Human Resource Introduction Human resources is a term used to describe the individuals who comprise the workforce of an organization

, although it is also applied in labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations. Human resources is also the name of the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. In simple terms, an organization's human resource management strategy should maximize return on investment in the organization's human capital and minimize financial risk. Human Resources seeks to achieve this by aligning the supply of skilled and qualified individuals and the capabilities of the current workforce, with the organization's ongoing and future business plans and requirements to maximise return on investment and secure future survival and success. In ensuring such objectives are achieved, the human resource function purpose in this context is to implement the organisation's human resource requirements effectively but also pragmatically, taking account of legal, ethical and as far as is practical in a manner that retains the support and respect of the workforce SANGHAVI EXPORT has dynamic HR managers in Mr. Yogesh Surti and assistant manager in Mr. Rakesh Maru who work to make the roots of the company strong. Responsibility of the human resource lies on their shoulders. The HR manager of Sanghavi Export has been given all the authorities required for the job. When I approached Mr. Rakesh Maru he defines HRM as “HR is like human heart, like heart pumps blood into whole body in the same way HRM provides employee to the whole organization.” Importance of HR in Diamond industry Dealing with Diamonds, HR becomes all the more important. This is because manufacturing a diamond requires a lot of manual and labour job. Machineries can only be used for support and guidance but it’s the ultimate effort of the employee working on that diamond which makes ma simple piece of stone so valuable. Thus it is very important that right employee is chosen for the job. So HRM can be considered as one of the most important activity in Sanghavi Export. HR department in the company carrys out many activities such as HR planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, placement, training and development, remuneration, motivation, communication, safety and health, welfare, industrial relation, dispute settlement etc. The company has approximately 45oo employees working for the company at different levels.

HR Department in the company has the following activities:Functions Designation Time Keeping Automatic Machine Security Supervisor Salary Calculation Supervisor Department Heads Salary Payment Director Department Heads Recruitment Department Heads HR Manager Industrial Relation Director HR Manager Welfare Measures Director HR Manager . plans. With good HRP company can rely on it and hence top level can make important decisions regarding growth and development of the company with confidence. support and less risk. The company is expanding year after year. Company’s accurate HR planning and implementation helps in optimum utilization of the existing human resource and also help to forecast futute requirements of human resource. setting up new unit. machineries.Human Resource Planning Human Resource Planning can be defined as “the process of moving from the current manpower to future manpower” Sanghavi Export has grown from a small plant to a huge tree. These decisions should be backed by good HR planning to make them a success.

Recruitment Process of the company Recruitment refers to the process of attracting. as the employee is already working in the organization . he has the 1st hand knowledge about everything. Chances of theft or ignorance leading to damage in the diamond proves costly for the company. This also help in building good relations with local public. Sanghavi Exports believes in trustworthy employee so major part of the recruitment is done through internal source as company shows trust in the employees and has good relations. 2. External Source 1. Indian Diamond Institute is . So relying on present employees and their suggestions company is able reach skilled labour at low cost. This again results in increased trust and the prospective employees can be reached easily with minimum efforts. Employee Reference External Sources 1. Present Employee Most of the times company give transfers and promotions to the current employees to the different department and thus try to fill the vacancy internally. Moreover company also sponsor local shows. Advertisement 2. results im good public relations and boost the morale of the employee. screening. it encourages competent individuals who are ambitious. Print Media Company gives job offers in local Gujarati newspapers. Campus Recruitment Company recruits students from local institutes. Present Employee 2. It has many benefits e. and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm. Campus recruitment programms are organised in local institutes pertaining to diamond industry. So preference is given to the candidates referred by the present employees of the firm. social events etc. Moreover. Factors affecting recruitment process Company used both the internal and the external source for recruitment. Process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy. 98% of recruitment is done internally in co-ordination with the HR manager and the departmental heads.g. Walk-ins Internal Sources 1. Campus recruitment 3. There are mainly two factors which affects the recruitment process. to make local prospective candidates to aware of the job requirement. 2. Diamond needs skilled and reliable labour. Internal Sources 1. in a most timely and cost effective manner. Employee Reference This is the most frequently used source of the company.

Applications are invited from the job seekers. The need for training and development is determined by the employee’s performance deficiency. Practical Test This is the most Important stage for selection. 3. Final Decision Department head takes the final decision on the selection of the candidate. Candidate’s physical fitness required for the job is tested. Hes tested on various parameters and accordingly marks are allotted. Selection Selection can be defined as process of choosing the most suitable person out of all the applicants. If the candidate has passed all the tests and is approved by the head of the department. Walk-ins Company has walk-ins for the candidates at the middle level of organisation. Hes asked to join from a certain date. Department heads are the ones who test the skills of the employee. Steps in selection process Preliminary Interview :The candidate is asked to fill form and on the basis of form. Further hes tested of hes not suffering from any disease that may pose danger for his co-workers. Company send the employees to IDI for training where their skills are sharpened and new techniques are . It is an attempt to improve current or future performance of the employee by increasing his ability to perform through learning. Medical Test The selected candidates go through a very basic medical test. Unwanted candidates are avoided at first step. Reference Check Nature of the business makes reference check very important . training and development is the field concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups inorganizational settings. If the candidate is able to attain cut off marks then he qualifies for medical test. Training and Development In the field of human resource management. computed as follows: Training and development need = Standard performance-actual performance The company arranges for training programmes for the workers. The skill of the candidate is put on test by giving him the actual task required for the job. This step need careful scrutiny of the skills of the person. After preliminary round he goes through the selection process. he gets his appointment letter from the HR manager. It is checked if the candidate qualifies for the post or not on the basis of the information provided by the applicants. Company needs very reliable employees so references are all the more importance in selection of an employee. Selection is a process of picking individuals out of the pool of job applicants with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the such college which gives company its highly skilled employees. candidates are short listed for a particular post. It is required to check the information given by the candidate is true or not.

Due to nature of the job employees tend to shift jobs thus it is very important to build trust among the employees and provide them with facilities that are required to them.Company Premises-Assembly points Training incharge :. Company has some managers doing their masters degree while working with the company.D. Vimesh Jani(M.Dr. 1. They are also sent to attend programms that are held ouside the organisation.D.) Training Topic :.10-1-2009 Venue :. Company pays good attention towards the welfare of the employees.In detail training on BPP Awareness Programme Date :. Premdan Charan Mr.Company Premises-Reception Hall Training incharge :. Yogesh Surti Different Welfare Activities Company provides its employees with various facilities.I..Awareness about human rights Date :.Company Premises-Reception Hall Training incharge :. company also conducts managerial training programms outside or inside the the building for the management level employees.24-1-2009 Venue :.First Aid Training Date :.Training on fire fighting Mock Drill Date :.Dr.First Aid and Health procedures Details of training:. These programms are mainly arranged by the company whenever new equipments or machineries are purchased. healthcare and environment procedures Details of training:.10-1-2009 Venue :. Intramural Facilities . Differetnt Training/Confirmation Record Training Topic :. And also to improve the skills of the Yogesh Surti ( HR manager) Training Topic :. Aagam Sanghavi (Director) Mr.Human Rights Details of training:.21-1-2009 Venue :. Moreover.BPP Awareness Training Programms Details of training:.Mr.H.Company Premises-Reception Hall Training incharge :. Even management level employees are encouraged to acquire further knowledge. Kirit Hapani (safety officer) Mr. Yogesh Surti (HR Manager) Training Topic :.Mr.

Various department heads. Fixed Salary:The office workers or the managerial level employees are on fixed salary basis. Mock Drill 6. Donations to different school. colleges and institutions 4. rough assortment. There are various sub departments in production. lotting department are paid fixed salary. The wage policy is of two types. Various Records Company has a vast number employees working. Apart from all the facilities various other programms are conducted by the company:1. HR manager needs to keep all the . Similar programms and events are organised to increase the bond between the employees and the organisation. Managerial Training Programmes 5. Extramural Facilities • Housing Accomodation • Transport • Holiday homes • Interest free loans • Vocational guidance • Picnics Of course some of these facilities can not be provided to all the employees thus they are limited to upper level employees. cleaving department. Wage Policy There are almost 6000 employees working for the company. Seminars and Presentation Every year cricket competition is organised under the name of ‘Sanghavi Premeier League’ where teams from with in the organisation takes part. Moreover. Blood Donation camps 2. Each sub department has its wage rate.• Urinals and Restrooms • Washing and Bathing facilities • Rest shelters • Canteen • Uniform • 24*7 in house ambulance • Recreational facilities • Child centre 2. Helping hands for the Physically and mentally challeneged 3. polish assortment. They are assigned salary on the basis of their job. Performance is also considered as to how much value addition is made on diamond by the employee . The employee is paid according to the number of diamonds he has worked upon and the wage rate prevailing in the department. These workers work in the production department at different levels. each department has a different task. workers who are not under piece wage system are under fixed salary. Piece wage system:The lower level workers who work on the diamond are paid at piece wage policy.

participative management. communication. 4. human nature can not be measured and thus their problems are not only confined to HR departments. motivation and morale. HR Audit very much useful to achieve the organizational goal and also it is vital tool which helps to assess the effectiveness of HR functions of an organization. Audit if corporate strategy regarding HR planning. Benefits of HR Audit Benefits that the company has through the HR Audits are • Estimation of contribution of HR Department • Reduce HR cost • Increased professionalism in the Department • Smooth problem solving • Sound performance appraisal system • Systematic job analysis • Smooth adoption of changing mindset Employee turnover Employee turnover is the rate at which an employer gains and loses employees. 1. employee and executive remuneration. policies. recruitment and selection. trade unionism and disputes and their resolutions. Time record 6. performance appraisal and job evaluation. industrial relations. Record of Provident Fund provided to employees Human resource Audit HR Audit means the systematic verification of job analysis and design. Scope of Audit: Generally. Records of the reference of the employee 10. various records are maintained by the department. procedures and legal provisions. Attendance record 5. Employee Bio-Data 2. . welfare and social security. Audit of HR climate on employee motivation. It is quite broad in nature. Records of training given to the employee 9. For that. Audit of all HR functions. Audit of managerial compliance of personnel. Simple ways to describe it are “how long the employees tend to stay” or “the rate of traffic through the revolving door”. Renumerations etc. 1. Record for the participation of employees in various programmes 7. safety and health. Company covers following areas in HR.information about the employees. training and development. Records of performance 3. Monthly record of salaries and wages 4. 3. staffing. 2. orientation and placement. demotion and transfer of the employee 8. Records of promotion. morale and job satisfaction.

Moreoever. The nature of the job results in high turnover. However company is able to retain most of its employee by winning their trust and giving them additional perks and facilities. It is about 5% . . Company provides with exceptional work environment for the employees. Absenteeism Rate Absenteeism Rate is quite less in the company. Attendance is automated in the company and every machine has a security guard to check the fraud of attendance. If a company has a high turnover it means that the employees’ tenure in the company is less. if a employee is taking a leave he arranges for a replacement from within the organisation.Turnover is measured for individual companies and for the industry as a whole. Employees tend to shift jobs in search of higher pay as they are mainly employed on piece wage system. This might be harmful for the company it shows that employees have little faith in the company Employee turnover is moderate in the company.