The Indian Confectionary Market: The Indian Confectionary Market is divided in three categories: • • • Candies & Toffees. Gums (chewing gum & bubble gum). Mints.

Candies and toffees are the mainstay of the market. Not so long ago, they accounted for unto 65% of all confectionary sales in the country. The contribution is now down to around 45%. Traditionally, candies have had to make do with low product innovation and inconsistent advertising support. The market place has strong brands like Parle’s Kismi, Melody, Poppins and Mango Bite, Ravalgaon’s Mango mood and Pan Pasand, Lotte Coffy Bite and Lacto King, Nutrine Maha Lacto and Candyman launched by ITC recently. Perfetti started its innings in candies with Alpenliebe which it calls a deposited candy. The different taste was quickly accepted by the consumers. It then followed with Alpenliebe Lollipop and Alpenliebe Creamfills. These were candies with a swirl inside. The inspiration for these products was taken from the success of Perfetti’s liquid filled chewing gums launched earlier in the country. Perfetti has a share of almost 20% in candies. A criticism often hurled over Perfetti that though it is the market leader, it does not have a presence in the Éclairs, a category dominated by Cadbury. The category accounts to about 12 to 13% of the confectionary market. Silencing this criticism Perfetti did enter the category with Chocoliebe. In the gums market Perfetti has a share of about 55%. The major factor that differentiates Perfetti’s brands from the competitors in category is the liquid in the centre of the gums. Perfetti has a presence in each of the three sub-segments: Center Fresh and Center Shock in chewing gum, Center Fruit and Big Babol in Bubble Gum and Happydent in Functional gum. Perfetti has also been successful in creating a space between candies and gums with Mentos- a category called Chewy. The major competitors in the segment have been Boomer and Orbit.

August Storck KG.V.In the Mint category Perfetti has Chlor-Mint. Perfetti Van Melle’s brands in India: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alpenliebe. Alpenliebe Creamfills. Hershey Foods Corp. Cadbury Schweppes PLC. Chlor-Mint. HARIBO GmbH und Company KG.p.. Industry says that this category is stagnant. The category is also under constant attack from gums which carry mint properties. Marbles. Mangofilz. Kraft Foods North America Inc. Mentos. This unique category where the consumers are not children but adults who consume it to freshen up their breath. Oy Karl Fazer Ab. Fruittella. Alpenliebe Lollipop. in spite of the presence of major players like Nestle (Polo) and (ITC Minto Fresh). Masterfoods Veghel B.. . Chocoliebe. Chlor-Mint sales have grown at a fast clip. Big Babol. Happydent White. Chupa Chups SA.. Center Fruit.A. Chocotella. Center Fresh. Mars Inc..A.. Center Shock. Protex Happydent. Ferrero S. which is now endorsed by Salman Khan. Principal Competitors Nestlé S.

V. Van Melle Export B. Perfetti South Africa Pty Ltd (South Africa). Ltd (China). Perfetti Gida San. Frisk Int.A.A. (Czech Republic). S. (Switzerland). Of these. Alpenliebe.A. La Giulia Ind. S. Gum Base Co. Big Babol.A. Perfetti S. in the Confectionary market about 12 to 13% of the sales revenue is spent on advertising and brand promotion. Ve Tic.O. Perfetti S. A..P. Gelco S. Chocoliebe. (Holland)..A. Gum Base Asia Ltd.A. it has decided to actively promote ten: Center Fresh. Perfetti Hellas S. .S. Sulá Gmbh & Co. Perfetti India Ltd. (Turkey). Perfetti Van Melle Benelux BV (Netherlands). (Hong Kong). Perfetti Do Brasil. Perfetti Cr S. Center Fruit. Principal Subsidiaries: Dimpex S.L. Nv (Belgium ).. Kg (Germany). Perfetti Indonesia.Perfetti Van Melle India has a large portfolio of 16 brands. Perfetti Confectionery Co. Like in other FMCG categories. ChlorMint.. Pt.P. Gum Base Shanghai (China). Perfetti Confectionery Vietnam Ltd. (Spain). (Greece).R.R..P. Creamfills. Mentos and Marbles. Happydent. These ten brands fetch the company almost 80% of the total sales revenue.

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