8 \O~ .fi3"044 264USfl9M03802/April . witb P. you may al~o have iL in your heart and brain..'.D. nos Ple~~e see import~nl produ<.A." <. Brisloi'MymSquihb 2n09 USClO"D9. Ask you r doctor a bout P].A. rt attack or stroke. Other nne but serious side e.But my poor leg circulation doubles my risk for heart attack or stroke. If you develop fever.A..ay increase so tell your doctor before planning 'w"gery.. ~ Find out more at plavix. WITH PlAvUI: . call IMPORTANT INFORMATION. or. Visit www"fd""gov/medwatclJ.. especially if you've had a stroke. . you should not use PLAVlX" WhentakiDg PLAya . WITHOUT PLAVUc Take the next step.. poor leg circulatlon. signs rare but potentia lIy Itfe-threat e n ing condition called TTP. Is pain ur beavlness in the lregs. the.AV tx .tarting 1-800·603-6531.·g.ffec~s m. H. PLAVIXcan hel p. J... or c.l is of teo described". you r risk of he.D. the risk of ble"diog ".• to help reduce your risk of heart arrack an d st rokc a:SSUC iat ed '. l'LAV1X helps keep blood platelets from .

age jin "palien. YQlJ doctor will need to order blood tests." anether (O nd ilion Ulat "use. 011bdo m i nal pain.. <lick together. aspirin • had a receru srroke. • are pregnant or mav become pregnant..g. hi eed iog.M. • are allergit: 10 dorJid'ogr-e.tries: bleeding When takl ng asp iri n with PLAVIX I he risk 01 increases with." CI015 form when 'blood platelet.1 AI1""" Dise.Ji'o'e than taking PI. foroling a blockage wilhin IOU' arteries. .[ may .MA liON A 'l.) <warfarin is. Di stri bu led bv: Bristol. resirkung 1)1000 ~ow to you. been rarely reponed in people ta king PLAVIX.UOUT TAKI N GOTH ER MWICIN ES WITH PLAIIll!? vou should Dn!"'p'lake aspirin with PLAVIX when directed to do so by your doctor. The.tirtal Bleeding: There is a: potential risk of gastroi nt estin a I (stom ach a nd . lor a com ~I·~te J i-st HOW SHOU LD I TAK~ PLA V-II(? Onhl' lake F'LAVIX exactly as prescribed b'p' your change yt. NI O!UlO7 PLAVIX' is a registered trademark.:J nd nausea) and rash.". with PI:. i3! ministroke) c r sl rcke ta ki ng aspi ri n wi I h PU\ VIX has not been shown to be more -effe.. blood condieion called TIP (Thmrnbmic Ihrombocytopenic Purpura] I. lnr patients hospitalized with: • heart-related chest pain (unstable a:nginr:J}.l (the actrlJe ingredient ill P'LAVIX). and il food. hut takirrg aspirin with PlJ\VI X I)" been . _sanon aventls (..VIX. and requires u rgent re f erra call HOO-6B·1610 0' vi~1 w~vw.urg""!.]CCIj rate d i agn osis. unusual bleeding to your doctor. waming signs 01 Tff" may include lever.v take vou longer than usual to <top bleeding when you.oleed (such " ukers).r dose or step l-aking P.H is therefore important tc maintain an -ongoing dialogue with.i nte-:. a stomach LI leer • I.P LAVI l!? Th-e :m0"5~ ccmmcn sid-e . n nd igesti 0 11.PL." La. PL.VIX is. leg' IPeri ph". • heparin Ciols C~ 11 become dangerous. If you have had a recent TrA Iatsc known as.wm. r what docto rs gil a l1Iemi~).. can take the pl:at:e 01 talking to Y{)UIr doctor.orl an..~&S and over. ITP I".ticking lngell~er and lo rm i ng dots.urge"! that you are laking PLAVIX so tl>el UlO help \'I1U dedde whether or not to discontinue your PlA. talkillg 'Do no! In vour the same Lime ever~r day. ITP ls a potentiallv Jife-threatening condition that St:fiQUS em ergencv room.IN FOR. WH 0 SH 0 uin 'NOT TA KE PLA VII(? You sh cu Id NOT ta ke PtA VIX il you: 8e sure 10 l"11 your doctor i r you a. Ihis ls not a complete list ol 'ide elrem assodated wi I b P LAVI X. "11. heart or bra in. pussi ble to overdose 0 n l>LA VlX_If you lh ink vn u.tor. 81eedl "g: Yo u mav bleed more easl IV and it m.OOUI (On. o r go to th e nearest TIP.LAVIX without dertor lirst..:fy IHOULO I KNOW ABOUT OVERIJOSAG~ k wi t I~ a ray pre"Script. nor the lnformatlon «iruatneo here. S-urgery: inform doctors and dentists well in advance of any .!r. unexplained confusion or weakness (due IQ a low blood rnum.l i ne) bleedi Ilg when loaki n. sometimes In Jess than 1 weeks after starting ~herapy.lnof~ pharmaceutkah aridgewater.lo'W blood plalelet and' red b'lood celllevels.1101'". a urescriutiun-onlv medicine' "hal helps pial elets from s.Myers s. your doctor concerning your condition and you r treatment. :11 you miss a! dav. that cause such leslons..eri. Nei~her of these resources. 10 i ncrease the ri sk 0 I bieedl ns co rn pared 10 laking PtAVIX alone. Only ~Iour doctor know~ ~hii!'spedlics or your condition and how PLAVIX fits inlo your overall therapv.. il)u\VIX should be taken around (an be taken with or without dOLJ'b1II! u 111 yo IJ r med ica lion. ll laking '/<Iur rneclcatlons please • a his. irn med ia Lery ca II ynur declo r Dr Poison (on Irol Cf'I~ ter. along will' patlents who take S PtA V IX belore staru ng any n e!L. tell vour doctor il vnu're pregnant or are breast fe-edi ng OF have .I\VIX. • poor cl rculationi n thei r PlAVIX in combination wiLh is.1 ny of Ihe fcllowi ng: • gastrnintestlnal ulcer • stomach ulcerl') • liver problems • kidn~1 problems doctor.VIX treatment prior to . Certain other medicines should 1lI()1 be taken. serious .AVIX alone. may have overdosed.quibb/5.i\VIX L::e€P blood Stroke Patients.astroll11tt:s. Oll: you have anI Questions .::ffects of PLAVIX indude gastrointestinal even rs tb leed i ng. To make a n .. • are breast leec i n.FllaVix." It your doctor.. G.ion mcc iti ne. been reported rarely. • have WHAT SHOULO I TEll MY OOCTOR BEFORE TAKING PtAI'll(? Before laking F'LAVIX. Rep. do no! 11Js! continue yOllf usual dose. :it is.loa specia Ii-s1 for pro m pt trea tmen l once a di3glio:si~ lis suspected. (a u~ing a 'Ilearl altack M stroke. diarrhea. • heart 000"" rnavrefer 10 these conditlons as ACS (Arule coronarv Svndrome). Be sure to tell YQLJr doctor about all of your current rnedkatlons es~ecially il you are taking the 101l"wil'8: • a-spirin • nonsteroidal anti-inllammatory drugs {NSAID. aspirin. ()1 bl~ding condrttons WHAT PLAVlX? IMPORTA NT .. FOR MOR E INFORMATI ON For more information on WitH ARlO THf COM MON IIIIE EFFRTI OF .g PLA Vlx' P LAVI X should be use" with cau lion in patl ems who h ave iestons 111. for patients who have: • ha d a recent hean attack. (clopidogrel bi5ulfate] 75"'!l_ WHO II PLAVIX HlR? PLIlw. Pll\·ocr07·B-A< partne rv hip in'l!o!"ves. lake PLAVIX alone or in combination will. WItA T 5 HOU LD I KNOW A. IT! edkal i on. when th E:'/ form :i nside YOlJra rteries. A>k 10"' docto r or pharmads.

banks that are going bankrupt. ("He's a very old man.---"""-~~-. except to my mother when Iwas in the army. Wallander doesn't use a lot of gadgets or science to solve his cases-he does it in a very human way. I'm not a you ng man myself. about a retired magician (Caine) who reluctantly moves into a nu rsi ng home on the coast of England. I discovered them on music television here.") He befriends a ten-yearold boy.. In fact. Idon't do e-mail. But my tastes are so eclectic-I like everything from Girls Aloud to Beethoven's Fifth.t. is 76 and has starred in The Dark Knight. In fact." WHERE HE'S SURFING "I'm an information freak. whose parents ru n the place and who is obsessed with the afterlife. and Alfie.c o m 6fog Interview by .i:." f~K'_~__. I've Googled marinades for a salmon Iwas roasting.--~~--.-~-.TheDlgest WHAT HE'S pLUGGING Is Anybody There? (in theaters now). we call it ch i II music-anything that's orchestral with a big beat. My new favorite grou p is Elbow. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. ~ ~ WHAT HE'S LISTENING TO "In England.. I've never written a letter in my life. The Cider House Rules. WHAT HE'S READING "The Kurt Wallander Myst~ry series by Henning Mankell. he always seems to stumble upon the culprits and he's always slightly bombed." Susan Poch arsk! r e a d er s d lg e s. In the past few days. and manu re for the asparagus in my garden..

Who's the Boss in Your Family? t really " Father's Day. And I Was it just tradition talking? We did a little don't see any sense digging: Overall. Rio de Jane i1""0 ~ What question would you ask the world? Write to us at readc rs And we try to keep our three kids from becoming the bosses! Pier re Batai1lon.. the pro-Mom nations in convincing him have less income disparity between men to the contrary. ll. Only five countries picked Mom. drgest. more men than • isthe women think Dad's in charge. 28 . is the boss. and believes he kids. In. ywife Finally. but I have women than men think Mom is-which just the final word: goes to show tbat the biggest factor in wbo wears the pants may be whom you ask. and more boss. and women. Moscow majority. Dad took the prize as head of My husband household over Mom.~om/worldquestio!u. ma'am . grandparents.!:'". Nations where kids earned higher scores tended to have the lowest fertility rates. My wife and I are in charge. About half of the pro-Dad results came from countries with a Catholic La"!' M"rtynovn. "Yes.}rld WITH ONE QUESTION · I '7 M.::!eio. such as the Philippines and Italy. across borders. of 16 countries that participated in this month's global survey. " Fl"anC'isco MU.Around theW(~.

spain Ital. of re.spondents in China.y country- • 9% chose grandparents. Germany also has the highest percentage of Chi. .he home. women said MOin calls the shotsnot a coincidence in a countrY where a majority of women 63% work eutslde t.K. and the United Kingdom said kids rule the roosttops in our s u rvey. (And yes.) of U.France Sin~~o.s.S. Australia 48 48 42 of German voters-~he most of an.COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST VOTES FOR DAD India Brazil Malaysia . Phlli~~ines .y Russia Germany COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST VOTES FOR MOM 69% 67 67 64 61 56 55 55 52% u. S2 48 47 46 Netherlands Canada U.


It was near dusk. The Coopers came to the rescue. 52. ted an orange glow ahead on ~ Interstate 75. drove up to the scene.Heroes e" "' :. 59. 31 . to rn 6/09 Steve.. The big rig was about to explode and the driver's legs were engulfed in flames. hauling auto parts from Louisville :. That's when she saw it was much worse than a brush fire. Kim ~ ~ Cooper thought as she spatl'. was fast asleep in the truck's living quarters as Kim. BY JASON KERSTEN ~ LOOkS like a brush fire.:: '" trucking through northern Kentucky .. Steve. and i:: she and her husband. "Steve. "There's a truck on fire!" A big rig had tumbled down an embankment. were . wake up!" she shouted.: to Detroit for a freight company: r e ade r S d 19.e st .

Ronnie had used his pocketknife to cut himself free from the driver's-side seat belt only to get his boot ensnared in another one. But the cab was smashed in. I'd just put the truck in the ditch.and flames were crawling across its cab. At the bottom. Ronnie Sanders. but at that moment. Steve dashed to Ronnie. He came to a couple 32 of minutes later to find the cab in flames and his legs on fire. Then he scrambled down the slope. As Ronnie bore down. he leaped upward and sailed over the car's hood. A Ford Taurus. Kim was already scrambling toward the car. which had lost control in the melee above. tractors and forklifts from Georgia to Indianapolis when a Grand Caravan in front of him stopped suddenly in traffic on the icy road. 38. As Steve bolted down the slope. he couldn't untangle himself from his seat belt. Inside the burning truck. He'd been running a heavy load of Steve ripped off his shirt and beat the flames on Ronnie's legs. "I figured instead of killing other people. I do not want to be here. The Taurus came to a halt close to the truck. but the momentum of 23 tons would likely crush everyone inside the van. My God. Ronnie yelled for help as he struggled to escape. With no time to dive out of the way. Then a thundering sound erupted behind him. was fighting for his life." He jerked the wheel to the right. I could hardly stand it. A tree branch smashed through the windshield and knocked Ronnie unconscious. Its passengers appeared shaken but unharmed as she helped maneuver the car away from the burning truck. who was dangling headfirst from the passenger door. and try as he might. Meanwhile." He tried three times to pull Ronnie out before finally freeing him. "It was so hot. the hills are steep. I didn't think about it. he could hear Ronnie's cries ahead. "In Kentucky. somehow keeping the truck upright as it plowed 60 feet down the embankment. he could see children in the backseat. "All that was going through my mind was." he says of that evening last November. which ignited. Kim yanked their truck to the side of the road. rocks pierced a fuel tank. had skidded off the highway and was now barreling down the slope directly at him. r e a de r s dl ge s tvc o rn 6/09 . Steve climbed into the burning cab to free him. The truck's bulk would probably protect him from the worst of the impact." Steve recalls. and Steve pulled on his clothes. Then the truck exploded.

day of the week. s<J. the explosion was aimed skyward. It was his decision to drive off the road. "If Steve hadn't done what he did I probably. and beat the flames with jt." SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH "LARRY"? An Italian CqUrt has decided that Friday 'is a perfectly good name for ." says Steve. Here are some other interesting monikers: • In New Zealand. . and shrapnel from the explosion broke a tooth. the Coopers received a Hero of the Highway award from the Open Road Foundation for resCuing an injured driver. Steve insists Ronnie is the real hero: "If he hadn't gone into the ditch. Both Steve and Ronnie paid a price for risking their lives for strangers." Fortunately.would have been toast. so Steve laid him 011 the ground. a nine-year-old Went to court to have her name changed." he says. "It was like a cannon blast. grabbing wet towels and a blanket. ripped off his OWIiI shirt. «A_ lot of people could have been hurt. 50 the ]'9~yearold Brit changed it to the far less staid Captain Fantastic Faster than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Ccmbmed.I.y). • George G. [0 February. It just picked roe up and blew me back.. "The percussive force hurt my chest. He now wears compression garments for his scars and gets physical therapy twice a week. Her new one wasn't release-d. but herold moniker was:Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii.But ROnnie's legs were still burning. The judge refused to let parents name their son Venerdi (Frida. Steve got up and peeled off what was len of Ronnie's smoldering jeans and held his hand while they waited for the ambulance. but for klds." "I feel pretty good about it. But you can call him Captain Fantastic Faster than Superman Spiderrnan Batman Wolverine The Hulk. decided his name was a tad he-hum. not so much. he would have bit that van." says Ronnie. Steve suffered smoke inhalation and minor burns. Ronnie spent two months in the hospital and received skin grafts on both of his legs.Jfratj. He'd managed to drag him about 20 yards when one of the truck's 150-galloIL fuel tanks exploded.yingthe "ridiculous" name would make the boy's life-miserable. as Kim raced up and down the slope.

. Individual results will vary. Caduet helped 48% reach both goals in just 4 weeks. ._....... am I0 oi~ilm bes~ate I ato rvastoti n ca leiu m 1m 1..!imWl~rng ID lUm!lillUmg [abl~ls ~~. Ask your doctor if Caduet can help you go for both your goals and visit www./ Oaduet' In a clinical study of patients with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol."".llHow close are you to your blood pressure and cholesterol goals?" Ask your doctor if Caduet can help you go for both your goals .. Not all patients will reach their blood pressure and cholesterol goals..caduet.oom to learn more. ..

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ng law HOVe.astatJl1 calcium) for high cholesteral ill one pill.olesteJ"olare more Ulanjust numbers.1ay be !I! on illCl'elISed risk for heart altack or streke. 7' amlodipinebesylate/atorvastatin Caduef I (CAO"oo·et) caJdum LOWERING YOUR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND HIGH CHOLESTEROL High blood pressure and hlgh ~h. stop CADUIi'f and call Y01. CADlJET l'llay harm X\lur unborn baby.rt att:.-_. Ready [0 SbH'l eating righL and exercts'ing more? Talk lo your doctor and visit the American Heart Association at www. They are risk factors Lhat should not be ignored. Tfyour doctor said you have high blood IJr~~su:re m~d higb cholesterol. Tfyou become pregnant. along with die! and exercise.wk or S1TOk~.ipiIlC . In po bents with fisk factors for t)can d isoascsueh as he3. With the bell' of'your ciocl·or and arnedicinc like . OTmay becorne CADUET is il pi:c1icripliou medicine that combines Nervasc" (l. vitamins.. CADLJE1'. and herbal supplements • Ifyoti ever had heart disease • If'you haec muscle aches or weakness • If you dTink more t~~1t1 :2 gtasses of alcohol daily Tell your doctor: • II you 1111 diabetes or kictJ\ey[)mblelli~ ve • If you have thyroid problems ABOUT CADUET besylate) for high bland pressure and Liri!{)r~(atorv..0MPORTANT FACTS ___ .ill. ylll! can lake steps to lower your blood fl'reSSu(e and ebelesterel. • Wotl'lelJwlm are I')reas1-feedlng. • People with liver problems • People. along with diet and exercise.HllloQ. BLrI the goodr1ew~ is. treats bo~h lligb blood pressure (hypel'tensioll) and high cholesterol. you 1'i. being older than 55.e CADUET: • Wotnen who are pregnant. CADUET Call lower the risk of hllm.s.'rLdisease ill the family.cADUET.. WHO IS CADUET FOR? Who can take CADUET: • Adults who need to lower their blood pressure . including prescription and norrpresoriplion mecli:cirm. you could be Qri your way 10 lowering your blood pressure and cholesterel. aJJergic to anything in CADUET BEFORE YOU START CADUET • About al1 the medicines you lake. havi. -&~ .. hlgh blood pressure.americanlaeart.t'o your breast m1D~ nnd mil y harm your baby. diabetes ..AND Who cannot lower their cholesteroJ enoogh with diet and exereise Who should NOT tak. or smokina.. CADUET can P<lSS. may be dpclot right away.

tom the most importaru information: provider.ligt> or StOp yO'l. Dublin. Symptoms of muscle (Wliver j)JOblems iltctude.(.':1'1<1111 other medicines with CADDET.k(1 it (IS soon as you.E SIDE EFFECTS OF CADUET Serious side . Printed in the USA. NY 10017 CTIF Rev. Bu. • Try to eat I1eart-ltealthy foods..POSSIBI. NY. Manufacrured by Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals. <18.cadlJet.effects in a. if you take it for angina. lreland Pfizer I nc.!r doclor. V001ililbg.0& . wHit or without fMd.OtlSlip. NEED MORE. w.s"~ ' .PlizerHe1pfuIAnswcrs. There are ether side e lfeets of CADU£1T. remember.t if it has t1een more Ihl:l(l l2 houts since your missed dnse.. Common side effects of CADUET include: • heHdllclle • Il. Distributed by Pfizer Labs. • Brown or dark-colored urine e5peclhlly if you have II rever or feel very tired • Feeling more lired than usual • Nausea.OIl • -SWelli. • Take..t carl lead lil ~i"trey problem~. small number of people. Iransw-e-r. la. Tilts. • Do not stop laking nitroglycerin. Don't: • Do no! break CADUET tablets t?efore laking theai.INFORMAT. wJdJe you take CAnUET. Liver problems. "~noo~. heauh-eare • . Your doctor may do blood frSI'$·IQ check your liver before you • Your Skill and Ute whi res of youi t:yes tUJ:1l yellow I f you b aye these symptollls.lllined muscle weakness 01" pain. f' nelnul. • 1. Ask :your doctor OJ pharmaCIst for li complete list. L 01. 01' Obam1aci~t. start CADLmT and while you are taking jl. Take rhe ne~'~ dose at ynur regulat time. A II rights reserved. Chest pain. i1lC:1 kidney udes failure. eal Lyour doctor OF go to the emergency reom ng11t aw. Sometimes ehest pain that does not go .lON? • ARk yt'lur docror. IF lhi s dose beFQre lalking 'With y01. mild and go away. can help.l\y.Go 10 www. CADUET at any ti111e day.1JlCl1p. er stomach pain HOW TO TAKE CAOUET • Tal-c CADUET Ql1CC a day as prescribed by yoor doerer.ait. Division of Pfixer Inc . M_usc1e "problems ilia. You have a hIgher chance tlilT muscle prdbl!lI11S If you lake (.away or gets worse or a heart attack can • Uninsured? Need help paying for Pfizer medicines? Pfizer has programs that . Call1-866-706-2400 or vrsit www. Do: or • DQ no! start new medkllles or step any medicines you are raking before talking 10 • Do 110' Chl\. call your doctor righ ~away. Tins is only a sUrnUl3JY of ' JJ Rx only at call (866) of legs or ankles • gas • feelfng dil2Y • upset stomech and stomach pain These side effects are USLJaUY. • 1fYOlll11iss a dose. rhe docter.Hi.

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he'd noticed pine trees ravaged by smog and fire and had mobilized friends to plant a smogtolerant variety in their place. Years ago.Make It Matter Growing trees in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles brings neighbors benefits beyond beauty ~'Y· . 'Trees? Nah.:: '" . ~ ~ i:: . "It's like someone said." Andy Lipkis was telling me as he squinted in the blazing sun at the concrete expanse outside our house in the Del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles. A lifelong mission was born. as a IS-year-old camper in the San Bernardino Mountains. As the 39 t.: BY DAVID HOCHMAN our street is definitely naked. don't need 'ern here:" r e ade r 5 d lges Lipkis would help me change all that.. :. to m Ij!09 ..

and tree-care supervisors free to wouldbe Johnny Appleseeds." another told me. Turning left out of my gate that morning.president of TreePeople. we passed nine houses before coming upon the first "tree. American cities have lost roughly 20 percent of their trees in the last 25 years. Neighbors came with r e a de r s dl ge s tvc o rn 6/09 . but what better time to share what I'd learned in TreePeople's mandatory daylong seminar about the critical role of trees in removing smog from the atmosphere. the trees you plant will die in five years. growing up on what looked like the main runway of LAX. and funds to secure. planting demonstrations. hen r called Lipkis about the resistance I was getting." So I started knocking on doors. we had signed permission forms from 16 neighbors for 21 trees-a small forest-and I had papers to process. referring to my neighbors. Don's family had been living on the block since the area was a celery farm four generations earlier. As Lipkis explains. Lipkis. spiny thing even the pigeons seemed to fear. and I 40 W don't want leaves. now 54. I also didn't want my five-year-old son. it took six months). "The roots destroy sidewalks." one neighbor said. that included me. I was excited-and nervous. All I need is your signa-" I realized I was talking to myself. "Not interested!" came the voice from behind a steel security screen. soil samples to test. And since I was tired of living on Ugly Street. cooling our homes. and preventing water runoff? "Sir. a retired chemist of Japanese descent. When the big day arrived. Ruth. we spent time meeting neighbors we had never taken the time to appreciate. blueprints. did you know trees increase property values by as much as 15 percent?" I chirped. "You'll need their support. Nothing. a nonprofit organization he founded in 1973. "They'll ruin my pipes. he encouraged me to "connect people to your trees." So Sebastian and my wife. Before we knew it (actually. Sebastian. volunteers started to gather. TreePeople provides tools. What if I threw a tree planting and nobody came? But as I set out shovels and Ruth and Sebastian built pyramids of bagels and doughnuts. Robert. some people are afraid of trees." a squat. Strange as it may seem. ''And it's free! We'll get grants to offset costs and secure the necessary permits. has inspired hundreds of thousands of volunteers to plant more than two million trees throughout Southern California. "Without a community behind you. mainly due to development. Friends brought friends. Mostly. had chosen this quiet area after World War II to escape discrimination. I might have given up were the issue less critical. delivered homemade cookies while r went living room to living room with Photoshopped "after" pictures." Lipkis said. I couldn't see the old man's face.


Ly"". IS :reI' us. "and people need trees. That was the beginning of Purple Songs Can Fly (purplesongscanffy. "Trees Deed ." says Kruse. From time to time. "Imagination in its head ." The impact on the kids has been dramatic. and finally her own voice. Afterward. yes. A local middle school showed up with half the seventh grade. 49. "But theY'~e also exhilarating. a rnlcrophone.. eight-year-old Simran Jatar l. a pro jed t hat has hel p ed more than 125 young patients writeand record songs. as I held hands with the volunteers and former strangers 1 now knew as neighbors. when the children are smiling. curled in pain in her wheelchair. Then Lipkis led Us in a ritual as old as Treel'eeple itself: Welcoming each tree into the world and giving it a name. Sirnran said.. More than 100 people lent their muscle to get six Brisbane Box and fifteen Golden Medallion trees into the ground. ~m!your 'storry may "pp""r here." As for Sirnran.. "AlwClYS Remembering. and speake rs." we said in unison.cousins and grandchildren." and they remember the "really sweet and nice and loving" lady who gave them a shir» ing moment in a dark hour.. Within minutes. Wel'l. "Some bird soaring through the sky.""<1J"5\IIg<!5l.t matter. Over her bald head. she presented Simran with a CD of her first recorded song. Thirty minutes later.~ rr. "Do you want to write a songr" asked Anita K:ruse. But the third grader's cheery outfit didn't mask her pain and weary eyes. she and her mather listen to her song. ho~ Songs ln her room at Texas Children's Cancer Center in Houstnn." "My sessions with the kids are heartbreaking beta useof t he seve rity of their illnesses. she was readingher poem into the microphone. rolling a cart equ'ipped with an electronic IIeyboard.Iy hooked up to a cherno drip to f~ght her bone cancer. Kruse: says the idea of how she could help "came in one flash. One teenage girl. Then a visitor showed up. a few ·42 warbling birds. S i:m ran stared.1tt~r. "Have you ever written a poem?" Krtlse continued. I couldn't help but feel we'd accomplished something profound in getting the saplings into the ground-> and adding life to our dormant little block. Ros ellirii . excited to share their CD with their family. she's now an active sixth grader and cancer-free." she said ~oftly." ~ ~ you 01'" someone you '!mow miIkmg . A ia-year-old boy with Hodgkin's disease who rarely spoke stunned his doctors with a gospel sOl'lg he called "I Can Make It. lmI~e'lm. she wore a pink hat that matched her pajamas..!' Kruse added piano chords. stood unaided to dance to a hip-hop songshe had written. A composer and pianist who had performed at the hospltal. Go iii ".

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Here's what we can do about it. Then.S. e. executives at insurance titan AIG shelled out $440. Congress promised to crack down on earmarks.000 for a luxury retreat at a "' j Mi cha el Crowley is a senior e dit or at the New Republic. Given the power to fill a vacant U.thing has gone rotten m in America. The people who ran our economy . they attempted to award themselves $165 million worth of bonuses paid for by U.._ o. Investor Bernie Madoff made a fortune from a $65 billion Ponzi scheme that wiped out the life savings of a good chunk cf his 4. saying the public office "is a [expletive] valuable thing-you don't just give it away. Senate seat." After losing about 80 percent of its value last year. California resort.S.800 investors. then passed a spending bill in March with nearly 9. And just days after getting an $85 billion bailout. Wall Street giant Merrill Lynch paid out $209 million in bonuses to its top ten executives just ahead of its takeover by Bank of America. $23. 45 . after receiving even more bailout money.000 of them. taxpayers. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich allegedly plotted to enrich himself. i ~ « .Gree 5 Leaders on Wall Street and in Washington have let us down.000 of that went just for spa treatments. It all adds up to a culture of greed.

Be especially skeptical of advertising that doesn't r e ac e r sdlg e s tvc o rn 6/09 . (We knowwe've received hundreds of your letters and e-mails. When ordinary citizens The only way to get voted and what key votes are coming up. like the stimulus plan. It also offers ready-made forms you can use to e-mail them your opinion. One website. Speak up.and government lost sight of what was good for America. don't use their voices. Sure. as well as information on special interest contributions and a map of where congressional earmarks go. But you can go further than this. 1. then go speak your mind to someone with true power. Our country is weighing major changes in a number of areas. But technology is making it easier than ever to decipher and monitor the machinations of the backroom deal cutters and help keep them honest. congress. Now we're all paying the price. lets you sign up for updates on how your representatives and senators have 46 2. they did only what was good for themselves. and make sure that our country never has to go through another disaster like this one again. Why not talk directly to your representatives in Congress? Most hold regular open meetings with constituents and allow time for you to ask questions and raise concerns. That means we all have an urgent obligation to follow how our members of Congress are voting and let them know how we feel about it. Call your representatives and senators and ask when the next one is posts the text of maj or bills. the sausage making in Washington can sometimes be hard to understand. Be wary of pundits-on the right and the left-who act like they have all the answers. Americans are increasingly asking what we can do to help turn things America back on its feet is for regular folks to speak up. and many of these issues are the subject of fierce poli tical special interest groups and their expensive lobbyists fill the void.) Here are five ways to channel your outrage. Instead. Special interests have billions of dollars at stake. EVen as we fight to stay above water through the economic crisis. Get ready for masses of misinformation to fill the airwaves. The nonprofit Sunlight Foundation (sunlightfoundation. hold people accountable. Fight the spin-fact-check. Expect everyone from partisan loudmouths to well-funded lobbyists to dominate the discourse in the media and to shell out millions to bend public opinion to their will. ranging from health care to energy policy. around.

rg o J 1. Don't just I let the politicians know how you feel Tell them what you're seeing. it's also ! Against Government Waste a good place to report wasteful projects. money is being spent I "Consumerfed. which offers unprecedented claims of interest groups and is the official website for and abuse. Citizens I Project on Government Oversight. which financial industry bailout it passed specializes in monitoring federal last October.> Sunlightfoundation. allows you to monitor is a tough critic of government the bank bailout with reports. tration has pledged to be the " can direct you to scores passed a $787 billion stimulus i of SOurces where you can fact-check the bill. 1 (cagw. like the stimulus plan.. The Obama adminisi information on the stimulus contractors. i .senate. and a map of where congressional earmarks are going. Washington recently 1 "Google._ like the Project on Government Oversight ( You can even keep up cop. Keep an eye on recovery. hearings. The panel's website. so and flags abuses identified by the watchdog look to see if it follows monitors federaJ contractors.crg) tracks abuses and I > clear who's paying for it and what their larger agenda migh t be. r i~ingTh. official website for information 1 The official website for the independent : on the stimulus posts the text of major bills. 3. It also offers ready.::. the " Pogo. the Consumer FedIf something looks wasteful eration of America's site.senate. information on special interest contributions. Recovery. If you see a tough ad about legislation on television. I made forms to e-mail them your opinion. Be a watchdog. and news sources to see how the personal stories about the recession.m-. Program (TARP). We can't afford to be passive anymore. I spending. opportunities for waste. I I how local politicians voted and what key I I keeps you current on I votes are coming up. And monitor local I details on how the money is spent. the $700 billion If Washington knows millions of j ! ! i I I t I 47 . contact your elected I with local groups that are working on issues i officials or watchdog groups L_~P~~to ~~~~~ur tracks government spending most transparent in history. use Googleas a weapon: See what key facts might have been left out and then decide for yourself. lists its reports and with the work of the special overpublic hearings and features a page sight panel Congress has created to where regular Americans hit by the monitor the Troubled Asset Relief financial crisis can tell their stories.---1 ! Honest: The Reader's Digest Version > Congre55 . group Citizens Against Government Waste.. connects you to



but not as much as I want J~~Ol1 Love dessert. As readers of this column know. There's 00 silver bullet.-em" .and YOUl' neighbors. far from the eyes {If the White House and Congress. it's much less likely to get wasted.. statehouses and local government bodies are often rife witli corruption. But the only way to get America back on its feel without compounding our problems is for regular folks to speak up. Join with others. and make it dear that we won't stand for the culture ofgreed anymore. hold events. "Why?" he asked. WAIST NOT. WANT NOT While w"tc:hing a program about fashion You can get the attention of corporations. "~I would love to have a body like that. hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus spending will be bandied by state and local governments. SQ contact your state legislator and ask bow your tax money is being used and what be or she is doing to ensure that big-business excesses aren't repeated in your home state.eo . Keep·itlocal. Although tbe massive stimulus bill originated in Washington. Even a dozen 5." she said. get involved. If you care about an issue." Y"Dl1n" MUch"!! "I want to have a good body.. One way is to check in with the Consumer Federation of America (consumer fed. start a group on Facebook and invite others to join. ~ Outragl1i1~ Ten MI~h3el Crowley abput it at . my friend turned to her husband. calling 01~ better yet.. it's easier to have an impact on the local level. vi si ti rig the local 0 ffice of a congressman or a city council member to discuss a specific issue can make a big irnpressian. peopl e.. swap news and tips. d ." 50 .eyes are watching au I' money. 4. .'/erowl . It's not lust politicians who will take notice of a committedgroup of concerned citizens.. We can't afford to let a few favored contractors get sweet deals or stand by as dollars are wasted on stupid pet projects that don't create jobs... which can connect you with state and local groups that are worki ng on issues-eelectrici ty prices. A g-roup of concerned citizens can have more power than one voice. hidden credit card fees-that hit home for you . . lgest. Fortunately. and take specific action. "You'd only stretch it out.


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We can't accept tips. .. "I don't know what your security clearance is.i Mirl"r When a fellow Army ROTC cadet was kept out of Airborne School because of poor grades." As I reached for the document. and blurted." I told them. he pulled it back. he stared incredulously at the blank piece of paper. Once it arrived. "Can I borrow your phone?" he asked me . but the sailor who normally handled requests like this was on liberty. pointed at me.Off Base was at my desk at our .' R. worth SlOepage 77 for details. sss. "You have to do it. "You're telling me that these days you have to be smart to jump out of an airplane?" s co it Oplinger To show his appreciation to the community. "Excuse me.dote. "I need to call these people and let them know their fax machine is out of ink." be said. I was busing tables When I noticed a family leaving a large tip. our base commanding officer held an open house." Jame. "Walt a minute.." I "It's not for you. 56 YoLjr ""vo rite new joke.h·oms Arepo. This included a free meal." said the woman. funny milItary an". The sailor in charge burst into the ship's office." he said to his·!rtory might b". or c.." D01H'!.c.ra>:yn". "That's to help send your cook to culinary school. Coast Guard base while another guardsman waited for a fax to tome in. "So don't read it~just type it. his grandfather was confused.rt on a piece of classified gear needed to go out immediately.


01j'Ilur hoflll and then oppli~.d 0IeC\'l (uppe. IlSe AndroGel "'Ier your both or shower. ond/ollblomen) only. • Wash your hands with lOOpond wilier imm~ate~ "'Ier app6nrlion ro . • AndroGel is IIQ!!Irnable u nlil dr y. Haw . How Should AndroGel (Pump or P«kel) Be AppUed? IIis importo nl thot you use AndmGel m . H youliKs.5 9 or 5 g. \'Ou musl prime the IuldroGel pump by hilly depressin 9 the pump three ~me. d~i~ dose. What Disease or (OniltiD. • IuldroGel shou Id nol be applied to the pBf!is or Suol""" or to skin with open sores.oGei Treat? Yourheofthoore pmvider has presrlibed this metliootion beense your oody does net proou(eenough testosterone. Ideo . ond wilen III toke it. • let AndmG~1 dry for a few minutes before y(tu dress.pump for the fillt ~me.oletely ocross the ~cket alol1ll the perforo~on. gel This is 01 sum mory of the importunt informoHon ab~ut AndroGel.ondmgel. Repeat unftl the enfile contents of the pcicket hove been op~ied. Open one ilndroGel alurrunum full 'poCKetby folding the top edg B at the pe~oroHon and !wring wrn. conroet your heotthcare professional. • Wait S 10 6 hours t. inlvd skin of the shoulde~. Does A. Your heolthcme professional will rell j'IlUhow much iIIldroGelto 0Jse each doy.prescriOOrl'DlJ your hoolthcore provider. dry.smoking or going neOT on open flame..~.o ~roGel~ iIeltOlterooegelll%@ ~ only • AndroGeI should be oppUed _ d~"yat the some lime eor. refer to ~o(kaQe insert) The fol1owiflllinforrnoHon oOoot IuldroGel® should notroKe the !ploce of j'Ilur docto(s order.i8duce the c!tence that the mooic-Illionwill spreod !rem your honds to otl\er people. m the desired oppl1ootio n ~tes.. you may SGueeze a portion 01 the gel hom the packet tum the po1m 01 j'Ilur han d oflll.o"d.Ite AmIroGeI padr. 2. Squeeze theOOiltoots !11m the palm 01 your h(tJld_ 5Gue~ze from the bottom of the pocket hJweld the hlp.prestriOOrlby your healthoore pmfessiono L If you expedence serious problems.efme showering or swimming. AndmGel (restv. The. MIlke sure you umlerstond the benefits ond risks ·01 AndwGeI~ before vo~lise it.opp~ ro opplicoHon site!s).flower in tha moming. heolthy.!hat ~legreote:s! omount of AndmGel is oMorood inro your system. either one pump depression at 0 time 0 r upon completion of oUpu mp d8<jlressionsrequired for the.gel to Ihod'. If you roke 0 both or .h day (prelerob~ every morning) III doon. Ifyou hove ony other queshons ab~ut AndroGet~ thempy. to'ik to VoorheolthoorB prolessional 0 nd refer rothe packcga irtSErt.). how ro scfdV roke it. I. Site(s) of Gel ilpPllootion .se. fully d8<jlr@S5 pump me oppropriahl the numoor of times 10 deliver the dolly do.pply . the iIIldroGel Pump properly. This will en:suoo.. cnd d~oOlding lire geL The unufied gel should be disoorded in a mannellO ~id aocidenhJl exposure 0 r ing9Slion by hOllSeholdmamooIS Olpilts. The medical term fur this wndltion is hypogonad~m.10 use . FGrdetoils. Yourdoctor will tell j'Ilu eXllctlywhot dose to toke.remne gel) 1% (III is (lIIail~blepackaged wilh 2 x 75 gpUITIPS (ooch pump dispertSES 60 metered 1.n.h"~1d o.nd/or obdomen.Pre5c~binQ Inimmation 0 nd Potient Information. . Before ~ingthe .product moy be delivered directly into the palm . upper OITn5 o.25 9 doses) or in a box 01 a 0 pockets with 2. allow the gelro dry befur·~ .ets? How 10 lise lite AmIroGe/plIfIIJl 'I Brief S!IIIImoryoi Patient Inforl'lll!Jion (FOI full. wounds OJ irrita~Gn. or recommendoHorlS. "nn/. esk j'Ilur doctor or pharmadst or viSITwww.wm. It isimporhJnt thot you reod and foIlow these diredi ens on how 10 U>8.

lelOne mey be at to your hoohhcor8 provider for more informafion on on inueaSlld risk lor plo. breost development or'esslollDl n you experience ony 01 the lollowing m!ve[Se reDmon!: • Too fre~~ent or persistent eremollS 01 the penis. . 7. never share your AndroGe1 with ony~ne. 4. having on urge thot you hove to go to the bathroom right OWllY. Inc. Who.503. Nolify your heolthwle provider n your female po riner develops dronges in hllir disllfbution. monges in skin color or onlde .S$I/Jh . p4lssing urine m 0 ny times during the day. Cironges in your dllSll 01 cmelul monitoring may bll needed'if j'llu 0 fa hllting mIl' of th9Iailowing mdimtions: -Imulln • (orfi(~te!Oids • Oral AnHcoogulonts The majM risks of AIldroGeI i. If you h0'i/8 anyquesHollS or (oncemsabout yo~r AndroGel troolment. in neeses in oene or other signs 01 moscu~nily. .tate enlorgement. 894 © 200a Solvay Phmmo(llutiC(lls. und pro.200a [50 m 22/500127 Rev Dec 2007(1)1 . What Should You Discuss Wi. AndroGeJ !Dn offect how you I body hondlas other drugs. Arl The Side EHech And Rbks? PO. How Should WroGal!ed By: Solvay Phormocwticols. CIHI't1Cf Y[)ll. induding thClSe oSSIXiured with sleep.3.t6r_ Trfln516r:Trons/e! 01 testosterone to others Oncludtn~ WIlmen ond eh~dren) (on occur when vigorollS sktn-liHkin amtoet is mode with the oppliwtion site. Is The re Anythirtg Eisel Nead To Know When USiNg AndroGel? Voor healthmre professional ho! presaibed AIldroGel hl meet your specific neeels. Talk risk factors end wavs to monitor for prostate di>orders . osk yom hoolthcore provider or pharmacist. AndroGel must not be used by women.plOsfa1e concer or brsnst cunter. Stored? Store at 25°( (77QF). • Hove 0 ~nown hypel5EnsilMIy III ony of . Whot Other Drlgs Should Not BI U5Id Together With AndroGlII? Tell your hoolthco re providm about all 01 tOO medicines Vllu hlk9.ndude: Ptoslole Disordtn: I'llfienls trooted' with testo.(hongesin urinary hubils stich ns inueo>ed unnotion 01 nigirt. 6. or messive doytime sleepiness. Keep out of the reoch of mildre n. Inc Rev 08.lxare pro!essifHmll1 rllll: • Hove . .r bealt/ullflp. vomiting. 6.Ally nousea.Breolhing disturoon(os. ond expruure III the octive ingredient teshlsterone En prejlnonl)' wn couse fehll horm. trouble sturfing your urine stream. T65105. induding individurJls who me hy~rn.. !ihlmins Dnd: he roo I supplements. oms.\ale con(~r.S. 0 ( S. heolthcore professional indude: Most (ommol: Skin irritolionwhere ~el is Your HealllKore Profnsianol? BeioreYIIII starl usillg AIltlroGetten 'filii' ilea/. pr~lllte enlargement. GA30D62·1224 U. inciudilllli prescription ond nonpresniption medi1ines.i1ive hl testosterone thot is cnemieolJy synthesized from soy.And~Gel's components. changes in lab Ie5t results and changes in urinary habits. eXOJrsions permitted to 15°to 30 (59° hl a6°F) Isee USP CDulrolloo Room Tempernlure]. ReYised:Deumber2 007 Mg. being unable to p4l55 urine and weok urine Aow.H"ts of Am/r'M' to discuss with your sM.weillng. having 0 urille oc(ident. Polenl No. . Moriel!(].

gawk. I've recently met the perfect girl: smart.!s their ample cleavage. Am I overreacting? D<'I1'gl>le. but she doesn't believe me. She's planning to invite my parents to the wedding~not with. that must be very empowering in a postferninist kind of way. but do you really want to become part of the problem on her special day? I'd swallow this one. Dear Eyes. thefiret set of invitations but with a second set. and then get back to work. 60 . Instead. but she . force yourself to think vaguely intelligent thoughts like. the next time you hod yourself facetO~bOSOIll. my mom has been a close and caring supporter. or drool. attractive-you name it.. this is mcppropriate bus iness attire. after some of the initial: invitees say they can't attend. . To me. Do not stare. Your morn's on the B tea. Should 1 say something orjust keep Quiet and enjoy the view? Ey{!'s Wide Open Jeanne Marie Laskas is nota shrink. What can I do? Smitt .jimny.aoes have uncommon sense. In the ten years the bride al1d 1have been friends.wJ Tbat stinks! Good for you for standing up for your mom.r First Dear Daughter. Only she's alway . Is tbere a money problem? Is it an issue of space? You can't know unless you ask. but now it's gone mainstream. Cleavage used to be just for soap opera vixens and Holl.ywood types. 1tell her that she's beautiful. She believes you-or desperately wants to. But you also need to step back and think of the bride.coming down on herself for her looks.As askas My best friend is getting married. WeU. She's hardwired to feel ugly and needs a serious bit of Some of the women in our office wear clothing that revea. I am truly hurt. and I'm sure my mom will be too. " Dear Smitten.. Put your arm around your mom and say "Let's write this off as bride anxiety" and go out together for a nice lunch. and I'm one of her bridesmaids.

Try it.. and pet grooming. parants. and many of her friends' parents lealle their kids at home alone~sotnething I'd never do.. My professors don't always respect m" C.. She clOI'ms she is very honest. Should I tell her that gossiping and honesty are not the same thing? Tn. The program takes about six weeks. ~ ~ Questian~ abo"lt manners. Impolite? It's your job! Any parent who gets offended by such questions is not a parent you want supervising your daughter. Double the dose if she wears a new outfi t.. Because there weren't enough seat belts for everyone... __~_ •• .. but she always returns. .ity English department..wmjlaskllS. . Being consistently late to class is utterly inexcusable.stent. the parents drove s('veral girls 1'0 the movies.. 1have a neighbor who on several occasions has told me private things about other neighbors. ft may seem rude to walk out.. Risk embarrassment. My daughter is 12.__ ~ •••• c. but be assured she is talking about you behind yOUI back.. Sending gives us permisslon to edit and late to class and runs over the allotted time? Packing up mid-lecture is rude. however.. What's the protocol for dealing with a prefessor who is consi.. Report that Violation to the department chair... Do not stray from these subjects. You'll be richly rewarded in this Lifeand the next if you help her release ber inner ugly girl. but you can do it: Compliment her every four hours.rstand the value of time.eade .. 61 .. lawn care. the kids were forced to share-something else I'd never do. Yes. too.. During a recent slumber party. and I'm a blabbermouth whose lectures often run long. but it just sounds like gossip to me. but so is ignoring others' schedules. It's hard work._~ __ .. so be careful what you say to her.inner-beauty reprogramming.. ~_. Keep all conversations centered on recipes. . Ask Jeanne Marie Laskas at . and they're always . risk dignity.negative.. CcwtiOltS Mom Dear Cautious. unde. but never risk your child's safety. or office politics? Life's Little Etiquette Conundrums As a college student with a full course load and a part-time job. go to the professor during her office hours and explain that you slrn ply can't stay later than the allotted time. Is it impolite to question parents ahead of time to make sure the kids won't be home alone at sharing seat belts and so on] Whenev!?l-I've asked other parents in the past. _______________ .. but go ahead and act like you have a bus to catch... dige<Jt. risk rejection..seqIlC>1CCS Dear Truth" Nope. they've seemed offended.. I teach in a univer:. 1try changing the subject. who should know if his charges are violating their contract. If you want points. partners.


C -' ~ ~ ~ "' :'i ~ « . but it wasn't until Christmas Eve that the Coudersport. Rather. MD.000 limit to $7. and try the new online savings tools.ies givet. "' j and cancel-their Amex accounts. ask if the decision can be reversed. The purchase of the monitor would have put her over her limit.Here's~Deal JANICE LIEBERMAN iTa' eControl 0 redit.600. card comparn. it turned out. Pius. Come July 2010. Sherry suggests. She bought a computer monitor online.. ebt Watch your credit 'limits. If you've been paying your bill on time. ask if any fees can be waived until you've reduced your balance below your new limit.h. That's what happened to Virginia Barlow. If not. resident learned her card had been declined and her son wouldn't be getting his present. Federal Reserve --63· ...:home safety alert. had reduced her $9. do the following: Ask why your balance was reduced. and credit card companies taketh away. Linda Sherry. Pennsylvania. And now they're reducing credit limits without advance notice. Barlow plans to pay her balance in full and cut up her card. it was her payment history with other lenders that prompted the company to lower her Iimit. a spokesperson for Consumer Action. (American Express admits it is carefully monitoring cardholders: The company recently offered some customers $300 to pay off[anice Lieberman is the consumer correspondent on NBC's: Today show. To protect your credit score. American Express confirmed that Barlow had no missed payments or delinquencies. says companies are simply trying to manage their risk. American Express.) Frustrated.

"The program is very user . He found money-managing tools timeconsuming and switched to DebtGoa. For $10 a month.. Iowa.000 of his debt.000. and install a high-security lock like the Kwikset SmartKey ($30) or the Schlage Primus ($75 tQ$100). a free online debtmanagement service. In three months. Security expert Marc Weber Tobias says these keys are legal and simple to produce. Once you type in yow' creditors and amounts owed. "Even a l5-year-old kid can do it. DebtGoai will upload your account information and update your debt plan before July 31 for a $40-offcoupon (you're entitled to two per family). How to Pay It Down While most American households owe around $2.l sets up a payment plan and a target date to end your debt. they're paying over $1. you'll need a converter box. Until then. It's hard to believe. Home Security Alert Have You Switched? On June 12.i.. DebtGoa. Track your progress with charts and graphs.rules will require lenders to give 45 days' notice before changing the terms of an account. and it's almost impossible to prevent their distribution or use. 01"1 the You O. ~ ~ Watch Janice Lieberman Today show.<In also read he.000 in credit card debt. he has paid off $20." he says. by year's end. which costs $40 to $60.. The coupons expire 90 days after they're mailed. All you need is a special bump key"widely available on the Internet." he says. A certified public accountant in Le Mars. Go to dtv2009. Figuring a 14 percent rate. friendly. Many have no idea how to dig their way out. all TV stations will broadcast in digital. e-mail experts.000 in interest a year. If your set doesn't have a digital tuner (check the labels on the back). bh!g <Ind send you r q uestl onsto n:ad el'li d Igest.e_ . about 15 percent owe more than $9. started the New Year with $50.«>m/as kJ3 nlc. check yow: balances and limits every month. and exchange tips with other users. can help with that.8 million households with analog TVs. but there are still 3. DebtGoal. His advice? Make sure the perimeter of your house is well lit. but $3 will open just about any door with a conventional pin tumbler lock.000 on their credit cards. it will pay the bills automatically too..

a ccpsule t].oracea. wit-{.ItceOl. ...fS O\\\J.alive side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.1J. so do not lake Dracea if you ore pregnant or breostfeeding... toke blood fhinners.ea\lelf J.o'flMe\\reJ.iscipli". CJ ~ Don't let your skin behave badly.Vo'o. Find out more at www. and th~re~sa medical treatment called Orncec" Ask your doctor oboul once-doily prescription Oroceoj' It works from the inside. ~~mll'.. bel\\B r. targeti na the chronic inAam."' " '" .lrie~. It's a medical condiHo~..~.". m With Oroceof you can do something about your Rosacea .n.. Ornceo does not treat bacterial infections.". To minimize the risk 01 developing bacterial resislcnce.blelMlshes? Ir cov.:. As with other tetracyclines.1work> from Wrr". otion that causes Aare-ups. Yau may experience intestinal upsets. Visit www. and make sure yeu tell your doctor if you have stomach or GI problems.A'fe yav.. by 'feJ. the only capsule approved to help reduce the bumps and blemishes of Rosacea. Orocoo should be used only os prescribed by your doctor. psoriasis or seizures. Do not take Draeea if you are allergic to tetracyclines..."... ©200Q GtlJdermQ lClbi.'be Ros(.gov/medwotch or call ]·800-FDA·1088. You are encouraged to report neg. Those bumps and blemishes that sometimes resemble acne could be Rosacea. or take medicine to treat acne. sore fhrool or sinus infections/sinusitis when taking Oroceo. ORACEA is indicated only for the treatment of inflammatory lesions (papules and pustules) of Rosacea in adult patients.v (doxycyCline. Ol@5..instead or just wondering what your skin is up or call 888-0RA·CEAl sloi"'.e YCl>. Oroceo may cause harm to Q developing fetus.. take oral contraceptives. you should stay out of dlrecl or artificial sunlight. have 0 yeast or fungal infection. bv.'rQll. LP.. O"""'ce .ldo... kidney disease. Orac~. USP) "1:~~:. .

Tissue H)'JJerpi~m"ntalion: Tehacydno cass onlibiolb.h(lW111." primlry tass cf"anlJt:illHc-assJIij'riroim'.1be r"~ffiible IIiIen IhB dflJ) was diloorrlinlJOO. A OBCr01iSB ill~u" 1ID'.u"" and am GOU".eplb~ rnicro-oronms.'bla ..d I'Ilh tne ~ use 01 isotetiflilin . LM QI ffiIICEA ""I' re&J1 In O"l'gr(fll'lh of rlJn-Sllsr.OrrnI sI!J~" rmale tnat 1rl~1"". can cause tctal harm who" .orjn.ilh penblfn ms ad~_ ~WC"".'.-. ".roj ctl~r 'Ilpllljlri~le ellS ShouW Ire perlorrned ~ :l\'ll1. bro1 ""ied in . AlhiJu!1> ""I ob~ in cliicallriais wHn ORACt>.rpeulic ". . al1tlbactMal aQeo1ts.les ." admhBtrat~"..IBilrolytffi. ll-e3e rondili[)lls d'~pa1l"oo \\!1eI1 the d'll. 01 . i>. "go ofS years) may oaaseparmanent diSG~I"ralion 01 the teeth (yellow"gray-tlrown)....· ls in.. IJI]o effie' ol pseu~la'Y)usro~il LlSUaly""iI!lIlO to oiloonti:J. .d..1eelh.)'Oi"" lcrm a stiJ~ GO!dum oomplB:< h '"'I 0000.e S)'Slernt a... 10 adA palrsnl" The d=.ise. USP)..v [Illi ccr~~IOIeS To a>oij rontracePIMl fa. "" laund in latal t."... IDJd rrinimiz€ cr 3\00 "'llD"-..1~n Dillie lel'.hou~ IJa UlOO "'Ih GOuNooin pal'l3nb \Iith a hi>llJry01 cr orod'lJllliliJn III am~iH CMlrg_" GacIoI iaI r61lrun:e 10 letrawcli"el rnil)' oo.Ierlilli) OOve~n (l)ing lhe ..nlf!tOJ"l T.dil1ll too~ IfI3'j inc!. 2) 111.'1d aWCllr.. U" n. and ad<iJs".salmenl '~n 6..lory leoor~ {piIiJule.o..roJ Imlfua 10 'jrnpIOrnal~ Pliell~ l!. It-.'p"pigrrer""'~n In ~ Qrgaos.)u~. ci iaI""'l'cln" ""I in""""..".'rItiin IT i. Trtis reacHoo Will .:J pa.rer lu.. ClJNICAL I'IlARMACOLOGY Ph.. Irj:propr<re 1et. 0Il1!i:B\ cr1i 00 rmaled.. Abscrpl~n oI18M"%ih!:<! I:.. i'~l>.."e Syndromes: Tf.j Wlhie!) 01 r~. should not b.eollr tJr..lik.. To roouoo ne d"".rw.)lm~ prot[)ll pump inhibilcrs.Matab!lk.porlant to co ns kI" this diagnosis In pal1enta woo present with diarm. GlIcLm (f ~JI11 and illln oontaining p".\ n::t{i 10 00 OUIdoCt'S "hie u:.lure. antibiotics.. 1M us.EA 13h(blOO or".n IhB devebprneni 01 arJIoirnrnune s)fIJrQme. 1!nII and henTllIG"'-di::<l .cy). b 01 01118'1)1l1baclerial drugl. 10 nalr~ or a1~ictll . UrOO' SU~l oondililm.t.aI inlEd~ns.IVlllail uW]IIOI.. P'liErrI. 2 Sic:e b<I.. lhe 01 OPJ\CEA dMe" Illlrn M 01 clJ>.rp~m. '"~.r..lIei.. Sh. of pretmDm:r DIlrelln (b8llig" h)pa1sn"oo) <ESDGtlt. Rss. mucosa ~.lLrlng "'il>.lcprrm "' rflSi!.-yc"".:: ::=":.. Brief Summary of Full IND ICATIONS AND USAGE Ctl~f. OPJ\CEA. "".sible 10ie' IOIliCi~.e'" h:re3Ile h BUN.:re comml)(lou(rlJIOI1g-lerrn uoo ol me drug Ilul has been obS'il'l'Bd 1IJ11J. 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after she was nominated in 1992 to be on the . "The other franchisees.. '" eries around the world.Dreamer Breadwinner to bring home the bacon. she yearned for a business that would provide for her children and let her spend more time with them." ~ she recalls. all '" ~ men. I :. but as a divorced mother of three boys. she also owned and operated three McDonald's franchises in Illinois. Every . time I went to a meeting. McDonald's bun committee. o reade r 5 d lg es t.: loved it. BY MARGARET HEFFERNAN ordia Harrington was tired of standing up all day and smelling like french fries at night. to rn Ij!09 . Cordia Harrington just needed C Cordia Harrington enjoys one of her own. thought that was hilari:. "But the joke was « ~ on them: They didn't know the ~ company would be picking me i:: up in a corporate jet to see bak:. She ended up rolling in dough. A property developer. ous because of the word bun. This was global!" $ As a single mom. Her aha moment struck. strangely enough.

"So I'd visit a mill and send them photos of myself in a baker's hat and jacket.000. "I cried myself to sleep many nights." she recalls." she says. is challenging. When McDonald's decided it wanted a new bun supplier." she says. "Financial success is the most fun when you can give it away. sold her franchises. most automated bakery in the world. holding a sign that said 'I want to be your baker. "I really believed I could do this. Harrington is passionate about providing opportunities to all 230 employees.000 buns an hour for clients across 40 states. even though she had no experience running a bakery. Harrington became determined to win the contract. you can't wait for people to call you. in time for a slump in U. She was ready to build the fastest. "McDonald's could see a benefit if our production went up and prices went down. Some of her clients' sales have declined." run through it. and borrowed $13. and we gave each of our project managers a car with a big bow!" The current economy. The Tennessee Bun Company opened ahead of schedule in 1997. Harrington acknowledges." But Harrington worked out an agreement to supply Pepperidge Farm as well." Over the next eight years. Harrington sealed the deal with a handshake. Harrington branched out even more: She started her own trucking business. South America. added a cold-storage company. "We had a project that came in under budget one year. and now has three bakeries producing fresh buns and frozen dough-all now known as the Bun Companies. "That deal saved us. and the Caribbean. Speed is still a priority: It takes 11 people at the main bakery to turn out 60. fastfood sales for McDonald's. but she's found new clients and improved efficiencies to help sustain the company's double-digit growth. and you have to ". And her agreement 70 with McDonald's required that she sell exclusively to the company." she says. "If you have a dream. Grateful for the breaks she's had.S. not enough to cover payroll.''' After four years and 32 interviews.The experience opened her eyes to business possibilities. r e a de r s dl ge s tvc o rn 6/09 ." Harrington studied the bakery business and made sure she was never off executives' radar. Before Harrington knew it. "You see a tiny crack in the door. and no benefit if we went out of business." she says.fyou have a dream.5 million. her persistence paid off. "I really did think. 1 am going to go bankrupt. invested everything she owned. you can't sit back and wait for people to call you. she was down to her last $20.

diUln". eoreme 11iglltJIood sugar can lead to GOITIa or death • Other risi(s Inay incl~de ligh Illeadoct~llSs upon slandln. . nolify yo~r doctor.1001 ."\o'N..cases.. Patients and lheir caregivers should be especially observant within tl1~ flrsl lew months of treatrnenl or alter a change in dose . or im pannent in jutlgmllll[ or motor skills.lmpr'q~ri!uII.B351113 I:}o}tl!flita 2008 03Wof1... ABI U FY is not approved lor Irealing mese patients. as these 'moY be $igns of lard iV1l dYBki nosla (Till" whioh GOUld u8GOrim p8rm~nMf • If you hm'e dl~b"t"s or have risk f actors or symp toms 01 diabetes. jntormanen about AB1UFY on the adjacent I page.J['XetinehydrocttrJrJ. \'llU should not drive or operate mac:hiner.g.. You are encouraged \0 repo~ negaU'Ie side eneets of prescription drugs to Ihe FDA. Tell your daclor abOUT1111 medici nes yoo 're taKIng. in clinical triols (. Since there are some ri81m for drug!HO). >romiling. an Inability to perform daily aGtivlties du e 10 lncraasad memory lossl taking ABIUFY hijVB an InGreased risk 01 d'ealh or stroke.I MfA"'SplS ' 'Q!I~ (S~aJln8 Hen rr~ {fh..~I"'1j Tile common sida etlects In adu~. ccmuslon. yo ur blued su gar sh ou r~ be monitored. 5mg r.IMPORTANT SAfETY INfORMAT10N: Elder~ pa~ents wOth dementia-related PSYGhosis (eg.b f.. Of mcreaseo heart rate and blood pressure.'i of <I fare b~t polenliall\' fatal con oi lion called neu rolepuc fIlaligmml S'/Ild rome (NMS) olf you deeelep ebnormai or uncontrellable facial r~ovemerrts. Visll \VI1' C~ ~p:ij{lxetinE!trG'J are mnemarss of lneir E l)v! or cnU '·BOO·FDA·' . or tl10ughls 01 suicide. 08B.l. ffexor XR"I (\'Mta. in cllildren. allXi~ty.~U~. lI1e You Sllould a'Joid alool101\'lhil~ la~illg A8It:JFY. Un lil you know how ABU'f affects you. aoo lnsomnla.:]e). sezures.~j f i~·o!PJJ. Hiflll blood sugar Ims been reported wltl1 ABI UFY and med]ci nes likB it In some. M:O 5j'()Ij[j(J3A.I. When taldng ABIUFY call your doctor tlght away If you 'have new Or w~rsenl ng depression symptoms. RMIi'il112. Serious mental Illnesses are themselves assoctated w~h an locrease In the risk 01 suicide.~~'u::I.• ' Ail!'1-j'Ii55'1.~o!1llo1l"1:1"1j~~p~~~".'dilJe companies .lnI O2I'JDB 0IsI.. PID.govlmedwalch. ]Hladache.' IF AN ANTIOEPRESSANT AtONE ISN'T ENOUGH. AIlIidepress<ll1ls can increase ilUicid~1 thoughts alld OOhavior...0"4~'hlI.10%) mGiude reuses..a (al<athisial. as these 11lay be sigll. sweallng. unusual ehanqes in b~havior. oo" AmercaH1E1ft'B<1GtiJIk:aJ~ Ii:r:.~ltlN!d III I1SA . £J. alld young adults. :rigid' muscles.f~a.Approved only for adults 18 and over wilh depression. teens.abilify.Ii.!rnY~.2D~ f~E. • Alert YDur doctor if you develop very hiQh lever. sllaklng. ABILIFY' [aripiprazole) 1 mg.. PteaSB read the lrnportant ~teraprce [escjaoprarn GxBJa!el.s" an inner sense d resuossness ()J "ood 10 mo. lrouble sw~llo'lling.

Bnd ~oad pressure wI1 an . fir 'increased heart rate and blood pressure may be signs cl NMS.Ig(l r ii\nd dlab~t~S! Panel)!. a cFiOOJ8 In ~ppelii6 causIng wlllalrt loss Dr g~in.lrtant information that I shO'uld knO'w about AaILlFV? Elderly patients. Whai Is tlte most impt. IflIlomnl~ ~r flXcessiVe sloop.. eife~ C~n OCl)ur wlth ~~~ . D~. /Jepressiatl and Olher Stliiaw Mentii/lllooss8S. orinil"QQn. cOIiIw. All incr~aood rl&K of stroke and minfsttoKe has been Tejiorted in clinical sIIldies of elderly patients with. a rare but seriou:.ABlliFY with YOllr heallhoate. Medication Guid6 .!:'lilled Afllitiepmssant Medici{llJ1. or WIll) f~en~5 ~nd last most of the d~.IUPf. depl'I!Ssion'.gh WhO' shO'uld NOT take'la[:S IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ABILiFY This summary of 1IIe P1Ickagelnsefl ·conllllrrs d sk an~ 001&\. teenagers.a.actions Ilave rangp. /lBIUFY is not approved for irea~ng pattents IiI1tII1 sh culd watch lor new or worsening depression symptoms. Of other part5 of b~dy mll~ be ~gllS of a serious oondiliOn kllown as TO.".for atleaSi Z l'Iee~s. PaUentsoo anUdepressall.1D\ r!i. or behaviors in S()fJ1e children. and actions pediatlic patllirtts. or thoug~ts of death Of suicide. an inability to pe(fOrm daily activities iJtabelllS' \lJld til 000 hBl'ing ~sk factors for iJiabetes ~Of'i~. Tardive dyskinesia (TD}l AlJoor'ma1 or uncontmllablec movemen\S ot I~ce. fll!" ulle in demelliia Neuroleptic maJignanls)lndr-ome INM51~ Very l1igh f~\IIl( rlgid lIiusdes. Ill' 'OIlgti~.i~mple.OJ hunger shou Id havslilmr blood sugar levels eh llCked celore and aurlng treatment In~l"€-asesIn blOO(lsugar levels (hypeh..tlb>tance tim Is in it G Allergic fP. day . flllii ily hitJtnry of dia~il1esl.g 8hd ~Willllhg 01the lare. bf (lod sl. and who are ueatlld with a~ipsyl:hDtk: medicines including AB!U 11'.IF. suc~ symptoms should be reported 10 ll1e~a"etJ. risk of . wjlh mcreased.antjpsydhotic medicine. Marty ~vef'i. SympIDms nlay include oodness.T-lj) loripijJrrrrole! (~lHj-P1P"IO-. aiwork. and other serious menial illnesses? • MlideJl~ossarfl_ msdldnes may inefIJilBil BUfcidal tIlOUJlhls or ~ Giions in same . "(Ind !/!lung 00 uilli • Deprie$ion ood seriilus mental ntnesmmaJe the moslimportaot causes of sulcfdsllhouglits.e~tra~og or makjl1(l detlSiOOS-. sp..rn!llf.lieall1.d immrash. loss 01 energy.~ ABILIFY" (aripiprazole) ~. Name Antidepressants may increase suicidal thoughts.profeSsiOrlal. Orthostatic hypotension: lJghtlleadedneso or faintness.n? Depressjon Is "II Gommon but ser\liu8 medJcal cantlltitm. includ ill!l AE. Please j. more Information.$ertous and ·asoor. III ll1ougll!s' 01 suicide.i~ttld 1'11111 Qt de<dh.'I1 Poopl~ wI1!J are all ~rgi to ASI UP{ or to any :. It yoo had or ha~e sWaliowlngproblems. di fiicuhy oonr.. .Prescfi bi ng' Informaoon and the.m\used III' a sudden change i n he~rt ralr. -What is the IIiost 'Impoltl. is dep~ssIQ.>s. and YllUng a~u!ts. kJss ofiniBrest im dvttiJlS YOLI01\00 enjoyed. whiCh may be permanent Po. Deptession an~ other serious mental illnesses aI'e !Ilemsalves ilssoclared with an InC!l)ase in the risk of sLflCide. tong u~. ABIUFV (arlpfpratole) is not apPM9. Hf.lon. Im:ludinu the' following: Stroke or minislroke in elderly patients with dementia. A8ll1FY Is nof a~ proved !tIr !he treatment 01 patie~ts with demen1la·ralatedpsych05ls. unusual oooi1ges in behavior. loon_gers. diagn[lSe!i witih psychosis as a result 01 ~s a l'IlSult of Increased memorylnss). Pleaoo read !hIs irnpm1ant informeti on b erom you start taklnll AflIUFY and discuss allY Questions abolJt. I1<Jve toma been reportlJd irrpa~ents taking ABIUFJ: allEi medi~ines Irke [. and SIlidrJi/1 rlwuglitlHJf ActilJris.1s and ti)elr fal11l1ieSior care~iVem ABILIF'i® (o·Bll. wIth depression..children..r4s]rrg too qUickly from a sitting or iJrjng position (Ollimiitatie flYllolenSionl h as been riJporlEd wiih AmUrY Sl[icida I thoughts: II )!Gu Mava SUicidal 1lIDughw.feelings or worthlessness Dr (l.1iJ1J Wh~t is ABILIFYfaripiprazqlej? ABILIFV lss PT&scrtptlCnme!iiCine used as an ad~·on lreatment to antideptessanlo for Majo! Oe pressive iJjGol'der In adulls_ Wha.' tnforll'lallon fQr pati~nts about AIlIUPt: Thl~ 0lI1lI ma ry does hQt rnolud~ allillfocmation eboutABILIFY Dnd does not take t~(lrplaco of disc ~ssrons With yo ur health!:'lire prolB5Sionru about your tJ1llatmeot. shaKing..ocillted Witl1 swallowing problems (dysphagia). ThIlOO ca~id be de pl1l$iom symptams ~ Iltey imerfere wflll daily IKe alllome.litw A81L1FYh<lve been as:.jeessi~e !lUilt. when compared to patients who are !feated with a placebo (sugar pill). ~riO\lO ijiue.i1l-. Illi \~ell as rhoS!: willi ~j'll1ptQ/TIS SQGII es une!J)(lc\!ld ln~reos~~ in !llirst. side effect thai tould be fatal. 5Weating. obesl!)l. hives and fiCffina 10 tIlffit~lty breatllir. ate al an dementia (for example. Teil yllllr ~e:aIliK:ara professional [i9m awav it you have any Gondioon5 ·or glde eife[$. in !ill me CESes.e the. you should tell your healthcare pro1essiooal right awaJ: Dysphagia: Medicines. especillily if they are severn or ocour ~udtlenl~. increased memmylo3S and inabili!)' 'to perlor:m dally aMes) . InlolTtlatlon that I sho~ld know about antidepressant medicines.lSi(lO~I. especially within the firS! few months of Irealment or Woon the dose is cha ngeIL.jlk with )!GUt ~e~lthcare professional. dementia (fIlrmm~e.t's healthcare p!'Qiessional right away. you s haol d Illtl y()ur hea Ithcare prore.i!ycemia).

Il06~lity. plan t~ baeo me preg nant or are b re~sl-Ie ~ding 'Whal should I avoid when taking ABILIFY • ABIUFY Is usually tallen WIDe .ge of people stopped ta. resll6$5085$. M0 20B50 USA. alia l~ieCliM manufil~1lJ FIl~ S!i!Jllib Comparw.:ially Qbsef1lorrtwithin Ihe M. M~rkelect by Bri5tol-MyelS SQUibh. lIle pe rwntag~ of adults 'WIi() disDorrtinued !liking ABILIPI due to side effects was ABU'll (6%) and lor patients treate<! wi til SlJgar pi II (2%).Oral Solutilln. QUINIDEX i~a re.Prill:. aglta~oo. hea~ache. WhOlt pen:enla. vomiting. di'l:zi ness.extrelTl~ h.tefed trademark:61 JanliSen PliilnI1&flUtir:a. NJ ~y Biis1rll·Mye's Orall'! Disiriltl~ralln9 r~bltl!s.g. • NIZORAl tsa ~egii. plest:fiption and nonprescMptian (oveHlle-j)ouHte~ Be sure 10 lell your healthcare provider: • It you have oulC·idaJthoughts • If you or anyone in your family h~ve or had seizures • If you or ~nyone in'your lam iIy have or !tad h igil bloOll su gar or diabeioo • If you am p.klng ABILIFY due 10 side effects? efiacts 01 Tablet!.com PROZAC is a reg'is'Ulred tr~demark 01 Eli Lilly and Compa nVi PAXIL 15 a f6jJimt:(£il trademalJ( of GlaxoSriI'rtflKtrne: TEGRETOl Is a (egjste n~d tmrJemari( DfNIlV~rti S INFORMATJON ABOUT A:BIUFY (colliinued) What should I 1<llk 19 'My healUicare provider about? Patients and mair families or C<lregiVer:s should wa tch tor new or woffienlf!!j depression symptoms. us Pitt8n! I!~..t ~ew months ot alltiaepr8S$l'n trlialmem or wheMver them is a ch anoeln dillie. . jell your healt~l1afe provider about ~n~ medical condHions you lJlay have im~all medicines lIlat you am tJklng Dr pt~n to bike.ctlvi!y. NJ OBG43USI>. 'I1iJnul1. TokYo.000. tri sls. llOweV8r.~bmfY.anxiet)' and insomn i~. II Bill FY D!SCM.ElTII!I contains phen~al?nine • II you have additillnill qUe1ltion~. or BriSIlll <My6fS Squibb . ©200B Otsu ka Amen('Jl Pilamlac!lll1lt:a1. reg~ ant.977.~ril!l ~~ Ots~ka PI'um'l~OOIJti. MO 570USOOCasO 160 1 PI can be raker with most drlJ. consjipatron.528: 6'.ypero. ltd. 1110. WittJ 01 wilhoollood • ABILJP! shOllld ~e kepi aul of ~lereac h of ~hildren and 'pets • Store A8IUFY Ta~lets aM t~e Qi'lll Solution ill room lem perature • For paMnts wno must Iimtt their sugar . as well as.)' c1qy. NJ 00><13 USA. paolo atlacl\S. an inner sense of res!lessnes& or nee\! to moV~ fa Kai11isia).Gompillly. 1m 1·aS35 dap8ll c 00543 USA. aggressiveness. til k to you r heallln:are pnife$lonal rarlpl pta2:ol e)? • AVoid ovemeatlng and dehydrlition • AlIQi(j drivi ng or oper~ti ng h:31<v~ou!i mach I"ery ~now hOVi ASI LI FY affects yOU • AVoid d ri "lUng alcohol • Avoi~ brea~M€t1dingen i of~n! Whal are Ihe possible side uom yov Additi onali AfOI111~tion ca n be 'Iou nd at www. Inc. 5. Impulsivity. PJinceloll.alGo.. 267. takl h9' ASILlF'I o~ilaL ·1141 ~linted in USA May 2DOS Vfi·BOiJU 11l·ij5·n&· MOD . lncl~dihg W1th some medicin as may r>equire your heahhcare profesSional hi adl us!' ths dosage Ilf ABlUP!. Can I safely take ABILIFY while I''M taking other medications? ABlli Oistfibulfld EII1dm$flt. of 5ul[. General advice about ABILIFY jar!pipramlel: rnedidnllS". Basfrtl on FUll Preseri bing Inform~ lion as 01 O~I08 1239550A~. irrita~j]fty..5C7.. ~nosual changes In bIlhavior end ihaughil. R~k\lille. RIlc~vilt8.lI100 l!l! Oisuka Alna~ca PIlElJJ1lllllBU~c"l.abnormlll mosds ilpasm Of aontrnction whlcn may lie signs of a condltlon catted dystonia. PrinootQfl. So me mad ieines' include: • Kehieo "azole (NIZORAlIliI • quinidine (QUINID8&) • fllJoxati ns (PROZA~ • paroxetl ne (l'MI L®) • carbBmazepi ne (TEGRETOL ~ tI 15 important ill lell you r healthcare wolessional ~Iklut ~II the medlcinss you 'I'll ia 1(11lQ. Be espe.about ABIUFY: ABILlFY? Cil mman sitte ilffflcts in adu lis I"ctude: ~ illlilll3.ur suddenly. C~II your healthcare proVid er right away H ~IJU have Iiloug hIS Of ~ulcide 0 r if an 9 of :tI1ese symptoms are se~~re or oo.io_. m. diffi culty sleepln. or . It is: impmtant to contact your Healthc:aIe professional H yoti experience pmlonge~. be (lWaff) that ABIUFY Oral Solation contall\S sugar • ti)r patients who can not metJbalue pl1en)'L1:lani (tilose with He p he nylKeionuria er PIIU).gliltel1Jd trademark 01 Wyatll ~harrrraceuticals: Find out 'More. lust to he sure.ffiDn. 8Il(j 7. for anxiety.lde. In ~Ii nlcal.

work at my real estate business. ei . 74 . inspection.$150. Doyou b<!ke? I love to cook. Did you ever dOUbt yourself? I wasn't intimidated by what I didn't know. The industry rejects standard is about 4 percent. Tom.her 'husband.. I had a nursery school in my backyard.lness? Re:adyto start one? J !being successful? Integrity. When I got crazy ideas._.5t tom'btl..15 to just: pass an !- your darke.. I take that negative energy and put it toward getting to the next level.. Survival Is a good motivator! Vou don't give up easily. and 23. We give everyone a $50 bill to reward that high standard. I Do you have very high standards? Extremely. because I would ask questions that helped the team to say~Why not? I never know where a stupid question wltl lead.rn. I was alway·sexhausted. pick up the kids. .. drive home. Are you an impatient person? Either that or antsy. they'll do their best to look after our clients. At the end of the summer. "It's a mission. is more than a job. put them to bed. Entrepreneurs al'ways believe there's a better way to do things. . "This. and some days it all felt hopeless. Doing what you say. but ours is 2 percent. work eight hours. my guests wou Id be In trou ble. __ . I would get up at 3 a.>l"~. . What is most important to put me in a restaurant in Little Rock. 25. do you? Instead of complaining when problems come up.. Her SOilS are now 27. __ Still dreaming? Gl!t hl!lp "t readef"SCligl. to learn the business. I want us to get the highest marks. And yet somehow I kept going. I'd saved . Arkansas. is now her CFO. But if I had to do it fromscratch. she's rernarried+. formerly her CPA. ~ Have a bus." CORDIA HARRINGTON Why did you become an entrepreneur? I had good roots of love and encouragement.Cordia Harrington doesn't have to stand all her feet all day anymore. That's how it works here." says Harrington. How can we best serve our employees? If we support them.t was better i that I wasn't an moment? When McDonald's gave me a chance to be an owneroperator and _. drive 78 miles. I don't want 1. my dad would say" "You can do that!" Even when I was 11. I'd run around the house ten times first! I've bee n I high energy all my life. and I'd charge 25 cents for three hours. In some w<J:js. I'm always thinking. And. but I'm not a very gtlod baker/ I take our frozen dough home and bake that. and study. two of them work for her. My nickname is Aunt C (antsy)! When I was a Iittle girl an d they'd say dinner's ready.

.!londDQlSCnly..6~' Ba)'lr.rlieDlllTCa"'LL[.S_ .._H'nI~Di<"".l.totll!.ragJliISred lr. IIlDO!l8.d1l'a~I.. tM Baym Cf':IIri:Sand J('9 Ad~IIl1lJ~iD.. _ ~"""f._.Idllmarb o'&:y1!'1.. ~[l(M.1 1(g1l.

K.@Work I was on the computer in my horne office when my eightyear-old son asked what I did for a living." he'd written." said om clinic is up." Katie Adams mao clearly eager for a new Line of work. HiclWY$V>1 patients a letter asking if they needed transportation to appointments and if so. "Peasant:" M." he said. why." I said. "but-we call them our software company It was from a pests." -"""""''''''''-_ a fellow student wanted • "1 cannot walk upto know. L. call 9ll?" and the hill to your "Son.Here are some The instructor of our paramedic of their responses: certification class taught Us to keep • "J am under the doctor and performing chest compressions cannot breathe. "you are ." A resume carne across my desk at "We have people like that in my class. "Should we hill unless it is down." until backup arrived." instructor. Billings 911.. • "My husband is dead <U1d ill w "But what if we can't keep going?" not bring me. "I'm a consultant." C"jsly Figueroa . Under the category "previous The medical clinic [ work for sent work experience. "What's a consultant?" "It's someone who watches people work and then tells them how '~re you saying my kid's a liar?" they could do it better.

W· $ In -30.mIi~k-8!i 77 ." Me" Chen. Oper1 <0 US. 5VJ~:r. "LOok at that.dlul Food-New Lyn" York Style. I'm not busy. "if you take these cuffs off me." L.." Kadn HorUn!. '1 guess they can't afford a lent. ." For a story about safe driving.0. a coworker.go to readers digest. r11!!'~:~mry ~Tlr'E'f Dr W' <I". » GO'tO'readersdlgest." he said.dget No/s"" l\<fom·". jokes..anking out reports recently when roy office mate got a phone call. if we run you r item in a print edition of CaJllng Walter Cronkite Reporting live on TV is a tough gigyou get just aile ta1ce to screw up.was furiously SIGNS OF THE TIMES A nearby pet snap has something for everyone.e "AuthentiG My favorite restawra:rt is the real deal. was driving his family to a campsite when an SUV towing a beautiful vintage Airstream trailer pulled up beside them.. I did my best to ignore what I beard him tell the person on the other end: "No..s Going with a prisoner to the local hospi taJ to have blood work done was too much for me: I fainted as the needle Was inserted into his arm.Discovered! the Iley to one local store's success. a BBC anchorwoman had this revelation: "Most cars have only one occupant.000.ntl·1I SwaPlssrlf! Keith. Posted on its signboard was this warning: "We no longer accept bad checks.corrjjackpot for terms of usage-and payment and ather details." F'ae Ge~ I. A sign screams Chinese Chin~sl' :a . Rate 5 a rIO 5U bject to' c hange. we'll pay you $1C. TO' enter sweepstakes (with or without 3 Joke) 3nfl for official rules. Just send us your true: funny stories. and riews items to enter the $30." S~. "You know. >/'tGito.pu:~L. From the department of the stunningly obvious comes this statement from a reporter at the scene of a murder: "Some people in this neighborhood feel this should never have happened. Its flyH reads "Pet Lovers' Special: $5 Rabies." she said.resio·. Readers D{gest No Wlti." Jay D<ty You Can . magazine.. These people took full advantage.000 sweepstakes. New York lJ.. Sox 946. usually the driver. co mlfac kp Q t or 510 nd you r 5 ubrnisslo nor e ntry to: The $30.Ooo-Winner-Take"AII Prize (#002). I'm just at work." rst cr. Newburgh.s50.nt>. quotes. Keith was salivating at the thought of owning one when his three-year-old daughter weighed in. hut it was long enough for the inmate to become concerned for roy well-being. r can drive us back to prison. Twas out for only a second.

Looking tor sugar? Look somewhere else. .

the less likely he was to have gum disease. consume when Ih a study of 940 men.928 Chinese women. the more green tea a man drank. Regular drinkers were 12 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than nondrinkers. Increase in the calories people number of snack they steep 5~ hours a night instead of 8~ hours.Health Goi gGree Pays Off I ced is more than just cool. according to a new multicenter study. according to research in 6. Brew some up to get: HELP WITH YOUR WEIGHT Overweight or obese exercisers burned off three more pounds and 7 percent more belly fat when they drank green tea instead of another beverage with the same calories. Janis Graham 79 . tea especially if it's freshly made green tea.

Cinnamon This fragrant spice seems to dampen blood sugar swings that can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. New research shows they're especially effective in preventing the disease. Just choose skim or 1percent-saturated fat may cancel out the benefit. G. almonds. assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard University. says Rob M. those who ate peanuts every day cut their risk of developing diabetes by as much as 21 percent. which boost your body's ability to use insulin correctly. Decaf is just as good. studies suggest. but add these superfoods. Nuts In a recent study of more than 64. Other nuts are just as effective. or cashews. As little as a half teaspoon a day-sprinkled on cereal.000 middle-aged Chinese women. PhD. of course. Milk Drinking eight ounces or more daily reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 40 percent.~Health I Fix It with Food: . (Research shows that amount won't pack on the pounds. read e r s d lg e s L co IT] 6/09 . or fruit-has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels healthy.) Coffee Pour it on: In a recent study. people who downed four cups daily had a 30 percent lower risk of diabetes. and vitamin D. yogurt. van Dam. try an ounce a day of walnu ts. start with a wellbalanced diet. magnesium. you can f expect it to steal years from your life. J. Sound like a bad deal? To protect yourself.Diabetes you develop diabetes. thanks to milk's calcium. according to a new study. but choose filtered coffee-unfiltered preparations (such as French press) may hike cholesterol.


d e r s d fge s L CQ ITl 6/09 . who heads the board of directors of the American Geriatrics Society. and Mylanta) Certain statio drugs (such as lovastatin) PLUS a macrolide <Inti iotic b (such as clarlthromydn) or an oral azole antifungal (such as ketoconazole) YOUR RISK These antacids can decrease the absorption of quinolones by as much as 90 percent. DO THFS If you need both. The combo can boost petassium levels high enough to cause abnormal heart rhythms. BBth HOWCly<i INFECTION HIGH CHOlESTEROL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE An ACE inhibitor (such as lisinopril) PLUS potassium supplements 82 r e a. Be cautious about these drug duos: YOU HAVE AN A Mixing Meds: Problem Pairs? YOU TAKE A quinolone antibiotic (such as levefloxacin) PLUS anantadd that contains calcium. or alurnlnum (such as Turns. increasin. DO THIS Take your antibiotic two hours before or six hours after the antacid. get your potassium levels checked every few months. plus a proton pump inhibitor to prevent the stomach upset and bleeding that those meds can cause. Maalox. Dangerous interactions are more common than you think.g the risk of muscle or kidney damage. These drugs for bacterial or fungal infection may raise blood levels of many cholesrerot meds. Many heart attack patients get two clot-busters to ward off another attack. rnagnesiurn. DO THIS Be alert to symptoms like muscle weakness or pain. Pharrnl). But researchers recently reported that adding the stomach-soothing drug undoes some of the clot-busting benefit-so the risk of a second heart attack jumps about 25 percent. says Todd Semla.-+Health recent study underscores the need for care if you take more than a single drug.

Trouble Big Trouble _. Irs woferpraol. their eggs. larvae ~ even ticks. ask for FRONTliNE" Plus. EVERYWHERE. 2009 Me lal U."iI~" Durwin..: rmd /osls. To slop on imssfufion. .. Kills fleas ona licks tost. So ask for the vets #1 choice' lor dogs and cots. The last kind 01 trouble you or your pet needs is fle(J lrouole..1-(1' p~nsed MOl na Ie s '_. GA All ri9~IS reservac FlE09C~I08RESUB . FRONTLINEPlus. \1". ONE FLEA ON YOUR PET CAN MEAN THOUSANDS ON YOUR BEO .FRONTLINE '" a '''91Sler€<l trademark (I' Meria .. One applicotion kills neos.. And just one cose losts 011month long.. YOIJR CARPET .

sur . wait 10 to 14 days before flying. B. advises lead author Mark Gendreau. stretch your calves during the flight by walking the aisles or doing seated exercises. abdominal. 00 board. "They have strong social networks and handle stress better.h. which could make a difference." Care for a loved one Despite the stress involved. Dose. and the danger rises if you've recently had an. and wear compression stockings. says a recent study.ery. men and women who put in the most time taking care of a spouse cut their own risk of dying by 36 percent over a sevenyear period.. fa..oU:' s.000 women in the Women's Health Initiative study. Air travel can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis (potentially lethal blood clots in the deep veins of the legs). researchers at the Unlversity of Michigan in Ann Arbor found. Aiding a loved one may release the "bonding" hormone oxytocin. . chest. put some time between the two events. the researchers say. a stress hormone that can raise blood pressure and interfere with regulation of the immune system.. neurological. y. and throat procedure.appy Landing .• g f.Health H.e c. t mer and planning a long plane flight... or ear.d Feel Good . An uncomplicated appendectomy or laparoscopic procedure? Schedule your flight at least five days later. avoid caffeine and alcohol. You're mare likely to rack up the years ifyou: bpect the best Of 100. H.. stay hydrated.. those rated optimistic by special questionnaires were 14 percent less likely than pessimists to die during the study's first 84 eight years. the scientists speculate.Be Well Two recent studies suggest surprising but heartwarming keys to a longer life. So here's a travel guide: If you've had an orthopedic." points out investigator Hilary Tindle) MD. MD. o . "Optimists are master capers. at Tufts University School of Medicine. operation-but doctors sometimes fail to warn their patients of the surgery connection. g. 0 .um. countering


Once a month. You can also do something good for your bones. ) LJ. you get Fifi fl uffed.P .

sometimes severe. upset stomach. have kidneys that work poorly.. or if you have questions about Actone! PlOmptly tell your doctor i. chest pain.~ IE . Aetonel is a prescription medication to treat and prevent postmenopausal Imporlant Safety Information lor Actonel· (risedronote sodium) labtets. You are encoumged 10 report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Actonetcom 1-877 Actonel ~ctone. as these may be signs of serious upper digestive problems. Slop laking A. there have been rare. You should not toke Antonel if you ore allergic to allY of the ingredients.fdo. Follow dosi ng instructions carefully to lower the chance of these events occurring. bone or joint pain. muscle. or cannot stand or sil upright fOI' osteoporosis. Contact yow doctor for medical advice about side effects.Month A . Visil www. or severe or continuing 30 minutes.fyou develop dental problems.Actonel Once-a-Month Actonel is clinically proven to help reverse bone loss and can help increase bone strength to help prevent fractures. reports of serious jaw problems. if you hove low blood calcium (hypocalcemia).clonel and tell your doctor right a'rlay if you experience difficult or painful swallowing. or back. or colil-BOO"FDA-1088. Side effects may include stomach pain. Please see Ac!onel Polient Informotion on fhe following page. wre:Jmnaie &dium) tablets Once-a .

or do normal activities like read the newspaper or take a walk. • Keep taking ACTONEL for as long as your hea hbcare provider tells you. Do not chew the tablet or keep it in your mouth to melt or dissolve. to prevent and treat osteoporosi sin m en and women that is caused by treatment with steroid medicines such as prednisone. If you have any question s or are not sure about sam eth ing. taking vitami ns.ider may mea sure the . calcium. You mi~ht feel pai n in your bones. (<111 your healthcare provider r. including yom dentist and pharmacist. each time you get a new medici ne. a different dose of ACTO N EL. • Take ACTOI\IEL first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything except plail1 water • Take ACTOI\IEL whi Ie you are sittmg up or standing..) of you r bone. We do not know if ACTONEL can pass through your milk and if it can harm your baby. • Your health care provider may tell yOLY tak. • you are breast-feeding or plan to breast-feed.Osteoporosis Patient Information ACTONH ® (AK-Ioh-nel) ACTONH (rised ton ate ACTONH (risedronale ACTONH (tisedronate ACTONH (risedtonate Tablets sad ium) sodium) sodium) sodium) tabl ets tablets tablets tablets 5 m g. ask you rhea Ith ca re prov ider or ph arm aci st. Who should not take ACTONH? Do not take ACTONEL if you: • have low blood calcium (hypocalcemia) • cannot sit or stand up for 30 minutes have kid neys th at wo rk poorly • have an allergy to ACTONEL. Thi. Do not take it with any other drink besides plain l'lI<lter. in your stomach and esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth and the stomacb). Read th e n!ormat ion yo u get every tune you get more medicioe.thick ness. information doe. and antacids at a different time of the d<ly from when you take ACTONEL. Take vitamins. calcium.e to calcium and vitamin D supplements and to exercise. We do not know if ACTONEL can harm your unborn child. Keep a Iist of all the medicines you take. or do other tests to cheek your progress. including prescription and non-prescription medicines. not take the place of talking with your healthcare provider about your medical condition or your treatment. 35 mg. joints. • e<lting or drinking anything except plain water.ncreasillg bone strength in most peep Ie w~ 0 take I~ even tli ough they wo n't be ab Ie to see or feel a difference . What is ACTONH! ACTONEL is a prescription medicine used: • to prevent and treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. • Take ACTONEL with 6 to 8 ounces (about 1 cupl of plain water. • to increase bone mass in men with osteoporosis. 75 mg. you have to take it exactly as prescribed If you miss a dose of ACTONEL. What is the most important inlormation I should know about ACTONHI ACTON EL may cause problem. (See the end of til is leaflet for a list of aII the ingredients in ACTONEL) Tell your doctor before using ACTONH if: • you are pregn<l nt 0 r may beco me pregn ant. to treat Paget's disease of bone in men and worn en. ! ACTON EL may reverse bone loss by stORping more loss of bone and i.(de nsity. • After taking ACTONEL you must wait at least 30 minutes BEFOR~: • lying down. stand. • If you take more than your prescribed dose of ACTONEL. ask your healthcare provider how to use ACTONEL. ACTON EL may not be right for you. There may be new information. and 150 mg fot Read this information carefully before you start to use yo ur m edki ne.ACTONEL helps lower the risk of breaking bones (fractures). How should I take ACTONEL? The following instructions apply 10 all patients taking ACTONEL: • Take ACTOI\IEL exactly as prescribed by your healthcare p rovider. The active ingredient in ACTONEL is risedronate sodium. such as trouble swallowing (dysphagia). For ACTONH to treat your osteoporosis or keep you from getting osteoporosis. The trea nne nt for Paget's disease is very different than for osteoporosis and use. heartburn (esoph<lgitisl. • you have kidney problems. • Swallow ACTONEL whole. You may sit. or muscles (See 'What are the possible side effects of ACTONEL?"). If you have Paget's disease. and ulcers. (See JJ How should I take ACTONH?"). What is my ACTONEl schedule! ACTONEL tablets are made in 4 different dosages . vitamins and herbal supplements. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. Your healthcare prov. (<111 your healthcare provider for instruct io ns. ACTONEL can interact with other medicines. You must follow the instructions exactly for ACTONH to work and to lower the chance of serious side effects. Th ~slea flet does not cove r using ACTONEL for Paget's disease. or antacids.ight away. Show it to all your healthcare providers.

Therefore. Tell vour h ea Iihcare p rov id er if you deve 10p any symptom s of an <lllergic reaction induding: rash {with or without blisters). lactose monohydrate. Tell your healthcare provider if you get any eye pa in. If you rn is. 30 mg-Iactose monohydrate.ight away if you have these sy mptoms. ask you r healthcare provider or pharmacist They can g. Other poss ib Ie side effects may incl ude: • Allergic an d severe ski n reactions. including ulcers. 150 mg-FD&C blue #2 aluminum lake. do not take anything other than plai n water at or near the ti me you take ACTONEL. • Keep ACTONH and all medicines out of tbe reach of children. Get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing or swalTowing. What if I have other questions about ACTONEll This leaflet summarizes the most important information about ACTONEL for osteoporosis. • fye inflemmation. Do not use ACTON EL for a condition for wh ieh it was not prescribed Do not give ACTONEL to other people. or if your eyes becorn e mo re sens irive to Iig ht. or trouble swa 1I0wing. tongue. General information about ACTONEL: Med lc ines a re so met irues prescribed for co nd it ion. One tahlei should be taken in the morning two day. • Foods an d sorn e v itam in su pp lemems and medicines can stop your body from absorbing [using) ACTONEL. • 75 mg tablets are pink. hydroxypropyl cellulose. What are the ingredients of ACTONH? ACTONH (active ingredient): risedronate sodium. What should I avoid while taking AaONH? • Do not eat or drink anything except water before you take ACTONEL and for at least 30 minute. How often you should take your tablet depends upon the dosage that your doctor has prescn bed (recorn mended) for yo u. • Do not lie down for at least 30 minutes after you take ACTONEL. It may harm them. OH 45202 and sanofi-aventis U . One tablet shou ld be taken once a week in the morning. ACTONH (inactive IIlgredients): All dose strengths conta in: crospovidone.5 LLC Bridgewater. Oose. For more information. joints or muscles. See "How should I take ACTON EU" . Inc. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. call1·877·ACTONEL (toll·free) or visit our web site at www. mi ld flu-l ike symptoms. • 35 mg tablets are orange. • 150 mg tablets are blue. your dose in the morning. hyprcinellose. NJ 08807 April 2008 © 2008 Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals. do not take it later in tlle day You should call your health care prov ider fo r instru cti ons. If you already have one (or more) of these problems. Iips.(amounts). 35 mg-ferric oxide red. that are not mentioned in patient information lea nets . polyethylene glycol. pain. ACTONH~ i. .ACTONEL. silicon dioxide. even if they have the same symptoms you have. titani um dioxide. lactose monohydrate. You may report side effects to fDA at 1-800-fDA-t088. which are reported with the monthly doses and usually get better after the first dose. magnesium stearate. microcrystalline cellulose. hives. ferric oxide yellow. Tell your heahhcare provider" ind uding your dentist. • 5 mg tablet. it should be corrected before taking ACTONEL • pain in bones. Cincinnati. sometimes severe. are yellow. 75 mg-ferric oxide red. or throat. wh ich may include infection and slower healing after teeth are pu lied. in a row every month. or swelfing of the face. r. One tablet should be taken once a month in the rnorni ng.strength specific ingredients include: 5 mg-ferric oxide yellow. • jaw-bone probl em sin so me people. • low ca lei u m arid other m i nera I di sturba nces.ive you information written for healthcare professionals. marketed by: Procter & Gamble Pharmaceutica Is. One tablet should be ta ken evel)' day in the morn ing. Pai n may start as soon as one day or up to ssvsra I months after staning ACTON EL. Common side effects include t~e following: • back and joint pain • upset stomach and abdominal (stomach areal pain short-lasting. Tell your hea ~hC<lre provider if you have pain or discomfort in your stomach or esophagus. What are the possible side effects of ACTONEL! Stop taking ACTONEL and tell your heahhcare provider tight away if: • swallowing is difficult or painful • you have chest pain • you have very bad heartburn or it doesn't get better Possible serious side effects may include: • esophagus or stomach problems. after you take it. Inc. If you have more quest ions abou t ACT ON EL. How should Istore ACTONR! • Store ACTONEL between 68°F to 7rF {200( to 25'Cl.

about the time she stopped breathing-long enough to make her lips turn bluel=-she'Il tell you it was a stroke of good fortune.Many memory problems can be reversed-if you know what to do. McBride had been feeling anxious. But this one turned her life around. "It was unnerving. Here's your stay-sharp guide. H'f REGINA NUZZO AND KAREN RAVN I'fyou ask Cheryl McBride of Sedalia. An occasional glitch is irritating. exhausted. and a run of significant lapses ~HaTDG~APIHD 8¥ DA~l WINTERS . Missouri. and headachy. but a few times in the past several years. On top of everything. Everyone past the first blush of youth knows what it's like when a word won't come or a neighbor's name vanishes . McBride had taught school for nearly three decades.. More than that can set off a twinge of concern. Really." she says. Not that she's fond of near-death experiences.. her memory was going. even though she'd given it countless times and knew it backward and forward. she'd gone blank in the middle of a big presentation about her teaching style. It wasn't just that she was forgetting her keys or leaving her purse be90 hind.


" But one night.But she'd just begun caring for her elderly parents. "Cheryl snored. McBride woke herself up.may have you terrified that you've got Alzheimer's disease. That's important to realize. Sometimes tha t's because a sufferer is unaware of key symptoms. She was unaware ef what had happened until her friend described it. DO. My heart just dropped. 92. have not a due. the soft tissues YOU CAN DO IT AS YOU SLEEP OR BY TAKING THE WRONG PRESCRIPTION. but at Freed's insistence." she says. some memoryrelated parts of the brain are about . "But even in your sleep. According to research published last year." With that. "Very loudly.. the snoring stopped. the doctor knew what was causing McBride's problems. "She was very pale-+bhae around the lips. She just snored and snored and snored. So it interrupts you and starts you breathing again. at the back of her throat were collapsing and blocking off her airway. she recounted the incident to the doctor at her next checkup. "You're suffocating. In the hotel the first night. A surprising number of disorders can leave your steel-trap mind rusty and toothless. told her doctor she was hut then she let out this huge snort. IT1S EASY TO MESS UP YOUR MEMORY-· BU TH FrXESARESIMPLETOu. and she wasn't breathing. because many of these problems call be cured and the memory damage reversed-yet doctors often fail to diagnose them." Those starts and stops deprive ycu of sleep. and her doctor thought the problem might be due to stress. which is enough to make you forgetful. The moment she McBride. 1 was getting ready to shake the dickens out of her. McEride wasn't interested. Even more damaging is the lack of oxygen. About to leave town for a trip with an old friend." says Carol Ash." Freed says. Nina Freed quickly learned something new about her longtime pal. Like about 24 percent of men and 9 percent of women between the ages of30 and 60. she had obstructive sleep apnea. Apnea sufferers can experience these episodes hundreds of times a night yet. your brain is aware of this emergency. be suggested antianxiety medication. But Alzheimer's is not the only memory marauder around. New Jersey. Periodically as she slept. for instance. medical director of the Sleep for Life program at Somerset Medica] Center in Somerset. McBride. concerned about her forgetfulness . experts say. "1 Looked over at Cheryl.

NPH is probably more common than many doctors think. And on December 31. and memory loss. Luckily. at age 58. possibly because brain cells die during nightly apnea episodes. usually into the abdomen. She took several falls on her bike. doesn't let anything get in her way." she said. almost literally. but he gave her a piece of cryptic advice: "Go home and look up normal pressure hydrocephalus. who was in her 60s by then.20 percent smaller in sleep apnea patients. clueless about where she was headed. Soon she was pedaling 25. with no success. she's standing at the top of a small hill. keeping track of every mile.. "I feel so good now." she says. for unknown reasons. "Oh my God. experts say. DIAGNOSIS Donna Nammar of Cottonwood. saw specialist after specialist. In fact. In NPH." """" PUSHING FOR A . Sitting in front of her computer. but at age 43. or NPH. nearly 70 percent of patients who used the gadget more than six hours a night found their memory back to normal after three months. saying the syndrome was so rare. patients get a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device." says Nammar's husband. he told her. but it does the job: In a 2006 study. he pooh-poohed her. she certainly didn't have it. Some users say it makes them feel like a dog with its head out the window. "That's me!" The most common treatment is to install a shunt in the brain to drain the excess fluid. McBride has used a CPAPunit since 2007. Narnmar. He had nothing to offer.50 miles a day. Then she began having "accidents. "There's not a lot of awareness about NPH even in the medical com93 . Nammar logged her 100." Remarkably. She'd never been much for bike riding. Was her memory bad? "She didn't have any. Most often." And she kept getting lost-in the middle of a sentence. but the wheels soon started coming off her life. Then her feet started sticking to the ground. her arms flung skyward in exhilaration. All Nammar needed was an official diagnosis. incontinence. "I've almost forgotten how bad it used to be. Nammar had gone to the one acupuncture office in townin the universe. Ross. or at the end of a hall. She looks invincible. which blows air into the nose to prevent the throat tissues from sagging shut. California." she says. she decided it was a good way to get fit. there's an effective treatment.000th bike-riding mile. In a picture from that day. excess spinal fluid collects in small pockets in the brain.35. "I walked with a strange sort of shuffle. but when she went back to her doctor.2000. perhaps-where the receptionist's father-in-law had a condition called normal pressure hydrocephalus. But she doggedly kept going: she even tried an acupuncturist. Nammar read about NPH's classic trio of symptoms: feet that will barely move. Experts believe the enlarged pockets interfere with the brain's normal circuitry.

Geol·gia~customers he'd known for as long as 50 years. He Was already being treated for high blood pressure. a professor of neurosurgery at the U niversityof C allfornia. neurosurgery professor at the University of California. "The longer you have symptoms. She pushed again when the specialist suggested she delay treatment until her symptoms worsened. MRJ scans of volunteers' brains suggest that high blood sugar might damage parts of the brain that deal with memory. Nammar's own research indicated immediate surgery was a better approach. 94 THE CURES THAT CAN CAUSE BIG PROBLEMS vou SNORE. more specifically. he felt like the bottom was falling out of his life. sinus problems. volunteers who slept six hours nightly for two weeks didn't feel sleep-deprived. Protect yourself: If there's a history of high blood sugar or diabetes in your famIly. Los Angeles. Our brains seem to rely on sleep to cement new memories.Irigh cholesterol. in which your airway gets blocked during sleep." says Marvin Bergsneider. "Good for her. MEMORY THIEVES: Memory lapses may be in your blood-> or." To January 2008.munity. And she's not a bit worried about getting lost along the way. But his failing memory was only the latest in a long line of ailments. Narnmar persisted. Ifyou can't? Micro-naps of slx minutes were enough to boost volunteers' short-term performance in one study. Protect yourself: Make adequate rest a priority.. 'YOU'RE PUSHING TOO HARD. She's back on her bike and ready to get gQing. l\1D. Narnrnar got her shunt. "This summer. cutting off oxygen for seconds at a time and starving brain cells. res earche rs sus p ect." says Laura Pare. ~ VOUR BLOOD SUGAR IS HIGH. had been forgetting the names of his customers at Reeves Cleaners in Griffin. I plan to ride 25 miles a day:'sbe says. Simply falling asleep might be enough to trigger the crucial memory process in the bra in. though. the less improvement you're likely to see. who quickly vindicated her self-diagnosis. stomach complaints. in your blood" sugar. getting a referral to a neurologist. When the doctor told Billy J. have your blood sugar tested regularly. Reeves. MD. Reeves he had dementia. Men are more likely than women to . yet they performed substantially worse on tests of short-term memory. SPOT THEM. Irvine. You may have sleep apnea. so he knew his future was grim. 78. He'd lost his wife to Alzheimer's disease just a few years before. unexplained pains in. BEAT THEM Want to keep aU your marbles? Watch for these nine signs that you're being stalked by a memory thief. his arms and legs. You needn't pull aJ'Inighters to get into trouble: In one study. Eat well and stay activ~brisk walks are an effective diabetes preventive.

Extra risk factors: being overweight or over 40. incontinence. YOU SHUFFLE WHEN YOU WALK. and a serious deficiency can look a lot like Alzheimers disease. An und\'lrperformlng thyroid can leave you fatigued~ with a hyped-up thyroi:d. YOU'RE OVER 65. the more cells are lost in areas critical to memory.1I three. Thyroid hormones control your metabolism. YOU F'Ef:L MANIC-OR SLUGGISH •. And yes.If you're elderly) these drugs..tarian-you avoid the top food sources of the vitamin.. tall cause mental fogginess and forgetfulness. preventing the dangerous interruptions In oxygen. Protect yourself: Talk to . ask your doctor if you should be tested for apnea. incontlnence. You may need to wear a device while sleeping that delivers a constant stream of air to your nostrils through a small hose. Up to 20 percent of people over 65 are low in 812.allergles. but too much or toolittJe can disrupt the normal chatter between brain cells. Protel:t yourself: If you're older and feeling -fuzzy. YOU TAKE AN ALLERGY DRUG OR A SLEePING PilL.I the drugs you're taking. an anticholinergic used in many over-the-counter sleep aids and allergy drugs. these or any rneds should 'prompt a. Many drugs commonly You may have a thyroid problem. Prompt treatment gives you the best chance of memory Improvement. it's hard for the brain's messages to get through. . in which pockets in the brain swell with too much spinal fluid. youre at high risk for problematic lnteractlons.ect yourself: Early treatment may be key.eet yourself: If you're over age!: seem to stick to the ground. Prot. Protect yourself: A shuffle. averthe-counter remedies count. ask your doctor if you should have your 812 level checked. Protect yourself~If you're aloud snorer who feels constantly fatigued. prescribed for things like insomnia. while a sluggish thyroid slows brain messages to a crawl.<1 doctor about bothersome Symptoms (especially if you're a woman-s-you're at higher risk For hypothyroidism). you're more vulnerable to side effects from diphenhydrarnine. And the longer the depression lasts. Mental fuzziness after starting. 9S . It could signal normal pressure hydroc. Prot. your heart may race and you mayfeel manic or anxious.ephalus.sure your doctor knows al. you may need a supplement Also consider a test if you're a strict vege.develop apnea. and gastrointestinal cramps also interfere with a crucial braln chemical . Protect yourself: Make. and memory problems are the classic symptoms. called antkhollnergics. If you're 0 n five or more drugs (polypharmacy). It gets harder to absorb vitamin 812 from food as you age. Doctors ci'lilit a magnetic g<!rt because your with your doctor or pharmacist. An overactive thyroid creates somuch static. People with severe depression lose brain cells. YOU'RE DEPRliSsED. YOU'RE TAKING A ~OT OF M'EOICATIONS. If a pharmaceutical commercial seems to be speaking directly to YOIJ. A 2008 study suggested that people who had longer episodes of depression were less likely to show memory improvement after their mood lifted. but not everyone has a. ask your doc-but don't push for a prescription.



A study of nearly 2. Armon Neel [r. and Alzheimer's.heimer's disease. But evidence is piling up that you canlower your risk of Alzheimer's by making some simple changes in your life. Among volunteers 65 years and older. "J couldn't function. skimped on their greens. A little chatting can have a big payoff: A Harvard study last year found that socially connected people kept more of their rnernory intact as they aged-up to twice as much." he says. . according to one' measure. compared with those who. Eating too much fat and cholesterol seems to hasten the onset of Alzheimer's. The drugs his doctor prescribed for dementia brought his total to 21. those with the lowest level's of the vitamin were more than twice as likely to have cognitiveimpairment <IS those whose levels were optimal. take a look at Reeves's ALZHEIMER'S CUT YOUR RISK OF DSEASE There's good news and bad about Alzheimer's disease.700 older adults found that those who ate plenty of vegetables slewed the decline of their mental abiuties by 40 percent.E)(ERCIS'E YOUR BRAJN. Lifelong hobbies such 'IS playing cards or doing crossword puzzles might also help protect against the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. M D. K£fP MOVIN'G. talk to your doctor. . each week scored significantly higher on memory tests after justsix months. MAKE TIME f10R FRIENDS. Ned offered to. Not that they were doing him much good. in human studies. Current medications only minimally delay progression of the disease" says Lon S. bur he was very fortunate in this respect: A longtime customer of his. at least in a recent mice study. The flip side: A 2006 study of more than 3.. even when their brains were damaged by the plaques and tangles of AI?. some researchers also recommend supplements. and depression. Twa recent studies found that people who had spent more years in school or had worked in merttally demanding jobs stayed sharper." Reeves doesn't sound like a particularly lucky guy. but because the process gets less efficient with age. "1 didn't feel right. In a study of middleaged and elderly adults with mild memory problems.Dr. insomnia.. researchers say. dementia. being obese in midi ife raises the risk of 'later memory problems. Your skin makes vitamin D when it's exposed to. was a certified geriatric pharmacist . What matters most: SKIP THE CH1PS. which affects more than five million Americans. TAKE A WALK IN THE SUN. sunlight. those who started walking several times. Schneider.anxiety.000 people last year suggests that vitamin D-the' "sunshine vltamin"- cou Id help keep your brain sharp. who directs the Alzheimer's Disease Research and Clinical Center of California at USc.

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