Projectiles launched horizontally: The royal Bridge in Colorado rise 321m above the Arkansas River. Suppose you kick a little rock horizontally off the bridge. The rock hits the water such that the magnitude of horizontal displacement is 45m. Find the speed at which the rock was kicked. Given: What I think: Work: Free fall will use the acceleration due to gravity. I dy=321m To find the horizontal speed I’ll know the initial velocity in the y direction is 0m/s and the dx=45m need the distance in that distance it will fall is 321m. Using dy=1/2 at2+vit+di I should a=-9.8m/s2 direction and the time it travels be able to solve for the time. in that direction. I’m given the 2d t= = 8.09 s dx=vxt distance, so I need to know the 9.8 dy=1/2 at2+vit+di time. The time it takes to fall to the ground is the time I have to I’ll be able to determine the travel horizontally time from knowing the distance d v x = x = 5.56 m it will fall t 1. A baseball rolls off the edge of a table that is .7m high and strikes the floor.25m away from the base of the table. How fast was it rolling horizontally when it left the table? (.66m/s)

2. A cat chases a mouse across a table 1m high. The mouse cleverly steps to the side when it reaches the edge of the table and the cat slides off the edge landing on the floor 2.2m away from the base of the table. What was the cats speed when it slid off the table? (4.9m/s)

If the pelican was traveling at the same speed but was only 2.4m. The fish travels 8m horizontally before it hits the water below.3. how far would the fish travel horizontally before hitting the water?(5.7m above the water’s surface.6m/s) 4. What was the pelican’s initial speed?(7. A pelican flying along a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 5.6m/s) .

Where should a hungry Lemur stand in order to catch the delectable delights? How tall is the fence? Given What I think: Work: The vertical component of velocity can be treated o If I can determine how high as though we simply threw the Oreos straight up.25 m that with the horizontal velocity to determine the (Jimmie John must have one heck of an arm!) where the Lemur should stand 1.8) takes just to go up. That v o = 50 m @ 40 s it goes based solely on the means the whole time it’s going up. the total time in flight by d x = vxt doubling that time and use d x = 38 . the hero jumps from one building to another a distance of 4m apart.1 v x = v o cosθ = 50 cos40 = 38. The Oreos fly with a velocity 50m/s at a 400 angle. He leaps with a velocity of 5m/s at 150. Will he make it safely? 2.Projectiles launched at an angle: Jimmie John launches Oreos over a fence that is half way between him and some hungry Lemurs.3 v2 t= = = 3. A cross wind (horizontal) is traveling at 10m/s from west to east. In a scene from an action movie. o m totaltime = 2t = 6.6m s and determine the time it d= i = a 9. θ = 40 v f = at + v i then I can answer the part Calculated v 2 = v i2 + 2ad f about the height of the fence o vi m 32 .56 s v y = v o sinθ = 50sin 40 = 32.3( 6.56 ) = 251 .1) 2 = 52 .1 s If I know how long it takes to The distance away from Jimmie will be based on the go up. What is the resulting velocity and angle measured with respect to east? How far east from the launch pad will the rocket land? .28 s ( 32 . then I can determine time in flight and the speed in the horizontal direction. it’s slowing down to o velocity in the y direction zero velocity.8 2a 2( 9. A model rocket is launched vertically with a speed of 60m/s.

3. What will be the horizontal distance for a projectile launched 100m/s at 70o? How long will it be in flight? . What will be the horizontal distance for a projectile launched 100m/s at 20o? How long will it be in flight? 4.

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