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should be determined by an underlying business objective. Streamlined implentation: this ensures that the existing infrastructure is not hampered during the process of implementation. especially in technology. We also ensure that such investments are monitored through their lifecycle to ensure optimum Returns. we employ global best practises in the design of 1. We understand that every business requires strategic investments. And in order to ensure such investments are optimized. Moreover. to remain viable and ensure consistent performance. Strategy for such investment: ensuring that such investments are fit for purpose even before implementation and 2. the basis for any and every investment in technology. Page 2 .The Profile of Liberal Consults Liberal Consults was established in 2005 to bridge the gap between Business Requirements and Technology Solutions.

“ Peter Drucker Page 3 . effectiveness is doing the right things.„Efficiency is doing things right.

Our Service Offerings IT Strategy IT Project Management Technology Infrastructure Management Information Security Web and Portal Applications Page 4 .

Our Service Offerings Liberal Consults delivers its services under five broad Categories namely:  IT Strategy  Technology Infrastructure Management  Web and Portal Applications  Information Security  IT Project Management IT Project Management Technology Infrastructure Management IT Strategy Information Security Web and Portal Applications Page 5 .

This is very essential in order to ensure that IT investments regularly meet their underlying business objectives. IT Governance using the COBIT Framework 2. IT Strategy Strategy is the means by which objectives are consciously and systematically pursued and obtained over time. We design Strategic directions for businesses based on observed gaps and business objectives as agreed by business owners. Business Continuity Management (Business Continuity planning and Disaster Recovery Management. Strategy Audits and Reviews. but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. Policy Design and Development 4.In lieu of this.“ .Our Offerings 1. All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer. Page 6 . we implement 1.Sun Tzu the Art of War 3.

This can be deployed for various reasons such as competitive advantage. Software. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency." . Technology Infrastructure Management Infrastructure is the physical system comprising of Software. Servers.Our Offerings 2. Mail Server and Internet Gateway deployments 2. Storage and Networks on which the whole of Technology Strategy rides to meet business expectations. Private Domain installations. We provide services such as. operations optimization etc. Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services "The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. Deployment and Management Page 7 . Active Directory Deployment. 4. We assess the strategic objectives behind every deployment and ensure the implementation is properly aligned with it. Storage and Network Design and implementation. Server.Bill Gates 3. 1. DataCenter Planning.

Company Portal (Intranet) Design and Deployment 4. Web and Portal Applications Current business operations and market demands have transcend the traditional mortal and brick structure providing limitless opportunities for businesses with the right strategy. We also understand that productivity is enhanced when there is ample flow of information both with an organization and from the organization to its clients. Search Engine Marketing Page 8 . Social Media Marketing Strategy "Whether it is a turning point in societal evolution depends not only on the technology." .. Web Strategy Design and Implementation 2.Tim Berners-Lee (World Wide Web Founder) 5. We offer services such as: 1.Our Offerings 3. but also how we use it! The web does give us lots more choices about how we organize ourselves. Web Design and Application development 3. Search Engine Optimization 6.

End-user system protection and Gateway Screening " Securing a computer system has traditionally been a battle of wits: the penetrator tries to find the holes. Formulation of Security Policies. Information Security Awareness Training Page 9 . Moreover. the attendant risks are ever present. Implementation of Firewalls.Gosser. Enterprise Antimalware. we offer services as: 1. Antispam for emails. and the designer tries to close them. .Our Offerings 4. Information Security As much as technology is creating new frontiers and opportunities for businesses. there are new regulatory requirements placing demands on businesses to protect their information Assets. Design of Security Programs and we perform Security Gap Analysis 3. 5. IT Risk Assessment 2. Server Hardening and Internet Gateway design and implementation." 4. In this wise.

Yogi Berra. We offer our expertise in various ways from Enterprise application design and deployment. budget or specification.Our Offerings 5. Page 10 . IT Project Management Most well thought-out IT Projects suffer or fail to deliver either to time. " In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. We adopt global best practices in handling IT projects. In practice there is . DataCentre design and implementation and many more. Compliance Audits. We identify key stakeholders and engage them to ensure the success of every project.

Phillips Consulting Limited SO&U Saatchi and Saatchi. SoulComms Limited. Dijital Jewels Limited MS Active Directory Deployment SO&U Saatchi and Saatchi. Estreams Network Limited SO&U Saatchi and Saatchi.Testimonials Some of the projects we’ve handled and clients we’ve satisfied Project Client(s) IT and Security Policy design and development Information Security Management System Gap Analysis IT Governance Audit using COBIT MS Exchange Server email and ISA/Linux Internet Gateway System design and deployment DataCenter redesign and Deployment Microsoft Sharepoint Portal SO&U Saatchi and Saatchi Fidelity Bank Plc Access Bank Plc SO&U Saatchi and Saatchi. Renaissance Law Publishers Page 11 .

Sc student of Walden University Maryland. which is the de facto standard in IT Governance from ISACA. Page 12 . He has achieved certification in COBIT. Solomon Adedayo CISA. ITIL V3F. He has a bachelors degree in Engineering Physics from Obafemi Awolowo University and is currently a M. He was IT Manager of Phillips Consulting Limited where his dynamic technical and leadership abilities was brought to bear in the redesign and upgrade of its IT Infrastructure. technical and team skills . He is also achieved the ITIL V3 foundations Certification from the office of government commerce. USA. He began his career with a foremost Advertising agency where he was responsible for managing their IT infrastructure and the service desk.. COBIT Adedayo An experienced. He was also part of the Team that was responsible for setting up a bespoke enterprise database application for Mobil Oil Producing Nigeria Unlimited.with focused on assisting organisations to optimize their operational efficiency and harness the benefits of their investments in Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs). UK.Our Directors NARIWO. He helped to design policies to govern their IT systems and to ensure efficient systems. knowledgeable and qualified professional . He is a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) with over 8 years exprience handling various IT projects and designing solutions that meet business objectives.

His responsibilities at Ecobank Transnational Incorporated. CISA. He joined Phillips Consulting as a Senior Analyst. ETI included Project Management and Assurance. Information Systems and e-Business where he served as a team member and team lead in a number of Information Security. and focuses on helping organizations optimize their technology investments. Opeyemi is passionate about business development. He was also a member of the international ATM Industry Association Software Security Committee. e-banking Risk Management and Information Security Management. IT Audit and professional training assignments. Product development. CISSP. Page 13 . Ecobank.Sc Honors in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. Web Assessment. SCJP. as an e-banking product manager. PRINCE2®. an indigenous card systems and payment switching company.Sc. CISA. He gained experience in IT service management when he worked as a Business Manager for a start-up ITIL® consulting firm. He later joined the pan-African regional banking group.Our Directors Opeyemi Onifade B. Business management. He began his Information Systems career as a Systems Analyst with Identification Solutions Limited. IT Business Manager Opeyemi holds a B. CISM. Project Management. ISL . and a Business Analyst at SmartPay.

Interface Design and Training.Our Directors Olanrewaju Ariyo OlanrewajuAriyo is a seasoned Multimedia Specialist with over 12 years experience delivering high quality Digital graphic for Web Print and Video and Motions Graphics. He is also a Certified Instructor with CIW and Adobe. He is a Certified Internet Webmaster Professional. Page 14 .A. with a keen interest in combining new media with technology. Multimedia development. Lanre holds a B. where he managed the banking software. Digital Video Disc Authoring. Master CIW Designer. a Certified Adobe Expert. Adobe Certified Expert (Video Specialist) also Certificate in Visual Art from 5 Dimension College of Visual Art in South Africa. in Multimedia from the Rouchville University.\ He oversaw the IT department of Haggai Savings & Loans Ltd. in addition to developing and maintaining the corporate identity of the bank as well as designing and maintaining company’s website.

O. Ariyo Close Mafoluku Oja-Oke P.Contact Us You can contact us at 19. +234(0)808 7238692 E-Mail: info@liberalconsults. Page 19 . Box 1673 Oshodi Lagos State Telephone:+234(0) 1 6591358. +234(0)803

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