ng Club was established in May 1928 with the aim of training young men & women as aviators in India.

Since then it has had the distinction of training hundreds of Pilots & E amongst the alumni being Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India and Late Shri Biju Patnaik, Former Chief Minister of Orissa. Delhi Flying Club i nitiated the fi of the country and also is accredited with the training of Airforce Pilots in the 60s and the Naval Pilots in the 80s. It also participated in both the wars with Pakistan i.e. 1965 the club runs an AME School whose alumni occupy very prominent positions in the Airlines across the globe and also undertakes the ground classes for Pil ot¶s Licenses like P club undertakes maintenance of VIP aircraft of State Governments of Haryana. It has duly approved Engine shop where overhauls of Lycoming and Continental Engines are u It also has an Instrument Workshop for undertaking bench checks of Instrument & an approved NDT shop.

presently has two serviceable Cessna 152 aircraft, but is unable to fly as the flying activity at Safdarjung was sto pped some seven years ago because of security considerat efforts are on to re-commence flying activities as a joint venture with Chimes Aviation Academy Pvt. Ltd at Dhana Airfield, Sagar (M.P).

1987 Delhi Flying Club established full time Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer¶s licence course of 3 years duration duly approved by DGCA vide letter No.- 20-86/88-AI(2) school is approved for HA, JE, LA,PE and RN. Till date we have recruited 24 batches. Since July 2008 the school has been approved by DGCA for implementing the Aircraft M ng training programme of 4 years duration (EASA-66). At the initial stage we had lot of difficulties in arranging the practical¶s etc. Subsequently we now have full fledged bas o conduct the ³On The Job Training´. This includes Lead-Acid Battery Shop & a MAGNAFLUX Machine, duly approved by DGCA. We have two CESSNA aircraft, one RALLYE an Super King Air aircraft which is being maintained by us. Due to change over of scheme from BAMEL to 4 years training w.e.f Ju ly 2008 we have recruited Instructors possessing degree in Engineering with adequate experience.

Details of the selected Institution
Nagpur Flying Club

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Address : Hangar No 1, Next To Ambedkar International Airport, Seminary Hills , Nagpur - 440006 District : Nagpur ( Maharashtra ) Phone Fax : 0712-2525011, 2532123 : 0712-2532043

Mobile : Email : Contact 1

Website :

Flying training institute to be established in Gondia, Maharashtra

The Union Cabinet today gave its approval for management contract agreement of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi with M/s. CAE Inc., Canada and also gave its approval for formation of a subsidiary company of Airports Authority of India for establishing a flying and aviation training institute at Gondia in Maharashtra as a Joint Venture Enterprise with M/s. CAE, Canada. The management for taking of IGRUA would be taken over by M/s. CAE Inc., Canada for better management of the Akademi in a more professional manner in order to produce 100 pilots per year. The subsidiary company of AAI will establish a flying and aviation training institute which will help in meeting the growing requirements of pilots and technical manpower relating to the aviation industry. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi was set up to bring about a quantum improvement in the standards of flying and ground training of Commercial Pilots in the country. For this the Akedemi is equipped with modern and sophisticated trainer aircraft, up-to-date audio visual training aids and other facilities for effective ground training. It is manned by highly qualified flying and ground instructors, with long experience in the field of aviation and flying training. The aim is to reduce the workload of a pilot to make him effective systems manager, the graduate reach the standards required to transit with ease on the cockpits of the airlines. The Akedemi has excellent infrastructure with a large hostel for the pilot trainees and staff quarters. It has its own airfield equipped with basic facilities and is undoubtedly the premier institute of its kind in South Asia.

INDIRA GANDHI RASHTRIYA URAN AKADEMI Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Fursatganj Air field, Raebareli-229302 U.P Telephone No. 0535±202096, 202097, 202808 Fax Guidelines Manual Available at 91±535±202094 AIRCRAFT MANUAL OF INDIA, Volume I, The Aircraft Act, 1934 and Rules Made Thereunder (Revised Edition Corrected upto 31st March, 1995). 1. DGCA Office, CAD Tech. Center, Opp. Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi-110 003. 2. At all Regional DAW Offices, Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta/Gauhati/Luck now and Hyderabad 3. English Book Depot, Cannaught Circus, New


Today, flying is both a science and an art, a profession that must be studied in a professional academy. Till 1985 there was no school in India to provide the finely honed flying skills and the technical experience required by modern pilots. The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi was created to cater to this need. A finely focussed school, the Akademi trains cadets up to the level where they are eligible for an Indian Commercial Pilots¶ Licence. Our goal is to provide training of a standard acceptable anywhere in the world. To this end the Akademi continues to seek new infusions of technology and technique. After all, in an institution which seeks to produce the best pilots in the world, the sky is the limit. Office of Chief Ground Instructor ± to provide information pertaining to Pilot training. Office of Chief Admn Officer ± other information. Any other information required by the public may be sought from the Director. ENTERING THE AKADEMI The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is an institution designed to serve as a centre for excellence. Given this directive, the standards of admittance are high. All candidates must meet the following criteria, before appearing for the written examination.

Qualifications Age limit Upper Minimum For SPL For PPL For CPL Certificate of medical Fitness, None Not less than 16 years Not less than 17 years Not less than 18 years

Issued by a Medical Board approved by the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, India. Minimum Educational Qualification: Senior School Certificate from the Central Board of Secondary Examinations, or an equivalent Board or University i.e. 10+2 (Physics and Mathematics essential). (Non Science students who started flying before January 1994 are also eligible). Private Pilot¶s Licence: 1. Must possess Indian PPL (At least 60 hours of flying experience, inclusive of 30 hours of solo flights in the last 3 years). 2. Foreign nationals are required to get PPL endorsed by DGCA.

WRITTEN EXAMINATION The written examination is in two parts. 1. A general knowledge ±cum ±intelligence test. 2. A test on all the subjects required to obtain a PPL. WOMBAT Test to assess aptitude for flying.

COURSES OFFERED The Akademi offers both a CPL course and a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence. CPL COURSE Number of course: Two Number of students per course: 20 Medical Examination (For Commencing Training for CPL) President AFCME, Subrato Park, New Delhi - 110010 (January and July sessions) Duration of a course: 18 months.

President CEM, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore - 560017


Number of students per course: 10 Duration of course:
y y

6 months (Candidates with under 500 hours as pilot-in-command): 12 months (Candidates with under 500 hours as pilot-in-command).

Minimum qualification: CPL Licence. Other Information
y y y y y y

The course is taken on Robinson R-22B helicopters. Student with over 500 hours¶ pilot-in-command experience will receive 40 hours¶ flight time. Students with less than 500 hours¶ pilot-in-command experience will receives 100 hours flying time. In addition, 40 hours of ground instruction is required. RTR Government of India, Ministry of Communications, Wireless planning and Co-ordination, New Delhi. FRTO- Provisional written exam by DGCA Flight Radio Operator¶s Licence.

INDEPENDENT COURSES 1. 2. 3. 4. Multi-Engine Endorsement Course. Instrument Rating course. Simulator Training Course. Standardisation Course for Chief Fling Instructor Pilot Instructor Pilot Incharge of Flying Clubs. 5. Ground Training Course for Assistant Pilot Instructor (A) to Flight Instructor Rating (A). All courses offered by the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi follow the guidelines laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India.

CPL COURSE±STAGE 1 The first stage of the CPL course takes place on the Trinidad TB-20, a single piston engine, variable pitch, retractable under-carriage aircraft, equipped with advanced instruments. 655 hours of Ground Subjects Training firms up the basic knowledge on aviation subjects. This combined with 20 hours on a Flight Simulator, conveying basic instrumental flying tracking approach and touch-down procedures followed by 172 hours of flying time. CPL COURSE ± STAGE II

The second part of the course is on the King Air C-90A, a Twin-engined, turbo-prop aircraft. This is supported by 20 hours training on the C-90A/B200 Simulator, followed by 20 hours of flying time. In addition, ground instruction of 60 hours is imparted and the student is fully prepared for Line Oriented Flying. In both Stage I and Stage II, Simulator training is imparted before commencing flights, as well as concurrently with flying training. Experience across the world suggests that this is the ideal method. IN THE AIR Fursatganj, the home of the Akademi, meets every criterion for an aviation institute. It enjoys clear, non-foggy weather through most of the year. Equally important, it is away from the crowded skies used by regular commercial aircraft. All our chosen aircraft-the Kind Air C-90A, the Trinidad TB-20, and the Robinson R22B are ideally suited for both cross-country flying and instrument flying. Presently there are two King Air C-90A, 12 Trinidad TB-20 and two Robinson R-22B Helicopter. Solo flights are encouraged especially in the more advanced stages of the course. Students thus obtain an all around training in every fact of modern aeroplane technology including multiengine endorsement and an instrument rating. ALL ROUND EXCELLENCE In keeping with the do it yourself spirit of the pioneering aviators, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi insists on training in every aspect of aviation. Fursatganj airfield, at the exclusive disposal of the Akademi, aids in the fulfilment of this aim. Students are fully trained in traffic ATS control, basic meteorology radio, navigation, and maintenance support services at the Akademi¶s own spacious and superbly equipped workshop. Practical training on all aspects of aircraft design is given at our specially designed wind tunnel. The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi also boasts of a fine library, with books offering comprehensive information on every aspect of aviation. Training Facilities There are nearly 26 Flying Clubs/Govt. Flying Training Institutes in the Country.

ADDRESSES OF FLYING CLUBS IN INDIA 1. The Manager Amritsar Aviation Club Civil Aerodrome Amritsar (Punjab) 3. The Administrator Bihar Flying Institute Patna Airport PATNA 5. The Honorary Secretary Coimbatore Flying Club Ltd. Civil Aerodrome COIMBATORE 7. The Administrative Officer Flying Training Institute Govt. of West Bengal, Behala, CALCUTTA 9. The Honorary Secretary Gujrat Flying Club, Civil Aerodrome, Harni Road, BARODA (GUJARAT) 11. The Honorary Secretary Nagpur Flying Club, Sonegaon Aerodrome NAGPUR 13. The Administrative Officer Kerala Aviation Training Centre, Civil Aerodrome, Pettah, TRIVANDRUM (KERALA) 2. The Secretary Andhra Pradesh Flying Club Hyderabad Airport Hyderabad (A.P.) 500 011 The Honorary Secretary Bahasthali Vidyapith Gliding and Flying Club, RAJASTHAN The Honorary Secretary Bombay Flying Club Ltd. Juhu Aerodrome, Santacruz (W), BOMBAY The Honarary Secretary Delhi Flying Club Limited Safdarjung Airport, NEW DELHI The Principal Govt. of Flying Training Institute, Jakur Aerodrome, BANGALORE The Manager, Udan Research & Flying Institute Pvt. Limited, 126, Kanchan Bagh, INDORE The Manager, Ludhiana Aviation Club, Civil Aerodrome, Sahnewal P.O., LUDHIANA(PUNJAB) 141 120 The Chief Flight Instructor, Hissar Aviation Club, Civil Aerodrome, HISSAR (HARYANA) The Director, Govt. Flying Training Institute, Civil Aerodrome







15. The Honorary Secretary, Northern India Flying Club, Civil Aerodrome JULLANDUR CANTT. (PUNJAB) 17. The Honorary Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Flying Club Ltd., Civil Aerodrome,



INDORE ± 452 005 19. The Manager, Pinjore Aviation Club, PINJORE (HARYANA)


21. The Govt. Aviation Officer, 22. Orissa Govt. Flying Training Institute, Civil Aerodrome, BHUBANESHWAR. 23. The Honorary Secretary, 24. Assam Flying Club, Civil Aerodrome, GUWAHATI (ASSAM)

25. The Resident, Jamshedpur Co-operative Flying Club, Ltd., Sonari Aerodrome, JAMSHEDPUR (BIHAR) 831 011


LUCKNOW (U.P.) The Principal, Rajasthan Flying Training School, Sanger Airport, JAIPUR (Rajasthan). The Manager, Patiala Aviation Club, Civil Aerodrome, PATIALA. The Honorary Secretary, Madras Flying Club Ltd. Civil Aerodrome, Madras Airport, MADRAS 600 027 (TAMIL NADU) The Manager, Karnal Aviation Club, KARNAL (HARYANA)

BACK-UP SERVICES TRAINING FEE Fixed Wing Rotary Wing (Helicopter) For Pilots having more than 500 hours as Pilot-in-Command Boarding & Lodging (per month approx.) Uniform INDIAN NATIONALS (IN RUPEES) High Subsidy 5 Lakhs Low Subsidy 10 Lakhs will be reviewed on commencement of training 1,60,000/2500/5000/-

INDEPENDENT COURSES 1. TB-20 Aircraft: Rs. 7000/- per hour of flying time and Rs. 1500/- per hour of simulator time. 2. King Air C-90A: Rs. 22,000/- per hour of flying time and Rs. 5,000/- per hour of simulator time. SCHOLARSHIPS: 1. SC/ST CANDIDATE: A. Rs. 2,00,000/- to SC/ST candidates on Training fee. B. Additional Rs. 2,00,000/- by IGRUA to three SC/ST candidates per batch by selection on merit cum means basis. 2. INDIAN AIRLINES SCHOLARSHIP: Two scholarships each for Rs. 4,00,000/- given on merit-cum-means basis per batch. 3. AIR INDIA SCHOLARSHIP: Two scholarships each for Rs. 4,00,000/- given on merit-cum-means basis per batch. 4. RAJIV GANDHI FOUNDATION: For two Women Pilots on merit-cum-means to the extent of Rs. 3,00,000/each per batch. 5. J.R.D. TATA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS: For four students of amount not less than Rs. 1,00,000/- on merit-cum-means basis. COCURRICULAR ACTIVITIES The course of study offered by the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is rigorous even by global standards. The discipline demanded by the Academia as a matter of course during teach hours extends to off duty hours too. However, we do make provision, to make our students feel at home, not least our foreign students. Since all courses are residential, the Akademi has a modern 80 room hostel. This ensures that each student has a large degree of privacy with a room of his/her own.

In addition, there are extensive recreational and sporting facilities, including badminton courts, a football (soccer) and cricket grounds. Life at the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is taught, but several of our alumni can testify that it is extremely fulfilling. SPECIAL FACILITY: Pilot¶s Aptitude Test: Students desirous of choosing flying as a career could be assessed for their aptitude. The Akademi has installed the latest sophisticated computer based WOMBAT equipment, the best in South Asia. A test without any preparation of lengthy texts is conducted and the printed result is provided. Duration: 1 Working day. Fees: Rs. 1000/Apply on plain paper for Appointment

INDIRA GANDHI RASHTRIYA URAN AKADEMI FURSATGANJ AIRFIELD DISTRICT RAEBARELI ±229 302 (U.P.) To, Subject:- Prospectus for Admission to the Commercial Pilot¶s Licence Course. Dear Sir/Madam, 1. Reference is made to your letter dated _______ . The following is for your information: a. AGE: No Upper age limit b. MINIMUM EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Should have passed Class Ten Plus Two (10+2) or an equivalent Examination with Physics and Mathematics from a recognised Board/University. Those applicants, who have passed class Ten Plus Two (10+2) with any combination of subjects, but were enrolled for flying training on or before 01.01.94 with flying clubs or institutions, are also eligible for admission. FLYING EXPERIENCE: Must hold a valid Indian Private Pilot¶s Licence with a minimum of 60 hrs. flying experience inclusive of 30 hrs. as Pilot-in-command in the

preceding three years. c. MEDICAL FITNESS: Must hold a certificate of medical fitness for the initial issue of CPL issued by Air Force, Central Medical Establishment (AFCME) Subroto Park, New Delhi or Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) near Bangalore. Must have a normal EEG. 2. Prospective candidates who do not hold a Private Pilot¶s Licence are required to acquire the necessary flying experience at one of the Flying clubs in the Country. Details of PPL training, expenses (procedure for obtaining Private Pilot¶s Licence at flying clubs etc. can be obtained directly from any of the flying clubs in India. 3. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION: A written competitive examination is held at this Akademi in the following subjects: a. Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology and Aircraft and Engine (General) as per the Syllabus and standard required for obtaining a Private Pilot¶s Licence. b. Intelligence/Reasoning Test. 4. Short listed candidates after the Written Test will be tested on WOMBAT APTITUDE TEST & INTERVIEWED by a selection board, Final selection will be from amongst the short listed candidates based on performance in the written test, aptitude test & interview in their order of merit. 5. TRAINING FEE: Subsidised Training (Tuition) Fee: a. Rs.5.00 lakhs (Rs.2.50 lakhs for SC/ST candidates). b. Non Subsidised Training Fee Rs.10,000.00/6. The above tuition fees are subject to review from time to time. The fee is payable in four equal quarterly installments. In addition Rs.10,000/- as refundable security deposit and Rs.5,500/- for uniform are to be paid along with the first installment of training fee at the time of joining. Some Nationalised Banks Grant Educational Loans the details of which can be obtained directly from such banks. 7. Duration of Training : 18 months 8. SHOLARSHIPS: a. Two scholarships each from Air India & Indian Airlines are awarded on merit-cum-means basis per year; b. JRD Tata Trust offers Rs. 10 lacs per year to trainees as decided by their Board of Directors. c. Some State Governments award scholarships to SC/ST candidates for training at IGRUA. Eligible candidates may approach the respective State SC/ST Welfare Directorate for the same. 9. BOARDING & LODGING: It is mandatory for the students to stay in the Akademi Hostel. Monthly charges would be Rs. 400/- as room rent on twin sharing basis and Rs.1,800/- approximately as messing charges (Rates may be

revised). 5 months advance payment is to be made for boarding and lodging with each installment. Boys and Girls are provided separate accommodation. 10. NUMBER OF VACANCY ON THE COURSE: Normally 20 students are taken in each CPL Course 11. SCHEDULE OF COURSE: The next course is scheduled to commence on _______Advertisement is placed on in the leading National Newspapers in India and employment news approximately three months prior to the commencement of the course. A copy of the advertisement is also sent to all flying clubs for the information of all trainees. 12. MISCELLANEOUS: We get lot of queries from students for admission to this Akademi, who have done 10+2 with Physics and Maths but are without any flying experience. They are advised to read para 2 of this Leaflet carefully for first obtaining Private Pilot¶s Licence. (for chief ground instructor) NB: All the above information may be changed at short notice at the discretion of the Akademi.

New flying institute in Maharashtra's Gondia

Upgradation of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy also on cards
BY A CORRESPONDENT February 25, 2006 The Indian government has proposed to set up a new flying institute at Gondia in Maharashtra an d upgrade the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi in Uttar Pradesh. Even though, the investments for the institute were not mentioned, the government intends to invest around Rs 57 crore for the upgradatiion of the academy. A final decision on the proposed new institute is yet to be taken, but the institute is expected to induct 100 candidates annually. The process of land acquisition at Gondia had been completed, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel informed the Rajya Sabha. The government is also planning to refurbish the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, a civilian pilot training facility, in Rae Bareli. The upgradation includes induction of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft, refurbishing of helicopters, modernisation of the runway, construc tion of additional buildings for hostel, hangar and office, and acquisition of the adjacent Sultanpur airfield. With the upgradation, the academy at Rae Bareli that offers training to 40 personnel every year will be able to increase its capacity to 100 students. India's aviation industry is booming and is witnessing emergence of both full-fledged and low-cost carriers. However, the industry is under a severe manpower crunch, both for flying and ground staff. Many organisations like Boeing, IndUS Aviation and Airbus Industrie are others looking at setting up flight training institutes in the country.

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