2nd year

Answer the following. Any five i. What were the terms of the Greeks? ii. What were the reforms of Mustafa Kamal with reference to the women ? iii. What was the reply of the Mustafa Kamal when the king asked him to return? iv. What was the attitude of the Turkish Government to the occupying forces? v. How did he prepare people for patriotic revolt? vi. when did the ottomon Empire come to an end?
1) Tick marks the right answer.

i. They ordered the ship of Mustafa Kamal should be intercepted. a) weep b) fun c) laugh d) stop ii. The firing get worse steadily, a general massacre off Arminians is expected. a) dying b) shaking c) blood shed d) dull iii. The courage of his words is astonishing. a) sad b) happy c)amazing d)religious iv. nor was Mustafa Kamal was a linient master a) flight b)not stricket c)open d) close v. the terms, in the treaty were signed a) imagined b)agreement c) complained d) wept Translate the following into English.

1st year
Answer the questions any three. Answer the questions any two. Explain personification with example? Why did the man build his secret garden? What is the misery of the modern busy man? What was the advice of the doctor for the old man? Why does the poet call modern men as hollow men? Why did the writer weep in the childhood? Who is the poet of “The Hollow Men? Explain the following with reference to context.(any one) 1)No time to turn at Beauty’s glance, 2)Shape without form, shade without colour, And watch her feet, how they can dance Paralysed force, gesture without motion; Choose the rights answer i. Beneath the boughs a)branches b) seeds c) fruits d) woods Life is full of care. a) worry b) happy c) joy d) fear iii. We have no time to stand and stare . a) sleep b) look deeply c)amazing d)laugh iv. In a dry cellar a) room b) shade c)open d) body v. Violent souls, but only a) sad b)happy c) frustrated d) heavenly Choose the right verb  The man _____ since morning a)is reading b) has been reading c) was reading d) read  last month, I _____ Karachi a)am visiting b) has been visiting c) visited d) will visit  I _____ the fruit, if you offer me. a)will eat b) ate c) have eaten d) would eat  Next week, he _____ praying a)will start b) started c) have started d) would start  He _____the clothes for two dayes a)will wash b) washed c) has washing d) would wash


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