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Our very first

“Voice of the Week”
Our very first “Voice of the Week”
March 16, 2011

When you upload a story, a piece of poetry or your latest research paper, don’t you
long to hear what other people have to say? And we love to hear it! We love the
support and encouragement felt through comments, as well as the discussions that are
born from them.

Every week, we will be calling out an active commenter as the Scribd “Voice of the
Week”, in recognition of their fantastic contribution to the community.

This week’s Voice of the Week is an incredibly active member of the Scribd Community
and does an amazing job supporting and encouraging new and active Scribblers alike.
Our very first Voice of the Week is Laura Novak. Make sure you’re following her in
order to see all her great uploads, Readcasts and comments in your Reading Feed!

Mariko Fritz-Krockow, Community and Content Manager

Currently reading “The Red Purse”

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