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This is to certify that the project entitled “A STUDY ON CONSUMER

BUYING BEHAVIOUR AT TIME TO PURCHASE HERO HONDA BIKE. Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TO SOUTH GUJURAT UNIVERSITY, SURAT is a record of bonafide research work carried out by TARANG P PATIL under my
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I , TARANG P PATIL , here by declare that the project report entitled ―A STUDY ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR AT TIME TO PURCHASE HERO HONDA BIKE. under the guidance of Prof H. D. PATEL submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Bachelor of business administration to south Gujarat university , Surat is my original Work - research study - carried out during 1st January, 2008 to 1st March ,2008 and not submitted for any other degree/ diploma/ fellowship or other similar titles or prizes to any other institute or university by any other person.

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Place: . I got chance to recognize my aratitute to all staff to B. department for making available all facilities to complete the research work. This study work could be finished with in the period. daisy and to my guide prof.Surat Date: Roll No.D.A. H.Y. As well as to all others who extended the precious co-operation by providing all documents and details required for this work. For accommodating advice during the research and help provided by them in preparation of this report. bank college of business administration udhna.:-23 TARANG P PATIL T.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This is the pleasure movement for me to explicate my energized intelligence.A 4 .B. Surat.B.Z.Patel from the Surat people‘s co-op. This report is guided by their co-operation and practicable suggestion.B. Thanks to Co-Coordinator Prof S.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Name of Tables And Graphs Age wise Classification Occupation wise Classification Income wise Classification Sources of finance Analysis of Preferring Auto Mobile Sources of Purchasing Bike Age V/S usage of companies Bike Decision maker for purchasing Bike Feature Consideration when purchasing Bike Attributes of Showroom Schemes that Attract most Features of Purchasing Bike Page No 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 42 44 46 48 6 .LIST OF TABLE AND GRAPH No.



Throughout the centuries man has striven to expand his capabilities through the use of machine. His ever inventive mind has constantly devised ways to use tool to increase his abilities to explore the world around him. To go faster, deeper, higher and further than before. Coupled with his need to find new thrills, new adventures and new modes of transportation, the invention refinement of the motorcycle seems an inevitable out come. It would seem that Michelangelo conceived of the bicycle as early 14th century. And his drawing shows a remarkable resemblance to he modern day bike. It had wheels of similar size and even pedals and chain. Albeit without any apparent means of steering. Through never built, it was a remarkably clever design, and early bicycle makers would have done well to study his concepts, there have, in fact been 4 machines built based on his drawing, attesting to the viability of his design. It wasn‘t until 1869 that the first serious attempts were made to produce motor driven bicycles. These very first were powered by steam, and driven by leather belts or as in the case of the roper steam velocipede of 1869 by a system of levers attached to a crank on the driven wheel. In 1885 the Daimler, Europe this is consider by many as the first true motorcycle or motor bicycle, as it was the first to employ an internal combustion engine and was designed from the ground up to be motor powered. Designed by gottlibe Daimler it was powered by an Otto cycle engine producing about ½ horse powers. Note this design again employed wooden wheels and Daimler


dropped the twist grip controls from his 1877 design in favor of leavers on the frame. In 1894 Hildebrand and Wolfmuller, France Worlds first production motorcycle. It came with a 1428 cc water cooled fourstroke motor producing 2.5 bhp. And speed of 25 mph. In 1898 orient-Aster, USA the American made production motorcycle was this entry built by the Metz Company, in Waltham, mass, it used an aster engine that was a French copy of the Metz Company, in Waltham, mass.


1984 Headquarters : Haryana. Scooters 10 .History OF COMPANY Type Founded : Public company : January 19. Indian Key People : Brijmohan lall munjal (Chairman and managing Director) Industry Produce : Automotive : Motorcycle.

When it produced 1.3 million motorbikes in a single year. Hero Hondas splendor is the largest selling motorcycle its 2 plants are in Dharuhera and Gurgaon. It has been the world‘s biggest manufacturer of 2-wheeled motorized vehicles since 2001.Hero Honda Motorcycles limited is an Indian manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters. 11 . Hero Honda is a joint Venture that began in 1984 between the Hero Group of India and Honda From Japan. both in Haryana India. It specializes in dual use motorcycles that are low powered but very fuel efficient.

Did not allow foreign companies to enter the market and imports were tightly controlled. another company. styling options. Surpassed API and remained through the turn of the century from its association with piaggio of Italy (manufactured of vespa) The license raj that existed between the 1940s and 1980s in India.6 million vehicles. Hero Honda became the first company in India to prove that it was possible to drive a vehicle without polluting the 12 . and different fuel efficiencies. With a larger selection of two-wheelers on the Indian market. the Indian government regulation changed and permitted foreign companies to enter the Indian market through minority joint ventures. API manufactured the lambrettas but. Bajaj Kawasaki and Kinetic Honda. only a dispatch department. In the mid-1980s. The two wheeler market changed with four indo-Japanese joint ventures: Hero Honda. Indian companies had to change to keep up with their global. By the year 1990. During the 80s.India has the largest number of two wheelers in the world with 41. The entry of these foreign companies changed the Indian market dynamics from the supply demand side. TVS Suzuki. The CEO of Bajaj commented that he did not need a marketing department. India has a mix of 30 percent automobiles and 70 percent two wheeler in the country. Baja Auto Ltd. Bajaj had a waiting list that was twenty-six times its annual output for scooters. The foreign companies new technologies helped make the products more reliable and with better quality. Customers in India were forced to wait 12 years to buy a scooter from Bajaj. consumer started to gain influence over the products they bought and raised higher customer expectations. price. India was the second largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world starting in the1950s with the birth of Automobile products of India (API) that manufactured scooters. The industry produced more models.

Shut it . that the shift in preference of Indian populace from scooters and mopeds towards motorcycles has facilitated the growth of Hero Honda. has over 3 million members on its roster.Splendor. However its performance vis-à-vis industry indicates that the performance of 13 .Forget it' campaign captured the imagination of commuters across India. Hero Honda has emerged as a world leader. but has also created a loyal community of brand ambassadors.Hero Honda Passport Program.roads. the company sold half a million two wheelers in a single month-a feat unparalleled in global automotive history. Hero Honda has consistently grown at double digits since inception. Performance vis-à-vis Industry The Indian two wheeler industries has seen a paradigm shift from being a regime of regulation and tight control in the 1980s to a more liberalized and a competitive present day era. from 42% in FY99 to 77% in FY04. No doubt. Every 30 seconds. The gap between motorcycles sold by Hero Honda and its closest rival is approximately 1 m units (23% of industry size). and Hero Honda sold millions of bikes purely on the commitment of increased mileage. and today. This festive season. After missing out on the initial boom in two wheeler segment during the period of 1993-1996. someone in India buys Hero Honda's top -selling motorcycle . every second motorcycle sold in the country is a Hero Honda. one of the largest programs of this kind in the world. Hero Honda values its relationship with customers. The company introduced new generation motorcycles that set industry benchmarks for fuel thrift and low emission. Its unique CRM initiative . The program has not only helped Hero Honda understand its customers and deliver value at different price points. A legendary 'Fill it . One of the reasons for the tremendous performance of Hero Honda is the significant increase of share of motorcycles in the two-wheeler segment.

14 . It is both the leading two wheeler manufacturer and sales operation among Honda's worldwide operations. The Company has maintained excellent relationship with all stakeholders including its collaborators. Hero Honda has emerged as the most successful joint venture Company of Honda in the world. it has achieved a CAGR of 30% in two-wheeler volumes against 11% of the industry. which was Rs 3171 crores). their relationship over 116 years old now.Hero Honda was better than the industry peers. Excellent Collaborator Relationship: Hero Honda is now the leading two-wheeler Company in India in terms of net sales (sales less excise duty value. barring two years. In the seven-year period ending FY04.


ideas. groups and organization select. They are responding to influences that change their mind at the last minute. The wealth of products and service produced in a country make our economy strong. Social and physical behaviors of potential customers as they become aware of evaluate. 16 . The behavior of human being during the purchase is being termed as ―Buyer Behavior‖. service. or experience to satisfy their needs and desires understanding consumer behavior and knowing customer are never simple. consume and tell others about product & service. use and dispse of goods.CONSUMER BUYING BEHVIOUR The main aim of marketing is meet and satisfy target customers need and wants buyer behavior refers to the peoples or organization conduct activities and together with the impact of various influence on them towards making decision on purchase of product and service in a market. A buyer makes take a decision whether save or spend the money. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. buy. purchase. Customer says one thing but do another. Definition of Buyer Behavior:Buyer behavior is ―all psychological. The field of consumer behavior studies how individuals.

Problem identification:The buying process starts when the buyer recognizes a problem or need. They can then develop marketing strategies that trigger consumer interest. 2. 1. sales persons. telephone directory. Marketers can identify the most frequent stimuli that spark an interest in a product category. rating organizations. Information may be collected form magazines. Marketers should find out the source of information and their relative degree of importance to the consumes. Through gathering information. retailers. displays. The need can be triggered by internal or external stimuli. Public sources: mass media. packaging. dealers. 17 . commercial. tradefair etc. Personal Sources: Family. By gathering information from a number of consumers. family members. using the product. Commercial Source: Advertising. Examine. catalogues. chamber of commerce. Marketers need to identify the circumstances that trigger a particular need. as quittances. Experimental sources: Handling. friends.Consumer Buying Decision Process There are following five stages in consumer buying decision process. consumer. friends. the consumer learns about completing brands and their features. business association. Information Search:The consumer tries to collect information regarding various products/service. neighbor.

There is several First. Evaluation of alternative:There is no single process used by all consumers by one consumer in all buying situations. Second. It may be to buy or not to buy. Choice of purchasing decision:From among the purchase of alternatives the consumer makes the solution. the consumer processes. but the choice is properly consumers. The other additional decisions are: Which types of bike he must buy? From whom to buy a bike? How the payment to be made? And so on. The marketer up to this stage has tried every means to influence the purchase behavior. 4 . The consumer may also form an intention to but the most preferred brand. some basic concepts are: First. In the evaluation stage the consumer forms preferences among the brands in the choice set. the consumer is looking for certain benefits from the product solutions. The marketer must know which criteria the consumer will use in the purchase decision. the consumer is trying to satisfy need. 18 . If the decision is to buy.3.

Post Purchase Behavior:After purchase the product. Dissatisfaction consumer may abandon and return the product. The larger the gap between expectation and performance. If the consumer satisfied. post-purchase use and disposal  Post Purchase Satisfaction:The buyer. he or she will exhibit a higher probability of purchasing the product again.  Post purchase Action:The Consumer.  Post-Purchase Use or Disposal:The marketer should also monitor new buyers use and dispose of the product. the product is probably not very satisfying. The Marketer‘s job not end when the product is buying must monitor post-purchase satisfaction.5. If the consumer throws the product away. S satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product influence subsequent behavior. 19 . especially it can be hurt the environment. post-purchase action. the consumer will experience the same level of product. S expectation and the products Perceiver performance. S satisfaction is a function Of closeness between the buyer. the g greater the consumer dissatisfaction. the marketer needs to know how they dispose of it. If the consumer store the product in a close.

economics and business influences. and attitudes. And therefore. perception. culture. (4) The individuals specific behaviors in the market place is affected by internal factor. (3) Consumer behaviors are very complex and dynamic to constantly changing. perceiving advertising material. and learning to prefer particular brands.Characteristic of Buyer Behaviors The chief characteristics of the buyers behaviors are as follow:- (1) It consists of mental and physical activities which consumers undertake to get goods and services and obtain satisfaction from them. management need to adjust with the change otherwise market may be lot. such as need . 20 . motives. as well as by external of enviourmenatal influences such as the family social groups. (2) It includes both observable activities such as walking through the market to examine merchandise and making a purchase and mental activities-such as forming attitudes.


 It also analysis the benefits accruing to the company as a result of those service.PROBLEM DEFINATION To know the best consumer buying behavior and demand into the minds of consumer of Surat city because always consumer say something and does something. Therefore. how. There are many companies manufacturing motorcycles into the market. at the same time as there are many companies manufacturing motorcycles. idea about thinking of customer on whether. what. research is required to measure present consumer buying behavior at the purchase of Hero Honda bike. so the researcher problem is to identify what are the criteria that prospective customer takes into consideration before buying the motorcycles. SCOPE OF STUDY  The main scope of the study is limited to Surat city.  This study has been made to find the level of satisfaction the customer has regarding the service provider by bike place. and for whom to purchase the motorcycle. 22 .

 According to the time limit of our project we can cover only the some area. 23 .OBJECTIVES OF STUDY  To know market position of Hero Honda bike in the market. Limitations of study  When the buyers are busy we can‘t get accurate data from them.  To know consumer behavior for purchase of two wheeler bike.  During survey some respondents may not give answer in a proper manner.


monitor marketing performance. opportunities and problems. customer and public to the marketers through information used to identify and define marketing. It is a systematic and intensive study directed towards a more complete knowledge of the subject studies. analysis the results and communication the findings and their implication. 25 . Research definition: ―Research is careful inquiry or examination to discover new information and relationship and to expand and to verify exiting knowledge. generates refine marketing action. Marketing research specifies the information required to address these issues. designs the method for collection information manages and implements the data collection process.RESERCH METHODOLOGY (A)Introduction Marketing research is the function which links the consumer.‖ Research always starts with questions or a problem. Its purpose is to find answer to questions through the application of the scientific method. and improve understanding of marketing as a process.

BY KERLINGER From definition it is evident that research design is ore or less a blueprint of research.‖ . The research design can be classified in to true broad categories: (A) Exploratory (B) Descriptive (C) Casual Exploratory research is focus on the discovery of ideas. determining a high degree of scientific skill on the part of the researcher. Exploratory research is carried out to define problems and developed hypothesis to test later.(B) Research design ―Research design is the plan. Descriptive studies are undertaken in many circumstances. An exploratory study is generally based on the secondary data that are reading available. Between two or more variables. There is no signal perfect design. structure and strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answer to research question and to control variance. At the outset may be noted that there are several ways of studying and tackling a problem. Casual research helps in determined cause and effect relationship. 26 . depending on the availability of new ideas and relationship among variables. Descriptive studies can be complex. It does not have to change his focus of direction.

LTD. secondary data are already collected by the company‘s records and other library‘s books. To collect the primary data questionnaire is prepared structure nondisguise questionnaire is prepared. (D) Sources of Data The sources of data collection methods are as follows. Secondary data can be used as bases for comparison with primary data have been collected by questionnaire. the researcher has to be satisfied with the primary sources of data. a) Primary data:The primary data is that which details we collect first time from the market and also used first time in the research. 27 . We also say that the information is first time in the research decision. The study also aims at findings out the drawbacks of the marketing set up of Hero Honda PVT.The present study seeks to find out the consumers attitude towards buying of bike. When the secondary data are sufficient. So this makes the study a descriptive one. b) Secondary data:Secondary data are those data which are already collected by someone for some purpose and are available for the present study.

‗use‘ or ‗do not use‘. Due to this flexibility. I seen the reaction of respondents and suggestions required to make change in research instrument. ‗true‘ or ‗false‘. So the respondent is offered two or more choice.  Open-ended question:It is helpful in knowing what is uppermost in the mind of the respondents. During the pre. The questionnaire contains three types of questions. it is most common instrument used to collect the primary data. It is simple for a moiled set of questions presented to respondents for their answers.  Dichotomous questions :It has only two answers in form ‗yes‘ or ‗n‘. 28 .  Multiple-choice question:In this. The most popular researcher instrument for collection data is ―Questionnaire‖ for a particular investigation. It gives complete freedom to the respondent.(E) Data Collection Method Researcher instruments is the tool by which the researcher can do research on specific problems or objective.testing of questionnaire. the respondent is offered two or more choice.

Here target population is decided and it is who are interested to purchase ―Bike‖ and sampling frame is developed so that every one in the target population has known chance of being sampled. (C)Sample size:For the purpose of proper survey.(F) Sampling plan Sampling is a process of obtaining. (A) sample Site:The survey was conducted in SURAT CITY. there is need of perfect research instruments to find out sample size for more accurate result about buying behavior of bike. 29 .The effectiveness of the research depends on the sample size selected for the survey purpose. The sample size is 100 respondents. The information about the entire population by examine a part of it . So the survey is conducted particularly in Surat City. (B)Sampling Unit:It means ―Who is to be surveyed‖.

96(The z (95%) score associated with the degree of Confidence) e=0.52 is found but for the simplicity of the study n=206. n=Sample Size p=0.64) =206.05 (tolerable error) n= (0.52 Here.52have taken.80(probability of satisfied customer) q=0. 30 .05)2 = (0.52 Sample Size n=206.20(I-p) z=1.96/0.Statically Formula for Sample Size is:n=p*q (z/e) 2 Were.84)*(016)*(1. from calculation n=206.1344)*(1536.

occupation etc. 31 . It may be noted that stratification does not means absence of randomness.(D)Sampling Method:A Stratified random sample is one where the population is divided in to mutually exhaustive strata or sub-group and then a simple random is selected within each of strata on age groups. I use a simple random sampling method.

32 .

37%of respondent in age group of 21-25. 33 . of respondents 30 37 15 06 07 05 100 Age wise Classification Percentage (%) 30 37 15 06 07 05 100 7. 15% (Sources: Questionnaire-personal Detail) Comment:Above Graph shows are 30% of respondent in age group of 18-20. 5% 30. 15% of respondent in age group of 26-30. 7% and 5% respondent are come in 36-40 and 41&above. 7% 6.1. AGE WISE CLASSIFICTION Age (in year) 18-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41& above Total No. 30% 18-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41& above 37. 6% 5. 37% 15.

of Respondents 100 80 60 40 20 0 No. 12 respondents are businessman. of respondents Percentage (%) m en en t ne s si on 34 rv ic e St ud Se Occupation (Sources: Questionnaire-personal detail) Comment:Above Chart Shows that 47 respondent are Servicemen out of 100 and 30 are the students. of respondents 47 30 12 08 03 100 Percentage (%) 47 30 12 08 03 100 Occupation Wise Classification No.2. Pr of es B us i O th er s s . OCCUPATION WISE CLASSIFICATION Occupation Servicemen Student Business Profession Others Total No.

INCOME WISE CLASSIFICATION Income Level <= 5000 5000-10.3.000-20.000 54.000-20.000. 7% of respondents are of 15.000-20.000 10. 7% 11.000 20.000 Above Total No. 3% 5000 5000-10. 54% 25. of respondents 54 25 11 07 03 100 Percentage (%) 54 25 11 07 03 100 Income Wise Classification 7.Questionnaire – Personal Detail) Comment:Above graph shows that 54% of respondents are income in <=5000 income level.000 Above (Sources: . Second 25% of respondents are of 500010.000 of income level. 25% 15.000-15. 11% of respondents are of 10.000-15.000 income level.000 15.000 20. 11% 3.000 10. 35 .000-15.000 and remain 3% of respondents above 20.

of respondents 45 55 100 Percentage (%) 45 55 100 55 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 By cash By Loan 45 45 55 No.Questionnaire—Que. of respondents Percentage (% ) (Sources: .8) Comment:Above Graph shows that 55 people purchase Hero Honda Bike For by Loan and 45 people purchase Hero Honda Bike from Cash. 36 .4. SOURCES OF FINANCE Sources of Finance By cash By Loan Total No.

5. of respondents 20 17 11 52 100 Percentage (%) 20 17 11 52 100 No.7) Comment:Above Chart shows that out of 100. 37 . 20 % respondents prefer shivani Automobile to purchase bike. of respondents Shivani 20% Other 52% Dhru 17% Siddhi 11% (Sources: . 52 % respondents prefer other Automobile to purchase bike.Questionnaire – Que. ANALYSIS OF PREFERING AUTO MOBILE Auto Mobiles Shivani Dhru Siddhi Other Total No.

FROM WHICH SOURCE YOU PURCHSE BIKE? Sources News Paper T.Questionnaire – Que.3) Comment:Above graph shows that 48 % respondents are come to know from the ‗other‘.V. 14 % & 12 % respondents are come to know from the T. 38 . of respondents News Paper. 14 Others.6. 26 (Sources: .Advertisement Friends Others Total No. 48 Friends.V.V. of respondents 12 14 26 48 100 Percentage (%) 12 14 26 48 100 No.Advertisement & news paper. 12 T.Advertiseme nt. Then 26 % respondents are come to know from the ‗friends‘.

And 16 respondents are using Bajaj bikes.7 AGE V/S USAGE OF COMPANIES MOTORCYCLE Age (in year) 18-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41& above Total Hero Honda 15 23 09 02 01 01 51 Bajaj 05 06 02 00 2 01 16 TVS 03 03 01 01 02 00 10 Yamaha 02 03 03 01 01 02 12 Honda 05 02 00 02 01 01 11 Total 30 37 15 06 07 05 100 Age V/S Of Companies Motorcycles 25 No.Questionnaire – personal detail) Comment: Above Charts shows that 51 respondents are use Hero Honda Company‘s Motorcycle. Of Respondents 20 18-20 15 21-25 26-30 31-35 10 36-40 41& above 5 0 Hero Honda Bajaj TVS Yamaha Honda (Sources: . 39 .

Questionnaire – personal detail & Que-4) Comment:Above Graph shows that 46 % respondents take decision by father for purchasing bike. of respondents 10 10 2 2 Percentage (%) Percentage (%) No. 40 . of respondents Self Mother Others (Sources: . Who is decision maker for purchasing bike in your family? Sources Father Self Mother Others Total No.4. of respondents 46 42 10 02 100 Percentage (%) 46 42 10 02 100 Decision maker for purchasing bike 50 46 46 42 42 40 30 20 10 0 Father No. And 42 % respondents are take decision by self for purchasing bike.

5. WHAT FEATURES YOU CONSIDERS WHEN YOU PURCHASE BIKE PLEASE GIVES THE RANK. Weightage Attributes Price Less maintenance Style Durability Mileage Easy Driving Brand Reputation Color Pick up Total 6 Excellent 30 18 21 10 24 20 17 28 19 187 5 Very Good 20 11 18 17 19 12 19 19 22 157 4 Good 18 17 19 16 14 21 14 18 15 152 3 Averag e 16 30 10 24 17 23 21 13 20 174 2 Poor 10 13 11 21 09 10 17 10 14 115 1 Very Poor 06 11 21 12 17 14 12 12 10 115 Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 900 Total score 426 358 355 335 381 367 362 406 382 3370 41 .

Questionnaire – personal detail & Que-5) Comment:Above chart show that more no of respondents are give more weightage to the price. 42 .Attributes Price Less maintenance Style Durability Mileage Easy Driving Brand Reputation Color Pick up Total Weightage 426 358 355 335 381 367 362 406 382 3370 Feature of purchasing Bike 11% 12% 12% 11% Price Less maintenance Style Durability Mileage 11% 11% Easy Driving Brand Reputation Color Pick up 11% 11% 10% (Sources: .

RATE THE FOLLOWING ATTRIBUTES OF SHOW ROOM Attributes Available After Service Knowledge Of Sales man Service Infrastructure Total Excellent 30 16 20 25 12 103 Very Good 24 35 21 18 29 127 Good 18 24 23 27 20 112 Average 16 15 20 19 17 87 Poor 12 10 16 11 22 71 Total 100 100 100 100 100 500 43 .6.

Attribute of show room 100 90 12 16 18 10 15 20 24 23 24 35 30 16 Available After Service 21 18 29 25 12 Service Infrastructure 27 20 16 11 22 19 17 Poor Average Good Very Good Excellent no of respondents 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 20 Knowledge Of Sales man (Sources: . 29 respondents are Infrastructure who gives Weight age on the Very Good. 44 . 27 respondents are service who give Weight age on the good. 23 respondents are Knowledge of salesman who give Weight age on the good.Questionnaire – personal detail & Que-6) Comment:Above chart shows that 30 respondents out of 100 are available who give Weight age on the excellent and second 35 respondents out of 100 are after service who gives Weight age on the Very Good.

Attributes Festival Offer Exchange Offer Special Gift Cash Discount Anniversary Offer Total Excellent Very Good 43 21 15 20 11 14 103 31 19 21 13 105 Good 12 29 30 19 12 102 Average 14 12 20 34 20 100 Poor 10 13 11 15 41 90 Total 100 100 100 100 100 500 45 . RATE THE FOLLOWING SCHEMES THAT ATTRACT YOU MOST.9.

in cash discount 34 respondents are give a average rank 46 .Questionnaire – personal detail & Que-9) Comment:Above graph shows that in festival offer 43 respondents out of 100 are give a excellent. in special gift 30 respondents are give a good rank.Anniversary Offer Cash Discount Poor Average Good Very Good Excellent Special Gift Exchange Offer Festival Offer 0 20 40 60 80 100 (Sources: . then in exchange offer 31 respondents out of 100 are give a very good rank.

10. RATE THE FOLLOWING FEATURE YOU HAVE PURCHASE HERO HONDA BIKE Attributes Mileage Available Price After Service Pick up Style Color Average Total Excellent 31 14 16 20 21 18 20 27 167 Very Good 26 25 22 31 36 25 24 24 213 Good 15 32 42 25 17 15 26 20 192 Average 18 16 11 14 15 26 10 15 125 Poor 10 13 09 10 11 16 20 14 103 Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 800 47 .

48 .Average Color Style Pick up After Service Price Available Mileage 0 20 18 27 24 25 24 26 15 36 31 22 25 32 26 20 10 26 17 25 42 15 14 20 16 Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor 21 20 16 14 31 15 14 11 16 11 10 9 13 10 15 18 20 40 60 80 100 (Sources: .Questionnaire – personal detail & Que-10) Comment:Above graph show that respondents give more weightage to the price then after they give more weightage to the mileage before purchasing motorcycle.


40 H1: P ≠ 0. H0: P = 0. 0. P = x/n =51/100 =0. which the researcher wants to verify. It means in the long run risk of making the wrong decision is I out of every 100.TESTING OF HYPOTHESIS A hypothesis is a proposition. P = Probability of Hero Honda is given best by consumer.49 Z calculation = p–q _______ _______ √ PQ _______ 100 50 . Since the sample size is more than 30 the use of Z test is most applicable. Now.e. Now to verify this hypothesis I have taken significantlevel of 1 %. It is tall test and my null hypotheses are. N = Total no. Q = Probability of other company bike is given best by consumer. of Respondents. X = Hero Honda bike is purchased by consumer.51 q =1-p i.40 With reference to favorable market of Hero Honda Bike.

04427 = 2.0.48 < 2.49*0.4 ________ 100 = 0. How may accepted at 1 % level of significance. It may be concluded that 40 % of consumer go for other company bike and 60 % go for Hero Honda bike.48 = 2.51.11 _______ 0.00196 = 0.56 So. 51 .40 __________ __________ √ 0.11 ________ ________ √ 0.= 0.


53 .  The study shows that 55 respondents are purchase Hero Honda bike by Loan and 45 respondents are purchase Hero Honda bike by cash. of respondents gives more weightage to price. of serviceman.  The study shows that 45 respondents are purchase Hero Honda bike whose salary is below 5000 income.  The study shows that 30 respondents are give rank to available in show rooms and 35 respondents are give rank to after service.  The study shows that 31 respondents are give point to mileage.  The current trend is that respondents give maximum no of point to price and mileage.  The study show that 48 respondents are come to know from ―others‖ and 26 respondents are come to know from ―friends‖ about Hero Honda bike. Students.  The study shows that more no.Findings  The study shows that 51 respondents are using Hero Honda. and others give more weightage to the price when Professionals give more weightage to the mileage. Businessmen.  The study shows that 46 respondents are father take a decision to purchase bike And 42 respondents are self take a decision to purchase bike.  The study shows that 43 respondents are giving excellent to festival offer and 41 respondents are give poor rank to the anniversary offer. The more no.

54 .

Hero Honda Company should implement a new strategy to reduce the competition and lead into the bike market.SUGGESTIONS 1. For the promotion. 6. The company should give more concentrate on the advertisement. 55 . 5. 4. As people expect more mileage per kilometer. company should increase the mileage of the hero Honda bike. Hero Honda should introduce a low price moped 2. company show make road-show that will 3. Hero Honda should make a sports bike like to Kawasaki Suzuki Hyabusa bikes which can run with maximum speeds. Increase the sales.

SWOT Analysis OF HERO HONDA 56 .

SWOT Analysis Strengths  Ability to understand customer‘s needs and wants  Recognized and established brand name  Effective advertising capability Weaknesses  R&D is not close to the Hero manufacturing plant  Hero is vulnerable in the joint venture because  Honda Motor Company has so much power 57 .

 Opportunities    Global expansion into the Caribbean and Central America Expansion of target market (include women) Become India‘s leader in the scooter market  Threats   Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India can take away market share and cause joint venture to go sour Bajaj Motors is a strong competitor 58 .


60 .

G. Twelth (Millennium) edition. Philip Kotler. 2000  Marketing management.Beri. New Delhi. Third Edition. New Delhi. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited.BIBLIOGRAPHY  Marketing research.C. 2003  www.com 61 . Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited.herohonda.

62 .

1 Do you have own bike? (a) Yes [ ].APPENDICES QUESTIONNAIRE A STUDY ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR AT TIME TO PURCHASE HERO HONDA BIKE. 2 Which company bike do you have at present? Company ____________________ 3 Whom do you refer to purchasing bike? (A) News paper (B) Friends [ ] [ ] (C) TV advertisement [ ] (D) others [ ] 4 Who is decision maker for purchasing bike in your family? (A) Father (B) Self [ ] [ ] (B) Mother (D) other [ ] [ ] 63 . (b) No [ ] If yes than.

5 How you purchase bike? (A) By cash [ ] (B) By Loan [ ] 6 What features you considers when you purchase bike please give the rank. attributes price Less maintenance Style Durability Mileage Easy driving Brand reputation Color excellent Very good good Average Poor Very poor 7 Rate the following attribute of show room Attributes Available After sales Services infrastructure 1 2 3 4 5 8 From where are you purchasing___________? 64 .

___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 65 .(A) Shivani Auto [ ] (B) Dhruv Auto [ ] (C) Shiddi Auto [ ] (D) others [ ] 9 Rate the following schemes that attract you most. Attribute Mileage Available Price After service Pick up 1 2 3 4 5 11 give your suggestion. attributes Special offer Exchange offer Special gift Cash discount 1 2 3 4 5 10 Rate the following feature you have purchase hero Honda Bike.

000 20. monthly income:5000 10. Address:-___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ C. CUSTOMER PERSONAL INFORMATION:A.000-15.000 Above [ ] [ ] [ ] 5000-10.___________________ Date.000 [ ] [ ] Businessman [ ] Professional [ ] 21 to 25 31 to 35 41 & above [ ] [ ] [ ] Sing. Name: . Occupation:Services [ ] Students [ ] Others [ ] F.___________________________________________ B.000 15. Age (in year):18 to 20 [ ] 26 to 30 [ ] 36 to 40 [ ] E.___________________ 66 .000-20. phone no:-__________________________________________ D.

67 .

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