Consumer perception towards the services provided by telecom industry

Objectives of study
To know about the telecom sector. To know about the various services provided by telecom industry. To know the perception of consumers in telecom industry. To know the perception of consumers towards the services provided by telecom industry.

Instructions to fill questionnaire
Take the time to fill in the questionnaire carefully and thoroughly. Answer every question possible. Answer questions as honestly as possible. If unsure of a question ask someone who may know and/or give it some thought.

4. Mrs. 4. 6. 2. Miss Full Name: ____________________ 2. 3. Educational Qualification : Under graduate Post Graduate Graduate Professional 6. Time you spend with your current connection 0 2. Age Group 1. 3. 5.1. Respondent Name: Mr. Working Status : Student Private Service Housewife Businessman Public Service 5. 3. Presently you are availing from which operator (Tick more than one if ) : BSNL Idea Vodafone Virgin Airtel Tata docomo Reliance Videocon 7. Marital Status : 10-20 21-30 31-40 More than 40 Single Married 4. 0-3 months 4-6 months 7-12 months 1-2 Year 2-3 Year More than 3 Years .

What advertising media has influenced you in choosing a telecom operator? Print media mouth Radio Televisions hoardings word of Spouse parents Children Friends 10. Who influence most. What is your purchase intent for alerts on mobile phone? . What kind of expectations do you have with your service provider? Price Voice clarity Network good service 14.500 Rs. What do you think about the competition in the market? No Choice Some choice Enough Choice Can’t Say 12. Given a choice with same number which service provider will you select? BSNL Idea Vodafone Virgin Airtel Videocon Tata docomo Reliance 13. 1500 11.8. the decision to purchase a telecommunication service in your family? Self Salesman 9. 1001-1500 More than Rs.501-1000 Rs. How much you invest monthly on your phone? Upto Rs.

Rank the following attributes in the order you service provider: Availability Network Voice Talk time Call clarity & Charg validity es Sms Billing Servic system e Scheme Valu e adde d servi ce . Are you aware of the role of the telecom services in providing broadband without using a cable network? Yes No 16. Are you Aware of 3G-technology? Yes No 17.Astrology General News Sports Business Entertainment 15.

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