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27th August 2008 Tokyo Demonstration

Dear All CNC-Japan members and friends

On 27th July 2008, a 15 year old school girl in Kachin state, northern Burma, was gang raped and murdered by
Burmese soldiers. KNO members around the world will lead demonstration on 27 August 2008, KNO-Japan
is going to demonstrate in front of SPDC tax office( Burmese Embassy)
From 3:00 pm to 4:00PM. We all the JAC groups and Ethnics groups will participate in that demonstration. We
would like to inform you to support and participate on that day.

Information Department
CNC-Japan 26 August 2008
Compensation for rape and murder of Kachin girl not enough:
Campaigner: Solomon
Monday 25th August 2008

New Delhi - Burmese military authorities have given 500,000 Kyat (about USD 500) as compensation to the
family of a school girl, who was allegedly raped and murdered by Burmese Army soldiers in late July, local
sources confirmed. Burmese Army officers had visited the family members of Nhkum Hkawn Din (15), who was
allegedly gang raped and murdered by Burmese soldiers in her village Nam Sai in Nothern Burma's Kachin State,
to apologize and offered 500,000 Kyat along with some food as compensation, sources said. A local villager, who
declined to be named, told Mizzima, the army officers came to apologize only after local eyewitnesses were able
to identify one of the perpetrators, soldier Soe Thu Win, during an identification parade in the barracks. Soe Thu
Win was arrested and charged with murder but was exempted from charges of rape, the source said.
According to him, three soldiers including Soe Thu Win had gang-raped the girl and murdered her to cover up
their crime. "A further complaint to higher authorities in the State will be made by the family," the source said.

The girl's family members had sent an 11-page letter of complaint to the military divisional office with signatures
including those of five eye witnesses, he said. "The eye witnesses know that there was more than one soldier
involved in the rape and murder but the case is now being handled by army authorities without any trial," he
added. Meanwhile, Burma Campaign UK's campaign officer Nang Seng said, "This is not justice. Five hundred
dollars and some rice is no compensation for what Nhkum Hkawn Din went through." Nang Seng said, the
Burmese soldiers are making one of them take the blame and are letting the others off. "Her father was
distressed and said 'my daughter was exchanged with this money,' when army authorities gave the ompensation
to them. The family wants justice not money," Nang Seng said. In Kachin state, where the Burmese military
government has a ceasefire agreement with the main insurgent group, the Kachin Independence Organization
(KIO) rape and murder by Burmese soldiers are common but victims fail to file charges in court or to lodge
complaints at the army office because of fear of reprisal by the authorities, she added. "There is still no proper
investigation and senior soldiers involved in the case are literally getting away with the murder," Nang Seng
added. She said the military government has used rape as a weapon of war in their campaign of systematic
ethnic cleansing for a long time.