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EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT FOR HEAD WOMEN’ BASKETBALL COACH “This Employment Agreement for Head Coach ofthe Western Carolina University Women’s Basketball “Teatn (Agreement) is made by and between Western Carolina University (WCU) an Kiley Hill (Coach) as of the date last writen belo. In consideration ofthe mutual covenants, promises and ccnclitons inthis Agreement, WCU and the Coach agree as follows: 10 Employment: 8), Subject to the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement, WCU agrees o employ Kiley Hills the Head Women’s Basketball Coach and Coach agrees to nd accepts he terms and ‘conditions of employment oullined inthis Agreement. by ‘The Cosch’s emplayment at WCU will be subject to all applicable policies and procedures adopted and approved by the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina CUNC"), the Board of Trustes of WCU and the Chancellor of WCU (the “Chancellor”, ‘and WCU's Department of Athletis (the "Department", In the event of any conflict between the terms af this Agreement and any policies or regulations adopted by the UNC Board of Governom or the WCU Boatd of Trustees or Chancellor, as those polices and regulations may be amended from time to time (individually referred tons “Policy” and Collectively the “Policies”, the Policies will gover, Coach acknowledges and agrees that he has reviewed and tnderstands the Policies. Coach also acknowledges and agrees that the position isnot elig ble for tenure ©) Coach will be responsible to and work under the direct supervision of the Director of Atltis ot designee, The Director of Athletics, or designee, will evaluate Coach's performance peiosically, but no less than on an annual basis. 6 ‘Coach will manage and supervise the Wester Carolina University Women’s Basketball Progam (*Progran"), WCU is committed to providing equal opportunity in education and ‘employment to allapplicants, students, and employees. WCU does not discriminate in access toits educational and extra-curricular programs and activities, or with respect to hiring othe terms and eonditiens of employment, onthe basis of race, color, national org, rei sex, gender identiy and expression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation, WCU actively promotes diversity among students and employees. Coach Will follow WCU's EEO policy in all reruitment, supervision and other activites with coaches, applicants, student-athletes, students, and employees 20 Term: “The employment confered herein is fra stated, definite term commencing on July 8, 2019 and terminating on April 21, 2024, subject to the Policies and the conditions stated herein. Page of 8 Compensation: 4) The total annual bsse salary forthe work performed in this position during the stated term is one hundred fifty thousand dollars and zero cents ($150,000.00) payable in approximately ‘equal monthly insallments, less customary and applicable deductions and withholdings; and 1) Coach shal be enitled to an annual automobile allowance of sx thousand dollars and zero ‘cents ($6,000.00), payable in approximately equal monthly installments. It shall be and remain Coach's eaponsbiliy to maintain automobile insurance and pay the normal and necessary expenses for opertion and maintenance of any automobile, Cosch understands this automobile al owance isa taxable benefit pursuant to Infernal Revenue Service regulations; and ©) Coach's compensation may be reviewed periodically, subject to any Policies. Increases in salary during the term ofthe Coach's employment, if any, are atthe sole discretion ofthe Director of Athletes, and may be subject to legislative mandates, directives from the North Carolina Office of State Human Resource, Office of State Budget and/or the Governor, dliretives from the UNC Board of Governors, and Policies in elfect from time to time, provided that Coach's compensation shall not be decreased and While employed, Coach willbe entitled to receive all employmentelated benefits that are normally available to other EHRA non-faculty employees with like appointments. Such benefits may include group health insurance, optional group life insurance, and participation inthe State’ retirement programs, Coach acknowledges that fringe benefits provided by WCU are subject to change from time to time by WCU, UNC andlor the North Caroling Geneval Assembly; and Coach may earn ofr revenue while emplayed by WCU with prior approval ofthe Chancellor. Any oitside compensation opportunities are specifically subject to compliance with the UNC "Po ey on External Professional Activities for Pay” and WCU's policies on texternal professional activites and conflicts of interest anc commitment set forth in University Policy #54. Coach acknowledges and agrees that he has reviewed and understands such policies. Akitionally such opportunites are subject to all other relevant state and federal regulations, policies, and laws concerning conflicts of interest and ethics. Such activities ae inderendent of Coach's employment with WCU, and WCU will have no responsibilty for eny claims or liabilities arising therefrom. Opportunities for ouside ‘compensation will include, but are not limited to, engaging in any radio, television, motion Picture, Internet, sage, writing or any similar activity, personal appearances, speeches, Commercial endorsement, camps and eines, except as outlined below, Subject tw specific reporting requirements established by WCU, no external activites for pay willbe allowed ‘without having on file with the Ditector of Athletics a signed approval of the "Notice of Thent to Engage in Esteral Professional Activites for Pay” prior to engaging in those sctvities; and Page 2013 1) In accordance with WCU and Department policies and NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2, Cosch will ‘report annually tothe Director of Athletics all athletically-related income from soutees ‘outside WCU, ine uding but not limited to, the following: income from annuities; sports eamps; housing benefits (including preferential housing arrangements); country club memberships; omplimentary ticket sales; television and radio programs and endorsement for consulation contracts wit athletic shoe, apparel or equipment tnanutoctirer. Purther, Coach agees to provide oF cause to be provided to WCU reasonable and prompt access to all records related fo such income; and 8) While employed, Conch will be entitled to annual leave in accordance with the Policies; and 'h) Coach shall be enitled to an annual cellular telephone stipend of seven hundred and twenty

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