For opening a saving bank (SB) account

Before opening a saving bank (SB) account we need to choose a bank. Choosing the right bank is much like choosing any other service provider. Never lose sight of the fact that we are the customer. We are looking for a lender that offers the right combination of services to meet our individual needs, plus competitive rates to ensure that our money is being as productive as possible. Here are a few things that we should consider when choosing which bank to open a savings account with: 1. Accessibility: Since banking is an integral part of our everyday life, we will want to choose a bank that is accessible. Choosing a bank that has a bank branch near where we live and work will make using and maintaining our savings account much more convenient. 2. Services Offered: Not all banks offer the same types of savings accounts. When we researching potential banks, make sure to find out if they offer the specific type of savings account that we are interested in. 3. Customer Service: While we may not need to interact with bank personnel directly every time we use our savings account, we may need to rely on their customer service personnel at some point. When inquiring about a savings account at different banks, take note of how friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful their staff is. 4. Interest Rates: Different banks will offer different interest rates for their savings accounts, so it's always a good idea to compare the interest rates that each bank offers for the different types of savings accounts.

The things to consider when choosing a Savings Account
1. Minimum Balance Requirements: Some savings accounts require keeping a minimum balance in account at all times and will penalize if fall below that amount. 2. Monthly Fees: Banks will sometimes charge a small monthly fee for a savings account, although most will waive that fee if we keep up a minimum balance. 3. Interest Rates: As discussed above, the interest rates that are offered by different savings accounts can vary widely. Make sure to research different banks to find the best interest rates.

The category of bank account. Type: Savings Interest Rate: 5%-9% Eligibility: Resident Bangladeshi National Age: 18 years or above. Applicants must satisfy the following documentation requirements for Personal Banking. Joint account can be opened.D. Card / National I.For the following reasons we select the southeast bank. interest rate. They can deposit a small amount and can withdraw whenever they desire but the total numbers of withdrawals over a period of time are limited. Supporting Documents: 1. Supporting Documents. Eligibility. Details of SB account are describe belowCategory: Savings Account Description: SB account is designed for savers who want to save a small part of their income to be used in the near future and also intend to have some income on such savings. 2.D. types. Minor account can be opened under the supervision of his / her / their guardian. Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate / Passport / Voter I. Card / Driving License. .

00% Tk.00 Crore 5. Online Transactions . In case of minor nominee.00% Tk.50% Tk. 11. 100. Two copies of recent passport size photograph duly attested by the introducer. 8. 9. 1.00% Cheque Book Issuance fee (10 leafs per book): Taka 60/Standing Instruction charge TK 100 for compliance of each Instruction Account Closing Charge Taka 250/-. 7. 100. Proof of communication address: Photocopy of an Electricity Bill / Gas Bill / Wasa Bill / Telephone Bill. 12. 6. 50.000/.25% Tk. 5.00 Crore & above 9.00 Crore & above but below Tk. 4.00 Crore & above but below Tk.00 Crore 5.3. 1.00 Crore 6. Tax Certificate. Nominee form and photograph of nominee(s) (signature attested by the account holder). The account requires an introduction by an existing and satisfactory account holder of Southeast Bank Limited. copy of the birth certificate and photograph required. Vat applicable for all fees & charges @15%. KYC Form. Details Fees & Charges Rate of Interest: 5. Certified document(s) for source of income.for rural clients. Initial deposit of Tk 5. 50.for urban clients and Tk 1. Personal Information Form. 25. 10. 25. Savings Account Below Tk.000/.00 Crore & above but below Tk.00 Crore of service charge. Transaction Profile.00% .

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